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7:00 PM
machines can typically cooperate while using different kernel versions
@Wrigglenite i see you have started handling red flags :)
@badp Which game?
@InvaderSkoodge I keep starting up my Switch to finally buy it and play it but then I get sidetracked by my other games.
@Wipqozn Side note, the third character in Slay The Spire is pretty fun.
10 mins ago, by Invader Skoodge
Octopath Traveler
7:01 PM
I had a deck where I had four Power cards that kept giving me extra cards and orbs.
@badp can turtles read?
@Yuuki oh man you should try making a custom game where you go endless + legacy mode + a bunch more mods
@Yuuki he is actually pretty broken
@Dragonrage I didn't even know there were different kinds of flags
@badp last time i played StS, i got to a point where i can literally endlessly continue
7:03 PM
Storm would give me a Lightning orb whenever I played a Power card, a card that gave me a zero-cost Power card, a Power card that gave me a free draw every turn, another Power card that gave me another free card every turn...
@badp the concept of livepatching kernels seems really fragile to me even though a ton of enterprise prod stuff are livepatched
@Dragonrage that custom game I've never actually finished, I was at depth 15 or so
@Wrigglenite red flags are the r/a, spam, etc. everything else are normal white flags
@badp i got to the point where i had over 600 cards, and i had 5 cards in my starting hand that would deal as much damage as i had cards, and they were all like 1 or 0 cost
> Vintage, Time Dilation, Flight, Endless, probably a couple more
Oh and I had Loop which was nice.
7:05 PM
ill start up the game sometime and see if i still have it saved. if so ill screen shot it
@Dragonrage I mean the game DOES have an endless mode where you get a bunch of blights to make each redo harder (the second row of modifiers in that screenshot)
im pretty sure i was in endless mode with the blights
i was just able to one shot everything every round because of the amount of cards i had
And also that one card that returned every 0-cost card in your discard pile to your hand.
7:07 PM
You guys were talking about Teamfight Tactics earlier, right? Valve's standalone Auto Chess game just released on App Store and Google Store
@Wrigglenite According to my friend who has played it, it sucks.
I saw a stream of that game and I was really surprised to see games go 40 minutes long
Yeah, games can go on for a while
that said the original autochess game will straight up send all of the PII it can to China so
7:08 PM
He says that LoL's is better than Valve's standalone but the original Dota 2 mod is better than both.
@Yuuki I've been having fun with it, a custom UI goes a long way IMO
custom UIs probably aren't happening on mobile...
As in, not using the mod's UI
why did you break embeds
7:10 PM
/r/frenworld got banned
today is a good day
@Ave it's always good to know that there's someone More Extremely Online than you are
should I google what that thing was about
yes I have a stallman.org style website
because I ended up having too many tags on discord
and couldn't maintain them all
I didn't even move them all yet
oh no I've been using the word "fren" :(
(and I also have a bunch of stuff res-saved on reddit that I still need to move)
I guess I'm gonna have to use some other corruption of the word
7:12 PM
Oh, it's out on Steam as well
@badp a friend of mine elsenet uses "fronts"
sad server
(I'm compiling python3.7.3 on prod, while archiving a couple links, which requires a headless chromium instance)
@Ave I don't know3 what this is and I am glad I don't
I'm happy that it's gone now.
@Ash white supremacist stuff
7:16 PM
@Ave Great, more people ruining more "words".
@ToxicFrog when in doubt, I tend to assume that
honestly I don't know what the correct approach is
ignoring its hateful use and not giving up on it while risking being mistaken for a hateful person, or giving up on it and not being mistaken for a hateful person
some things are just too soiled to redeem
other things they've tried to soil but kinda failed
yeah, but "fren"? ok hand? clowns?
I mean
it's a judgement call thing right?
there's no right answer
7:18 PM
@Ave I refuse to believe it was ever real and am not accepting corrections on this
@Unionhawk it was never real, it never existed
@Unionhawk it's okay you're permawrong after all
I mean
in other news
@Ave Oh nice! That is fantastic to hear
7:21 PM
I was just browsing /r/imsorryjon moments ago
@SaintWacko ikr, we're actually having a bit of a celebration over at the communities I hang out in
@Ave I still choose to believe that says "YOU ARE NOT TO PROPAGATE"
@AlexMyers that's the best subreddit
... I think this remix is just the song played at 1.5x speed.
wanting to use words when they're no longer cool is kind of the same thought pattern as "I've always called people r-s, why should I stop now, it's clear to everyone that I don't actually mean people with development deficiencies"
7:22 PM
Someone got a paycheck for this?
@AlexMyers That subreddit has exploded recently
there are things that AFAICT the alt-right tried and failed to spoil, like in-season "happy Hanukkah"
who knows maybe they'll try and ruin OwO next
@badp To be fair, OwO kinda ruined itself.
not in the same way
big difference between annoying or shitty memes and spoiled memes
7:26 PM
honestly I wish i had enough time to actually keep an eye on rw circles
meme started shitty then got spoiled
@Ave why would you do that to yourself though?
@badp to be safe, to be "in the know".
doesn't mean you need to be in the front lines
actually being in the front lines sounds like the opposite of being safe
I (obviously) wouldn't go under an identity that could be traced back to me
still, don't forget to be kind to yourself and take the time to disconnect
7:31 PM
I also need to read more theory
and need to find time to go through my todos
and need to find time to actually finish my million half-done blog posts
@Ave pretty small cup
@dly i have big hands
@badp permanently in third place
Except for on the nitw leaderboard
And the donut county leaderboard
Someone remind me that arguing with TERFs isn't gonna get me anywhere.
switch, psp, dsl, n3ds for comparison
7:46 PM
Hmm... Play-Ins and Group stage will be in Berlin.
and as a person with big hands: no, the joycons aren't made for people with "baby hands", they're fairly comfortable
@Ash Well, arguing with TERFs is not, to my knowledge, a valid mode of transportation.
You're better off just taking the bus.
@Unionhawk did you end third in the election?
@Yuuki you have a valid point!
oh yes you did
1st: Wrigglenite
2nd: Frank
3rd: Unionhawk
4th: Dragonrage
5th: dly
6th: Gigazelle
7th: FoxMcCloud
8th: iVhagar
7:54 PM
@dly cool
the big one holds 2 liters
so you pour from the big cup into the medium cup into the small cup into your mouth?
indeed.. no more walking to the kitchen every few minutes
I... just have a glass bottle that I "stole" from one of the interview rooms
7:57 PM
@badp might possibly change if you run the election with more seats though
@Dragonrage that is exactly what I did to get those rankings
@badp nope, I'm using one of these depending on how much time I have to spend sitting at the desk.. so mostly the medium one, because I have to go talk to other people a lot
if you only want one winner that's Wrigglenite; if you want two, you also get Frank; and so on
oh, how did you do that. where is the option to change the amount of seats?
download the ballot
download and install the software
don't forget to set it to meek STV
7:58 PM
you used to just be able to run the election again but change the amount of seats on the site
now its way too many steps :(
the software still supports it
it's really not that bad gfycat.com/ThreadbareCraftyArcherfish
anyway I just run the numbers for you so you don't have to
wasnt there an option to do it on the opavote site before?
SE is possibly the only place where you can still get this software; the people who made it have switched to that pay-as-you-go website model thing
@badp Did you try running it with 12 slots?
8:02 PM
more slots than candidates?
@Yuuki am I in 12th place? because there are only 9 candidates so the winner count will only go up to 8
i still find it interesting that even with the 2nd most cumulative votes (1st + 2nd + 3rd) i rank as 4th
Seems like it'd be a fun thing to try.
 R|Unionhawk      |Dragonrage     |Frank          |Gigazelle      |FoxMcCloud     |dly
  |Wrigglenite    |iVhagar        |The Mattbat999 |Exhausted      |Surplus        |Threshold
 1|      95.000000|      74.000000|     110.000000|      28.000000|      22.000000|      34.000000
  |     201.000000|      16.000000|       9.000000|       0.000000|      53.749999|     147.250001
@Dragonrage Something something popular vote?
8:04 PM
These are the logs
Unionhawk started with more 1st choices
and that's what decided it really
@Dragonrage cumulative means nothing in meek stv.. the order goes first
i had the 4th most 1st choices, and most of my votes were second choices, but i was almost always second to someone who had more 1st choices, so most of those votes never counted for me
I had no idea the behind-the-scenes of the SE voting process was so complex.
election winners only keep just enough of each vote that they need to stay winners
8:06 PM
You thought packed seats were bad?
(so to stay above the Threshold)
and of those who voted for elected or eliminated candidates get their share of what has (not) been used into the next choice
so e.g. Wrigglenite held onto 63.9656% of his votes and the remaining 36.0344% went to each ballot's next choice
there's probably complications around corner cases like "someone only pick a single preference"
Yeah, that reminds me, how are second choice votes split? According to the actual ratio of second choices for that candidate's votes?
8:09 PM
what advantages are there to using meek stv with only 3 votes, vs something like coombs method and ranking all candidates?
if you spent 60% of your first choice (threshold) you get your vote counted with 0.4 of 1
@Dragonrage they specifically didn't want to make voting that complicated
you COULD run Meek and rank all nine candidates
but they only let you pick three candidates to make things easier I suppose
that said second choices do matter when a candidate wins by a landslide. IIRC I got elected on second votes :P
there's no need to run it with 9 choices.. you will hardly ever get far enough with only 2-3 seats
Grace just crushed it
 R|juan           |badp           |Grace Note     |FAE            |Ivo Flipse     |C. Ross
  |Kevin Yap      |Mad Scientist  |Exhausted      |Surplus        |Threshold
 1|      11.000000|      26.000000|      62.000000|       4.000000|       3.000000|       5.000000
  |       0.000000|       2.000000|       0.000000|      33.749999|      28.250001
okay that's not quite how I remember it
meek stv also goes by instant run off, so whoever has the least first choices gets eliminated, vs other methods which eliminate whoever has the most last choices
8:14 PM
I don't think that's necessarily true
 R|Unionhawk      |Dragonrage     |Frank          |Gigazelle      |FoxMcCloud     |dly
  |Wrigglenite    |iVhagar        |The Mattbat999 |Exhausted      |Surplus        |Threshold
 1|      95.000000|      74.000000|     110.000000|      28.000000|      22.000000|      34.000000
  |     201.000000|      16.000000|       9.000000|       0.000000|       0.000000|     294.500001
these are the logs of the 1-winner run
it wasn't simply "who has most first choices"
oh whoops I misread your message
your statement gets then disproven by the other logs where the algorithm picks a winner and redistributes votes before eliminating anyone
In the 2011 elections where I won the algorithm actually immediately picks two winners...
so the first elimination happens on the basis of first, second and third choices
that said, this is a way to run an election that got me elected so obviously that makes me like it a bit more than alternatives maybe :P
if the votes are transferred, i believe they then count as "first" votes for the person who it was transferred to
i believe coombs method uses the second way i mentioned. try running the votes using it
@Dragonrage well, then we're using the same words to mean different things ;)
btw @Frank running vanity searches in rooms that don't exist is obviously strictly illegal :P
today is the only day you can take fall for this starbait folks
literally the only day ever
@badp does coombs method change who your election elected?
8:40 PM
I suspect most election methods will produce roughly the same outcome in most cases
Like I said, that method probably doesn't make sense for a pick 3
My bottom choice did not appear on my ballot
I should really figure out how to build an opavote type system tbh because like, we're going to need online voting and I'd rather not have to pay for it lol
Like $30 per election is a lot when you have 3 elections minimum
(it might be $20 idk)
But loomio is $99 per month so I might recommend opavote next time
Rather than a 1 month loomio
Since it has more clear bounce indications (the system failed to send out a handful of ballots in time)
plus we can pick from several methods instead of defaulting to "first choice is worth n votes, second is n-1, etc"
y'all are wild
Is there a case where this is expected?
Fun fact: when someone wanted to ask the FCC about Ajit Pai's giant Reese's mug, they accused them of trying to file a FOIA request with false information, then charged them over 200 USD
8:58 PM
Q: How many bookcases do you need to get a fortune enchantment (in minecraft)?

Ilikebacon38I've been trying to get a fortune enchantment for a while and I made plenty of bookshelves and it hasn't been enough.

Q: Download the PS4 game only once

SonicWe have two PS4's in the house and we basically download and play the same games. Is there a way that one can download the game and then have the game transferred via the local network to the other PS? Reason I'm asking is because our internet is not the fastest especially when it has to be downl...

Q: Nintendo DS game identification

StormyTunaI have faint memories of a DS game from a while ago. So main gameplay is you dueling another character with magic. A centre bubble shows your mana, you use the stylus to draw a rune to cast a spell. Spells travel round the mana bubble towards your opponent (your dude on the bottom, enemy on the t...

9:11 PM
@Lazers2.0 i cant even vote to delete :(
It's not too big of a deal for those, roomba will clean them up
@Dragonrage yeah you can?
Oh you're out of votes
no I can't either
9:15 PM
20k gets delete votes on closed -3 questions right away
And on -1 when 10ks do (like 2 days or whatever)
Or something like that
I need to post more questions
@Unionhawk yeah, ive been having to recommend deletion in the review queues instead of voting to delete
@Unionhawk Yeah, 'cause we're awesome
Oh, hey, I'm actually pretty close to getting site analytics access
@Dragonrage votes refresh in like 3 hours probably
I don't think I've ever used all mine
Maybe like once but there's need to be a lot in the low quality queue and also I reviewed the 10k tools that day for the first time in a while
@Yuuki I'm too lazy to reply to your message on mobile, but yes, Defect is a lot of fun.
10:17 PM
writing CVs in markdown is surprisingly not as horrible as I expected it to be
Q: I cant build new residential building - simscity buildit

Decoding SequenceAfter I destroy an old building, I can't build a new residential building, Parisian building, or London building. Any information for this issue?

Road Redemption is HARD!
what the heck happened to SO?
@Dragonrage ?
Top bar is gone if you aren’t logged in
10:33 PM
there is one for me
fun fact: sky go app closes your movie when opening snipping tool for "movie capture software detected"
@dly lol
does it use widevine?
if not that's completely useless
@Ave the browser app did (they shut that one down).. not sure what the windows 10 app uses
@dly it very likely does
you could easily bypass the browser's restriction though
the browser app was likely l3 and app is likely l2/l1
if it is, then yeah, IG it makes sense
10:45 PM
I'm pretty sure they still use it, yes
but I'm not 100% sure
browser app was easy.. just use google chrome and use its own cast functionality
and the win 10 app doesn't lock out the windows built-in streaming, so that works too
so its just stupid what they do shrugs
and a SWITCH PORT!!!!!!
@Ash yep, that too. though i have it on PS3 so getting it for another console isn't a must for me unless they add new content/improve the ally AI
honestly your allies are bloody useless and most of the time in boss battles i'm fighting alone
See, I never had a PS3 so its exciting to me :P
I dont have a switch, so the PC port might become useful :P
Allies usefulness aside it's a great game and while Studio Ghibli only did the graphics you really get the feeling that it's a plot is something that Ghibli would have worked on too
11:11 PM
@dly it doesnt have the hamburger menu to go to other sites from
@Dragonrage oh that one.. always thought you need to be logged in to access that, but you're right
arqade still has it, so doesn't
yeah, they replaced it with a useless bar that says products, customers, and use cases on it now
milk the money cow.. just like the new ads stuff
but funny how I get job ads that aint even close to was I actually do :D
I like how to remind you that you probably suck at crypto, the implementation of crypto primitives in browsers is called SubtleCrypto and is available only under crypto.subtle
Q: What does the harpoon do? How to use it?

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11:18 PM
@dly just install ublock origin
ads begone
@Dragonrage I have that, but the screenshot is from a different browser with no addons, because I was too lazy to log out and back in. I'm using Edge only for testing things, but still pretty interesting how they generate those ads
11:31 PM
EA's Kerry Hipkins: "We don't call them loot boxes... we call Them 'Surprise Mechanics'" *faceplam into a tree so hard that it breaks the sound barrier*
I need to try and get back into posting more on the site
questions and answers
My games are all too obscure to generate any traffic though
Even still
@GnomeSlice that's my problem a lot of the time
I am like "I could ask but no one will know the answer"
Q: Is it possible to reach the center of Giant's Deep?

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Should we update this to match the new game? It's mostly the same but I think there's an extra step and the graphics are all different...
It would be a pretty big change
even with adblock, i still get job ads when i am on my profile e.e
this is why i normally dont browse SO while logged in
because of job ads?
11:48 PM
she's also comparing 'Surprise Mechanics' to going into Target and buying surprise toys because everyone loves surprises
what is buying a surprise toy?
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