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3:00 AM
@RavenDreamer I will never have that achievement.
@RavenDreamer That must come with a hefty pile of Gamerscore..... ;)
@Jin I just graduated. I'm feeling celebratory. Are you free to meet for celebratory food sometime next week?
@RavenDreamer You forgot to put 'making out" in there.
@AshleyNunn Even better! It comes with a job.
@Fluttershy Why would I make out with a married man?
@RavenDreamer That is quite wonderful
3:01 AM
@RavenDreamer How long do you have off before you start full time?
@RavenDreamer I think what you mean is 'Why wouldn't I make out with a married man?" Because... Why not?
@Fluttershy He's in NC. It's illegal now.
@StrixVaria Rest of May.
@StrixVaria Oh yeah... Well, at least there's always @spugsley!
@RavenDreamer Very cool. What are you gonna be doing?
3:02 AM
@StrixVaria No, it was illegal before. Now it's flat out unconstitutional!
@AshleyNunn SAP programming
@RavenDreamer Good deal. That's what I had too after graduation. Started June 1st. This coming June will be 3 years. 3 years of not enough time to play video games :(
@RavenDreamer The only sap I know comes from trees....but yay?
SAP is a competitor of my company!
Kind of.
We're too tiny for them to care about, though :P
@StrixVaria The funny thing was, I got an email this morning whas was basically
"Heeeeey, newhire! The weekend after you start working, we're going on our annual company retreat! You should come!"
Yeah R&D went to Six Flags shortly after I was hired.
It was pretty cool.
3:05 AM
My first week on my current job was spent at a training in Birmingham Alabama.
It was less than awesome.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's on the list of states I never want to visit.
@StrixVaria I used to have a list like that, but now that I've been through 35 in the past year alone, and am up to 40ish total, I figure I might as well go for 50
I haven't been to all that many. NH, VT, CT, drove through MA, NY, NJ, DE, MD, drove through WV and VA, NC, and FL. I'm pretty sure that's it.
@RavenDreamer That could be cool :D
3:07 AM
Oh I stopped at a Subway in VA in the middle of the night. I felt scared.
Man, I can count the times i have been out of Ontario on one hand.
The guy behind the counter was drinking whiskey when we went in.
Ontario is enormous though.
Only been out of the country like.....twice. Both times to the states
@StrixVaria Let me rephrase - out of Southwestern Ontario
I've been to Mississauga and Toronto. I would go back.
3:09 AM
@StrixVaria Toronto's not bad :)
Never really been to Mississauga except for once when I got lost
I remember standing at the base of the CN tower, looking up and getting dizzy.
@StrixVaria It does that to me too
I have never been up there but the idea scares me
epecially the glass floor
3:10 AM
I heard glass floor and I instantly decided against going up.
@StrixVaria The very idea shakes me to the core
Pfft. Cowards both of you.
has a fear of heights
Best dog costume ever...
3:12 AM
@RavenDreamer Meh, I've seen better
@RavenDreamer I saw this earlier. It's an amazing, amazing idea.
@RavenDreamer It took me a second to figure out what was going on, then I laughed
@LessPop_MoreFizz pics or gtfo!
@LessPop_MoreFizz Touche, sir. Touche.
3:14 AM
Q: Is there a way to shoot a ranged weapon consistently without moving my feet?

EBongoI switched to using a bow, and now I find myself constantly running to a few steps away from enemies before shooting them in the face. At my current level it isn't a big deal since I can still tank most of them, but as I face tougher enemies they are often dealing some painful blows. I try to j...

Q: Portal 2 Crashes

tolluyI load up the game, within 5 minutes the game crashes and I get an error message: "Portal 2 has stopped working" Does anyone know why? Or someway to fix it?

what is this room I don't even
@MarkTrapp Dogs in Costumes!
I found the winner.
3:21 AM
@Fluttershy That is terrific
@Fluttershy Incorrect.
user image
@LessPop_MoreFizz Dog bus?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Alright. You win... Can I at least get 2nd?
@AshleyNunn Yeah. Fun fact, dog bus was accompanied by a 5 year old dressed as a bus stop.
@LessPop_MoreFizz OMG yay that is awesome
3:22 AM
@AshleyNunn lemme find it
@LessPop_MoreFizz The lady to the right of the lady in the red t-shirt looks like her face is melting.
@Wipqozn Crap. I don't have Operation Arrowhead and I don't think I want to drop $20 on it just for the mod
Yes that is a dog in a Dave Mustaine costume.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That is so awesome :D
3:24 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz idk who that is
@AshleyNunn Lead singer of Megadeth
@Fluttershy Ah
Now here is where I admit I only know of Megadeth from a Audio Adrenaline song (the Houseplant Song)
@AshleyNunn They're classic!
@Fluttershy I grew up listening to Country or Contemporary Christian - my Metal likings are relatively recent (last 5 years or so....and I only really know what my roommate listens to)
3:37 AM
@AshleyNunn I'm so sorry.
@AshleyNunn I grew up listening to Rush, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Journey, and Nazareth... lol
@Fluttershy My dad played Pink Floyd nonstop, but hated Rush. I seem to have inherited that taste.
@StrixVaria I am trying to make up for it now - recommendations of things to try are always welcome. Right now I like hair metal and prog metal mostly
I don't love Pink Floyd, and I don't hate Rush, but it's close.
@StrixVaria I don't know how anyone can dislike Rush...
3:38 AM
@AshleyNunn Do you have a Last.FM?
@Fluttershy They're ok, but not amazing IMO. I'd rather listen to something else if I had the choice is all.
@StrixVaria No, I do not
@AshleyNunn Can you name a few bands then :P
That you already know that you like.
Hmmm.... Savatage, Iron Maiden, Symphony X, Borealis, Muse
That is a tough one.
Symphony X is from New Jersey, though!
Metallica, pre-St. Anger!
3:41 AM
@StrixVaria Nifty
They are one of my current super favourites
@Fluttershy Well, allow me to step in and prove to you that it's possible to not just dislike, but to absolutely despise Rush.
@Fluttershy I have never listened to Metallica really
Hate them. Completely and utterly. Cannot stand them. Drives me nuts.
@LessPop_MoreFizz =( But... but why?
3:41 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think I have to like them. It's like in the Canadia code of existing
@Fluttershy fucking boring.
show-offy snoozefest.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I went to see them once, I kinda liked it
but to each thier own
I know anything like really growly or yelly I do not like
@AshleyNunn Try Nightwish. They're like Symphony X (kinda) but with a female lead. youtube.com/watch?v=o0RnPHfLrkY
3:43 AM
@StrixVaria I like them! Do you like them better with this lead, or the old one?
Ehh. It depends on how operatic the old singer gets. More operatic = worse.
@StrixVaria Agreed.
I have seen them live - it was a pretty good time.
Oh, I also like Within Temptation. (That was a good concert - my back was bad then- so they gave me a high stool to sit on in the midst of the standing crowd. I had the best view.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't agree with this at all...
3:45 AM
Oh cool it looks like I deleted all the Rush music I used to have.
@Fluttershy That's cool. Enjoy it if you like. But I stand by my statement that I hate them.
I don't mind that at all.
The cool thing about music is different people can like different kinds!
I need opinions on this song. Not Rush. @AshleyNunn you've heard it already.
@Fluttershy Yes I have, and I like it.
I think this is too relevant to The Bridge
And gamestop.com/meatshield redirects to gears 3 incidentally.
4:04 AM
@StrixVaria Hey, I've been up there! And I'm freaking terrified of heights.
@AshleyNunn You were saying you live in southwest Ontario?
@fbueckert yup!
@AshleyNunn I'm not far, then!
@fbueckert Oh? Where are you?
@AshleyNunn Winnipeg.
@fbueckert That isn't all that far, no. :)
4:07 AM
@AshleyNunn It really is a small world.
@fbueckert so i am discovering
@GnomeSlice Mostly, just remember, IT'S A GAME!
@GnomeSlice This is the stupidest article I've ever read.
@fbueckert The only thing I know about Winnipeg is that the Jets play there.
@StrixVaria It's a really tiny city.
And we have an aboriginal population that's much higher than average.
4:12 AM
@StrixVaria I still find it odd that the Jets exist again
@AshleyNunn I just think it's hilarious that they have to travel all the way to the southeast US for all their division games.
Didn't really think that one through.
@StrixVaria Yeah, no one really planned that one very well
You should've seen the partying when it was announced that we were getting the Jets back.
The city lost its collective shit.
Well you didn't get them back. They're still in Phoenix. You got a new one.
Did anyone get a grant e-mail today?
4:14 AM
@StrixVaria To most people, it didn't matter.
@Fluttershy Negative
@Fluttershy I haven't.
Guess it'll be Monday before we find out.
@spugsley Had you never seen it before?
@Fluttershy Nope :)
@spugsley Had you seen Alien?
@Fluttershy saw it last weekend :)
It's a brilliant
@fbueckert Hey, another Winnipeger!
4:16 AM
@spugsley Do yourself a favor and skip Resurrection... And all of the AvP movies.
@Fluttershy so I've heard
but I need the nerd-cred
I'll see them
I have to be able to complain about them
Alien 3 is okay, but super different.
@spugsley There's no nerd-cred in those movies. Only pain.
I have never seen an Alien movie
@Fluttershy and the opportunity to complain with other nerds :)
4:17 AM
@AshleyNunn They're actually made here on earth.
@AshleyNunn you definitely should
Resurrection and AVP though... there is a large amount of nerd cred in having not seen them.
Comicon in Ottawa this weekend.
Never been to one before.
@GnomeSlice They're fun. You should cosplay.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Funny, that's the same reason I haven't played any Final Fantasy games that end in "-2".
4:18 AM
@Fluttershy No.
@GnomeSlice Oh c'mon, cosplay is fun.
I have never been to a con ever - crowds are scary
@Fluttershy It always looks like it would be
@Brant Actually X-2 was pretty fun.
I don't have a costume.
4:20 AM
@GnomeSlice Tear up some clothes, throw dirt and fake blood on your face. Boom. Instant zombie.
@Brant XIII-2 is actually surprisingly good. Assuming you like XIII.
Speaking of cosplay. And final fantasy.
I'll admit, that does seem like it might be fun, for some reason.
@StrixVaria ...That stinks.
4:24 AM
@GnomeSlice I was actually referring to the gameplay and narrative. I enjoyed it more than FFX.
I've never played a Final Fantasy game.
@GnomeSlice You should.
@GnomeSlice Some of them are really quite good, especially the older ones.
BOOM! Sci-Fi question about Aliens! I AM WIN
:) please
@GnomeSlice I have ever only played the first one
4:27 AM
@GnomeSlice If you ever do want to try one, and aren't against 2D graphics, I'd go with Final Fantasy III. You can find a rom for it easily. If you're wanting something with better graphics, IX or X.
@Fluttershy Do you mean 3 or 6?
@StrixVaria yes.
I really like 5 more than 6.
Six is harder to emulate because it requires a PSX emulator.
I liked the gameplay of 5 better, but the story for 6.
Yeah 5 had a fairly weak story.
I should go back and finish 6 some day.
Obviously I won't be able to do it before Diablo 3 comes out, and after that everything is up in the air.
4:30 AM
FF4 and FF6 are among my favourites. FF9 is also quite fun. FF7 is solid too. FF8 was brooding, but fun. FF1 was hard in its original form, but brief. FF2 added some cool elements and dynamic character growth. FF3 and FF5 have some job systems which can bog them down a bit. FFX was very Japanese. FFX-2 was far more light-hearted than FFX. FFXII is like MMORPG lite and was more active. FFXIII was like a narrative monorail. I haven't touched my FFXIII-2 yet.
@Fluttershy eh? FFVI was for SNES.
@skovacs1 I specifically like FF3 and FF5 because of the job systems.
I dislike how narrow most of the other ones are.
@Brant originally. They re-relased it on Playstation and handhelds and stuff.
@Brant I've only ever seen it as FFIII for SNES.
@skovacs1 I think you're confusing FFXII with FFXI.
So many letters.....*confused*
4:33 AM
@Fluttershy No, FF12 was really MMORPGish in its combat.
It got better as you got into it, but it never really got to be active enough.
@StrixVaria Oh. You mean like... Hit attack, wait for battle to end?
@StrixVaria And that's what I was getting at.
@StrixVaria Gotcha. I misread. I hated the Gambit system... "Press left thumbstick to win."
My biggest gripe about FF12 was the unforgiving auto-lose battles to block off areas you weren't supposed to go yet.
4:34 AM
I don't even think @GnomeSlice is listening to us. We listen to his but he ignores ours.
So you'd do a bunch of training, then just get slaughtered and have to restore a previous save.
@Fluttershy I'm not particularly interested in Final Fantasy.
I've seen it played a lot, my sister is a huge fan of the series.
@GnomeSlice And that's the problem.
@GnomeSlice How old's your sister?
@Fluttershy 22 I think?
4:37 AM
@GnomeSlice Tell her I said what's up. >.>
But seriously... We try your recommendations, you should try at least one of ours. =P
If I go to sleep, then it's like time traveling to the future. A future that is closer to Diablo 3's release!
@Fluttershy Yes, tell your younger sister that a fictional yellow pegasus from the internet sends her greetings. That will be a fun conversation.
I can't pass up this opportunity.
@skovacs1 That's what I meant, entirely. Didn't have anything to do with the fact that I'm an actual person at the keyboard. (No sarcasm at all, I literally wanted him to tell her "My friend Fluttershy says hello.")
@StrixVaria I could just turn our flux capacitor back on.
4:42 AM
@Fluttershy Now I want to tell someone that XD just because it would be awesome, especially as no one I know IRL watches MLP
@OrigamiRobot Can we hit 1.21 from here?
@Fluttershy No, I dumped the rocket fuel out.
@OrigamiRobot To make room for the tuna?
@Fluttershy Duh.
@AshleyNunn Be my guest!
4:44 AM
@Fluttershy Yessssss
Next time I see my sister, this is so happening, because she will make the best WTF face.
@Fluttershy Yay
@AshleyNunn That's the ticket!
4:50 AM
@Fluttershy Its one of my favourite moments.
@AshleyNunn Mine too. But my absolute favorite is in Hurricane Fluttershy.
@Fluttershy I have not gotten that far
@AshleyNunn You will, if you ever watch it again. lol
@Fluttershy I have been! Just....slowly. A lot of life distractions
@AshleyNunn Understandable. You have time to catch up before the new season starts. Also, removing my star from your earlier comment about oreos did not help. <.<
4:53 AM
@Fluttershy Yeah so I see.....
Makes me look quite awesome, eh? laughs
yesterday, by FAE
@TimStone I am excellent in bed.
@AshleyNunn I think you'll be fine.
@Fluttershy snorts Oh dear. Her and I make a lovely pair in the starred list..... XD
@Fluttershy How many stars did this get?
@OrigamiRobot 6
4:59 AM
@Fluttershy Oh, Bridge, never change. XD
@AshleyNunn War... War never changes.
@FAE Oh is that what that means? I should start telling people about my sleep skills.
31 million views... 159,867 likes, 644,673 dislikes
@Fluttershy ?
5:10 AM
@Fluttershy I should star that, just so that random people will click on the link from the sidebar and be Blackrolled
@YiJiang Please do.
Everyone, do what @YiJiang just said.
Also, "i think we owe a big apology to rebecca black..." for anyone who hasn't seen Hot Problems yet... >.>
If you have yet to see Hot Problems, watch it. Just make sure you don't mind your ears bleeding a bit.
@Fluttershy I'm pretty sure auto-tune could help there. So bad.
@Fluttershy Is this like a serious deal?
@AshleyNunn I... think it is...
@Fluttershy O.O
5:19 AM
I can't believe how bad Friday's lyrics are.
@RavenDreamer You haven't watched Hot Problems yet...
@Fluttershy As a hot girl myself, I can relate to this voice of our generation.
@MarkTrapp Remember a while back when you said you like to award answers in which large amounts of science were involved? >.>
@Fluttershy No. Friday is worse. Hot Problems has its own... problems, but Friday definitely has worse lyrics.
Admittedly, Friday's chorus is much better
@RavenDreamer Can't we just admit that they are both abominations deserving of fire?
5:22 AM
But Tuesday does come after Monday! You can't get that kind of accurate portrayal of reality from Dark Side of the Moon or whatever
@Fluttershy Mmmmmmmaayyyyyyyybeeee
@MarkTrapp But which seat should we take-ake-ake?
@MarkTrapp Take a look at these my friend. =P
Actually, you've seen one of those because you helped me with the formatting of the table.
I honestly wasn't expecting you to do that...
5:29 AM
@Fluttershy Joke's on you, I'm awarding it to the -6 deleted answer!
@MarkTrapp I can't even see that one. =( Not a 10k user.
> In my experience it depends on several factors, or at least there's a large degree of randomness, but it seems to to be 5-10 blocks per level for both. So if you have a knockback 2 sword then it will knockback the mob between 10 and 20 blocks.
> Sprinting on the other hand seems to stay <10. My recommendation though is to just get a sword and experiment yourself. =)
♪ ♫ Gotta get down to the bus stop! ♪ ♫
Why does she go to the bus stop to wait for her friends to pick her up? A mystery for the ages.
5:31 AM
@MarkTrapp Oh! I remember a comment on that "Telling someone to experiment themselves isn't really an answer."
@MarkTrapp Why does she have to decide between the back seat and the front seat when the front seat is already taken?
@Fluttershy She hates the boy who beckons her so much she's willing to sit on someone's lap in the front
@Fluttershy The entire song is a clever metaphor
@Sterno For intercourse?
@Fluttershy O.O
She's 12!
5:33 AM
Actually I just made that up I have no idea how old she is
And later the guy cuts in, talking about how he's in the front seat, back seat, switching lanes. It's all so clear
@MarkTrapp I think she's 14 and pregnant.
@Fluttershy The back seat is also already taken.
5:35 AM
Oh, that was from a year ago
I need to start linking this video in here every Friday.
@MarkTrapp So I had the age right, but not the pregnant bit.
Reminded of single-mother Bristol Palin's blogrant about how Barack Obama supporting gay marriage is wrong, because families need daddies and stuff.
@Sterno I'm excited about the potential pings I get about that, and why it has 6 stars. lol
5:44 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Can we get an example of +2?
Hm.. Just watched a video tutorial on playing the MLP theme on piano. Looks pretty doable, if I devote myself to watching and practicing. That might be awesome.
@AshleyNunn I miss my piano.
@Fluttershy I have a digital one, and my room is so small I have to sit on my bed to play it, but I do love it - there is something cool about being able to make music - even if I am not very accomplished yet.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I could only upvote two of those because I didn't know a thing about the other game.
5:56 AM
(Yes, the wow answer is probably out of date, I'm just making a point.)
@Fluttershy Hah. You should check out KODP if you have access to an iThing. It's amazing.
Q: How do I know which cranky old dude does the best god impression?

LessPop_MoreFizzI've reached the point in King of Dragon Pass where I want to HeroQuest as often as possible in order to score sacks of phat lewt and mad XP secure the future of my clan, honor the gods, and ensure their blessings for our tribal ambitions. Sadly, it would seem that the various interchangeable ...

@LessPop_MoreFizz Is it free?
One of the answers is by the dev. Another is by the woman who has been his primary beta tester for various iterations of this game over something like 20 years.
@Fluttershy tenbux
Though it goes on deep discount periodically
@LessPop_MoreFizz Bit out of my range at the moment.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Such is life. 1 score vs. 51 score and 300k views
@Fluttershy Yeah, I know. Add it to The List though.
Possibly the single most repayable game I own.
@MarkTrapp Yeah, I know. I just find it amusing.

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