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11:01 PM
I rather enjoyed the editing and direction.
@Yuuki That was a good one. It's not in theaters here anymore tho.
I really hope it wins at least one Oscar, though I'm pretty sure this year is going to be one of those sweep years.
now on AGDQ, DOOM
Crap, I was about to go to bed
Q: Are Chocobos useful for more than travel?

Shawn Gordon I can ride the famous Chocobos but I've noticed they're slower than the Regalia but faster than walking/running. What are they good for and what is the point of doing anything else with them?

11:10 PM
"This screen says Resource Operations but we call it Reset Operations"
DOOM 0% dragonball category
Dragonballs are overrated
As are doors
and @Wipqozn
I don't think @Wipqozn is rated at all
and yet he is still overrated
That was a tense skip
11:18 PM
Also Fantastic Beasts has some surprising legs on it.
It's doing very well in international markets right now.
I think there were some worries that Rogue One or Moana might cut into its earnings, but it seems like the opposite is happening.
@Yuuki That's one movie I really don't have interest in
aww, it's low% dragonballs
@Ash it's pretty cool IMO
RIP Doomguy
I just don't really have a large interest (or much of any) in HP stuff
11:22 PM
It didn't super feel like a harry potter movie
Q: Shooting specific arrows from specific bows

Caleb WoodmanI am creating a vanilla minecraft PvP map in which the players use "guns", renamed bows with various enchantments. For example, there is a bow named "pistol", and one named "rifle", and respective ammunition. "Rifle" shoots "Rifle Ammo" My current challenge is making a bow type shoot only the ...

@KevinvanderVelden I feel like that's a good thing.
But yeah, in that case I'd still suggest seeing it sometime but not in theaters or something =p
Runner is having difficulties flying the appropriate amount of far
11:25 PM
I do like some of the additions that Fantastic Beasts made to the canon though.
You mean the big-bad monster at the end?
(not the muggle-hater, the other. I'm trying to not spoil things)
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah.
It makes references to an obscure secondary character in the books as well.
I don't remember which one that is, steam?
@KevinvanderVelden Bumblebee's sister.
I have no idea who that is, I read the books in dutch. TO THE GOOGLES
11:30 PM
@GodEmperorDune The Hamilton YT channel reposted them doing One Last Time at teh White House as a celebration of Obama's legacy as it were
Yeah, if you knew that part of the canon, some of the things that people say suddenly make you go "oooohhhhh"...
I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING.
@Yuuki now I need to rewatch that movie
@Ash yes yes yes
11:32 PM
@GodEmperorDune It's such a punch the feels
But it wooooorks.
I spent last 24 mins watching that
They're still running it
I think today is gonna end up being Hamilton on my walk home.
@Ash are there days where that is not the case?
11:35 PM
@GodEmperorDune Sometimes, I try not to be Hamiltrash everyday.
And since I've been Hamiltrash for a good while, I can take breaks
@Ash i shall take up the hamiltrash banner then
in unrelated news i joined goodreads
my goal for 2017 is 1 book
@GodEmperorDune We should be friends although I read a lot so I don't know if you want to see all the crap I read
@Ash all those tinglers
i'll ping you the link on steam
Excellent :D
@GodEmperorDune I've still only read the one, though I am intending to check out a couple more
@GodEmperorDune I'll stalk you via my stalking of @Ash
11:40 PM
I feel like I should be concerned ;)
Naah, you don't need to be concerned about dragons stalking you
@KevinvanderVelden sadness, we're not steam friends so i can't send you the link
did you guys miss the terminal spoof
@GodEmperorDune 167 books, 1 friend?
Or is @Ash slacking and hasn't added you
@badp I did not miss it
@KevinvanderVelden but I hear I am crunchy and taste good with ketchup? :P
@KevinvanderVelden Nope, I did the thing
11:42 PM
Then I think I added you @GodEmperorDune
@Ash well cyborgs are crunchy but not the good crunchy
@KevinvanderVelden got it
@KevinvanderVelden Truefacts
@GodEmperorDune I just sorted @Ash's friends by date added =p
@KevinvanderVelden sneaky!
i feel that goodreads is going to be like my netflix queue except books
11:43 PM
Right now I am averaging a book a day >.>
strictly increasing
I suspect that's not tenable, but it's fascinating
oh wow that BFG glitch
@KevinvanderVelden hey i can do this to friend many bridge people
11:45 PM
@GodEmperorDune yes you can
[12:44 AM] GiantBoobsTitsBreasts: Shoot the Cyberdemon once until it dies
You can start with my friendslist because I only know bridge people on goodreads
Though I only have 7 bridge people on there because #lazy
Also jochem is only kinda a bridge person, he was more a minecraft talk person
lol, there is a 4 year old arqade community group
apparently from some id discord
I may have just spammed a third of @Ash's friendslist for bridge people
11:51 PM
@KevinvanderVelden hahaha nice
I like when you look at someone's GR friends it points out which one is you
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, we tried the thing, but it didn't really take off
what's this, @Sterno hated american gods?
also public lists are great
i looked for one with the hugo winners
i found "hugo winners that shouldn't have won" and "hugo winners that are amazing" and there was a lot of overlap between the two
You can find someone amazing and still feel they shouldn't have won (for example, someone more amazing should have won)
And the hugos are so contentious anyway in recent years
@Ash these lists weren't updated in a few years
but yeah, reading through many hugos it seems like hugo voters have a particular taste
and some writers deliver that taste and win repeatedly
Is he meleeing the spider-brain-thing?
11:59 PM
oooh, the mobile app has some sort of isdn scanner thing, i'll have to scan all my books at home
lol they verified Brent @GodEmperorDune
spider mastermind
Dog_Rates still is not
@Unionhawk they're imperfect processes, @uno
woo doom AGDQ is done
54 minutes

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