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12:02 AM
Q: Visions in the Storm Quest: How can I tell which Hydrocoral Brains I have investigated already?

MurchI'm trying to wrap up the Visions in the Storm quest. I have been sending my explorers, soldiers, and pet sea dragon to various hydrocoral brains, but I have a hard time finding out which one I'm missing. Is there an indicator by which I can tell which brains I have already investigated? Can any ...

12:18 AM
@RavenDreamer @Unionhawk 'm not quite sure what happened, but the holy roman empire has suddenly fractured lol
Which is great, since they were taking over large chunks of what I wanted to own
Yeah, I've heard of that happening.
I don't know what causes it to dissolve though
Obscure flashback
I must have played dozens or hundreds of hours of that
browser game
@Wipqozn dang you played all the way to 6 August 1806?
@Unionhawk lol nah
@RavenDreamer it's not dissolved, just a huge chunk of it split off into Burgundy and Valencia.
@Unionhawk Currently on year 1215
Dang napoleon has a time machine now?
12:27 AM
Poland inherited France, then renamed itself to France and now is on both sides of the Holy Roman Empire
@Unionhawk Well wit any luck Napoleon won't have the chance to be born. I'm hoping to eventually conquer France.
@RavenDreamer Amazing
Well, I did it. I finished Spiritfarer. Such a good game.
@Niro One day I'll probably play that maybe.
Oh, no.
Why is my niece naked and a mayor?
Also I've switched to high patriation, and I've managed to set thingsa that my heir will get the majority of my stuff.
The empire + my 2 most important kindoms
I'm 60, now, so I'm sure I'll be dying before too long
@RavenDreamer Is she by any chance part of a religion that believes in being nude?
Apparently that's a thing
12:45 AM
First thing I checked.
No, she's non-modified insular like me, and she has clothes in her small portrait
but when the "I'm so happy you want to marry my daughter" window popped up
she was... er. nude.
"Now give your nude mother-in-law a hug"
I guess.
Might be a bug? I've heard of that happening.
I'm still not sure how long I'm going to keep playing with this Dynasty. MY original plan was to form an empire then stop, but I'm past that. I think I'll try to conquer the rest of the land that should be part of my empire, then conquer the southern kingdom. MAybe try to take France at some point?
Like I'm in 1215+ now so I feel like I should just play through to 1444 haha.
1:06 AM
I must finish unifying the isles
I've got all of Ireland and almost all of Albany.
I think Scotland got renamed to Albany?
But I don't know why.
Ok how can you tell if a thing can be sieged lol
and/or why do cities not count for this
oh heck yeah my cat brought me 2 coins
@Unionhawk I'm not sure, but I wish I knew
so Schitt's Creek won a ton of Emmys
lol I think the AI doesn't understand how to handle "siege not progressing"
this looks like a free kingdom title to me
@Unionhawk Yeah it'll sit there for a while before moving
1:15 AM
Wait what the fuck pets are op?
my cat just stole a love letter
still no pets.
@Unionhawk Yeah they're great. You can pet them for free stress relief every 5 years too.
ooo I can almost form portugal
@RavenDreamer That's because sharks eat pets
1:40 AM
IDK if it's because the High King is drunk
but all of my powerful vassals are also drunkards
which means they like me because we're drinking buddies
RIP my wife is allergic to cats
But it's my player heir's cat now
Also I am suddenly far from forming portugal now
Should have just hung out with my 2 king titles but somehow a whole dutchy isn't mine anymore
2:02 AM
I can't even hit my old best again @Wipqozn in Devil Daggers
I'm 3 kings atm. Two of them are Tanists, and I think the 3rd is going to my heir.
@GnomeSlice If it helps, since beating you, I haven't even come close to doing it again lol
I am getting like 85 at most
I don't know how to kite the skulls
@GnomeSlice One of the squids that spawns at 45ish seconds sends homing ones at you
they all home don't they
and the ones with the horns don't go from the same angles, I can't figure them out either
2:08 AM
@Unionhawk The succession screen can help with that
I always end up just running backwards shooting at the mob by that point and then something gets me from behind
@GnomeSlice I think there's four kinds
iirc jumping makes you move faster
also, the shotgun move really helps
slightly yeah
also diagonal movement is faster
> The most important of those strafes are the ones where I held W+D or W+A, as those are what you'll primarily use to kite enemies.
To do that air strafing, hold W+D if you want to go counter-clockwise, W+A otherwise, and move your mouse towards the center of the arena (left for W+D | right for W+A). This will change your direction and cause you to circle around the center.
Also the gems move toward you when you're not shooting. They move away when you are. And the big spiders steal them to spawn enemies if they're floating around
2:56 AM
@Niro Yeah I really enjoyed my time with it.
2 hours later…
5:14 AM
the new king of jerusalem is in my dynasty and the game is giving me a choice to just switch
5:25 AM
That is kind of a cool option, like "hey you won the crusade hard enough that you're the primary beneficiary, swap?"
1 hour later…
6:26 AM
And now I am the king of syria following a different crusade
4 hours later…
10:22 AM
Q: How to stop WINE games from popping through pulse/alsa, steam edition

aphidIn general, I'm looking to create a more userfriendly way of solving a frequent audio issue in various games. The problem It manifests itself as audible clicks or pops. Those clicks or pops happen whenever audio is played. Higher volume, lower frequency, and more 'full' sound (I.e. synth waves as...

10:47 AM
Q: Can the corruption spread underground pre hardmode?

SarahIs there dirt in an underground corruption? If there is will it spread pre hardmode? If it can’t, I’ll just place sunflowers of both sides of it and dig trenches so it doesn’t reach my house

Q: Can we have a bad follower to sacrifice to boethia?

user4951Like someone truly deserve it. For example, I know a bandit that follow me because of an escort quest. Turns out he's leading me to ambush. I would love to sacrifice that bandit instead to boethiah. Can I? I forget the name of the bandit too.

2 hours later…
12:51 PM
Q: Is 'So long gay Bowser' censored in the 3D Allstars version?

Fredy31I really wonder... Every time I throw bowser in the 3D Allstars rerelease version of Mario 64, Mario just shouts a generic Bye Bye! Instead of the now famous 'So long-eh Bowser!' commonly misheard as 'So long gay bowser!' Was is censored in this rerelease, and if so, what are other minor changes ...

1:26 PM
I really need to get back in the habit of entering my time at the day instead of doing it all on a Friday afternoon or Monday morning
1:52 PM
So apparently Bethesda joins xbox? (Or well... Zenimax got bought by Microsoft)
dang I was looking forward to skyrim for the ps5
@Unionhawk I mean you could buy a coffee machine and run it on there...? I wouldn't be surprised if they released a Nespresso version or smt like that.
2:15 PM
@Jutschge Can't wait for Doom Eternal to hit Game Pass I guess.
I think pretty much every Zenimax game has cycled though at this point, so they seem on board with the directions Microsoft is going.
2:30 PM
Q: Finding a classic RTS game

user3605994I used to play the game back in 2005-2007, it was a classic RTS game alternative to Red Alert II. The game is somewhat in another planet with advanced tech and just like RA2 you start with a small group of units. One notable difference between the game and RA2 is that you have to build "tiles" fi...

Q: How do I find dragons to ride?

user4951I killed most dragons in their lairs. I regret that. They're death when I revisited and didn't respawn. Basically I want to ride dragons so i can go to hard to reach places. Often I saw a place but it's too hard to climb. There could be a way there that I don't know. So how do I find infinite num...

2:55 PM
Q: Connect SEGA MegaDrive 2 to hdtv

أنيسيتو رويI've recently bought a Megadrive 2 but when i try to connect it to my tv via RCA cable, always remains with no signal. This is my MegaDrive: This is my Megadrive back: This are my TV components: This is the RCA cable i've bought: And finally my TV sources: How can i connect the megadrive to m...

3:19 PM
Q: How to set sv_cheats to 1 in co-op gzdoom?

Organic MarbleMy son and I have been retrogaming during the pandemic - playing co-op Doom and Doom 2 over a private vpn using gzdoom. We've been playing a lot of multilevel user-generated WADs and occasionally glitches, permanent door closures in levels not intended for co-op, etc, leave us stuck. In singlepla...

3:35 PM
Possibly favourite music video of the year
very interesting
Black Mirror AI stuff
1 hour later…
5:03 PM
Anyone here playing Spelunky 2?
@fredley wtf
5:23 PM
Q: Where does a player go when they go through an excess end gateway?

fasterthanlightI am playing on a world, where there are 20 end gateways on the main island. In the end islands, I noticed that there are also more end gateways, much more than 20. What happens when I go through one of them? Do I go back to the main end island, or somewhere else?

Q: What is the minimum distance for a planet to be able to form from a star?

fasterthanlightI've been playing Starchitect for a while, and I'm trying to create a terrestrial planet orbiting a F-type star with minimal distance. I have tried 0.005 and 0.01 AU, both of which failed. The upper bound is 0.1 AU, with a terrestrial planet orbiting there as well. So what is the lower bound?

@GnomeSlice He's raised $20k already
5:36 PM
@fredley that's impressive
5:51 PM
@fredley ooooh
@fredley The website is breaking I think btw
I tried to make a payment and it errored out
Tropical storm watch has been upgraded to a warning :(
I mean, not unexpected, since warnings usually aren't issued more than 48 hours in advance of a storm.
6:15 PM
@fredley I don't get it\
I feel like there's some context behind this I don't know
6:35 PM
> Do you remember / the 21st night of September?
And my favourite cover:
@MBraedley Oh, it's a Captain Planet cover. got it.
6:55 PM
So, in case you haven't heard already, Myst is getting remastered, including proper VR support.
Actually, more of a remake (in Unreal Engine), since the original was in HyperCard
I just hope that Riven isn't too far behind
7:32 PM
8:16 PM
Q: How do I change my skin on the Switch?

moonman239My little brother wants to change how his character looks. I have never played this game, so am not familiar with any of the controls, menus, and whatnot. What should I tell him to do?

8:42 PM
Screenshot of the Week Contest #22 Submissions open till 19:00 UTC of 2020-09-28
2 hours later…
10:22 PM
@MBraedley The best cover of anything is the Pomplamoose cover
Hard to disagree
It's the End if the World As We Know It might be my only exception, but that's because I grew up on the Great Big Sea version.
Q: How can you defeat thunderblight ganon?

PoseidonI can't defeat him it is just so frustrating. He keeps killing me and I can't damage it.

11:23 PM
> Microsoft announced on Monday it plans to buy ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Fallout and DOOM video game producer Bethesda. The deal will give Xbox access to several new titles and game developers from ZeniMax’s multiple studios and 2,300 employees across the world. Some people are discussing game exclusivity and noting how significant the deal is ahead of Xbox Series S and X launching days before Sony releases the PlayStation 5.
not sure if this is would make any improvement
well except having The Elder Scrolls and Fallout on Game Pass for alot longer
11:52 PM
@Memor-X It's in the star list and everything!
@MBraedley oh, missed the connection when i saw Bethesda and xbox

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