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@Ash Though, take my "has pretty good tutorials" with a grain of salt; I was a returning veteran player. So I mostly only needed to know how to control the video game, the mechanics of the cards I was already fairly familiar with.
I was also a veteran player when I played it, but I thought the tutorials would be good for new players
I thought so too; just saying that a new player might have a different opinion of the tutorials than me, considering I knew most of the game going into them.
@Sterno Souls 3 DLC mostly complete. one optional boss left, but it's a giant damage sponge so I might not bother.
@Sterno You still playing battlegrounds?
Just got this order in from China... RIP Bulbasaur he was gutted because someone in US Customs thought he was a dru… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/847869367463182336
12:17 AM
@TimStone ICE has no shame
I love the Alestorm April fools thing.
The Wintersun crowdfunding nonsense is required backstory though to truly appreciate it.
(Wintersun decided that instead of releasing the CD time, they'd release half of the CD as Time I, and do a crowdfunding for an own studio with living space and sauna for the second half)
@GodEmperorDune They used Cut :(
@TimStone :(
Don't let the haters get you down, @design. The new default photos are great https://t.co/cWnPk1yj3g
12:34 AM
@Unionhawk wait isn't that a real user's pic?
@dril, delaware
creator of "Teletubby Shooter 2" - simpering fuck face - Ghoul https://t.co/tamf9zO9Mx
7.1k tweets, 538k followers, following 208 users
@Unionhawk aha
12:48 AM
@Unionhawk (For the record, I am not dril)
(Despite there only be a few people in Delaware)
@EveryoneIsDril, check likes for credits
made by @sfthewolf for no reason
284 tweets, 15.4k followers, following 0 users
This is the best account
Q: What does "help them" actually refer to?

54DIn the Recruiter Badge description, it says "Recruit new agents into Ingress and help them". What does "help them" mean? Does it count as "helping" when my recruits click on the invitation email? Am I supposed to give them items? Am I supposed to help them get to a higher level? Is it a must fo...

1:05 AM
So the Enjoy By series is really good
If you like double ipas that is
Which I do
A lot

Proposed Q&A site for users of CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) technologies, including milling and turning centers, industrial robots, laser/plasma gantries, and other CNC machinery.

Currently in definition.

Trump leaves executive order signing without signing executive orders | WATCH http://hill.cm/pPThDfD https://t.co/WpVZnVidDk
lol, that photo is A+
2:04 AM
game rec please: games with essentially NG+ but on death/losing. So as you play you unlock things which when you die are still available for when you restart from the start. Similar to elona shooter or rogue legacy
@Wipqozn In general, yes. Right that minute, no
Right this minute, yes.
2:21 AM
Taking a contact lens out of a baby's eye has taken: 5 minutes of panic (first try), 10 seconds (second try), 20 minutes of trying to keep the baby and each other from crying
Overall not my favorite activity.
2:33 AM
K. https://t.co/nDCVtZT0Xb
@StrixVaria how do you even test that a baby needs lenses?
I keep making it to the top 10 and I swear to god every single other player there has a silenced sniper rifle
That time I was killed by PoopyMcButt, who went on to win
2:52 AM
@StrixVaria Oh that sounds super rough :(
@Aequitas He had his natural lens surgically removed so.
3:11 AM
I already can't do contacts so contact lenses except for a baby sounds like the worst thing
Man. Was down to the last 6 and I was in a great position with good gear for once. And my entire computer locks up and I have to reboot :(
2 hours later…
5:03 AM
Q: Can i lock ps4 console from somewhere else?

AnthonyQ88I had left my ps4 my dads house and we got in a argument and now he won't let me get it I know my step brother plays it that's probably y he won't give it back to me. is there anyway I could completely lock it down from my moms house on my other ps4 or computer. my PlayStation information and acc...

Q: View the actual mastery level in League of Legends

Nam G VUin short How to view the actual mastery level of a League of Legends champion in a summoner profile page? full details I mean actual by the fact that the level displayed by the icon on champion avatar at loading screen is NOT the real level; the summoner is in the progress of collecting items ...

5:53 AM
Q: Peebee Repercussions of Loyalty Mission on Romance

Travisspoilers In the last mission in Peebee's series of loyalty missions, if I take the shot in the quick-time event, am I still able to successfully romance Peebee? There does not seem to be a consensus in the walkthroughs I've found, and if I need to redo the mission, I want to do it before I've pl...

6:08 AM
Q: Why does my bendwill shout in skyrim wont show up on my list!

SammieOk, I reached the the area where you learn the word Earth for bendwill. I also killed the frost dragon but Miraak took his soul and which I thought no big deal because I already killed 23 dragons but when I approached the wind stone the bendwill shout wouldn't work and it said I needed more souls...

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8:22 AM
wow ingobernable is good
9:10 AM
Are there any games that when you linger on dialogue options, with your cursor, it causes an effect?
9:46 AM
Q: Watchdogs 2 - How do I disable the power grid in the Seoul Power Plant

Journeyman GeekI've been trying for roughly half an hour to get past the seoul power plant in the Hack Teh World main mission. I've been toggling the systems but they light up then go back to blue. How do I get the powergrid to overload? I got the dialog triggered but nothing happens

Apparently one of the biggest universities of Belgium is a terror university. According to erdogan anyway
10:21 AM
Q: What can I do against the blue progress circles?

Thomas WellerSince the Dropshot update, when I play Rocket League with two local players, I can not see my inventory (100% of items affected) I do not see what items I win (drops) (100%) I can not trade (100%) I can hardly change my car in the garage (50%) It works fine with a single player. Not problems...

10:35 AM
@Arperum Well that's how you know it's true.
steam sells anime in coordination with crunchyroll?
gaming.se and anime.se merger confirmed.
10:52 AM
Important announcement: it is Abandon Internet Day. Trust nothing and assume anything out of the ordinary is likely temporary, check back tomorrow.
@TrentHawkins but man, this selfie server is cool!
11:09 AM
gotta love /pol/ (nsfw lang)
@Avery I'm not sure you do...
@Ronan that was a sarcastic comment
I thought to how inept they were being, which I do like.
I'm not sure if I should open source my /r/place bot
at this point I'm pretty sure /pol/ or /b/ or whatever would use it for damaging stuff
Like, they're making trans flags everywhere to make people hate trans people, but looking at r/place other people have joined in and how there's just a trans flag banner as a background.
Like, it weaves under the pixel art and between the rainbows.
11:21 AM
@Avery Isn't there an IP rate limit or anything like that?
@MadScientist It currently only works with a single account but I'm working on multiple account support. So we'll see if there is.
Where's the fun in that?
some people just want the world burn
I like making random stuff, and lack time to place a single pixel every 10 minutes
11:45 AM
Q: How do I avoid getting assassinated by the Mafia?

galacticninjaWhen asked to choose between working for the Sand Mafia or not, I chose to work with the Sand Mafia. Then when later asked to choose between Sand and Vargas, I chose to work with Vargas against Sand. Both of them are requesting for my assistance, and I tried to help them both but I got assassina...

12:12 PM
is packagecontrol.io down for anyone else?
12:37 PM
@Avery Maybe it's an april fools.
god please no
not being able to work is not april fools
I mean trying to log into SO with DDA was already bad enough, now I have to deal with packagecontrol :/
12:51 PM
Q: GTA V: Grass Roots - The Smoke-In not appearing, progress stuck

indextwoI've come back to GTAV on the PS4 after over a year of not playing it, determined to nail the 100% Checklist. I started grinding through, getting everything I'd missed, and according to my Social Club stats, I am 99.50% complete, with only one outstanding Strangers & Freaks mission, which is Gras...

1:40 PM
haven't even had this snow blower for a year and I think it's time for an upgrade already
April's fools! This is a joke, right?
@Memor-X am hyped
Q: How would you /effect someone with chainmail boots with only 1 command block?

DaSauce4568I am making a Hide and Seek map on one of my friends realms, and I want to make certain boots give different effects (such as diamond gives speed). I have something with 2 command blocks right here V 1st: /testfor @a{[team=Hider]Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:chainmail_boots"}]} | then a comparator t...

Q: What does having a high suit temperature do?

Timmy JimBy running and moving around, your suit temperature increases. If it gets too hot (30+ °C), a warning message will appear down near the temperature gauge stating "Suit Temperature High." Does this have any impact on your character? I haven't noticed any effects, but surely there has to be somet...

Q: In Overwatch, is ultimate charge rate affected by damage boosts?

ividyonMany characters in the game charge up their ultimate abilities by dealing damage to enemies. Abilities such as Mercy's Caduceus Staff, Orisa's Supercharger and Ana's Nano Boost grant a % increase to the damage output of characters. Does this amplified damage affect the ultimate-charging speed of...

2:30 PM
@Chippies Thats more snow than has fallen over here in the last 50 years or so. Combined.
Q: What are the chances of an Unown spawn in a neutral biome?

simplest_mathematicsSo, I've been catching Pokemon for ages now, but I've only encountered one Unown. I still think I am very lucky to have even seen one, but what are the chances to have an Unown spawn in a neutral biome? A neutral biome is a biome which a Pokemon may spawn according to the probability of spaw...

Q: What impacts your APEX rating?

kalinaI have been playing a lot of multiplayer since it became apparent that the single player doesn't really have much replay value and I've been on a bit of a successful winning streak which has resulted in my APEX rating continually going up. What impacts your APEX rating? Does it increase by spec...

/cc our Ph:(, @fredley
welp, I have now officially broke /r/place (broke as in, made it unfair)
@Avery b&
@badp hey 4chan is making a black hole! This just fixes their damage.
2:42 PM
they get a b&, you get a b&, everyone gets a b&
@MadScientist apparently not
@Avery are you sure. I tried just for fun to register a new account, and while I could place pixels, they didn't stay there at all, they were just ignored
new accounts might not work
IIRC last year with the button, it only worked on accounts registered before 30th of march
and yes, the stuff it put persisted for me
unrelatedly I love how the UK is like "unite"
3:24 PM
gamejolt.com/indieaf damn this is pretty cool
Q: Paper mario sticker star bafflewoods not having wiggler

KojimkjI couldn't finish tree branch hall so I just picked up wiggler and got away, now that I finished tree branch hall, I wanted the bowling ball, but wiggler never got there in bafflewood, Is there a way to get the bowling ball without wiggler?

3:57 PM
Q: How can you tell if a crate is explosive in the Testing Area?

Timmy JimThroughout the game, there are crates with yellow tape on them that you can break open to get an item. Prior to the Testing Area, I don't remember any of these boxes exploding after being broken open. Now, these boxes may explode after being broken. Is there any way of knowing if they are e...

Bridge Hivemind, is Persona 5 a game I should be excited about?
@Sterno No.
@Sterno Probably. I picked it up since I've never played a persona game before, but I'm going to hold off until after Yooka Laylee.
@Sterno You're a highschooler who goes demon hunting (and demon befriending) who also goes on dates. It'll let you see what it's like to be young again!
@Sterno also I'll probably pick up battlegrounds tomorrow
@Sterno I'm gonna go with no. But I've never played a Persona game before.
4:10 PM
Q: fallout shelter move save files

KevinTheGreatNow that fallout shelter has released on steam I would like to use my save-files off the bethesda launcher function. I already copied the save-files of the bethesda launcher and have them on my PC. However I am unable to locate where the save files are for the steam function. Anyone can tell me?

Holy shit. My Windows can't start up anymore. Crashes during start up. All i did was try to play borderlands 2
It's bluescreening.
Was able to get to safe mode. Nothing else yet
Rip PC.
@BlueBarren ... why wouldn't it?
Well, gyroscopes, I guess.
Oh, I guess it's more of "can people play with a Switch in zero G" question.
posted on April 01, 2017 by user183271

Part 1: According to the wiki it states that The Tet is 30 miles alongside each side. A tetrahedron has 4 faces. Surface area of one side is equal to 1/2 x 30 x cos(30) x 30 = 389,71 square miles. This works out so that the Tet occupies ~ 3181,98 cubic miles. Part 2 is dead because there isn't enough solid evidence to judge its orbital height. There is mention of whe

Trying a system restore. Hoping for the best.
Looks like system restore is crashing
Yup system restore is failing
Oh, shit :(
Q: Miraak: How did his shout come to be?

MiraakIt has to have been by himself, as the Ancient Nords made Dragonrend, or Hermaeus Mora, as his champion. If it were to have been made by Hermaeus Mora, then it should only apply to normal dragons (Ancient, frost, etc.) and not Sahrotaar, as I believe that Sahrotaar is Hermaeus Mora's.

4:45 PM
currently redownloading graphic drivers. hoping that works.
safe mode is terrible
Starting up a super old win7 installatie on other partition. That starts.
Can recovery data
I have a feeling my gpu is fries somehow
What's wrong with this week. Had to take cat to vet too.
Please give higher resolution as proof of not-dead gpu
5:03 PM
Has anyone started the arqade logo on r/place yet?
if you have spare accounts I can run a bot to build and protect it
but all my 18 accounts are working on fighting the filthy tricks of the void
@Avery Like with past 04/01 things you probably can only interact with preexisting accounts
Fuck second Windows install now also crashes on launch. Definite case of dead GPU.
you know, I can spare 3-8 accounts for now. Anyone sees a good spot for it?
@Arperum oof sounds like a fun Saturday
@ave I'd have to do the measurements but underneath the India flag could work
5:09 PM
left corner seems rather untouched
or left of brazil
Would that fit without touching something else?
Because I'd think that would bring the greatest risk.
biggest risk there is 1907
which is obviously made by a turk
and we generally don't enjoy others in our territority
We really need to plot out the pixel art first though to make any plans
I feel like someone has already done this but I forget where...
I can probably take care of it
1907 is the year fenerbahce football club was formed btw
we could make a 32x32 one but I'm not sure I can fight against griefing for that, not even if i allocated all my accounts
@Avery Oh right
That was user submitted even
5:16 PM
Griefing is just part of the game though, but it'll probably be fine if we stick to a relatively noisy section right?
Q: What is the best way to farm Gemstones? (Amber, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, And Diamonds)

JefferyColonIs there a way to farm Gemstones at a quick pace? I'm not sure if i should go with mining, hunting stone talus's, or kill as many white enemys as i can. Please tell me which way I should go. Thanks!

@Wipqozn I like forward to playing with you the one time our schedules align
@RedRiderX I try every now and then but I have no commitment.
5:26 PM
So are we aiming for a 32x32 or do we go all the way for a 64x64?
We might not have the raw manpower for something that big I guess
@RedRiderX I planned 14x14 (the favicon) but if others are willing to help, we can go bigger
All right we can do that
Should we try for a solid colour background?
solid color is too much work and would make it harder if griefed
Q: What is Zelda's Legend?

BenThe title that Nintendo chose for the series has led to a lot of confusion, even now, with people still confusing Zelda and Link. Basically, through the long and short of it, the primary focus of every game is on Link, so the title does seem a little off, but "Legend of Link" doesn't quite have t...

Q: Hall of fame data corrupted without missingno? (pokemon stadium can't find saved files)

kilI have pokemon blue (france version) I got 151 pkmn by catching / trading (missingno doesn't work in french version) the hall of fame data is still glitched and pokémon stadium can't find my save... why? I also have american red version (in which I used missingno and I don't have the hall of fam...

Q: Does ScummVM actually support Plumbers Don't Wear Ties?

ThunderforgeOn April 1, 2017, ScummVM announced that it was adding support for the PC version of Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. I was quite sure that supporting the game was an April Fool's Day joke (since they also said that they were changing their name to PlumberVM). However, there is a GitHub pull request f...

I think we can have pretty good colour analogs too
@ave Noice
Okay where do we put the tip of the spear?
I don't think I've placed anything yet
5:32 PM
I'm working on turning the ship into a rulefile :)
:/ converting by hand is hell
the rule file format is not designed for artwork and I'm too lazy to support a new format
we could start manually
PC boots without issue with gpu removed. Using integrated graphics.
I've set it to do the first 6 lines while i do the rest
GPU confirmed 100% dead
@Arperum RIP In Peace
5:43 PM
@Arperum What better excuse for an upgrade?
RIP my gtx 670
reddit.com/r/place#x=768&y=504 < this is the top of the thingy, the one right next to it is already queued. Can you go down 2 pixels?
@Arperum Well if it's a 670 sounds like it had a good run
@Arperum Time for an upgrade anyway.
I mean this 4 pixels
5:46 PM
Here's a guide if anyone needs one
this is the color scheme
@djsmiley2k We're placing things r/place
@MBraedley I kinda need €40-50k for a new roof, so upgrade of pc was delayed.
0 is the leftmost white, 1 is lightgray
5:49 PM
yeah i got that
@Avery Ok has it evolved to start 1 px above that?
@Arperum Nonsense, just put a tarp up there
got 1280x1024 resolution on onboard graphics. this is a significant improvement over 800x600
i see pink...
@MBraedley Need to get rid of the currently asbestos one first.
5:51 PM
Q: my brother log in with stolen account in my ps4

Mohamed Salahmy brother log in with stolen account in my ps4 and i delete it if the account owner send to sony will my system banned (this account is my brothers freind account and many of his friend log in in there ps4s with it) so who will be banned the one who log in now with theaccount or all of us

ahhhhhh don't let it dry out D:
@djsmiley2k I'm not breaking rooftiles. I'm fine.
@RedRiderX idk, it's all humanpower atm, I'm working on a new image format.
6:03 PM
if you can understand this, this is what I'll make. I've added a white border btw
The white border is a good idea
I want to die https://t.co/DYFMdQlmHd
What new GPU do I get. hmmm.
that's €770 though.
can find one for €650. Still a lot of money
I am just suggesting
ok its working
what the shit clock speeds.
170 pixels, I have 18 accounts, the delay is 10 minutes. Should take around 56.6666666666667 minutes.
6:24 PM
left one is 1070, others are both 1080's
> You start to raise a single approving thumb pointing triumphantly upward in support of the voice actors' work, but find yourself worrying halfway through about its historically pejorative meaning in some parts of the world. In a confused effort to course-correct, you instead raise two unsure pinky fingers pointing sheepishly outward.

No one, including you, knows what this gesture means.
And there's a video to go with it
If it weren't today, I'd instantly say this was legit.
derpy derp, I made a mistake. I missed a line at top
@Arperum A 1060 is good enough for most things. the x60s and x70s have always been the best bang per buck in the GTX line.
OK, this is proposal A:
this is proposal b
6:35 PM
i like B
Yeah b for me
why orange?
Well yeah I would prefer that as white
the orange (and border) is step 2
it's not going to be done right now so the color is not final
the reason I don't want to go with white, however, is that the background is also white
(except I accidentally let it paint it - fixed now)
@Avery Well I would probably suggest something dark like black then
6:40 PM
I'd still go with white
Yeah white seems good
@MBraedley ok, so buying more ram too. because I wanted an upgrade of that anyway. and a 1060
here's how white would look:
hmm, the border should probably also cover the diagonal pixels
alright. order placed. new GPU and RAM will arrive tomorrow.
I'm going to make food. it's 8:45pm, which is late enough.
6:47 PM
yeah, it works better like that @MadScientist
has the gtx 1070 ti come out yet?
at this point I don't care anymore. order is placed.
hey this is pretty cool
except swastika at sweden's name
im just curious because im waiting for the gtx 1070 to come down in price
6:54 PM
@Yuuki hue
hey this is new:
Q: 'Mail Van Key' from under dead body on a bridge

n_palumI was just wandering about in 'The Following' and stumbled across a dead body on a bridge. I was able to roll over the body, and underneath were a set of keys. I picked them up and it said, 'Obtained Keys to Mail Van'. I've already completed the game and this is not related to the side quest 'G...

7:11 PM
I've also prepared arqade to be written using this font:
@Avery Nice
Though it seems we have an incoming collision with a reaction cat so things could get dicey.
facepalm I've mailed @turkeyblocks with a discovery, encrypted with their pgp key... they replied without encrypted with my mail inline. 10/10
it looks like some parts of the ship aren't aligned
facepalm will see what I can do
oh that's completely on my end.
Q: How to put your own counter strike global offensive files in Steam

Akhilesh SharmaHonestly, I was using pirated version of csgo earlier but then I realized my mistake and decided to buy the game now I have a csgo that is downloading in my steam account but I am in college where steam is blocked, I however use my mobile data to connect to steam, but I don't have enough data to ...

Q: Is there a way to spawn other mobs than spiders?

GustavI have a slime farm with a iron golem inside that attracts the slime, but i have noticed that it also work with some other mobs if it isn't lighted up. So i turned afk for a while with light level -7 in the slime farm and a lot of mobs spawned and it worked! But when I went down I saw a spider th...

7:38 PM
/r/place is getting more amazing every time I look at it.
@Avery Where are you planning/did you already draw that?
@StrixVaria Right of the 'Straya flag
Oh sick.
Aww yeah it's coming together
Step 1 is done
it's border time
7:39 PM
Where's our blueprint?
2 hours ago, by RedRiderX
user image
the arqade logo position fills me with determination
1 hour ago, by Avery
user image
I can help again in 10 minutes, since I only have 1 account.
7:40 PM
Yes, that is a massive collection of Wikipedia articles for you to download.
I've been clearing whitespace around the logo.
@Yuuki And/or get mailed a printed copy of
Okay I really don't know about this orange background thing
it's white
Alright then
this is the border plan
this is the arqade text plan. Looks like one of those "press ctrl+f, write X" stuff:
s.ave.zone/832.png + s.ave.zone/022.png is the highlighted stuff btw. 03 is black, 02 is dark gray.
57 mins ago, by Avery
user image
Right forgot about that
8:00 PM
black parts in background will not be touched (as in, it'll stay as original color)
@Sterno get hyped
@Arperum btw in that photo, the floor is 3 steps above the ground, so about a meter or a bit higher.
Q: Could Sha'ira romance affect my chances with Liara?

vianna77During Mass Effect 1, I can have a "romance" encounter with Sha'ira. If I choose to, will that affect my chances of romance with Liara?

Q: Why Is my mc voting messed up?

LoganWhen I try to vote for a server, the human verification disappears and I can't click it... How can I fix that?

Fuck global warming, can I have some local warming? I've been dealing with snow in the driveway all day, ran out of gas in snow blower, had to go buy more, got car stuck on the way out of driveway...
8:17 PM
lol someone gave mona lisa eye lazers (and made it hate vegans)
NZ flag is also attacking lolicons
this is really amazing tbh
abra.me/place-snaps/recent.png If you don't want to have the thing open but still want to check in
@Avery And the other Mona Lisa is already falling to the void
Can't zoom in much, though
heman's eating the rainbowroad:
@Avery Hey I can see our site from here!
@Avery This is the best heman compromise.
8:21 PM
I like our spot
close to the cool spaghetti guy and the bone jokes guy
also ponies, rainbowroad, mario, rubix and tux (and master chief)
Wow purple has really been beaten back.
It's interesting to see which places have been left mostly alone
one more round and border is done
heman just keeps getting better
8:37 PM
@Avery so I'm finally understanding these changes aren't real time?
They are
its just that every account can only place once every 10 minutes
and I dedicated 18 accounts on this
there's 5 pixels left until the border is fully done
in fact I'll start name generation now as it also contains bottom layer of the border
border is done
@djsmiley2k Your client can get out of sync but it's realtime
oh right I see @Avery
Q: Is there any logic to which potions you get from rituals?

peterormeIn King of Thieves, when you perform a ritual with gems of the same color, you are awarded a potion. But is there any logic to which potion you get, or is it completely random?

@Avery What colours are the text going to be?
Just black and grey?
8:47 PM
@RedRiderX yup. I can make it different if you want
Nah it's probably fine
tbh its crazy
it took around 20 accounts hours to make a tiny arqade logo
I can't imagine how long this took:
it's not like rainbowroad or transflag, or like flags. It's actually pretty unique.
Well, I mean
We have a Mona Lisa in the making
There is also a Starry Night happening
8:52 PM
Near the bottom
the norway flag was amde sweden flag
@Avery Yeah that was hilarious
Also, did you ever hear about the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
I also like Germany eating France and then both making the EU
I like that the timelapse makes it look like everything falls into the void
8:54 PM
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