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12:01 AM
(Norbert is not good at landing on his feet. It took him a long time to master the jump from my couch to his favourite window...he ran into it with his face more times than I can count.)
He is, however, the best at cuddles.
user image
12:41 AM
I just got a Doomfist lifesaver highlight... for saving my own life
@MBraedley you must have done a really good job :P
All I did was shoot a McCree who stunned me
12:52 AM
Q: Villager-Specific Dialouge

4P5I'm working on an adventure map, and I'm completely stuck on the dialogue part of it. Is there any way to make certain villagers have certain bits of speech? For example, Villager 1 says "Hello!" and then "How are you?" when right clicked, and Villager 2 says "Greetings!" when right clicked. I've...

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1:53 AM
Q: portal to the greed realm diablo 3

Ramon Andino PradoI found the portal rift inferno 5 power rift level 19 so much gold it has a timer if you don't get all the gold you can fast will kick you out,try to get all the gold you can and keep open the vaults till you get to the big boss them in the middle of the fight with the boss the gold boblins will ...

2:39 AM
Q: purchased activation code for PUBG

AhmadI've already purchased an activation key for pubg on AMAZON, than I created an account on stem but it said that I need to buy the game on steam. DO I have to rebuy it? or you have a solution. Thank you

So we played almost an entire night of Mystery Heroes and we didn't become tilted! It's an early Christmas miracle!
2:59 AM
My kid wanted to try this and I didn't think it would work but @Sora_Sakurai is an insane genius
Hey @fredley, are you around? I just installed Porkchat for Firefox and I'm having some trouble.
in Root Access, 13 mins ago, by bwDraco
(Firefox users: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/se-porkchat/)
TypeError: body.append is not a function[Learn More] porkchat.js:778:9
	<anonymous> moz-extension://<uuid>/porkchat.js:778:9
	i ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.12.4/…
	add ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.12.4/…
	n.fn.ready ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.12.4/…
	<anonymous> moz-extension://<uuid>/porkchat.js:748:13
A quick look at the JS code indicates that it's breaking some aspects of the dark theme, including stars and a background image.
Not a JS expert by a long shot, but perhaps use appendChild() instead?
It is about 2:00 local time so prob not lol
I get it. Use document.body.append().
body.append() alone is not enough.
However, stars still do not appear correctly.
@fredley, you're using an old version of jQuery which contains a known XSS vulnerability. As such, I'm going to have to disable the Porkchat extension for the time being.
3:19 AM
@bwDraco tbf @fredley was using that xss vulnerability for trolling bridgers with friday
@Ave Do you need any help with more IPs?
BTW you might want to take a look at tracker.archiveteam.org/tumblr
3:44 AM
@forest Are they still running into IP blocks with the people running warriors?
I don't know. I see a flatline on the tracker.
If I had more time I could definitely figure out how to evade their detection.
@Ash Is it purely IP-based?
I know Jason Scott said on Twitter they were having issues
@forest ....how would I know?
Oh I mistook your name for Ave (who said he was getting blocked).
I haven't run the warriors myself, but I have some IPs if anyone needs it.
@forest She.
3:49 AM
My bad (too late to edit comment now).

Proposed Q&A site for writers, wordsmiths, authors, humorists, can think on their feet, retired, pseudo experts, bombasts and esp. politicians, those needing a break from high stress recreation It is reminiscent of old Soap Box speeches flamboyant impromptu unofficial

Currently in definition.

4:08 AM
Haha what
Q: I'm sick and throwing up all over the place, what do I do?

Jeff MercadoHere's the story, I was journeying down below and finding many new things to scarf on. I'm finding turnips, morsels, chops, it's a smorgasbord down there. I eventually came across some innards and gave that a try. Boy was that a mistake. I became sick the moment it hit my tongue. I was throwing u...

4:58 AM
Q: Leon and Claire Scenario in Resident Evil 2

Chrollo LucilferI was 5 years old when resident evil 2 came out, I remember only my older friends played leon campaign. If claire gameplay campaign, still the same pathway of what did leon take the place,street,area etc?

5:13 AM
Q: Sans Fast Slam Attack Question

Tomislav OstojichIn Bad Time Simulator section "sans_bonestab3" I used to be able to dodge consecutive slams against the same wall flawlessly. But after playing it over and over again in the past week, I can hardly ever dodge consecutive slams against the same wall. Has this ever happened to anybody else, or is ...

5:44 AM
@Unionhawk Hahaha omg
6:30 AM
Q: What's the name of the track that plays in the power plant?

senpaiWhat's the name of the song that plays throughout the power plant overworld? As heard starting here. It's a pretty catchy beat, but the track listing that usually shows up during matches doesn't show up when entering this zone. The inaudible chatter in the background led me to think it was a...

7:09 AM
Q: How do I edit my profile?

GamingWithTalonI wasn't entirely sure where to ask this, but this was the best place I could think of. I'm trying to edit my profile on stack exchange, but I can't figure out how. I've matured a lot since I created it, so I want to change my username and my description thing to something more mature. P.S. I'm ...

Q: Why can't I delete a post I made?

GamingWithTalonI posted a question a couple years ago. It did not receive any answers for several days, at which point I decided to do my own research for a second time to see if I missed something, and found the answer to it, so I answered my own question. Since then, the only activity on the post has been a l...

7:40 AM
8:23 AM
@forest you can always help urlteam
@Ave I don't have the bandwidth to do it myself. I just have a lot of private and semiprivate SOCKS proxies that I can provide to people to avoid the blocks.
ah, hm
some people in efnet #tumbledown might be interested
9:01 AM
@ave how safe would it be to run warriors on an aws or google cloud host? is it the kinda thing that would get me banned from those cloud providers?
Q: Ps 2700 rumblepad isnt working

user223831I have Saitek Ps 2700 rumblepad controller, I have instaled Driver alredy and I also reinstaled it few times too, but it isnt working in my games. I was trying to find a solution but nothing worked for me. Do anybody know the solution??

@GodEmperorDune Check their ToS/AUP.
9:16 AM
@GodEmperorDune some people run it on aws
9:29 AM
So Back Street Girls is what happens when Microsoft PowerPoint is the only tool your animators are allowed to use
Q: Redstone to detect "falling" (self closing trapdoor)

TrudleRIs there a way to get a redstone signal when a player falls through a hole (right after he falls, not when he lands)? Background: I created a bubble elevator and want a trapdoor for the other way around. When you want to go down, you open the trapdoor and fall, but the trapdoor would have to be ...

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12:06 PM
Q: Is there a way to know how many spirits are left?

noClueSo I just completed light world and unlocked dark world, and I would like to clean up light world before I enter dark world. How do I know how many spirits are left and how can I find them quickly? Is there some counter of sorts? Does the game tell me if I have completed the entire map?

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1:07 PM
Q: Friend keeps going online each hour for 5 minutes then goes offline

GhostSo i have this friend on steam and he's having a weird behavior. All day long (even at 4-5am) each hour steam chat shows is online (not away) and then 5 minutes he goes offline (not away). My questions is, what could be causing this? I dont think that it is him doing it manually, maybe some type ...

1:37 PM
Q: How much is the install size for mgsV Phantom pain?

rowinstealthso i have a PlayStation 3 super slim with only 12 gigabytes .i want to know what is the install size for disc for metal gear solid V phantom pain for PlayStation 3 because i am getting it for Christmas.Thank you.

1 hour later…
2:38 PM
Q: what is the install size for dragon ball xenoverse for PlayStation 3?

rowinstealthmy brother is getting dragon ball xenoverse for the ps3 but i have already ordered metal gear solid V phantom pain and we will play these games on the ps3 super slim .so i want to what is the disc install size for dragon ball xenoverse on PlayStation 3.Thank you.

I woke up to discover I am already more than 1/4 to my GoFundMe me goal. Holy crap. I really do have the best friends a human could ask for. A number of y'all have donated and I just...i don't have words enough for how touched I am.
3:02 PM
@Ash eh, I think it has more to do with the fact that your cat is really cute, than that we're good friends.
I wasn't immediately sure what we were talking about but I've corrected that now. Go Norbert! :D
I mean that's true at least in the sense @Wipqozn would clearly lead us all to our deaths
@Wipqozn he is stupidly adorable. I don't know how I got so lucky to have so much cute in my life.
@TimStone so true.
Q: How can I get the Edith Downes stranger mission?

PrototypeXI remember seeing a stranger mission from Edith Downes in Annesburg some time ago, but now it's gone. Does anyone know how I can get it again? I'm currently at Chapter 6.

lol my bank flagged the donation as possible fraud. Norbert must be a Canadian mob boss
3:11 PM
This is how I am stuck, currently
See, mob boss. Extortion!
@TimStone hahahaha omg I'm sorry
@TimStone and entrapment!
Indeed! Diabolical!
@Ash Hahah nothing to be sorry about, I think they're just antsy because my card number got stolen the other month
3:14 PM
@TimStone ah, yeah, that would probably add a level of cautiousness for sure
Hmm I should do something today. But my brain is like "What if we didn't?"
I am going to the local donkey sanctuary today. They are open a couple Saturdays for the holidays
ooo, nifty
I need to go to the pet store (less exciting) but it's raining and my son's not too fond of that
3:53 PM
@TimStone Your son doesn't like pet stores? Wow.
4:25 PM
Q: How does overkill work in Hearthstone?

JaydlesSome of the new Hearthstone cards have an "Overkill" bonus. How does overkill work, and are there any particular strategies that help one to take advantage of it?

4:56 PM
Q: If i own a steam bundle and content gets added do i get that content to?

ZaftanI am thinking about buying a game bundle on steam and i know the game developer is still going to add more stuff to the bundle like their new dlc's do i need to re buy the bundle to get all the content that will be added or do i get all the content that gets added?

5:42 PM
Q: My invite button isn’t working for Minecraft PE

user223858So I want to invite my girlfriend to my Minecraft world but when I go to invite her the invite button stays dark gray unlike all the other buttons that are a light gray and I can click on this one just won’t let me. I have tried connecting to WiFi, rearranging the multiplayer settings, and reload...

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6:43 PM
Q: Artifact placing infrastructures on lanes

HarryDoes it matter which lane I put my infracture in? For example in this game I put my iron fog in the hard lane that i'm probably going to lose. Is it more likely to get destroyed in that lane vs any other lane?

Q: Any benefits from transfering older generations to new ones?

carlos.pAre there any benefits or gifts from transfering older generations pokemon to the newer ones? I can't remember correctly but I read somewhere that if you traded Pokemon from Gold or Silver from Virtual Console to Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon you where able to get a full set of the johto pokeballs (Ap...

1 hour later…
7:44 PM
Q: Scratched Game Disc

Jenessathe FoxGamerI am a child with younger brothers, meaning scratched, dirty, and thrown around game discs. My favorite game for the Wii is Mario Party 9, but unfortunately my brothers have gotten the disc super scratched. If anyone knows how to heal/repair my game disc please let me know.

7:59 PM
Q: Why can't I Tame My Ocelot in Minecraft

maggieI am feeding it raw cod AND raw salmon and it will not tame! I have tried 4 different ocelots and none of them will tame. When I hold the fish the ocelot says "feed" not "tame" and they are still ocelots, not cats...

1 hour later…
9:16 PM
Q: Loading a downloaded world in Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android

Noah WetjenI've downloaded a world from the internet and now want to play it in Minecraft PE on Android. I've found tutorials online but they say I have to extract the world folder into a folder named "games" which I do not seem to have.

9:44 PM
lmao apparently Genesis classic is going to be a thing
And by that I mean it's going to be a switch game
Q: Helpful Villagers Mod Won't Load in Minecraft 1.12

jaredad7My wife and I are trying to set up a minecraft world with certain mods to teach our kids about economics and systems of government. One mod that's essential to the experience is the helpful villagers. The page here says that versions of the mod are available all the way up to 13.x, but no matter ...

9:58 PM
@Unionhawk That's hilariously amazing
Sonic SPinball was legit
10:15 PM
PoE decided what I need the most
@Unionhawk I need your expertise on the matter of murder
Q: Destroy - Place block Minecraft 1.13

NJSilkeyI'm trying to make my own map and I cannot seem to use old cheats to work it. So do i need a new command, or do i need to go into adventure mode then use the command? Help!!!

when you go out to murder what do you usually wear underneath your jacket
I don't know if I should pack up t-shirts, sweaters, or whatever
(yes this is happening I am going to experience murder on the alps)
@badp That bloodline is so confusing the first time you kille them and don't know it's a rare bloodline.
oh is that bloodline does? everything drops the same item?
one specific bloodline, but yes. Treasure keeper or something? There is also a bloodline that spawns the hardest beyond boss.
Which I've ran into exactly once. That boss is a real pain too.
10:21 PM
oh no
@badp my layering is generally microfiber t-shirt, a base layer (something like this: sierratradingpost.com/… ) a fleece of some variety, and a softshell jacket below my 3 way jacket. It's highly temperature dependant though.
expected -10 C
Yeah, that'd be my loadout then
Around 0 I might drop a layer
But -10 is quite cold
actually no
I've been to snowworld with just an undershirt and a t-shirt under my jacket and I think it's -5 there and I was okay
but I suppose actual mountains have wind
-5 is still pretty cold yeah
If nothing else odds are you can pick up layers in town if you're out multiple days
I usually over prepare because it's better than being cold
loooool that Razer Silver crap expires after a year? Amazing
exact same value
10:52 PM
fuck! Chrono.GG has a XCOM2 Pack with War of the Chosen on special for USD$35. for me that's about AUD$51. i have $40 on my account
well maybe this is the fates telling me that 65% off is not enough
@TimStone Razer silver is bitcoin but it expires? Wut
Well and also you can't even theoretically exchange it for goods that don't happen to be Razer products so just all around a pointless endeavour
@TimStone lol why would anyone even want this?
But I think the expiration even sets a limit on what products you could practically get
Let’s combine the portability of store credit with the usability of bitcoin
10:57 PM
What idiot called it the Royal Family and not System of a Crown
11:13 PM
@fredley hue
The Blade Runner cut where Deckard grows ever more concerned as he continually fails to captcha.
Exclusive: Benicio del Toro to play villain in #DoraTheExplorer http://thr.cm/9TWhwF
He's Swiper
@fredley hue
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cc: @Sterno
Q: Have command block act outside of rectangle 1.13

Politic RevolutionnaireI was just wondering if there was a way to make a command block act outside of a rectangle, trying @a[x=!a,y=!b,z=!c,dx=d,dy=e,dz=f] gives an error, so it is possible to set this up in vanilla?

11:19 PM
"The biggest swipe of all would be Dora's very life. Benicio del Toro is Swiper, this summer"
11:29 PM
> Your package is being shipped by Canada Post
Fucking hell
PC rats needed for a 58KLY repair LRR
58KLY is
At least it's just a repair
11:48 PM
Whew, that's quite a hop
That might even be bagel point
Or at least another arm of the galaxy

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