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12:00 AM
@MBraedley oh nooooo
Oh my gosh, my GoFundMe is halfway already. I can't believe it.
12:19 AM
Q: Is it possible to change villager trades?

Ded TurtleI'm trying to make a custom world/map that allows you to trade concrete powder. Since this is not a trade normal villagers trade, I will need to find some way to do it. Note that my goal is to change villager trades globally, not just adding a new villager with custom trades. It might be kind of ...

12:32 AM
new gem from @nislatr: "In his traditional form, el caganer is dressed in the homespun garb of a Catalan peasant, with a jaunty red barretina on his head and his trousers around his ankles, his naked ass hanging out for all the world to see." https://www.currentaffairs.org/2018/12/why-this-shitting-peasant-is-the-christmas-symbol-we-need-today
12:54 AM
Reporter: Can we get a statement about your line of bicycles? Man: Don't ask me - I just make the inside of the wheels. Reporter: But it says here that you're the company spokespers-- oh.
/cc @Yuuki
1:11 AM
@TimStone Man: oh. shit they must have given me the job after the last guy resigned and i was the only person in the room
@TimStone facepalm
2:40 AM
Pit discovered Splatoon's morbid lore and it has staggering implications for Smash Bros. as a whole
(thread up and down with all kinds of details)
(with, odd threading that picks back up here: twitter.com/TristanACooper/status/1072331159068123137?s=19 )
@Unionhawk Does this show up in the game?
Oh, I see in the replies, it's a taunt easter egg thing
3:07 AM
Q: Searching for a game name

David LeeI have been searching for the name of a game i played when i was in school (like 18 years ago), i tried googling with the characteristics that i remember but nothing comes up, tried checking list of screenshots too. What i remember is: In the start screen i could choose between 3 games First on...

3:25 AM
@TimStone hue
3:39 AM
@Riker the next level in Labbo
2 hours later…
6:07 AM
@Memor-X transform: translateX(-20px)
6:45 AM
7:44 AM
Q: Where can I find a list of the new item types introduced since 3.0.0?

FedericoWhen 3.0.0 was being released, I found myself with much less time on my hands, so I had to stop following and playing PoE. I recently started playing again, but I see that all the new mechanics that found their way into Standard are completely new to me and, for example, I was missing the possib...

1 hour later…
8:59 AM
Morning chat
9:32 AM
Q: How many houses can I buy?

David YellSo far I have found a purchased two houses, one near the festival and one on the coast. How many purchasable properties are available for me to buy?

9:43 AM
@Ave Did you let him in?
Morning @Kevin
10:25 AM
Morning @Kevin
2 hours later…
12:00 PM
The internet here is not working great. It is kinda annoying to check the email and suddenly you have 5 urgent mails that could have been dealt by the time I would receive normally
12:21 PM
Reading one of those kinda clickbaity "worst customer service experiences" list articles and one of the posts was "Microsoft said my computer was full of malware so they were helping me remove it and the guy stole all my banking files, Microsoft is the worst" and I am just like thinking oh sweet summer child...that wasn't Microsoft
@Ash "i had my suspicious but he said he was good friends will Bill Gats and forward me an email from him confirming it"
12:53 PM
Q: How can we assign handicaps in our Age of Empires 2 games?

ymbirttUnlike later games in the "Age of" series, Age of Empires 2 has no handicap system. This means that if a group of my friends want to play against each other, the game just turns into a bunch of skilled players stomping over the less skilled players, which isn't fun for anyone. Whilst we can team...

1:21 PM
Mods are good
Unless they stop working randomly without any visible cause, it is not accurate
how do you think they conquered their humanoid makers
Their diplomacy setting should be hard, like asking for driver resources that are nowhere to be found. Maybe just on a random asteroid older than time itself
I'm back at work after a week off in which I got thoroughly addicted to Persona 5 and now I'm trying to plan my day out as if I'm playing Persona 5 in the real world and it's weird.
1:48 PM
@InvaderSkoodge You should add a persona5 theme to your phone for maximum weirdness
Also change your notification sound with "For real?!"
Also change your ringtone to Last Surprise ("You'll never see it coming..")
2:26 PM
@Unionhawk We are good, thanks!
@InvaderSkoodge It's called efficiency
I bought the game when it was new, and played through the end of the first palace, and then dropped it because I thought "meh".
I don't know what made me think to give it another try but I get it this time, and it's so good.
2:48 PM
You: You’re thinking of “Frankenstein’s monster.” Frankenstein was the scientist. Me: Everyone thinks it was the dog named Bingo, but that was the farmer’s name. “There was a farmer had a dog, and Bingo was his name-o.” Bingo, the farmer, who had an unnamed dog.
3:03 PM
I'm about to see my ex for coffee wish me luck
@Yuuki hahaha that's great
I had posted this before but I had a hell of a time trying to find it in the transcript.
But now, it should be easy since I can just search "frankenstein", find the Twitter post, and follow that.
when are those lazy SE engineers going to add OCR searching for embedded images
@InvaderSkoodge it's a JRPG right?
@BunsGlazing Yes, but I feel like that doesn't actually quite cover what it is. It's not like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.
The scale is much smaller and more personal, the setting is modern, and there's a huge focus on like just living your life day to day and being a high school student with high school student problems.
3:11 PM
You get a dungeon that you have to complete within X days (like on the order of 20 days), and you have to balance taking trips into the dungeon to make progress with things like studying and going out with your friends and doing shady clinical trials to build up your guts so you can not be a pansy whenever someone threatens you.
Yeah, it's a combo dungeon crawler with time management sim.
And don't slack off on the time management sim stuff because building relationships and getting good grades affects your dungeon crawling abilities.
3:43 PM
Q: Best brash Smash Mash to escape in a flash

scohe001Smash Ultimate introduces a lot of moves that bury your character, leaving you open to a strong attack. To name a few, we have Ikling's side special, Rob's down throw, King K. Rool's down throw and down tilt, Mr. Game & Watch's down smash, etc... To avoid being punished, you can Button Mash to e...

Q: Why do I have a tumbleweed badge?

RenanI just checked my profile here and I have a tumbleweed badge. The description for the badge goes: Asked a question with zero score, no answers, no comments, and low views for a week. However, I have never asked any questions here. I am a lurker, I only ever created a profile to upvote a few...

4:13 PM
@Yuuki just like in real life
@Wipqozn Hmm... where would I go dungeon crawling in Houston?
@Yuuki I bet you can find mindless zombies in Starbucks
this is where I would go dungeon crawling
at least
@Unionhawk I should look into urbex stuff in Houston, sounds like fun.
lol I didn't realize that these are still maintained solely because Central Parkway is on top of a tunnel
4:21 PM
@Unionhawk I'd be way to worried about getting jumped
4:38 PM
Q: Why is this question about "recommendations of games"?

FedericoI've recently asked this question. Currently it has 4 close votes that say Questions that ask for recommendations of games, servers, software, or hardware are off topic. For more information on why these sorts of questions don't work here, see "So, what actually is a Game-Rec?" and "Q&A Is ...

> Your package is being shipped by Canada Post
This one is for me and not my nieces and nephews, so I don't care nearly as much if it doesn't arrive on time.
But still, Amazon, please stop shipping by Canada Post at least for the next few weeks.
5:01 PM
Q: Drafting colors in artifact

HarryWhat's the best way to determine which colors you want when drafting in artifact? My thoughts: 4 colors is obviously too much and 1 is too little. 3 still feels excessive at times so my preference is for 2. However it might be better to go for 3 with more strong cards instead of having weaker c...

Q: Dota-2 Pick dropped items in fountain

Aditya GuptaHow to pick all dropped items instantly. Here Funkefal does it in the fountain. So, he basically shift-queues and drop all the items while re-arming but then picks them up instantly. I understand that there is a hotkey to get stash items but it doesn't work for dropped items. How does he do it?

@Yuuki literally just saw this posted in another chat, was gonna post it here and then saw your message
5:11 PM
@MBraedley Yeah it feels like they've been using it exclusively
5:32 PM
Q: What happens if you delete a game from your library PS4

Rodrigo TantoI deleted a game from the library, and thought i could get it back. is there a way to get it back?

Q: Minecraft: Read timed out / lag on hamachi server

Pandhazarso basically what is happening is that i want to play feed the beast ultimate with some friends using hamachi (i am not the host btw) and they can all play just fine, but everytime i connect i cant see any people move and blocks that i break dont drop into my inventory. they can see me move thoug...

5:55 PM
Watch these wildlife officials struggle to stay alive as they release the world's most badass bobcat kitten back into the wild. The bobcat, who we're calling Mr. Murderbritches, was relocated after he was caught eating 🐔🐔🐔 in Kanarraville, UT. Long live Mr. Murderbritches! https://t.co/j0ABaR8cqk
1 hour later…
7:09 PM
lmao arg
someone introduced a defect in an area of code I've become the go-to expert in
and it wasn't even me!
and it's affected 4 people so far
at least there are workarounds
at least you haven't partially broken the repository. One of my commits from two weeks ago was corrupted, and now the repo can't be cloned.
This is true, it could be worse
I just hope the work around is acceptable
Because otherwise we have a lot of scripts to run
I find amazing when you become the go-to expert because you helped once, but then every time people ask you, and you learn a bit more, then suddenly you know everything and it is now your problem
No, I was on the original project
7:29 PM
> 11:04 AM
Departure Scan
This is good, the presents for my nieces and nephews might actually arrive in time
It wasn't Amazon, but I had a Christmas present that was shipped via Canada Post last Wednesday and it arrived on Sunday. However, I'm also waiting for another one shipped the same day.
7:48 PM
Without field research, it's difficult to get an accurate picture of user workflows.
@Yuuki Butt why?
Apparently, it's a trophy for a Smash tourney.
8:04 PM
@Yuuki this is terrifying a little
@ave re: tumblr IP bans: y tho
@Unionhawk lol those dragons
yeah they're already the entire omega stage
8:21 PM
Q: how much would a steam account with over 450$ free and retail games would worth ?

37.I would like to know how much would my account worth here is more info about those games: from steamcalculator also I would like to know how much time will it take if I decided to sell it

Q: Is fortnut a good gam

PubgGodI don't know if fortnut is good game ok buddy beacusr friends play me all time and yeah is it good game? www.bit.ly/noob9

@BunsGlazing why are people getting bans? Mostly for scraping content as people try to preserve stuff thats gone due to the NSFW ban
8:39 PM
Can someone cast the fifth reopen vote here please? It's now no longer a recommendation question
on top of not being one to begin with
but now it's even more not one
huh I forgot you could cast reopen votes on yourself at like 500 or whatever
(thank you!)
Feels a bit late to be earning my first hat...
9:08 PM
To my knowledge, I still don't have one.
To be fair, I haven't really been chasing hats.
I have the "new user" hat on ethereum lol
I should really cull some of my accounts like that one
9:26 PM
@TimStone lmao, there's an assist trophy that pans the camera that was obviously never intended to spawn more than one at a time
so it pans the camera death border away from the stage
I don't know if they're scored as SD or KO
But you spawn and immediately die
Also Nintendog was very clearly intended to spawn only once at a time
Q: Do the basic Xbox One models (non-X) support enhancements in the backwards compatible Xbox 360 games?

user598527Xbox One currently has 25 "X enhanced games" Xbox 360 games which are rendered at 4K on Xbox One X, a nine-time increase over 360's 720p resolution. Compatible original Xbox games have their resolution multiplied to the nearest native value on all Xbox One models, but are improvements to the 360 ...

10:09 PM
Q: My Age of Empires HD won't progress past Joan of Ark Siege of Paris

theGodKingI tried using the cheat "I R WINNER" after restarting and this did not work. I also tried deleting my profile and using "I R WINNER" to get back to the mission and this did not work. Now I've lost my original dang progress and I'm still stuck. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks is advance!

10:49 PM
@MBraedley I forgot entirely about hats this year
11:31 PM
Find me at the bottom of the Sunsine lift tomorrow 12/13 through Sunday 12/16 for a tasty meal on the slopes.
We have achieved great levels of technology
Snowcat taco truck
11:43 PM
Someone mind helping add the tag synonym ssbu to the tag super-smash-bros-ultimate
1 message moved from This Is Fine
When ur dad is a VFX artist https://t.co/09aLnWgExi
@Unionhawk that's amazing.
@Ash they can move it based on traffic (though I suspect the "bottom of sunshine" spot will be frequent), it's a nice new 0 C food option, I'll take 10

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