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2:00 PM
and comparing cheat questions to lists questions is not fair, because cheat questions are still questions, while lists questions are mostly noise
@badp it has nothing to do with spam, answering questions is promoting those questions
we don't want to promote malicious behaviour
I just don't think that the dark side of IT stops existing if you pretend really hard people can't use debuggers
the dark side of IT stops existing when you fight it
That doesn't mean we have to endorse it
know thy enemy!
answering these questions equals endorsing them
2:01 PM
I have an exam in 30 mins
know thy enemy, don't join thy enemy
Helping you and killing you are not mutually exclusive. --GLaDOS
We're not an evil robot bent on killing people with neurotoxins
Q: What is Steam? DRM?

Raven DreamerWhat exactly is Steam? Isn't it DRM? What can I do with it?

Cheaters are people face the facts!!
2:03 PM
Working on that question actually marco
it seems a bit subjective written in this way
doesn't really seem that way to me
It feels like the author already knows the answer :)
2:04 PM
man those guys in gaming are fsat :(
But that's okay
@badp that sounds more like an advertisement than an answer
Now that I have 1k, should I edit the title of these kind of questions to replace best with good (or something)?
Q: Best PC games that support gamepads?

suhairI have gamepads but have not found any games that could be played with. Also i am on Windows 7.

Or maybe to "what"
2:06 PM
@arda? Is that not a list of features that makes Steam "good" DRM?
doesn't make it less of a List of X question
No, no it doesn't
I'm answering to the "Isn't it DRM?" part mainly
No questions asked. No licenses. No CD keys. Zero click installs. Tons of offers. Buy now and get a free demo!
I didn't say that.
2:07 PM
that's the way it sounds like to me, it's kind of a list
I know you didn't, that's why I seperated it from the rest
eh, feel free to read it as you like. I'm in a rush now, no time to elaborate
I liked badp's answer :)
But I upvoted Arda because of one single sentence:
"It allows you to buy games "
First things first!
2:08 PM
I love playing Captain Obvious
Leave us poor folks to answer :( @badp @arda at this rate I'll always be at 100 rep :p
I'm stuck at 1455 for a couple hours...
Poor you
oh by the way, @oak I accepted your answer on meta
What question?
2:10 PM
cheats one
Q: How do we stand on cheats, in particularly for multiplayer games?

Arda XiThis was prompted by this question: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/2082/idling-in-team-fortress-2 Seeing as this is a form of cheating, what is our official stance? Do we allow cheats, caveat lector? This is considered a bannable offence by Valve.

A bit unfair to accept answers on [discussion] questions :)
though I just despise multiplayer cheats SO much
c'mon... don't go asking for the best... gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/1996/…
Q: Where can I find Air Traffic Simulation games?

Martín MarconciniDoes anyone know where I can locate games of this rare genre?

well, accepting is a form of showing consensus, and this is what I think most people here agreed on too
@alexander already flagged
2:12 PM
We need to put that in the FAQ ASAP
Yea, I felt my bold sentence will be convincing
I started working on clarifying it a bit more
it was @oak
A: What should our FAQ contain?

OakWhat kind of questions should I not ask here? Avoid asking questions that are subjective, argumentative, or require extended discussion. This is not a discussion board, this is a place for questions that can be answered! If you want to talk about the site itself, please don't do it here. Visit ...

how awesome a friend of mine perhaps has a job for me at Guerrilla Games to test games ;-)
2:16 PM
poof I'm gone
you release that best often is just semantics? I have several questions with best in the title, but it's not like I'm asking for a perfect solution, just one that get's the job done better than I did it with just trying
Funny that this question of mine got closed as subjective:
while another was let alive
which one?
Q: What Tower Defense games are available for the PC?

Ivo FlipseI like playing strategic/puzzle games and now I'm looking for a good Tower Defense game for the PC. Doesn't matter if it's Flash-based or if I can buy it somewhere. Any suggestions? Edit by Gnoupi: To keep things clear, please propose only one game per answer, and don't duplicate the proposi...

I mainly asked the PC game question so we could roll up any other pc-related 'must have' question into this one
Do we have a policy on tag names for genres?

I think the difference is a good ([game recommendation]) v.s. your favorite
use [*-series] [*-universe] or similar
2:23 PM
true @alexanderpa but your favorite can also be mine ;-) and I just wanted a nice compilation of classics or best games ever
that way, that question about: i'm bored give me something to do
is easily answered: make a pick from there!
best game ever is subject to change.
off course, but you name me the best AAA games of the last 5 years and only really the best
that list won't be long
what's the best Final Fantasy game?
see... subjective and argumentive
every list question is subjective, but that doesn't make it less useful
@Ivo Locked
2:28 PM
have a look at the front page of the most voted question on SU
locked is to prevent spam, not closed ;-)
@Ivo Locked = no answers, comments, or votes?
@Ivo So it's even harsher than closed.
You can vote on closed questions
Also, all those list questions on the front page are locked.
no, it's like closed, but votes are still allowed, isn't it?
@Ivo No, try for yourself.
we don't want those yet, we're still bootstrapping, allowing one or two when the site is running
well I just said it in the moderator channel that they should be converted to protected rather than locked
but you're right @alexanderpa
2:30 PM
might be acceptable, but now, it is not good for the health of the site
but it's rather harsh that others were left open later, while they could have been closed as dupes of mine ;-)
but I totally agree, we need Elitistjerks.com like content
Should we retag fps to first-person-shooter? It's ambiguous, could also mean frames-per-second.
possibly, but as long as the fps tag exists people will use it
disallow the fps tag!
don't think retagging is that hard as a mod, but they shouldn't be using it for frames per second too, else well I'm fucked :P
2:40 PM
Even retagging the 4 rts questions got me captcha'd the second third and fourth time.
frames per second, first person shooter, too amiguous
yeah, it's probably better to have a mod do it (which we don't really have)
Except @Jeff
who's that? :P
Q: What is the best selling game of all time?

nevsterAt least up until now. And is there a list somewhere?

Can we just ban the word best?
2:42 PM
sounds tasty!
4 close votes remaining.
in fact it's not what is the good selling game of all time, but really best ;-)
best selling
= number of sales
= fact
But too localised, so :p
so were against trivia questions?
than why do we allow questions about gaming terms, like hitbox
It could be out of date in 3 months.
and then, another game comes by that sells even better!
2:44 PM
Well, no, in this case it's just way too localised
that one is reaping rep
the best selling game of all time switches a lot
then we update the question, since it's CW @alex
best selling movie sure as hell didn't
We closed for that reason before
Okay, what is the best selling game of all time then?
and best selling = nintendo franchise and the like, they don't change at all ;-)
@Marc, get us SE-sites some mods will you!
2:46 PM
Speaking of hitbox - some L4D2 server caused my game to start displaying them, and I had to restart to get rid of them :(
@ivo SuperUser room, please
why would you want to, @Macha?
@Ivo - what now?
(did I miss something)
@Arda How unpredictable are zombies going to get? Besides, the big red lines coming out of my axe showing the impact (I think) every time I swung got annoying.
Oh, campaign, I thought in versus :P
That's interesting, according to Wikipedia the best selling game is Wii Sports
not too surprising actually, it came with every copy of the Wii of course
2:49 PM
best selling game is Wii Sports, Wii Play or Nintendogs (5 versions together), dependant on hardware/console tie-in limits
This is a list of video games that have sold or shipped at least one million copies on a single platform (unless otherwise noted), including the top ten best-selling franchises. Consoles Atari Atari 2600 Atari 2600 games that have sold or shipped at least one million copies. *Pac-Man (7 million) *Pitfall! (4 million) *Missile Command (2.5 million) *Demon Attack (2 million) *E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1.5 million) *Adventure (1 million) *Atlantis (1 million) *Cosmic Ark (1 million) *Kaboom! (1 million) *Megamania (1 million) *River Raid (1 million) *Space Invaders (1 million) Mattel I...
@Marc no, but we apparantly need some cleaning up
I already answered that @alexanderpas ;-)
ChrisF seems to be on a streak to retag everything now
Is the Gaming Beta doing okay in terms of being able to make it to non-Beta?
Er, whatever's after Beta
no idea
2:54 PM
We got like 80 days for that though
we already doubled our userbase after leaving private beta!
We're at nearly 1.4% of SU's amount of questions. Given we're here for just a week, I'd say not bad
and 2/3 of web applications questions.
Well, we were always going to outdo them :P
well, It is my opinion, webapps is healty enough, so if we outdo them...
2:57 PM
We do have a bit of a problem with subjective questions though
gaming is an experience, off course it's bound to be subjective
not every game gives you battle reports like Starcraft or World of Warcraft
every game has facts, and that is where we should deliver!
Odd, I got my commit back for gaming, but not for webapps.
How active were you on webapps?
GameCrush is in private beta now, lololol
3:01 PM
2 Qs, 3 answers, 5 badges
235 rep
not sure if that qualifies his algorithm
@rib a 18 U.S.C 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement???
@Macha 2Q is too low for sure, as you have promised to make at least three questions!
I only asked one question on Gaming and I got my commit back
@alexanderpas Everyone already asked mine before I got there :(
for gaming that is
3:04 PM
I have 6/25 on gaming. Q/A
the problem for me is I have so little time to play my games, that I don't really have question atm
12/18 here.
Hmm, I only have 2 Qs on webmasters too, time to think of a third one.
I think we should have a too generic close reason
Q: Suggestions for games playable on Linux

HRJWhich games do you play on Linux? Which ones do you recommend? I am asking this since finding good quality games for Linux is rather difficult. I am not looking for any particular genre, or an other criteria. Free/Paid/Open-source are all fine. Just that they should be playable natively, not th...

3:10 PM
Not a real question satisfies that
and the chat-squad killed yet another question!
/me hides my recent questions
We are in danger of becoming a cabal :P
We should all ban ourselves :P
seems like the chat is almost a moderator channel ;)
Linux : Proposed Q&A site for ferramoscaroberto
For a what?
Q: Why do you need a SS for some Korean games?

rlb.usaFor some Korean games, you need a Korean Social Security number to play. I don't understand, why is it a requirement? What's the justification?

this one @rlb.usa?
flagged the area51 proposal
and that's a very good question.
What's a good question
3:15 PM
Q: Why do you need a SS for some Korean games?

rlb.usaFor some Korean games, you need a Korean Social Security number to play. I don't understand, why is it a requirement? What's the justification?

I was worried it would get closed, but I have always wondered, I don't get it.
I can imagine it has something to do with them only wanting Korean gamers
Laws perhaps?
Why does Gmail want a phone number? A lot of things want too much information.
I wondered if it had to do with tracking time - like how WoW has to because players have died
Wait what?
3:17 PM
I know something about the requirement (law) to be yourself on the internet in north korea.
but not enough to answer the question :(
So they can text you a code if you need to restore your gmail @Mac?
@Ivo I think it has more to do with making sure there's a real person wanting Gmail
not just a spammer
@Ivo: Recovery questions? Secondary email addresses?
which you always forget ;-)
Aha! Fixed cross-room notifications.
Me did a stoooopid.
3:20 PM
I don't have a phone. Can I sign up?

If you're trying to sign up for a Google Account, you may be asked to provide a phone number to verify your identity -- you have the option to use SMS verification or our Voice Call option.

If you choose SMS verification, make sure the phone you use has text-messaging capabilities. If you don't have a mobile phone and are prompted to enter your phone number, you may want to ask a friend if you can use his or her number to receive a code via SMS.

Note: SMS verification is not available in Japan or Iran.
That said, my recovery question answer is always a secondary password. People know the name of my first pet, and the name of my primary school, etc., etc.
I completely re-wrote the event queue etc today.
All looking good, except in one check...
for things like cross-room notifications, I mixed up "originator" and "target"
So if I mentioned you, I would get the "you've been mentioned" update in the client
(the database knew who said what - it was just the "which events do I deliver to which client" that was borked)
Are we allowed put status-completed tags on our own questions?
3:29 PM
Q: Do we use abbreviations in genre names? [Completed]

MachaI know this has been asked about games, but what about genres? [rts] - 4 (one closed) - 0 [real-time-strategy] - 3 7 [tbs] - 0 [turn-based-strategy] - 8 [rpg] - 6 [mmorpg] - 6 Longer forms - 0 (leave alone as per answers) [first-person-shooter] - 1 18 [fps] - 18 0 For SEO purposes, the full ...

just accept an answer.
@Marc on MGSE (Wow, we need a better acronym :P)
(sorry, my bad - the room is obviously "gaming")

More subjective stuff?
Nah, that's specific enough
he seems to actually have specifics of what he's lookingfor
3:39 PM
Metal Gear Solid Exchange?
And meta
Oh, where'd that come from?
I'm back
I was in a meeting
3:42 PM
(yes, I'm at work)
your not the only one @Juan
Hey, it works for Jon Skeet
I added the feed as it was discussed a few hours ago :P
and now the notifier is useless again
/me had intended to get some work done :P Damn you GSE! (When does it get it's domain btw?)
3:44 PM
then again, it isn't really fast
It's about once every ten minutes, I think
This website is turning out as a good place to find new games to play too
/me is tempted to play Dwarf Fortress now, even if I'm not hardcore enough
exactly, me too
don't even know what it is
3:50 PM
me neither
I'm just trying to resist the temptation to start playing WoW:Cataclysm
been clean for 1,5y should keep it that way
I just quit every MMO altogether, the paid ones anyway
I used to call myself a casual gamer, and then out ccame the Wii, and redefined casual, and every gamer before that moved into the new hardcore :( And people think we all like playing games that are either constant shooting, or the child of a history book and an excel spreadsheet :(
You can combine the two, try Typing of the Dead ;-)
don't think I can beat the final level there, it's a bitch if your not natively english-speaking
3:52 PM
I actually don't get into MMOs. I used to play Runescape, got bored, the WoW trial bored me away, and I'm not going to renew Eve after the first month.
then you just had an unfortunate wow trial ;-)
@Ivo just gotta practice ;-)
I tried discovering the world at level 4, painful experience if you don't read tutorials
discovering the world?
Woah, I already have df downloaded. Don't remember doing that
3:54 PM
yeah, I just ran around looking for quests, didn't know where to go
managed to get into stranglethorn vale as a level 4 :P
oh right, wow
thought the lack of !'s was a bit strange hehe
and everything kept trying to kill me
but WoW was the most fun when raiding or PVPing
@Macha exactly the reason why I only play Guild Wars, I can take a break whenever I want.

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