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12:04 AM
Is there a way to revoke titles from children without causing Tyranny? Or did I murder this Mormaer for nothing?
@RavenDreamer A hook should do it.
12:25 AM
alright time to figure out how I'm going to pull this murder off
Oh fuck I have shy I'm going to die of stress actually
@Unionhawk lol excellent
The real trick is when you intentionally stress kill yourself to play as one of your superior heirs
12:46 AM
I would ideally like more strong hooks mr spymaster
Alright there we go 95% chance of success
Oh fuck it's literally now or never I now have no player heir somehow
1:01 AM
Oh I still need to take care of the children born not into my line hmmmmmmm heck
...what could a seduction scheme vs your spouse possibly do LEt's find out
Oh sweet it did exactly what I needed. Excellent. EXCELLENT
player heir born, now to wait for the other heirs to grow up so I can figure out what to do
since I don't think you can do a hostile scheme vs your child
@Unionhawk Depends on their relation to you, and your traits.
@Unionhawk Also, protip: Romance your spouse so they don't cheat on you.
1:19 AM
lol I can declare holy war on the queen of england apparently
that seems like a good idea
Hmm I think I just confessed to murder
1:38 AM
Wow, I just got a copyright claim on one of my KSP let's play videos from nearly 7 years ago. All the music in my videos is either creative commons or royalty free licensed.
@InvaderSkoodge Holy snap even more foreshadowing
And my channel isn't even monetized anymore, since I don't have the subscriber count.
@InvaderSkoodge a bee dream very clearly predicts Fitz encounter with the fool in just a few chapters
@MBraedley Yeah, YouTube sucks
Q: How do I make a command that triggers when I step on a block?

LegoLunaI have been looking this up and watching videos on it for a week now. Nothing has helped! Please, does anyone know how I can do it?

1 hour later…
2:44 AM
I actually don't know that I can do anything about this other than accidentally kill my non-house heirs in battle
3:02 AM
Ok there we go 3 petty kingdoms for 3 sons, worst case scenario I spawn as the petty king of 1/3 of what I had
CORRECTION: 3 petty kingdoms for 2 sons
oh god the schemer trait is powerful
It seems to just straight up sometimes add "fuck off, game, advance this scheme successfully this is easy" as an option
> This is you, though you don't always feel like yourself
jesus dude
3:37 AM
> PlayStation®5 | Preorder Now for 2021!
from an email from EB Games
release date from what i heard was November so guess that's stock is all gone
4:17 AM
hmm... England now has one of my de jure counties
Well that game went sideways
But the story of the petty queen who had to plot to kill off her first marriage's line in order to keep the dynasty alive, only to have that destroy her in the end, is fucking great
4 hours later…
8:08 AM
WFH problems: my partner is nonironically playing Friday in the other room
8:45 AM
Q: Why do some monitor specs do not include refresh rate?

user118967I noticed that the specs of at least two monitors I know do not include refresh rate: ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED and the LG 32UD60-B. I was surprised since this seems to be such an important factor, especially for gamers. Is this something common or are these two an exception? If this is not an excep...

2 hours later…
11:14 AM
Q: Looking for an old action-rpg game with a fairly unique mechanic

user2374832123I'm looking for the name of a very old action-rpg game. In it, the player controls up to 3 characters, and it has a fairly unique mechanic in which the selected character attacks according to mouse movement - a down-up mouse movement while holding down the mouse button would cause a forward thrus...

11:49 AM
@fredley Justice
2 hours later…
1:26 PM
Oh boy I love dealing with issues that don't make any sense
Who did this and why
1:37 PM
Probably @Wipqozn
We have an internal test tool that simulates the position and attitude of an aircraft. Until today, the altitude was always 0.
@MBraedley Needs an attitude adjustment
2:00 PM
@TimStone sshhh don't spill the beans
@MBraedley I mean lately that's pretty reasonable
Q: Bidiots - why does artist not get money purchasing your own painting

David CallananThis question is about the bidiots game in the jackbox party pack. I believe when you purchase a painting, the artist will receive half of the payment at the end of the game (and presumably the "house" takes the other half). However, when you purchase your own painting, why is half the payment no...

2:34 PM
Q: Should we have a closure/flag reason for talking about Bedrock NBT questions?

fasterthanlightBecause NBT is very limited/not possible in Bedrock edition, and many questions pop up regarding Bedrock Edition NBT (such as this), should we create a duplicate target/recommended closure flag for these types of questions?

3:08 PM
You know I probably should have started with the annotate button when I asked "who did this and why"
instead of assuming that the adjacent comment indicating that this person did it 8 years ago was correct (that person did not do this 8 years ago, someone else did this 6 months ago)
great work sitting here for hours like "what the fuck is this demon line of code that introduces a fairly severe defect"
3:21 PM
I have 3 months to plan for this
4:15 PM
Yeah on the 21st Jupiter and Saturn will be visible in the same viewfinder
jfc what
I really need to get a telescope
Really not fair that things cost money tbh
I blame society as a whole, but I especially blame @badp
@Batophobia that's a disturbingly small set of games in which you can pet a dog
is this truly the current state of the games industry?
I doubt it's a definitive list
It's also missing some notable ones
You can pet the dog in Undertale for example
4:54 PM
I think Remnant has a pet-able doggo as well
see @CanYouPetTheDog
(Hades, Spelunky 2, and, my god:)
You can technically pet the dog in Star Renegades, but this is a rare case where I cannot recommend that you do so. t.co/wCabmCz1tA
You can also pet the Dog In Crusader Kings III
Petting @GnomeSlice was my favourite method of stress relief
Q: Is durability taken when destroying a boat or minecart?

fasterthanlightI am playing a survival world, and I found a mineshaft. I found some minecarts, and mined them. I did not see any "boop" of durability when I hit or destroyed it with my pickaxe. The same thing happened when I destroyed a boat with an axe. So, what is going on, and do you lose tool durability whe...

5:16 PM
@Batophobia Looks like it was put together with help from the Can You Pet The Dog twitter :twitter.com/CanYouPetTheDog
5:27 PM
Q: Is there a way to see effects or boost in skyrim?

user4951Say I drink fortify enchanting or wear certain armor. I want to know ah, my enchanting skills have gone up. I think there is a way to do that. I saw it on the right side of the screen. I just totally forget how to access that. No command line or cheat or hack or mod as far as I remember.

6:09 PM
Ugh, bitcoin bots are infesting one of my discord servers
That's crappy :(
6:34 PM
@Nzall you can report them through support buut yeah
That's a pain
Having to report someone on social media by filing a ticket has got to be up there with obstructive bureaucracy. It's like if you have to call the police for a robbery through notarized letter
6:49 PM
My hatred for Paris Hilton grows. She's got some new youtube series about her, and the trailer youtube just shoved down my throat starts with "I'm so used to playing a character that no one knows who I am". oh nooo. I feel so bad for you spoiled rich member of the 1%.
I really wish society would stop like, worshiping people who have done literally nothing, just because they were born into wealth
Yeah, it's like....you're not intereting
but I get it, it's the idea of "they have things that I don't" that gets people
and that mistaken idea that one day we could wake up and be just like them
It's infuriating
@Nzall The intention is for server ops to ban problematic users, not that that excuses the lack of the feature.
btw, I went to the doctor today for some things. 2 main takeaways: I have had mild COVID symptoms for like 3 months now (pretty much just an itchy throat, but it's a symptom so...), so I've had blood drawn that will be checked for antibodies etc; second takeaway: I got a referral for an ultrasound for a lump on my left epipidymis
just wanted to keep you guys updated a bit
I'm in the main risk age bracket for cancer down there, so wanted to get it checked out
yeah discord mod tools are... awful lol
Though I think "react here to say that you agree to rules and stuff before we let you in" may be a standard feature now? (Or it may be a bot still I'm not sure)
7:01 PM
@Wipqozn it very much is, yes - the worshipping of wealth is just so icky in general and this is a crappy aspect of it
@Unionhawk yeah, but that's not really a big concern. it can't be generally automated, but you can still automate it for a specific server
7:41 PM
@Wipqozn I mean, also "no one knows who I am because I've spent the past couple of years not telling anyone who I am" is like... uh... sounds very much like "i planted tomato seeds and grew tomatoes".
i'm not sure what you expected but if you didn't expect tomatoes, then i dunno what to tell you
Pretty much, yeah
7:55 PM
Q: Terraria: gear for plantera

GOLD MANIACI want to kill plantera, but I don't know what equipment to use. can someone tell me what equipment to use? if i have written wrong, sorry, im learning already english.

8:10 PM
@Unionhawk It's a bot
Discord is useless without bots
and it's, well, not great with them, but significantly better
8:38 PM
@GnomeSlice might pick up devil dagger
oh it's only $5
I bought it lol
hmm... I can probably purchase a decent to ok wifi router for like $50 right
rather than lease one from Spectrum for $5
@Unionhawk maybe not 50 but not too expensive I don't think
Not like that particular tech is advancing rapidly, todo: get one so I can supply my own wireless
Not really no lol
Holy crap this is fun @GnomeSlice
9:15 PM
@Unionhawk We found a decent one at a thrift store for cheap, though that's more difficult now than it was when we found it
9:35 PM
Q: Is Min Min's Final Smash Pre-rendered?

PridIf you slow down and look at Min Min's Final Smash (video) frame by frame, it's easy to spot that all the other ARMS characters are just 2D sprites. No doubt here. However, in the final part of the Final Smash, you can observe that the ARMS gloves are 3D and some even have a curve. Are these "hands"

10:16 PM
@Unionhawk Maybe but I'm not sure if you're dreaming big enough
@TimStone I mean I could get the tower of mordor ass asus gamer router for like $300 but I'm also not doing that
I have way better things that I could spend $300 on: 1) anything else
10:42 PM
I bought a UDM Pro and two access points but the UDM itself or the Amplifi Alien are nifty too
cc @GnomeSlice
I fell off the edge and I feel so sad, but I've now accomplished my life goal of besting you
11:27 PM
It looks like that weird LG concept phone is actually getting made

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