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HZD, for the record, is tasty as hell and if you have a PS4 you should jump on this
2:41 AM
Q: Why Beat 'em Ups don't allow players to face toward or away from the screen

g_bMost Beat 'em Ups don't allow players to face away or towards the screen: example, in Streets of Rage, when you press up, the character moves up but still facing either left or right and same goes when you press down. Even in modern Beat 'em Ups, this is the case. What is the reason for this? I u...

2:56 AM
Can we get the ball rolling on this yet, or should we wait longer? So many meta proposals propose a change that gets upvoted but nothing happens, that is, it just "dies out".
Same for this other meta proposal, it just seemed to get a lot of popularity, but then it died out. How can I "resuscitate" these meta posts that are popular, but just nothing's been done?
3:14 AM
@ExpertCoder14 I don't think 4 score on a post sounds like any sort of consensus really?
Yeah, doesn't seem like it either.
So it feels like you want to get the ball rolling on something that...hasn't been clearly decided on?
But the thing is no one comes to check it out and vote
Because the post has gotten lost within the pages
That's what I mean by "it died out"
Then maybe it's not a high priority for people? Or there's not a good community backing for it?
Or maybe people don't feel like it's omg necessary atm or anything?
I dunno
I mean in general the community, such as it is, is a lot quieter now than it used to be
Like, if it gets 4 votes and then dies out, is it just going to die out and nothing happens? A majority agrees that it would be good, so I don't see why not.
3:17 AM
How is 4 votes a majority
A majority of who?
Compared to other answers
Others have 0
That's not indicative of a lot of community support tho
What is then?
Having more than 4 people upvote a thing?
And if no one other than 4 people care?
3:19 AM
shrugs I dunno.
Like, can we just go and implement the most-liked solution, just because it's more liked than the status quo?
Are you looking for my permission?
No, I'm just wondering about the way things are done here.
I don't really understand what is enough to push it over the edge and get something started.
I was able to start this successfully, but what's stopping the current argument from rolling?
Lack of support, it looks like? Lack of momentum?
But I don't understand. Are you saying there is some support but not enough to initiate some action?
3:23 AM
I'm honestly just kinda theorizing
Is there anything I can do about it now though to bring it back into the spotlight?
I mean any mass re-tag thing is going to be tricky because a) you need to convince people to from now on use the tags the way you want and b) you need to fix all of hte prviously tagged things
Yes, that makes sense, but I am willing to go forth with it
Also, you don't want to cause the front page to be entirely re-tagged old stuff
especially something as massive as minecraft which is, as I recall, a hot mess
I dunno.
I'd suggest maybe chatting with the actual mods or something
Ugh, this is so annoying! It's like, once these die out, if something hasn't been done, it's just going to fade away without result.
3:26 AM
Well, yes, that's what happens when you don't have sufficient sustained momentum
Yes, and I'm wondering how I can bring it back into the spotlight, to say, "i haven't given up on this yet, and neither should you"
I'm not sure you can, short of hoping that people see the discussion or catching people when they're around in chat, etc
Like, I could edit it and bump it
You could
but also, as much as it pains me to say it, there just might not be enough people who care enough to help get this to where it needs to be? THe community as a whole has....diminished, to put it kindly.
Are you saying we can't implement it because not enough people care?
If there was an answer with "keep the status quo" and it gained traction, then I would be comfortable leaving it in the past.
3:38 AM
I'm not saying anything either way, to be honest
I don't really have much skin in the game anymore
Hmm, I don't really know anymore.
I would edit, but I just don't know what.
Maybe this chat discussion will bring some attention to it here
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4:58 AM
Q: Is there a way to paint engine/suspension parts in Car Mechanic Simulator?

CarusicJust bought Car Mechanic Simulator on my Xbox. I have fully upgraded the garage and figured out how to paint the body and wheels, but there is no option to paint any engine/suspension parts. Was wondering if there was a place in the garage I was missing. Thanks in advance.

Q: Minecraft Java Commands read from Json file

ZacharySo I have a json file and I would like to read it with Minecraft commands, such as displaying the message inside of the json file. How could I do this with Minecraft 1.16?

6 hours later…
10:59 AM
@ExpertCoder14 I'll reraise this with the mod team.
2 hours later…
12:56 PM
Q: Minecraft Update Stuck

WillyJacksonWhen i install minecraft 1.16.5 update, it gets stuck at "downloading rt.jar". I even deleted .minecraft and installed it again but it got stuck again. Theres nothing wrong with my internet and i even turned off every vpn and antivirus. It still gets stuck at "rt.jar". What do i do to fix it? Any...

@ExpertCoder14 Have a look at this meta (especially the first few revisions). It listed specific, actionable steps that needed to happen to resolve the issues. This is the one which jump-started the minecraft tag cleanup. What you might've missed is the 4-6 or so earlier metas and discussions that ultimately said the same thing, but which were less "let's do this" and more "should we do this?" or "what should we do here?".
Q: Tag synonym request: [minecraft-windows-10] -> [minecraft-pocket-edition]

MrLemonAs of Sept. 9, Minecraft Windows 10 beta is identical to Pocket Edition. Most questions regarding either pertain to the other, with the exception of minor technicalities such as savegame location (which are already there within the PE tag). Back when the Windows 10 version was one patch ahead of...

Q: Minecraft cross-compatible edition tags

TassuSo, as Mojang announced at E3, Minecraft is merging Pocket edition, Console edition and Windows 10 edition as one cross-compatible edition. Currently, we have tags for each one of them. minecraft-pocket-edition minecraft-windows-10 minecraft-console minecraft Here's some ideas for it: minecra...

Q: Tagging for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

SchismPrior art: Minecraft cross-compatible edition tags, Tag synonym request: [minecraft-windows-10] -> [minecraft-pocket-edition], Tagging Minecraft for consoles As part of the official release of the Better Together Update in September 2017, Minecraft combined minecraft-pocket-edition, minecraft-wi...

Q: Pocket Edition is now Bedrock. Why PE is not a synonym? When should the PE tag be used?

LemonFrom Minecraft Wiki: Bedrock Edition (also known as the Bedrock Version or just Bedrock) refers to the multi-platform family of editions of Minecraft developed by Mojang AB, Xbox Game Studios, 4J Studios, and SkyBox Labs. Prior to this term, as the engine originated with Pocket Edition, this ...

The question you answered, is more of the "what should we do/should this change?" variety. If you feel strongly that this should be done - create a meta that says something like:
"As recently discussed in [this post], we have a problem with A, B and C. We need to do the following to resolve it (X, Y, Z). X needs mod input. Y can be done by the community. Z requires the other two to be done first" etc etc.
The second thing to note, as @Ash covered, 4 votes isn't exactly a majority. (It's actually 6 up, 2 down, which is worse because it means there's disagreement)
Another example: lengthening Pokemon tags was raised in an answer when the tag length limit was increased to 35:
A: Increase tag length limit to 32 or 35

NzallTo add to the already mentioned tags: pokemon-oras pokemon-sm pokemon-hgss pokemon-frlg pokemon-rse pokemon-dpp pokemon-bw2 pokemon-bw proposed changes: pokemon-omega-ruby-alpha-sapphire pokemon-sun-moon pokemon-heart-gold-soul-silver pokemon-fire-red-leaf-green pokemon-ruby-sapphire-emer...

2 votes up, one vote down. not exactly overwhelming community consensus
Q: Expanding tag names for Pokémon

StevoisiakI would like to propose renaming the following tags in the Pokémon series: pokemon-rse → pokemon-ruby-sapphire-emerald (29) pokemon-frlg → pokemon-firered-leafgreen* (25) pokemon-dpp → pokemon-diamond-pearl-platinum (29) pokemon-hgss → pokemon-heartgold-soulsilver* (28) pokemon-bw → pokemon-bla...

^ Same request, posted as a question, 12 up, 3 down, a lot more community interaction and discussion
1:31 PM
Q: Can't connect to my own minecraft server

ExistentialCrisisfor more context it's a 1.12.2 modded forge server running on my own pc, other people are able to join but when I try to connect it returns the error "io.netty.channel.abstractchannel$annotatedconnectexception connection refused no further information." I'm also unable to port forward due to me n...

1:53 PM
Q: Can you play Plunder mode solo?

MattHow do you play plunder mode solo? I've seen videos of people playing plunder without a squad. Is that an older option that's no longer in there? I don't see how to do that.

2:27 PM
Q: Why do me and my friends pets keep despawning?

CreepsySo, I spawn some zombie Piglins and/or Slimes because they're cute. I name them, give them some potion effects to make them pretty much immune to receiving damage, and for the zombie Piglins give it maxed out armor. They chill in my base for a couple days and then randomly disappear but it's like...

1 hour later…
3:49 PM
Q: Any recommend MMORPG game easier to play than Soul Saver Online

ein storage1If you do not know the game, its a side scroll 2D MMORPG. this game really frustating to play especially grinding and enchanting equipment. when grinding you need to wait for schedule 2 XP or 3 XP event for easy level up, even so if your level is higher it still takes a long time to level up. En...

2 hours later…
5:33 PM
Q: Can we include are last display name in your profile information?

loan_2314I want to change my display name and picture, but I don't know if I should I include this display name in my profile information for recognition purposes. Is it better to not change my name, or to include my last one in my profile?

6:07 PM
> Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has left Blizzard Entertainment
@Wipqozn retired or new job?
If the latter, that's definitely not a good sign.
@Yuuki Sounds like he just left.
Maybe another job lined up, but if it was retirement they would've said so
> We want to let you know that Jeff Kaplan has decided to leave the company after a long and storied career here, and that Aaron Keller, a Blizzard veteran and founding member of the Overwatch team, will be stepping in as game director.
Blizzard statement....
his statement...
> i am leaving Blizzard Entertainment after 19 amazing years.
THese are just excerpts
oh hey, it's @Sterno! I was thinking about you earlier. Stumbled across twitter and goodreads drama I thoguht you'd enjoy.
I love drama
@Sterno twitter.com/BadWritingTakes/status/1383087203732090883 An author was upset people gave her a book a 4 instead of a 5 on goodreads.
Goodreads gives out 5 stars like mad
6:17 PM
Her book now has a "1" average rating on goodreads
your book has to suck to get 4 stars
@Sterno I've been giving out more and more 3 and 4s lately.
Giving up on Wheel of Time, followed by rereadiung Robin Hobb, really made me rethink my entire ratings system.
I never gave out lots of 5 before, but I give out way more 3s than I used to
Wow, this lady is super entitled
Yeah, her reaction is completely unreal. I never heard of her before today, but I now plan to never read her book (which I probably wasn't going to read anyway).
I was thinking about playing Stellaris again but it's got $200 of DLC
6:32 PM
@Sterno Apparently you just missed a humble bundle for this
Sounds like the DLC to buy is Utopia? store.steampowered.com/app/553280/Stellaris_Utopia
Considered essential?
Could probably skip everything else.
I like PAradox, but their DLC is always a confusing mess.
Q: Is it ok to use a Gameshark, and how can I get one?

GG001I want to get a Gameshark to apply to my cartridge of Pokémon Emerald to get a Mew from Faraway Island, a Ho-Oh and Lugia from Navel Rock, and a Deoxys from Birth Island. However, I don't want to damage my cartridge or GBA, and I have heard from places that they are illegal. So, do I get one? ...

Q: no corruption! I need help

braydon fudgeI have went from left to right, up to down and my world only has jungle, beach, crimpson, and snowy biomes. I had that world since 2019 and worked so hard on it, i really don't want to make a new world and probably have the same problem. Is it possible to bring those orbs with you into another wo...

@Wipqozn I heard about this book on NPR
As in they mentioned that they were going to interview the author, I didn't listen to the actual story
@Yuuki Seems like the book is actually really good, for what it's worth, I suppose.
ah, the equivalent of raging that you should've gotten an a+ instead an a?
7:10 PM
Q: Is the cob cannon worth it?

BloonchipperThe cob cannon is a powerful plant that can launch powerful corn bombs onto anywhere on the screen (one corn bomb is equivalent to one cherry bomb) which is very powerful. However, the cob cannon can easily be destroyed, due to its large hitbox and costs a lot of sun (700) with the kernel pults. ...

7:41 PM
@SPArcheon yes - traced the pixel art, and superimposed the weapons from the customization screen.
Q: Minecraft radius gamemode command

ForgestSo I know that you can change All players game mode to adventure within a certain radius, but is there a way to exclude certain players? this server im in is vanilla with 0 plug-ins and therefor, 0 claim blocks, i was hoping that there was a way to turn the gamemode of everyone in the radius exce...

8:00 PM
@Wipqozn oh gosh this was/is SO MUCH drama and the author doesn't really know when to stop
@Ash I know. She just. Keeps. Going.
And like...the book might be amazing but her reaction to everything she's done makes me want so never read it
That's the problem with 5 star rating scales: barely any thing is perfection, but a lot of things are close enough to warrant a 9/10, which usually means excellence. an 8/10 in comparison feels weaker, and a 4/5 weaker still
I honestly think that people take it waaaaay too seriously
8:19 PM
@Ash Exactly where I'm at. I'll never read it now.
@Nzall I mean the real issue is that it's all arbitrary and subjective, and what one person things a 5 should represent, someone else thinks should just be a 4.
You see this all the time with gaming drama about how reviewers don't use enough of the scale, aka people complain 6-10 is the only ratings given out Except...that's just how their scales work. IGN has a page all about their scores, and so it makes perfect sense why their scale is so heavily 6+ weighted.
Since on their scale 6+ is is "okay".
And most games that get enough attention to actually warrant a review are at least "okay"
With their description for okay being:
> These recommendations come with a boatload of “ifs.” There’s a good game in here somewhere, but in order to find it you’ll have to know where to look, and perhaps turn a blind eye to some significant drawbacks.
Some people claim that's too high and go "that should be lower!"
and okay sure, but it's just an arbitrary numbering system. This is what they've decided the numbers mean.
@Wipqozn i just realized that this means we're not getting any more videos from that guy who would splice jeff kaplan dev blogs
9:23 PM
Hello! What is this placce?
Dang it seems lonely in here...
Eh, it varies lol
So, what do you folks talk about in here? I know Arqade is gaming, but it seems like a jumble of everything.
@OKprogrammer pretty much everything except politics and news (we got a separate room for that)
Though most of it is focused on entertainment, technology and science
Cool those are all things I like. Any game developers?
Sometimes, though AFAIK not really any regulars these days
9:31 PM
I might hang around here for a while then. What's the Lazer 2.0 user?
That's a bot
they announce new posts
every time a new question is asked, the bot posts it to this chat
It sounds like that can get annoying during everyday discussion.
I'll be honest, most of the time it's just the bot screaming into the void
Yeah, you can't do HTML here
Just a limited subset of Markdown
9:33 PM
I was just testing how it worked.
<s> Hopefully a line goes through this </s>
Dang, can't figure out Markdown.
~~I think this is how you do strikethrough~~
As I said, it's a subset
not everything works
I think there's a list somewhere of what works, and there's also a chat sandbox on the main meta site where you can try
Yep, I tried some HTML there. It seems to work.
How are you folks doing today?
1 hour later…
11:16 PM
@Wipqozn he's 49 going by wikipedia and that seems a bit too early for retirement
sure could be retired as in changing careers out of the games industry but i would think that would be the same leaving the company for another job
@Sterno you can pick it up from GOG for roughly A$139.24, doesn't have the Nemesis DLC and also that price is for everything in the list which you don't need because the base game, Galaxy Edition and the Galaxy Edition Upgrade are in there. you only need the upgrade if you didn't get the Galaxy Edition
@Wipqozn Stellaris isn't too bad. Europa Universalis IV on the other hand is a fucking nightmare and not just because when not on special all their DLC is $500+
and looking at it now they've rejigged the DLC list (or Steam is bugging out) because last year i had a bunch of the DLC brought, now none of them is showing that i brought them

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