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12:04 AM
@ickleislands two of me just means I'd play more video games. I think whichever one of me didn't get to play video games would just rebel. therefore, I need a third of me to keep the other two in line.
@agent86 shift work
take it in turns
the other alternative of course is just shift work purely for gaming
but i'm not getting any younger and need to get music made :p
Q: Why can't I read the arqade logo?/How can we make it better?

skovacs1The arqade logo is hard to read. It's a good start, but hardly a professional, finished product at this point. Design is an iterative process and this is just an iteration that isn't quite there yet. This question is another step in this process. Let's face facts here. The person who designe...

To be frank, I'm not sure if it was a good idea to work the name into the logo
If you look at stackexchange.com/sites, this is the only site that does this
Oh, huh, they updated it
It wasn't like that yesterday when I saw it. Oh well.
@YiJiang Depends on how you want to define it. Tex's "logo" is supposedly {} but it's actually part of the word mark
Same with Ask Ubuntu, English, Unix & Linux, etc.
12:09 AM
I like the stylising of the Q he used
but on the same picture I like the Q, the D has lost its symmetry
man, this is not a topic on which I have any expertise. it looks fine to me, though :P
This is why design by committee is bad. Constructive feedback is okay, but "let's create a logo as a community" is lame
@MarkTrapp this.
well I'm seeing his point RE: A and E, the blue is too dark so the contrast of black text looks a little off
making the blue slightly lighter and fixing the Q would probably suffice by itself
12:27 AM
urgh. stuck in inferno, not enough cash to upgrade my gear. I guess I grind or something now, sigh.
I lost my race.
@agent86 where in inferno are you stuck
@agent86 I've been grinding Act 1 relentelessly and I still can't manage five minutes in Act 2
it sucks ass
@ickleislands early in act one. I think about 60% of the champions stomp me with very little effort. I did manage to get 5 stacks of NV once.
then I got kicked off :(
12:30 AM
I'm just at the part where you go to level 2 in the cathedral.
@agent86 I can help you if you want. I've become a pro at Act 1
I just quit, give me a sec.
@spugsley melee wizard ftw
@ickleislands I'm playing Demon Hunter
12:31 AM
I have a DH as well, but I was peer-pressured into making it
release day we all chose a different class, I was last person logged in
choice was DH or monk
then the people I was playing with got bored of the game around the end of hell
WD, 8.3k DPS, 2.4k armor, ~1k int, ~1k vit
no real resistance to speak of
your DPS is probably a little low
1k vit should give you ~30k hp?
41.2k hp
you probably have "too much" hp for act 1
but its a good number for the rest of inferno
yeah, I was looking to replace my weapon, but doing so is going to take considerable cash, I've got around 300k gold at this point
will probably need to grind a bit to increase that total
12:34 AM
your weapon doesn't have to have +int on it
damage numbers are more important
after damage look for a socket
it doesn't; it's got +200 vit, ~500 life on hit, +50% crit damage, and a bunch of other crap I don't really care that much about.
2h or 1h?
1h + mojo offhand
that's a lot of vit for a 1h
in fact all three of those numbers are really good for a 1h, sure its not your mojo bringing your damage down?
hmm, I'll check the AH and see if there are cheap mojos around
I think I picked this one up after I hit 60 though
12:37 AM
look for one that gives decent +damage
@agent86 yeah....my DPS is 47k O-o
bare in mind that your pets suck in inferno
yeah, I think I've got the best tier available on my mojo, it's ~50-200 damage
DH dps with sharpshooter is 82k, wiz dps with force weapon is 45k
50-200 isn't bad at all
@spugsley :(
12:40 AM
in fact out of all of the numbers you've mentioned the only ones that seem wrong is your INT is ~500 too low but still not 'bad' and your DPS is lower than what I used to kill Diablo on hell
@ickleislands yeah, I have a no-pet build. I'm using vision quest + 4 cooldown skills for the most part.
@ickleislands think I just need to save up for a better weapon then? Or get really lucky with a good drop...
I've been trying to stack +int and +vit, I tend to have 50-100 of each on each bit of gear
I am going to guess it's the weapon, I can't think of another reason you'd have ~8k dps
weapon is 461.3 dps on its info card
I guess I should just sink a crapton of gold into that slot for now
ye, from what I've read attack speed doesn't scale dots
so just go for damage
hmm, I wish I could know what this is actually going to do for my damage and how high I should shoot
12:47 AM
exposing the comparison stats on AH would be nice
right now I can go from 460 to about 660 with the amount of cash I have, or I could hold out and try to shoot for way higher...
850+ for sure
but look up how your damage scales
like if your max damage number is better than dps
yikes, yeah, I need about 10x the gold I have now then.
spam search during peak times and pick up a bargain
friend of mine recently got a 1.6k dps 1 hander with a socket that had a star emerald in it for 1 mil
took the gem out of it and AH'd it
pretty much made his money back instantly
wow, sounds like someone was asleep at the wheel there
12:53 AM
I've only managed to get a couple of exceptional items for super cheap
well, here's hoping I get lucky :)
picked up legs with 200 int (2 sockets had +int gems in them tho), loads of vit, 50 all resists
for like 75k
massive adrenaline rush trying to buyout something like that knowing that everybody else will buy it instantly the second they see it
I wish I had never agreed to spectate this until he killed it
friend of mine is trying to kill azmodan inferno
i want to go to bed :(
@agent86 I might have some stuff for you, but comparing what I've got in my stash to what your WD has equipped is a pain...so I'm not sure if any of it would be a net gain for you or not.
my enchantress does 3.7k dps
Is there any way that I can get this deleted without having to wait 2 days? I already migrated the notes here so it should ping @Jin and I don't see the point in letting my mistaken meta post linger.
1:02 AM
bought an item off AH thinking it would be better and it wasn't
Also, is it just me needing to clear my cache or something or does meta still have the old favicon?
you said linger, i have a cranberries song stuck in my head now
@skovacs1 no meta has the new icon
in greyscale too
@skovacs1 its deletion has been hastened.
@agent86 Wonderous. Thank you muchly.
1:06 AM
Man leveling all classes is fun but annoying. Currently have a 60 monk/wd/dh and a ~40 wiz I'm leveling atm, costing me a fortune to gear them all out, and I don't know which I enjoy more and what to make my main
can we find more like that?
@MrSmooth I found that I didn't really need to buy gear to get any class to act 1 inferno
but I leveled my artisans to max
@ickleislands but the light is both a literal and figurative foe of evil!
so I just make my alts gear from there
@agent86 +1
@ickleislands cdn.sstatic.net/gamingmeta/img/favicon.ico onebox doesn't do .ico? Either way. I still see a heart.
so... yeah. do I feel like grinding for cash, or shall I just go load up my PS3 and play a game I have only 3 months to complete. hmm. I'm thinking maybe PS3 tonight, more D3 tomorrow. finishing hell and hitting 60 was a pretty good accomplishment for today.
1:08 AM
@ickleislands Yeah, so far my monk and DH have both cleared act 1 with only only a bit of money spent, but it's trying to gear them up for act 2 that's costing me.
@MrSmooth I'm saving the push to gear all classes for act 2+ inferno until after they fix the drops
@MrSmooth spent all of my gold on one character only
@agent86 Evil cowers at the sight of just one templar. Two will bring it to its knees.
@ickleislands yeah, this is kind of my temptation as well, just wait it out until they make it easier to get drops, and the cost of everything falls as a result.
@ickleislands I'm doing the same, that's why I'm leveling one of every character (except barb who's my hardcore character).
if I can't "get lucky" on the AH, that's probably going to be my strategy.
I'm really enjoying wiz atm though
1:10 AM
point is, after they change the drops, farming act 1 inferno becomes a valid gearing strategy
but I felt the same way when I was leveling all my other classes
@MrSmooth wiz is my favourite class so far
@skovacs1 I see the "new" meta icon on the tab, and in this image you linked. I have a hard time telling the meta icon apart from the main icon though.
@MrSmooth even after leveling other classes, I've always been a huge fan of casters though
Zombie Bear spam WD is pretty lolz fun.
1:10 AM
seven sided strike is fun
@MrSmooth this is how I roll.
in fact the whole pull/knock back mechanics of monk are pretty fun
@agent86 fair enough. Must be something on my machine not getting cleaned up as it should. Thanks for the additional confirmation. I swear browser troubleshooting is a sanity test of sorts.
By the way, if anyone else adds QA to their name, I'm going to punch their first born baby.
I have a low-level wizard that I'll probably level next, although I've done very little with her to-date.
1:12 AM
@MrSmooth aww I was going to rename to iQAlislands
@MrSmooth you know the best way to get someone to do something is to tell them it annoys you :)
Here's a little advice for everyone. Stock up on square gems now off the AH, they're cheap and can be combined for 100g/2 squares to flawless squares next patch.
I'm currently sitting on 400 squares of each type, planning to buy more
I have so many square gems in my stash
@MrSmooth oh, not that many though
I'm planning to buy enough to get at least one radiant gem of each type, or maybe even 2
need about 2k of them or so
wow, you guys have way more time and gold than I do :) I have stash-envy!
1:15 AM
@MrSmooth I have lots of radiant squares already, and a couple of stars
@MrSmooth nothing like a freshly made level 1 with a star ruby in their weapon
'trolololol' normal mode
@ickleislands I've already got a star ruby and a star amethyst, nothing like trolling through Hell mode with a level 60 weapon reduced by 10+ levels with 300 life on hit and 25% extra exp
Turns "Random pointy stick of the socket bonus" to "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH the Destroyer of Normal mode"
if only my spacing was better
Also what's with people in the google docs spreadsheet not posting their battletag numbers? Some people just put ???? or etc. Why even put your name in the sheet if you're going to make people ask for your number anyway?
haven't even looked at said spreadsheet
@MrSmooth Two words: spam friends
1:22 AM
@fbueckert Again then, why even bother putting your name in the spreadsheet?
oh that spreadsheet, I did see that
even though battletags reveal no personally identifyable info I still wouldn't put mine somewhere public
but ye there is no point putting half of it in there
@MrSmooth It's been on there for a month; if someone wants to add me as a friend, they can find me and ask.
1:37 AM
A: Is there any way to move trophies and save data between accounts in one PS3?

JohuaIf u have 2 ps3's in your house could u transfer data to 1 then transfer the data back but to the other account on the system and still have all your data including trophies?

I'm not quite sure what that is, but I know it's not an answer.
@Wipqozn agreed
A: Just how important are resistances when going into inferno?

whatwhywherecan someone, please explain, what do the resistances do ? same like armor? does that mean: if i have 100 fire-resistence, i have 1000 more armore against fire damage?

same deal here
anyway nn all
2:41 AM
Q: Games with multiple flash files not working

zlyfireI have download a flash game, since that's show the person coded it, and it is in multiple flash files to reduce overall file size or something. When I try to play it, I can only use the content within that one flash file, leading me to believe that it does not call upon other files within my com...

3:02 AM
I just saw How To Train Your Dragon and I'm in love _
@spugsley isn't that, like, a kids' movie? did you punch a baby and take his DVD?
@agent86 I used to hate the fuck out of the kids movies and then @OrigamiRobot forced me to watch Up. Life has never been the same
@spugsley kid movies are quite good, especially the pixar ones. the incredibles is actually a really good superhero movie all on its own. rather dark at times.
@agent86 yes, I've seen it lol
@spugsley how many kids did you punch to get a copy of that one?
I figured this is some sort of loot system. I punch zombies, I get pages of blacksmithing. I punch babies, I get kid DVDs
do you wear a scary hat with +25% DVD find when you go kid punching?
3:12 AM
@spugsley Despicable Me is what started it.
I pretty much wasn't on Yesterday as I was birthdaying it up and if someone posted this week's tabletop, then I missed it so re-post!
A: What is Fuel used for in Ninja Fishing

MariHay me again why are you playin this with not playing temple run crap** Get a real game where th $&&$& turtle for the love of god no one $&&$@ know do u answer me that Jimmie hUh huh ha ha lol he

Deletion request.
@OrigamiRobot Despicable Me is a good movie :D
@spugsley Have you seen Wall-E?
@GnomeSlice that's next on the list :)
@OrigamiRobot oh yeah! You're right!
3:25 AM
@spugsley It's fantastic.
Q: Rare/Promotional Skins

TrendeeIs there a list somewhere of all skins that can be acquired through promotions or are given out rarely? I have looked online but cannot seem to find a full list. Example, PAX Sivir which can only be used on NA Servers and was handed out at a event.

Too Localized?
Also, list question.
Q: What on hit effects are in Diablo 3?

theoriseI can't find what other 'on hit' effects are in Diablo 3. I know of knockback and life on hit.

List Question.
Voting to close.
It's general reference, right?
A: What is Satan Doing Here?

Jonny BWell if you really want to know... There was a flux in the space-time continuum which caused the chain of event that led Satan to Hell to break. This created a wormhole that sucked only Satan up, and closed up shortly after. The wormhole led to this exact spot. Now he is trapped in a tiny, prison...

@LessPop_MoreFizz against my will, I've accepted an answer on that question you hate.
3:42 AM
@GnomeSlice I think this is one of those questions that can only be answered by the developer. It's not entirely impossible though - I recently had the developer of the game answer one of my questions, which was fantastic
@YiJiang I'm sure he signifies something, it's just something I've missed. There was a bunch of gold nearby... maybe that was it.
I had to navigate a MAZE to get that far.
I'm guessing it was just a random thing they put in at the end of the maze, where all the gold was.
There, I answered it myself.
4:00 AM
@GraceNote was just killed by a robot thing. =[
Cool, I just found the Dungeon of Dredmor soundtrack
@YiJiang I saw that one. The Really Big Sky dev, right?
I'm glad. I always wondered what those numbers were... I just assumed it was the name of the song that was playing in the background.
4:08 AM
Q: Portal 2 Wine no Mouse Movement

giodamelioI have installed steam and portal 2 per the here. The game loads fine and the menus work. The problem is, when I start the single player mode, the mouse does not work. Everything else works fine(audio, keyboard). What could be the problem? By the way, I am running wine-1.4

@Fluttershy Ha, no. If you look at the Really Big Sky OST you can see that the names don't match
Because BossBaddie made one of my other favourite indies ever.
@GnomeSlice Pineapple Smash Crew?
@YiJiang Yes.
@GnomeSlice I think I still have an extra key if you want it
4:09 AM
@YiJiang I've got it.
I'm just asking what you guys thought of it.
It was okay, but I didn't play it much. Fairly repetative.
It's quite enjoyable. I can't say much about the adaptive difficulty thing
I think it was after a particularly good run where suddenly the game cranked the difficulty up, causing me to die a few times, then it became easier again
Then again you can't really tell because every run is randomly generated
They raised the price back to like $8 or something everywhere else, they forgot about it on Indievania.
That's a pack of two games from the devs of Really Big Sky (BossBaddie), one of which is one of my favourite indie games ever (Wake).
And you can get them both for $1!
@Fluttershy You get RBS' OST with the game. It should be in the game folder if you look for it
@GnomeSlice Oh, Wake came in the same bundle as RBS
4:11 AM
@YiJiang Oh really? i'll have to check that out. =3 Thanks.
@YiJiang Thewhat.
Bundle. It was an Indie Gala bundle.
I have played the same DonkeyKong level now for 20 minutes and I can't beat it. I suspect I should try doing something else with my time.
@YiJiang Ah really? That must have been fairly recent then. I remember when Really Big Sky was in an Indie Royale Bundle I bought, just after I bought it on Gamersgate, hah.
What. How come the smallest (only) bounty I'm allowed to add to something is 500 reps?
Q: What is 'BloodLust', and how does it affect me?

GnomeSliceEvery now and then I'm lucky enough to pick up a rare(ish) weapon from combat. Sometimes, these rare weapons have a stat bonus for something called Bloodlust, given as a percentage. What is this? And what is the percentage a measure of?

@GnomeSlice Have you bountied it before?
4:20 AM
@AshleyNunn Fairly surely. Like, three times... is that why?
That just encourages people NOT to bounty (again) hard-to-answer questions that haven't been resolved.
@GnomeSlice Yeah - every time you bounty something, it doubles, I believe
The minimum doubles
What happens if I bounty it at 500 and it still doesn't get answered?
There is a cap I think. Can't remember what it was
It's there to prevent the answerer from keep bounty'ing a particularly good answer for more attention or something like that
If you have a good answer you can keep bumping the question up and get lots of free upvotes every time that happens
@GnomeSlice You can continue to give 500 point bounties
4:25 AM
Not sure if anybody does that in practice though
Well, someone did, which is why that got implemented...but I'm not sure how many additional people. I guess we could check, but...
Guh, Hammerfight really needs some interface and display updates...
I can't get used to the controls in that game at all
I tried turning up mouse sensitivity in game way up, but I can't tell if the things are suppose to move that sluggishly or is it a problem with my mouse
@YiJiang It's one of my favourite games. Have you tried playing with a gamepad? Everyone else says it's easier that way, but it isn't.
@YiJiang You have to turn it WAY up. Things do move more slowly than you might think, but you need to turn it up whackishly high.
Hang on a sec, let me find you guys some videos I recorded so you can see what it SHOULD look like.
Given the AI moves faster I think I need to turn it even higher
4:30 AM
@YiJiang The particle systems were probably slowing down your machine too.
@YiJiang Yeah, once it calibrates for you, double or triple the DPI it determines you have.
That's what it should look like, guys.
But not... blurry. Sorry.
Anyway, did you guys try turning down your graphics settings as well? Than can slow it down a LOT.
Q: Mech Commander 2 Performance video performance stutters

MrGreenI recently decided to try installing an old game, Mech Commander 2, and play though it a little bit on my basically modern gaming machine. To my surprise, it played VERY slowly... graphics stuttered during the opening movies and menus. Why is this old game suffering on hardware that is literall...

Hammerfight really needs a widescreen, and high resolution update.
Jesus Christ I'm good at this game.
Now that I think of it, I should do another recording test using Fraps using Hammerfight, since that's what I was testing BB Flashback with...
Check out that move at 0:45, hah.
Grah, I lost all my save data, of course.
@YiJiang The trick to the hammerfight controls is to make the game think you have a low DPI mouse, and then increase it in the in-game menu. Don't up your DPI on the mouse.
...I think. Ergh, I can't get it to work very well with my new mouse.
Oh, no, you want to LOWER it in the game.
I'll give that a try the next time I play the game
So yeah, whatever DPI setting it calibrates to, lower it substantially.
Or if your mouse has multiple settings, calibrate it to the lowest mouse DPI setting, then up it on the mouse during play.
Yeah, got it again.
4:49 AM
I wonder why I can never find people online to play MarioKart7 with.
5:06 AM
Everyone knows Canadians are scary to race gokarts with.
5:18 AM
@OrigamiRobot I am not scary!
5:34 AM
@QAvenDreamer If by that, you mean scary awesome at it, definitely.
3 hours later…
8:49 AM
@GnomeSlice Wool shortages
Q: How to compute damage in diablo iii

Jim ThioSay I got a bonus 45% armor. I want to know how much damage will be reduced by that 45% armor. So how much? Looks like the archon is very strong with that extra armor.

@Lazers I find it hard to believe that the dupe didn't show up for him while writing the question
Then this
Glorious Dwarf Fortress
9:14 AM
@YiJiang all I can see is fun
what's ² supposed to be?
@QAdp Body parts
and ?
Some sort of liquid. In this case, most likely to be blood
The different colored ones are likely to be from dragons
Either that or pus
dragons? fun!
Yup, look at the first screenshot. Those gobos are riding War Cave Dragons
9:29 AM
Q: Can the flock of 'Taken' ravens be 'killed'?

galacticninjaCan the flock of 'Taken' ravens be 'killed' (i.e. the flock won't return to attack you again) if a certain number of ravens are killed? Or is the flock merely driven away if you attack them with light? I would like to know because I'm wondering if I could stand and fight them, or I'll just hav...

Q: Does X3 Albion Prelude contain Terran Conflict

Paul McCabeI've had a passive interest in the X3 series of games for a number of years but have never actually played any of the games. Someone wishes to by me a gift and I thought they could buy one of these for me. What I'm confused about it that it's stated that X3 Albion Prelude is a standalone additio...

10:19 AM
want T_T (@fae)
Q: What ways are there to defend against infiltrator stealth?

Gerald KaszubaIt is quite frustrating to try to take down a camping infiltrator within your base. How does one detect and prevent infiltrators?

10:56 AM
Q: Playing two concurrent Characters in Skyrim?

LiathI'm playing on the XBox and I'd like to play two characters to experience different storylines and see how different races play. Is this possible? I'd hate to have the saves of one character override the saves of another!

11:43 AM
Yearling on Area51 get
@QAdp Hmm, I don't see it.
This is off-topic right?
Q: Minecraft - When is MineCon going to happen and where?

Taylor GoldenThe question's in the title. If anyone knows, could you tell me because I am thinking about going. Only if it is in London though! Thank you.

@RonanForman Yep, Speculation of the future of the industry and of upcoming releases.
Q: Minecraft - When is MineCon going to happen and where?

Taylor GoldenThe question's in the title. If anyone knows, could you tell me because I am thinking about going. Only if it is in London though! Thank you.

Q: What items by High Alchemy gain profit?

Shadow ZorgonI am trying to get 99 magic, and I figured High Level Alchemy is the best spell to do it. Though, I need items that when the spell is used on it, I get more gold than the cost of the item + the cost for the nature runes. Do not include the price of fire runes because I have a fire staff.

12:46 PM
Guess what!!!
I'm at work :(
-2, @spugsley. -2
Also, @Sterno @Agent @anyonethatI'mmissingwhoisalsoafather: Happy Father's Day :)
@QAdp What you say?
@spugsley -2
@QAdp why? :(
@spugsley sat + sun next week
12:49 PM
@QAdp yes, those will be my last!
tee minus two more workdays and you're done
@QAdp I thought you were giving me -2 at life.
and this saddened me
@spugsley Have you written the book yet.
@RonanForman bahahaha no
12:54 PM
But the first page is going to be, "You aren't special. Guess how many fucks I give? Is it 10 fucks?" Insert picture of someone looking like they give ten fucks. Next page: "No. I don't give ten fucks. You're really bad at this."
is "10 fucks" going to be represented by 10 dicks around your head?
@QAdp don't be so literal!
It'll be a picture of someone caring a lot
and zero fucks will be the most apathetic, soul crushing face you've ever seen.
Q: How to make a good and secure spiral stairway

Saif BechanBasically I want redo the stairway that leads to my underground area. The way this is set up now is just block after block going down. Going upwards is a pain because you have to jump. Now my underground area is at bedrock, and my 'living' area it at lever 50, so that is quite a distance. I wan...

@QAdp you need to learn about the different kind of fucks, sir
I wouldn't characterise "10 fucks" as "a lot"
Isn't it more like a scale from 0 to infinity?
12:57 PM
@spugsley We backseat illustrating now?
@QAdp you're right. Caring a lot in comparison to zero
@RonanForman ?
Telling me what to draw.
@RonanForman lolololol :p No, you may take all the creative liberties you desire
also, I'm mostly just joking when I ask you to draw shit :0
but then it's hilarious when you actually do :p
Really? I'd have thought you'd get used to it by now.
No, I don't ever really get used to anything. That's why it's so easy to amuse me/make me laugh. Just ask @OrigamiRobot - it's the reason he's my friend :p
1:11 PM
@fredley Creative?
@QAdp I don't think you're seeing the big picture here.
Or to be blunt, you don't give enough fucks.
@GnomeSlice True, I don't give enough fucks to argue about this with you
spot on
nailed it
so, what, fuck, you're wrong. meh
that's how it works right? @spugsley
@QAdp don't bring me into this!
but you are like our zero-fucks-giver extraordinaire in chief
1:15 PM
@QAdp aww, I'm flattered :3 I do give often give the least amount of fucks
see: anything I've ever said about children
see: any time I've ever punched a baby
actually, this guy gives sligthly less fucks than you do
Shadur, Netherlands
4.5k 1 3
but he's not online so you'll have to do
plus, he's Dutch. That gives him a passive -5 bonus to fucks given
@QAdp but he's also older than me by more than 10 years. That gives him more time to have learned to give less of a fuck.
If the intenets taught me something, it's that your age doesn't matter
Woo! I've made $2.35 off the RMAH in Diablo III!
@QAvenDreamer phat loot!
1:21 PM
@QAvenDreamer WHOO!!!!
what did you sell?
@QAvenDreamer Do you get even anything out of that after Blizzard and Paypal fees?
@MadScientist That was after those fees.
what was it before?
Is it true that you have to pay the Paypal fees every single time, they are not aggregated for multiple transactions?
1:24 PM
@MadScientist I'm not sure, since I'm not sure which is the paypal fee.
@QAvenDreamer what did you sell?
> Added RUNESCAPE to title, to allow people to understand topic better.
@spugsley Some rare.
I think it's two times 15% and then a flat fee again for Paypal
I don't know more than that, currently.
1:25 PM
@spugsley ah, thx much
@MadScientist I thought blizz took 15%, or at least a $1. dunno about paypal fees.
@MadScientist Dunno. Hasn't shown up in my paypal account yet.
@agent86 They take first one, then the other.
The fees are 3.77 * 0.85 * 0.85 * 0.971 - 0.3 if I calculated correctly
@MadScientist well...that's elaborate O-o
1:47 PM
Oh nifty
Our first page of users ordered by total reputation now contains nothing but 10k+ users (gaming.stackexchange.com/users?tab=reputation&filter=all)
crashes through League of Legends... Oh damn its already crashed.
@Fredy31 Did Pulsefire Ezreal wreck the game?
Q: Should I be changing gear at every level up?

C-dizzleJust like the title says, should I be changing my gear every time I level up? Is it worth it? I just started Nightmare mode with my Wizard last night and have kept the same gear on since about the beginning of Act IV of normal mode. I seem to be doing alright on Act I - Nightmare, haven't died ye...


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