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10:00 PM
@Krazer I believe so, yeah.
@Wipqozn I feel like we've been closing them without pity or remorse or fear but are there handy links for precedent?
@Wipqozn I might know what the issue is... care to humor me for a bit?
This is the only meta topic we have even talking about game music
Q: Do questions about game soundtrack (lyrics etc.) belong here?

ExtrakunFor instance, I'm intrigued by the lyrics in the song "Sorceresses" in the Witcher 2 game and would like to know what it means. Is this the right place to ask?

@Krazer sure.
but that's not the same thing at all
@Wipqozn go to the directory where you have the Steam installed
10:02 PM
@Krazer there
@Wipqozn then hit up the folder called "userdata" then "~SOME NUMBER~" and then "config"
@Wipqozn do you see a file called: localconfig.vdf ?
@MarkTrapp I don't think banning means we ban all things that ask for identification. I don't think that this question shares the problems of ITG, for instance
@Krazer Yes.
10:05 PM
@Wipqozn make a copy of it before we continue.
@agent86 Nobody said that, but if you want to have that argument, ITG was banned because of problems arising from trying to use SE as a guessing game. It's ban is fixing a larger problem, it's not in itself the problem. So while banning ITG doesn't necessarily entail banning all identification questions, identification questions should be banned because they all suck.
I also don't think it's a gaming problem.
@MarkTrapp so under what clause are we closing questions asking for other types of identification?
Just because the song is in a video game doesn't mean this falls into the scope of gaming.
10:06 PM
@Wipqozn open up localconfig.vdf in notepad
@Wipqozn it's as much a problem as identifying anything else, be it terminology, music, etc
@Krazer ew. I'll use notepad++ instead.
@agent86 Under the "we're not a game show" clause
Jeff Atwood on February 29, 2012

We’ve observed a particular pattern of questions emerging on several Stack Exchange sites.

All these questions are effectively guessing games.

I remember myself playing this a bit childish, but in some ways awesome game, where you control a tank, and can pick up and stack turrets (and maybe something else) from enemy tanks you kill. Maybe they also had different platforms (and if it’s one with wheels then technically it’s not a tank, but hey). It was around 2000 (or maybe even earlier) and the game had 3D graphics. …

oh nifty
all my friendws are in this file
10:08 PM
@MarkTrapp identifying a track used in a game is not guessing; there's a single correct answer, and it's something we can provide with authority
@Wipqozn either one is fine. Find ‘Steam2Ticket’ and remove it along with the long hexadecimal number that follows it.
then save the file.
"who are the voice actors in diablo 3?" is a similar question
(which has been asked)
@Krazer also, I tested before doing this, and I can't even connect to the master server anymore.
So we might not know if this fixes the problem for awhile
Deleted and saved
@Wipqozn can you elaborate on what you've wrought?
@Krazer As in when I try to retrieve the server list, it says "Can not connect to master server"
So the servers could be down right now, meaning we won't be able to confirm if this worked for awhile
10:11 PM
for instance:
Q: Name of the song in Purgatory?

Fredy31I could stay for hours in the purgatory bar in the citadel just to listen to the music. What's the name of that song, so I can put it on my iPod; on repeat.

I know, for a fact, that the answer I provided was correct. it's the single answer to the question. I can go there in the game and listen to the song, and then go to the youtube video and hear the same thing. I can look at the track listing on the game's soundtrack and see the name
as far as on/off topic, it's as on topic as "what does ryu say when he does his spinning whirlwind kick"
@Wipqozn well want to work on your firewall while you wait? :P
yeah, it's gaming trivia to an extent, but now we're back around to the same argument I made about memes and so forth
@Krazer Is there anything else I need to do with the steam2ticket thing?
I agree that we shouldn't play guessing games, but there are "identify" questions that aren't asking for guesses or don't require guessing.
Because the answer to your second question is "No." I've just spent the entire weekend at work, so I'd like to play a game or two, not play around with firewalls :P
I really appreciate the help though
10:14 PM
@Wipqozn nothing really, since you made a backup
this has probably been posted already, and it's kind of a retread of the comic valve released between games, but still it's awesome
@Krazer Okay. So the next time I start a game, steam should rnotice I lack that line and replace it?
@Wipqozn would you like any help with you work :P I have sometime and I don't want to end up on diablo 3 again xD
@Krazer nope. I'm not going to think about work for the next 12 hours.
@Wipqozn it should automatically add itself after you restart steam
10:16 PM
hmm, more diablo 3, or should I crash on the couch and play some Eden?
eh, who am I kidding. we all know I'm going to play more diablo :P
@agent86 Eden on the couch~!
@Krazer too late! maybe after dinner :P
@agent86 what's for dinner? ;9
@Wipqozn I have something you can think about....
user image
is it bad that I bought my demon hunter a 2mil gold chest piece that has the same stats as my old chest? for pure cosmetic reason..
@Krazer quiche I think.
10:26 PM
Yay, the site design is back to normal!
@Jin did you have a lot more than 2 mil worth of gold?
Oh, and so it is.
also, you should have given me the 2 mil and then I would have more gold. There's no real benefit to you, except the warm fuzzy feeling inside.
@agent86 and donate the other chest to a community coffer for all of use to share.
@agent86 yes
but i'm poor now. gave a coworker one mil gold today
10:29 PM
i should quit my day job 'n start farming diablo gold!
@Krazer Why would someone do that?
@GnomeSlice Because MLP and Portal are awesome.
Independantly, sure. Together? ...Hm.
I don't see it.
Bronies like to splash ponies with anything. Anything.
10:34 PM
@GnomeSlice looks delish.
and I just realized I'm hungry.
@GnomeSlice you can never have enough pony~
@Krazer I'm not a fan of the pony thing.
well lets change the topic to something unpony-centrtic
like tanks
@Krazer pony tanks?
Actually, lol, my gravatar is Tank.
10:49 PM
@Wipqozn What a nice turtle.
I like flight mode better.
11:04 PM
Max Payne 3 is perhaps a too cutscene heavy, but otherwise a good game
11:50 PM
Why did I just earn a Necromancer badge for this:
A: When do mobs despawn in Minecraft?

John the GreenFrom the EntityAnimal class in EntityAnimal.java: protected boolean canDespawn() { return false; } This should apply to all passive mobs. (I checked, they all extend the EntityAnimal class.) Wolves however are interesting: protected boolean canDespawn() { return !isWolfTamed(); } ...

I didn't get 9+ upvotes in an hour.
Hmm...that's odd. I just had the same exact rare drop twice a few yards from each other.
@John It was merged in from another question.
@TimStone I thought it was missing a checkmark...
Q: What is the final word on page 47?

Pieter888I'm trying to finish the "Annoying Challenge". For those who don't it, it's an internet riddle, you only get a few hints and you will have to come up with an answer, the riddles are very nerd-related. Some geek-knowledge is required. Right now I'm stuck on question 6. The first hint is a piece o...

Q: Diablo 3 - Weapon damage based abilities

SerodisI am confused a little bit about weapon-damage based abilities. My minimum weapon damage for my barbarian is 1066. If I use Weapon Throw (which damages "for 100% weapon damage"), I will hit for around 15,000 damage. Based on this little bit of information, and the tool-tip supplied by Diablo, the...

It used to be on this question. Interesting that it considers it valid for that badge when the answers were merged in, hmm.
@TimStone Indeed.... I'm glad I didn't lose my 15 points, though. :P
11:53 PM
@Lazers Off-topic, anyone?
@YiJiang I think the general consensus is that we allow brower based games.... But since it's a trivia game, I'd say yes.
@Fluttershy IT looks more like an scavenger hunt
Man, I have had a fantastic day. Woo, I say, woo!
@FAE How come?
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