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12:12 AM
If only I had thought to call it Supermariosymmetry.
more of the one year exclusivity crap. could consider Windows Store as an exception but it's Windows Store
quite sure you don't see this with consoles
ofcause on the other hand, none of the games that are getting this one year exclusivity i care so much about that i wouldn't wait over a year for a special
but ofcause, main kicker is....
effectively DRM unless someone can personally verify with a game that requires Epic
I mean, it's not like steam games are drm free lmao (they're also not all always online but)
If you're going to offer a critique at least be consistently precise
At the end of the day I can't blame a dev going with a better split on a fairly visible storefront (more so than itch)
12:30 AM
@Unionhawk most of the ones i have brought are, the others generally require steam to start up so it having an offline cancels out it being DRM (except with the ass fuckery i'm getting with 23 games wanting to update when they are already downloaded with no more updates)
@Unionhawk oh but they're not going for that, Epic is giving them more money to be exclusive
you see it wouldn't be so bad if they were just going for the Epic Store for a better cut, but they are also signing 1 year exclusive sales. after that year it seems most will go out to the other platforms
sorta obfuscates the sales comparison data for a new release, would you make more money on Epic with the lower audience but bigger cut? or on steam with the bigger audience and smaller cut
@Unionhawk Yeah no, I can't blame the devs for going with a better split. Although who knows who's making decisions between devs and publishers, I can't blame publishers either.
Still not going to get it on Epic Store though.
Yeah cdi Zelda is real good
1:24 AM
I feel like I’ll see these when I sleep tonight
2:15 AM
Cities Skyline is free this weekend
2:40 AM
It's not that hard to do despite how intimidating the "submit for review" button is
(I'm pretty sure they don't review anything they let me hit the publish button)
note: please do not give me money I do not deserve it
AT&T, Sprint, meet Tea Mobile
I'm looking for any AM4 motherboard that would have pcie x16 ports running at x8 (> 32 lanes and four x16 physical ports to assign).
@PrivatePansy hahaha what even I love it
2:56 AM
thank you
I have the Asus ROG Strix B450 and have zero complaints.
@PrivatePansy B-b-but it's not a cart...
3:36 AM
Q: How do i find all command blocks on my server?

TroevanI opened my server and i saw that my admins created a policy and since im owner i can delete that If you were wondering the policy said 3 warns = kick 3 kicks = ban And i thought it was so dumb! I want to delete it but i cant find the command block for it! so the main question is: How do i loca...

1 hour later…
4:52 AM
@Memor-X yyyyyyyyyyikes
5:23 AM
@Ave yeh, so much red and green in places were it shouldn't be
cc @Yuuki
I was about to mention that that's the wrong part of the flower but apparently I remembered high school biology wrong and the stigma is the pollen receptor whereas the stamen produces pollen.
5:51 AM
Q: Can GTA 5 be played without updating in Steam?

ZackI don't want to update GTA 5. Can I play it without updating in steam?

United SIN-SFO has cheaper round trip than one-way tickets
6:11 AM
Q: How can I fill a block if a player has a score of 0 in an objective? (Xbox One)

M1V1PerI am making a hide and seek map and all I need to do is end the game when all hiders are eliminated. I have spent about 3 hours searching but my problem is that some PC commands don't work on Xbox One and all tutorials I found were for PC.

2 hours later…
8:25 AM
Q: Are Skylanders figures compatible with all platforms?

user229023Does anybody know whether Skylanders bought for PS3 will work on other platforms as well? Or are Skylanders platform specific?

1 hour later…
9:32 AM
@Unionhawk Also wait what this person actually has @weeble?
Q: How do I remove lingering potions

Amirhossein AbounajmiSo I placed a bunch of instant harming lingering potions in my mansion and they won’t go away. It’s not the effects that I’m worried about since I’m in creative it’s just they look really bad. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thx

10:00 AM
@fredley I like how they call someone who's 16-25 when he did this "a kid"
10:35 AM
Dungeon Siege is fun to an extent. while the introduction of it would render Mules pointless there really needs to be a Return to Town spell or devices because only on Chapter 2 and tracking back to the Stonebridge from that first underground area with all the spiders is a pain
10:47 AM
Dungeon siege is amazing, but just the first one
I tried the second one and they railroad way too much
10:58 AM
@Moacir just from what i have played of the first one it feels much the same from what i remember of the second one
The second one has like 3 characters with specific skill trees
No customization other than what they give you
While the first one allows you to be melee, ranged, magic-user, with eery character
@Moacir oh that's what you meant, i thought you was talking about the world itself
Its like.. the first one the character gets optimized on how you play it, the second one you have to optimize how you play the character
you played the third one @Moacir?
11:03 AM
@Nzall exactly my thought.
but cool model
@Memor-X I will probably get it because it is cheap
11:49 AM
'Morning' chat!
12:00 PM
"morning" @Kevin
Morning "@Kevin"
12:18 PM
Morning Bridge
Did we talk about potential new Vampire the Masquerade sequel? :o
@Kevin don't think so. i sound out from an email from Paradox and seeing it on the Epic Store when i was looking for contact info
Hmm. I own Bloodlines from a Steam sale, but never even started it
It's pretty great
I should finish that some more times
12:22 PM
What genre is it?
I've heard the name but other than that I know nothing about it.
I never played the first, but Paradox has been teasing this sequel for a while now
@InvaderSkoodge RPG
yeah, I heard that it's a great game, but I'm not sure if I should play Redemption first, and last time I tried to play it I was somewhat daunted by the prospect of installing the fan patch
It's supposed to be a really great game filled with bugs and some other issues
It's a CRPG I think
not sure if it's the right one but i heard that it was a great game if you could get passed the bugs
12:23 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Yeah RPG, old, kinda clunky in bits. But really great in hwo you could explore and everything
So a diamond in the rough
It's not really CRPG?
You don't control a party for one and it's not turn based
Yeah, but the bugs is why I want to run it with the fan patch
Like, there's a massive fan patch for the game
I don't think I ever played it with the fan patch but I did finish it once
By which I mean I explored probably 50% of the game
And there's substorylines which I want to explore the different options
Such as the vampire twin sisters one, that was great
slaps hand No, no pre-ordering >:(
Cant watch now
Is it steam?
12:29 PM
the original is available on Steam, AFAIK the sequel is another "Epic bribed us" thing
@Nzall really, because Paradox listed Steam on the game page but not Epic
I'm not sure actually, now that you say it
Looks like it's both on Steam and Epic
@Nzall good, hopefully we get some real data from it this time
Steam, paradox.com, GOG and Epic
12:49 PM
Waving goodbye to @PreachGaming Wow account for the next 31 days https://t.co/2ZwYJKV627
Long story short: a streamer abused a bug to level 6 characters to 120 during one session and got a 31 day ban
Would it take longer than 31 days to get 6 characters to 120 without abusing bugs? If so, net win!
@Nzall will the characters be deleted?
@MattE.Эллен I'm fairly sure they'll be rolled back
@Wrigglenite They'll most likely be rolled back
ok, that makes sense :D
1:01 PM
Also, I think the number is justified: he didn't just exploit the bug, he livestreamed it to thousands of viewers AND encouraged others to join him, explaining how to exploit the bug and even at some points complaining that the item he abused had a 3 second CD between uses (it was an EXP pot that would stack with itself if you used it from a different bag slot each time)
1:31 PM
Q: Failed to execute setblock as arrow

ParsaI tried to write this command but it printed an error: Field to execute 'setblock' as arrow MY COMMAND : /execute @e[type=minecraft:arrow] -10 8 18 detect ~ ~ ~ gold_block 0 setblock 0 5 0 gold_block 0

@BunsGlazing He's been attempting this run for a long, long time.
Glad he finally managed it.
Pretty crazy
Didn't he get hit by the last boss a while back or something
Think I remember hearing about that
1:48 PM
Ohhhh he only did the dark souls trilogy before
I've been so confused since I thought someone already did this a year ago, but he just did it for the dark souls games
So to clarify, @Unionhawk, "ooogg" is the sound of confusion being alleviated.
no that was the sound of me making fun of @Wipqozn
1:51 PM
Also accurate
2:10 PM
Aren't most sounds the sound of making fun of @Wipqozn?
@BunsGlazing He got pushed around by a tutorial boss he only did for meme reasons
Because it would set the boss counter to 69
Ok this is weird... I just got a haircut for the first time in 5ish years
How do I even look
With your eyes, still.
5 years?
@BunsGlazing Well usually I just shave off my hair. I'm going from bald to afro all the time. Now is the first time I've gotten an actual haircut that's not just done with a machine
And I've done that for the past 5-7 years iirc
2:26 PM
Update on morning headaches, I also get some head pain when I cough.
@Jutschge wait, am I misunderstanding you, or did you just imply you're black?
Because you say afo
Because if so, I didn't know you're black
@Nzall Jewfro*
ah, okay
This might sound weird to ask, but do we actually have any black people in this chatroom? I know we have a couple of people from Asia, but AFAIK I think most people in here are from white European descent
I wonder if there needs to be a minecraft SE judging by all the questions about it :D
You are not the first person to wonder that, but we have conclusively decided that no, there doesn't.
2:37 PM
@Smock Ignoring [tag:minecraft*] should more or less get rid of all of it.
I will try that :E
Having a separate Minecraft SE would not fix anything. the problem isn't as much that there are a lot of questions, but rather that there are a lot of low quality questions
Yeah, a separate Minecraft.SE would just be exporting all the issues, not solving them.
yeah, and the issues are pretty much unsolvable because there is a dissonance between what we expect from new users and what new users actually do
thanks Frank - that's grayed out 2/3 of the question page haha! (i might just hide them completely)
2:45 PM
@Smock if you're not active in the tag it's almost required tbh
Huh, apparently the devs of Phoenix Point approached Epic about becoming exclusive rather the other way around.
3:01 PM
Exclusivity sucks
it's really annoying to have to use 5+ different launchers to play the games you want
and they all want to start with windows too ¬_¬
Sure, but I'm interested in the difference between Epic approaching devs to become exclusive and devs going to Epic and offering to be exclusive.
I remember a golden age where you could just install your game and play it, without the need for extra software running in the background
I'm honestly not too sure how I feel about the Epic launcher situation
As far as I know, Phoenix Point was already funded and even hit a number of stretch goals.
maybe they wanted more of a cut of the sales
3:05 PM
@Smock This was also the time when games had invasive DRM, you could lose your game if the CD broke and you lost your progress if you bought a new computer unless you found how to transfer the saves over
So it's not as if the devs were hard up for money to pay for distribution or anything.
the whole steam split situation sucks too though because like,
only a few of them had invasive DRM
isn't it a better split for AAAs for some reason?
or something like that? after x sales?
IIRC it was the time of code wheels and looking up words in instruction books
now that was DRM
well, copy protection
3:07 PM
@Unionhawk yeah, if you surpassed X millions in sales dollars, you got 25%, and at some point it goes to 20
@MattE.Эллен Instruction books printed on dark red paper so they couldn't be photocopied
Asking which of these 4 men hasn't been jailed yet and the answer being OJ Simpson
Oh wait, I'm mixing up with Trivial Pursuit
@Nzall Date and time, I suppose.
Leisure Suit Larry had an age verification system asking questions ostensibly only an adult would know, like sports. One of the questions was "OJ Simpson is..." and a wrong answer was "Under Indictment". OJ Simpson was the defendant of a VERY high profile murder trial a couple years later
I mean, that's also wrong now
just not for a period of time in the 90s
or 00s I forget it doesn't matter
3:17 PM
The Trivial Pursuit thing was "Who has never played Batman?", and the options were Adam West, George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Christian Bale
It was before your time anyway
"Under indictment" is different from being jailed though.
Yeah, I just misremembered it
> Danny Trejo to voice Boots in live-action Dora the Explorer
3:21 PM
damn Baptiste is goood
I mean, he also appeared in Spy Kids, so it's not the first time he's acting in a children's show
Benecio del Toro is playing Swiper.
Dammit, I should know better than to click links on Friday
3:35 PM
@Ronan mmmm nostalgia
I just remember serial codes and the only check done on them is a) is it valid (some math or something probably) and b) are you not using the same one as another person you're connected with via MP
@Dragonrage Literally listened to this all the way through to drown out Brexit
@Kevin I imagine that would probably be good enough for most cases, the checking people you're connected to part I mean
Most of the time yeah
same here Kevin
Obviously there was a time when you had to stick a disk in and boot to it which sucked
I guess the launchers are effectively DRM
3:49 PM
I wonder, there's keygens, some of which produced rather a lot of keys (some had like 5 it displayed in a loop) I wonder if anyone ever wrote down how the key generation worked
which makes it annoying when you have a launcher AND a game with heavy invasive DRM that installs root kits
@fredley this is amazing but I find it weird they call him a kid when he is 25
@Kevin yes, this is actually a thing
well, dunno if it's a thing for actual commerical things
Documentation of the algorithm used?
but there's people who post explanations and keygens for keygenmes
3:57 PM
I've found one thing:
Q: How are software license keys generated?

rookLicense keys are the defacto-standard as an anti-piracy measure. To be honest, this strikes me as (in)Security Through Obscurity, although I really have no idea how license keys are generated. What is a good (secure) example of license key generation? What cryptographic primitive (if any) are the...

er, crackme
The rumors are true, I finally can tell you I am a monkey...Boots!!! Don’t miss the @DoraMovie trailer this Saturday 3/23, debuting live during the @Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards! #DoraMovie
@Ash I don't why I'm cc'ing you but I am in absolute awe of this movie now.
Especially after finding out that Benecio del Toro is playing Swiper.
@Ave I'll check it out when not at work =p
@Ash He was a kid when he started!
@Yuuki I don't know but I feel like I need to watch it
@fredley I suppose so but it is still weird
4:04 PM
@fredley more commonly called a teenager
@Ash Someone came up with a parody scene based on the stereotype of roles Trejo and del Toro usually play.
Q: Game boy color Legend of Zelda: oracle of seasons cartridge misprint?

Kati RamirezI've had this game since I was a kid, but I can not seem to find this same version "French" anywhere online. It is not written on there with a marker. This is how the game originally came. The game is not in French, and I do not know if this is a misprint or some edition I can not find anywhere. ...

@Yuuki I'd watch this
this seems pretty fun. playing now
Okay yeah this is a cool game
4:24 PM
@Yuuki cc: @Sterno
Reddit generally has really dumb ideas for movies unless it's absurdist comedy.
Some (seriously) proposed stuff on /r/MarvelStudios literally makes me cringe.
But the absurdist humor stuff tends to be good.
cc @Ash
(There's sound)
@Yuuki 10/10 would watch
4:54 PM
@Yuuki This is awesome.
Q: What makes a building classify as a house for villagers in 1.14

John MyersI was building a village and wondered why villagers interacted with certain building but not others, e.g. they entered the library I built by not the church. I have been told that a bed and a door makes the building a house but I’m starting to question my knowledge of this. Please help.

Q: Ways to apply bleed effect?

Shelby115What ways are there to apply bleed effect to enemies? I've been thinking about the synergy between the two talents: Knee Cap Leg shots have a chance to apply a bleed to the enemy. Sadist +20% weapon damage to bleeding targets. Are there other ways to apply bleed?

5:42 PM
Q: My iron golem farm will not spawn golems

Buu jr I checked all reqirements 21 doors 15 villigers and 16x16x 6 high but it spawned iron golems when i was trying to make a villiger breeder

6:40 PM
Q: How to counteract the stage 5 boss spinning?

GuyIn Contra III: The Alien Wars the Stage 5 boss (I believe called Scorpellum?) is a giant immobile alien in the middle of the screen, but all of the ground around him rotates. In videos like this, this, this and this the player is able to counteract the spinning ground while on Hard difficulty so...

6:59 PM
Q: Can I still be respawned if I die by falling off the map?

BadelineI've been playing Apex Legends for a while, but apparently I still need more practice because I keep making a very newbish mistake: falling off the map. I'm usually trying to jump over a ledge to get cover during an intense fight, and don't realize that the ledge is actually a leathal cliff. My t...

7:10 PM
April Fools' is coming up...
Oh, that's just awful. :(
Like I get the adults think it's funny, but the poor kids
Speaking as a former child, parental-inflicted trauma is a natural part of growing up.
Much like "Die Hard is the best Christmas movie", the phrase "Pokemon Snap is my favorite rail shooter" is a statement that makes me sit back and think for quite awhile.
@Ash Right?
My kids would freak out if they thought they broke my bones
7:26 PM
@Yuuki I....huh.
@SaintWacko That's pretty much what my face did.
7:53 PM
I'm not certain I could do that to my kids. My eldest still hasn't watched Ratatouille because he can't get past the part where Remy gets separated from his dad.
Q: Where can I find Euro Truck Simulator 2's document folder on mac please?

Br10ski_90I cant find the euro truck simulator 2 documents folder into library support on mac and either from the stream , could you please help me thanks a lot ..

8:07 PM
@Yuuki Man I sure hope one of those Labo VR games is a new Pokemon Snap
Next death battle is positively Marvelous
Captain Marvel vs Captain Marvel
Q: How to reach the planets core in Astroneer?

mabuI started playing Astroneer again but I‘m unable to find the last teleportation point somewhere near the planets core. I searched like dozens of caves without success. How do I find it? Is it entombed?

Q: Does the <developermodeon> command in The Forest disable Steam achievements permanently?

mabuIf you type developermodeon in the title screen of The Forest the console is enabled. Does this disable earning achievements during the game? Even if I turn it off again? Somehow I don‘t receive anymore achievements. However, I started a new game. Maybe I‘ve missed something. Sorry if this is a ...

8:34 PM
Q: How to resolve PS4-controller issues in Steep on Windows?

mabuI‘m using a Dualshock controller with my Windows gaming computer. In this post I described how this is done and it also represents my current setup. However, while this works just fine with most of my games it doesn‘t with Steep! Sometimes the game won’t recognize or would just loose connection w...

user image
cc @fredley
@Yuuki giggles
9:24 PM
I just opened a fun-sized Life Savers Gummies packet and it's 85% red.
And the other 15% is pink.
9:58 PM
Put my personal Netflix on the new tv in the break room at work.. hopefully nothing goes wrong
Nobody here has seen The IT Crowd 😫
10:26 PM
I'm poring over material on techniques for countering offers. Such a different mindset.
@Yuuki Neither of those flavours are very good
Q: Festival of Time Secrets

LegomanIn The Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask, there is a piece of art found during the Grandmother side quest that sheds a bit of information on the past history of Termina. https://i.imgur.com/OYiCy34.png Clearly this depicts the Festival of Time, the wondrous carnival held every year in celebration of...

> 5 flavors
It was, omg
it should say "5 potential flavours of which you better just get used to cherry okay"
10:47 PM
There. Email sent.
It was the more professional equivalent of, "Too low. Do better."
11:08 PM
Q: Name of a certain NES/SNES game?

hydroperDoes anyone know a NES/SNES game with 'deers and holes through grass'? Specially, when you fall into a hole, a kind of viking person is forking the player character (what sounds weird).

Q: Bug with multiplayer, alliances and emergency wars that only affects planes?

ShanNot sure if there is some weird mechanic I'm missing here, but we are playing local multiplayer vs AI and after I took a city state there was a World Congress to condemn me, which passed and declared a city state emergency, and then on the next turn, after everyone declared war on me (I have a lo...

11:19 PM
I should finally clear out some of my pending to read tabs huh
I only have 5 but
oh, that's just single digits, you're fine
Yeah, pssh
retro pls :(
11:47 PM
Q: I need help finding a mimic

Alonzo WarnerI can6 find a mimic in terria for the life of me could some one help me I only have adamite gear. I also on Xbox 360

hi again.
today I have almost done with buying stage for my setup, it will consist of:

asrock fatal1ty x370 gaming x ~ $123, two years warranty.
Ryzen 3 1200 ~ $61, used
GOODRAM IR-2400D464L15S/8G и IR-2400D464L15S/4G). 12Gb DDR4 2400MHz ~$55, used, lifetime warranty from manufacturer
Gtx 750ti 4gb ~ $62, used
all shipments are around $8
total $309

for next 14 day I will able to return purchased items without a big loss, so now I'm looking for some critical eye on price/quality relation - did not have time to go deeply into this. thanks.

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