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6:00 AM
"Should totally be able to transfer votes between answers" I said, facetiously
Huh. That question actually does pretty well for a google for '3 minute mage' given how common the term is on some very high page rank wow specific sites.
Or GDI, 2 score. I spent like an hour writing that
@MarkTrapp yeah, that's me and this one
Q: Options for playing xbox live on a strict public internet connection

T00L0WI'm going to be working/living a facility with ridiculous internet security for a few months. Does anyone know how I can still play xbox live? Is a mobile hotspot capable of supporting xbl and if so what kind of data plan would I need? Thanks for your input.

Ah well. At least the guy who was down voting all my FF13-2 posts was finally banned.
6:03 AM
@MarkTrapp Who?
Starts with 'd' and ends with a -14 score because he down voted someone else to get a 25 point bounty
@MarkTrapp Got it.
@MarkTrapp Wait, was he banned permanently? Or just the 30 day suspension?
Oh, just 30 days
Any of you folk able to up vote this:
A: How can I identify to which quest line a specific quest belongs

LessPop_MoreFizzYou can tell by looking at the symbol next to the quests name when viewing it in your quest log. The Bards College does not have a symbol of it's own, but instead uses the generic Side Quest icon. Main Quest Side Quests College of Winterhold Thieves Guild Dark Brotherhood The Compan...

6:07 AM
I'm tired of my top voted answer being a mine craft question that I basically answered by stealing a graph from an SA thread.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I would, but I think serial upvoting would be reversed from my previous upvotes to stuff you linked.
Because seriously
Hm, I could've sworn I saw another answer somewhere on the site, but only mentioned the main quest doodley-doo
This answer just doesn't deserve +32:
A: How do I find diamonds?

LessPop_MoreFizzWhen in doubt, Find a Cave. If you don't see anything on the surface, Dig Deeper. Really, that's all there is to it. In general, you won't find Diamond much past 10 levels or so above Bedrock. The graph below (Found in this thread) shows the density of Diamond in one generated world. 0 on the ...

Pretty sure it's also way way out of date
6:09 AM
Q: What are the side quests?

victoriahOne of the achievements for Skyrim is: Sideways Complete 10 side quests I have completed the game on two playthroughs now and I've not got this achievement. What quests qualify as "side quests", since they are apparently not misc. quests?

Ah that's the one
@LessPop_MoreFizz Neither does this:
A: Is this Fireplace Safe?

FluttershyTo answer your question, I decided to experiment with your build. I tried to replicate your fireplace as accurately as I could, while limiting the size of the structure surrounding it: I tried to keep the base structure of the fireplace as close to identical as I could. I first attempted th...

Hah, I got you both beat
A: OpenID vs. OAuth

Mark TrappOpenID is a way to specify one identity for multiple sites so you don't need to register over and over again. OAuth is a way to allow one application access to one account without giving said application your account login information. You can use them in conjunction. More info: OAuth-OpenID: ...

@MarkTrapp Probably. I've played Minecraft for a grand total of like... 4 hours.
@MarkTrapp Meh, numbers are inherently bigger on SO. (Well, for those Q/A's that don't just languish at 0).
6:12 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Here's an updated graph if you want to update it
There's even an interactive version
@MarkTrapp :effort:
Can I update it then?
@MarkTrapp Sure go nuts. Though, looking at the newer graph, I don't actually think the old one is out of date. It's just an issue of visual scale because of the presence of lines indicating other minerals.
You can't find diamonds past level 16: your graph appears to indicate you can find them up to 20, with 17(?) being a peak
6:19 AM
I got a better graph anyway, please hold insert musack
@MarkTrapp When did OAuth and OpenID have anything to do with each other?
They both start with O?
The O in OAuth stands for Open too!
6:26 AM
See? They are SO alike
> OAuth began in November 2006 when Blaine Cook was developing the Twitter OpenID implementation. Meanwhile, Ma.gnolia needed a solution to allow its members with OpenIDs to authorize Dashboard Widgets to access their service. Cook, Chris Messina and Larry Halff from Ma.gnolia met with David Recordon to discuss using OpenID with the Twitter and Ma.gnolia APIs to delegate authentication. They concluded that there were no open standards for API access delegation.
Joke's on us!
Man, I remember Ma.gnolia
They were going to crush del.icio.us until their server that ran on a Mac Mini or something silly like that crashed and everyone lost their data
del.icio.us did a pretty good job of crushing itself by letting Yahoo take over.
6:30 AM
And now we have pinboard
I've had over 100 profile views in the past month. o.o
Does that count you viewing your own? Because that is probably where 90% of mine come from
@AshleyNunn I am not sure...
@Fluttershy I have always wondered that XD I am like "oh man is all this just proving how narcississtic I can be or something? XD
@Fluttershy You have gained 100 stalkers! Congratulations
6:32 AM
I really want to answer this question. But I don't want to get sucked into another site...
@Fluttershy Do iiiiit
Also, I am incredibly annoyed right now. It's mid afternoon, the sun is blazing, and I can't get a good afternoon nap or do homework because of the god damn construction site that's making so much noise outside
@YiJiang That would suck...
Q: Can "user profile views" NOT include narcissism please?

Rob FarleyBased on http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/12744/does-user-profile-views-include-narcissism, it looks like visiting our own profile increases the number of 'views' listed there. Can it NOT please? I'm not interested in how many times I've been there. Rob

@LessPop_MoreFizz So that's a no?
6:37 AM
@Fluttershy Correct. narcissism does not increment the counter.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Cool.
@YiJiang That sounds like ten thousand kinds of not awesome
7:05 AM
Q: how to play PRINCE OF PERSIA:The forgotten sands using 3d analyzer-v236

krishanuI want to play PRINCE OF PERSIA:The forgotten sands my system configurations are below: processor :Intel Core 2 Duo E700 RAM :1.00 GB Single-Channel DDR2 @ 333MHz (5-5-5-15) Graphic card :Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.0) I have also installed 3d analyzer...

7:21 AM
good morning people
7:48 AM
clothing never really was on my side
8:04 AM
@badp Spa? I thought those were supposed to be relaxing.
@badp Then buy bigger/less damaged clothing if you want the clothing to cover your side.
I suppose if you make/mend your own clothes, you could do something to extend your clothing's coverage or repair the damage, whichever is making it so there's no clothing on your side.
Also, I honestly have no idea what "SPAH SAPPIN MY SATURDAY" is supposed to mean. Saturday I get. Sappin as in sapping also makes sense, implying something negative is happening to your Saturday (confirmed by the emote that followed). Spah has me at a loss though.
@Fluttershy What is this I don't even
@AshleyNunn I totally dragged my boyfriends out onto the glass floor with me though they were scared
@AshleyNunn Holy crap Ashley, I did not know this, I've seen WT live twice!
Also uuuuugh mornings.
8:27 AM
been up for close to 2 hours now, better get some breakfeast
Yeah, I'm about to grab some myself
8:43 AM
@skovacs1 He means "Spy". It's a TF2 reference.
@FAE That makes so much more sense. Thank you.
@skovacs1 No prob! He was writing out the accent of the Engineer.
9:09 AM
@FAE I realized that when you provided the context. I just didn't pick up the allusion without a clear frame of reference. I've played my fair share of TF2, but never come across that particular paraphrasing all that often likely due to my antisocial tendencies.
@skovacs1 Ah, gotcha.
And now I head for a haircut, later all.
GL. I'm sure it will look stunning.
1 hour later…
10:17 AM
Haircut acquired. Sitting waiting for my b/f to get his done now. New hairdresser today. Not sure if I'm entirely satisfied.
And heading out again. Shall ponder hair.
10:32 AM
...Crap, just realized it's Mother's Day tomorrow...
10:46 AM
@FAE I am starting to think you just never sleep.
@James Why so?
Her graph is does show a dip in activity around this time of day
@YiJiang Mostly because there's often no one to talk to here around this time.
You know what, @James is right. @FAE never sleeps
12pm-3pm my time is pretty dead. 12pm here is 6am for Eastern, 3am for Pacific, which means most people in Eastern are asleep still and those in Pacific with normalish sleep schedules are heading to bed.
3pm is 9am Eastern, so then people start waking up for work/school and then there's people to talk to again.
@YiJiang I find this to be a very amusing assertion considering just how difficult it is to get me out of bed.
I've slept through fire alarms and people dragging my mattress out from under me before.
11:00 AM
@FAE haha
I am just ending a 20hr day and you are still here is all :)
@James I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, I've slept and woke up again while you are still awake.
My sympathies then :)
Haha, thanks, I'm not a fan of mornings. At all. Ever.
11:28 AM
Mornings are best as the thing left right before you go to sleep ;)
Q: What is the collective name for the evolution chamber, forge, and engineering bay?

chobokZerg's evolution chamber, Protoss' forge, and Terran's engineering bay have similar roles. All are pre-requisites for anti-air and detection buildings for the respective races. What collective term or phrase could be used for these three structures? Example scenario: You are playing a team game...

@James Agreed.
11:51 AM
@FAE I am a fan of sleeping in the morning
I wish I wasn't a fan of sleeping, 12h days suck.
12 hour days?
I tend to get by on < 6 hours sleep.
I've just got up.
12:00 PM
Yeah, but it's the weekend.
Was gonna say, if I did that at the weekend I'd be in bed for half 6.
i went to bed at 2 and still woke up before 9 :/
Your exams start next week?
12:01 PM
I'm now on study leave.
Yeah, the lower sixth finished yesterday. We've got 2 weeks yet.
but then my first exam is June 1st
@Blem I'm kind of a fan of sleeping in general
12:46 PM
@FAE Sleeping is awesome.
It's one of the best things you can do in a bed.
@Wipqozn (•‿•)
@fredley Corridor digital is awesome. Haven't seen this one yet, what'd they do?
@GnomeSlice Instakills from a variety of games
The last one is excellent, absolutely brutal
They've been doing a lot of video game stuff lately.
Still one of my favourites of theirs.
Seven hour class, begin.
1:16 PM
hey guys :)
@Fredley The music's the best bit.
1:32 PM
Q: Can you prevent people from being reanimated by a necromancer?

Jon WSometimes in battle I'll be slaying the apprentice necromancers / skeletons etc to then go off and attack the more senior foes only to find that the recently killed victims have been reanimated and are now attacking me. Sure, they seem less powerful when they've been reanimated, but they're stil...

alrighty guys, I need a good pep talk. Who's up for it?!?!
@spugsley Diablo 3 in 3 days. How much more pep talk do you need?
Nothing you do can make a difference in the grand scheme of things so it doesn't matter if you screw up!
@Sterno Hah. I wish that would help.
@spugsley Yay! It's the weekend!
1:46 PM
I'm shooting a wedding this afternoon. First one. So nervous.
nervous nervous nervous nervous O-o
@spugsley Find a baby at the wedding. Punch it. Take pictures of the aftermath!
@Sterno that is the best advice I've ever heard.
I'm feeling much better, thank you
@spugsley take the lens cap off
@agent86 bahaha that would be just my luck
thankfully, I'm not getting paid. The couple is fully aware that I'm not a professional, just an aspiring photographer. I don't have fancy equipment and these shots are going into my portfolio. I tried to convince them to get a professional photographer but they are broke as shit. So it's me or nothing :/
@spugsley Be prepared. A tripod helps. Knowing entrance and exit cues/locations is pretty important. Check the lighting beforehand and correct as necessary.
@spugsley Oh Photography? I thought you were filming.
1:50 PM
@skovacs1 nope. I'd be shit at that lol
@spugsley I can tell you from experience that it sucks quite hard.
@skovacs1 I can imagine. At least with photographing, sometimes mistakes can make pretty good/interesting shots. With video, you'll see alllllll the problems
and weddings are so hectic
@spugsley Have you scouted your locations? Weather okay for any outside shots? Lighting is still quite relevant.
@skovacs1 thankfully, the weather is gorgeous today and it's an outside wedding. Nice breeze, slight cloud cover but nothing major. I have no idea what the location likes. This is all last minute and poorly planned.
@spugsley They can be.
@spugsley They often seem that way, even when they've been in the works for months.
1:54 PM
@skovacs1 that makes me feel better
@spugsley The nice thing about photography is that you at least have some time to check your shot.
You know: setup your camera, reflectors if needed, pose the shot, take multiple shots to get it right.
@skovacs1 yes, and I'm so thankful for that.
@spugsley Do you get to go to the reception?
@skovacs1 yes :)
my payment is food and cake
Q: What happens if I add the starter edition to my Battle.net account once I already have a frozen WoW account?

BaneI played WoW a year or so ago, and I still have it as "frozen" on my Battle.net account. I'd like to get back to playing, but I'd like to try the free version of it before actually buying game time, it might not be as good as before... So, I've added the starter version to my account, and I'm dow...

1:59 PM
and some nice shots will come from people dancing, etc
@spugsley You'd think they were running some kind of scientific testing facility.
@skovacs1 bahaha seriously
I'm huge on details. I love love love very stylized detail images and fashion photography. So hopefully, my talent will shine on the small things and well, pictures of the bride.
@spugsley The action shots can be pretty tough for dances because the lighting is usually all over the place and the low exposure in many setups doesn't help. Go in prepared.
@skovacs1 ughh thanks. This will be my first time doing anything extremely active. Thank god I'm not getting paid
I feel like this is going to be a disaster O-o
@spugsley It helps if you ask questions and check the location.
It will be fine. Some shots won't turn out. Some will. Take lots of pictures. The more shots you take, the better the odds of grabbing some good ones.
2:05 PM
@skovacs1 yeah, I plan on getting there early. Unfortunately, I'm at work right now so I can't go super super early. Again, this was all very poorly planned :/
@skovacs1 thanks. That's probably the best advice I've heard.
@spugsley Are you using digital or analog?
@skovacs1 digital
@spugsley I am personally not entirely fond of built-in flashes. I prefer the external variety or none at all. I find they tend to be too harsh and flatten out the image, not to mention that they tend to be quite distracting and inappropriate in many situations.
@skovacs1 I agree 100%...but seeing as photography is just a hobby and isn't paying the bills, I can't justify the amount of money to get exquisite equipment :/ I wish though
@spugsley Check your white balance. Crank your ISOs. Steady yourself like a sniper.
2:14 PM
@skovacs1 all very good advice. What's your take on the rapid shot setting? I've actually never used it as I always take really precise shots and have never needed to use it
but it seems like it might be helpful? I don't know
@spugsley If you're doing it as a hobbyist, be prepared to get some really terrible shots if you're trying to do action shots of dance.
@GnomeSlice I know. I've already said that I've never done action shots. The couple is fully aware of my limitations
@skovacs1 Don't crank your ISO unless you have to, most higher-ISO settings on unprofessional equipment will come out looking terrible.
@spugsley Oh, you're doing this for a client? Will it be a dark area?
@GnomeSlice True. I was thinking mid-level equipment maybe if they went out of their way to ask someone to do it for them.
I know the principles behind good photography, and I've studied it fairly extensively (numerous classes), but I've never found myself to be much good at it, personally.
2:17 PM
@GnomeSlice nope, outdoor wedding
@GnomeSlice I'm the opposite. I've always had an eye for it, never really studied it
@spugsley and the reception? Will that also be well-lit?
@spugsley That will make your life a lot easier, if it's a sunny day.
@GnomeSlice it's a gorgeous day :)
@spugsley I'm not just talking about framing and subject set up. Camera set up is where I tend to have trouble getting from my brain to execution.
@spugsley Large aperture if you want to capture depth of field. If it's really bright out, a large aperture might be a little bit of an issue. Lower your ISO and do a fast shutter speed if you want the large aperture.
Large aperture = smaller number.
Otherwise, it's generally good to use a smaller aperture in bright light so you don't wash out your photos.
@skovacs1 it's also outdoors
2:20 PM
@spugsley still afternoon? evening? night?
Lower ISO also means higher image quality.
@skovacs1 afternoon. Ceremony starts at 3. Time in between for photos. Reception starts right after that. It stays light here until almost 9 now
@skovacs1 for reference: SPAH SAPPIN MAH TELEPORTER
@GnomeSlice thank you, that's helpful
@spugsley The built in camera flash isn't ideal, but it can be useful enough in some situations. The best way I think you can use it outdoors would be to put a scatter filter in front of it and use it as a fill flash.
i.e. wrap it in kleenex
That will turn it into a soft light source, so if there a parts of your subject that are too dark, use it as a fill.
2:22 PM
@spugsley That helps. I was thinking indoor dance or something. In a tent maybe. the lighting in those can be a bit iffy.
Otherwise, you probably don't need it.
I really appreciate all of this, you guys. I'm freaking out
@spugsley when you're shooting the dance, you probably want to use the largest aperture possible. What's the lowest number you have?
@spugsley Also, if you shoot in RAW format, you'll have a lot more control over editing in post-prod, but it's much larger files in your camera.
@badp As I told @FAE when they indicated the reference, I've played ample TF2 so I fully understand the reference. I just didn't clue in that you were referencing TF2 at the time.
no worries
2:26 PM
@GnomeSlice @spugsley In other words, bring several memory sticks or at least some large ones.
@FAE I like the dryness of that "aircut acquired"
@skovacs1 yeah, I have a few extra packed just in case I need the space
@spugsley What sort of lens do you have?
Q: What is the difference between slugs and pellets for the Winchester?

WipqoznI've found both pellet founds and slug rounds for the Winchester, and tested them both out, but can't really notice any difference between the two. What's the difference between slugs and pellets?

Q: What is a bandit?

WipqoznOne of the debug stats is "bandits killed". I originally thought they were just NPCs, but I recently encountered one (and died), and it seems to be a player. What are bandits?

Q: What is the camping tent used for?

WipqoznI came across a camping tent while playing, and the description says it acts as "extended safe storage" for items. After pitching the tent I noticed I was able to "save it", in addition to storing things inside of it. I assumed that saving a tent would save the tents location and contents in the ...

Q: Looking for a Minecraft Anarchy server? Join VerinCraft[1.2.5]!

vukorepalukaLooking for an epic Minecraft experience? You were searching for a true anarchy survival server but couldn't find one? Maybe after many days you finally found one but it had 10 slots or it was extremely laggy? Look no further! If you want a real SMP experience, with lots of cool plugins and NO R...

Q: Guild Wars - How To Lower Ping In Europe

Rob P.I've never played the original GW - but I thought I'd give it a try. When I connect and start playing, the game seems slow and unresponsive. If I bring up the performance window I can see that my ping > 400ms. Can anyone tell me if there are European verse US servers like there are in WoW? I ...

@GnomeSlice ughh I don't even know. I've had it for so long
2:30 PM
@spugsley Long or short.
Nevermind, it's not critical.
@spugsley Good think to remember is that if you adjust your shutter speed to be slower, you need to make your aperture larger by the same amount.
So figure out which settings produce the best shots before you start the shoot, and use that as a benchmark.
It would also be helpful to do this in each location you're going to be in beforehand i.e. if you're going to be outside and indoors.
@GnomeSlice that's helpful :) thanks
@spugsley Rapid-shot can be hit or miss. Some cameras do a fixed set of n shots and some continue to rapid-shoot for as long as you are holding the button. For action shots where you know your timing could be questionable, they can be quite helpful, but they eat storage space. Some of them also use a quicker shutter speed which can sometimes be detrimental. If you haven't used it, I'd recommend testing it out on your own before you do and obviously not to test it when the results matter too much.
@GnomeSlice yeah, this is the first wedding I've ever done. I tried to convince the couple to hire a professional because my work is strictly for my portfolio. I've never done anything professionally. But they are super super broke so it's either me or nothing :/
@skovacs1 okay. I'll play around with it before the event and see how it feels otherwise I'll steer clear
@spugsley Shooting in RAW gives you more power in post-prod but depending on how you feel about your test shots, you might not want to bother.
@GnomeSlice I don't have a lot of experience shooting in RAW but I may try a few test shots that I can mess around with post-production so that I can see how I feel about it.
for next time. Assuming I ever want to subject myself to this kind of stress ever again. Which is unlikely
2:38 PM
@spugsley Anyway, recap: low ISO when possible (darker images, better quality) offset by larger aperture, an increase in aperture size means you should decrease the shutter speed, experiment with using your flash as a fill flash (only as needed) by wrapping it in something to scatter and soften the light.
@GnomeSlice I am taking notes. I really appreciate it
game development is cool.
also photo-taking.
@Mana It's also quite hot and sweaty.
@spugsley Useful chart relating shutter speed to aperture.
2:40 PM
@skovacs1 oh man tell me about it. it's so warm outside today...
@Mana OH MY FUCK what the hell is wrong with your gravatar?
@spugsley I said that already lmfao
@spugsley ?? It looks the same as it always did.
Is there something wrong with it?
I don't see anything.
@Mana it's a toothy, noseless, red monster
@spugsley Excuse me?
That's a photo of myself, thank you very much.
2:42 PM
@Mana I was referring more to cramped small-ish cubicle-like spaces, ample people, build farms with dozens of machines generating ample heat, etc.
@Mana Excuse you? Excuse ME! Thank you in advance for all the terrifying nightmares
Just because it doesn't look as charming as yours doesn't mean you have to insult me.
@Mana well, I was going to say something especially ruthless but you said my picture was charming so I forgot what I was going to say :3
and that's how you get the girls. QED.
@spugsley He never said yours was charming, he said his was less charming than yours.
@Mana Married girls, you creep.
2:45 PM
@GnomeSlice wat
@GnomeSlice good point
@badp diagonal rows of colour indicate the same exposure, with different effects.
@GnomeSlice What's creepy about getting married girls QED? I'm sure they can use some QED as well.
@skovacs1 I don't even know what that means.
@GnomeSlice I am also lost
2:46 PM
2 mins ago, by Mana
and that's how you get the girls. QED.
@badp Nice save.
oh geez I'm 20 years old. Thanks for the reminder Facebook.
@GnomeSlice @Mana simply claimed that that was how you get the girls QED.
@Mana You're not 20 years old. I'm sure you just put in there 1 1 1982 so you'd get by the age filters
2:48 PM
Gnomeslice is horribly sexist. He believes only guys should get QED.
Never actually knew what that means.
but you know what? screw that. Everybody deserves QED.
@Mana Woah woah woah. Slow the boat. Today's your birthday? Now we'll have to go buy a cake, and party, and.
@Mana omg what are we talking about? What the hell is QED?
I deserve QED. You deserve QED. And most of all, girls deserve QED.
2:49 PM
@Mana it's your birthday?
@spugsley Quality EDucation?
Quite Exquisite Doughnuts?
Q.E.D. is an initialism of the Latin phrase , which translates as "which was to be demonstrated". The phrase is traditionally placed in its abbreviated form at the end of a mathematical proof or philosophical argument when what was specified in the enunciation — and in the setting-out — has been exactly restated as the conclusion of the demonstration. The abbreviation thus signals the completion of the proof. Etymology and early use The phrase quod erat demonstrandum is a translation into Latin from the Greek (; abbreviated as ΟΕΔ). Translating from the Latin into English yi...
Q.E.D. is an initialism of the Latin phrase , which translates as "which was to be demonstrated". The phrase is traditionally placed in its abbreviated form at the end of a mathematical proof or philosophical argument when what was specified in the enunciation — and in the setting-out — has been exactly restated as the conclusion of the demonstration. The abbreviation thus signals the completion of the proof. Etymology and early use The phrase quod erat demonstrandum is a translation into Latin from the Greek (; abbreviated as ΟΕΔ). Translating from the Latin into English yi...
@skovacs1 bitch
2:50 PM
@GnomeSlice especially when we timed it the same.
(I know what Quod Erat Demonstrandum means ಠ_ಠ)
@Mana doooo doo dooooo Nice.
@Mana (instrumental)
2:51 PM
@GnomeSlice @badp hi-fives
@badp I don't.
@spugsley I'm making coffee.
That's like a videogame or somethin' right? runs
@badp Television show dude.
@skovacs1 Oh.
That show was the shit, but it needed a slightly different name. It sounded like 'Megasex LR'.
2:54 PM
@GnomeSlice intentional
so why does Reddit need free prescription glasses so bad?
@GnomeSlice I would watch the hell out of that
It's been months since that guy's been throwing those things away
@ArdaXi Ken jij iets over postduiven hier in Nederland? Ik heb net 5 vrachtwagens gezien met "Postduivenvervoer" erop. O_o
2:55 PM
@skovacs1 It was a children's cartoon, I doubt it.
@GnomeSlice it was, but uh.
does the line "Chicks! Dig! Giant robots!" sound like a normal children's cartoon to you?
it was definitely intentional.
Happy birthday @Mana!
@GnomeSlice You think that makes a difference?
@Mana I still don't think it was intentionally chosen because of the mispronunciation.
@FAE Thanks, I'm ringing it in crying with a gun in my mouth. 20 YEARS OLD. :(
2:57 PM
@Mana wat
@Mana You're a twenteenager. It's not that bad
@Mana twenty isn't so bad. I just turned 23 ;.;
Except I wouldn't go about telling people you're a twenteenager
@spugsley 23? That's me in a couple months or so
@Mana Yes birthday happiness upon you or else.
@spugsley Wait, you're 23? I thought you were 19.
2:58 PM
@Mana 19 and married? I mean, 23's also pretty damn young given the average but.
@spugsley I'm 23, so that means you're in the cool kids club.
@Mana It's OK, things don't start to go downhill until 22.
@Mana nope, I'm definitely 23
I'm going to be 28 next month so...
@spugsley subtle compliment failure
@Mana ..........
2:59 PM
@Mana dude. I look 12. Age compliments don't work on me. SHUT DOWN
@spugsley WHAT UP
@spugsley I have that problem too... =[
@GnomeSlice yeah, it sucks ass balls

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