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12:10 AM
@Frank you got yourself a 3D printer?
god fucking damn it all
tra la la la la
fuck this shit
sighs at self
@Frank you missed a big spot in the middle of the palm
Q: How does MCC ToolChest for Minecraft work?

toryzac000I'm VERY confused here. When i look in the file folder for my X360 storage device, only "Data####" files appear. I need to find the savegame files, but they are nowhere to be found! Yet my other NBT editor can find them just fine? What's going on here??? Please help... Note that all I wanted was...

12:25 AM
also the fingers
and potentially a way to get your hand out of there
1 hour later…
@GodEmperorDune I know! I only noticed once I finished painting it!
@Ave chuckles nervously what the fuck
1:55 AM
@MadScientist A while back. I'd been looking for a new one since my wedding.
So I won an iPad mini at the office party.
@Yuuki Neat :)
@Ave that's shitty
@Yuuki Why would they choose an iPad Mini, a line that hasn't been updated in... years?
Yeah, the Mini 4 hasn't been refreshed since 2015
But Apple has sold it at the same price
2:18 AM
@PrivatePansy :shrug:
3:05 AM
@PrivatePansy iirc they are discontinuing the mini line of ipads
@Chippies That's what it feels to me too, but officially Apple is still selling them
Q: Logging in as family manager on my ps4

Salty_ Pickle101How can I log in as a family manager when I don't actually have one and one is needed to connect to psn

3:26 AM
Q: How to testfor if a zombie is not in a 10 block radius of a player

DrSkull20Hi I was wondering since I am making an adventure map, if I could testfor a zombie not in a 10 block radius to do /stopsound

3:42 AM
Q: N3DS vs 3DS XL? Which is worth it

3dsBuyerI wanted to purchase a new 3DS. I know that the N3DS is discontinued in most places, but I can import it for marginally more than the XL. Is it worth it to import it? The reason I am considering it is the screen Quality, I feel like the games would look better as the small resolution isnt stretch...

4:35 AM
oh hey @Wipqozn, it looks like crystal chronicles remastered will at least support online multiplayer based on an announce trailer I found (idk if local will be but yes I hope so)
@Unionhawk local would be nice
As long as it's not some weird requires multiple game boys setup like originally
Which is why I've never played multiplayer in that game
4:51 AM
My dad and I did briefly
My brother and I tried to I think but the link cable accessory just doesn't work with GBA SP
And we only had one original GBA
5:47 AM
Q: What game is this?

JohnIt's an old game (I believe it's a ps2 game not sure). You are a creature (Blue possibly?) and you travel to different worlds and gain different forms/abilities. At the end of the game you fight the boss on their ship. What's the name of this game?

Discovering I can play a version of plants vs zombies inside WoW is pretty much my new favourite thing
5:58 AM
@Ash wut
@Yuuki @ash December 14
Once again, Crimbo Town has emerged from the eldritch mists in the Big Mountains.
so kol is mega slow again
but on the plus side, you get a crimbo doggo
Q: Icewind Dale EE: premade super-characters

Redwood LittletreeI need a set of premade maxed ability score characters for my android version of Icewind Dale EE. I DO NOT have access to a PC so I cannot edit characters myself. I need a team of the following: Half-elf Cleric/Ranger Half-elf Fighter/Druid Elf Mage/Thief Human Sorcerer (Dragon Disciple) Gnome T...

6:17 AM
Q: How do I get the shop to refresh, and how often does it refresh?

senpaiHow do I get the shop to refresh? And how often does it refresh? Currently I have 7 out of 10 slots open with purchasable items, 3 of the slots are locked and don't have any merchandise. I bought out everything but the first 3 items, and got a message saying I needed to spend 1200gp? to refres...

Q: How do I complete Assassins Creed Black Flag Fireship Mission?

HELPI can never beat the mission no matter how much I upgrade the jackdaw. I decided to restart on another file, but I just decided to stop and play other stuff. I know this isn't a question about a bug, or error, but can someone please help?

6:36 AM
@GodEmperorDune there is a quest chain where you basically play pvz levels in wow and at the end of the chain you get a pet that looks like the pvz sunflower
@Ash lol, nice
7:06 AM
@fredley Doing Advent of Code now. It's pretty fun, questions are all a bit on the simple side and the inputs are small enough so far that I can brute force everything
Not entirely sure why it doesn't like my answer for day 3 though
1 hour later…
8:19 AM
Q: is this a good gaming pc and can it run arma 3

harryIntel DG41TY motherboard Intel dual core cpu E5200 2.5ghz Gigabyte X600 pro graphic cards GPU Kingston 2G ram(2x1G) WD 80G HDD x2 Antec ATX cases Thermaltake 480W power supply unit windows 10 pro English installed and activated

2 hours later…
10:45 AM
I'm stuck in a shopping center because of the rain outside :(
It's so heavy the staircase up from the bus stop turned into a waterfall
Q: Is there any bonus Atma to devouring?

Memor-Xafter being summoned to Sahasrara and getting the brief about demons, outside the mini Karma Temple where an NPC suggests i check out how i can change Mantra, after i come out they suggest that i could devour a demon myself to claim all the Atma as opposed to just defeating them and sharing the A...

11:07 AM
Q: Does my lower weapon proficiency go up quicker late game?

Memor-XWhen I kill an enemy I get EXP of sort to my Weapon Proficiency. I often don't use rocket launchers as much as I do SMGs or Combat Rifles and I have not used Revolvers at all despite having a really powerful Purple named revolver i got from a Boss (can't remember which one). If i wait to late ga...

11:30 AM
So... uh... This BoI run is going... well?
11:48 AM
@TrentHawkins i assume those glowy things aren't collectables
@Memor-X every single one is - but i can only hold/use one at a time. and every use has a chance 1/8 (x2) chance to quadruple the items in that room.
Q: Civ 6: RnF emergency but where?

chxIn Civ 6 Rise and Fall, a religious emergency has been declared and I am game but where is the city...? I can't find it :/ is there a UI feature leading me?

Q: Are there any differences between real and fake smash balls?

senpaiJust out of curiousity, I set a match where the only items available were Smash Balls and Fake Smash Balls. After playing several matches, I could not find anything obvious between the two in the heat of battle. I do have a few assumptions. From playing it seemed that the fake smash balls wer...

Aww... derp. I got greedy / wasnt paying attention with the iv bag and killed myself.
(I really needed that Mega Satan kill too)
12:07 PM
Well we all know how dangerous hydrogen monoxide and sodium chloride is
Q: How do I beat Pauline?

senpaiThis match seems to be a tough one. When you spawn, a few seconds later, a Mario with a Hammer spawns immediately above you and goes to where you are. About 15? seconds later, a permanent giant DK spawns. The goal of the match is to defeat Peach. The problem I have seen so far amongst my futil...

12:23 PM
Q: Anyone know what game this is?

XaeyrMy father-in-law took this screenshot from YouTube of a game my son wants, but he is notorious for not writing down the name of the game :( Any ideas? Sorry for the quality. Thanks!

1:00 PM
@Yuuki ...Hm. I don't know about this lol
We'll be performing a failover on our primary SQL Servers in about 30 minutes. Any interruption should be minimal.
1:15 PM
@PrivatePansy of course they're selling them and supporting, but I don't think there's going to be an iPad Mini 5
the mini 4 is not that much bigger than the iPhone Xs Max
does apple still make iPod Touch?
because if so, the iPad mini has no place on market
1:32 PM
In the sense that the 6th generation one from 2015 is still available, but I think the line is otherwise discontinued
1:49 PM
Oh god... Steam Cloud overwrote my newer savegame
Is it possible to load an older Steam Cloud save?
Ugh. UGH.
@PrivatePansy Delete steam
Only solution
and then delete your computer
and then delete Singapore
and then deleted the world
@Wipqozn How do you deleted the world?
or you could do all those things but replace "delete" with "hack"
2:03 PM
@Frank search your feelings, and you'll find the answer.
@Wipqozn You're Yoda now?
@Frank Only on weekends
@Wipqozn Can not delete "World.exe" because it is being used by another process. shut down all processes and try again
I managed to recover the "undo" save used to go back to the start of the current turn, which put me back to the final battle
Fortunately the PRNG seem to be seeded deterministicly (or I got extremely lucky) because the turn played out exactly the same as before
@Frank I found this big red button on the back of my keyboard, let's see what happens when I pres-
2:19 PM
And CRUMP goes the computer.
I'm so angry at tumblr and yahoo
they started IP banning us
us being people who are actually archiving tumblr
@PrivatePansy that's a lot of rain
@Ash It's above average even for Singapore. Saw a bunch of flash flood warnings go up on Twitter, but fortunately none around me
2:35 PM
@TimStone this is amazing
Q: the ocelot is not taming

EveI have tried to tame it but it still looks like an ocelot even though I can put it in breeding mode. I can't make it sit it does not follow me the only thing I can do is put it in breeding mode. How can I tame it

@TimStone I really want some ice cream now
Double dark chocolate... or red velvet... maybe raspberry or strawberry...
2:53 PM
Q: Can Pikachu Learn Volt Tackle?

CharkzIn Pokemon let's go, can Pikachu learn Volt Tackle? Is the move in the game?

@Wipqozn god dammit same
3:31 PM
@Wipqozn red velvet??
I work in a bakery and I have never understood red velvet
@Ave they're IP banning people for tumblr??
Wtf why
@Unionhawk That's what I'm worried about
@Wipqozn Phish Food
Q: Playstation Plus no longer giving PS3 games

John DemetriouIt has been expressed by Sony that soon Playstation Plus will no longer be providing PS3 games. I only own a PS3 and not a PS4 so it will become useless to me after this (until I buy another console from them) so I am planning to stop. Will this still stop me from using my Playstation Plus obtain...

3:50 PM
We'll be taking Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange Q&A sites offline for just a moment to failover our primary SQL clusters. Interruption should be minimal.
4:13 PM
Q: gta garge selection and car storing

user223784when playing gta 5 online i would usually abandon my car when getting distracted by other players or another vechicle however after that if i leave the game and turn off my console will my car be stored back in a one of my garages if so is there a certain a garage that my car will be stored in. f...

@BunsGlazing Red velvet that isn't just "we put red food colouring in a cake" is decent
@BunsGlazing yes, for scraping tumblr
@Wipqozn So do I.
GitHub's Markdown parser absolutely refuses to allow me to enter backticks in inline code
@TimStone hahaha excellent
4:14 PM
Even if I use HTML
They actually render Markdown inside HTML, which is... weird
I'm not sure if this is the best or the worst video
4:29 PM
Q: Minecraft: How do I tp to a player's last location?

Arlo SI want to teleport to the location another player was when they left the game. How do I do that when they are not online? Thanks!

Q: Can anyone help for minecraft 1.14 villagers? (I need it for each biome, profession, career, and trade tier.) thx

Seen NorvellAs the title says, I need it for my world to show off each and every type of villager in minecraft 1.14 (snapshots). Thanks to whoever answers!

4:59 PM
Q: For cards like sniper, does the special ability countdown start even if he's not in play?

HarryI notice that when sniper is played initially the countdown to its ability starts at 3. If I hold it for later would the countdown still be at 3?

5:28 PM
God dammit, Amazon! Why is my prime eligible delivery only guaranteed to arrive by next Friday? To a business address none the less? I could understand (and half expect) Wednesday, but nearly a week for "Free Two-day Shipping"?
@Ave WTF did I just watch?
@MBraedley O.o
So help me god if they ship this by Canada Post
@MBraedley weird af meme
5:45 PM
Q: 2 children on minecraft...separate computers

rNd LioumanisI have more than one child. Can I use one minecraft game with 2 children on two separate computers? How can I do this?

@MBraedley Yeah I wish they'd just stop using Canada post until everything is resolved
6:14 PM
A lot of my Prime stuff has been getting couriered to me
Which I appreciate
6:31 PM
Q: How to do a right click detection command

ShadowX_6I want to make it so when you right click an iron ingot it gives you a diamond and I don't know how to do that.

Q: Re-enable mouse zoom in League of Legends

GwenAs per this question and answer, it's possible to disable mouse scroll in game. However, this not only stops the camera zooming in and out, but also disables the scrolling from working in the item shop. I currently have the opposite problem, where the mouse scroll disabled itself in game on its...

6:46 PM
Q: What's the fastest way to farm gold?

senpaiI'm out of gold. I spent it all on tickets and Mii outfits in the shop. At the rate of normal matches I'm seeing about 180-220 GP per match. This is pretty slow, especially with some pricey items like: 3 star support spirits: 6k GP Tickets for Classic Mode: 5k GP Mii Outfits: 500-600? GP etc...

7:01 PM
Q: Connecting a monitor to laptop

MelchiorreI have a Msi gs65 stealth thin but have no display port . How do I connect it to a minor without losing frames as I was told that if I use an HDMI cable I will have no more than 60 frames when my laptop is capable of more as it is a gtx 1070. Please reply asap thanx

7:14 PM
@Ash that's fancy
I suspect it's to avoid CP delays
Q: Is there a list of all the required spirits I need to progress in World of Light?

senpaiMy inventory now has a ton of spirits, and a lot of these are duplicates in terms of abilities. For example, I have numerous Punch Attack ↑ support spirits, and I can see the value in stacking them, but for spirits like Immune to Poison/Lava/Sleep it seems pointless to bother hoarding multiple o...

(Although something they promised before 8 pm tomorrow hasn't shipped yet, so...who knows.)
7:32 PM
Q: AMD's ReLive records games perfectly, except for audio

Dovah7015I recently got a Radeon RX 580, which runs games perfectly. I've considered starting recording games, and ReLive comes with the AMD driver. I open up a game, start recording, mess around for a couple minutes (testing), and watch the video. The only issue is there is no sound. No mic, no game (or ...

7:55 PM
Gotta love the days at work where things just click into place and you solve problems. Like I am realizing how I have learned a lot here and how I am not really as much of a potato as I think.
(And it's good I am solving all the things, because I'm my own on-call backup for this weekend :P It will be nice when 9 pm Sunday hits and all this gets to be someone else's problem because I am not doing another week in a row, two weeks of on call is enough for a bit.)
8:07 PM
@Ash you're not a potato at all though, you solve many a tech issue even if you don't solve all of them
8:22 PM
@GodEmperorDune I know, just some days things feel like I am spinning my wheels and can't fix anything, so it's just nice when I am like "yep, solved that, solved that, solved that."
@Ash oh yeah not trying to discount that feeling at all, it is a great and powerful one
It's just nice to look at the list of tickets and know everything is either solved or waiting on not-me to do a bit
8:48 PM
Q: Are faceplates for xbox one s and xbox one controller interchangeable?

EradashI have a very nice faceplate for an Xbox One controller, and I have an Xbox One S controller. Is it possible to put the faceplate on my controller? I don't want to void the warranty only to find out it is impossible. I know the Xbox One S faceplate is only one piece, but is it possible to chang...

Q: Why I strat spinning with any RWD car?

GarromNot only Flat Out but almost all racing games. I guess that I just suck at racing games, maybe I should stop racing and go back to Diablo 2 : LoD. If I have any RWD car and I attempt to start out of 0 Mph/Kph and accelerate, my car start spinning in direction I want turn in. It keeps spinning as ...

ALRIGHT. The Xmas Games Donation Drive is in its FOURTH YEAR RUNNING. If you are LOW-INCOME this Christmas and would like free PC games for for you, or your loved ones, please read this: https://xmasgamesdonationdrive.tumblr.com/post/181146517555/xgdd-2018 Any questions? @ me. RTs = <3! https://t.co/H3LJiPy5p3
There is info in the tumblr link if you want to donate as well
@GodEmperorDune I love love love that this is a thing
@Ash yeah it is brilliant
9:22 PM
Bridge - believe me when I say I have waffled on this a hundred times over the past few weeks, but there's no denying it - I need help. Norbert needs some surgery for his feline stomatitis (aka he's allergic to his own dang mouth). I made a GoFundMe - I know it's almost Christmas, y'all likely have a lot to spend money on, but I don't ask this lightly. gofundme.com/…
(Now I am going to go hide and cry because I feel awful asking for help.)
@Ash there is no shame in this
thank you for asking
@GodEmperorDune I feel awful, like I am the worst grownup who can't even manage taking care of a cat. But...here we are.
@Ash there are many worse grownups doing worse things. you are trying to make norbert's life better in every way you can. it's admirable. the guilt in asking for money thing is an awful feeling, i know
I appreciate the pep talk.
9:34 PM
Q: How do I get Access Keys?

PotatoEngineerI found a Secure Container. It says I need Access Keys to open it. And, sadly, Everspace's standard container-access method didn't work (i.e., I shot it, and it didn't open). Where do I find Access Keys?

(I still want to hide under a hundred rocks)
(Also I know as a mod I could pin that message or star it, but I don't feel right.)
10:04 PM
Q: Minecraft Launcher Keeps Crashing!

TheGamerAliveWhen I Go Into Minecraft Launcher And Click "Play" And Wait A Couple Of Seconds And Then It Reads This Message "An Unexpected Issue Has Occurred And The Game Has Crashed. We're Sorry For The Inconvenience." Platform: Pc/Windows 10 Username: BrewrenTheGreat

10:14 PM
Always fun when you learn about new exploits from random webcomics
Magellan is the latest prize
@Ash I am very sorry and I hope your cat is okay
@BunsGlazing getting his mouth surgery will help a lot. So I am just going to do what I can to make that happen!
(I did learn a cool fact - cats that lose all their teeth can still very likely eat hard food - their gums will harden to compensate for the teeth they lose. It's a weird thing they do.)
11:05 PM
Q: Why does my Minecraft launcher keep crashing and how do i fix it?

Iron Warriorwhenever i tried to press play and go on to minecraft this is what it says The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:Java heap space This pops up every time I press play , I have downloaded and uninstalled plenty of things to try to fix it and nothing has work...

@Ash that’s pretty badass actually
11:20 PM
@GodEmperorDune I know, right?
11:41 PM
@Ash That's really rough. I can't donate now since I'm not home, but I'll donate tomorrow. Best of luck to you and Norbert.
@Wipqozn I appreciate it :) We'll land on our feet, we always do. :)
Is that a cat joke
11:56 PM
Unintentional but I'll take it

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