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12:00 AM
So, the electrician installed the correct wire for my heat pump.
ok.....so a bunch of videos i am downloading are about Bethesda implementing a $100 Subscription for Fallout 76
the amount of hope i have that Fallout 76 is just a one off dumpster fire is waning
12:37 AM
12:54 AM
Q: What determines whether or not public events become heroic?

senpaiAm I gambling on RNG to transform any public event into heroic public events? There are some bounties requiring heroic public events on specific planets, and it's really been hit or miss to see when heroic public events happen. For instance, the Witches' Ritual on Mars is almost always non-heroic...

1:13 AM
uhh, did my nails black and white and completely screwed it up, it looks terrible
1:35 AM
Oh are we bringing bridge after dark back?
@GodEmperorDune isn't it always Bridge After Dark at this time?
like i assume it's After Dark for most at this hour
@Memor-X isn't it getting kinda light for you?
@Elise yeh it's kinda light *looks at midday sun*
has no clue how timezones work
everything is opposite in Australia, right?
@Elise more or less. it's going to be 31C in the city while elsewhere i assume it's going to be much cooler
(not that i'm too bothered by the heat, 30+ is nothing at the moment. i'm more worried for fires)
1:45 AM
1:55 AM
How's things been for everyone anyway?
2:09 AM
@Elise no, just upside down
2:26 AM
I've got a disability working group call tomorrow and it's going to be cool
2:56 AM
well, got my dysphoria dose, that's enough reddit for the night
what's everyone up to?
@Unionhawk like contract or support work?
@Elise playing with TFS and listening to videos
playing an old but new for me incremental
not sure if its been through the room before
@Memor-X tfs... sounds familiar 🤔
@GodEmperorDune what is it?
@Memor-X DSA stuff, talking about organizing and such
how to make our socialist spaces accessible physically etc
3:06 AM
@Elise Team Fountain Server, playing with the queries and widgets for the dahboard
@Memor-X oh, I must've heard of some other kind of TFS :P
@GodEmperorDune looks familiar, but also not really 🤔 gonna give it a go
@Elise the only other TFS i know of is TeamFourStar and i wouldn't be playing with them
@Unionhawk oh so it's more like training?
plotting, more like
3:33 AM
user image
3:56 AM
Q: How does Counterspying work with multiple spies?

CadenceIn Civilization 6, when you assign spies to counter-spying, you're prompted to choose which district (or city center) to assign them to. The spy then defends that district and any adjacent districts. You can have multiple spies in the same city, each assigned to a different district. What happen...

4:18 AM
Q: How to clear hostile mob drops only

Pillar144I have a set up to kill all hostile mobs the minute they spawn on my server, should I just always have a /clear kind of command running? Or is there an alternative way to make it so people can get stuff from mining and such?

4:59 AM
Q: Ultimate Skyrim crashes after character creation

RobCI create my character, name him, and the game freezes for about 10 seconds before completely crashing. Does anyone have any ideas on what I might've done wrong? Are there any error logs that would be helpful? Let me know where to find them and I'll post them.

Q: Food wont unload from rocket in Surviving Mars

Foraging_QuestionerI'm in Survivng Mars, (my first game btw) and my colonists are starving. This you would think that all my food would be gone but no. I still have 89 good in my rocket and nobody or nothing is going to unload it. I even gave food it's own storage depot. The rocket is in t the circle of my drone hu...

5:44 AM
@Elise for future ref
In server settings -> Members, you can pass on ownership
@Memor-X I'm so, so sorry for you
@Ave i take it your not as fan?
TFS gave me some trouble, yeah.
2 hours later…
8:01 AM
Q: Let a specific mob follows another mob

asaikorI was trying to make a horse following exactly 3 blocks behind the horse that i am riding on. I can do that by using teleport command and the new parameter ^^^ but the result suck as when i look up the horse behind me will float while it will sink into the ground when i look down. I was thinking ...

That's the official, 41 mile detour for a 60 foot sewage maintenance road closure all the way at the bottom there.
@Wrigglenite Funny thing is that they expect that most motorists will just take the residential road that's like 400 meters from the closure
8:25 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Elva
9:10 AM
root canal treatment #1: done
now we'll see in a week if I need one or two more
@GodEmperorDune that looks like fun, will try more when not at work
thankfully I have the best type of fear of dentists
Booo :(
which is "I won't scream or bite, just get it done asap so I can pay and leave and never have to return again"
thankfully, if we guessed it correctly then all my pain should be over
If not I'll either need one more canal or for this tooth to be removed. Or both!
9:26 AM
Yikes :(
1 hour later…
10:49 AM
@GodEmperorDune Nice selfie
11:03 AM
Q: What is the resolution order for items?

Shane Mc CormackThere has been a lot of discussion in games about the correct order that events are resolved in regards to items. Specifically, what is the precedence for Using an item, Having it stolen from you, Having it stolen by a killer, or Passing it to someone else? Hopefully this should then allow answ...

Q: Play (any) counterstrike on LAN

Zsolt SzilagyWe are a group of mid-thirties who didn't play since counterstrike 1.6 was a thing. Now we want to have a good old-fashioned lan party around counterstrike. What's nowadays the easiest way to get a counterstrike lan up and running? Do all those Steam-Counterstrikes offer LAN? Is the free to pla...

11:43 AM
Q: Q: in Werewolv.es in what order are multiple Djinn swaps resolved in?

Shane Mc CormackIn some games of Werewolv.es there can be multiple Djinn roles within a Coven faction. Sometimes in an attempt to increase confusion the Djinns will both end up having the same person as one of their targets (so that they get swapped twice), but it's not clear what order these swaps actually hap...

12:20 PM
@Wrigglenite Peace is just a between-war sandwich
@Wrigglenite Haha, these are always fun
12:44 PM
Q: Is there any post-mission advantage in killing enemy agents?

PiroIs there any after-mission advantage in killing enemy agent in mission? Does it matter if agent enemy agent is identified/exposed? Only thing that comes to my mind would be battle experience. To be specific, I am in early stages of game and I know that capturing enemy agents is useless for now...

Oh my god
So I got my airbnb and plane tickets for 36c3
and... turns out that the flight to Leipzig (where CCC is organized) is TK-1337
hmm... the desktop reader on google play books and the mobile reader disagree on what styles a p has
mobile gives it a top and bottom margin, desktop does not
2:00 PM
@Elva Man, everyone seems to be watching these all of a sudden.
It popped up in my RSS feed reader (boingboing? can't remember) with a link to reddit which linked the youtube video
I tend to remove the intermediate steps
I watched one of those videos like a month ago or something and then all of sudden, I'm seeing them posted everywhere.
Q: Skyrim how am I supposed to defeat an elder dragon

Justin Allan GreenOk I've encountered an elder dragon while at level 27 Breton no dragon armor,no dragon weapons,no wabberjack I'm overcumberd and no horse how am I supposed to escape alive and/or defeat an elder dragon Oh and I have only a dwarven sheild, armor, helmet and gauntlets and I have a orchish boots non...

@Lazers2.0 Repeated stabbing while not getting repeatedly stabbed and/or set on fire
@Elva That's the Monster Hunter equivalent of, "Git gud"
2:10 PM
I think it's valuable advice in lots of games! Dark souls? Stab enemies while not getting stabbed and/or set on fire. Skyrim, monster hunter, probably code vein? Same things!
@Elva Somehow, I think such an answer would get downvotes...
I mean, rightfully so... which is why I'm not posting it as an answer :p
@Lazers2.0 Going to have a hard time seeing how this isn't a dupe. Other than the answer being, "You need better gear".
2:27 PM
I think this is a "Help I'm in this situation, how do I not die?"
how do you play skyrim encumbered
@Elva Borderlands? Stab Shoot things without being stabbed shot.
@Unionhawk looks around with three dozen brooms sticking from her backpack I don't know what you're talking about
The slowdown is too much plus there's always the follower thing
where you could overencumber your follower freely but you had to add items by dropping them and then asking your follower to pick it up
@Unionhawk i am sworn to carry your burdens
2:43 PM
hands Yuuki the brooms
master has given dobby clothes wait no
Q: Minecraft 1.14.4 Realms /summon "Unable to summon entity"

MarsSome friends and I have been making a hide and seek map. I've been doing all of the commands for it. I've made a powerup, that when a hider drops a nether star, it freezes the Seeker and spawns an invisible giant holding a sword 70 blocks above the seeker. (the giant is called Grumm to make it up...

lmao discord's "API response time" chart has some average that appears to be the daily average
so it shows "76 ms" even though current is around 1000
there it goes hello discord welcome back
2:58 PM
@Yuuki Yuuuuuuuuus that one is so cute!
@Yuuki Is it just me, or does the jpeg compression make this bat even more cute?
Yeah probably does, makes it look like it's made of felt or something?
Which might not be different from how they actually look but
Bats generally don't have much fur on their wings
And I thought their fur was generally short and straight.
3:21 PM
I ran out of milk yesterday, and forgot to buy more. So breakfast today was a couple of pop tarts, and now I'm starving.
my TWP question from yesterday became a HNQ. getting a decent amount of free rep
seems like more questions from TWP become HNQ than any other site
and I'm one CV from it getting closed lol
Q: Can I switch colours?

AshI finished the Color Dungeon and picked the red mail so I could do more damage, but now I am wondering if I made the right choice. Can I go back and switch for the blue, to have more defense? Or am I stuck with my choice? If I go back, do I have to do the dungeon again? It was super hard, so I d...

@Lazers2.0 @Ash You did not make the wrong choice. The extra offensive power is OP, especially since dodging is relatively easy in this game.
So much so that I actually almost regret doing the Color Dungeon so early in my playthrough, it made the rest of the game really easy.
Hahaha well that's good then :D
Also everything takes two hits, so changing it to take 1 is extra useful
3:30 PM
I should finish zelda before luigi's mansion
Yeah I avoided the tunics in my hero mode playthrough because it's completely busted
It wasn't in the original game. It was added in the GBC version.
3:50 PM
@MBraedley yeah, non-straight hair would cause problems with aerodynamics
@Yuuki oh boy, that they do
(I'd throw a language warning on that)
agh two minutes
@Yuuki This is just...ouch. Bethesda should've known this would happen. But...like everything else about Fallout 76, nothing is competent.
Also, added a warning. Let me know if I should change it.
4:50 PM
@Yuuki I love it
5:22 PM
LOL @ Fallout 76
In other news, Outer Worlds releases tonight at 7pm EST
In other other news, the kid who beat up son yesterday is (probably) autistic and therefore not a lot is going to be done about it because reasons, which on one hand I kind of understand and on the other infuriates me
It also turns out he was beating on two other kids as well as my son in the same incident, including one girl he was choking
IF you can believe my 5 year old son, anyway. Which can be hard to do. not that I think he's lying, but he's 5. The school has yet to respond to me or give me any additional information.
That's so frustrating :(
5:38 PM
So Fallout 76 basically charges for a single-player mode.
@Sterno I can certainly understand taking something like autism into considering, but at the end of the day you need to ensure a safe environment for the kids. If this child prevents that, they need to do something.
So yeah, that's really frustrating. Sorry to hear.
@Sterno yeah it 's great
The Outer Worlds is coming out already?
Huh. That one looks really good. Fallouty
@GnomeSlice In like 5 hours or so
@Sterno I hope you saw the starred post by @Yuuki, a few messages up
@Wipqozn Yeah
5:40 PM
@Sterno yeah I should really buy that.
I've also heard it's available via Xbox Game Pass
If you'd rather rent than own
@Sterno It is. Cheaper to be sure.
Xbox Game Pass is even cheaper than Fallout 76 Premium
but that also seems more annoying
Fallout76 premium is obscenely expensive
5:42 PM
I already have an EGS account
"We've realized now, even though you told us before the game even came out, that no one wants an MMO-style Fallout experience. So now for just $13/month, you can play the game the way we should have initially given it to you!
Except crappier and with lag!
If you don't have another creator code to us during purchase, use LASSIZ4 and support a streamer I watch who could use the extra income
@Elva Good point
There are too many games
Or better yet, use code DRLUPO because he's donating it all to St Judes from now until December I think
5:47 PM
@Sterno Is this a thing you can do during EGS? What?
huh, okay. that's really cool.
@Wipqozn Yeah, they get like 5% of the sale or something
It started with the Fortnite item shop but came across to the EGS when they opened it
I think Lupo said it earned $5k for St Jude just counting last week.
@Wipqozn I used to like Bethesda
> List of issues from the article that have also been reported on the fallout 76 subreddit:

> The private worlds are not private or new. Users have reported loading these new worlds to find half of the stuff has been looted already and NPC's are dead suggesting these are re-used worlds.

> You cannot lock your private world so if somebody sees you are online and active they can just join your instance

> Multiple players are reporting that they have deposited hundreds of units of scrap in these new boxes, only to find that the box has eaten it. The scrap disappears from the instance, and c
How do you fuck up this badly?
Fallout 76 is the most entertaining game I've never played
5:56 PM
@Wrigglenite Definitely up there with Dwarf Fortress and EVE Online
Wow, even Bethesda's screw-ups are buggy.
> Players are not amused at the fact that they have now paid for the privilege of losing all of their materials
@Yuuki Here,t ake your star
I hope this drama goes on forever
so I guess this proves this isn't pay to win though. It's pay to lose.
6:23 PM
I played about 3 hours of Fallout 76
Probably still better than Bad Rats
6:47 PM
if real life was designed like league of legends, you would die every time you stepped on the white lines of zebra crossings, and everyone else would find it hilarious
Q: Need Pokemon go friends for some challenges

YeetMcgee9464 8911 3081. (Need to use some characters)

7:05 PM
Can I get a mod to clean up the comments on this post? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/359309/…
Usually the best way to bring attention to something like that is with a custom flag
oh my
@Wrigglenite can you flag comments?
I see it now. I was looking in the wrong spot for the flag. Thanks
7:08 PM
gl with that, mod team, lol
So I think most of you know I really like Fallout. But Jesus Christ Bethesda. Wrigglenite said it best "Fallout 76 is the most entertaining game I never played". Who the hell thought that Fallout 1st was a good idea?
That same CEO who complained that they didn't monetize Skyrim enough because it's everywhere now.
@PausePause also, if there are a ton on a single post, you can just use a custom mod flag on the post and ask for comment cleanup
There's an in-game challenge for playing F76 for 76 hours. I earned that. I "finished" the game by killing Scorchbeast Queen, hell I even bought stuff from the Atom shop. I really think the latest update to the game broke me. I don't know if I'm going to purchase another Bethesda game
@Dragonrage always learning new techniques. Thanks
@Dragonrage does that mean Is should retract the 13 comment flags?
7:23 PM
eh, they'll get handled either way
@PausePause eh, its probably fine to leave em. i think deleting the comment auto marks the flag on it as helpful?
I actually don't know if you can retract a comment flag
@Unionhawk you can
@PausePause You should try The Outer Worlds apparently. I heard it's essentially a space opera Fallout game, but without the bugs
it releases tomorrow, and it appears to be getting good reviews
I'm planning on it. It's rating between 75% and 90%, something like 82% on metacritic. I'm working from home tomorrow, so maybe I'll stay up and buy it tonight
But then again, I need to finish Borderlands 3, and I hear Rage 2 got an update a few weeks ago... You get the idea
7:34 PM
yeah my list of stuff upcoming and past is fairly long
finish link's awakening, get luigi's mansion, pokemon, outer wilds/worlds, control,
finish shadow of war, uninstall it to free 80gb or whatever
I am planning on getting MW for 100% sure, I'm just gonna wait to find it used because of Activision.
probably do none of the above things and play runescape all day instead,
Or Minecraft
I'm waiting for Atelier Ryza next week.
I got loads of games installed taht I still need to finish: battlefield 5, Battlefront 2, 3 CoD games,...
all games that take like a hundred GB
7:46 PM
I wish the gamecube controller adapter worked more reliably on my computer lol
I got it to work once, but I tried recently and it didn't work
8:11 PM
I always end up getting distracted by Rocket League. I'm not great, but I love the hockey mode... up to 322 hours so far
too many good games out these days
8:26 PM
Finally The Outer Wilds is downloading at a speed that's closer to what I pay for. 16 MB instead of 5
I only wish I noticed the download had crashed at 8 PM when I turned on the PC rather than at 10:30
8:51 PM
Q: What to install to enable to run RESIDENT EVIL Revelations 2 on my windows 7 pc?

Mary SantosThese are my pc specs. OS: Windows 7 64-bit CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00GHz RAM: 6gb GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 I already installed the updated ,directx,.NET FRAMEWORK and microsoft visuals c++, I don't know what to do next. First it kept saying that I dont have MSVCP100.dll or something li...

Lots of unique ideas, from what I can tell
Riot Games: Write that down! Write that down!!!
Not sure I like that Jail concept though.
"My comp's greatest weakness is Fridays."
I guess the idea is that you won't have "your comp"
And/or to try different combinations of available heroes for balance issues
I'm going to be trying it out
9:15 PM
That Duo mode looks pretty cool
I would love a duo mode in TFT. Right now it's annoying to play with friends because I often end up stepping on their toes by buying champs they want, and then they think I'm "doing it on purpose" when really I just want that sweet Demon synergy
I might try Underlords eventually, it looks interesting
Yeah, if there's a feature that TFT would poach, it'd probably be the duo mode.
9:52 PM
@Dragonrage @MageXy Oh snap, I need to change my pick'ems.
I forgot that Doinb has the marriage buff.
I'm trapped inside the woman's garden in UGG, do I need to reset the level?
She tied the fence back up and now there's no way back to the man's garden
@fredley That doesn't sound like something that would stop a goose as horrible as you
@fredley Head over to the other side of her garden.
@fredley There's a desk/cabinet that you can interact with closer to the house.
@MageXy Hmmm
Oh I see
I was not horrible enough to destroy it completely, how nice of me
10:19 PM
@fredley i see your problem is that you are not in the mindset of a goose. A gooses' mindset is destroy everything and everyone
@Dragonrage And throw the pint glass into the canal
British games best games
11:13 PM
Q: What choices impact the ending slide Evil-o-Meter?

A_S00I just finished my first playthrough of Frostpunk (choosing Order), and got the "you suck, you monster" ending. This surprised me, because although I wasn't specifically aiming at a particular ending (I played spoiler-free and didn't even know there were different endings until I finished), I'm ...

@fredley It's actually an Australian game, believe it or not. It's just set in an English village.
11:53 PM
Q: I Can't Here ANYONE in chat

patrick drake-minyardI can't speak to anybody at all! But I can speak to people on a regular multiplayer! But not on servers! I can speak in chat and it shows but the only thing showing is things like people joining the game and regular server announcements! Please help!

Q: How do you install mods on Star Ruler 2 linux gog version?

user239249How do you install mods on Star Ruler 2 linux gog version? I tried getting Rising Stars mod zip file. I made a directory called mods in the sr2 installation directory. I unzipped the Rising Stars zipfile in there. When i start Star Ruler 2 it says "0 Mod(s) Installed, 0 Mod(s) Enabled". Where s...

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