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3:00 PM
I wish there was some other way I could 'fix it' but there isn't.
OP is dumb. Answerer is dumb. They get to be Dumb together and make the internet worse.
And of course, both of them haven't been seen on the site in over 2 months
Hmm, I vaguely remember looking for that shipment too...can't remember what came of it, though.
@TimStone It's not there.
It's nowhere to be found.
Ah, makes sense then. :P
3:10 PM
But some people can't accept that, so they insist some other barrel full of loot is what they want.
Why origin? why?!
Fuck yeah, I'm now 1st lieutenant
@Fredy31 Do you want to help me record some mass effect?
Yeah sure!
@Fredy31 \o/
3:19 PM
Mumble Ronan?
@LessPop_MoreFizz People really want those precious, precious glass arrows I guess.
@Fredy31 Yeah.
Ha, after going the lazy route and just putting a bounty on a question to get my last +5 post I finally managed it
One of my questions keep getting stuck at 6.
@Fabian Now share something, Admiral-to-be.
3:32 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Just did, should kick in soon
What's wrong with my computer. Everything's just freezing.
I also just managed to sucessfullly complete a Reapers/Silver multiplayer ME3 match, silver is quite a bit harder than bronze and those banshees are a pain, especially in pairs
Q: Does Sony license PhyreEngine 3 like Microsoft does to XNA?

DeSubI am thinking of a making a small indie game, but got confused on something when searching, so I came here. Anyway, does Sony let developers use their PhyreEngine like microsoft does with XNA? I've done some research on XNA, and it looks like a good option to use for Xbox 360, however I want my g...

It's official, I'm Fleet Admiral
@Fabian Grats! Peanuts are on the left.
3:39 PM
My word, I'm surprised this question is considered on-topic at scifi and fantasy:
Q: Why was there never a Star Trek series based primarily on Klingons

Ron SmithGiven how popular Klingons seem to be with the fan base, does anyone know why no one ever considered a TV series based around a Klingon star ship? That's what I was really hoping for when I first heard rumors of Voyager.

Q: If the Borg assimilate a planet of idiots, does the Collective become dumber?

CamelBluesIs Borg intelligence based on the sum of all the parts (people) in the collective, or is there a base personality that is imprinted on newly assimilated persons?

I was surprised about that one
@Fabian It looks to me like a lot of the questions on that site are hypotheticals
Q: What Did David Gerrold Leave "Star Trek: The Next Generation" To Work On?

TangoOverswayDuring the break between the first and second seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I went to a local Star Trek convention and heard David Gerrold speak. he talked about some of his frustrations working on ST:TNG and told us about a show he had been invited to develop for another studio. S...

Q: Is this image of Picard using Data as a phone from an actual episode?

DavRob60Someone just sent me this image: And, this one is viral on Facebook and Google+: Are they from an actual TV episode, or are they photoshopped images?

3:54 PM
@Wipqozn See, identification questions that involve an actual photo/screenshot are the one subset that I really do actually have no problem with and believe should be allowed. (But it's waaaaay to narrow a category to special case for gaming in particular)
Thing is, if you have said photo/screenshot, you're probably in a position to not need it ID'd in the case of video games.
@LessPop_MoreFizz It seems like at that point you could just drop the picture into google and see what you get
@murgatroid99 Usually, and those are bad questions for a different reason, and are, for instance, why video game questions are bad.
Q: How do I use Grip?

Ashley NunnI am in the Konpa Ruins, and entered a room where I got a Grip Crystal, so apparently I can use Grip now with an Earth Adept. Problem is, I don't see it in my list of Psynergy options. How do I make it so I can use Grip?

Q: Is anything different in a New Game plus?

murgatroid99In Mass Effect: Infiltrator, I finished all of the levels and got the option to start a New Game+, which started the game over with everything I had purchased still available. Is there any difference between doing this and simply replaying each level?

But, for example, (And I have no idea how travel.se handles these or what they think of them), if I were going through old vacation photos and had a shot of a cool overlook but had no idea where it was taken, it would be cool to be able to ask "where is this picture from? I know it's somewhere on the Eastern coast of Mexico, but for the life of me I can't place it more precisely."
4:00 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I can see how that would be useful, but it would have a similar problem that it would probably only be answerable by people who have been to where the picture was taken
Q: Are Doctor Who and Star Trek: the Next Generation canon-compatible?

Tony MeyerIDW Publishing are bringing out a comic, Assimilation2, set in ST:TNG (presumably the TNG in the timeline prior to the events of the 2009 movie) featuring the 11th Doctor. Is the canon of these two universes at all compatible? Both feature a lot of time travel, so we've seen the development of ...

I can't believe how much of a difference there is between what we consider acceptable, and what scifi&fantasy considers acceptable.
@murgatroid99 Well, yes, but that's the point of a Q&A site, isn't it? :P
@Wipqozn There's a reason I abandoned the site during it's beta.
@Wipqozn Now I want that comic.
@Wipqozn Sometimes their stupid questions attract pretty cool answers though:
Q: Why does superman wear his underwear outside his pants

SidAs the title says. Just curious, this has been an ongoing joke along with Donald Duck and Pooh not wearing pants but when they bathe they put towels on their waists.

@Fabian Congratulations!
4:14 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh wow, that's pretty interesting.
Congrats @Fae, @Fabian and @yx. on Admiral!
So many Adimrals! That's pretty freaking awesome.
Q: Is batman a scientist?

Ben BrockaBatman clearly does a lot of research and development (apparently on his own in many timelines). The question has been posed before. Is Batman a scientist?

Answer: Batman's a scientist
@AshleyNunn funny enough, we odn't have any more generals
@BenBrocka So I noticed XD
4:31 PM
@AshleyNunn We're the only ones who haven't had to start over from 1 on DrawSomething. high-five
@Tristan highfives The DrawSomething gods are smiling on us ;)
@AshleyNunn What turn are you on?
@Kenan 40 something.
@Kenan Are you playing on iOS? if so, we should totally start a game :)
@AshleyNunn Doesn't matter.
It's cross-platform.
@ArdaXi Serious? :D
4:35 PM
Unless you hate Android users in general, I suppose.
I'm on Android, I play many games with people on iOS.
The Android port sucks though.
@ArdaXi Hahaha, no, I just assumed it wasn't cross-platform because those things are so rare
@ArdaXi :( but hey, if you are looking for a game, I will totally play with you :)
I would, but I've got like 30 games running and I'm a bit overloaded atm.
Stinks that you can't buy color packs from the main menu.
@ArdaXi hahaha no worries. Let me know if that ever lets up. :)
@Kenan Why?
4:37 PM
@Kenan What about you? Got room for another game? :)
I keep forgetting to buy one while drawing.
It's actually pretty easy to get 400 coins for free if you're on Android.
Just buy the full version, play it once then return it to the market.
@AshleyNunn I'm logged in w/ Facebook so I only play with friends.
@ArdaXi You can....return things on Android? Do you get your money back?
@Kenan Cool beans, I get that. :)
@AshleyNunn Within 15 minutes, yes. Used to be 24 hours.
4:40 PM
@ArdaXi mindblown
I am seriously debating getting some sort of Android phone once my contract runs out.
You should, Android's awesome, and actually friendly to developers.
Some just drew "First word of the song Chop Suey" and I had to search the lyrics up >_>
Dang 4 coins away from a color pack
I just bought new colours, on 48 coins now.
@ArdaXi Am not a developer, but I just like what I am hearing. I mean my iPhone is nice, but Android seems to be pretty awesome, and I think a change might be cool. I will keep the iPhone as a glorified ipod touch for iOS only stuff, probably. :)
I earn like 40 coins a day on average.
4:43 PM
@Kenan I would've had to too. XD
@AshleyNunn Well, a platform that's friendly to developers is beneficial to consumers as well. ;-)
@ArdaXi I don't think I earn that much, I only have 5 games going atm, but it does go pretty quickly.
Less time spent negotiating with Apple, more time spent making an awesome app.
@ArdaXi That is a very valid point. I like that :)
The world needs more awesome and less suck.
I mean it will be a while before I can get one, but from what I hear, there are some pretty good options. :) Gonna do my research like mad when the time comes. :D
4:48 PM
iOS isn't fun to develop for because you have to use Objective-C. It's Apple's playground, and boy do they not let you froget it.
@RavenDreamer That's the impression I've gotten. They seem very...closed.
Apple is closed by design
it has some good things and some bad things
@BenBrocka Good thing: you can't do anything harmful with it. Bad thing: you can't do anything with it.
worst part of ME3 multiplayer: NO MUTE WTF EA
@BenBrocka I haven't had any problems with that so far, I'm surprised somewhat
4:59 PM
In my experience so far if there's anyone with a mic it's always two idiots talking to eachother about everything but the game, and they never shut up
Huh. Banshees have no weak points.
@BenBrocka Nobody talks in my random games
@ArdaXi Android might be friendly to developers as a platform, but Android owners are pretty clearly and quantitatively not friendly to developers compared to their iOS owning peers.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Different.
Though random silver games are frustrating, I was lucky once but haven't had a decent team since then
5:01 PM
iPhone users are prepared to pay a lot not to have to see ads.
Android users are prepared to tolerate a lot of ads in order not to spend money.
@ArdaXi True, but I know if I was a developer, at the end of the day, I'd care more about the latter than the former.
@ArdaXi Android users are also prepared to root their phone to disable your ads.
@LessPop_MoreFizz No, I meant to say, you were wrong because they are different, not unfriendly.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not really, no.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Where'd ya hear this?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm fairly sure the amount of people with root are in a very, very clear minority.
@RavenDreamer Dev post.
5:02 PM
@BenBrocka cough @DaveMclellnd
A: Do all opponents have weak points?

LessPop_MoreFizzFirst off, a direct quote from Bioware programmer Brenon Holmes is illuminating, and provides some interesting information on the intended state of vulnerabilities: Ah... hmm - I'm not sure why your empirical testing would have come up with some of that - but here's how it's "supposed" to be....

@ArdaXi As are the percentage of Android users that actually download any substantial number of third party apps at all.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Again, not really. That figure is quite close to Apple.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Good to know. I'll stop aiming for banshee heads then.
@RavenDreamer Yeah, it's good to know indeed.
@RavenDreamer Also, Brutes take reduced damage to the claw.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I sort of figured that.
Is that actually a picture of a rare candy?
Like... from pokemon?
5:07 PM
@ArdaXi That graph doesn't address my argument at all, but it looks like Android has come a long way in this regard since the last time I had looked at the numbers, so while I'm wrong, that isn't why.
Better numbers.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I know. I don't like AppBrain's graphs at all.
Notable is that only 2 years ago, the Android rate of having installed an app was at 4%. 2 years ago, iPhone owners were still up in the 30's iirc.
But yeah, saying that the people making money in mobile development are largely doing it on iOS and not Android isn't exactly a shocking revelation.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's mostly because Android and iOS attracts a different crowd.
iOS devices are mostly used by people who are used to spending lots of money. They're buying Apple products, after all.
I don't think you can say you can't make money off Android though.
@ArdaXi Please, let's not go there - I don't know if that's exactly correct. I think a lot of it is that a large portion of Androids overall installed base advantage comes from people using junky 'free-with-contract' Android phones running a 3 years out of date OS who got an Android phone because it was the free one.
5:13 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not true.
Only 7% of devices run pre-Froyo.
And over 65% runs Gingerbread or later.
I'm sorry, I exaggerated somewhat to make a point.
Yeah, and it's an oft-stated, but wrong point.
Also, link to the source on that chart?
Coming straight from the Android Market.
So, basically, the entire target audience.
@ArdaXi See, the problem with that data set is that it's inherently missing exactly the people I'm talking about.
> The following pie chart and table is based on the number of Android devices that have accessed Google Play within a 14-day period ending on the data collection date noted below.
5:17 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes. Devices, not users.
So all this chart excludes is devices without any data connection for 14 consecutive days and devices without the market at all.
Besides, this chart only shows distribution of audience. If they don't access the market, it makes no sense to develop for them.
@ArdaXi Right, but my point is that a large portion of the Android installed base isn't part of the audience because they don't access the market.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'd love to see your statistics.
This was 2010.
I'll see if Admob has anything recent.
Q: Do Reapers detect the Normandy's presence when scanning faster as you approach closer towards the end of the game?

SathyaI seem to have noticed that the Reaper alertness/presence indicator has been more and more sensitive and less forgiving as I'm approaching closer towards the end of the game. Is this something that I think it's happening or does the game increase the speed at which you are detected towards the e...

Q: Can I see which weapon upgrades I own at any time?

Steve V."I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel" I've just entered the Citadel Mall / Shopping Area, and I'm wandering around looking at all the stuff to buy. There's a couple weapon mods that I think I'd like, but I don't want to buy them if I already own that mod on the N...

(Still 2010)
tech.fortune.cnn.com/2012/01/01/… is indicative of the difference to me.
5:38 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz one of the first comments is about some Android web browsers not identifying it self as a mobile device and there for not part of the statistics
Also heard about mobile devices faking being iPhones to gain access to iPhone optimized pages for better mobile viewing
5:55 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Here's your reason.
> It's used primarily in embedded systems, such as the low-cost feature phones (A.K.A. "dumb" phones) sold by the hundreds of millions to people all over the world who can't afford or don't want a smartphone.
And I highly doubt that statistic is accurate, it doesn't fit in with other numbers and because of what @Blem mentioned.
@ArdaXi If you think I care about the fact that Java ME is doing so well, you're not understanding why I linked it.
But yeah, entirely possible that the data is flawed, but this is a statistic that I've seen pretty consistently reported for several years now.
It hasn't changed too much.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well, no. I don't understand why you linked it either, but I know it's just because of the flawed inflated iPhone statistics.
@LessPop_MoreFizz So it's never not been flawed. That's unsurprising.
Okay, so Journey looks awesome like all of thatgamecompany's games, but I still want to murder their legal team and punch their dev team for having a manual accept ToS that requires you to scroll down the whole thing
@BenBrocka They just want to make sure you read the whole thing.
@BenBrocka PgDn, PgDn, PgDn.
6:15 PM
@ArdaXi console, so it's hold down the down button of ages
Every time a user is exposed to that shit, a lawyer should be punched in the face
Q: Do renegade points outweigh war assets if I let Samara die?

What's up DocI soon have to make a decision to let Samara kill herself or not. I am trying to get the highest renegade score possible, but also trying to get as many war-assets to get the best of all the bad endings. Are the renegade points gained by letting samara kill herself (and kill her daughter) "more"...

Q: What the hell is that noise and how do I get rid of it?

FabianI've now for the second time encountered a multiplayer match where there was a constant background noise. The first time I thought someone was just messing around and played some sound effect via his microphone, but I now encountered exactly the same sound effect a second time. The effect is pr...

Journey really is beautiful though, I strongly recommend it to all PS3 owners
6:27 PM
As a precursor to creating a Mass Relay map of the galaxy, I created a spreadsheet with known Mass Relays. I have a feeling it isn't complete, despite the data coming from the wiki, so feel free to edit and expand.
Am I supposed to be able to download the Bastion app for free on the google market thing? I thought you had to pay for it on Steam..
@Snowflake You are able to download the free demo on the Chrome Web Store just like you are on Steam.
Oh, I didn't know it was a demo.
@ArdaXi Thanks.
Oh hey, Spam.
6:33 PM
@Snowflake Not you.
I saw Yogscast playing this ArcheAge korean MMO or something, and it actually looks really legitimately good. It makes me hope that it does well enough to be ported to the USA.
6:46 PM
Q: Penta - Hexa kill?

RelualIf a player make a penta kill, and one player of the enemy team has revive and teleport, and he has been killed 1st in the team fight, after that, he uses his Summoner Spells to go back to the battlefield, and he has been killed again by that penta-kill-player, will turn that penta into Hexa kill?

Q: Will Mordin speed up construction of the Crucible?

jordie3000I'm stuck as to whether to convince Mordin to lie and go work on the Crucible (the sentimental choice, as Mordin is awesome), or to have him disperse the cure at the expense of his own life (the "doing right by the krogan" choice). My question is, does getting him to lie help with the Crucible at...

Q: Will an imported ME3 Shepard be the same as a new Shepard story-wise?

ResorathIf I import a Shepard from a game I just completed, will his story (e.g. decisions made et al.) be identical to a newly created Shepard? Is the only benefit of importing a ME3 Shepard his level?

@RonanForman Thanks Ronan, it was good.
@Fredy31 No problem.
So game on today, what is it
That reminded me of mordin dying. Sad stuff.
Oh you were watching my shameless plugs? :p
@Lazers I love the answers that completely fail to read the question.
Wow. We managed to get that spammer deleted faster than StackOverflow.
Anyone with a Security SE account should flag this: security.stackexchange.com/questions/12855/… - I'm too lazy to make one.
@RonanForman I have my theory about that gaming.stackexchange.com/a/56853/15236
Will there be another match soon on here? own3d.tv/ggChronicle
Maybe a schedule or something?
Looks like @Fabian decided he wanted a TV after all. Grats!
"- Updated web engine to newer version of Chromium Embedded Framework."
I knew Steam was using Webkit but I didn't know it was actually use Chromium
@badp You want to join us for dungeon defenders?
That goes to anyone, but I know he owns it.
7:06 PM
@RonanForman "1 hour left"
I don't own it
You can play for an hour right?
yeah, but dinner will take some chunk of it
Steam, not GameSpy right?
@badp Does that mean it will actually have a Browser History?
Somehow, I think not.
@LessPop_MoreFizz depends on whether or not the "Chromium Embedded Framework" has it or not
7:10 PM
@badp Chromium Embedded Framework is just the rendering engine. It has nothing to do with UI bits like a URL history.
@LessPop_MoreFizz so answer's probably "no"
@badp I know.
It was a rhetorical question.
@badp You joining mumble?
I was mainly just trying to be snarky and talk about how much Steams browser sucks balls.
@RonanForman would have to install it
7:12 PM
@badp So that's a no, or in a minute?
Q: What caused Eve to die?

Ronan FormanWhen playing curing the genophage, Eve (the Krogan female) had been killed while the cure was being made, but apparently other people had her survive. What caused this change in storyline and does it affect later play?

@RonanForman I'd start working on getting in the same game in the meantime
53 minutes left
So it turns out there is no correlation between view count and score for questions. Conclusion: we have no idea how to vote.
@Resorath Yep. Tell me something I don't know.
Just because a lot of random people who aren't registered on site come upon the question doesn't mean it's a good question.
And just because it didn't parse well for a search engine doesn't mean it's a bad question.
7:23 PM
@Resorath data.stackexchange.com/gaming/query/edit/64378 the pattern holds for non ME3 questions as well btw
Or lack of pattern as it were.
@Sterno this is kind of why I don't like judging questions by views.
@agent86 I can understand it for contests where The Powers That Be want more traffic driven here.
So off-topic "answers" that don't answer the question shouldn't be flagged?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ya, although I wanted an even playing field so I choose our tag-of-the-month.
@Sterno yeah, it's important to an extent, but just kind of a bad way to say "this is a good question"
7:25 PM
@agent86 I think views is a pretty good meter. Except for the fact that it will be biased towards popular games.
And people linking it on reddit and stuff could mess it up.
@Sterno I agree about the parsing part. But if it is getting a lot of search engine hits - it means it is a popular search term
Popular != deserving of upvote
@NickT Depends on how they're off topic.
@NickT it's gray. what can be handled by the community should be (if I'm listening to the Theory of Moderation)
If it's totally orthagonal and someone is trying to treat it like a forum thread, it should be flagged.
7:26 PM
@Resorath Most people who view a question don't have the ability to vote.
If it's a case of someone that read the question wrong and isn't answering correctly, it should not.
@Sterno =/ It kind of does. Unless it's really poorly written or something.
if it is not an answer, ie, comment or a different question, I tend to just take care of that and check the flag as valid
I think of it like this:
Views are how the Internet at large sees its value
Votes are how the SE community sees its value
if it's just wrong, downvote is what's supposedly supposed to be done
7:27 PM
So, yeah, they don't correlate, but that doesn't mean we're voting "wrong"
I don't think contest should take views into account at all, we'll get the views anyway and there is nothing we would really change to get more views.
@NickT Here's an example of a question with answers that are 'off-topic' but should not be flagged but downvoted:
Q: Will an imported ME3 Shepard be the same as a new Shepard story-wise?

ResorathIf I import a Shepard from a game I just completed, will his story (e.g. decisions made et al.) be identical to a newly created Shepard? Is the only benefit of importing a ME3 Shepard his level? edit: for clarity, I mean this option:

Like if they're talking about football in a baseball question, that shouldn't be removed?
@NickT Well, then it would be nonsense.
@Sterno I was half joking about my conclusion, but at the same time if a question "parses well" and is popular due to people wanting to know the same thing (or are just received by the question title)
I feel like im missing a conclusion to my sentence there
and totally lost my train of thought
7:28 PM
@Ullallulloo Then this question, even though a dupe and closed, should get a ton of upvotes, because it's one of the most-viewed for mass effect 3
@Ullallulloo so why does this seem so grey
@NickT Because Minecraft and Minicraft use very similar terms and could be intelligible.
This question also has a ton of views, but I don't find it particularly deserving of upvotes.
If someone totally missed the core of the question (which here is the actual game we're talking about) in an answer, then it's pointless and should be removed imho
and now one of you just upvoted it :P
7:31 PM
if it's like "I want to do this as a TF2 Sniper" and they answer "here's how you can do it as a Scout", then yeah, just downvote
@NickT That would be off-topic.
It doesn't answer it.
it's actually a pretty awful question because it gives us no criteria for deciding whether or not he should tell or keep quiet. Is he playing renegade? paragon? What does he want to achieve?
@Sterno That is a great example. I actually wondered that myself - and probably would have googled it. It isn't a great question because its a one liner - but would it get any more views if it was 5 paragraphs with a screenshot?
the subjectivity of flagging and handling those flags means sometimes you're going to flag something and it gets declined.
@Ullallulloo so something like that is effectively no different in how it should be handled versus say this?
7:32 PM
that's kind of why I hated flag weight
@Sterno I think if he included more specific information about his playthrough, it would have been more localized to him and less useful to the community as a whole
part of the problem is we have so few people who can cast delete votes
@agent86 I am inclined to say that "I don't really care and I will continue to flag because 80% of them go through", but it's a total crap shoot on what mod reviews them
@Resorath Sure, general is probably good. And the question could be written better to reflect that what he really wants to know is how telling or not telling will affect the game. Not "Should I?" I'm just saying... this is definitely a case where I don't think just because it's a popularly viewed question it is deserving of upvotes. I don't think we're voting "wrong"
@NickT I don't see how that's relevant...
7:33 PM
@NickT what's the penalty on that 20% that you "get wrong?" nothing, right?
maybe the mod got it wrong. everybody's human.
@agent86 Not now, although mods are supposed to have a talking with people that keep flagging bad stuff.
@agent86 I dunno anymore, is there some seekret flag weight?
@NickT nope.
@Sterno I wonder if we should take it upon ourselves to edit very popular questions then to make them better questions - align our most viewed with our best questions through the editing process.
@Sterno What's funny about that question to me is that the only answer with upvotes (and the accepted one) is the only one that doesn't actually draw the distinction between when (which the question asks), and should (which the question doesn't explicitly ask.
7:35 PM
@NickT Yes, but 1. if you flag 80% right you still get a high flag weight and 2. it doesn't matter on any site except SO because the flag volume isn't high enough.
don't read me wrong and start thinking everything needs a flag. just don't take it personally if sometimes they're declined. just gotta shrug, just like you do when you post something that's at +10/-1 and you go "why did someone downvote this?"
@agent86 Does anyone other than me ever even cast a delete vote?
I usually don't bother just because I don't feel like they actually do anything. :(
@LessPop_MoreFizz There aren't very many 20k people here.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I've no idea. there's probably some super hidden panel that shows me all the delete votes.
@LessPop_MoreFizz We don't have a critical mass of 20k people
7:37 PM
@Ullallulloo There are six non-mod 20ks.
@agent86 You can see them in Tools I think, but that page is so annoying that I seldomly use it at all
It's not a critical mass, but I'd expect to occasionally see one delete vote on something.
I can't imagine 6 people can all vote at the same time for a delete vote before a mod sees it
That question has gotten two upvotes since I linked it. Fredley owes me! :)
@LessPop_MoreFizz currently I see 3 delete votes, spread over 3 posts.
7:38 PM
@Sterno It's apparently a pretty useful question.
The annoying thing is that normal user can't perfectly do everything a mod can do in cases of e.g. non-answers. If we comment and vote to delete and are quick enough, the user will never see the notification for the comment where we explained why it's getting deleted.
@Resorath You need 3 votes to delete
@agent86 And how many are cast by me?
(If you can't tell, link the three posts and I'll tell you.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz I've not found a way to identify your votes
@Ullallulloo That would be a more compelling argument if it hadn't gotten upvotes after I used it as an example. :P
@LessPop_MoreFizz here here and here
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm pretty sure as a 10k+ you can also view this: gaming.stackexchange.com/…
7:40 PM
If views are really supposed to be a measure of quality and value, they could just have the system give you 10 rep for every 1000 views or something.
Q: What happened if Mordin died in Mass effect 2?

AdrieanKhisbeSeeing the precedent questions about genophage and mordin, I was wondering what happened in the (very unlikely) case you let mordin died in Mass effect 2. What are the (mass) effects on the genophage issue, on eve survival and about War assets?

Q: In X3, will auto-aiming handle multiple weapon types?

AxiomIn X3:Terran Conflict and X3:Albion Prelude, firing with auto-aiming via the left control key is excellent for offset shots against crossing targets while maneuvering. However, it's not clear if auto-aiming can handle multiple forward gun types. For example, if I mount forward concussion impu...

Q: Is telling the police "no" going to be my downfall?

AeoIn skimming through the Spectre terminal, I found a request for surveillance from C-Sec. "Spectre authorization would enable C-Sec to tap into business feeds without informing civilian agencies." This is something I would probably complain about in reality, so I am tempted to just leave i...

On a completely different topic, has anyone used surround sound headphones before like the "Mission 4" prize ones? I mostly wanted nice headphones with a mic but these things seem overly crazy.
@agent86 Only one out of three was me. Huh.
And the other two are now both deleted. :)
@LessPop_MoreFizz I helped!
@LessPop_MoreFizz apparently you are not alone :)
7:41 PM
I can't vote to delete answers, though.
Just old closed questions.
@Sterno Views are (ideally) a measure of usefulness, they tell you how many people have the same problem and are hopefully helped by the answers here.
@StrixVaria Yeah, that's the big difference.
D3 will definitely throw me over the 20k hump.
Honestly I'm not even sure who I'm arguing with or what about anymore.
In case of games, the most useful questions are often not the most interesting, they're stuff everyone playing the game faces, most often due to bad game design. You can see at the views here which aspect of a game are so confusing that everyone googles them when they face them.
7:43 PM
@Fabian I agree with the things you've said.
All I'm really saying is high viewcount != automatically deserves upvotes
That would be as silling as saying low viewcount = automatically deserves downvotes
@Sterno Yes, I think those high-views questions are important, they are useful but they are often not particularly interesting.
(And I've written more of those high-views questions than anyone except Raven here)
Do we have anyone else on the way to Admiral? SE still has 2 TVs left ;-)
@Fabian Ouch, amazon already "has a new model of this item"
@Resorath My current TV is a 50cm CRT, I don't care if I get the very latest model or not ;-)
@Fabian Mine is the same size as that TV, but was probably bought IN china before HDMI was invented
God, watching the Renegade final Mordin scene... I can't bring myself to ever do that, but damn if it isn't well done.
It honestly feels like a 'better' ending for Mordin to go out that way, with a confrontation like that.
7:56 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I heard of it, I'll have to continue my renegade playthrough further
@Fabian Renegade in ME 3 is... intense.
it is a very different tone from Renegade in ME 1 and Me 2
Renegade in ME 1 was basically Space Racist Shepard.
Renegade in ME2 is Shepard who does the right thing, but does it by kicking bad guys in the nads.
I like that they finally changed it so that you can switch around between the two without hurting too much
At least ME is the only RPG I know where the "evil" option is at least somewhat reasonable most of the time

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