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12:00 AM
Since we're on the topic of Mass Effect
By the way.. 13 days
Q: My shield disappeared during my jailbreak!

CyberSkullI got arrested for stealing in the town of Didenhil in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and I then went and escaped from jail. After grabbing my equipment I ran out of town and did some other stuff. However I noticed that after all this happened that my shield (a very nice kite shield with a def of ...

I feel like I'm the only one not excited for ME3.
@Wipqozn +1
@RavenDreamer so... if you think ME3 is great when it comes out, does that mean I'm going to be unimpressed by it? If so, don't play ME3, kthxbai
12:03 AM
@agent86 I already think ME3 is great.
@Wipqozn +1
Especially after I had an epiphany about the combat system.
@RavenDreamer Epiphany = just use the sword?
Also, SE, please make me a Realm of the Mad God question where I can post this as the answer
@RavenDreamer damn you
12:06 AM
@Mana I think you're thinking Halo.
I am going to like this game, even if it means I make the internet divide by zero
@badp "I found this picture in chat. Explain it to me."
@RavenDreamer Well, hey. Shepard does have an arm blade thing.
@RavenDreamer At 16×16 your avatar degenerates to a mirrored trollface. Are you aware?
@badp "Can someone post that diagram @badp made?"
12:06 AM
@RavenDreamer I said answer, not question
@badp All part of the subtle irony.
And then I can
expand it
@RavenDreamer I still think this one was better
@Mana I vote for the face that the comic is covering.
@badp I second this.
@badp is a mod, so his vote is absolute.
@Wipqozn Oh you'd be surprised.
12:15 AM
Q: How can I change my default login to the Cerberus network (EA Online)

SternoWhen I originally bought and installed Mass Effect 2 two years ago, I had a different password to log in to my EA Online account. When I bought Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, I changed my password to something that was theoretically more secure since I didn't want all of my epic loots st...

I recently asked this question, and at the time I thought it was being caused by something other than it was. Now I'm pretty sure it has to do with windows 7 settings. Should I close it?
Not sure if that sort of "tech support" question is good for the site
@Sterno I want you to answer that question so I can fix my stupid Mass Effect 2
@Sterno No, you should answer it?
@badp I haven't fixed it yet! :)
@Rapida Same problem?
@Sterno Then comment with what you've got!
@Sterno Mine tries to log in and than fails. I then have to type in my account and password (can't even tab to different fields on that stupid UI)
12:17 AM
@badp Well I was getting ready to update the question but I wasn't sure if it still fit the site
@Rapida Yeah, exact same problem
...why wouldn't it?
alright, I'll update.
@badp Because tech support type questions could easily end up in the too localized category. Though it sounds like this one isn't
@Rapida You can try some stuff in this thread if you want though it didn't seem to work for me. Describes the same problem though
@Sterno Thanks, I'll give it a shot
@RavenDreamer What did you need?
@Sterno they're not
12:25 AM
@GnomeSlice Nothing. Just letting you know I won't have more info about potentially making music for an iOS game until Friday.
Way too many conditionals. >.<
@RavenDreamer Sure, no problem.
@Rapida Ug. Now it works. And I'm not sure which thing did it.
> Unintelligible speech? I know that feel, bro.
@Sterno If you post what you did I can try them and report back which fixes it.
> Itty bitty living space? I know that feel, bro.
12:28 AM
> Orphan hero? I know that feel, bro.
Q: Does armor weight matter with custom (orange) gear?

ArgyleAs a quest reward, my Jedi Guardian was offered the choice of two orange robes, one heavy armor, the other medium. They appeared cosmetically identical in the gear preview window. Since the stat values of orange gear is governed by the doodads slotted in them, it made me wonder why the choice o...

@Rapida Alright, will do
this is too confusing for me. goodbye ;)
@RavenDreamer Why did... why did yours get starred...
> Demoted by science? I know that feel, bro.
@fireDude67 Nice santa hat.
Christmas is over though.
12:29 AM
@GnomeSlice Because Batman, that's why.
Oops, sorry.
Ugh, Go away evil I know how that feels bro pictures
They didnt make sense the first time I saw em!
@GnomeSlice What is that ball?
@RavenDreamer Pluto, I would assume.
Ah, good call.
12:33 AM
@badp can you do something with the FS trello, I have to go do some things.
@RavenDreamer Took me a minute too.
@GnomeSlice yeah, @ArdaXi and I finished our game but I never was able to do anything on the page.
@Rapida Answer is up
Lol at some guys being here all day long.
@Moonlighter You want to League of Legends them? They'll probably accept your challenge.
@sterno what's that ?
12:42 AM
@Moonlighter there's... a way to not be here all day long?
League of Legends is an action RTS video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows, inspired by the popular DotA All-Stars. map for Warcraft III. It was first announced on October 7, 2008, and released on October 27, 2009. The game was in a closed beta from April 10, 2009, to October 22, 2009. It then transitioned to open beta until release. Gameplay General Players are formed into 2 even teams of Champions, 3v3 or 5v5. there are 92 different released champions. Each team starts at opposing sides of a map in an area called the Spawning Pool, near what is calle...
@Sterno The first part works, didn't have to run the second command
@Moonlighter he was poking fun at your use of "LOL" which also stands for "League of Legends"
@Rapida Cool. I'll remove it from my answer.
I'm on league now >_>
12:43 AM
@Rapida The sad part is I'd actually tried this part yesterday, but I think I did step 6 before 5 and screwed it up
@Sterno I've always heard order of operations can be important
@agent86 Wow.That's how nerdy a person can get ? coool :D I wonder what other slangs i cannot use...
Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve the title to my question?
Q: What happens to cities recieved through a trade?

WipqoznIt's possible to trade cities to other civilizations, but what actually happens? Is the city considered annexed as if you conquered it, or does it behave like a normal city as if you built it yourself?

@Wipqozn what is the status of... perhaps?
@rapida Well, I hadn't been reading that forum post yesterday. I'd tried that on my own. I just didn't expect it to "forget" your setting after manually logging in.
12:44 AM
or "state"
oh, I think I have it
"Are cities received through a trade treated the same as conquered cities?"
Actually, no.
That's too specific and not what I'm asking.
@agent86 maybe
I like it better than my current one.
I actually dislike my entire body the more I read it.
Although I'm slowly making it better.
Evening, people.
Good evening Mr. Petrie
I hope you all signed up for my beta.
12:52 AM
whoa, what?
If you did not, you are dead to me. >:|
you work for ArenaNet?
Yeah, I'm the lead engineer for the shared technology team.
Did you... give us somewhere to sign up for a beta?
@JoshPetrie: You're now awesome.
12:53 AM
@GraceNote beta.guildwars2.com I suppose
As to your question, yes. I signed up 15 minutes after the beta opened.
Oh. That kind of thing. So, I guess I'm dead to you at the moment
Nice job! You are not dead to me.
It would have been 6 minutes but your servers were having problems.
Oh yeah, they had some strain.
12:54 AM
Yeah, I figured that was it.
I like Guild Wars but having never played the first I'm not yet interested in the second. No one's really sold me on it.
on average a skyrim question on this site gets around 5,000 views.
You lost your helmet
@GraceNote talking to me? I didn't lose it, I know precisely where it is. The story's longer than that, but not particularly interesting.
@GraceNote don't say that too loudly near @FallenAngelEyes, and by all means don't ping her and show her this message. You'd probably never hear the end of it.
You put it on at Raven's suggestion, I know that much. Didn't know your plans for length is all
12:55 AM
Q: What is the state of cities recieved through a trade?

WipqoznIt's possible to trade cities to other civilizations, but I'm uncertain how cities received through a trade behave. Do they suffer any penalties compared to cities I built myself, or do they behave the same?

@JoshPetrie: Are you allowed to comment on when the beta might start?
@agent86 If she thinks she can sell me on it, then by all means she should do so.
@Wipqozn Yes, but my comment will be "no comment." Sorry :)
@GraceNote yep, I just kind of prefer my avatar unmolested by headgear, unless there are special circumstances. he also got on me the other day for stealing his schtick.
@JoshPetrie haha, clever. I figured that was the case, but thought it was worth a shot.
12:57 AM
@agent86 ...for doing what he suggested you do?
@GraceNote his interpretation of events is decidedly different from mine.
I see
@GraceNote I'm glad someone does :P
I didn't take the Mediator class for naught, y'know.
@GnomeSlice Sorry, I was busy learning what a pain train is
For the unaware, it's more or less this:
12:59 AM
@GraceNote Pretty much. The map has a big road in it. A mob of people do laps of it while spamming fire in all directions. Kill experience is shared between neighbours, not split, so...
Q: Alternative to windows game explorer

John SmithOS: Win7 I use game explorer now but I would really like something similar that looks better and has more functionality, such as maybe XBMC but for games. Is there an alternative or do I have to stick with game explorer?

@JoshPetrie My mind has just been blown, sir. Welcome to Gaming chat! Were you at Gamescom?
The one in the minimap is the entire map.
@JoshPetrie Hiya!
@JoshPetrie I think my cousin applied to work at your company.
1:03 AM
oh wait
"seen 4m ago, talked 7m ago"
he's gone.
Interesting. Quitting the Mass Effect 3 demo causes a crash.
@Wipqozn @AshleyNunn
@RavenDreamer What part of the internet have you been on?
.....What....do I want to know?
@Wipqozn Deviant Art.
@RavenDreamer Should've guessed.
But wow. Just...no.
1:10 AM
@RavenDreamer Is that both of their avatars? They are kind of small :)
@James yes. Yes it is.
@AshleyNunn If it makes you feel any better, I didn't go looking for ponies. They found me in a "related" search.
@James IT's the characters from each of our gravatars.
@RavenDreamer Sure they did ;)
1:11 AM
@RavenDreamer Your cousin applied to ArenaNet?!
@FallenAngelEyes He got actually interviewed by Riot Games.
(They didn't take him, though)
oh good. Tribes Ascend has dropped their bs closed stuff
@FallenAngelEyes And at the moment, he's working for Vicious Cycle.
Which, admittedly, makes the "If you like Mario Kart, go buy Ben 10" comment make more sense, now that I think about it.
@badp Damn, Really? I have not even been able to activate my key yet! :(
Also, guys, can you do me a fave and when one of the devs for one of my favorite games comes into chat, will someone for the love of lazers please ping me?!
1:14 AM
....I wonder if the creators of "The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen" (A hidden object game) thought about the naming of their game.....
@FallenAngelEyes I was playing the mass effect 3 demo :(
I missed him also.
I want him to come back and explain to me why the Scannertron 5000 isn't working.
@RavenDreamer Between the trinket thing and missing him in chat, my night is not going well. :(
@FallenAngelEyes hey, I pinged you on steam... I'm just sloooooooooooooooooooooooooow
@FallenAngelEyes trinket thing?
@Wipqozn ME thing
@FallenAngelEyes Edit your save file, I'm tellin' ya!
Or, alternatively, I think I'm going to make a ME playthrough.
I can make sure to get the trinket and then send you my file.
1:21 AM
@RavenDreamer you'd have to like, do everything the same as I did though\
also I don't think I have time, cuz I need to start on ME2 soon :(
@FallenAngelEyes How did you miss it exactly? Did you just forget to talk to her?
@RavenDreamer You apparently have to talk to Xeltan before you return to her
Q: BF3 Installer problem

Arthur ViolatzisI just bought BF3 for my PC. I just upgrated it to a gaming PC. using win7. Trying to install the game I keep getting this message and cant go any further. "The game installation directory is invalid. Please select a different directory." I Read your answer. Opened the file thats shown, Not sure...

which I did not
@FallenAngelEyes Xeltan is the Turian guy you convince to leave her alone?
I can't recall.
1:23 AM
@RavenDreamer Elcor diplomat
@FallenAngelEyes Hm. I'm very foggy about this.
Ah, yeah. You have to be kind of deliberate in your conversations on those quests to make sure you get everything.
@TimStone this is something that's always kind of bugged me about ME. I can tolerate almost everything else (mako in ME1 didn't bug me, element hunting in ME2 didn't either, really) but the "you missed something because you missed a single conversation element" always makes me really paranoid
Yeah, it can be rather aggravating sometimes. At least it makes sense, though, from a "What you'd have to know to get that kind of response" point of view.
@agent86 same >_<
1:36 AM
I think it mostly punishes you for being a smooth talker, heh. Avoiding the back and forth between some of the characters can keep you from fully exploring the conversation trees.
My pizza's done, hooray.
The pizza timer was a lie. |:
@Rapida The login problem has returned!
Q: Why can't I get the 'sporty watch' for the fragment 'Innocence's Sacred Sphere'?

DamienThe sporty watch is, according to all the guides ive looked at, located at this canyon in yaschas massif 100AF. Ive been there many times and tried everything, time reversal, blindly throwing Mog in, but the treasure box just isn't there! Its really annoying me coz if i get this one fragment from...

1:53 AM
@sterno, did you mean to flag this not an answer and comment to say it's right?
A: How can I fix the auto-login to the Cerberus network (EA Online)

ILMTitanNot that I have found. However, DLC does not seem to require you to be online to use in Mass Effect 2. I was able to simple disable the EA Online automatic login, and I was able to play the game with no problems (including all of the Character/Mission DLC, but none of the Outfit/Weapon DLC, on t...

Woo~ I got the Impossible Badge in Elona Shooter~
Argh. Dear Tiny Cartridge - you are a good blog, but terrible at teh whole "getting people the prizes they won in your contest" thing. (Its been 4 months, and I am still waiting.)
@GraceNote For some reason my brain completely tripped over that sentence and I read "Impossible Badge in Bologna Shooter"...Then had a random recalling of Tofu Hunter
@TimStone You should get your brain examined
I probably should, yes.
2:04 AM
You should also play Elona Shooter. And then start asking questions in fury.
Hmm, I shall. After finishing up some work + UX digest.
@GraceNote Oh hey, I've played that
@GraceNote That's impossible!
@FallenAngelEyes Ooh, nicely.
I have the first 2 badges
from... January 2010, apparently
2:19 AM
@Sterno I opened up ME2 a few times and never happened. That's lame...
@agent86 Eh, sort of. He's got a good point. It's just not an answer to the question. It should be a comment on the question, and my comment should have been a comment back at him
The question is "how do I fix this" and his answer is basically "Don't bother"
@Sterno well, if the answer is you can't fix it, then that's an answer, yeah?
@agent86 Sure. But it's probably fixable.
if it's a wrong answer, downvote it
It's not a wrong answer. It's NOT an answer.
But whatever, I'm cool either way :)
2:26 AM
It's like if someone says "How should I build my Finesse dude in KOA?" and I post "Finesse sucks, here's a good Might build"
(without the rudeness)
@Sterno nah, it's more like "can I do X?" and the answer could be "no"
@FallenAngelEyes Ahha
@Sterno I agree with @agent86. IT's an answer, it's just a bad answer.
The secrets of my success include "Ally who can snipe all boss enemies in one hit before I even notice the boss was supposed to have come" and "Anti-tank shotgun on constant-feed magazine".
2:29 AM
I haven't played it in a long time
@GraceNote I remember this game.
@FallenAngelEyes I too have 2 of the medals from Jan. 2010.
@Wipqozn @agent86 I agree if I read it differently than I did. I read "Not that I found" as "I didn't really try, but here's some other info". If you read it as "I tried, but I really don't think you can fix it" then I agree.
And by "I", I mean, "my brother probably got, because I share his kongregate account"
But like I said, it's no biggie either way. It's a valuable bit of info to have attached to that question one way or the other
@Sterno Yeah, I read it as the latter.
2:30 AM
Granted, I noticed this actually resembles a reverse of how I went in Casual mode. I found it humorous to see that the mods on my Hunter's sniper rifle were the same as my allied Sniper's sniper rifle in this run.
@RavenDreamer Oh, was gonna ask to friend
I actually think I might have (another) fix for it, but I have to wait a few hours for the previous "fix" to where off so I can test for sure :)
<-same name as here if anyone wants to friend me on Kong
I just registered my account today. I finally figured that I don't want to leave up to chance the potential of losing my data because of like a cache clear or summat.
I don't think I've ever created an account on there
2:32 AM
@FallenAngelEyes I know nothing about Kongregate. The only reason I started using my bro's account at all was because BADGES
@RavenDreamer I used to be kinda addicted to them. I also use Jochem's phone to play the mobile games.
But I shall put a halt to the defensive adventures of me, Lee, Howard, and Thompson for tonight.
@RavenDreamer I don't really pay much heed to the library at Kongregate. But I figure, I do have some games that just happen to be on it, so... hey, why not.
Oh nifty, 4 points away from 9k.
@RavenDreamer I often try to participate in the special promotions where you can maybe win things
I grow ever closer to 10k.
2:33 AM
@FallenAngelEyes I did too. And then Stack Exchange.
That's still true if I was at 1 rep... but still!
@FallenAngelEyes The schmoobies does friending do, anyway?
@GraceNote Not much, though there are referrals for Kong too, so that kinda ties in.
Ahha. Well, too late for that, I s'pose, nyaha.
Excellent. The Bridge just got 20% cooler.
2:37 AM
Mostly though, just an easier way to keep track of people you know.
Ah, you can compare high scores with friends, too, haha.
Oh yes, I forgot that part
ah dang, I just thought of something!
1 hour ago, by Raven Dreamer
user image
@GraceNote Oh, great - that means I can just see how bad I am at Flash games XD
2:38 AM
@AshleyNunn Heehee
@Wipqozn .....You know, it isn't any better with a second viewing.
When you posted that image @RavenDreamer, I should have told you to put it in an text link with a NSFW warning.
@Wipqozn ...what's NSFW about it?
A good question
zomg I was found by an Ashley :O
2:38 AM
@FallenAngelEyes I friended you on Kong, btw - I am araleith there. :)
@FallenAngelEyes @RavenDreamer IT kind of looks like dash and applejack are about to spend some quality time together.
That is to say it was a joke.
@FallenAngelEyes That sounds vaguely Mass effect-ish.
@FallenAngelEyes is sneaky
@Wipqozn I think Rainbow Dash just wrestled Applejack to establish superiority.
@RavenDreamer That is the interpretation I am going to stick to.
2:40 AM
@RavenDreamer great, now you've got me thinking ponies use Klingon mating rituals.
@Wipqozn As in you're joking about him having to put it behind a text link?
@FallenAngelEyes Yes.
Cuz if so, that was really hard to tell (at least to me)
Don't make dry jokes about policy, dude!
@FallenAngelEyes but...but... I love dry jokes :(
Dry jokes are the best kind of jokes.
Use the irony mark! ؟؟ ؟ ؟ ؟ ؟ ؟ ؟
2:42 AM
anywho, back to ME
@GraceNote defeated on day 3. :/
almost done with all UNC mishes
@FallenAngelEyes You selfish... oh. Right.
@RavenDreamer sta- oh, you switched it.
@RavenDreamer That didn't take long...
2:42 AM
What is this game all you hip cats are playing?
@GraceNote But someone was dancing. And someone else was blessing me.
That's all I got.
@Wipqozn Elona Shooter.
@RavenDreamer Probably Shena and Lulwy respectively.
The thinnest kid at fat camp is still fat.
Q: How can I get that extra Praxis case?

Dan HowardEarly on in the game I spotted a Praxis case in the cargo area of the ship. See this image link: http://imgur.com/a/sjdtc The best I've done is what's in pic 2. Any ideas if this is possible to get?

@fredley Yeah, sorry, I realized after quitting that I had never played MC with you before, so you probably didn't know who I was, but that was me.
@OrigamiRobot This disturbs me greatly.
2:50 AM
@GraceNote Thanks. Seem interesting.
@Wipqozn Don't ever try it without a mouse.
@John I'll probably never play it anymore than the 2 minutes I just played it.
@Wipqozn That's about how long I played it, but I didn't have a mouse then.
@John I see.
@badp Realm of the Mad God? It any good?
2:57 AM
crashes trough the first match of game on.
Come to think of it, I haven't seen Ivo or DMA in a while. Someone here should know how to admin our blog without having to rely on other site's mods.
@Fredy31 If only I had checked that checkbox...
What checkbox? @John
@Wipqozn Aww, that's disappointing
@Fredy31 The one that would've made my video work.
Gives a nice match in POV
2:59 AM
@John I'm not going to star that.
@Wipqozn :(
twitch Urge...to star...rising...

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