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8:00 PM
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@RonanForman Blizzard does it on live systems. Just saying. :P
So, next step, I thought it might be the DB server itself; this was running on SQL Server 2000. So, we were going to upgrade to 2005; that was the best we could get upper management to shell out for.
Now, this was for a call center, and we couldn't bring down the database; had to be up, period.
So, we copied all the data over to the new server, and I was testing it out, making sure all the permissions and everything were in place, so the switchover would be seamless.
Now, keep in mind, I was also the resident techie, tasked to do everything that even remotely resembled it might be technical.
So, help desk, a little tech support, lots of duct tape and prayer holding stuff together.
So, it was taking a while to test this, as I didn't have much time to dedicate to it.
The "Operations Manager" aka. Mr. Useless Office Politics Moron, cornered me one day, and asked me what was taking so long to migrate everything.
I told him that testing took time, as I wanted to make sure everything was working right before switching it over.
He wanted an ETA, so I padded it out and told him it would take at least a week; get him off my back, and have enough time to test, even if I run into something unexpected.
A couple hours later, the CEO comes storming in and tells me, "Switch over the database right now!"
I tell her it's not ready, I need to do more testing. She responds, "No, you're ready to go now. Do it."
So I shrug, and flip the switch to switch everything to the new server.
Everything instantly crashes. The entire call center grinds to a halt.
I had to pull SO much overtime to put it all back properly.
@fbueckert lol
We did eventually switch the database over, but that delayed it by about a week, due to Mr. Moron going over my head to scare the CEO into switching right then.
@fbueckert this story is definitely Daily WTF worthy. xD
8:13 PM
I forget, did anyone here have this/similar logitech mouse? G500
@QAzer These were, sadly, almost daily occurrences at this job.
Q: Skyrim: Are You Weak at Level 80?

theJollySinI have a few level 30-ish Skyrim characters, but I have a concern about what life will be like at levels 50-80. At level 30-ish, I have maxed out all my important fighting skills. For instance, as an assassin rogue my: one-hand, sneak, light armor, and alchemy are all topped out. But, in order t...

It's $50 on newegg and I'm still not sure if I want it
When we moved the company, we had to move the servers in the dead of the night due to the CEO's paranoia that the management company would find out, and lock us out of our server room.
@fbueckert That doesn't even make crazy sense.
8:15 PM
Ohmagoodness the LWJGL DisplayTest scared me so bad.
@fbueckert What...? This... I don't even...
@QAzer Welcome to my very first programming job. :P
@fbueckert how is she able to keep her job?
or even get it in the first place
@QAzer It was her company.
The whole job was overshadowed by her distrust in the entire Technical department.
Mr. Moron took a single programming course way back when, and was of the opinion he could do our job.
So he never believed us when we said it would take time to do things properly, and he had the CEO's ear.
He knew exactly what buttons to push.
When a problem would crop up, we would try to fix it ASAP.
Next time we saw our immediate superior (which was rare), we would inform him of what went wrong, so they would know what was going on.
He'd flip and tell us that he needed to know immediately if something went wrong.
@fbueckert Sounds like you worked for Grima Wormtongue
8:21 PM
So, if something went wrong, we'd call him up, tell him what was happening, and that we were fixing it.
We would then get called every five minutes. "Is it fixed yet?" "Is it fixed yet?"
Eventually, I'd get fed up, tell my boss to shut up and stop calling, and I'd call him once it was fixed.
I was not popular with upper management.
Everyone else loved me, though.
@fbueckert I think that's all that really matters. I can't even imagine ppl putting up with supervisors and executives like that.
Oh snap, is there another @fbueckert work story going on? I love these!
@fbueckert This story are awesome. Where can I subscribe to read more?
@QAzer Uhh. I'll see if I can find some links. I know I've told quite a few in chat here.
That was a good one @fbueckert.
The overwhelming stupidity of the upper management at your previous job never fails to amaze me.
8:32 PM
@Wipqozn Thanks. Looking back, they're good lessons. But at the time, all I could do was go, "What. The. Fuck?"
Hmm. I don't remember when I told my last one. @Wipqozn any recollection when I told one?
@fbueckert I think it's been a few weeks now.
You really should make a text file with hyperlinks to all of them :P
There needs to be a way to search all of chat, not just a single day.
@fbueckert That feature exists.
1) Use the search bar
2) Scroll to the previous days using the button at the top of chat
3) ????
4) Profit!
@RonanForman Isn't that what Stack Exchange does?
@Wipqozn I want to search ALL of chat, not just specific days.
@fbueckert You can
8:36 PM
@fbueckert You can...
@Wipqozn I'm adding links to them in my profile. :P
@Wipqozn and Blizzard
I didn't even know you could search individual days in chat...
1 min ago, by Wipqozn
1) Use the search bar
@GnomeSlicE Nor I.
Perhaps he's just crazy.
I wouldn't blame him.
8:37 PM
@Wipqozn If my last job is any indication...
@fbueckert You don't happen to have a mic do you?....
@RonanForman Not at work.
Q: Extreme drop in framerate when playing Dragon Age: Origins for PS3

bozalinaI'm playing Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for PS3. The 1.01 patch is installed. Whenever I'm exploring and enter into combat, the game pauses/freezes/the framerate drops to near zero. After a second or two, it begins to refresh again, but the framerate continues to lag for several secon...

Oh. I've told this one before.
Jun 22 at 13:34, by fbueckert
My funnest horror story:
Framedrop to the extreme
8:43 PM
WTF Steam.
This game was already installed!
It said it needed to convert the files to a more efficient format or something, then it failed.
24 secs ago, by GnomeSlicE
user image
And now I can't 'install' it at all.
@fbueckert I was wondering is a recital would be possible.
8:46 PM
@RonanForman You want me to recite my anecdotes? :P
FUCK all of the solutions on the internet involve deleting the game content and re-installing it... that could take forever.
@fbueckert I would throw money at you if you do this.
@QAzer To...tell my stories? I really just tell them in chat here so everyone can get a good laugh at them.
And be thankful they don't work for them.
@GnomeSlicE did you try the...whatever the hell...validate cache or something?
@BenBrocka I can't, the game is gone. It uninstalled it or something. There's nothing to validate.
8:52 PM
that will involve redownloading any files that were corrupted though
I'm going to try and copy the old folder from my other PC again
The launcher is still there, but there's no game. All of the game content just vanished from my Steamapps folder.
Wait, no, that's not the steamapps folder, that's the launcher folder...
I've had mixed results with copying game files from another PC. About 80% of them worked, the rest didn't work until I validated, which then had to redownload them
Yeah, it's all still there.
@BenBrocka Yeah, I always validate again before starting them up
@BenBrocka It's worked since I did that last. This time it did the 'steam needs to convert this game to a more efficient format' thing, and then it failed and now it thinks it's not installed. And it fails trying to install it too.
8:54 PM
@fbueckert They're pretty good stories, a comic or audio drama version would be hilarious.
@GnomeSlicE ohhh, yeah, I think Source games had some update or some crap, I got some of that too
@BenBrocka Right, but it failed immediately when it tried.
@QAzer Hmm. Let me give it some thought. Either way, I'm out the door for home!
Interestingly, I'm not the only one to have the problem: forums.steamgames.com/forums/showthread.php?p=31953940
That was posted today.
Same game and everything.
What the fuck.
Is there any way I can do this without having to download the game again...
@GnomeSlicE Sorry I don't think so, unless you know someone else that has a version with the uncorrupted data. :(
9:06 PM
@QAzer I do.
I copied it from my other PC again, but Steam doesn't recognize it as being installed.
Spent 3+ hours rendering this 2 minute clip because I turned the render settings up waaaay too high.
And some bug with SFM means the last couple of seconds are frozen.
@GnomeSlicE what exactly did you copy over? just the game files?
@QAzer The folder from the steamapps folder. Which is what I did before, I'm pretty sure, and it worked.
9:10 PM
Every time Steam has attempted to convert my games to the new format it has had to download some files
@GnomeSlicE have you tired using the "backup game files" option next to the game title?
@QAzer I did that when I moved my PC before. I forget what it did.
Oh, actually, I still have the backup files on my external hard drive.
I should try THOSE I guess.
...Maybe I don't.
@Wipqozn this reminds me of my sole purpose for even considering the prospect of children
@spugsley ...Sex?
Or so you can pick on them.
@GnomeSlicE did you do a file integrity check after you moved the files over?
9:13 PM
@GnomeSlicE so I can experiment on them
@QAzer There was no way, as far as Steam was concerned, it wasn't installed, there was nothing to check.
Q: What is with these pervert Bobokins?

JoshEvery time I ask Fi to analyze a Bobokin, she tells me how they have a fascination with "fashionable undergarments". She says this about every single one, Red Bobokins, Green Bobokins, Archer Bobokins, Electric Bobokins, Cursed Bobokins... At first the anecdotes about these creatures' fascinatio...

Q: Ranked mach in Supreme Commander 2

DogsoldierAnyone still playing ranked match in Supreme Commander 2? I never get matched up with anyone, the game just keeps on looking for an opponent.. Could it be a firewall issue or something?

Q: Reflection on contest frequency, and possible Mists of Pandaria promotion

LaurenThis site has seen a lot of promotions in the last couple of months. Some, like Diablo 3, have been hugely engaging, involving site takeovers and appealing to a large sector of our community. Others, such as the League of Legends contest that ended today, appeal to a smaller sector of the communi...

Q: What abitilies can still affect Vladimir while in Sanguine Pool?

BBzVladimir's Sanguine Pool description is, Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood becoming untargetable for 2 seconds There's detailed documentation for the abilities and effects that Vlad is unaffected by when in Sanguine Pool, such as Vladimir is untargetable by allied abillities during...

@GnomeSlicE ummmmm?
@spugsley What.
And yeah, 'experiment' was my second choice after 'pick on', but I thought it sounded too violent.
@GnomeSlicE well....I was going to say 'punching' instead of 'experimenting' but that would definitely have been too violent
9:15 PM
@GnomeSlicE If you got it from Steam you should be able to do it... from the Library section, right click on the game and select Properties from the menu. Then select the Local files tab and click the "verify integrity of game cache" button.
@spugsley The prospect of sociological experiments has always been interesting to me, especially regarding linguistics and language learning. Not quite ethical though. :P
@QAzer On the machine I'm trying to put it on you mean? Because those options are all non-selectable, because Steam doesn't think there's anything there to verify.
@FAE pssshhh ethics
@GnomeSlicE Yeah, hmm...
@spugsley Stuff like teaching a kid that they're going to go to hell if they let the food on their plate touch or something.
Random, innocuous things.
Or that the name for the color "blue" is "red".
9:18 PM
@FAE Language experiments on children are really interesting to me.
@spugsley That is a really good reason to have children.
I always wondered what kids would do if each parent always spoke a different language. The mother always spoke English and the father always spoke German, for example.
@StrixVaria I know! There's just a really high chance you'll screw them up for life.
@GnomeSlicE have you tried deleting your config.cfg and/or config_mp.cfg config file and then trying to verify?
@StrixVaria Well, Jochem was raised bilingual. He spoke English with his mom and Dutch with his dad.
I don't think it was as constant as you were implying though.
9:19 PM
@FAE What if you had two children, and only spoke to one in English, the other in Dutch, and if you wanted to speak to both you specifically addressed them separately in their respective languages.
@QAzer I deleted the 'ClientRegistry.blob' a while ago because I saw somewhere to do that, but Steam is still re-updating again.
The possibilities are endless.
It was like a 3.5 MB file, and it's been over 10 minutes...
I want people to do studies, but I think most people find that kind of study amoral or something.
@Wipqozn thank you, I think so too :3
9:20 PM
@StrixVaria Yeah, pretty much.
@StrixVaria Don't get into creepy child raising experiments.
@OrigamiRobot But it's so interesting.
@GnomeSlicE I'm heading back home now. I'll be back on when I get home.
@StrixVaria I agree, but most of the research done in this area turns out bad.
@OrigamiRobot Bad how?
9:21 PM
@StrixVaria It messes people up.
@GnomeSlicE Problem?
Okay, so I copied all of the ncf an gcf stuff from my backup over to this computer and dogfighter showed up as being installed again
but when I tried to run it it did the same series of errors.
It's 'base.ncf' for dogfighter apparently
So, I can't play it until Steam converts it to the newer more efficient format. And It fails every time it tries to do that...
9:46 PM
@GnomeSlicE oh yeah, you know that track I sent you a while back that my mate was having released?
Q: should I master any class?

pvinisdo I get anything from mastering in a class? or should I just find a good loadout and get xp by playing more? is there something like challenges, where if you master a weapon you get like 1000xp?

@ThomasMcDonald Yeah yeah, I was gonna ask you to link me to it again.
He's opening (well, second act) for Madeon & Annie Mac in a fortnight.
9:47 PM
@GnomeSlicE Try starting the download(s) through the application and then stop them. Copy the backed up game files back and restart the download. Hopefully, Steam should recognize the old game files...
That was my reaction.
@Krazer I can't restart the downloads, it gets an error immediately.
I've seen a bunch of threads for the same problem with other games, and it looks like Valve just fixed them eventually.
One of the things I've found with Steam is that issue tend to resolve themselves given enough time.
Er, why was my Steam folder read-only?
9:51 PM
@GnomeSlicE maybe that's causing the issue?
@Krazer It's one of the suggestions in this support list, so I'm trying it now. It's taking a while to update everything in the subfolders.
Just finished.
Now I have to wait for Steam to find an internet and actually start...
fingers crossed
It's going to take it a while to actually start, I expect, as usual. And I'll probably have to stop the process a few times first.
I made the mistake of trying to download a song like 10 mins ago. Steam is going to keep shitting itself on startup until it has ALL of my bandwidth.
Whatever, cancel the download.
My bad
And that didn't fix it.
10:00 PM
@GnomeSlicE Same error?
What the hell, the folder is read-only again...
@Krazer Yeah, but steam made itself read only again I guess... wtf
hmm... first calm down
What do you guys think of this? newgrounds.com/audio/listen/495298
It's not much, it's basically the product of messing around in cubase a few times in my digital audio recording class.
@GnomeSlicE not bad. I'm gettin' down with this.
That's about the limit, lol.
When I go to 'install' the game, it doesn't show any game details, either. No file size, estimated time, etc. Just the name.
This is really pissing me off.
I don't even want to PLAY it any more, I've been at this for over an hour
My tics are getting really bad, this is stressing me out.
10:10 PM
@GnomeSlicE When you removed the read only attribute to the steam folder, did yo ucheck the files inside?
@Krazer It changed all of the files inside, it specifically asked me, and it took it quite a while.
I just did it again too.
I don't think that's the problem anyway.
I've installed games before.
Q: What's so special about Mick's Special Stash?

Steve V.Twas morning in Freeside and at Ralph and Mick's Not a creature was stirring, except for two chicks on a mission from Elvis, to investigate a bodyguard who seemed suspiciously great. When what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a couple of thugs, wearing blastmaster gear! Though we killed ...

@GnomeSlicE Oh hey, I didn't realize you had an album. Cool stuff.
@Mana ಠ_ಠ Are you...
@GnomeSlicE some of these are pretty good, albiet kinda short. I liked "Our Ancestors" the best.
10:17 PM
Anyway, I'm not surprised, since the game isn't out, and doesn't appear to be ever coming out.
Yeah, Our Ancestors is pretty sick.
they're all too short anyway
@MarkTrapp @Wipqozn and any others that may be interested, regarding Mists beta raiding and stuff, since I don't want to write up a meta post or leave long comments but I want to clarify a few things:
Fuck Steam, you stupid fucking orphan.
10:21 PM
Hey man, orphans can be pretty smart. Have you read like any Charles Dickens novels?
The thing about beta raiding is that it's prime streaming material, even if it's not the finished released game. Similarly, Arqade has a sponsorship arranged with a guild that will be raiding 25 man content within a few days of launch, and again, as a top 10 US guild, it's a prime target for streaming eyeballs. This is orthagonal to any Q&A contest, but is important to keep in mind when evaluating the timing of any site promotion tied in to the content. The longer you push things...
back past release, the less useful/interesting any streaming tie in will be as it's either no longer going to be top end playes doing cutting edge things, which, yes, is actually a very big eyeball draw - with relatively minimal promotion (basically just wow forums and a low upvote reddit link), MW is already getting 20k+ viewers on streams of these first few beta raids, which will rise as release nears and heroic encounters begin testing.
Today's listening.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oops, sorry.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh I know why SE wants to capitalize on 25-man raiding: it's the one of the only parts of WoW that presents sponsorship opportunities. But that really doesn't correlate into something that's good for the site. If you're a hardcore 25-man raider who's watching those streams, you aren't going to Arqade for answers. You're going to places like EJ.
10:24 PM
@MarkTrapp but these streams aren't just being watched by hardcore raiders.
that's the point.
The audience for hardcore raiders extends well beyond those who are actually doing the raiding.
Whatever, I'm just not going to play Dogfighter I guess.
See also: the absurd number of viewers Kripp had on his stream for his world first inferno HC diablo kill.
@LessPop_MoreFizz But if you create a contest that only rewards 25-man raiders, that's who you're targeting. Regular people are barely hitting 90 and looking at all endgame stuff by the time the contest would be over
@MarkTrapp I don't think a contest that rewards 25 man raiders was ever a consideration.
I'm all for a launch MoP contest. I just think it's silly to make it about 25-man raiding
10:25 PM
Huh, it doesn't even know where the windows registry entries for the game are any more.
And i'm not sure where you got that impression.
It's seriously uninstalled.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's how I read the contest. "With all these things, would a promotion for the Mists of Pandaria 25-man beta raiding be too much? Would you rather wait until the official release in September to have a contest?"
"The reason I ask is because Mists of Pandaria beta raiding has begun, and with the release date being set for September 25th, 25 man beta raiding will probably start soon."
@MarkTrapp I think you're misinterpreting.
I read it as "would a promotion tied into the stream of the 25 man beta raiding" be too much.
10:26 PM
If I am and this is just about creating a launch-day MoP promotion for all MoP content, I'm on board and my answer says as much.
As in, a promo similar to the GGclassic - come here, ask questions about game, any questions at all, during the window in which we are making announcements during our stream.
I think you're just misreading it/lauren was a bit unclear.
The intention isn't to have a promo for questions about raiding. the intention is to use the raid streaming as a means of driving traffic to a promotion.
@Lauren can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty damned sure that's the intention.
Okay, put aside whether this is about 25-man raiding questions: there are two opportunities for streaming, during the beta, and after launch. During the beta, the questions are functionally useless. MoP is still broken now, and raids are controlled experiments. They will be useless after launch, not only for the answers, but for the premises under which questions are based, which is speculation about what the game will be like based on a current beta build
Post launch, nobody's raiding on day one. It'll take a couple of weeks—maybe a week for the really hardcore guilds—before people start doing the content.
@MarkTrapp As someone who has done extensive beta raiding, I can tell you that the prime window in terms of this sort of thing is in the last week or two of testing, when heroic content etc. is tested.
As for post launch raiding, you underestimate. it'll be happening ~3-4 days after launch for the guild we have sponsored. Tops. More to the point, post launch, there's a really narrow window to work with, as what's going to happen is they're going to clear all the content on normal within the first week, and then, the stream is going to start going dark for large chunks of time.
Once they start working on 'progression' content and racing for first kills, streaming is a significant competitive disadvantage, and something that most competitive guilds - Midwinter included - won't be doing.
The advantage of Beta streaming is that it's prime time for eyeballs because people won't be playing the game, but they'll often want to watch other people play. Once the game launches, you have a very narrow window in which anything interesting happens, and it's one of unpredictable size, which is bad for planning a promotion around.
beta raiding, by virtue of being scheduled and during prime time, is a better sponsorship opportunity.
Let's take a step back: we don't do pre-release content that's not wildly available and demonstrably stable. So advertising for a contest before launch will produce content we can't use. You can set the rules of the contest to begin when MoP launches, but advertising for a contest that hasn't started yet is silly
10:35 PM
They can advertise on raiding streams after launch, and that's fine: I don't really care how they advertise, as long as the contest is open for all MoP content
If raid streams are happening 3-4 days after launch, great; I think it's doubtful it'll happen that early for things Arqade's sponsoring, but whatever, it doesn't matter
@Mana Ronald Jenkees.
What I'm proposing is simply a) MoP contest for all MoP content. b) Launch day contest. c) Do whatever SE feels they need to do to advertise
If this proposal isn't about getting 25-man raiding content during beta, then awesome: I'm on board. But I'm not the only one who thought that, so that's why I argued against such a proposal.
@GnomeSlicE This is... awesome.
10:39 PM
@RedRiderX Yes. Yes it is. I highly recommend the album.
15 mins ago, by GnomeSlicE
Check out this one too.
It's not the same track, just the same uploader.
@GnomeSlicE I have, and it contains an equal if not greater amount of awesome.
@RedRiderX Look up 'throwing fire' next. Those are the three big ones on the album, but the whole album is fantastic.
Oh, guitar sound is great too.
@GnomeSlicE Yes, yes it is.
Lol they all have the same thumbnail.
@GnomeSlicE already have this album bro
10:43 PM
@Mana Yessss
I'm not hyperventilating any more, at least.
@MarkTrapp Fair enough, but I think that your argument against that point/misunderstanding is overwhelming everything else you have to say in your Meta post, which is why I felt the need to pop into chat and write up a wall of text, because while I don't really have much to say on the subject as a whole, I do believe that any responses should reflect my understanding of what's being proposed...
and a more thorough understanding of why the Beta is relevant at all, which the current responses, in my opinion did not.
@GnomeSlicE how do you feel about Pretty Lights?
@Krazer I listen to Pretty Lights more than any artist, currently.
I can't believe he gives his music away for free...
@LessPop_MoreFizz I fully understand why you (and ostensibly SE) think that advertising during beta streams would be a great opportunity, but I disagree with your interpretation of how WoW betas play out and the value they might have to Arqade. The promotions that do extremely well are the ones that had no advertising on pro/hardcore streams at all: Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Diablo III.
It's going to be a travesty if Arqade doesn't advertise a MoP contest during beta raids and focuses on a more traditional promotion.
10:52 PM
@MarkTrapp Agreed that the best promotions are the ones that generate high quality content on the site, about a game which has a large amount of google traffic which we can exploit. Absolutely no two ways about it, and I would agree that MoP launch is an amazing time to do one.
@GnomeSlicE Pretty music...
I would also argue that establishing a baseline of WoW content before launch is not the worst thing that could happen to us, and a smaller promotion without a site redesign etc, comparable to what we've done for the LoL tourneys would not be a bad thing in making the site better prepared to handle a larger scale promotion during the WoW launch.
@RedRiderX His music is all free on his website too.
tl;dr: I think we mostly agree and are getting hung up on each others means of expressing it.
10:55 PM
@GnomeSlicE no Finally Moving?
You want WoW:MoP questions?
@pixel Why wouldn't we?
I mean pre-release during the clearly speculation phase
I am still pretty hung up about certain things being classed as speculation
@pixel we are well past the clearly speculation phase.
I'm guessing you don't want raid encounter 'guides'
10:55 PM
@Krazer There are tons of fantastic tracks to choose from.
@pixel Why not?
@GnomeSlicE very true
They're guides?
@pixel If someone wants to write them, that'd be awesome.
10:56 PM
Joel Spolsky on May 21, 2012

Remember this old picture?

What’s that “Blog” circle supposed to be about, you ask? WHERE’S THE BLOGGING?

Since Stack Overflow launched, we’ve been trying to explain that it’s not just a Q&A platform: it’s also a place where you can publish things that you’ve learned: recipes, FAQs, HOWTOs, walkthroughs, and even bits of product documentation, as long you format it as a question and answer.

As Jeff wrote:

if you have a question that you already know the answer to …

Q: What is the strategy to defeat [Ten man Raid Boss]
A: self answer with guide.
purely speculation until the 5th week of raiding
after they've finished nerfing it and retuning
@QAzer I can't get enough of the sound that comes in at 2:45 in 'Drift Away'.
You know I avoided frapsing and detailing encounter tactics for TSW specifically because it has been said at least twice during my time here that guides are not really suitable for content here
@LessPop_MoreFizz Looking at the games we nailed, it was due to a few people seeding the site with common questions a few hours after the game was launched to the public; games regular users (and a few up and comers) were dying to play and were all set to play and stick around on the site all during launch day. To be honest, I really doubt we have that level of enthusiasm on the site for a WoW expansion.
@QAzer You ever heard of DJ Vanish?
10:58 PM
The advertising stuff worked for LoL because LoL has a ton of navel-gazing: it was less about Google seeding and more about being another forum. WoW expansion at launch? Not so much. People are just interested in getting through the initial content
I wouldn't be willing to do it during launch, I have alternative commitments like realm 1st 90 to be dealing with
Pre-launch and after I've levelled I would be fine writing guides, and sticking up some questions
@GnomeSlicE yeah I heard some of his remixes

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