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6:00 PM
sigh i'll never finish Mass Effect 3
@badp Also, simply putting the URL in the affiliation doesn't add it to the contributions. You have to follow a link such as the one I posted to affiliate it with us here. Or a partner widget can be put on the main page that would do the same thing.
6:13 PM
@GnomeSlice I don't know what it should look like.
@RonanForman Ah, okay, well, I can maybe come up with something then.
@RonanForman Do you want me to use your cabinet model?
@GnomeSlice If you want to.
That could be tricky, since I don't know how to apply textures and adjust them in blender.
But you clearly put a lot of work into it, it's great.
@GnomeSlice I think I've UV mapped it.
Just FYI, even though I put arqade.com in as my site, it must traverse the links because it attributed the donation to gaming.stackexchange.com. Either way, huzzah for a great charity. — Peter Grace 4 hours ago
6:15 PM
@RonanForman Oh you have? Excellent. Dunno how to get to those settings in Blender, but I can probably figure it out.
@GnomeSlice Change the workspace to texturing.
I know nothing about creating textures for 3D though.
@RonanForman Doesn't really help me without textures.
And we need the logo, to go on the cabinet art.
What would be really cool, would be if we could change the cabinet art for each screen, depending on what game was in the video.
But we don't have a budget so...
Guh, I guess I should work on the logo some more.
@GnomeSlice I'll stop complaining and try again.
@RonanForman I can do it if you want man, but if you want to give it a shot, it doesn't need to be super fancy. Make sure to leave space for the logo to be added to the texture.
Just go for like... a bright colour or something with some decals on it.
6:25 PM
@RonanForman if @Jin is okay with it, maybe you can use some of the little spacemen, explosions, pixelly things from the site as the decals.
@RonanForman @GnomeSlice i think that sounds fine. i'd love to see it when it's done!
@Jin @Jin, by the way, did you see the three proposal community logos I posted in here?
@GnomeSlice i missed it
i think u should design another ship
6:30 PM
I only really like the third one.
something that looks from "the same universe" as the main arqade one
i don't think you have to take "arqade/arcade" literally
The third one is really rough, that is supposed to be an arcade cabinet.
i tried that first with the logo/site design, didn't work out
@Jin Yeah, I know.
@Jin Have you seen the like reminder I made?
6:31 PM
@Jin Oh? Do you still have any of the 'failures' on hand?
@RonanForman no? pastey please!
@GnomeSlice no...
@Jin Ah... that's too bad, woulda been cool to see them.
@GnomeSlice some of the concepts didn't even make it to illustrator
I really need to work on remembering to draw stuff on paper first.
But I can't draw for shit.
i wanted to make the site header an "indoor arcade" theme, like row of cabinets etc
but then we need the open empty space for the header, for site take over designs for game promos
so the default space theme actually worked out perfectly
also i didn't want the header look too busy.
6:33 PM
@Jin for the community video animation, my best possible vision plan involves a streetcorner arcade (live video) with a large, comic-book style name (arqade) followed by some cool camera flight into and around the interior arcade before lining up on the 3d modeled cabinet with the video in it.
But yeah. I need like a hollywood-grade effects studio for that, not to mention cinematography.
I've got some other ideas kicking around but I need a logo.
I have a idea that's quite minimal.
@RonanForman I've got some more minimal ones too, that one was just my dream. But lets hear it.
In case anyone has noticed yet, I've been joining the room at work today just so I could tortoise swoosh with Ronan's image.
Speaking of which...
@Wipqozn I hate you so much
6:40 PM
@RonanForman hmm YT vids are locking up my machine today for some reason
@Jin You using Chrome?
@GnomeSlice yeah
@Jin That's a bug in Chrome, youtube videos sometimes crash it.
i just updated the flash player lastnight, it's been acting weird
affects my G+ hangout too
@Jin Chrome locks up on youtube for everyone, sometimes.
6:45 PM
Q: How to prevent slimes from spawning in certain area's

Saif BechanI am building a slime farm and I am thinking of ways to stop slimes from spawning at certain areas. Basically above each spawning level I have a 2-block high are where I do my lighting. It looks like this: To be clear I am not standing on the roof of the spawning area. There are a lot of spo...

don't know if you guys saw my comments or not, the diablo contest shirts will have the name of Arqade instead of gaming.se
found out they haven't started the shirt production yet, so i sent them an updated design file.
@RonanForman How do I switch to texturing mode?
Is this an SE 2.0 site?
7:03 PM
@Fluttershy what's up?
Or whatever they were called.
Well, is it?
I thought all of the SE 2.0 sites got shut down?
@GnomeSlice that's not stack exchange. that's an open source clone of stack exchange.
lol @ real money auction house..
scroll down to the bottom and you'll see it's "powered by qato"
@agent86 I thought there were sites like draw 3 cards that used the API or something.
7:07 PM
all the upgrades i need are over $200
@agent86 Ah... hah.
@Jin I'm sure people sell them, too.
@Jin the RMAH is open?
@agent86 yep
@GnomeSlice I think that's another open source clone. there are sites that leverage the API, though.
@Jin and people are willing to pay $200 for a bit of gear? lolwut
there may be some rogue SE1.0 sites out there
but you pretty much can tell if a site is an official SE site or not
@agent86 well, they're listed for that high, i'm not sure if people will actually buy them
7:08 PM
@agent86 Isn't it one of the SE 2.0 sites?
I'm pretty sure it is.
Or whatever it was called.
Wasn't there a bunch of sites made at one point using the API, and then SE later decided they didn't like that?
draw3cards.com is a SE1.0 site
Prices are always going to be high to start until people figure out what others are willing to pay.
The gold auction house is the same way.
@Jin I would totally sell at that price. Not buy, mind you, but I'd sell!
@agent86 me too! i'd sell my DH...
for one milliiioon dollaz
i lvled up a wiz alt lastnight, it was so much fun
i was pretty much in perma archon mode in the maps leading up to azmo
I can't figure out my 3DS max student license.
I should probably get to know Blender, this license will expire in a couple of years.
7:13 PM
FWIW, I hovered over "Invalid"
@TylerShads ...Hello?
Oh did that get deleted?
@PeterGrace Esp with him, I just delete and yell at him
I decided to hide all Gnome's posts while I'm at work.
7:14 PM
@GnomeSlice yup, someone loves you.
@PeterGrace Why? They deleted my thing. =[
@StrixVaria doesn't help when you get flags
@GnomeSlice flaggyflagflag
@StrixVaria Come on, I don't post NSFW stuff any more.
@GnomeSlice Just remember though, if the wrong blue gets to it first, you can get a chat-ban instead of a deleted message
Whether one would consider it NSFW or not, I'm not sure why non-sequitur images of an underage Emma Watson in a seductive pose needs to be posted here
7:18 PM
@TylerShads Why isn't that the default?
@GnomeSlice It is for marking it valid. I be nice and delete/edit and mark invalid so that you don't get a ban. If you'd like, I can chat-ban you.
@MarkTrapp Okay, yeah, that might have been nsfw. But she's 22, hardly underage.
@TimStone It was Andariel's Visage
Ergh, I don't feel like trying to teach myself blender...
But I should.
@StrixVaria as is evidenced by the legendary helm I sold last night for 6.5 million gold
7:21 PM
lol error 37 the game.
@spugsley You should've waited till today when the RMAH opened
@OrigamiRobot I had no idea that was starting today and I'm not even sure if I want to deal with all that drama
@GnomeSlice What happened to that tutorial I linked you to?
ah did the new design just go live?
@RonanForman I see it, it's just going to take some time. It was just a link to the blender tutorial index.
7:28 PM
@GnomeSlice It's the sphere next to where it says edit or object mode.
@spugsley Which helm?
@StrixVaria andariel's visage
@spugsley i want that...
but too bad it has no crit%
@RonanForman 'texture paint'?
@GnomeSlice No, the option next to it.
7:29 PM
@RonanForman I mean you want me to pick 'texture paint' right?
I see the dropdown.
@GnomeSlice No, use the dropdown next to where it says edit or object mode.
@spugsley Dex?
I am wearing an Andariel's Visage that I found a few days ago.
@RonanForman That says brush. You're talking about the little icon next to the listed mode right?
If I can sell it for that much, though, I might be persuaded to part with it.
@StrixVaria idk? I sold it already
7:35 PM
refresh chat too
hit Ctrl-F5
@TheArqade, The Stack Exchange network
A Q&A site for passionate videogamers on all platforms
3.5k tweets, 188 followers, following 194 users
I like the change :)
I wonder if this works
7:37 PM
Yeah, I'll have to take some time to go through the blender tutorials at some point.
@Jin why did you change the old design for this one? It's so much more bland...
room topic changed to The BriQAde: General Chat Room for Arqade.com. The main quarters of Arqade's SEI AskQuestion Mothership, wherein we aim our LAZERS and LASERS at arqade cabinets and fancy new spaceship logos. [arqade] [jin-fanclub] [lazers]
@RonanForman Oh. Other side of it. I don't even remember what I was looking for, what does it do?
@GnomeSlice it's not that much different
7:38 PM
@GnomeSlice Changes texture, from textured, to solid, bounding box etc.
It's all blue now, I liked the old black and grey theme.
@GnomeSlice with upcoming site takeover game promotions we'll do, i think it's better to have the side areas opened up too.
There isn't even a C in bridge!
RIP Gaming Heart. I shall miss you!
@Jin For some reason it loads for me as a white background.
7:39 PM
@AshleyNunn Same
@Jin What have you done to meta?
@AshleyNunn Try refreshing your cache
Refresh, did that for me the first time too.
@AshleyNunn that was my bad. i forgot to put a cache breaker code
@FAE ?
7:40 PM
i have since put in a cache breaker code, it will be in the next prod build
@AshleyNunn Just try refreshing.
@AshleyNunn shift+f5
i always forget to cache break... fml
Ew, Meta is unreadable.
@GnomeSlice I did like 5 times
7:40 PM
@AshleyNunn ctrl + f5?
@Jin we <3 you anyhow.
@GnomeSlice Oh, no.
@RonanForman hard refresh. we're doing another prod build soon.. hopefully it will fix it
7:40 PM
@badp Mine looks like that too, on meta.
@FAE Ah. I dont know what that does but it is better now. :D Pretty!
i need a csssss intern. so i can blame him
So what are we doing with twitter? @StackGaming or @ArqadeCommunity?
I actually saw the new design on meta before I did on the site
@Jin My favicon is still a heart, is that supposed to be like that?
7:41 PM
@stackgaming has been renamed to @thearqade
Meta looks better than the main site, in my opinion.
It's closer to the old site design.
Just here to register my disgust at the new room name - @badp (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@FAE it's possible your chrome cached it. chrome has problem updating new favicons for some reason
@Jin I meant for our twitter.
twitter.com/#!/TheArqade Doesn't have a page.
7:42 PM
@Jin I don't use chrome but I'll keep that in mind
@Jin Is there any way to force it to change, like how I did that ctrl+f5 thing??
@AshleyNunn You can clear your cache manually.
go to that url, and hard refresh
then go back to the site, hard refresh again.. see if that updates it
@ThomasMcDonald It's temporary :P
7:43 PM
@AshleyNunn Ctrl + H to open up the history, then do 'clear history' or something and check 'clear cache' when it shows up.
How else are you gonna cram QA in Bridge!
I feel like such a noob XD
@badp Oh god... I see what you did there.
Also is the new domain gonna redirect all the time?
at any rate I think you'll find it easier to forgive me for 'BriQAde' then you'll find it to forgive me for this:
7:45 PM
We have a BriQAde now?
@badp snorts that's special.
@spugsley :o
Oh. I thought it was based on a Brigade.
Q: What are the XP levels for units in Civ 5?

Adam SIs there a table or formula to specify what the XP "steps" are for units in Civilization 5? For example, if a unit will receive +30 XP from military buildings, how can I tell what level it will be?

@GraceNote I presumed the same
7:45 PM
@GraceNote I thought that was the intention?
@RonanForman How long did it take you to get proficient in Blender?
Oh no, it looks like the line height (or something) in the Community bulletin is different on meta and the main site. grabs torch and pitchfork
@GnomeSlice No idea, I dipped in and out of it for a bit.
I love the redesign and I don't care if I am the only one ever but it makes me a happy happy Ashleybean.
@AshleyNunn the $check is in the mail...
I miss the old design... @Jin, can you make it so you can pick a theme?
7:48 PM
@badp ...
@Jin laughs Seriously, though, awesomesauce job.
@AshleyNunn to be honest, redesigning a popular site is much harder than designing a new SE site..
@Jin I can imagine.
I'll like the new design if it'll fully load
people are attached to what they're familiar with. nothing wrong with that.
7:49 PM
@Jin so that you're not overwhelmed by haters, I am also a fan :)
@Jin I can see how that might be the case. A lot of expectations and attachment.
I hope I'll never be asked to redesign Stack Overflow.. I may be lynched
@Jin I love a new design as much as the next guy. I actually really liked the Diablo III design.
@TimStone I know right!
@Jin Didn't you already get lynched for it?
7:50 PM
the challenge with the Arqade re-branding design is that, it's more than just giving it a different look
@GraceNote Will the domain continue to redirect to gaming.stackexchange?
it needs to "feel" the same, so it's not a completely foreign site.
Also, I don't even see that it's a major change from our previous aesthetic anyway.
@TimStone hey, we gotta celeQAte!
@ThomasMcDonald Yes
7:50 PM
also, i have to think how versatile the new design is for the frequent site take over designs I do.
I not sure of the point then.
@Jin The main theme .related a uses line-height: 1.3!important; whereas the meta theme uses line-height: 14px!important, resulting in a 1 pixel height difference. I trust you'll fix this grave injustice with extreme prejudice and haste.
and I definitely don't want to "move too much cheese"
So we're now the Arqade community on most sites, although the URL for facebook is still StackGaming unfortunately.
@TimStone thanks. i'll fix now
7:51 PM
My hero!
@Jin cheese?
I see you also fore... forewent (?) the change of font in the tabs
Admittedly I think I'd prefer it if the background was just a slightly darker shade of blue...but meh, that's just nitpicking.
@Jin Do you have twitter?
@Jin What do you mean?
7:52 PM
I actually think that's mostly due to the green tabs on blue background.
omg i'm linking yahoo answer! plz don't tell my employers!
ah okay, reading through the meta stuff
@GnomeSlice site take over designs, e.g. ME3, Diablo3 contest etc
Oh, the reps number on the main site is also now not bold
@Jin keeps it a secret forever
7:54 PM
@Jin I meant, what do you mean 'more versatile'?
We're not actually getting a new domain, we're just getting a branded SE like Ask Different. So I misunderstood.
http://Arqade.com has fully undergone it's revamp, thanks @Jzy for the shorter URL and all the mess you've caused for YouTube etc.
Apparently there are two font-weight delcarations in .reputation-score
needs moar Q
@ThomasMcDonald Precisely (the former, not going to comment on misunderstanding since that'd be judging and mean)
7:55 PM
@RonanForman You want me to contact facebook and see if I can get the URL changed for the facebook group?
@TimStone i put in a fix, will be in the next prod build
@Jin If you're not busy, can you make a community logo for us at some point?
@GnomeSlice sure.
@Jin Thanks! See the note above about the font weight on the main site reps too, if you've got a second.
Mine are fairly rubbish. Thanks.
7:56 PM
btw @Jin... the blog? :P
@badp i knew I forgot something...
i really like that one actually...
@Jin That's the same as the site logo. Are we allowed to use it?
officially, it's not "the logo" but it's a fan version of it
so i can think it'd be ok
You can't even read ti.
you can go ahead use it, unless I hear otherwise
7:57 PM
@Jin I dunno, I don't think the community copyright team would enjoy that
@Jin You can't read it, hah. Also... yeah, that.
they wouldn't if it was a trademark
@badp They came after us for the red heart, remember?
that's 31×31, right @Jin?
I'll need to change it to 32×32 for all practical purposes, I'll just pad it
I don't really think we should use that one, it's illegible.
7:59 PM
@GraceNote Why not redirect the domain though? Not trying to be negative, I'm just curious.
you don't have to use that exact logo.
I could try making this design actually look nice.
oh it's actually 33×33

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