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12:27 AM
Q: Villagers 'willing' but no hearts...what's wrong?

Sawyer R.So I'm trying to get a group of 3 villagers, including one shepherd, to begin breeding while I finish the construction on my new castle. I have had success before using a setup very similar to the one shown. Initially I just grouped the villagers in a rudimentary pen with a few crops. The 'census...

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1:45 AM
Q: Why were arcade machines so big?

Error TheWolfWhy were arcade machines so big in the old days? Like, seriously, those things were huge,massive even

3 hours later…
4:16 AM
Oh god, some Ubuntu / gnome update somehow rebound alt-left/right from browser back and forward to changing TTY screens
5:03 AM
Q: (Java Minecraft 1.13.2) Game crashes after raycasting through end gateway

Nik3141I've made a datapack for an 'enderwand' which allows you to teleport using raycasting. Everything works fine except I've put exceptions so the ray goes through water, lava, and the end gateway, however when I attempt to go through an end gateway my game freezes and I have to close it. Does anyone...

6:02 AM
through a long set of events, I ended up hugging the best SRS surgeon in the world today
1 hour later…
7:06 AM
@Ave \o/
8:05 AM
@Ave ah, is that why you're in Thailand? for your surgery?
8:18 AM
Q: How can i find a minecraft base through a picture of the base

MarineRecI've been playing a lot of minecraft and i would simply like to know how i can find someones base when they post a pic showing said base.it must work with spigot

8:28 AM
@Nzall not mine
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9:55 AM
Q: Sunless Sea Trophy qualities gone

samI used to have (among others) the trophy qualities "Restless" and "A Folded Flag". On my most recent character these are no longer showing up... any ideas how this can happen?

3 hours later…
1:03 PM
Wow. Somebody's already got a test server up and running.
@Frank City of Heroes?
@Memor-X Yep
@Frank you tried it out?
@Memor-X Nope. Downloading it now, but I don't expect much.
It's still going to be crazy buggy.
Q: Tutorial still shown despites being disabled

NyxI disabled tutorials from the Interface settings panel, as shown by the following screenshot. However, I still constantly get tutorials, which aren't even coherent (as this one shows an item within my closed inventory).

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2:39 PM
@Wipqozn @TimStone Opening Islanders as we speak
looks fun
Oh this looks neat. Seems like it has a similar pace to Triple Town
cc @Ash You would probably like this too
I do like Triple Town a lot.
So if it has a similar sort of pace or feel, yeah, you're probably right :)
Q: How do I glitch into the room where the Strange Figure is Bee Swarm Simulator?

Big TastyIn Bee Swarm Simulator, there's a maze next to the Ticket Tent. In the maze is a blocked off room with a person and it's called the Strange Figure. It's possible to glitch inside the room, so I want to know how to. I tried using gumdrops, jumping around, and clicking, but nothing worked.

3:24 PM
@HalfEmpty Excellent.
This is really cool
Accidentally just got a resort though and I can't place it anywhere without -100 lol
@HalfEmpty yeah resorts can be tricky. You gotta plan for them.
Q: How to disable HUD in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl?

user598527The HUD in Shadow of Chernobyl was designed for low-resolution CRT monitors and looks rude in screenshots of an otherwise aesthetically accomplished game. I don't know a way to hide the HUD using console — there are two hud_ commands which control the crosshair appearance (possible in the options...

Q: Out of every 100 hostile mobs that spawn during then night, how many are enderman?

user9383533So if 100 mobs spawn during the night, how many of them will be endermen?

Q: Does minecraft education edition add more items if not, what items does it replace?

Cameron .JDoes minecraft education edition add more items if not, what items does it replace? I would like to use the colored lights but i have a realm and dont want and of the buildings gettong ruined.

Hadn't seen one yet
THey'll give you a lot of points with proper planning, which isn't impossible when you didn't know they existed.
Your first few runs will basically just be learning the buildings
3:26 PM
wow same problem with temple just now
I wish this had a grid you could turn on or something, or that it let you place placeholders to plan for bigger buildings later
@HalfEmpty Yeah agreed.
Or even like a snap to distance for moving things
So I can leave room for parks, etc
Rotation needs to be able to fit to odd angles too
NYT crossword clue: "Father figure?" Answer: "Dadbod" Took me hours to get that one, but it was very rewarding
@Wipqozn Is there a way to see friend's scores?
Cc @ash @Yuuki @Wipqozn
3:50 PM
@GodEmperorDune Oh, that's terrible and I love it
@HalfEmpty Yes, but not in game. @TimStone knows how to do it.
4:14 PM
Yeah, the game's achievements page in Steam, then click the Leaderboards tab and Show
Well I'm nowhere near you yet, I saw a screenshot where you had like 15k lol
My best is 2000 exactly
wait no way
i have more than that now
oh okay
Currently on my best run I guess
Resort is impossible
I'm not quite sure what to do with things like lumberjacks
If you optimize their points early on you end up with these things in the way of everything else
Q: How to get back a software that exists and doesn’t exist at the same time?

Haxor_ZI’ve been playing hacker experience and recently got DDoSed, but I still had all my hacked IPs so I went and stole the 14.0 cracker, and all was smooth, until I got hacked and it went missing, and when i tried to download it again the game said I already have that software even though I don’t, so...

@GodEmperorDune lol I got that one right away because looks in the mirror
I did have the Ds on each end though
4:32 PM
4:44 PM
Q: How do I stretch my resolution on xbox one for Fortnite?

GingeRecently, I have been attempting to stretch my resolution on Fortnite Battle Royale, but I do not seem able to do it. I know it is in the settings somewhere, and I have tried to look for it. Does anybody know where the setting is, and how to get to it?

5:07 PM
@TimStone well if you had the Ds... chuckles
I'm tempted to snipe the victory for our bowlathon team
But I v much shouldn't
Just from a "I've already spent a lot" standpoint
(the snipe is $90 too which isn't a particularly small number)
5:28 PM
@TimStone wtf global rank #387
also this looks neat:
6:10 PM
Now I remember what seems so familiar about Islanders
6:42 PM
> Hey Waypoint, you were talking this week about dinosaurs honking like geese instead of roaring, I thought you would be interested in another piece of research that suggests that T Rexes actually cooed like giant doves. Using the closed-mouth vocalizations of similar birds and reptiles as a reference point, paleontologists surmised that T Rexes produced a sound so low that it was less heard than literally felt in your bones as infrasonic vibrations.
That's, terrifying
7:20 PM
Q: Does the Overpowered achievement have a minimum squad size requirement?

Stephen LeppikI looked through the achievements today and noticed Overpowered: Overpowered Beat a mission on Commander+ with a squad composed entirely of soldiers of the same class (but not Rookie) In my second game on WotC (which was on Commander), I remember completing the Codex Brain Coordinates mis...

@Unionhawk ....no thank you
New band name
> Infrasonic Cooing
7:38 PM
What sort of music would they play?
Or house
7:55 PM
If any of you slept on Return of the Obra Dinn like I did, it's on sale now and amazing.
I basically played it nonstop the last two days
And now I'm sad there's no more to play
Q: How to detect player death in minecraft 1.13?

Amphibiangamer10I am making a pvp game in minecraft java edition that requires players to be made spectators after they die. I was wondering how to make a death detection system in 1.13.2 to add the dead player to the team spectator, because when I looked around all I found were tutorials for 1.12 or older. If a...

8:38 PM
Q: Minecraft not responding

FrozenPhoenixSo I recently got back into Minecraft, and downloaded it onto my new PC, after logging in, and downloading version 1.13.2, I started it, only to receive a "Minecraft is not responding" Error, my PC specs are as follows: CPU: core i5-6400 @ 3.00GHz quad core GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 ti 4GB RAM: 8GB DD...

@Wipqozn what show was this from?
@Kevin nice
That wasn't the peek buuuuuut yeah
9:31 PM
It's looking like a private server will be stable in about month or so.
Q: Help Minecraft 1.14 pre-release 5 commands

BOP...BOP BOPFirst, I'm a noob to the command community. Also, this is what I'm making for a survival series I call Atlantis. I got bored of Minecraft so this is what I'm doing for a solution. The command in theory is supposed to slow me down whenever I touch air. So the command I am trying is /execute if bl...

Q: This command won't work in Minecraft

Sam WarrenThe command is /give @p banner 1 11 {display:{Name:"Keycard2"}} Take in mind that this is bedrock edition, but I looked it up and this should work.

10:08 PM
@Wrigglenite Would you prefer I post the proof as a separate answer, instead of consolidating it? I can do that, but I was inclined to forgo the personal rep gain in favour of a cleaner page for visitors.
A different answer that repeats information found in other answers is mostly a waste
Q: minecraft java edition 1.13 player join detector?

Amphibiangamer10I am working on a game that uses commands in such a way that players disconnecting then reconnecting could break the commands. I was wondering if there is a way to detect when players join the game in 1.13.2 and run a command to give them an item. When I researched this, I found solutions for old...

10:53 PM
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction is an American television anthology series created by Lynn Lehmann, presented by Dick Clark Productions, and produced and aired by the Fox network from 1997 to 2002. Each episode featured stories, all of which appeared to defy logic, and some of which were allegedly based on actual events. The viewer was offered the challenge of determining which are true and which are false. At the end of the show, it was revealed to the viewer whether the tales were true or works of fiction. The series was hosted by James Brolin in season one and by Jonathan Frakes in seasons two...
Q: How do I create tools that can break only certain blocks and has a certain durability in minecraft 1.13.2?

HlepI used this command: /give @p minecraft:iron_hoe{CanDestroy:["grass_block"]} 1 250 but it won't give the hoe with the certain durability. How do i make this work in 1.13.2?

11:14 PM
Q: I need help with MCPE commands!

RobpvpHow do I make it so when a player dies the items dont drop onto the ground but the players dont keep them either? Because I'm building a mini-game that needs this feature but I dont know how to do it.


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