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10:00 PM
@badp heh. I've visited from here before. Dunno why it got triggered now.
@macha remains to be seen.
this is at least off-topic right?
Q: Where can I find alternatives to XAseco?

Bernhard HofmannXAseco is a system that runs alongside a TrackMania server and allows control of the server via chat commands and activities. It's a great system, but it runs on PHP. I'd like to write plugins in C# rather than PHP. Where can I find alternatives to XAseco, or a full detail of the TrackMania cont...

@Arda definitely
Well, unless something goes horribly wrong, were going to leave SF in the dust. And Web Apps is cutting in SU's area.
speaking of SF..
@Macha - Webapps + gadgets + gaming = chunk of SU, I guess
10:03 PM
@Arda Yup
Yeah, Gaming will probably become the most popular Stack Exchange site.
Considering there's tons of gamers on the Internet.
Well, gaming questions were getting closed anyway. Unless you slipped past the radar "A windows program utilising 3d graphics won't run under wine with a..." :P
@mew Problem is gamers love to discuss, something which goes against SO's Q&A format
Good point.
well, that's what we have (a whole lot of) comments for
10:07 PM
Well, Joel thinks SuperUser was poorly targeted anyway
If it can get absorbed by more specific, more expert area51 sites
it's all the better
New logo proposal!
shouldn't people be getting the beta badge by now btw?
A: Logo proposals for Gaming

OakMy idea is basically a finger frantically pressing a button again and again. First draft: I'll try to make it a bit more stylish, help from others will be welcome.

apart from gaming, web apps and Pro webmasters, which other proposal had got good response ?
Popular Demand
10:09 PM
Are the requirements for beta on new SE sites the same as they were for SOFU?
@Oak Cool icon.
/me wishes there was a light version of this chat. Mobile Safari really doesn't like it.
@Oak: would it look good in the logo's aspect ratio?
@popular yes. you should get it EOD. AFAIK it's a batch process
Is there a mobile version of this chat planned?
10:10 PM
@Arda I'm sure it can be done
I'd suggest a mock-up following that ratio, I don't really see it
What's the ratio, perfect square?
@popular: What are they? Just actually do what you promised to when committing? I lost my SO beta badge iirc :(
I mean, if it's going to be beside the name it would need to have room for it
Feel free to flame me for my comment
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10:11 PM
@Macha: Earn three bronze badges during the private beta.
(kind of a pity you can't link comments)
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It was mentioned by Jeff in a comment to an old question.
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Actually possibly an answer.
@badp: I honestly think my proposal is good enough for any name
@badp: and also, I assume it will be quicksave or quickload at the end :)
10:12 PM
@Oak, well, I didn't down vote it :)
Gaming room has more people talking than SU.
@Oak just look in the top-left corner
neither of quicksave and quickload are really about asking game questions :(
did you ever have trouble with quick saving?
I guess peope does have trouble with stack overflows
Proves the "Gamers like to discuss" point.
or server faults...
10:13 PM
Well, the website might be a quick save
if you need one
@badp "super user" isn't a problem
or know-it-all superusers :P
@Arda that much is true
"What's this UAC bullshit? I must be my computer admin 24/7! OH SHIT A VIRUS NOOO"
Nor is the name for the upcoming web apps
10:14 PM
They already got one
something like logoff
Yeah, I also hate clicklogout
Is the website about using webapps or qutting webapps?
Ever get the feeling Jeff doesn't like this site? He's promoted every other site's beta, and at least for webapps/webmaster participated.
10:16 PM
Probably he doesn't feel he has to
He didn't commit to this after all
Quicksave > ClickLogoff anyway :)
Q: Is this proposal in danger?

Juan ManuelI just listened to herding code's latest podcast, where Jeff was a guest. Close to the beginning, he said that he was nervous about the Gaming proposal because "it isn't really a learning topic". Don't get me wrong, I understand he only said that and nothing else and I'm not panicking or anythi...

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@Arda how'd you do that?
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I just started using chat about two minutes ago.
Just paste the link, unless that's too difficult
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10:17 PM
Hmm... that may be too difficult for me.
A: What should our .com domain name be? Status - RESERVED BY STACK OVERFLOW INC. One of the simplest things to do in a web app (after logging in of course). Any domain with web and app in it, not sure I like. Should be something common that happens across web apps.

A: What should our .com domain name be?

Joel I just registered it. Succinctly conveys WHY web applications are awesome and we love them. Easy to spell, easy to pronounce, no hyphens, impossible to misinterpret.

NothingToInstall is good, but could be better :P
Hmm, I don't think there's enough people around to close questions anymore.
Yeah, our votes have been brutally reaped out
nothing's been reaped from me, luckily
except community :P
10:21 PM
Actually, does the site currently even have 5 different moderators?
there's Jeff...
It doesn't have one active moderator I think is now in public beta!
there's your damn twitter!! :)
Oh, hi
Oh lookie
Wait, we can't vote to close in public beta?
10:23 PM
much appreciated
no, we can't.
@Oak only those with more than 500 rep can
Damn you and your FAQ reading skills @Arda
The faq is cheating, dammit
Someone asked before, I happened to know :D
@Arda whew, I'm still good :)
10:24 PM
I can vote to close, but not edit others questions. The opposite of my SO status. Makes more sense tbh.
@Jeff we're on our way to get a name!
Please reserve one of those two leading ones
And looks like Jeff heard us talking about him :P
The chat loads with backlog, Macha
unlike IRC.
Only if you click the button, @badp
10:26 PM
@badp: My IRC does. Go irssi on my VPS :P
@Macha: mine does too (yay for bouncers and irssi) but managing backlog is a PITA
Oh, if you need to click a button... Then there is logbots.
@badp: Bouncers?
Yes, Macha
they connect to IRC, you connect to them
they stay online, you can drop all the time and not have anybody (have to) notice
a generous guy got me one on his server, tired of my dropping connection :)
hey I am putting together the share house ad for gaming now.
Out of curiosity, will Alex Papadimolous handle advertisements for all stackexchanges or..?
10:32 PM
haha, *no*
long, long story.
Well, you've left spammination to us, we'll leave monetization to you I guess.
Any plan for a mobile version of chat? The text box is after the first screen, not the end of the page, and the memory usage is so high big rooms like feedback crash Safari on my iPod Touch.
The text box sounds like it might be a matter of adding position:fixed to it's CSS.
@Macha Out of curiosity, what generation is your iPod Touch?
10:38 PM
@Mew2468: Second Gen.
Yikes, I better not go on the chat on my 1st gen iPod Touch then. >.>
@Mew2468 The only spec difference is the (same) processor is clocked a bit higher. Not like the 3rd gen/iPhone 4 with different components and majorly different performance.
Didn't the second gen double the RAM of the 1st gen?
Oh wait . . . maybe that's 3rd gen and 2nd gen.
@Mew2468: Nope. That was the 3rd gen to the second gen. First and second gen both have 128mb, I think.
Yeah, I just checked. Whoops.
10:46 PM
This has been brought up before on Meta, but isn't the rate of anthony.trupe's questions a little excessive?
Q: Dwarf Fortress seeds on hand

antony.trupeHow do I see what kinds of seeds and how many of each I have on hand?

Close as subjective?
He's asked at least 10 short Dwarf Fortress questions that can be answered with a quick google search
@Macha definitely
what did we say about fanboys?
@Macha yeah
vote cast
anyway, anthony has been brought up on meta before, he just keeps switching the subject of his questions every time he's called to attention
Yeah it's too much. I mean, we may have those questions asked eventually, but for now, we want the better questions. Especially when they seem to be deliberate "seeding" questions.
This is where it's been discussed on meta
Q: What to do with class based questions?

Ivo FlipseCurrently there's a bunch of questions on classes for LOTR:O and WoW Now I truly believe there is valuable information for each separate class, like class specific blogs or other resources. However, in the beginning of the site I feel that posting 10 question on the same game is seeding the sit...

Didn't Anirudha (or something) on SO get banned for loads of similar, stupid questions? Or at least moderated?
hopes Borderlands download is done
you guys take all your hard-core iPod touch chat to man!
Now who's lagging?
10:56 PM
Wonder if @Jeff is doing a round-robin tour of all rooms :p
so many tabs OMG
once again, the avatar does perfect justice
@Jeff: Sadly, I made the mistake of committing to Webmasters without reviewing the other options :(. At three sites comitted now.
You can uncommit, right?
I don't think you can uncommit while it's in the beta.
11:01 PM
@Arda: Not once the beta starts.
Oh, yeah, you're right
Do you stay committed for the whole 90 days?
I think it isn't necessary to wait the whole 90 days.
I think so.
you will get a "commitment fulfilled" email soon… implies that you get it back fairly soon
11:04 PM
the formula (shh, it's a secret) .. well, I can't tell you :0
basically just make sure you've created a "reasonable" number of new posts (questions or answers) on every site you commit to
and I would strongly advise that you participate in the private beta .. as a committer
Anyway, I'm going now.
so you're basically locked in until you do that
Bye, Macha
11:05 PM
but, I assume you guys are already doing this stuff so the email will arrive soon
the first batch goes out today I think or tomorrow
so until you see that email, commitment not fullfilled and we hold your commitment token
Does activity in the Meta count too, or is it restricted to the parent site?
parent only
Figured as much.
meta participation is important if you want to be a pro-tem moderator
so it's important for other reasons
Around what amount of questions / answers is "reasonable"?
11:07 PM
I'm going to look up that term "pro-tem" now...
Pro tempore (), pro tem or p.t. is a Latin phrase which best translates to "for the time being" in English. This phrase is often used to describe a person who acts as a locum tenens (placeholder) in the absence of a superior, such as the President pro tempore of the United States Senate. Legislative bodies can have one or more pro tempore for the presiding officer. These positions ostensibly go to legislators experienced in floor debate who are familiar with the content and application of relevant rules and precedents and who have a reputation for fairness among their colleagues. Ma...
problem in my case is that I mostly contribute in comments on meta, which doesn't show on my profile
oh cool, it works for wikipedia pages too
Wikipedia embed as well? Awesome. :D
Wow. Awesome. Thanks, Jeff
@mew246 I can't give the exact number, but for comparison, 297 stack overflow users reached the threshold during the first week of SO private beta (if we were doing retroactive stats)
11:08 PM
which is why people are complaining I don't have enough meta participation :(
we will eventually return your commitment token no matter what, it just takes longer if you don't reach the post thresholds
People are complaining that you don't have enough Meta participation?
(Mostly not on-site, @Grace Note)
but if you look at my profile I have like 2 answers
while I have more meta participation than that
alright imma catch you folks later. Off to my home
11:13 PM
Am I the only one in Europe here? :V
@Arda --> Asian/Indian here.
Not unlikely. I'm a boring EST folk
Canada. Eh.
Ah right, I was referring to the timezone. :)
So, @Jeff Atwood, just wondering but when are moderator votes going to happen on the betas? Don't really think it's needed yet, just wondering
11:34 PM
next week -- well, we will be contacting people directly with more info
People? You mean nominees?
the process is still being decided, but generally we want to cultivate any emergent leadership and give them power
Oh goodness, are "Hidden gems" going to be the "Hidden features" of Gaming?
Q: iPhone Hidden Gems

SpideyPlease give us some of your best iPhone/ipod touch games that others may not have heard of. I'm sure most of us know the obvious ones like: Doodle jump Canabalt Here's some of mine Edge - puzzle platformer, getting a cube through many levels AqueDuct - My favorite puzzle game on iPhone, ve...

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