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12:07 AM
Anyone playing Risk of Rain 2 tonight
@Volrix Might be a few. We do have a minecraft chat as well, although it's not very active.

 Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. Warning: Exposure may cause insanity and...
Might find some like minded folks in there too if you start posting.
I don't think I've played Minecraft since it last beta ALL THOSE YEARS AGO.
Q: Cannot cremate corpses: "Cannot haul *. No empty, accessible spot"

CarcigenicateI built a crematorium, but I'm unable to have my guys cremate any corpses. When I right click on a corpse with a capable colonist, I get a message Cannot haul NAME (no empty, accessible spot configured to store it) Searching around, most people who have this issue were forgetting to allow a...

1:10 AM
Q: Good ways to improve rep without asking and answering questions?

VolrixI am new to this account as I lost my login to both my old account and its email. I am trying to get back to the level I was before, and get back to my old privileges, but I need questions or to give answers, both of which are slow right now. Are there any ways I can get rep from doing things oth...

hello, how are things?
i think i figured out my black screen problem
initially i had only experienced this issue in guild wars 2
but one day, it started to occur in world of warcraft, which made to stop and think that perhaps i was wrong, because i always thought it was a problem with guild wars 2, so after that, searched around a bit and found that someone was describing the issue and a way to fix it
what they did was to underclock the gpu
the reasoning behind that is that the gpu people overclock it a little bit when they release new drivers and usually the gpu is already overlclocked by the vendor, so it dies when overclocked too much
so the solution is the lower the clock
well, i tried it and it seems to work
1:25 AM
No, the solution is probably less heat, which reducing the clock speed accomplishes
hmmm, maybe
heat might be the thing
No maybe about it.
you know what you talk about, i do not
as i was saying, i reduced the clock and the black screen went away
i will leave it at that
memory clock that is
i wont go into the details of how i did that
You should probably get a can of compressed air and blow out the dust inside your computer
that's a good idea, i haven't hoovered in there for years
1:32 AM
@SepiaLazers So...in a question ban, I guess?
i was actually thinking of building a new one, but perhaps i could just give it a clean and put some new thermal paste on the cpu
it's old though
i mean 2012 or so, i think
gtx 690
Don't bother putting new thermal paste on unless you're changing the heat sink.
You have a better chance of making things worse.
hmmm heat sink, thats the thing that takes the heat off right, i had a noctua thing it was big and noisy, but then i put 32gb in and had to use the stock cooler
can't remember when that was
i wonder how many years these things last
Heat sinks? Effectively forever
had 16gb previously
1:36 AM
@Frank no, sounds like different accounts entirely, based on my reading
@Robotnik Im pretty sure I couldn't ask questions any more cuz people didn't read one of mine through and I couldn't fix it anyway so... I guess this is good! — Volrix 2 hours ago
That reads like a question ban to me.
i defeated jaina
she lives
i need to learn the mechanics for crucible of storms
but i'm the learn by doing kind of person
and i haven't done it yet
the guild i play with cleared it on normal first try while i was not there
so what can i do?
now that they've done it i feel naked, like i cannot do it alone
2:17 AM
Well, that wasn't bad
I made something that, for want of a better term, I'm calling pesto
@Frank on the account they lost, yeah
@user7237069 I'm sure they'll do it again
@SaintWacko now I am curious what it involved
And if the guild's any good, they'll understand that you haven't done it before and help you learn it
@Ash I mean, for the most part it was a normal pesto recipe, although with super fresh basil. As in I picked the leaves and dropped them in the food processor
But I didn't have any pine nuts
i hope so, once we got jaina heroic attendance dropped off rapidly, i was up for it but no one else was
2:19 AM
@SaintWacko I've subbed in stuff like walnuts and such instead with decent results
Or many nuts in general
i wanted to do mythic
So I used some salted, roasted almonds
but i understand, it's hard and getting a group of people to do what they need to do is not easy
It tasted different, for sure, but it wasn't half bad
2:21 AM
i admire the raid leader
he's a great guy
@SaintWacko yeah, that would change it but I can see it still working alright.
i'll get back into it for 8.2 i guess
i just hope they dont faction change again
2 hours later…
4:16 AM
just wanting to confirm, with GPUs in general the temperature to look out for is when it's going 85-90 C correct?
4:51 AM
Q: Minecraft Server Resource Park Won't Change

kyle wongI am making an SCP Resource pack only for sounds. To do it, I added more sounds over time. I uploaded a version of the pack with two sound effects to dropbox, and set the dl=1, and the server was able to use those two sounds. However, I later added three more on my own computer, and updated the s...

1 hour later…
5:57 AM
oh dear, may day is coming soon
might go to the events for once
it was always, idk, demonized to me
never even thought of going to them before
6:10 AM
Q: I got stuck in ruby

user230620So I was going to beat flannery and I was at the mountain where aqua runs magma out. After I talked to the scientist I left the mountain and went down a one way edge. However I don't think I can get back since Briney(the boat captain) is not at his cabin. Also the edge made me go all the way back...

@Ave why are you think about going to them now?
6:25 AM
good: I'm on staycation
bad: I woke up at 7am anyway
Q: War thunder, Any Render distance tweak for ground targets?

Digvijaysinh GohilI have been playing war thunder for quite sometimes now, and when playing Air simulator battles, I have a tough time spotting enemy ground units, like they render only at 800m - 1km distances. I am playing on movies settings except the SSAO, it is set to off. So my question is, is it possible t...

7:08 AM
Q: Minecraft World issue

CaniffeOn my server i set the starting world as the same name as a world already made thinking if would just change the starting world. But for some reason when i go into the world its all gone, my staff team and i worked really hard on this. Anybody know an answer? I have tried, viewing both the worl...

7:20 AM
@Memor-X because my views align with some of the organizations behind them
7:59 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
@Kevin morning
8:46 AM
Q: Alternative to The Witness without first person element

Montgomery 'monty' JonesMy partner is really into puzzles (sudoku, crosswords etc) but comes from a background where computers, games consoles and the like have never featured. I introduced her to The Witness yesterday as something we could play together and she loved it. In particular she liked the way the games chai...

1 hour later…
9:46 AM
@badp rekt by your own body clock
@badp I woke up before 6 on monday and around 7 on tuesday. Today when I needed to go back to work I woke up at 830 ish ><
10:05 AM
Q: Move camera with arrow keys in C&C Generals: Zero Hour

Marco FrostI own C&C Generals and C&C Generals: Zero Hour through Origin. It is totally possible to move the camera with the keyboard's arrow keys in standard Generals but not in Zero Hour. In Zero Hour the arrow keys are used to cycle through your units. Is there any way, I can change that behaviour to...

10:48 AM
Morning @Kevin
I will watch Avengers on saturday, so until then, no more browsing StackExchange and avoiding Facebook at max
11:11 AM
@Moacir i'm already ignoring Movie Reel in The Screening Room (Movies & TV Main Chat) and avoiding the main site myself until Sunday when i go see it
@Memor-X I usually watch on launch day, but there were circumstances that didn't allow this time
Also, I think it releases in Brazil earlier than in US
I've already read an article on the Guardian and the Wikipedia plot summary. I'm most likely not going to watch it in the cinema, and I honestly am weirdly enough someone who goes out of their way to find spoilers
11:37 AM
@Moacir our launch day was a work day for me and the only Gold Class screening outside work hours would finish late into the night and didn't want to drive at night through an area known for Kangaroos jumping out onto the road
Q: Rocket League rank stuck XBOX

VolrixI have been playing Rocket League for a couple of years, and have improved my overall performance. I play ranked doubles and standard, but my rank is always the same: Silver II. I played on my friend's account and realized I was winning ~50% of the time against Platinum III and Diamond I players....

11:52 AM
@Memor-X Heh. I'm waiting until May long.
It's going to be fun trying to avoid spoilers.
@Frank if it was a hit film and i was going to wait that long i would have given up
Q: Is it possible to make a delay for leaving servers in Minecraft for a server? (to stop people from leaving to avoid death)

UnicornsOnLSDThere are people on my Minecraft server who get attacked and leave to avoid death. I was wondering if it is possible to make leaving the game delayed. If someone clicks leave game, they have to wait/stay in the game world for a certain amount of time before actually disappearing. Is this possibl...

Q: Lights out solution

yolopvp1i try to solve a 6x6 ligts out game where are in the top line 4 lights on and the rest of the field is out. how can I solve it ? sry for the bad english

@Frank Are you going to camp in a remote area without internet?
Because I think it would not be possible otherwise
I already fear that some dumb friend comments something about the movie on a group that I am part of
Changing subject a bit, are there any excel wizards here?
@Moacir Maybe I can help
@Moacir I still haven't bought tickets and I'm wondering how booked it'll be.
12:08 PM
@Nzall I have two sheets. One with 17k lines and another with 5k lines. The 17k has an info like "Starting Zip Code" and "Ending Zip Code" (Like, from 1 - 100, then from 200 - 500, then 110 - 120, not ordered), and on the 5k I have the zip code that I need to match and return me the info of that zipcode. For now, I am checking every line on the 5k on all lines of the 17k (Like... 85 million checks), and I wonder if there is a more efficient way to do it
To be fair, it is already faster than the current way people are checking (Which is manual), but it bothers me that I could easily do this with a SELECT if it was a Database
@Moacir Hmm. Are there any ranges that overlap? And are you not allowed to order the sheet?
@Yuuki I bought around 3 weeks prior, and it was already pretty full
@Nzall No overlapping ranges, and while I can order the sheet, I am not going to be the one using it, so I need to make the least user interaction possible. The information comes from our postal service provider, so I want to keep their formatting, for future updating
@Moacir If you can order the range, that would greatly simplify things, because then you could use Vlookup with approximation on
You would essentially do a vlookup on the ending zip code value (assuming it's fully numeric) and return the columns to the right
@Moacir I mean, I'm definitely not seeing it this weekend.
Hopefully, this means the zoo will be relatively empty on Sunday though.
I had a lot of fun last week so I'm thinking I might go again.
@Nzall I would probably need MATCH because the info is to the left, but yea, I can only think of ordering it. Maybe I store it on an array or something
@Yuuki The last time I went to the zoo it was a long time ago, and a monkey stole someone's beer and got drunk
12:17 PM
@Moacir That's fantastic.
@Moacir okay, that sounds like a fun zoo trip
Well, I just started my day by spilling my coffee over my desk and onto my lap. Happy Thursday everyone.
I should play Anthem this weekend.
I can avoid spoilers because Bioware didn't implement text chat.
@Yuuki You can also play a singleplayer game
And Forager
12:27 PM
Though considering half the Anthem playerbase has quit and 1/4 is considering to quit, I don't think there's really that big of a difference these days
Everyone should play Forager
Steamworld Quest released today. Probably the only thing that'll make me take a break from slay the spire.
12:43 PM
The thing I don't like about installing the imgur app is that automatically associates itself with all imgur links so they launch the app when I try to view the link.
And it doesn't seem like I can disable it.
you should be able to?
on android
Looked through Chrome and Imgur settings, couldn't find anything.
The solution would be uninstall the app
I play an Idle game on my phone called Sushi Bar
But then I can't upload pictures of chicken and black bean soup.
12:51 PM
@badp (which is in Settings->Apps->Imgur->Advanced->Open by default)
from the app switcher, long press the icon, go into details, then more settings, then defaults
(or, yeah)
It has those "Watch an Ad for double income" or "Watch an ad for a sumo wrestler to come and eat everything", which is fine. But if it detects you have an ad available and you do not watch it, it forces you to watch when you interact with anything, which is less fine, but it is a shorter version of the ad
12:53 PM
I assume you told it to always use imgur at some point, and now it's remembered that setting forever
goddamn power users opting out of Experiences™
through uninstalls
why can't you enjoy the Experiences™
Then it had an update, and it had a "VIP MEMBERSHIP" which I thought "Hey, maybe is one of those pay once double forever ads off"
we worked so hard to provide you with our Experiences™
12:54 PM
Nope. It is a 33 Reais($5 I guess) to disable ads, get free interactions, double money gain, per WEEK
meanwhile, in Professional League of Legends Topical Questions
how does a cat hide into a person
Instant uninstall for me
@badp No idea. How?
I don't know
we'd need a Professional League of Legends Topical Questions sort of person to solve this riddle, and all we've got is @Unionhawk
@Unionhawk, how does a cat hide inside a person
I know in Dota, Rikimaru can hide in pockets
is this a riddle
12:57 PM
@badp ... Nidalee?
@Yuuki yuumi
I think that should answer your question
There's Inklings in League?
of course this could very much all be a troll
That's adorable.
12:59 PM
Wow, that's a really safe support pick.
You can play aggressively and then just dash back to untargetability.
@badp are you sure you're talking about league of legends and not nioh
doesn't sound compelling when you can be sona and constantly buff your entire team non-stop
Sona is very squishy and her only peel is her ult.
Her weakness is hard engage.
Granted, it's not like this champ has the CC to stop or avoid hard engage either.
it's probably gonna be even squishier given this dashing ability
I wonder how Yuumi and Vladimir would work.
1:05 PM
just reading the ability list of vladimir's gives me anxiety
Does it help to know that his scalings are ridiculous?
His lategame is monstrous and he stays tanky because he gets health from ability power and ability power from health.
@Moacir eeeergh no thank you
@Kevin I hadn't seen that and it was awesome and he was very wonderfully curious
@Ash I dunno why people have to be this greedy :/
Q: Is my gaming pc good enough?

Jayden van borkuloI want to buy a gaming pc with the budget of $750. i found someone who wants to build it for me , but Some parts are second hand. ( i have put behind everything if its new or not) these are the specs Cpu :AMD ryzen 5 1600 3,2 GHz new Motherboard : Asus PRIME X470-PRO new Storage: Corsair Ven...

Q: The Afterglow app won't recognize my controller

Captain SwertI recently got a wired Xbox one afterglow controller. It work fine until i plugged my headset in and it wouldn't let me change my headset settings. So I get the app and when I open it, it says that I'm not using an Afterglow controller even though its the only thing plugged in. DoI need to get A ...

1:30 PM
@Ash There's a new soundtrack added to Warframe that I want to link to you but the comments are all super-spoilery.
Even the title's a bit spoilery.
There are no spoiler tags in chat, right?
rot13 is a decent solution, or a dedicated spoiler room, but there isn't something built in to chat
I think rot13 would not work because as soon as @Ash opens the link, youtube will give them the spoilers
The only workaround I could think would upload the soundtrack somewhere else in a non spoilery way
1:38 PM
@Yuuki I am unlikely to play it so I'm not too worried also you underestimate my ability to remember stuff especially right now :p
(aka go ahead and link it)
Q: How to play only the audio of a Youtube video using HTML 5?

user979830Is it possible to play only the audio from a YouTube video using HTML 5 and Javascript?

I guess a project could be created on github, where the link is changed with pull requests or something like that
There's a particular piece of dialogue that plays during this song and it's really moving.
@Yuuki I really like this. Warframe is good at evoking feels.
1:42 PM
> We had created monsters [Warframes] we couldn't control. We drugged them, tortured them, eviscerated them. We brutalized their minds, but it did not work. Until they came. And it was not their force of will, not their void devilry, not their alien darkness, 'twas something else. It was that somehow, from within the derelict horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly, broken thing... and take away its pain.
The new Minecraft version has already impressed me. Create a new world, wandered over to a village and it wasn't half stuck in a mountain or ravine. Thumbs up.
@JasonBerkan there's already full mod packs for 1.14, too
That's fantastic, even though I only play vanilla.
rpg logic
half-villain: "by the way the real villain kidnapped my brothers"
good bois: "cool story"
real villain lackeys: (being overheard) "man this would be a really bad time to be sneak attacked"
good bois: "hey this is a good sneak attack opportunity"
good bois: "we could be saving those brothers"
good bois: "we should go all the way back to the base and tell half-villain all about it"
1:53 PM
@moonheart08 well, 'full', it's no forge
Fabric is certainly competitive against forge
especially "developer's sanity" wise
Q: Do ships get progressively harder in rebel-controlled areas in the same Sector?

senpaiJust curious after actually getting a really nice combo'd ship that could decimate fleets without being touched -- I'm honestly curious if chilling inside rebel-controlled nodes will scale enemies constantly? Say you are in Sector 3, where enemies are more likely to have 1-2 shields and missile/...

Q: Is my pc good enough for gaming

JaydenI want to buy a gaming pc with the budget of $750. i found someone who wants to build it for me , but Some parts are second hand. ( i have put behind everything if its new or not) these are the specs Cpu :AMD ryzen 5 1600 3,2 GHz new Motherboard : Asus PRIME X470-PRO new Storage: Corsair Ven...

2:38 PM
Q: (Java Minecraft 1.13) What is the max and min elytra glide speed with rockets?

Nik3141I'm planning on creating an item which when held in the off hand while flying gives the player a constant velocity, like a rocket but passive. To know what I need to multiply the players Motion[], by, I need to know approximately what the max flying speed with the rocket is. I checked the wiki bu...

3:27 PM
way funnier than like, United States v. Approximately 64 Dogs
United States v. Article Consisting of 50,000 Cardboard Boxes More or Less, Each Containing One Pair of Clacker Balls, 413 F. Supp. 1281 (D. Wisc. 1976), is a 1976 United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin decision regarding a requested order from the United States government to seize and destroy a shipment of approximately 50,000 sets of clacker balls under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act because children could hit themselves with the balls.The form of the styling of this case — the defendant being an object, rather than a legal person — is because this is a j...
@MadScientist Yeah, that wins
3:56 PM
Q: How to appoint a minister in Mount and Blade with fire and sword

user230646How to appoint a minister in M&B with fire and sword? I'm unable to find any option or menu regarding the same in the game.

@MadScientist it's really the order that makes One 1958 Plymouth Sedan better to me. There are a lot of United States v Object
clack clack clack
4:15 PM
Q: I cannot invite friends to my mindcraft realm that are using an iPad

Don HarrisI have purchased Mindcraft Java Edition for my Dell PC. I also purchased a monthy renewable subscription to Mindcraft Realms for up to 10 players. Lastly, I setup a Microsoft XBox Live account which I understood is necessary to invite other players using other platforms/devices. My grandson has ...

get out of my head, damnit. It's not a sandbox!
@Unionhawk I wonder how the lawyers feel about defending 50 000 clacker balls
As long as they get paid, they'll defend anyone.
I assume it was a corporate lawyer representing the company whose product the United States intended to destroy
4:46 PM
I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a lawyer. Objects don't have the right to representation.
Oh wait, there's a claimant.
Poor Pinocchio. Not only is he not a real boy, he's also not entitled to representation
@PrivatePansy Really, that's why he wants to be a real boy.
@Yuuki Will you be a customer?
He can't make much progress with his adoption case without legal representation.
@MBraedley I don't think I live within 4 miles of a Kroger.
@Yuuki Well you'll just have to move in order to report back to us.
4:52 PM
I would be surprised that they're going forward this considering there's not much on the (legal) books regarding autonomous vehicles, but then again this is Texas.
And specifically Houston. It wouldn't be the most dangerous thing on the roads.
Is it even on roads? That thing doesn't look street legal
It looks more like a golf cart in terms of size and speed
Q: Why does your character need to confirm multiple times before calling certain NPCs via their mobile in GTA V?

elliott94I'm a totally blind player of GTA V. When using the mobile phone of any of the three characters to call another NPC, it only takes a single press on my controller to confirm my selection - however, when calling certain chars (as an example if Trevor chooses to call Michael), I've noticed that aft...

Where else would it go? Houston doesn't have much in the way of sidewalks.
The way residential ordinances are, the municipal government is legally forbidden from constructing and maintaining sidewalks.
lol texas and roads
I live in a rural area just outside a small town in texas
In this case, it's more about property rights.
4:56 PM
The bad internet is one thing, but oh god the road is terrifying to drive on
Unlike most major cities, the private property rights in Houston extend all the way to the curb.
So the municipal government needs to obtain permission from the property owner to be able to construct and maintain sidewalks.
So for the most part, sidewalks are maintained by individual property owners and home owners' associations.
Which means they aren't.
@Ave It's spring and planar bird migration poses a big problem for commercial airlines because they are almost invisible if approached from the wrong angle
@MadScientist this one wins for the "more or less" bit
what's the deal with airline food
5:04 PM
@Ave It can't be more than two inches high.
Your senses don't work as well in higher altitudes. Also the food can only be heated via microwave (or is it steam?)
5:37 PM
New euphemism for the Epic Store someone tried to shill to me: "plain".
How is that euphemistic
@Ash because it's something better to say than "devoid of features"
But that's what the word means
> a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.
That doesn't apply here
Synonyms are not euphemisms
5:41 PM
that's the definition of euphemism. "plain" is an indirect word substituted for "devoid of features", a blunt description of something unpleasant or embarrasing.
But plain already means devoid of features
see,,, it is a euphemism bc epic store is unpleasent and embarrassing xd
roll my eyes
The classic euphemism example is substituting freedom fighter for terrorist. The two are not the same, and substituting one for the other makes it sound better
@Unionhawk no, being devoid of features is something unpleasant, or at least embarrassing
the word you are looking for is still "synonym"
5:43 PM
I think there's a mismatch between "connotations" and "euphemism" here.
> The main difference between Synonym and Euphemism is that the Synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language and Euphemism is a innocuous word or expression used in place of one that may be found offensive.
Most people would not be happy to be called plain.
Like, for me, devoid of features is something negative, and the word plain is used to make it seem like something that's not as negative
@realnzall @SatisfactoryAF Inferior to the person who thinks over bloated product full of saturated crap alpha never finish games is "superior" to a plain, here it is buy it platform. The people playing and using it, don't care, you're actually a very vocal minority. steam is walmart garbage
That's the original tweet
Using plain as a noun is new
It's more like "here it is buy it" is used as an adjective
5:46 PM
@PrivatePansy it's an adjective or adverb in this case
Ah, okay I read that wrong
@Unionhawk Booo
go ahead. keep screaming "Shut The Fuck Up " at me. it only makes my opinions Worse
@Nzall Anyway, sure, I can see that. But plain is mostly neutral. I would say devoid of features -> minimalist is a more apt euphemism
But of course minimalist implies an intention to keep the number of features small, while the other implies an unfinished product
Which I'm quite sure the Epic store is.
5:50 PM
@PrivatePansy indeed, if you checked my replies, I've explicitly stated that I was using the term "inferior" to refer to the number of basic features the store is missing compared to more established marketplaces, but that I wouldn't necessarily mind buying from it once the store is more mature
It's funny, because I think the idea that Steam is bloated is not uncommon, but when you use a store built (mostly) from scratch you realize how much of those features you take for granted
I for one welcome Epic's no forums
the steam forums were a mistake
@Nzall Epic Store can't even apply for a learner's permit yet.
@Unionhawk Yeesh, yeah
I've gotten some useful information from the Steam forums
6:19 PM
Soap Making

Proposed Q&A site for those interested in making soap

Currently in definition.

6:38 PM
@badp I'd love to hammer in on this, but I'm too tired for that right now
6:51 PM
Q: transfer cracked Sekiro save file to steam version?

Eddie MeltzerIv been playing Sekiro,cracked for a while and would like to support the devs by buying the game on steam.But i would really like to bring over the save file!I saw a post on here about transferring from one steam account to another,so im sure some genius would be able to do this. I dont expect an...

Huh, Build-a-Bear has Bowser and other Super Mario character buildabear.com/bowser/025663.html
I kinda want to hug Bowser. He always looks so angry
Yeah, my son has that somewhere around here
7:12 PM
Okay, so I did something cool
I got things set up so that when I'm using vim on the build server, yanking and pasting uses my local Windows clipboard
7:28 PM
Q: How does the MK roster survive from game to game?

Fredy31I do not follow the MK lore, but I've heard that with Mortal Kombat 11 coming out this week, there's a Canon Lore and story following along at least the last few games. But I wonder. In the solo adventure, you must be killing/serverly hurting most characters in the roster, but then they pop back...

@Ave So I already had an X server (vcXSrv) running in WSL so that I could use Terminator as my terminal emulator. I enabled X forwarding in the SSH connection and then set Neovim to use unnamedplus as the clipboard and I think that was all I had to do
Oh, I had to export DISPLAY=localhost:10 in my zshrc on the server
It actually stemmed from me just needing some way to copy between vim instances on the server
But since the server doesn't have x on it, and the system clipboard is part of x, it turned out the easiest way was to just forward my local x server and use its clipboard
The fact that I can now yank from vim on the server and paste it on my local machine was just a nice side effect
8:07 PM
Is "having the IL viewer open because I'm slightly interested in what the compiler generated" a sign that I have too little to do?
@Unionhawk depends. Are you trying to make what the compiler generated faster?
then yes
Okay, the mystery of the -1 comment has been solved: the blacklist only applies to comments shorter than 120 characters
what so you can't do like "-1 charlimitwharrgarbl"?
8:12 PM
A: Remove the limitation that stops comments from starting with +1 or -1

Shog9This change was certainly... controversial. It's been running for about two months now, and I've collected quite a bit of data. I liked the stats Kendra put together from the initial set of data, so I tried to collect some similar aggregate numbers for the full two months: Total GaveUp Truncat...

8:29 PM
Q: Emulator to play nokia n-gage games

HarveyThere are several games I'd like to try out on n-gage, mainly to play The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey, which is available on nokia n-gage platform. Long ago, I've found files for several n-gage games but couldn't find a platform to make them work. Is there any emulator that runs n-gage mobi...

@Nzall =MATCH(1,INDEX((C1:C10*1<=AC2)*(D1:D10*1>=AC2),),0)
This is what I ended up using
It works
Returns the line which the value is less or equal on Column C AND higher or equal on Column D
In my case, the value was on AC2
8:48 PM
I'm an hour and a half early to avengers since the the other showing only had 4 seats left. Luckily I brought a book.
For some reason I feel like I should cc @Yuuki on that, I don't know why
Q: Unable to load saved career in Ashes Cricket 2017-18 pc

7answersOne day, as usual I loaded my last saved career, it gave a message cannot load... and after that I can only create a new career and cannot load my previous career. I have the saved file of my career but it's not showing inside load career option of the game. The only option coming is to start a n...

9:37 PM
Naps are so great.
Q: Does the location of a solar or wind generator impact its power output?

Mark RogersDoes it matter where one places a solar panel or wind generator as far as energy generation is concerned? Do solar panels work the same in canyons or craters which sometimes limits sunlight? or even what about underground? Does the placement of wind generators have any impact? Will they work ...

9:57 PM
@Wipqozn what book? (look at me asking the important questions)
@Wipqozn I have to sign a piece of paper and hand over a not insignificant amount of money tonight, or otherwise I would be watching it with my friends right now.
@MBraedley hopefully for a good thing?
@Ash Fixing my basement
The not insignificant sum will eventually be larger by one more significant figure when it's all done.
I am happy it is getting fixed, but sorry to hear about the expense. :(
@MBraedley The way you worded it makes it sound like you're doing a drug trade
@Ash memories of empire. I'm enjoying it.
10:12 PM
@Wipqozn And you think I didn't do that on purpose?
@MBraedley Clever alien
@Wipqozn I have heard very good things about it from a number of people now.
Also I finished a chapter 5 minutes before the movie is supposed to start, so my timing is perfect.
Who's ready for Endgame spoilers?
10:16 PM
I'm not going to see it until a week from Sunday
I'm not actually going to spoil it don't worry
It's my favourite anime of 2019 though
@Wipqozn nicely done
Actually the new Fruits Basket is pretty good...
@badp ive seen garen jungle work ok. though i would not recommend it
@Ronan I used to read Fruits Basket in high school. I don't remember much of it but I rmemeber liking it
10:28 PM
@Ash I watched some of the original anime when I was like 16
Hello, Bridge
@Ronan I don't know that I ever watched it, I think I just read some of it.
10:43 PM
@Dragonrage the best part was nasus being like "hey I jungle instead"
though he didn't
(we lost anyway)
I get too many kills as support velkoz
or support in general
@badp nasus jg isnt great either
@Dragonrage Eh, he stacks a lot better off jungle monsters now.
still a really slow clear speed and bad ganks
11:04 PM
hello thre
@Dragonrage I read this as "Jesus isn't great either" and had a moment of abject confusion
@Ash that would be a weird statement to try to mentally parse
@Dragonrage that's how I knew I had to read it again because I didn't know how to logic it with other things around it
I was like "okay something isn't right here and I am blaming my brain"
11:22 PM
@Ash brains are very fickle. i often have people say stuff to me, presumably in english, and I cannot parse what they said so i have to have them repeat it
Q: Minecraft Redstone Timer

RacingEchocan anyone help me with this, I'm trying to make a zombie pigman grinder(with spawner not in the nether). I'm going to make it so they get crushed to death by blocks. But what I need help is with the redstone timer. I need to the blocks to crush every 30 seconds, but that redstone pulse needs to...

@Dragonrage so true. But hey I am managing to have dinner at my desk and watching Supergirl so hey progress (I suspect I might not be able to watch the whole episode but maybe I am turning back into a normal human)

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