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8:20 PM
@BlueBarren You're required to show effort.
If you don't, you'll get downvotes. That's the way it works.
but effort is subjective
For example, your latest question shows no research effort at all.
Just, "Hey, here's what I got, can this thing do what I want?"
and yet I spent quite some time on it
It doesn't show.
and that's my fault
8:23 PM
Just saying you've tried doesn't cut it, here, or at SO.
Yeah, that is your fault.
but I try to avoid asking questions on SO because of it
You want people to spend their valuable time to help you.
For free.
It behooves you to waste as little of theirs as possible.
Hence I try to make my questions thorough so anyone who choses to answer and contribute their time has the least painful process
I actually found the questions I got for my last question very helpful
and while I was searching I didn't see any mention of the results I got
but that could've been my fault for how I was trying to search for my question
Here's the thing: What did you try to solve this on your own?
Any mock code? Add that, and where it doesn't work. Just searching? What did you find? Why doesn't it meet your needs?
Mmm wording on your question is confusing
8:27 PM
Saying you did something and demonstrating you did are two very different things.
I only asked once I hit a dead end with trying to solve it myself.
and that's how most of my questions go
The internet has a massive amount of resources out there; use them. Show why they don't work.
this last one was a different case where I would've been trying to do something that's apparently impossible but I didn't know that until I asked the question
I was trying to find out how to do something and found no answers
@BlueBarren Then, you really didn't look hard enough.
Parsing files is kind of a basic coder thing.
@Frank You can't know that
I know of parsing files
but if you notice I'm talking about parsing them in a way I've never seen before
8:30 PM
@BlueBarren If you had, you'd've found an answer out there.
@Frank but I didn't
1 min ago, by Frank
@BlueBarren Then, you really didn't look hard enough.
@Frank I feel like this line of accusation is getting you nowhere.
@Fluttershy agreed
@Fluttershy It demonstrates the level of effort required.
8:31 PM
It also comes off as elitist.
@Fluttershy SE requires effort. That's...sorta the whole point of it.
@Frank But the line of thinking that "you didn't find your answer, so you didn't put any effort into it" is ridiculous. If that were the case, there'd never be a question asked, because anyone can find anything if they put effort into it.
@Fluttershy As a base, yeah, that's rediculous.
For parsing files, though? There's gobs of documentation out there.
@Frank There's gobs of documentation for 90% of the questions asked here, but they still get asked.
Hell, we could just shut down and redirect anyone to GameFAQs, but we don't.
@Fluttershy And they get downvoted when the requisite level of effort isn't shown, like they're supposed to.
I'm not saying don't ask; I'm saying show your effort.
8:35 PM
It sounded a lot like you were saying don't ask
Tbh looking back at my post I should've gone SO chat
just a simple "hey guys can I do x"? would've sufficed
@BlueBarren From what I recall of SO chat, they seriously don't like being asked those types of questions.
@Frank I've found the guys in the C# room very helpful the few times I've gone in there
@BlueBarren Well, you can always risk it, but I know we hate it when someone random pops in here to ask us something.
Well I find the rooms on SO are more themed than the Bridge. Anyways what other purpose does a "C#" room exist other than to talk about C#?
8:39 PM
@BlueBarren I don't know; I don't usually spend time in those rooms, except to peek when someone flags something.
Most of the time, it's just a discussion of what's going on.
and I guess this whole line of conversation shouldn't exist here either then because there's the Meta Stack Exchange for this, right?
@BlueBarren Well, no. You can ask on Meta, but it'll get downvoted, hard.
I'm talking about the theme of our conversation
I think everything you need to know is in SO's How to Ask FAQ.
talking about how the site(s) work and such
8:43 PM
You mean show your effort? That's a given across the SE network.
There's a couple where that doesn't really apply, like SciFi or Anime (I think), though.
Not sure how you'd really show effort when asking questions about plot devices or holes. Other than pointing out there doesn't seem to be an explanation for said hole.
The help section also says to be welcoming and patient and after my three years on SO I still don't feel too welcome
@Sterno wow, what a stalker.
@BlueBarren It also says show your effort.
@Sterno You're not even trying anymore.
@Frank effort and welcomeness are both subjective so you can't really say someone has or hasn't
@Sterno I can't watch yt videos right now but the title gave it all away
8:47 PM
@BlueBarren Effort most definitely is not subjective.
@Frank I guarantee you we view things as having different levels of effort
we're doing it right now
with my own post
but that might have a bias
@BlueBarren Effort is effort. Demonstrating said effort is the sticking point here.
You might have done a ton of searching; but you don't really show any of that effort in your question.
@Frank but I'm also showing that I've made some effort since I'm not out asking, "Do this for me" or "How do I do this"? I took the time to try and frame the process I had already taken
It's just not the level of effort most users want, clearly represented by the downvotes
@Sterno hue
Anyways @Frank let's move on. I posted a bad question and it irritates me
8:52 PM
@KevinvanderVelden it's a-MEI-zing
Okay @Frank @BlueBarren can we please drop this now? You've both expressed your views quite extensively by now.
Damn it mobile
I just got inb4
LOL it's okay @Wipqozn
I blame @GodEmperorDune
so I bought axiom verge last night
and I know it's supposed to be a really good metroidvania
@Wipqozn i blame YOUR SHELL
8:55 PM
but like idk man, there just isn't the magic
does it make you move more slowly, @Wipqozn
your turtle heritage?
Q: minecraft granite id

bobbyI am summoning items that dont die or get picked up for my command block shop and i am doing granite and i know it is's id is stone 1 but how do i do it in a command the command is /summon Item ~ ~2 ~ {Item:{id:minecraft:stone:1,Count:1},Age:-32768,PickupDelay:32767} but nothing summons and i k...

Well I'm going to go now. Probably won't on over the holidays so everyone enjoy whatever you chose to celebrate
@BlueBarren happy bodhi day!
A Festivus for the rest of us!
9:09 PM
It was the day before the day before Christmas and all through the ISP everything was quiet and as it should be.... (Seriously, it's so quiet and I am happy, it better stay that way for the 4 hours I have left in today and the 4 hours I work tomorrow)
@BlueBarren I don't know you, but have a good holiday!
Looks like a truck loaded with hard drives hit your house
chat.se go home, you're drunk
@badp wat
9:19 PM
@GodEmperorDune gotta go fast
@badp gotta go downstairs, gotta have cereal
not pictured: going fast
@GodEmperorDune everybody's rushing
@badp gotta get to the bus stop, i see my friends...
@GodEmperorDune get fuck over here
9:22 PM
@GodEmperorDune my hand is a dolphin
@GodEmperorDune yes. It's heavy.
@badp O.o
A: In Mass Effect, where is the small station that sells special items?

GAThrawnThat sounds an awful lot like you've confused Yavin Station from the original Knights of the Old Republic (also a Bioware game, and also released on Xbox) with Mass Effect?

@PrivatePansy If you like poorly written terrible erotica, may I recommend
@fredley good use of a hat
9:33 PM
Stupid question time - for those of you with DSL/cable/fiber internet - if you have a service call where a tech comes out to your location, is there a service call charge for that?
@Ash depends why they need to come out
@fredley what a terrible website
usually if its something that the company did wrong, they'll cover it
if its for something you want (more outlets wired or change where the install is) then you pay for it
I think this breaks down because all you have is modem/router, no actual equipment, so my comparison doesn't make sense.
(With rural stuff you have a radio on your house, so it's extra (often expensive) equipment)
@Ash I haven't had to pay yet.
9:35 PM
@Ash in apartment buildings there is usually a "box" somewhere in between the internal wiring and the cables to the street
(I'm mostly just curious how the service call experience compares because I don't pay for or manage my home connection)
@TimStone did you actually read the linkedin profile of the "defector"? He spent more time and effort being a Democratic party operative than doing his actual job, it appears (from his resume). Oh, and at the company I work at, doing what he did (running political groups on the side) is a fireable offence - no idea about Oracle.
@GodEmperorDune Yep, I know about that stuff (we do some DSL sales)
so they come out to deal with that
@GodEmperorDune the ISP usually owns those, so yeah they manage that, makes sense, like us managing our tower stuff
But say it's your modem that has croaked, then what?
9:37 PM
@Ash depends again
sometimes you lease the modem from the company and it's company equipment, so they deal with it
giggles okay, so like many things, there's likely not consistency :P
sometimes they let you buy your own (from a list of approved models) and in that case it's on you
i think you can pay a service charge for them to come out and hook up the approved modem even if you own it
Why are these messages getting flagged?
They read more like jokes than genuinely offensive content to me.
Whoever is flagging those messages, cut it out.
if people are flagging because they're offended, that's valid even if you disagree with the level of offensiveness
What got flagged?
9:45 PM
i didn't see it
Political content, it seems.
Oh. Someone doesn't like politics.
what is going on here O_o
But seriously, flag rampage is not cool
yay, it's fun to vote on flags
Probably gonna a mod to put a stop to it if it continues.
9:48 PM
PSA: Please do not use flags for non-offensive content simply because you disagree with it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and flags are only for genuinely spammy or offensive content. The misuse of flags is disruptive to high-reputation users on all of the chatrooms on this server.
but these are also from a while ago
@GodEmperorDune Someone's running the transcript, I bet.
oh i didn't know you could flag from transcript
Q: Does running Dark Souls at higher frame rate cut down reaction time window?

user598527Dark Souls is locked to 30fps on all platforms, but there's a mod DSFix that allows running the game at 60fps. A comment on Steam: [...] parry windows and invisibility frames are tied to the frame rate. Sword & board 60fps is doable, but with a more fragile character that relies on rollin...

@GodEmperorDune Simple way to do it and remain completely anonymous, except from mods.
9:53 PM
@GodEmperorDune Accurate.
I'll never understand why people insist on coming into this room and telling people to stop being offended. :|
Granted, I didn't see what got flagged, but still, just click not sure and be done with it if you aren't in the room in question.
@Fluttershy political messages, IMO unoffensive but someone might have been offended
and i dunno how to see previous flags so i can't pull it up
@GodEmperorDune I don't think we can.
probably for the best
it's done, we can move on
10:01 PM
Q: Mario Party 2 Online; How does it work?

Fredy31A youtuber I flollow has started playing Mario Party 2 online. How does it work? What software do you have to use for it to work?

@DVK-in-exile partisan bias? you decide
i've thought electoral college was outdated since 2000 at least
but those are the rules both parties agreed to up front
if it gets changed for new elections going forward, great
but it doesn't justify "#notMyPresident" IMO
I mean, I'd also have supported a #notMyFuhrer if twitter was a thing in 1938
@KevinvanderVelden #NeinMeinKampf
Arguing that "he wasn't elected fairly because electoral college" has a tiny point, but he was still elected following those rules
That the electoral college is a dumb thing is a different topic
10:09 PM
@KevinvanderVelden yes
if hillary had won through electoral college but not popular vote, the electoral college would be just as dumb a thing
"but it agrees with the popular vote most of the time"
you know what also agrees with the popular vote most of the time? the popular vote itself
@yuuki was right the other day when he said we need to have a national discussion about whether we want a system based on voting by states or voting by people.
Though you could argue that they've now shown that the one purpose they were (explicitly) created with is one they don't actually do so we should get rid of them
@KevinvanderVelden yes, they have shown that they're effectively redundant
And... that's hard to argue against
Of course, that doesn't mean the result is invalid
but the thing is that EVEN if that's how they were originally created, now they fulfill a different purpose. Which is fine, but you can't use that justification now
the current purpose is to make sure that the most populous states don't ignore the needs of less populous states
What would be the different purpose then?
10:15 PM
which was one of the fears back in the day too
it's why the senate gets 2 people per state and the house of representatives gets proportional representation
Carrie Fisher reportedly has had a severe heart attack on a flight to LA, damnit 2016
@TimStone dammit
is episode 8 done filming yet?
@GodEmperorDune Yes. But that feels irrelevant at the moment. <_<
Carrie Fisher survived alcoholism, addiction, depression, bipolar disorder & 60 years in Hollywood. If anyone can survive 2016, it's her.
I cannot believe that Theodore is 8 months old today! Happy birthday little teddy bear! 🐻🍰🍼 https://t.co/j6EpYVQDSd
Future First Daughter doesn't know how birthdays work...
10:30 PM
I hope she's at least not one of those parents that will keep using months to describe how old their child is after 2 years
"My 30-month old…"
Naah, she'll measure her childs age in Trump presidencies
"And this is my son... He's 120 months old."
10:43 PM
@TimStone 2016 no stop
So apparently the door on our shuttle didn't close all the way and 2 bags fell out
Fortunately they weren't ours, and someone who was right behind us grabbed them
@Unionhawk wait are you in spaaaaaaaaaaaaace right now?
/m/d/S/S/c/T/t/c/flathud# git fetch
remote: Counting objects: 783, done.
remote: Total 783 (delta 432), reused 432 (delta 432), pack-reused 351
Ricezione degli oggetti: 100% (783/783), 2.90 MiB | 331.00 KiB/s, done.
Risoluzione dei delta: 100% (609/609), completed with 72 local objects.
Da github.com/flatlinee/flathud
   a0e37af..4460779  master     -> origin/master
   c7bf78e..7cad8a9  gh-pages   -> origin/gh-pages
 * [nuova tag]       v3.1       -> v3.1
the only way to update mods
@GodEmperorDune We took a 3.5 hour shuttle from Denver to our final destination
@badp In Italian?
10:45 PM
pardon the clumsy italian l12n
what kind of monster has a directory structure of single letter folders?
> /m/d/S/S/c/T/t/c/
@badp I18n is the worst abbreviation of anything ever
@GodEmperorDune fish shortens it for me
/m/d/S/S/c/T/t/c/flathud# pwd
/mnt/d/Steam/SteamApps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/custom/flathud
@badp which fish? CoD 2016 pro much edition?
fish is pro much yes
10:46 PM
I use bash, because I am old and I hate change
fish has non-stupid control syntax
pretty much like ruby's
@fredley wait i thought it was only bash or ksh
Wait, non-stupid and ruby in... adjacent sentences?
@badp but I spent all that time learning (where to google) bash's!
that sunk cost
@GodEmperorDune zsh
10:47 PM
@fredley bash is so great its practically jquery
if command
  for token in (ls)
    while broken
      do_this; or fallback
@fredley meh solaris
the same thing in bash involves fi, done, and whatever it is that ends while loops
also then, do and uhhh
then and do always confuse me
@badp fi fi fi done, I smell the blood of a stupid bash script
or someone found out about ligatures
in which case asec...
10:49 PM
the only bash script i need is a wrapper to call python to do all the real things
because RHEL is a pain in the ass with virtualenvs
while not git push
  git fetch
  git rebase --autostash
while not git gud
  RIP @twobugs
# rip @twobugs
fish: Unknown command 'rip'
Il programma "rip" non è attualmente installato. È possibile installarlo digitando:
apt-get install morituri
That seems horrible
@badp clearly your fish needs to git gud
10:54 PM
Italian? shudder
it is not pro much yet
@KevinvanderVelden this is now my parents' desktop pretty much
so I have to deal with it
Please tell me fish isn't fish: interactive shell
No, friendly
Mass symmetra still more evil than Mei
@Wipqozn I remember when I got suspended, good times.
11:08 PM
Q: Arma 2, Arma 2 OA, and Combined Ops

Cthulhu FhatgnSo I have both Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA, and, on my old PC, I had them both installed and had run arma 2 once. I then launched from Arma 2 OA and had access to everything available in both games. Now, my old PC was destroyed, and on my new PC, I have something of a unique space situation where my W...

11:19 PM
Q: Cross platform over LAN

BraytonI've got some friends on PC and some on Mac, however whilse some Mac friends have the steam version, most have the mac app store version. Is there a way to play (Civ5, BNW) between these groups. Other questions didn't definitively answer this; I understand that we can't share a pitboss or play...

@Unionhawk you know it's just a matter of time
11:31 PM
TF2 matchmaking does not support rd_asteroid
literally worthless
there is not a single rd_asteroid server up
literally unplayable
Q: Where to buy speciality pokéballs

KarlyrI know that some of them are buyable in some pokécenters... But are light balls and heavy balls also buyable somwhere ? (I'd really like an exhaustive list anyway if possible)

Anybody up for Paragon later?
Q: Which versions of the Apple Watch is Pokemon Go compatible with?

MargaretThe update for Pokemon Go that integrates it with the Apple Watch has finally been released. However, I cannot find any information about whether it is compatible with the first generation watches, or just the newest shiniest models. Is Pokemon Go compatible with Series 1 Apple watches?

@Yuuki @Fluttershy @arda @Chippies
@KevinvanderVelden Didn't I say that before, trump has business interests everywhere he's not going to want a war
11:51 PM
@GnomeSlice i would agree except that war can be profitable for certain companies
such as peter thiel's surveillance company
Also I have seen little evidence that trump is capable of forward planning. See also: everything that happened after he got elected

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