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12:00 AM
lol wtf
I bought some secretlab brand leather cleaner to ship fedex ground today and it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow
@Unionhawk I used to get that kind of speed with USPS too, but not anymore
To be fair I guess they have a warehouse in TN so ground from TN to Cincinnati isn't that long
That's like 4 hours or so
@Yuuki knows all about the speed of the USPS
ah yes
Yeah it's, god
Good thing we have a guy in there who is interested in fixing that situation lol
lmao xd
Though surely part of that was Royal Mail
12:08 AM
They're pulling the same shit over here too yeah, but I think in this case it wasn't
i think my package spent like 2 or 3 days in the UK?
It's not that big so presumably 2-3 days was taking it to the (air? sea?)port
not getting monster hunter yet because I'm waiting on a package delayed by the suez canal blockage
From what I gather though quite literally none of the USPS side stuff made like, sense even if stuff is intentionally delayed
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12:46 AM
Q: Unable to access System storage error (ps4)

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1:35 AM
Q: Why does attacking Hulda give me bounty in The Reach?

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2:00 AM
Q: How many notes in Super Mario's Slider theme?

OMGTNT LOLI know its a random question, but how many audible notes are played in super mario bro's slider theme? Video of the music for reference thanks lol

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5:42 AM
do you think corsair will RMA my keyboard for repeating keystrokes after 1 year use or is that wear and tear from normal use
like moderately consistently doubling various keys
2 hours later…
8:13 AM
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3:16 PM
Q: How do I give a netherite pickaxe on minecraft ridiculously high enchantment levels on 1.17's snapshot?

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4:19 PM
I am now probably immune to the sars cov-2 virus that causes covid-19
@Unionhawk Shouldn't happen but they might just blame you, so idk
@Unionhawk Nice, which one did you get?
@TimStone J&J so I'm done already
I just went for "whatever appointment I could find" and they asked me at the place "are you here for j&j?" "idk?" But then I saw the signs labeled moderna 2nd dose only and j&j so
They had quite the operation in the Dayton Convention Center
It's weird because like
My brain is so broken over the past 12 months that I look at a normal location like the Dayton Convention Center and go like, "dang this could be a hitman level"
Oh, I'm getting that one in uhh 3 hours
Don't even have to get out of the car
Mine wasn't quite that convenient but it was free parking in a garage to a skybridge to the convention center
That doesn't seem too bad either, glad I'm finally eligible
4:35 PM
I was eligible for one of the slightly earlier groups technically but
By slightly earlier I mean "it opened to all adults like a week later" lol
Yeah, I magically became an essential healthcare worker but Delaware just never made it to 1c 🙃
And then was like "okay now everyone 18+"
I was eligible with the 40+ or 18 with certain conditions group
But now it's 16+ or 18+ with j&j
And presumably it'll be all people in Ohio going forward depending on the age on the emergency use authorization, assuming it'll change at some point
Also this is literally the healthcare system I want lol, not like when I had to spend 10 minutes at Kroger while they tried to figure out how to make a flu shot free (I guess it was covered by cigna healthcare not cigna pharmacy or some shit idk)
5:48 PM
Yeah, jnj just submitted data for 12-15 age group, so I expected they'll get EUA for that soon-ish
I guess they have a backlog of flu shots or something this year because the other week when I was in the hospital for a surprise appendectomy when they went to discharge me they were like "Hey, want a flu shot?" and I was like "Sure, why not?"
@Unionhawk you mean you got the shot 2 weeks ago? or do you mean "I got my vaccination today"? Because vaccines take a couple weeks to take effect
6:10 PM
It was today so yeah but close enough
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6:36 PM
Q: Nintendo Switch - password protect specific titles?

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11:15 PM
@Sterno ASsuming this is friday, but it does look really good.
Age of Empires 4 does too

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