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1:00 PM
Personally, I save competition for PvP
And avoid the racing mentality of raiding firsts.
unfortunately, WoW pvp is full of LoL-style players with attitudes to match
@koviko it's not about ranking being the only reason you play - its about if you don't play at a level where ranking is relevant, you really just do not understand the environment.
I agree with @LessPop_MoreFizz with this, ranking in the top 100 is like any other competitive competition in the world
Is the problem that guilds were able to down DS and FL faster than, say, LK?
This question should really be split up into separate questions, but someone's already answered, how do we handle that?
1:02 PM
@Koviko on the surface, although its the reasons why they were able to do it that are the actual problem
Tier 11 was the only good tier in cataclysm
because it was a decent set of instances with a variety of backgrounds and semi interesting mechanics that required you to play properly or die
@pixel T11 was awesome, and I'm sad that they never got around to the Vashjir raid.
there are more people with 6/7H in firelands than 6/13H in tier 11
@pixel What are the reason's why? Were people cheating? Stacking classes?
because firelands was for carebears
@koviko I quit after T11, so I can't speak to FL/DS. But I was on the track to burnout beginning with ToC
1:04 PM
nope, uninteresting encounter design, nothing original, environments re-used from elsewhere in the game, nerfs came too quickly, and they decimated heroic mode difficulty in patches
The problems aren't with content or even difficulty per se. They're much more fundamental and structural
second the first wave of nerfs hit they might as well just patched everybody to 6/7H
@FAE Split split split split split
@QAdley See: here, here, here and here.
Things like loot availability and distribution, the need to farm 5 mans for bis gear, the need to maintain alts to do the same 10 man content again.
1:05 PM
@FAE Ugh, just leave it then.
and their consistent failure to balance the content between 10 and 25 man while classifying them as the same difficulty led to 25 man dieing quite rapidly
there was also no gating in the content
@pixel that too.
@QAdley Should we not close the question as a dupe then? They're all already answered separately.
when 4.3 got released, you could roll an alt, get to 85, and kill deathwing the same day
(I did it with my paladin)
Also, the way gear scaling is set up do that each new content release obsoletes prior tiers completely.
1:06 PM
so Blizzard were saying 'oh we want people to see the content' while making it so people didn't have to see the content
That one is probably my biggest let peeve.
scaling is broken - broken isn't even the word
and it will be worse next expansion because they were too lazy to rescale the game
possibly the biggest mistake they've ever made
Do you think the game would be better if progression required raiding the previous tiers first?
@koviko 100% yes.
1:07 PM
it would be better if 10 and 25 man had their own realm firsts
it would be better if they didn't nerf heroic mode
It's how things worked in BC and I miss that aspect so.
it would be better if they stopped reusing the same content over and over again
it would be better if they stopped nuking individual classes on a whim
I thought FL was a good "re-use" of content. It's like Batman running into the Joker more than once.
it would be better if story still mattered
That does bug me.
1:08 PM
@Koviko I will pretend you didn't say that, FL was instead of Abyssal Maw
@LessPop_MoreFizz its not for everybody, but story is a driving factor for many
@LessPop_MoreFizz even if you don't care about the story, I'm sure you got bored of fighting onyxia for the third time in tier 11
What's that? We need more lore? Somebody grab Metzen and get to Tijuana, ASAP.
after killing her twice in the past
@pixel You mean they did FL instead of making the Vash raid?
Metzen can't write, he just keeps pulling the "OH HES NOT REALLY DEAD LOL" card
@Koviko yes
1:10 PM
Oh, I care about story in concept. I emphatically don't care about Warcrafts story.
@Koviko they 'remade' ZA/ZG because they couldn't be bothered doing anything major
granted they were two of the hardest instances to do in relevant gear
people getting one shot because they couldn't be bothered to interrupt
but reuse of content is lazy
@pixel ZA/ZG was so long ago, though. I personally didn't start til Wrath, so I kinda liked seeing it.
It's like a repost on reddit I didn't see the first time.
and as for Dragonsoul
I was about to say something about ZG difficulty before I realized you meant new ZG.
Just.. an entire instance where you could REALISTICALLY unbind WASD and still play at a top 100 level
1:12 PM
DS was hard until they nerfed the health of every boss, thus shortening execution
But that's because execution was repetition
@Koviko the exact thing they said they wouldn't do, after adding raid finder
@Koviko but carebears wanted 410s with 'heroic' written on them
thus whine ensued
@FAE IT should be closed as a dup.
the point of raid finder was to stop them nerfing heroics
@Wipqozn I left some comments on it.
@FAE and I voted to close.
1:14 PM
as for nearly every top guild in the world getting banned at the start of 4.3
whoever casts the last vote should edit in all the dup questions.
cheating scum
@Wipqozn Aye.
They all gamed the LFR system, right?
@Wipqozn whoever casts the first vote should edit in the dupe questions
1:14 PM
@pixel exploit early, exploit often.
otherwise you're casting a vote without justifying it
@LessPop_MoreFizz literally every top guild got banned
@pixel I don't think you know what I'm talking about.
and Blood Legion still didn't get a world first
Yeah, I'm aware.
Poor Blood Legion.
Those KRs took over after the bans.
1:15 PM
I'm referring to editing the question after it's closed so the "Possible Duplicate" section contains all the questions. That's not added in until after the question has been closed.
don't worry though, they got world first all guild achievements!
pro achievement that
My guild doesn't even want to do the guild achievements. ._.
My guild doesn't even want to do the guild achievements. ._.
@Koviko that's because Blizzard's attempt to make guilds 'matter' resulted in people only caring about getting a guild to level 25 for the perks
their attempt to make a positive change actually destroyed every small guild in the world
So this will need duplicate votes:
Q: Basic questions about Payday - The Heist

TobyThree friends and me have started playing Payday - The Heist. Unfortunately we have quite a hard time in "understanding" some of the basic mechanics in the game. So my first question is : Is there any new player guide to this game? Because if so, I have a hard time finding one If not, then mayb...

Ah I've got to get some sleep tonight
I feel so tored
1:26 PM
@pixel Hooooray!
...I will rest for just a moment
I'm ready to play!
Play what?
New toys? For me? I promise I won't break them this time...
This sounds too familiar....
@PatrickStalder NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
1:28 PM
Time for a new game!
I guess it doesn't bend that way
The nightmares crawl back into my head.
@PatrickStalder wait wait wait.
Of all the fights in that tier to give you nightmares...
the perverts in my guild take it completely the wrong way when I log onto vent and immediately say 'I'm ready to play!'
I mean, I could see how his trash on the day Ulduar was released could give you nightmares...
but 99% of players never saw that because Flame Leviathan Was hard.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes. My guild failed horribly at XT.
1:31 PM
@PatrickStalder I guess you never did Algalon then?
Because Algalon is basically XT Superhardmode.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Nah. I stopped playing after that failparade of my guild until Cataclysm.
algalon can be nuked down without even paying attention to a single mechanic
All this WoW talk. About things I remember playing, and I quit three years ago.
@fbueckert I don't want to play anymore
You are bad toys... very bad...
1:32 PM
@pixel So why are you, then?
@fbueckert Shared pain is lessened. Shared joy increased. So do we refute entropy.
XT is probably my favourite encounter for voice acting
second would be Maloriak
Must find out... for science!
@pixel yes XT was hilarious.
Teron Gorefiend.
How well does the mortal shell handle extreme temperature change?
1:33 PM
The "no no no no" part is still stuck in my head.
my favourite story in WoW is Arthas and the scourge
that was a really good story arc
It unfortunately ended with the following paraphrase though: "Tell them only that the Lich King is dead, and that World of Warcraft died with him"
I miss BC so much right now.
I am reminiscing about long nights in The Eye and Serpentshrine....
Farming Gruul for trinkets long after all his other loot was shard bait
WoW just brings up bad memories for me. Spending enough time in game to qualify it as a second job was enough to turn me off. Permanently.
I will freeze the blood in your veins!
1:37 PM
4 mins ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
@fbueckert Shared pain is lessened. Shared joy increased. So do we refute entropy.
Q: How much storage does a tent have in DayZ?

Kirill FuchsHow much storage does a tent have in DayZ? What happens if I try to put things in when its full?

@LessPop_MoreFizz To be fair, that wasn't the main reason I quit WoW. It definitely played a factor, though.
I spend less time playing WoW per week than I spend smoking weed
@pixel You know, it now all makes sense.
@pixel That's an interesting comparison...
1:42 PM
I suspect some severe misinterpretation is going on right now
@pixel I played Horde back in Wrath and didn't even notice all of the Arthas story until I switched back to Alliance.
the arthas story was awesome
When Blizz used to actually put the story into the quests
They need to do that again.
we still do a weekly ICC run just because it was the last epic raid instance
Quests these days are just "I need 20 X. Can you go get it for me? kthxbai"
1:44 PM
mmo quests have been like that since the inception of the genre
@Lazers The current answer to this questions seems to be pretty much copying verbatim everything from the source. Should this be edited to have less information and plagiarize the source less?
@Koviko But...they can't! How would power levellers know what needs to be done if it's not spelled in in plain (or alternatively, l33t) text!?
Yeah, but little cutscene-events and such at least make your purpose feel more important than "That NPC needs things. And he's gonna pay me."
@pixel But TSW has some interesting quests IMO.
@RedRiderX Just make sure to add in the source.
1:45 PM
@PatrickStalder What is TSW?
@PatrickStalder at their core the majority of them are still 'KILL X'/'Collect Y'
@Koviko The Secret World
@PatrickStalder Is it good?
@RedRiderX They did already link the source and all and have put the information in quotes. I'd be more concerned if they hadn't linked at all and/or just copy/pasted without quoting.
@Koviko Yes. I think its great.
1:46 PM
@PatrickStalder It's not on steam. Link pletty prease?
@FAE I see.
@Koviko It won't be, as it's published by EA.
Damn EA.
I was trying to buy my gf Sims expansions on Steam
It is available through Origin, but I have heard you can launch TSW without using it.
1:48 PM
But you can't use them if you bought the CD for the base game.
How much is it? And how much per month? looks pretty.
@FAE yes you can. I bought it directly from the website you don't even need Origin.
@FAE I didn't even realise it was an EA game until after the first time I launched it
Is this supposed to be the WoW killer? b/c I've never heard of it o.O
> YouTube Pushing Users Switch To Real Names
This is going to be interesting
@YiJiang Very.
1:50 PM
@Koviko it is currently lacking too much content to be a wow killer
@YiJiang I couldn't do it. Some of the things I say on YouTube, I'm not-so-proud of.
@RedRiderX That question seems to be more about rep whoring than really trying to help; especially as the answer is ripped wholesale from somewhere else, with no extra details added.
@YiJiang Source?
@YiJiang They already push google+ in all their services, and it is real name only, so I suppose it was only a matter of time.
@fbueckert That was the feeling I got.
1:52 PM
@fbueckert That's what happens when you have a rep system.
@pixel Nothing has enough content to match 8 years of game development it seems.
yeah, who would expect them to
Every character has those Sim eyes
But this looks very interesting.
full of conspiracy theories
decent story
oh @LessPop_MoreFizz did you complete the main story yet?
@YiJiang People are talking about the effect on YT comments
I reckon that YT comments will die soon anyway, to be replaced with + integrated comments
This is just a step towards that
YouTube is too big for everyone on it to have moved to G+
1:58 PM
@YiJiang It'll be slow, but it'll happen
That said, I don't think it would be that bad a thing if suddenly only 10% of YouTube's commentators were allowed to comment
Everything Google's doing is pushing everything into Plus
It's not about getting people onto plus, it's about making everything they currently do part of plus
8 years? Try 12.
@QAdley This is Google's master plan, as some are saying.
@RedRiderX All current data matches this theory
1:59 PM
Also TSW isn't the wow killer, but it is the sleeper hit of the summer.
@QAdley I also say this. :P
@RedRiderX Larry Page also says this, which is a pretty strong indicator :-P
@QAdley Yep, I'd say so.
Something something bing.
Pandaria is the "wow killer" (I know, because I'm buying it.
2:00 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Sorry, can't quite make that out over the sound of crashing irrelevance
@DavidB So...you're buying the expansion for WoW that will kill WoW? That sounds counter-intuitive.
TSW gives me what was taken away from WoW: choice in character building.
my gf pulled me back into wow to "make pandas" and "cooking dailies"
@fbueckert I mean - Pandaria is going to sell like you'd want a Wow killer to sell.
my friends pulled me back into WoW to start a vendetta and take over a realm, destroying all the poor substandard guilds on the realm that think they're good
I'm just waiting to see what they do to raiding.
post-cataclysm is supposed to be "the age of man"
No more Aspects
2:03 PM
@pixel what are you going to do, recruit all the healers away from them?
@DavidB She would've had me at making pandas. She can do her own cooking dailies, though.
I can't really decide if i should go back to wow for the expansion, it doesn't look that interesting but then again there are not many games that do atm imo
Blizz said something along the lines of PvP-oriented raiding
@fbueckert my main is a mage... so - portals
@DavidB no, effortlessly take realm first from them, then gear up a set of alts, and move those alts to the guilds on the realm that we like to boost them to 2nd, 3rd, etc... leaving the current top 5 guilds somewhere much further away from the top
2:04 PM
Haha, my guild did that with 1 alt guild
The top guild for the last tier was Ascend
So, we made a guild called Altscend
the realm in question was our former realm, we owned realm 1st since TBC
oh, you're going after rankings. if those guilds are at all good - why wouldn't they transfer away from your onslaught?
@pixel That just makes it sound like you're no-lifers.
WoW is life.
@fbueckert not so, let me put it into perspective for you
Tonight we are clearing tier 11 heroic for fun
it will take us 2 1/2 hours for 13 bosses in 3 locations without mass summon
we will get realm 4th nefarian heroic
2:06 PM
Carry me?
realm 4th sinestra
and realm 6th al'akir
from a tier that is two years old
that's like robbing an empty room
My realm has 1 sinestra kill afaik
sadly when we killed rag heroic lastnight, it got us realm 17th
which goes to show how much easier firelands is
People also had more time with FL
2:07 PM
@DavidB the guilds in question bad mouthed us when we left the realm
And even more time with DS
@DavidB thus, it's time to humiliate them
@Koviko tier 11 wasn't flat nerfed
that's the difference, time has very little to do with it
Tier 11 is full of one shot mechanics
Also true. But that's because Blizz didn't feel a need to stretch out T11
@pixel This sounds like World of Mafia Warcraft.
you don't "outgear" sinestra's cutter beam
you don't outgear hydrolance
2:08 PM
All I'm hearing is everyone else has a life, and you are proving you don't.
Haha. I can't find a single group that can handle the cutters.
It's bad.
you don't outgear 100 stacks of corruption on cho'gall
@fbueckert 2 day raiding guild, 3 hours a day, problem?
@fbueckert the other guilds on the realm are all 4-5 day, 3-4 hours
we don't care about world ranks, we're just going for casual humiliation this time
Is it working?
it will next tier yeah
Q: Rare Monster with Strange Ability and a Skull Icon on top of it

Jim ThioI am attacking a rare monster. When the monster is almost died I died. Then when I saw the monster again I saw a skull. THen my character is getting 2k damage per second out of nothing. No projectile, nothing. Then I died again and again and again. What the hell is that?

2:10 PM
"#1 guild on the realm" spends 5 hours in dragonsoul each week, we spend 1
@pixel Why are you going for humiliation in the first place? What happened to playing a game because it's fun?
@fbueckert we are playing for fun, otherwise we'd be playing 5 days/5 hours like before
we are all quitting the game after we finish this
Are there any games out catering to hardcore raiders atm?
What about SWTOR?
at least that is what I'm told
@Koviko very few games have 'raiding' in a similar manner to wow
SWTOR isn't hardcore enough
I remember a game I used to play called Perfect World. It had dungeon type things you had to do that reminded me of raiding in WoW.
Everyone had to do all of them
Like if you got to level 60, you'd have to do Molten Core or you couldn't advance your character
2:13 PM
@pixel Your goal isn't to have fun. Your goal is to humiliate other players. The side benefit for you is your ego boost so you can look down at other players. That, to me, means you're not someone I'd want to play with.
Generally, higher leveled players would assist you
@pixel I hope TSW is going to fill this spot. But right now no one knows right..?
@fbueckert I don't have an ego, I just turn up and mash buttons in a pattern corresponding to health loss
Apparently Wizards can be invincible in Diablo 3 right now
@Sterno again ?
2:14 PM
doesn't rift have a raiding scene?
@Sterno Yay, bugs!
@pixel I might just be hearing this late.
Sadly, the process was removed
People love to exploit anything that gives them an advantage. And then whine and moan when they get banned for exploiting bugs.
looks legit, like how the moderator edited it out
looks like blizzard getting spanked again
That's what happens when your Beta doesn't start until release.
2:17 PM
I'm so glad I uninstalled that bad game
@Koviko Hey man, those first 12 levels of gameplay were thoroughly tested!
@Sterno lol true dat
Ah, here it is:
Step 1: Select Teleport - Fracture. Bind it to a key
Step 2: Select Archon, tested with Improved Archon
Step 3: Hover your mouse over or near your charcter
Step 4: Press Teleport
Step 5: QUICKLY(!) Press Archon
The most alienating thing ever was that week before release where they just stopped letting us beta test
@Sterno Oh, so they're exploiting server lag.
2:18 PM
I was angry.
@Sterno that is just epic
Well, perhaps that will make them fix all the crazy de-sync issues. That gets annoying, fast.
@Kappei hai
2:36 PM
@Kappei runs
I kind of appreciate the fact that Diablo 3 built itself in such a way that I have very little desire to play it anymore. I kind of want to kill of Inferno Diablo, since that's the only boss I have left. Then I can be done forever!
@Sterno My goals are: Finish Act 3, Finish Act 4, and find a freaking legendary.
@fbueckert tags
Until I manage that, I suspect I'm going to continue playing it, on and off.
I'm glad I got it all done before 1.0.3
2:40 PM
@fbueckert ?
@fbueckert I've found 5 legendaries. Well, 2 different legendaries, but 3 of one of them and 2 of the other. All < ilvl60, but found in Inferno
@Kappei Seemed like the thing to do. You came in and said hi, I ran away. Proper logic train.
@fbueckert riiiiiiight...
backs up slowly
@Sterno I just hammered through most of Act 1 on Saturday; no legendary, no useful gear.
@Kappei I think you should be the one running now.
2:42 PM
Beyond a pretty sweet dagger for Barbarians.
@Kappei That's the proper response I'm looking for. I like my personal space! :P
@fbueckert nice
mmmh, time for me to go to sleep quite urgently
mini blackout is not good
is that ilvl 62 or 63?
@Sterno 63
@pixel goodnight!
2:49 PM
@pixel I wouldn't think so.
@PatrickStalder Im still at work for another 45 minutes :|
@pixel do you know "do not disturb" signs over the river?
@fbueckert Every time I find an ilvl 63 weapon, I get excited. And it turns out to suck.
@Sterno I got pretty lucky on the rolls for that thing. I'm hoping it'll fetch a pretty penny, which I can use to upgrade a bit more gear.
2:53 PM
Airports are so boring. :(
On the plus side, I've got about 500 essences to sell, which should net me at least another half million or so.
@LessPop_MoreFizz And when you're not bored, you're annoyed.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Sometimes things get lively if they give you a body cavity search.
Just act suspicious!
They took a sample of my hand sweat. Kinda creepy TBQH.
@LessPop_MoreFizz And this is why I'm glad I don't live in an area where the TSA has jurisdiction; their "security" is a complete joke.
3:01 PM
Mmmhmm, sounds positively Gattaca-esque. Though that's probably just testing for explosive residues and not DNA
3:13 PM
Q: How to farm rare enemies in Terraria?

SovietOnionSo i tried to find Doctor Bones, Tim, and The Groom but, none i have only found The Groom ONCE!! I have been playing terraria for quite a long time now but have not found Doctor Bones or Tim. The reason i really want to find them is because A- They are rare. B- They have rare vanity items. B- It ...

3:41 PM
A: How do get through Kolima Forest?

zackysunthat was such a good answer i love your youtube video by the way

@QAdley this is the third NOA he has left on that question.
@AshleyNunn Were the others commented?
@QAdley yep
@AshleyNunn Send him/her to the fiery pits of hell.
@AshleyNunn Third Not an answer on the same question? I agree with @QAdley. Burn him. He's not making an attempt to learn, but is just trolling.
3:47 PM
@fbueckert Someone who can't take the hint after two comments and deletions is unlikely to learn ever.
@QAdley Exactly
The thought process is, "Hey, my answer disappeared. Let's post it again!"
Rather than, "Huh, my answer disappeared. I wonder why."
Man, I need 10K so I can see deleted stuff.
@fbueckert Which is especially irritating when there are comments every time
People, upvote my answers!
@AshleyNunn Poster is unwilling to learn. Banhammer after three strikes, as he has conclusively proven his contributions do not help, and makes no attempt at improvement.
@fbueckert Yeaaaaah. I can't make those sorts of decisions, and Itend to be the type of person that believes the good n everyone no matter what, but this is getting a little silly
First time: Okay, new user, doesn't understand, try to educate him.
Second time: Another attempt, same thing, either didn't read or didn't care. Try again to educate him.
Third time: No more Mr. nice guy. Kill it with fire, as education attempts are a waste of time.
3:52 PM
@fbueckert I agree. Hambanner.
And by that metric, I'm much harder on established users than I am new users. I expect people who have been around awhile to understand how the site works.
Such as this question:
Q: Do timed buffs drain in paused games?

SeanDo buffs like Nephalem Valor, timed skills, and that of shrines deplete in paused solo games?

@fbueckert I know nothing about the game so I can't judge the question

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