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12:15 AM
@HalfEmpty hahahaha
@HalfEmpty Thats a good game
Q: how do you us summon item command in 1,.13

Jared Flyeri have tried to us it like /summon item ~ ~2 ~ {Item:{id:"minecraft:stone",count:1b}} and all it says is

12:38 AM
Q: What's the range of a maxed out pyramid with six beacon in Minecraft?

EmyronI'm planning a massive floating base and trying to figure out the dimensions to make it so that a six beaconed pyramid covers the entire base. Does anyone happen to know the range of a four layered pyramid with six beacons on it?

@Ash I finally found downloadables for the soundtracks and am listening today
1:34 AM
@Moacir Four Goddess Online and Sword Art Online are Single Player games with no mandatory Online (but it does have Online Multiplayer). .hack//G.U is a game about an Online Game and no multiplayer
1:52 AM
If anyone here remembers Solitairica, the Acrobat fucking sucks ass I just lost to the dirt guppy lol
Wow two games in a row
That rings vague bells for me
Anyone here read the Duck and Cover Adventures series?
Cc @Ash
Looks fun
I've not, no
2:14 AM
Q: Cant finish minecraft forge installation because the ad wont load :(

opencabinetsI'm trying to install it for the first time but every time I click the install button it takes me to a "this site can't be reached". I have gone in and allowed ads and it is still not working pls help.

Welp, the CoH subreddit and Discord have degenerated into drama and toxicity.
At this rate, I'll have to bring up my own server.
Good idea, you can create your own drama and toxicity in peace 😋
I kid
@Frank this being about the new server that went tup? you'd think the ingrates would be happy they get a dam server atleast
@Memor-X They were. And then it went down.
@Frank ahhh. technical issues or a C&D?
2:24 AM
And now it's worse, because the subreddit has started it's own discord, and there's infighting, and the new server admins are being adding to the drama, and it just goes on and on and on.
Nobody knows why it went down. It's just rumor and hearsay.
Entitled gamers, the lot of them.
....this sounds like something that would just be better off not touched?
2:53 AM
I always avoid official Reddits and forums and discords for games
Except brawlhalla I guess
That's all like 13 year olds tho
I avoided SE for a while, but now i am trying to hop back in.
2 hours later…
5:10 AM
Q: Minecraft Server Wasn't Auto-Saving, Save Data Gone. Any Hope to Get it Back?

RougRecently, I closed my Minecraft server the same way I always have--clicking the red x to close the window. For whatever reason, it's stopped saving over the last ten days. When I reopened the server, none of the data from the last ten days was there. None of the new buildings, none of the items, ...

watching the Jimquisition from a couple of weeks ago and now i understand this was a Sekiro meme
5:30 AM
Q: American Airlines Customer Service Number

dany loginI am Dany Login working for American Airlines Phone Number. We provide Customer Service & Support for American airlines to all over countries. Getting information about cheapest flight ticket, reservations, cancellation, and any other services. Call on toll-free +1 (844) 550 9222 American Airl...

3 hours later…
8:33 AM
Currently stuck in a traffic jam around Antwerp and thinking of @arperum
Those dynamic per-lane speed limits look like a bad idea
zig zag to avoid the 50kmh lanes
@HalfEmpty checks post history sees question about Dynamite field Oh, now I know who you are again. Yup, it's deinitely confusing when you change names every month
8:57 AM
This streamer just called Hufflepuff PuffleWuffle and I can't stop laughing
2 hours later…
11:16 AM
Q: If I want to upload a replay from rocket league on Xbox to Discord, how should I do so?

Jackthechief1I have a clip from Xbox. I have tried posting it directly to discord, It didn’t work. Next I tried using Reddit and posting it from there. There were no subreddits to post it to like my other attempt, so that wasn’t going to work. On my other attempt, I decided to export it to r/rocketleague the...

11:45 AM
@Memor-X To be fair the name of the games is based on another kind of media that has no online functionality, but has online/internet on its lore/core, while Pagan Online is a standalone pc game. But the game is in early access and maybe they needed to get that funding for the servers, since it is a main part of the game as the devs said
@TheMattbat999 SE as Space Engineers?
12:07 PM
@Nzall 'every month' lol
@HalfEmpty It's close to that. Weren't you called "Buns Glazing" like 2 weeks ago?
And then something else before that,
Yeah. And I was that for a long time and then I was gnomeslice for like five years
AFAIK you also were Chromeslice at one point
12:30 PM
A little something to get your Tuesday started https://t.co/hmQidrhx7d
Q: Fallout new vegas ncr ranger armor problem?

Simeon Maysso when first went to novac i met this ncr ranger name andy he was wearing ranger patrol armor so when i went to camp golf usually on my other xbox account i see some ncr soldiers wearing the veteran ranger combat armor but instead everyone wearing patrol armor. i haven't made it to the end of th...

12:48 PM
@Nzall haha. Forgot about that
I was my actual name a few years ago too
Also Elfslice
Fair enough I guess
1:12 PM
Q: How to make a minecraft server which works for multiple versions

deimani found that making a server doesn't work for me , and i've seen servers with like 12.2+ or something like that which works for loads of minecraft versions so how do i do that? (i'd like help with 1.8 to 1.12.2)

1 hour later…
2:32 PM
@Moacir no, Stqck Exchange
you ever write a piece of code and sit back like "if this works, this will be the dumbest thing"?
that's where I'm at
dumb but will probably work
I've had those days.
I don't know how else to do this thing though!
There are infinitely many ways to do something in software, but all save a handful of those ways are infinitely bad.
whatever if it works and I'm not changing any access modifiers it's probably fine
I'm not like, creating a new public property to get to where I need to access, that already existed
2:43 PM
Normally after I've finished writing the dumb code that works it allows me to see why it wasn't working in the first place and then I can fix it properly
I mean I understand why it works it's just, this code kind of belongs to 2 different objects and I think no matter which way I do it it'll be kind of weird
but probably mostly fine
> For the last 15 years or so, I've been part of a creative partnership at Mode 7, and that recently came to an end.
Q: Trying to make an armor stand animation but I cant see the sidebar

Azk0I'm trying to make an armor stand animation in Minecraft but my sidebar isn't showing I'm following this video

2:48 PM
no dude
not like this
god dammit
everything is suddenly more complicated
> I currently still do game publishing work at Mode 7 outside of my nervous_testpilot and ensnare projects, as they don't sustain me full-time financially.
3:32 PM
> I'll be totally honest. After Slay the Spire I thought I had the only card battling RPG I needed for the time being. But I should never bet against the SteamWorld team, and so it proved here. Wit, warmth, smart mechanics and a surprising challenge all make SteamWorld Quest a delight - and then there's Orik, of course.
3:45 PM
Did you know? If you accidentally take your car down the fast pay column in Belgium you have to back out of the toll station and use a different gate
In Italy you'd still be let through and you'd just have to pay toll from home after the fact
@Unionhawk time to reimplement all of your interfaces from scratch
all of them
every single one of them
it's the only way
you know it
i know it
Dot Net Uni Core
(The One That Shells Out To Perl A Bunch)
(In Fact It's Actually Just Perl)
4:04 PM
Wheeee hospital triage time
(work convinced me to get my head checked after I whacked it yesterday, people are concerned about concussion and all that fun)
Meanwhile, in [checks notes...] Wales:
@fredley That... that mountain's on fire
One dry weekend and Wales catches fire. Typical.
@fredley A scene like that that isn't California?
@Yuuki It's literally the wettest place on earth
4:18 PM
Looks like I'll have to buy Oathbringer at a main street store. Bol.com sell those 2 books through a partner, which doesn't do post office shipping
4:56 PM
@fredley Oh hey you are not dead
I think the last time you showed up here was the day Brexit was first due
Q: I keep getting this error when i try to play offline and I don't know why

dbzfreak365YTError: Could not find or load main class net.minecraft.client.main.Main Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM warning: Using incremental CMS is deprecated and will likely be removed in a future release

5:18 PM
@fredley Yeah I was shocked to hear it wasn't raining for once
Because my impression is it always rains
@Ash Yeah shouldn't mess around with head injuries. Definitely a better safe than sorry kind of thing.
I'm sure it'll turn out to be nothing though, so I hope you got a good book to read.
@HalfEmpty Good deal but looks like it might not be a good VPN
No, it's Fast. If you want good, you need a subscription to GoodestVPN.
5:41 PM
Good call
Goodest call even
@Wipqozn I have a concussion! I get to not go to work for a week!
@Ash ... yay for head injuries?
@Ash at any rate, listen to the doctor and ask them what you are allowed to do. Concussion generally means bed days
Like, I'm not a doctor nor am I qualified to give medical advice, but I don't think your boss is going to like it if you use sick days for a concussion to go shopping
@Nzall Fortunately their boss doesn't get a say in that matter
5:57 PM
wait since when has nvidia been on 1600s
@Ronan Even so, I'd still recommend first asking your doctor what their advice is on how to spend that week. A concussion generally should be treated with resting, not exertion
@Unionhawk it's just a series roughly halfway between the 10 and 20 series: performance of the 20 series, but without raytracing. It's a marketing thing
@Nzall well yes, which is why I am tucked under the covers as we speak
@Nzall why come they skipped 1100s etc
I made cold brew and left it overnight in the fridge. Turns out the top shelf goes below freezing, and now my coffee is frozen solid
@Ash Two game 7s tonight, if you care about hockey.
Though one is over really late for you eastern time zone folks.
6:00 PM
@PrivatePansy Do you take ice cream with your ice coffee?
@JasonBerkan this is true.
@Unionhawk They went directly from 10 to 20, with the 20 series having a brand new Raytracing feature that realistically calculates how light reflects off surfaces (read: adds better reflections in return for 50% lower framerate)
@JasonBerkan My brother is a Leafs fan, so unfortunately he won't be playing Overwatch with the rest of my group.
But since there aren't that many gamers that are willing to sacrifice 50% of their framerate for somewhat more graphical fidelity, they released an in-between generation that doesn't have raytracing
Q: Is there an Enchant command for /Give in minecraft Education Edition?

Taylor SparkI play Minecraft education edition with my spare time, and I tried using up-to-date 1.13/1.14 /give command generators, but as you may know, minecraft education editions command system is Completely different (the whole different command setups per version and edition really ticks me off... Its a...

6:02 PM
@MBraedley I actually want the Leafs to lose, because I really only care about local junior players. I want Hutchison back on the Marlies for the playoffs.
@JasonBerkan I can't believe columbus (a team that barely made the playoffs) swept tampa (the team with the best regular season record in the whole league) lol
@Unionhawk This is from my brother-in-laws bracket challenge.
@Unionhawk that cracked me up
and now they're going to play someone who had to go all the way to game 7 while they had a nice break
6:08 PM
@Ronan Haha, oy
@Ash Good thing you went to the hospital. You'll probably need to just spend days doing basically nothing, I suspect? You essentially need to rest your brain I think.
Also I really like how @JasonBerkan is just perma @OldManBerkan now
@Wipqozn yep lots of naps and such, he said if I didn't work with computer screens constantly he wouldn't have told me a whole week but I need to effectively let my brain get over the strain
So...now that I am home I shall do just that.
@Ash Reading lots of paper books is probably fine, which is perfect for you.
Q: What does the black goddess statue do and what is it? -_The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild_-

FoxDynamiteGirlIn Kakariko village, there is a boy you can talk to and he brings you to it. All I know is that it takes away a heart container. Does it do anything else and what does it represent?

6:34 PM
@MBraedley Probably depends on the book. If I had a concussion, I'd probably avoid books that stress my brain, either through sheer stupidity of the plot or through sheer gravitas
Wait what's this about a concussion? :o
@John Ash had a bonk on the noggin and has a concussion. Doctor prescribed a week of rest
Oh my. Just a normal ordinary bonk?
Excuse me while I go grab a helmet...
Week of rest doesn't sound that bad though!
@Nzall So you're saying the romance novels are potentially out on both counts :P
@John I literally tripped over my feet and whacked my head on a metal support thing on a chair. It's a very me thing to do.
@Nzall can we just...trust I know how to be a grownup aboit this? This feels super patronizing
6:40 PM
@Ash I feel bad for finding this so funny...I'm glad you're not badly hurt though :)
@Ash sorry for making the joke
@John oh it makes me laugh too because it's so silly, the doctor was super trying not to be amused too
@MBraedley its all good
I'mma gonna nap. Be excellent to each other.
@Ash sorry. I didn't want to say what @MBraedley said because it would be a very me thing to say, and not in a good way
In an unsurprising turn of events, my code has not compiled
7:03 PM
@Wipqozn If I was old 5 years ago, I'm even older now.
@JasonBerkan Accurate
7:27 PM
I'm not sure if anyone here is fond of the "board games that go digital", but Humble Bundle has one right now
Btw, every time I see an interesting bundle I link it here. Is it annoying?
@Moacir I like it because I forget to check stuff.
goes back to nap
@Ash Good naps. I hope you nap the bestest naps you can ever nap
ooo there's an electronics bundle
7:57 PM
Q: Modify drop of shulker box

BlarepI have a server with friends on vanilla 1.13.2 and I am trying to change the drop of the shulker box. I want that always drop 2 shulker shells but I can't make that they drop correctly. I tried puting a shulker.JSON in data/loot_tables/minecraft/entities but nothing happend. the content of the...

1 hour later…
9:20 PM
cc @Wipqozn and other Two Point Hospital players.
> Beginning Friday, May 31st, [company I work for] will close at noon on Fridays.
Is that good in that you're now only working 4.5 days a week or bad that the company is cutting hours to save cost?
We're salaried
@SaintWacko huh
@Yuuki Yeah. I guess it's a "Summer hours" thing
I'm not complaining
9:33 PM
Well as long as it's not a sign that the company is shutting down it's probably good. We usually have some sort of team / company event on Friday afternoons so I guess we already do this informally :D
1 hour later…
10:39 PM
@Wipqozn I actually don't know much about what makes a good vpn but I am probably gonna want one in the next few months
@SaintWacko the same amount of work needs to get done though?
@HalfEmpty No, because the amount of work assigned is based on how many hours we expect to be working over the next two weeks
Dude. Score.
Getting back into Hoplite
Good job
Oh that looks like it could be fun. How's the monetization?
10:47 PM
Pay once
Reminder: We have maintenance starting in just a few hours. https://twitter.com/StackStatus/status/1120444726556155904
It's a gem. Highly recommended
@John you unlock the main mode with a one time payment iirc. There are no microtransactions
I've had it for so long I can't remember
I should start trying the daily challenges
Hm I may have to give it a try
10:53 PM
... i reccomend Dark Souls... if you seek a real challenge
@TheMattbat999 we are talking about a mobile game
@HalfEmpty i know.
Nothing makes you realize how much all your friends are online ones pretty much til a concussion limits your screen time. dark muttering
11:04 PM
Sorry. What happened?
I tripped and fell and hit my head off of a metal chair.
Oof. Hope you recover soon.
@Ash IKR. People keep telling me to "go outside once in a while" and stuff and I'm just like...all my friends are in my computer
On an unrelated note, I've been working on this college research project about software and I mostly don't know what I'm doing but I've got a survey and it would be a super useful if you guys could fill this out for me: forms.gle/psKH9RwmW4FbtA1g9
Please and thanks! :)
@John heck, i simply do not have friends.
@Yuuki oh?
"Now why don't I introduce myself like that? Because there is a time and a place for the truth."
11:55 PM
We are prepping for failovers now - Chat is up first! We'll be doing read-only and then finish up shortly after.

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