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12:00 AM
It said something about having to verify it somewhere, so I didn't pick it up. =/
@Ullallulloo No big deal. I'm not on Xbox Live right now anyway, so it'll be a while before I can purchase it.
yeah, I got one through raptr but couldn't redeem it before they ran out :(
Dammit, I didn't get one through raptr ;_;
12:11 AM
So much sad in here :(
mine was bold and italic
@agent86 You're just compensating for lack of something else.
@Fluttershy oh really?
a certain je ne sais quoi?
@agent86 I don't speak Italian. >.>
12:18 AM
@Fluttershy me neither :P
I barely speak english.
@agent86 Damn your quick wit...
Q: What features differ between the XBLA and PC versions of minecraft?

PileOfDutyWhat differences does the Xbox 360 version of minecraft have compared to playing on the PC?

@Lazers Is that the tag we want to have for that? Should we not just use our platform tagging policy? Or are we going to wait until we have more feedback on Oak's post?
@FAE I would assume so. Raven put it on there.
I guess it's sorta like a version tag? Seems weird, though.
12:22 AM
@FAE Ew, I hate it.
@AnnaLear Yeah, we don't have version tags for other iterations of the game. Though the changes may be significant enough to warrant one like this? I don't know. I thought that's how we were supposed to use our platform tags, but with Oak's recent meta post, I'm not quite sure what's going on.
I know LessPop's planning on writing up a meta post re: current platform tagging
12:46 AM
@FAE It's Broken!
It's not so much that we don't put them on the questions, it's that people don't read them and write answers that ignore them, and they get misused and need to be fixed by 'regulars' all the time and all it turns into is a struck & white grinding policy with little actual benefit.
The only way to reliably get people to provide answers responsive to a platform specific concern is to mention it in your question text anyway, at which point, the platform tags are no longer particularly helpful in that sense.
and in turn, it substantially reduces their value as filters for questions that are actually about the platform in question because you get stuck wading through all the Skyrim questions from people who have broken quests and can't use the console to fix them or whatever.
That's the Short Version.
3 hours ago, by Mana
> but I don't like the idea of shutting down a quesiton on the grounds of "Sorry, but users are going to provide shitty answers to this question. We need to close it."
@Mana I'm sorry, but that actually sounds like a fantastic reason to close every question tagged , and I happen to think, and I'm sure you will agree, an action like that would result in a substantial increase in overall site quality.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not all LoL questions are bad.
@Fluttershy I didn't say they were. I said users will provide shitty answers to all of them.
@Fluttershy Critical distinction!
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well played, sir....
@agent86 Grats!
@FAE -_-;;
12:56 AM
@RavenDreamer Why the shamed face? I figured you'd find that to be good news.
There's innuendo, and then there's blatant starwhoring.
Guess which one that sentence falls into?
@RavenDreamer I'd say the same as your first one.
@Fluttershy My hm?
49 secs ago, by Raven Dreamer
There's innuendo, and then there's blatant starwhoring.
OOOOOOOOOOOhaky. Took me a second.
The troubles of ambiguous pronouns!
I should know better.
12:58 AM
@Sterno No.
@Sterno Do you mean to imply the presence of some sort of sexism on the part of Marvel or Superhero representation in general? I don't know. That seems pretty farfetched.
@RavenDreamer Nothing wrong with the occasional starworthy line. I blame being in a good mood.
@FAE I read that as "Strawberry", and I was very confused.
1:01 AM
And I like it when you're in a good mood!
@RavenDreamer I like strawberry. It's an awesome flavour.
@FAE Wtf did I just see?
@RavenDreamer I am curious as to why you edited that
Because I was just ranting about pronoun confusion.
@FAE I get this feeling 'good' was something else.
1:03 AM
And then I went and @#$*ed up my pronouns.
@Fluttershy I'd hit it.
@Fluttershy A fantasy author modeling in poses that women are in on fantasy book covers in order to make a point.
@RavenDreamer There's not much on this earth you wouldn't. Good to know.
@Fluttershy I changed the "it" to "it" from "you".
@FAE OH. Just a sec.
@FAE This reminds me of this and this.
@Fluttershy Oh, come on, enough self-confidence to strike ridiculous poses and have your picture taken?
Self-confidence is sexy.
1:06 AM
@GnomeSlice Aye, you linked the petapixel thing after I linked that first one once.
@GnomeSlice Why do I keep looking!?
Blargh. I just downloaded Pixeljunk Monsters, and now I have to download an update?
@RavenDreamer Welcome to the PS3
@Fluttershy They do make good points though.
@FAE I'll show you a good point.
@Fluttershy But you're a pegasus, not a unicorn
1:08 AM
@FAE Innuendo is a glorious tool.
is tempted to find his copy of "The Lusty Argonian Maid"
@RavenDreamer So you're a fan of erotic reading material?
@Fluttershy ...if that's your definition of erotic...
You must have a fetish for baking bread.
@RavenDreamer I mean... I could. There are weirder fetishes out there.
I'm sorry, what?
1:12 AM
@GnomeSlice Skyrim.
@GnomeSlice Oblivion.
Guh, why is the system volume restricted on the computers in this lab...
Pings are horrible. The volume is maxed out and you can't change it.
@Fluttershy Pretty sure the bread was in Skyrim. It was polishing spears in Oblivion
@RavenDreamer I'd prefer the one that didn't involve yeast.
1:14 AM
@Fluttershy Hand-kneaded.
No yeast involved.
I've leaven that
@RavenDreamer was that a readable book in any of them?
I thought they got rid of the naughtybooks
Nope. They added one for Skyrim.
The best part about TES, is that each game they add more books, and keep the old ones.
In another 10 years, we'll have hundreds of books in the Elder Scrolls VII!
Oh, that's right, I think they just censored one or two
Er. More hundreds ofbooks.
Author of the Lusty Argonian Maid is a Morrowind NPC, FYI.
1:17 AM
more books
Gotta have 'em for that Book Dungeon
Also, goddamnit, I'm going to have to read ~1400 questions to write this meta post.
Why do I commit myself to these stupid projects?
Dear Steam, please quit messing up.
It's not just me, huh?
My connection keeps dropping tonight
@AshleyNunn Mine has like 4 times.
1:23 AM
@Fluttershy I second this
Dear Steam, I have 5 bars of connection
what the crap
There is apparently a final fantasy 14
Yeah, it's an MMO like 11, ain't it?
...but it's an online game and everyone hates it apparently, so it's sort of like 11
1:26 AM
@BenBrocka It's F2P because of how crappy it was.
Which seems to mean no one cares, possibly for good reason
I figured they'd quit the online game stuff after 11
@BenBrocka Eleven was surprisingly popular...
@Fluttershy I was always annoyed that they numbered it
They'll never top that boss in 11 that takes 18 hours to beat
bringing MMO bullshit to new levels
@BenBrocka Whaaaat?
1:28 AM
@FAE It didn't even deserve the Final Fantasy name...
takes over 12 hours with multiple parties fighting it
Pretty much like some non-MMO Final Fantasy bosses.
and it apparently can totally randomly heal itself for an hour's worth of damage
think ruby weapon x100
Read: Dark Aeons
And none of that Knights of the Round crap. That game almost made me hate Chocobos
@Ullallulloo I don't think I played that far in to 10, I think Omega was as far as I got for "super" bosses which he doesn't really count as
Yeah, but you can actually kill him in one hit. IIRC some of the other super bosses can take over an hour with maxed out sphere grids...
Like that stupid...whatever...thing in the desert in X 2
hate that thing
Ruby/Emerald Weapon with no Knights of the Round were about as much Superboss as I was ever willing to kill
@BenBrocka That is horrifying
Did you guys see this? It's awesome
Q: Wolfenstein 3D is now available for free online. But is this version any different than the original?

SamTheBrandTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of the game's release, Bethesda (which bought iD Software) is hosting a free in-browser version of Wolfenstein 3D. But I'm curious if this version is the exact version that was released in 1992. Are there any major gameplay changes? Are the graphics different? Ho...

@Sterno oh wow, full game too, I only ever had the shareware one
@AshleyNunn Yes it is, and I totally believe it.
@BenBrocka Me too
1:43 AM
which is part of the horror
Q: Can I add wood to trees to make them bigger?

KayIn minecraft, can I put wood blocks on top of trees to make them grow larger?

Q: Isn't this Proposal a Duplicate of Gaming.SE?

James DidzunProposal: Progaming / Esports Isn't this proposal a duplicate of Gaming.SE? Gaming.SE - Q&A for passionate videogamers on all platforms This Propsal - Proposed Q&A site for pro/semipro/semipro-wannabe gamers who want to improve their skills. Gaming - Stack Exchange is for passion...

No example questions yet though
Progaming much
@MarkTrapp Will be interesting to see how it goes...
1:49 AM
I can't think of very many esports questions that wouldn't be on-topic for Gaming
@AshleyNunn funny thing is people found a cheap way to make the boss actually killable, and the devs "fixed" it
Maybe questions about tournament sponsorships?
@MarkTrapp What are sites to get started in tournaments?
@BenBrocka Oy.
1:49 AM
@Fluttershy Close as NC :P
@BenBrocka Expecting a vodka ad, left disappointed
Absolut Virtue tastes like suffering and bad game design
Wouldn't be an Asian MMO without those things!
> Absolute Virtue had, on several occasions, been fought and held by linkshells for over 30 hours trying to defeat it, to no avail.
Reminds me of an incident I can vaguely remember from EQ, where nobody could be one this one boss; one guild finally did with creative use of game mechanics only to be banned right as the boss went down
1:54 AM
Or something to that effect
@MarkTrapp the devs did that in this case too
Beat Absolute Virtue, get nerfed
> Absolute Virtue is notorious for being the longest running NM that remained undefeated by players through legitimate means. This added to the unpopularity of the development team at the time, because any method deemed unacceptable by them would be nerfed from the game.
@MarkTrapp O.O
Now gamedevs just buff you if you can't beat it within in a month
Took them three years to nerf AV it sounds like
I have been found by an @Ullallulloo
2:00 AM
@FAE >.>
thepugs and bp_ have revealed you.
@Ullallulloo Also the fact that it's linked in my Gaming profile <_<
@FAE Well, I don't stalk you.
That'd be creepy.
I just stalk the guys.
@Ullallulloo I do.
@Fluttershy I do stalk you, so that makes up for it.
@Ullallulloo I've had stalkers before. (FAE) I don't mind.
2:05 AM
@Fluttershy That's good. :)
@Fluttershy What is this lies and slander
@FAE Did I mean to say I've stalked before? I don't know...
@Fluttershy I am glad no one stalks me, you creepers
@AshleyNunn Who says we don't? @FAE might.
@Fluttershy I love that you just threw someone else under the bus. What a knight.
2:09 AM
@AshleyNunn Seriously!
@FAE Mind you, if you did stalk me......>.>
Bow chicka-wah-wah...
@Fluttershy O.O
@AshleyNunn I already know your name, it's just a quick google search from there, amirite?
@FAE Probably, actually
2:11 AM
Apparently there is a pornstar with my name
@AshleyNunn ahahaha
@FAE I am adequately O.O now
@AshleyNunn Well, you can be happy that you have plenty of google camouflage?
Yeah - the main hits are for her or some cyclist dude with my name
2:14 AM
hm. I think I'm gonna look this up to uh, confirm.
@Mana hahaha just a fact checking mission, right?
I have been found again!
innocent whistle
Q: Platform Tags are Useless

LessPop_MoreFizzSo, for nearly two years now, we've had a fairly straightforward 'rule' for when to use Platform Tags (i.e. ps3, pc etc.): I think it should only be added when: It's a general question about the platform, OR The game in question has multiple versions, AND the question is specific ...

Commence downvoting.
2:26 AM
hi :)
@spugsley HELLO
Hey, it's the Pugsleys.
this Pugsley is having a crisis so commence cheering up!
2:28 AM
@spugsley Depends on the crisis.
Aww boy, do I ever have the thing for cheering people up.
no it doesn't
@spugsley I would offer cheers but I'm having a mini-mental crisis myself. I offer virtual hugs instead.
hugs for everyone. bigbig hugs
2:29 AM
And cookies.
Warm chocolate chip ones
oh god, cookies is practically what started this crisis
@spugsley Takes the cookies away
thank you <3
2:30 AM
gooby plz
This seems like a good time to go to sleep
nagnlagnlagnanlgaambv bv nagaedgae
@spugsley she's raging pretty hard IRL re: Gooby/Dolan
@FAE You should read my long ranty meta post first.
(though if you already clicked it refresh because I madedededed an edit.)
2:32 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I got through the first section and I am way way way too tired to be able to fully appreciate it at the moment so I will have to finish on the morrow.
@IanPugsley whoops. Sorry Ian.
she is currently lying on the ground, repeating "I can't do it..."
@IanPugsley That sounds a bit personal.
@Fluttershy apparently she really hates it
it's hilarious
okay I have composed myself
we need some rules
2:34 AM
@IanPugsley Most girls aren't into it at first. Gotta warm 'em up to it.
@Fluttershy RULES
no G-word that rhymes with booby while I'm in the room
I can't do it
acually is dolan
@Mana I don't give a shit about Dolan!!!!!
@spugsley that's mighty un-groovy of you.
If I had a speech impediment, I might even call it un-grooby.
2:36 AM
If I rolled on a carpet in a room full of carpets I would not want to hang out in it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Let me explain
and then
I will adopt it
@spugsley RULES
and it will love me instead of you
I removed it :)
spugsley plz
I feel much better now
2:37 AM
:4561726 I will never have a baby. At least not directly. That's some bad arnold schwarzenagger movie shit, and I will have none of it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz props
Speaking of bad Arnold movies
did you know they are making a sequel to Twins?
With Eddie Murphy as the long lost third brother?
Okay, I am going to bed because bed means sleep and sleep means not thinking.
@LessPop_MoreFizz this is probably worse than the time that you spoiled everything in GoT for me.
@FAE Sweet dreams! <3
@Mana I just finished season 1 tonight. Post more Dolan and see what happens.
2:40 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz YES.
@Fluttershy To thee as well
I saw that somewhere!
Q: Platform Tags are Useless

LessPop_MoreFizzSo, for nearly two years now, we've had a fairly straightforward 'rule' for when to use Platform Tags (i.e. ps3, pc etc.): I think it should only be added when: It's a general question about the platform, OR The game in question has multiple versions, AND the question is specific ...

Q: WOW quick leveling

Matthew Paul ChapdelaineIs there a better way to level fast in WOW than just completing quests? I've been playing for months and I'm barely at level 40, while my classmates play less than I do and have multiple lvl 80 characters.

@Mana Except that in this case I am not making it up.
@FAE Sweet dreams!
2:42 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz You weren't making parts of the GoT stuff up either...
@AshleyNunn And to thee as well as well!
@FAE :)
@Fluttershy But @Mana doesn't know which parts!
So there was still suspense!
2:44 AM
ugh tags. can't we just all decide that they are, for all practical purposes frickin' useless on this site?
@FAE g'night!
that we might as well just go on every question and that would be just as useful?
@agent86 I don't know if I'd go that far...
well, we could abbreviate it
@agent86 Pretty much, but we have this useless appendage, and people are intent on hanging decorations off of it, so damned if we mightn't try to make some kind of use of it.
2:46 AM
I wasn't talking about 'length'...
Is Robb actually dead?
If he is, then I'm done with the series.
@Mana What are you up to?
End of Game of Thrones.
@Mana Do you mean Ned?
Because yes, Ned is really dead. His head was chopped off. Etc.
2:51 AM
@Mana Which season?
@LessPop_MoreFizz No, silly LessPop
I mean in your spoilers you told me Robb dies
@GnomeSlice Ooh yay
@Mana I forgotten what I spoilededed.
@Fluttershy I meant the book
2:55 AM
All I remember telling you is that Arya goes blind.
@LessPop_MoreFizz yes, you made that one plenty clear

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