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12:22 AM
Our /r/place logo is now recognized by rainbowroad
(if needed, they will go under us instead of overwriting)
Reddit has the dumbest April fool's every year
12:39 AM
The void seems to have descended into chaos now.
Q: My sim is not sleeping in her room in the sims 3. What do i do?

sofie does gamingOne of my sims doesn't sleep in only one room and it's just THAT ONE ROOM. It's not the bed because if I move the bed to another room she can sleep. However, all the other sims can sleep in the beds in that room. If this information helps the sim having the problem is a young adult who was a ghos...

Adult Swim is streaming the first episode of the new season of Rick and Morty. On April 1st. Those magnificent bastards.
cc @fredley wake the hell up this is important
Is it just playing repeat?
12:59 AM
@Unionhawk yes, I caught it 10-15 min in, and then it started over after the post credits scene #dippingsauce
@TrentHawkins O.M.G.
Q: How do I make The BEST Haste Elixir?

JefferyColonI was wondering, I got a mid level haste elixir with a few hot-footed frogs and a monster part, but how do I get the TOP level haste effect?

> So, do you actually have a personality or do you just rely on your dog?
1:28 AM
twitch is being so bad I can't listen to the audio-only stream without buffering
@GnomeSlice Actually the thing that bothers me about this is the quote is attributed to "white 6 year old"
pretty much every other post is "white woman" usually in Boulder
at Whole Foods
I'm really liking how the Deus Vult sign has been made into a Crusader Kings 2 sign
> Worthington Tub & Toilet Dessert Series
1:42 AM
Q: Blank Minecraft game output

54DSometimes, when I look at my Minecraft game output, it is totally blank: How do I fix this?

Q: What blocks can I place next to cacti?

ExoMuteI just found out I can place a water source next to a cactus and it won't destroy the cactus. I would also like a block next to the cactus, but I have no idea what transparent and non-transparent blocks I can place without breaking the cactus. Could someone help me find out?

1:58 AM
anyone watch wheel of musical impersonations with jimmy falon
@Dragonrage Is there a new one?
They're usually super entertaining.
2:11 AM
@TrentHawkins I'll catch it when I get home hopefully
Holy shit madtree upped the amount of heaters over the outside bar area
It's fucking awesome
It feels like I'm in my car with heated seats on
Except I'm drinking so I'm not in my car
Like is was nice before but right now it's awesomeness
sorry caps
You should also check out the freestyle ones with Lin-Manuel Miranda.
He's not doing impressions but it's just as entertaining.
2:33 AM
anything with LMM is great
2:51 AM
@Wipqozn Well, I accidentally unlocked ending U in Nier: Automata. <_<
@StrixVaria Those are so good
@Fluttershy what does that mean
@Ash It has a ton of endings, apparently, and I unlocked one of them by accident about 45 minutes in. I'll give you the details on Slack!
@Fluttershy okay :)
3:19 AM
Oh holy hell... Nier: Automata has 26 endings.
Endings A-Z?
@Unionhawk Yep.
A-E are main endings. Apparently all the rest are endings that occur at various points in the game if certain criteria are met. Like my previously mentioned accidental ending. It was Ending U.
3:23 AM
Capitalism dot html
> She's set up a GoFundMe seeking $30,000 in donations from "Trump supporters and patriots."
Seems suspicious.
Hahahahahaha yea
> we only voted for this idiot no bully
That's a hard angle to defend
the politics of /r/place is crazy
there's delegates representatives and everything
@Avery Well I'm glad we have you with all your backchannel connections
just need to bribe reddit mods to fill the canvas with a 1000x1000 arqade logo
how to get banned from modmail like a pro
3:35 AM
So apparently Rick and Morty Season 3 premiere tonight.
it leaked on youtube
but turner media killed all the fun
3 hours ago, by Trent Hawkins
Q: Commands for command block for make a bedroom

user183306I'm looking for a command for commands block for furnish a house. I have MCPE. Somebody can give me a command for this problem?

Q: The Ferret Business: Moving a full stack at a time

KenjiIs there any way to move a full stack through pipes and only a full stack? The reason is because I'm trying to automate my Fluxed Crystals setup. I have four gem cutters feeding into one gem refiner because the refiner just goes through items so much faster than the cutters can supply. My issue i...

prequelmemes finished!
4:10 AM
@fredley @fredley @fredley it's still happening unless it never was happening in the UK but probably only until midnight PST
Wake up and scroll up but also Summer of this year is confirmed 100% by Adult Swim
@fredley this is 100% not a bamboozle
I mean unless the most likely events of 1) you wake up after midnight PST or 2) this is not available in the UK occur
Summer of this year is real in any case
4:32 AM
oh i thought you were talking about archer dreamland
this is war
@Avery It seems like it's from parahumans but also seems so unnecessary.
Oh no wait this is Straya!
@RedRiderX posted
arqade: people doesn't care
galaga: people remembers their childhood
4:48 AM
@Avery noice
@Avery I guess we didn't account for the volatility of Straya.
my message is flagged might be away for 30 (invalidated)
they're prob going to help
I think this is an even better case for solid borders. People implicitly respect borders and it will give us some more legitimacy as a player on the field.
But I don't know it we can negotiate a suitable treaty with parahumans on this
Oh boy we're taking heat from both sides
RIP @avery's hard work
it was a good run fam
4:57 AM
oh no
I'm not giving up
I'm fighting back
its like stackegg all over again
@GodEmperorDune flashbacks
We could martial support from the sports league underneath us
And maybe even play on the sympathies of parahumans
Since they've been burned a bit by Straya in the past
both right and below is occupied
We can coexist we just need a peace accord to settle these small territory disputes.
If the will is for a 3d Straya we can probably get a small exception slice like parahumans got
Oh no they've started
What is this madness
5:04 AM
Q: How do i update my full list of games on my Offline PC?

Memor-XSo when i got Steam working offline i had 26 games listed in my library but only 2 installed. recently i brought a bunch more so i want to update my library on my Offline PC with the full list that's on my Online Laptop. i thought that all i would need just copy the data from userdata/[ID]/confi...

well I'm going to hell
meh at least they're helpful
meh worst case I rebuild
they asked for war, they get it
5:22 AM
They are still indecisive in this moment, if we just assert our borders now they'll back off
I keep aggressively rebuilding
and they keep aggressively breaking :(
I'm trying to go around the edge of the ship marking out a black border but I'm pretty slow at it.
We may have to sneak up on them when they're asleep.
Well I need to sleep, fight the good fight!
they're building an edge
Yes this is exactly what we need!
5:27 AM
Longest, Week, Ever
can straya just stop touching stuff?
because they're damaging it
5:57 AM
it got so political that I don't even lol
6:20 AM
Q: Is it important to install games from disk to xbox 360?

AnshCan we play games by disks without installing games ?

6:52 AM
Q: How to unlock a TRUCK, 1/4 TON, 4X4 in Heroes and Generals

KunalI can't seem to drive this vehicle when it is locked. I have tried holding E when i am by the driver's door but i just go into the gunner seat.

7:49 AM
@uni WHAT
8:43 AM
5 hours ago, by RedRiderX
3 hours ago, by Trent Hawkins
@fredley brexit butt :p
9:07 AM
New gpu had arrived!
9:31 AM
@TrentHawkins doesn't load.
@Arperum had?
@badp not available in all locations; you may need a VPN, or find Rick and Morty s3e1 elsewhere.
@badp Has. Old one is dead.
@Arperum :(
9:59 AM
Goddammit. New gpu inserted. Fans start spinning, immideately stop again and PC doesn't boot
Internet says I might need to update bios.
that sounds like a pretty generic solution
10:17 AM
Current bios version is from 2012
Q: FS Quest Crashed

tjeloepThis is my 4th vault project in FS --the 1st on Android. I was taking The Cat Burglar quest. Everything seemed okay until the party arriving and I entered the quest mode --the game was into never-ending loading screen. I then forced-quit the game and retried. The next time I entered the game, th...

@Arperum that sounds like a good reason to update your bios
10:37 AM
BIOS update did not help.
10:56 AM
Q: Armed Armor Stands

Nerdy WindowI need help on getting armor stands with arms in Minecraft. Whenever I try it just says "Unable to summon object". Please keep in mind that I am asking for a working Minecraft 1.11.2 command, not a 1.7.10 or below command.

11:17 AM
@badp what's the problem?
11:55 AM
Fucking hell. I got it working. Issue?
I've been searching and trying stuff for hours
Probably partly fucked up soms BIOS settings by now.
not that it matters now but useful for when it next comes around
12:14 PM
We're back in the game
@Avery I suggest a square border of black separated from the ship by an outline of white.
With either the letters QA or SE in the top corners
12:32 PM
Canada pls
@Avery pls
No netherlands y
12:48 PM
I love the nintendo switch
it reads nintendo switch vertically and hanzo switch pls horizonally
Also we got rekt again
@RedRiderX I didn't do it!
We need to steer clear of countries, they have too much violent ambition.
Q: What blueprinits become available during story?

SandokanAs I progress, I realize that some blueprints open up throuhgout the story and don't have to be researched. Are these radom or are they always the same and is there a list over those? Seems you can easily waste research point if you don't know that.

France is the worst
they might be wiped out soon
literally every major group out there is mad at them as theyre attacking everything
12:53 PM
Should we get a piece of green lattice while the getting's good?
Or maybe
Under switch
Seems to be a dead zone
gaming related neighborhood.
Yeah might work
we might get more sympathy
Though there is a risk that sweden goes full netherlands.
Sorry @KevinvanderVelden it's just that your country is the worst
@Fluttershy That's hilarious
1:02 PM
@RedRiderX There are some awesome people in it though, but they don't ruin fun.
Idk why but this convo makes me laugh
Its like a rpg rts game but not rpg
Like every reaction is genuine
so what happens if this place thing doesn't stop today
reddit went maximum over ridonkulous immediately
and now you can't overdo it
Most teams have peace traties
@badp Eventually all will return to dust and swastikas.
theyd probably attack void or france
1:11 PM
Except for the structures totally maintained by bots
@Avery but with the thing ending today what's the point.
@badp any proof about that?
there's no consequence for failure
well it stops being relevant today at any rate
that button thing had a win condition
1:13 PM
What makes it relevant today relative to tomorrow?
@Avery Is the arqade logo anywhere currently?
it's on our website
@Avery lol, found one of your Reddit comments
The one about bamboozling
@Ronan there's talk of it going underneath the switch stuff but I don't think @ave has readjusted the lazers yet
I'm just clearing out the general area atm
@Riker it went viral
1:16 PM
I think we can use the half-built borders to our advantage
@RedRiderX That's a good place.
like half my karma is from that now
I literally cant use my phone
theres so many notification spam that 1/4 of screen is unusable
and guess what apple made that 1/4 really important
@Avery just turn off notifications in the settings
@Avery no posters :(
@Memor-X see menu button of discord is on 1/4 of screen too. Without swipe Id have no chance
and the notification spam is truly glorious
1:21 PM
@Avery you can turn of notifications per app
PC upgrade successfully finished! Now have twice the RAM and I have a GPU again!
My GPU died, so I had to.
What was your old GPU, and what's the new one?
had a gtx 670. now a gtx 1060
1:29 PM
Ooo, a 1060 is quite powerful. Also VR ready.
@Arperum so what was wrong?
@Arperum that's a nice upgrade. Time to DOOM
@badp I started up borderlands 2 and the gpu died so hard that starting windows resulted in a bluescreen all the time.
@Arperum no I mean what was wrong today
wait what
2 hours ago, by Arperum
1:32 PM
@badp Had to use the DVI port before installing drivers, others just don't work.
was it really this
everything should HDMI out of the box
yea, HMDI might have been because the screen was in DVI mode and I never noticed.
even then the screen should switch automatically...
display port definitely did not work though.
That's really weird. If it was VGA I might understand the problem with digital vs. analogue, but DVI is also digital, right
1:35 PM
glad it's resolved
It works. I got an upgrade and an expensive brick.
The upgrade to 16GB ram is also positive.
it's weird
Woo 16GB
guys omg
You can never have enough RAM
1:36 PM
on my desktop I kept getting out of memory messages with 8 GB of ram and had to update it to 16
on both of my laptops here tho (work and personal) 8 GB are fine
lol I died yesterday but nooppe, april fools loool
one runs Windows the other runs Ubuntu
so iunno
1:37 PM
@badp I'm starting to get that in chrome
But I should probably try reinstalling chrome before I buy more ram :P
I mean it's true that I'm not exactly playing videogames that are pushing this laptop
Chrome can use 8GB all by itself (at least if you're a chronic tab hoarder like me)
here's the notification annoyance:
Is that the app, or the browser? Either way there should be some configuration option to kill the notifications
1:40 PM
@PrivatePansy I muted the servers and it's better now
@MadScientist About 45 tabs open in Firefox, 2.7GB memory.
There's something odd though - I swear Ubuntu / Unity is eating at least 1.5GB of memory, because otherwise the numbers in System Monitor just won't add up
@PrivatePansy firefox will max regardless the number of tabs when you go over a certain point. it sat on around 3GB i think even on 2000 tabs
@Avery of course it's annoying, you've set it to notify you for every message
@badp it's server's default
you can change it.
1:44 PM
I've changed to mention only and disabled @here and @everyone
2:07 PM
@Avery CN's April First Steven Universe marathon is... slightly off
I should check it out
@Arperum what gpu does that?
@Chippies gtx 1060. Or that solved it for me anyway.
figured it's probably nvidia
2:12 PM
so cute
no one buys amd right now anyway :P
and my r9 390 worked straight out of the box with hdmi, which if it didn't, would have been an issue, since my monitor is hdmi-only
@PrivatePansy that's creepy
@Chippies It might have been my monitor being stupid and not switching to hdmi from dvi automatically though.
trying our luck again
@Arperum Idk, I feel like I have heard about it being an issue in some cases, but I can't say for 100% sure
2:17 PM
below switch
hdmi is usually not the default output on gpu's
and I can see not having proper drivers being an issue with it
@Arperum I'm assuming you're on Windows 7?
@Avery Wow, my screen was way less advanced. It apparently hadn't updated properly for a while.
@Chippies yes
I would assume that generic gpu drivers on windows 7 are relatively old compared to win8/10, so that might be part of the issue
Uh oh
This might not be good
@RedRiderX worst case I ask for help
so wow
PWC server reached 500 people
2:26 PM
Today I have to give @WorldEngineer back to America and that makes me a sad thing.
@Ash Boo having to share.
@Ash hug I'm pretty sure you'll see him again soon :)
@Ronan sharing is the wooooorst. I just want all the metaphorical cookies.
@Ash @WorldEngineer is made of cookies?
Sounds tasty.
@Avery Yeah, we are already planning when we can do another visit, and eventually (sooner than I think I bet) we won't have to do this
2:29 PM
@Ronan I keep trying to reply to this but it keeps getting out of hand very fast hahahaha
@Ash I have no idea what you could possibly be alluding to.
So I'm going to be a rude person and try to get revenge on /r/timbers.
@Ash My first thought was also something I would not be allowed to post >_>
Well aren't we all made out of meat
<-- Totally not helping
2:39 PM
@Ronan gigglesnothing at all. It's very innocent. I swear.
here's some void memes
@PrivatePansy something something I am definitely not a vegetarian something something
@Ash Don't make me time you out. :P
@Ronan I'll be good ;)
2:47 PM
Q: Where can I find a ton of Silver enemies?

JefferyColonWhere can I find Silver enemies like Silver Bokoblins and any other Silver enemy abundantly?

Q: Assassin's Creed Syndicate progression log issue (ps4)

NoemiI bought AC Syndicate about 3 months ago and started playing it on a ps4 in College. I logged in with my account and checked that the ps4 was connected to the internet. Now I am at home and when I started the game on my own ps4 it started from the beginning (shows progression is 0% and nothing ...

@Ash Hey I wouldn't go that far.
The blue in the top left corner of the arqade ship is creeping out of it's border.
Sweden is attacking :( they are also attacking the grailknights banner.
3:01 PM
at this point /r/place is a proposal sandbox
Get it now before adult swim kills it
@Unionhawk yeah watched that earlier, it was pretty good
Sweden is probably going to spare the logo
yes ikno sec -- fixed
The reddit april fools thing would be the worst thing to be a joke
"Oh you thought you pretty much destroyed social anxiety? Nope! April fools!"
3:24 PM
@Avery If they save the logo, I'll help blue/yellow the area around it. First gonna keep the white border though.
@Avery \o/
@Unionhawk does Rick and Morty get better? I watched like half of the first episode of first season and it seemed really stupid
@Chippies No it's stupid
@RedRiderX yeah, I figured
3:33 PM
It gets a bit more interesting after the first few episodes but if you don't want crazy it's not for you
idk, the jokes just seemed very bro-level
it gon
3:53 PM
White border is done! \o/
someone just gave me 4 accounts
running with 21 accounts now \o/
keeping the border intact is a full time job...
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