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1:00 PM
@Wipqozn Uuuuuh, well there's a ton of youtube stuff out there. I know Yogscast and Total Biscuit have both done GW2 stuff and have a bunch of vids.
@FAE Okay. I'll poke around their videos.
I know there was one video I wanted to grab from yogscast which shows off the exploration. Just want to find a nice combat one too.
Also, I love the dynmaic level adjustment the game uses.
No more need to worry about over leveling your character compared to friends you may be playing with, or trying to do everything a zone has to offer and wind up being over leveled for the following zone.
i found a solution and posted it ^^
Also, this:
> high level characters are prevented from killing enemies too easily and depriving low level characters of rewards
I have a couple friends who annoy the fuck out of me because they insist on trying to power level you if you're behind them in level, and they do that by doing all the work for you. It's really bloody annoying. They won't be able to do that now.
Q: How can I change the language after a patch?

ayckosterI bought the German version of Starcraft II in store, but I downloaded and installed the English client. The update to patch 1.5 changed my language settings back to German. How can I change my language back to English?

Although I only think one of them is even considering buying GW2, and when it's just one of them they're not so bad.
1:06 PM
@Wipqozn That gets very annoying.
It's like they don't respect the fact that you also want to experience the game.
@Koviko Yeah, exactly.
This. Except with everything that involves doing something solo.
@Wipqozn My gf read 4 chapters of 50 Shades of Grey yesterday when she said that.
@Koviko 50 shades of grey is that female porn novel, right? Penthouse basically?
@Wipqozn If you find one, link me. I wasn't impressed by the combat I saw, but I didnt' watch much at all.
@Wipqozn Basically.
1:10 PM
@StrixVaria If you were watching lower level combat that would be the reason. ArenaNet has admitted lower level combat isn't as exciting as the mid and higher level content. That's one thing they're trying to fix before launch.
They're just having trouble making it more like the higher level stuff, but without making it too difficult. Learning curves and what not.
I'm not sure when people consider the combat to "improve", but I think it's by the time you reach the first dungeon at level 30. For some reason I'm thinking it happens around the time you move into the level 15 zones.
@Wipqozn People are acting like this is such a novel thing when Harlequin romances have been around for years. It baffles me.
OMD2 is good times
@FAE People are stupid.
@Wipqozn What's the level cap, and how long does it take to get there?
@StrixVaria Level 80, and I don't know.
1:13 PM
@StrixVaria 80. The curve flattens at level 30.
That is to say it does not take an exponentially higher amount of xp and thus time to get to the next level after hitting 30.
Does GW2 have content that requires grouping (like WOW dungeons)?
@Sterno Yes.
@Sterno I agree with this. I think I cramped my clicking finger a little too much yesterday, playing it.
@FAE Boo :(
I don't know why I keep thinking GW2 is less MMO than it really is
@Sterno They're instanced things and it's not where you get the "best" gear.
1:15 PM
Also, good morning, Bridge
@fbueckert I only managed to play the first two levels so far, but it seems like it's pretty much all the good stuff from OMD with a better upgrade system.
Really want to play an MMO that has dungeons which scale difficulty based on group size, and which are soloable
@Sterno Ripped through the rest of the campaign yesterday with my buddy. It's shorter than the first one.
You can go through the dungeons in 2 modes, story mode and explorable mode. Explorable mode is more difficult, and the rewards for it are mostly cosmetic, like fancy skinned stuff, rather than "the only place you can get a chance to loot the best sword ingame is in this dungeon".
@FAE What's the group size?
@Sterno It's not like, 24 man stuff or anything, it's like, 5.
1:17 PM
One thing I really liked about SWTOR was the 2-man dungeons
@Sterno Max team size you can bring into an instance for doing story mode things is 5.
1:43 PM
@Sterno 2-man dungeons? That sounds cool.
@Koviko Perfect if you're a jerk like me who hates playing with other people, except maybe your wife.
@James There you go, unregistered.
@Sterno When I was playing the beta, I was not a fan of areas that required grouping to keep the story going. Never been all enamored of playing with other random people.
@fbueckert Me either. I don't think I ran into any that blocked the story though. Just side missions
Either way, I like 2 a lot better than 5!
I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of Baldur's Gate 2 questions in September
2:03 PM
@Sterno Remake?
@fbueckert aye. Releases september 18th
@Sterno Hmm. Perhaps I should play it then; never did get around to playing it before.
@Sterno Shouldn't that be BG1 questons ?
2:19 PM
mornin all
@MartinSojka Oh, man, is it a BG1 remake? I thought it was 2. Now I'm disappointed.
Well, it'll still be good. It's just that I beat BG1, but never got around to finishing 2
@Sterno The BG2 remake is planned to be released a year later.
2:34 PM
@Sterno <3 BG2
@Sterno Finish it. Great game.
I only managed to finish BG2 once, it is quite a long game
@QAdley It's on the list of things to do when I have 100 hours free. :)
@Sterno Haha, fair enough. I have a BG2 game that I haven't delved into for a while - trying to solo with a Kensai Sorcerer
@QAdley I've tried getting through it twice. Both times made it to Act 3 and ran out of Steam. Did a pretty thorough job on Act 2, though, which I think is where the bulk of the game is
@Sterno It's interestingly paced
Act I is very short, Acts II and III are massive
Once you return from the underdark it slows down again (you're back in the open world)
The finish is satisfyingly lengthy
3:08 PM
Announcement: Minecraft 1.3 is out
Q: Mists of Pandaria Beta - play, ask, answer, win!

Lauren25 man testing for Mists of Pandaria beta has finally begun, and guilds like our friends at Midwinter are streaming their raids. While cheering the players on is exciting, it's always a little more fun when you can win something yourself! How would you like some free World of Warcraft Game Time...

@QAdley Now we need @Thomas to update the server.
@RonanForman I cannot wait for this update
The exp rebalancing in particular
Although we need to wait for bukkit to hit 1.3.1 too.
Fuck, creepers now become aggressive towards mobs that hit them
i.e. skeletons
i.e. utter madness
3:13 PM
@QAdley Noooo.
Ender chests are going to be very useful with the Ender Farm
No more carrying incredibly valuable tools back and forth through hostile terrain
Oh yeah, I won't loose pistons off the edge again.
Shame they don't have different frequencies like the mod.
I need to set up a blaze farm, I forgot they can be used as fuel.
@QAdley This wasn't the case before? o_O
Oh, joy. I just found out that the last three months I spent on my project might get chucked out the window, due to the clients not understanding what they were signing off on.
@fbueckert fun fun fun
3:26 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah, not really. I'd prefer to just finish the project and move on, but now they're going, "Yeah....that's not what we were really wanting. At all."
@MartinSojka Apparently not
Also: Creepers do more damage in hard mode
@QAdley Good. The moment you got iron armour (which was usually in the first 10 minutes), they became a joke anyway, a few very specific exceptions excluded (dropping on you while you were working above a lava lake, for example).
@MartinSojka They also do less damage in easier modes :-P
It wasn't the damage which killed you. It was the floor disintegrating below you and you drowning in lava. :)
... which is why I think all the people who use "creeper explosions make no holes in the landscape" mods on their servers are missing the point.
@MartinSojka It's mainly to stop griefing.
3:40 PM
@RonanForman Griefing by tempting creepers into someone's structure would be immensely time consuming
@QAdley When you don't have permission do build somewhere it seems more likely.
@RonanForman Guess so.
Q: Skyrim on xbox: How to edit save game file?

maelI want to add tons of gold to my second (pure mage) skyrim game. Which is the easiest way to do it?

Q: A good size RAM-disk for Minecraft server?

kevlar1818I'm running a Minecraft Craftbukkit server using this awesome script. My box has 3GB of RAM, and I have it set up to use 2GB minimum, and 2.5GB max. I want to use the RAM-disk feature in the script, but I'm wondering how much space is needed for the RAM-disk to be effective? I've heard people g...

Q: How to play insane Beast online

mpenrowI want to play Beast online with 4 others on insane but every time I try to play the difficulty is always set to normal. I have already beat it on normal and want to move on. Is there a way to set my difficulty level when playing online?

Adventure maps aside, what's the point of not allowing people to build on a minecraft server? Use a whitelist if you must, log who did what and have good backups.
@MartinSojka Well not letting them build in specific places.
3:44 PM
@MartinSojka So that they can look around?
E.g. I've made something massively impressive, and I'd like people to be able to see it without modifying it
@QAdley That would be the "adventure map" part then? :)
@MartinSojka I interpreted as playable adventures with enforced rules
@RonanForman So I build a TNT cannon on the edge of that place. With "edge" being defined rather loosely - the biggest cannons have a range measured in thousands of blocks.
@MartinSojka I don't know many public servers that have TNT allowed.
Yeah, and I don't get why somebody would do that either.
3:47 PM
People suck?
People are people. :D
If you give someone a big red button and tell them they can't press it, guaranteed that button will get pressed instantly.
A red button? Where? pushes
I get why people would put up constrained servers - whitelists, block protection on structures, server resets after one side won the nuclear war. It's just when they make changes which turn a nice opponent with interesting interaction into something you can utterly ignore when I start scratching my head.
@RonanForman You have proved my point for me, sir.
3:52 PM
Wouldn't it be easier to simply remove them from the spawn list enterly?
@MartinSojka Not now they do more damage.
Besides, gun powder.
@MartinSojka Yes. But then you wouldn't get the terror of quietly mining/crafting and hearing a ssssSSSSSS behind you.
@RonanForman Used in anything besides TNT?
@QAdley Potions.
@RonanForman Ahhh. I am not much of a potioneer.
Potions are great.
3:54 PM
@RonanForman Yeah, at some point I need to pull my finger out and get some blaze rods...
@RonanForman Gunpowder in potions? That sounds dangerous.
@fbueckert Wire that one to a piston some 30 blocks below the player which opens a lava flow above some signs, which destroys the array of torches on which a big pile of sand and gravel rests, on which in turn the button pusher stands. Trolling ADD people, minecraft style.
@RonanForman Thanks, Ill re-register tonight :)
@spugsley LOL Not a very stupid cat if it can figure this out! :D
Scary: When you look at a starred message and laugh and go check out the convo around it to figure out that it happened while You we watching before and you just missed it some how!?
hey everyone - quick question, do you intend on using the wow-mists-of-pandaria tag? or do you like to keep all expansions tagged just world-of-warcraft?
4:10 PM
here we go
decided to run a small contest during the mists of pandaria beta raiding and want to make sure i'm instructing people to use the right tags
Q: Mists of Pandaria Beta - play, ask, answer, win!

Lauren25 man testing for Mists of Pandaria beta has finally begun, and guilds like our friends at Midwinter are streaming their raids. While cheering the players on is exciting, it's always a little more fun when you can win something yourself! How would you like some free World of Warcraft Game Time...

Q: Need to buy a genuine SONY PS3 controller. How do I avoid buying a knock-off?

DavidGroveI would like to purchase a NEW, genuine, SONY PS3 controller. I would typically just head over to Amazon.com, click the model & color and then wait for delivery. After looking at the reviews, it seems that more than a few recent orders fulfilled by Amazon.com are actually Knock-Offs. While I ...

@Lauren Based on the past habits for tagging Cataclysm questions as just , I think it might be a good idea to stick with that.
@Mana cool that's what i figured, just wanted to check
if anyone else has an argument for including the other tag please let me know, otherwise we'll keep it just world-of-warcraft
WoW expansions change the whole game, splitting up te tagging would be... awkward and impractical
4:16 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz pfft. Magi Nation was like a million times better than this pathetic card game.
@Mana one of the designers has been teasing the shit out of it on ej for weeks.
@LessPop_MoreFizz that looks pretty awesome
oh man, getting your face plastered on a card for contributing the most. That's great.
@Mana not just one card
a card in every game
I hope the ugliest SoB makes the top contribution.
So the card designers are painstakingly forced to hand-render every detail of his horrible visage onto card after card after card.
4:22 PM
@Mana I too hope you make the largest contribution.
@Mana That was such a softball, you couldn't expect me to not go for it.
hi-fives @LessPop so hard
and now, I am off to drive to New Jersey for the afternoon. Pray for my soul, tia
4:24 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz peace
4:38 PM
Well, Star Command 2 made it's funding goal, so looks like I'm shelling out for that pledge.
@RonanForman @James Desert and Jungle biomes become very important for UHC
@fbueckert Yay? :)
@AshleyNunn Indeed. I will enjoy it immensely once the beta becomes available.
@fbueckert you will have to let me know how it is :)
@AshleyNunn Mobile will come out far before the PC version; I'll let you know how that plays. :P
4:42 PM
@fbueckert LOL you probably won't have to, I am going to be all over that once it hits Android
@OrigamiRobot How so?
@AshleyNunn Which, if they hold to their Late Summer ETA, will be either this month or next.
@James Their respective temples can contain diamond and gold
@OrigamiRobot Ahh
Like how I found 2 diamonds and iron pants in the town smithy? :)
@James T_T
4:45 PM
Villages might be important with Trading
You can't get much from them.
New golden apple
This should be closed as a dupe:
Q: Why can't I log onto my wifi with my DS Lite?

SpectroI keep getting the "51300" error when attempting to connect to my wifi network. I'm positive that I've entered the WEP password correctly.

Creepers do more damage on Hard
@RonanForman yeah then this bastard stabs me in the back while I am on fire
4:46 PM
@fbueckert That would be cool.
Q: No wifi connection on DS Lite

dreaganI recently switched internet providers (Telenet, in Belgium) and I want to be able to connect my DS Lite to my new router (which they also provided me with). It's a "CPN / SVG6540E" combined router/modem with wifi and EURODOCSIS 3.0 technology. When I add a new connection in my DS Lite (through ...

You would think someone who set themselves on fire last time would have more sympathy :)
@James Not after you did it twice.
@James I have only spite.
4:47 PM
@RonanForman You have no proof! :D
@James You put it on youtube.
@RonanForman Yeah but that is My proof, not yours :)
@James You can't own proof, it's universal!
Man, now I wanna make an adventure map
@RonanForman goes to make the video private :D
4:51 PM
@James This is an interesting concept of proof that lawyers would absolutely love.
Q: My minecraft is not letting my brother join the LAN server

jesseI'm trying to host a Minecraft 1.3 LAN server on my single player world. My brother can find the server, but he always gets stuck at connecting. It then times out. We share the same house and the same IP address. When he hosts a world, I can't even find it. Also, we share the same user name....

Are you guys REALLY having a hard time understanding what is being asked here?
Or do you just not like the question?
@James They're both using the same account.
Although it shouldn't be closed.
@fbueckert Read an article today on intent determining relevancy of information more so than location of the data :)
@RonanForman Yeah I thought it was a fairly straightforward question but its being Closed not as off topic or BYO License, but as not a real question?
@James I tried to explain why it was closed; perhaps if he could provide more information other than the giant wall of random maybe symptoms, we might be able to help out.
should't he had the chance to explain before it getting closed?
4:55 PM
@Blem Apparently closing a question means "Make Me Better!" on here.
Not that anyone ever understands that
I see closing a question as "This question can not be saved"
@James Closing a bad question gives the creator a chance to re-word it better before it garners bad answers.
@Blem Closing is not a permanent state. It never has been.
@Blem Same. A closed question is a question that does not belong here to me.. Like I said, its supposed to mean something else.
@James There are several reasons why a question might be closed, which you should know better than me. :) Only one of them is, "This question does not belong here" and that's off-topic.
@fbueckert Not belonging here also covers NARQ and such.
5:00 PM
@RonanForman NARQ and not constructive are closed, yes, but also usually an attempt to salvage them is made, so they can be re-opened.
@fbueckert My point was people say 'doesn't belong here' == off-topic, which is kinda silly.
@RonanForman Sillier than "Closed == doesn't belong here"? :P
It looks more like trolling than anything else, honestly...
@fbueckert 'Doesn't belong here in it's current sate' make the most sense.
@RonanForman Except that people will rarely include the caveat; especially, new users will just go, "My question was closed? Fine, I don't need their help, anyways!"
Which is why I try to explain to new users how they can get their question re-opened.
5:05 PM
Maybe if it was called something other than closed, it seems to permanent.
@RonanForman Suggestions on what to call it? Locked is taken. Frozen, maybe?
@fbueckert That implies you can't edit it.
@RonanForman True. That's all I had for ideas.
@fbueckert This is a super important thing that doesn't get done nearly enough, I think - people tend to assume closed is a permanent state, and I think we could be a lot clearer in our explanations that really, it isn't.
@AshleyNunn Technically, the close description text tells them where to look to get the question re-opened. But new users aren't going to read that at all; they'll just see their question got closed, and go, "Screw this!"
5:10 PM
@fbueckert yeah, that's my point.
Just read an article that says conservatives are stupid and prejudiced
@James "Attention Pot! This is Kettle speaking! You are black. That is all."
Also: Is this not shopping advice?
Q: Need to buy a genuine SONY PS3 controller. How do I avoid buying a knock-off?

DavidGroveI would like to purchase a NEW, genuine, SONY PS3 controller. I would typically just head over to Amazon.com, click the model & color and then wait for delivery. After looking at the reviews, it seems that more than a few recent orders fulfilled by Amazon.com are actually Knock-Offs. While I ...

@fbueckert Its not asking for a list of things to consider buying, its asking how to verify that what you are ordering is what you are getting?
@fbueckert There there, I got this, this makes it Alll better:
@James Those things are scary in Doctor Who.
5:14 PM
@fbueckert Only the original ones, the second generation of them are lame
scoffs at angel bob
@James It's garnering shopping advice answers; the real answer is, "Get outside, find an EB/Gamestop, buy controller."
@fbueckert That was my answer too, Go post it and Ill upvote ya :)
Q: To play Mists of Pandaria, will I need to buy all other World of Warcraft expansions?

Fredy31A new expansion seems a good place to step in. But to play Mists of Pandaria, will I have to buy every game in the WoW universe? These include: The main game, vanilla, plus every expansion ever made (I think they are now at 5) What would likely happen if I would be to only buy Mists of Pandari...

@James You're sorta sidestepping the issue. :P If that's not shopping advice, I don't know what is.
I think a proper answer would tell you how to identify the characteristics of a genuine controller.
@Lazers that is some crappy answers
5:17 PM
@fbueckert I think this discussion has come up before. The guy isnt saying I like console controllers, what kind should I get. He is saying I want this specifically but some trolls are making me doubt that I will get what I ask for..
But the way it's worded is garnering shopping advice, which is really bad. And off-topic.
This is one of those questions of 'Are you really that stupid to be asking this?' :)
I am debating asking a Skyrim question: Will my game end if I take an arrow to the knee?
Orr.. is an arrow to the knee an instant game over?
Orrr.. Are dragon teeth made from arrows? Cause when they bite me in the knee my adventure seems to come to an end.
@James I concur. :P
A: Need to buy a genuine SONY PS3 controller. How do I avoid buying a knock-off?

fbueckertYour best bet to guarantee getting a genuine Sony controller is to hit up the nearest physical gaming store. Best Buy, EB, Gamestop, or insert name of store I inevitably missed. That allows you to examine and, in some cases, handle the controller before purchasing to ensure you are getting the ...

Slightly nicer than, "Get off your lazy ass and leave the house." :P
@fbueckert Haha, Niice :)
Q: What is a viable combination for a Plasma Dragon?

JamesI am looking into the different dragons to get a water and lightning combination in an attempt to produce the new Plasma Dragon for my park. What is a good combination of dragons to breed that will result in a quick turn around to try and optimize my chances of obtaining this breed of dragon? (I ...

Why is this not protected?
@James If you could word it as a genuine question, you might actually get it past the close voters. Probably not, though; we're on to you now!
5:29 PM
@fbueckert I am pretty sure that is a valid question, even if it will make people endlessly facepalm :)
@James Closes as dupe of, "Why is everyone talking about taking an arrow in the knee?"
Q: What happens if I take an arrow to the knee?
Desc: In the game you will often hear guards talking as you pass them and one of the things they say from time to time is that they used to be an adventurer like me. They say the reason why they are now just a guard is because they took an arrow to the knee. Should I be worried about this happening? Can heavier armor protect me from this? There are quite a few bandits in the world with bows and arrows and it would really suck if my game can be over just because of where I get hit by them.
Q: Where did the "arrow in the knee" joke start?

IsziI've heard the "arrow in the knee" joke pop up in a few discussions around here and elsewhere, mostly related to Skyrim. I'm aware that this is probably in reference to a generic quote said by many NPCs (mostly guards) in the game. However, I'm wondering if there's an older reference I might be...

5:45 PM
Q: How do I breed a Peridot dragon?

FluttershyWith the coming of August comes the inclusion of a new Gemstone dragon to the world of DragonVale. This dragon is known as the Peridot dragon. What dragons do I need to breed to get a Peridot dragon?

@Lazers Protect!
I'm trying not to preemptively protect those, I'd rather wait until we get a couple of bad answers.
there've been some that are just fine without it, and that's kind of the better way to go, imho
@agent86 I thought the experiment showed we get utter junk when we don't?
Case in point:
A: How do I breed a Peridot dragon?

OlomoishanWhat level is it ok with a level 5

5:54 PM
@Lazers those questions always seem to attract answers that answer "what are examples of sufficient conditions to breed an X dragon?" instead of "What are the necessary conditions to breed an X dragon?"
Just use it to farm flags.
@fbueckert yeah, but on that very question is an unreg'ed 1rep user answering with something that might be helpful.
if I'd preemptively protected it, it wouldn't have been posted :P
@agent86 I'd argue that you didn't get here until after the answer was posted, which means it'd still be there. :P
@fbueckert that assumes I didn't see the question until lazers posted it! which is incorrect
@RonanForman I like this suggestion.
5:56 PM
my notification system was 12 minutes faster than lazers. you hear that @Lazers? You're slow.
@RonanForman Why do you think I have almost 300 helpful flags? :P Unregistered 1-rep user word vomit is my best friend for the badge, even as it hurts my brain.

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