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12:20 AM
Gtx 750ti 4gb Gigabyte
....what exactly do you want us to tell you
(and honestly coming in here and just expecting us to do this work for you isn't entirely fair.)
12:41 AM
@GreenTree as far as I know these prices seem reasonable, 750 sounds old but I don't know anything about the TI series so it might be fine, ymmv, depending on what you want
So some people have asked me for a good summary of what's going on with Steam just reaming indies unless they're in the 1% of popularity. Here's my thread on it. I'll start with a disclaimer, observations, and then theories floated by devs including myself.
@Ash all stackexchange is open for questions/advice requests - people are free to ignore it for any reason they like (or just ignore). it's addressed to people who already know current prices and quality of products and this will not take a big effort for them to comment if they want. my message is not spam or trash and i'm not asking for doing my job; just put a comment on price/quality relation if you have one.
They ended up in this is fine, I directed them here, and then someone recommended pcpartpicker, I take responsibility
1:09 AM
1:21 AM
Q: Identify this 1990s-era educational game featuring kohlrabi

QuuxplusoneI have fond memories of several educational computer games from school circa 1993–1998. Possibly from MECC, but I haven't found this game on any lists of MECC games as far as I could tell. It's a simulation, similar to Hammurabi or Lemonade Stand. It did have color graphics, though; it wasn't pu...

1:34 AM
Terrifying thought: king of the hill or other Fox properties in Kingdom Hearts 4
Which will release some time around 2040
@Unionhawk But it's okay, because before than Kingdom Hearts 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 would have been released
2:06 AM
This is true
Lore Reasons: we answer your philosophical questions about Kingdom Hearts https://bit.ly/2O6j66e
3:03 AM
folks, I feel privileged to be drinking a 10 year vintage imperial stout, but also everything is bad
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4:53 AM
Q: Is there anything special if I kill Junzou the Drunkard without letting Nogami Gensai die?

senpaiDuring the Junzou the Drunkard miniboss battle there's an NPC I was able to interact with called Nogami Gensai who apparently can assist you in battle. Unfortunately I'm not very good, and by the time I get Junzou to his final hp bar, Gensai's basically dead or close to dead, meaning I don't get ...

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6:47 AM
Q: Features of Screen Printing

flatscreenprinterScreen printing (Screen shape: Flat Screen Printing Machine , rotary screen printing machine and belt screen printing machine.) is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. 1, thick ink layerTh...

7:43 AM
8:14 AM
@Lazers2.0 Spam
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9:37 AM
Q: How does someone end a game and win with less points and when their opponent still has tiles

user229069How does a game end when your opponent has more tiles to play and is the high scorer. The game ended with the low score a winner??

10:17 AM
@BunsGlazing i have
i have been compared to Moss. especially when it came to that episode they went to when they went to see a sports game
2 hours later…
12:24 PM
Marching today
12:57 PM
Reading the Verge review of the new iPad Mini
@Memor-X at work I meant
All the same specs as the larger iPad Air in a smaller size
Solid performance
**Headphone jack**
Buying one sends market signal that not all devices have to be gigantic
okay, great device fo rme
Only real issue for me is that there isn't a 128 GB model, only 64 and 256
1:56 PM
fun to receive a spam email with your own email address in the from box
probably spoofed, but still
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3:19 PM
Q: Is there a game where you can go from nothing to the ruler of that universe?

ManuelI'm kind of thinking about a RPG where you don't really follow a straight line story. Maybe kind of a MMORPG but with singleplayer and some kind of politics. Or some kind of civilization but with one character or a squad. You get what I mean...I don't care about the theme, camera view, graphics, ...

Q: How do I get rid of a miscellaneous quest objective in the journal without using setstage?

Joseph BloughI completed the quest "Drowned Sorrows" a while ago, and I recently noticed that my journal still has the miscellaneous quest objective: "Find out about Isabelle Rolaine in Winterhold." This is probably because I went straight to Hob's Fall Cave without speaking to Haran or Vex first. I've trie...

3:38 PM
Q: What's a good strategy for dealing with brambles?

Mark RogersIn the lush season of Don't Starve Hamlet some areas are filled with brambles that require the player to take damage in order to remove them. This makes it difficult to deal with other damaging situations and to flee when under attack. Is there some strategy, other than using Wormwood's Bramb...

3:57 PM
@Nzall It's amusing that headphone jack is now a low-end only feature
There, I have yelled on Twitter about Star Trek Discovery and representation and disability and such. It won't change anything but hey.
4:16 PM
Q: How can I stop Zombies spawning while letting other Mobs spawn?

JohnMy Friend plays Minecraft, and he doesn't want zombies, drowneds or husks to spawn, but he still wants other mobs to spawn. I've tried /tp @e[type=zombie] 0 -100 0 to teleport them into the void (with a repeat command block), which works initially, but then as he plays they always come back, whic...

4:27 PM
Okay, that's my Final Fantasy XIV account set up, including authenticator app
4:38 PM
welp. I overclocked some games on switch, and they run so, SO much better.
@Nzall The fact that you can play all the classes on the same character is honestly a gamechanger for me.
@Ash starts looking for Ash's twitter
has found it
It's mostly yelling about romance novels, a11y, and queer shit :)
I mean, I don't have a twitter account I use anyway so =p
Was more looking for the discovery yelling :o
4:54 PM
its the last thing I posted, the long thread
I found it already
Ah, okay :)
5:32 PM
this is just corn syrup, no?
> Please note that, due to scheduled updates, the Group Savings & Retirement VIP Room will not be available from 9:00 pm Saturday March 23rd to 6:00 pm Sunday March 24th – Eastern Daylight Time.
FFS it's tax season!
Mar 17 '18 at 18:50, by MBraedley
> Please note that, due to scheduled functional updates, the Group Savings & Retirement VIP Room will not be available from Friday, March 16th 8:30pm to Saturday, March 17th 3:00pm - Eastern Time.
Yep, they did this last year too.
At least I have the paper copy
Well shit, I thought I was going to get a lot more back this year. At least it's a refund, I guess.
6:41 PM
I love other people's kids school fundraisers
I have SO MUCH chocolate.
Q: How to access the "good" ending in Hollow Knight

Delta.10How do i access the "good" ending. I have already battled and won against the hollow knight. of course this will probably require a few spoilers to answer, but please keep your answers as spoiler free as possible.

7:07 PM
Q: How tall is the ladder?

Robert FraserIn Snake Eater, there is one ladder which is much longer than others. It occurs after the boss fight with The End, as Snake is about to enter the mountain area: In meters, feet, and game units, how large is this ladder?

7:26 PM
@Lazers2.0 Do we allow "answer this other question again, but with fewer spoilers"?
Or rather, I don't see how that's not a duplicate
woo barrows drop, that's a solid 1.9m chest
Extremely scuffed dharok kill in the crypt I should have died from not paying attention but
8:10 PM
Well this sucks. My favorite PS1 game is acting up
8:23 PM
Q: R2 not working on GTA ps4

Sabrina dayThe r2 to shoot a guns won’t work everything else does. It’s not the controller, it works fine on other games. Please help.

9:07 PM
Lots of people came, it took me 5 hours to complete the march
10:17 PM
Q: (CS:GO) My bots are broken, need help

Xtrouble835I was tinkering with bot options (botprofile.db) and now all my bots are spinning at 10000 rpm, unable to move. What happened?

@fredley so wait you participated?
I thought there was a button for that... on the dashboard
@TheMattbat999 That question is spam, trying to solve the non-existant problem they're having won't help anybody
@Wrigglenite i take it the user has done it before?
10:26 PM
No? The user is a spam account
It's made for spam
It's not a real account, or a real question
How do you know?
Do you see the link in the question? It's nothing but spam
Oh ok. I hadn't click the link
It is spam. Do not doubt it.
I see know
10:36 PM
Q: How to Appear Offline on Xbox One

Adam Starc Sign into your account and immediately hit the Xbox Home button twice -- or navigate to the left to open the shortcuts/online pane. In that menu, select your personal icon at the top. Press A to select it, then hit A to open the shortcuts. Select My Profile to open your profile information fully...

11:02 PM
How many flags does it take to delete a post, again?
usually 5
11:20 PM
Hmm shockingly late to the party but I finally got and built the LEGO Saturn V rocket and…now I have no idea where to put it 🤔
11:54 PM
@TimStone on saturn, duh lol

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