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12:20 AM
@djsmiley2k ...you killed my father. Prepare to die.
Q: PS4 controller turns off upon sign in

user3200833So my controller will turn and stay on fine, but as soon as I choose an account to sign in as, the controller turns off. It will also turn off if I press the PlayStation button. Basically it functions as a normal controller until I try to sign in, then it turns off automatically. Also, if it has ...

@arda Princess Bride is a good movie
or at least an enjoyable one
12:42 AM
@arda ,,,, xD
@Unionhawk ,,,,, adobe Xd
Q: How should I spend energy credits?

KevinWhen playing Stellaris, I often find myself with a lot of energy credits. The most obvious way to spend them is to run the economy at a deficit for a few months, but it's not clear to me how I can safely and reversibly do this, or what advantages it would give me. Also, the game constantly nags...

1:10 AM
Anyone in here?
Hey there! So... Kind of random question, but where would you go to ask a question about deciphering a constructed language in a video game? I tried Linguistics to no avail, and I'm having a really hard time collecting more data as it is.
@Pleiades What game is it?
Okami. I think I'm the first one to really even find this, tbh.
1:16 AM
@Pleiades We miiiiight be able to help, but often these things don't have a "real" or legit or like....dev-confirmed or whatever answer
I'm kind of looking more for someone to help me go over what I have found and make sure I'm not just driving myself insane
So chances are you probably won't get a lot of help, and it might get closed if it is just opinion/discussion because that's not really what we do
Crud. I can't really find a forum or anywhere else for this too... Shoot
@Pleiades You might find someone in this chat room, but it's usually fairly quiet in here on Saturday nights.
True. Why hang out in chat rooms when you can play video games? xD
I might try again at a different time then. Thanks for hearing me out though, guys!
1:19 AM
@Pleiades No problem :) Feel free to poke back in for other opinions on the matter, too :)
Will definitely remember to do that. >w0
Q: can i get the grey cowl of nocturnal in any of the dlc's?

nightmare can someone please just answer my question without any difficult answers I'm kinda exhausted from searching to see if I can and I still haven't gotten an answer can I get it in the dlc or not

@Pleiades Most games just use a simple English substitution cipher.
So frequency analysis is probably the simplest method.
2:02 AM
Q: MInecraft Adventure mode protection within a survival mode

bobbyi am setting protection in factions in my command block server using adventure mode i have a command block setting to survival in a certain radius but in that radius i want a smaller radius adventure mode is the way to set whats not in the radius of adventure mode to survival mode

@Wipqozn Longer than a 20s clip. TLDW
> Lauren Susan Green is the Chief Religion Correspondent for the Fox News Channel
@Sterno She basically asks a Muslim author why he feels he, as a Muslim, can write about the life of Jesus Christ.
@Fluttershy to which he says "I have a PhD in religious studies", and gives all of his credentials, to which she follows up with "stop dodging the question"
Only people who personally met Jesus should be able to write about him.
2:37 AM
also near the end she claims he's lying to folks and claiming to not be muslim,a nd he's like "what", pointing out that almost every media interview abouit his book mentions this, and that it's on the second page of his book, at which point she just continues to press her point of... I don't know, she's a racist
She sounds like an idiot, but I'm unclear from your summary where racism comes into it
well racism isn't the right word, but I only use that because I'm not sure the right word for her type of bigotry
Sometimes you're just an idiot without being an -ist
@Sterno because it's obvious she thinks this guy is an unqualified hack who goes around lying to people based solely on his faith
isn't or is?
2:40 AM
your mom is
(that's an assumed tldw)
I like how many times he gives her the academic shut down fuck you sort of response
The real question is why @Wipqozn watched a 10 minute clip from Fox News.
like what the hell, lady
2:45 AM
@Ash It's pretty disgusting
Near the end she accuses him of being unqualified to write about Christinaity due to being muslim
and also that she obviously thinks being muslim means you hate christianity, or something?
since Muslim == Has a strong anti-christiian bias?
@Sterno Because I hate myself
@Fluttershy oh this is reza aslan from years ago
@GodEmperorDune yeah it's old
i've met him at a book signing, he's nice
I only just now found it
he signed my copy of zealot
@Wipqozn it went viral when it actually happened
but several years old news today, with @Wipqozn
3:15 AM
Q: Playing multiplayer mods on LAN

ღ K A Y B E R R Y P I E ღIm trying to play mods with my friend on LAN, but its keep on saying "Mod rejection: Llibrary" and I dont know how to fix it, help!

Q: Can I change into always night?

sun-solar-arrowI want my world to be always night (It will not be in the morning), but there is no option in order to change into always night. Is it possible?

Q: I Can't Function My inventory Correctly On Pc

DemizSoulSo, I've been trying to fix my minecraft for an hour now. Nothing works I Checked touchscreen But it was off and the fn, right-shift and all f keys haven't worked. help please.

Q: PSP 1000 Internet Connectivity Problem

GFD1998I have a PSP 1000, and I have entered the necessary information into the network connection information, but the PSP keeps telling me that "A connection to the access point could not be established." My house uses a 'Arris Arris TG862G-CT TG862GTelephony Wireless Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem Router Gat...

3:26 AM
Q: Converting a minecraft pc map to xbox map with the command blocks

bobbyi want to convert my minecraft world in pc to Xbox it has command blocks to do teleports and stuff and i want to know if i convert it to Xbox if they will still teleport because they have been placed in pc

3:40 AM
Man... Titanfall 2's single player campaign was a lot of fun. I can see why it got such good reviews.
Q: Can we add links to applicable SE sites on close comments?

AequitasSo the close comment for hardware/software rec questions is: "Questions that ask for recommendations of games, servers, software, or hardware are off topic. For more information on why these sorts of questions don't work here, see "So, what actually is a Game-Rec?" and "Q&A Is Hard. Let's Go ...

@SepiaLazers Holy delay, batman
4:10 AM
@Ash sepia lazers is old and slow
4:35 AM
@SepiaLazers software recs on the tour page it says questions need to have concrete requirements and a defined purpose. ofcause that being said people who post these question don't even read Arqade's tour what's to say they'll read software rec's and realize "i want a new fps" is still crap even on there.
hardware recs i would assume the same but askers i would expect need to explain why they can't read the recommended system requirements that most games detail....which they would do here anyway
the 2 sites shouldn't the Computer Science.SE for all entertainment SE Sites
1 hour later…
5:51 AM
Q: How do I hire a pit runner?

Mr. BaldanI am trying to play an old 1993 pc video game called "Rags to Riches". Its supposed you need to hire a pit runner in order to buy stock shares. After spending some minutes, I´m realize that I don´t have any idea about how to do it. I have done clicked in the different icons, but I don´t see the w...

6:04 AM
Q: Steam Menu Help

josiahI've been trying to get into the steam settings to change my input device for my headset so I won't have to use external software for VIOP, but for some reason I had the biggest brain fart and cannot find it in the upper toolbar. (This is what I mean) Did Valve move it in a new update? I partic...

6:34 AM
so was watching Adventure Time and there was an episode on Fionna and Cake and then it hit me. if Fionna, Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee are GR Versions of Finn, Bonnibel and Marceline and that Marceline and Bonnibel are yuri does that make Gumball and Marshall Lee Yaoi?
also since Ice King flies by flapping his beard how does Ice Queen fly?
7:34 AM
Q: Ark: Survival Evolved. Deleting a tribe and structures using admin commands

Jacques KoekemoerI have an Ark Server. When I started I created a tribe Called KIV. For some reason the tribe governance was all messed up and all my Dinos and Structures belonged to the tribe and not to me, it wouldn't allow me to ride dino's or enter my structures. I then changed the governance so that everyt...

1 hour later…
8:44 AM
Q: Do anomalies spawn at predefined positions or are they completely random?

EllesedilIf I scan and bookmark the location of a wormhole which ends up decaying, how likely is it that another wormhole or other anomaly could appear at that location? Are the possible locations of anomalies defined, or can the locations be completely random and I know have myself a nifty safespot bookm...

1 hour later…
9:46 AM
Q: What's the best level for leveling up Goombas and other enemies?

WolfI want to level up my Goombas (and other enemy levels) fast. Are there certain levels and strategies for doing this efficiently?

10:10 AM
Q: How is the Toad Rally score calculated?

WolfThe numbers at the end of the Toad Rally don't seem to match the game. How is the number calculated? Is the real time number displayed without modifiers? Do the purple coins count for an added amount? Do coins collected while Toads are cheering (such as when I have a star) count for more? And wha...

Q: What makes Toads cheer, and what do they do?

WolfDuring a Toad Rally, Toads will gather at the bottom of my screen and start cheering. What makes them appear? And do they have any effect on my gameplay (e.g., making stars appear, score multiplier)?

Q: What happens if we lost, sell, or drop quest item in skyrim?

Jim ThioFor example, I have this item called "purchase" agreement. Say I drop it. Then what? I can't complete the quests?

10:21 AM
Q: Are there any merchants that buy books?

Jim ThioI go all the way to winterhold to sell books. I ugh, stole a lot of books. No merchants are willing to buy it. So I should just drop the books?

@Lazers2.0 that remind me, the Dovahkin has got an undocumented power and that's being able to take items from a subject body just my looking at a limb, regradless if that limb is attached to the body or not
that guy that got beheaded, you move his head further away from his body and you can still loot him. now if only the Theives Guild could figure out how it works to improve their long reach magic they had back in Morrowind
Q: When I connect to a minecraft server, i get high bandwidth spikes and lag until I crash

HelpwantedWhen i connect to this server, and only on a certain world in that server, i get high bandwidth spikes. No one else on the server experiences this problem. Normally your bandwidth usage will spike when you load new chunks or a lot of stuff is being rendered and received from the server, but it is...

11:32 AM
Q: Monster hunter: influence of armor size

LucaIn the Monster hunter franchise (I am interested above all to MH Generations or MH X) the player can craft and wear several different armors. Some of them are quite tight to the body, some instead have horns, mantles and overall a bigger "encumbrance". I wonder if having a bulkier armor provide...

11:43 AM
uh oh
I forgot that my MSDN expired
@arda is this bad?
@djsmiley2k if microsoft paid for it, it's not bad. If they made me pay it, then yes, it is bad.
why would they pay for it? do they have your payment details?
@djsmiley2k generally subscription = paid and sometimes unless you tell them not to some services automatically renew the subscription and charge your card
@Memor-X yup, but @arda is a minor
11:49 AM
@djsmiley2k They do, though it's a prepaid, lol.
And it's expired too, extra lol.
Though well, invoice says 0.00TRY
Crisis averted.
@djsmiley2k you can easily fake your age on the internet and Australia Post sells Prepaid Visa Cards on the internet which i assume they ship too.
@Memor-X at which point he's not legally able to pay, and MS can't actually come after him for not paying.
my ms age is set at 16
if they're stupid enough to accept prepaid cards..
@arda yeah my slashdot age is 4002
Companies need to learn ' don't believe everything you read on the internet'
@djsmiley2k the Visa Prepaid cards work like any other debit card so unless there is a way to tell the difference via the Card Number i doubt they can tell.
and in the end it's money Microsoft gets, so long as they dont have to give it back who cares how old the kid is
same mentality used in freemium games
11:58 AM
welp here the sortcode ties to a physical bank
so i'd suggest that the prepaid cards all have a sort code of some 'non-existant' one
I did try to google it but couldn't find anything instantly
12:29 PM
Q: My ps4 controller is not working

user174377I bought a new ps4 and the controller that came with it could not connect with it. I thought it was a problem with the ps4 but when i bought another controller it worked but the other controller still wont work. It gives an orange flash once when connected but then nothing. I tried some online so...

12:40 PM
This stuff interests you iirc
Damnit linus tech tips, now I want to make a desk-pc
12:56 PM
Q: How to receive Apostle promotions in the very late game?

AlderathIn the beginning of the game, after you have bought an Apostle, you typically get to choose between two different promotions for that Apostle the following turn. However, in the very late game, after you have bought like 20-30 apostles, you do not get the option to promote an Apostle the turn af...

@KevinvanderVelden me too but i dont have skills, money OR time
I have the first 2
Heck I even have 2 glass panels in storage I could use for it
i know a guy on irc who made his own bed
@KevinvanderVelden do ittt
1:12 PM
But it's annoying for lan parties :(
if ur going to them then u have the 3rd too
1 hour later…
2:26 PM
@Wipqozn What about wealth per capita in jugs of maple syrup?
@TimStone wealth per moose in jugs of maple syrup, ftfy.
now THAT's an avatar
of whatshisface
living the twitter dream
the twitternets of glam parthappenings
the hippenings
2:42 PM
Oh hey, <what channel is this> is airing mr robot in turkey
@TimStone I'd really like to see that statistic
@arda did that really hippen?
@badp It does show just how large of a population difference there is between the two countries. Also how different the population is across the USA.
(see this is what happens when I don't mark up trumpthink with zalgo)
@badp @Zalgop best worst @badp
2:48 PM
flux just kicked in
@KevinvanderVelden pls
what is this
A latitude of 52 degrees
wait wat
It'll get better day after (or after) tomorrow
my flux doesn't show me that :*(
2:50 PM
@djsmiley2k click on the icon
yeah pretty sure it just gives me the shortcut menu
@djsmiley2k which version?
@djsmiley2k left click
this window has been a thing since forever
yah, i'll try again when i get a chance
[ebuild R ~] app-misc/fluxgui-1.18_pre20140503::jorgicio
2:53 PM
@badp also 16:28, and it starts getting better day on tuesday
(when it'll be at 16:2*9*!)
That reads as 1.18 for those not versed in gentoo
Maybe the linux version doesn't have it
@KevinvanderVelden (48+30) % 60 = 18
Windows shows it when you click on the thing in the systemtray
2:54 PM
tho it keeps breaking on linux
esp8266 is a neat thing
ah that window isn't a thing on Linux
if you give me coordinates I can show what it'd tell you
we can have a December is Crap northern emisphere party
Hey it could be worse, you could never have sunrise during the winter
ah newlongdenday
I remember when I woke up at 4:00 am in Finland during the summer and was very, very confused
2:59 PM
Q: Grand Theft Auto V - cloud save?

mczaplickiIs save are keept on the cloud of Rockstar social club or only locally on the hard drive?

Q: One lightning spell on two buildings

Mehravish TemkarIf I use a lighting spell on two buildings at a time (both buildings in it's range), how much damage will the spell do to each building. Assume if the damage is 100, will the damage be 100 on both buildings or will it be divided say 50-50?

@TimStone Hehe, I have made the same experience there.
imdb.com/title/tt5371622 this seems interesting
3:20 PM
tor blocked in turkey, 10/10
@TimStone "Ugh... How much did I drink las-- WAIT WHERE AM I"
@Unionhawk I think you're the only person that'd go to bed drunk and wake up in another continent
Let’s talk some more about this Russell Westbrook play (via @NBA): http://www.sbnation.com/2016/12/18/13998102/russell-westbrook-shammgod-video-thunder-highlights?utm_campaign=sbnation.social&utm_medium=social&utm_content=sbnation&utm_source=twitter https://vine.co/v/52M21I6TOI0
Oh my word
3:54 PM
Q: Astroneer - How to get enough copper ore and aluminum ore?

WossnameAstroneer - early access on Steam (Windows 7) I'm having real difficulty finding enough copper/aluminum ores to build a vehicle. I'm in a mostly flat tropical world and all the mountains are a LONG way away. I have researched more than 20 of the alien blobs and I have the "TRUCK" tech unlocked...

4:17 PM
@KevinvanderVelden simply consider North America to be a different continent than South America
or Europe and Asia
or Europe and Africa
or Asia and Africa
also do flights count
Q: Minecraft Windows 10 - World Selection screen taking forever

Campbell SloanMain menu's fine. Gameplay's fine. However, as soon as I try to look at my worlds, the screen updates about every thirty seconds.

@badp But why would I fly to finland
@Unionhawk getting away from trump?
Also skiing
Fair point
4:26 PM
Instead of tossing the unused lettuce, give your gifts the veggie stamp of approval. https://t.co/BQjXl82jk6
I mean, it does look pretty
Yeah, but what?
@KevinvanderVelden there's plenty of murder in the US
This is true
"Don't waste that lettuce end, buy brown paper and paint and use it for ultimately more expensive wrapping paper!"
4:28 PM
but every lettuce is unique and so will be every piece of wrapping paper!!
@TimStone aah, but it's unique!
I dunno
@TimStone but creativity! Or something.
@Yuuki aaaaaa yes good I love this.
Nah, this is just some shenanigans
4:31 PM
@badp again?
("what's that? that was the bush administration that said that not scientists or the CIA?")
@badp long suffering sigh
I'd set fire to the USA but that'd release to much CO2
I think that at this point the only correct reaction to this is jontron clips
/cc @Wipqozn @GodEmperorDune
That's really the only appropriate clip ever
Or at least the most appropriate clip
4:33 PM
well there's also
/cc @Wipqozn
and the Merican Patriot version specifically for @GodEmperorDune
Hold on
Hold the phone
My Friday from 2 days ago is still starred?
You guys need to step up your weekend game, jesus
It's WEEKEND nobody is here
@KevinvanderVelden @badp @Unionhawk etc ARE NOBODY: DATA CONSIDERED?
We're not actually here, @PrivatePansy is just imagining all of this
especially the jontron clips
4:38 PM
So Siri just gatecrashed @EvelynLesh's Mario Run game because they said "are you serious?".
(converted for your convenience)
I wonder if my parents will let me set up a forge in their backyard:
Also appropriate: This video was made by Torbjörn
> “There was an overwhelming science that the Earth was flat, and there was an overwhelming science that we were the center of the world, 100%,
No, no there wasn't
4:39 PM
I hate that myth so much
Round earth has been known since ancient greek times at the latest
@Unionhawk no, their argument is "So we can ignore them when they say climate change is a thing"
Well I assume that's an argument of flat earthers
4:41 PM
There's even a cgpgrey video on this. Like come on republcians, get with the times.
If there's a cgpgrey video on it, there's no longer an excuse to be wrong QED
also kutzherhahsdk - in a nutshell too
I thought there entire platform ran on not doing that
Don't worry guys, this is all a part of his 23 dimensional chess game
He's making himself look dumb so his enemies underestimate him
Is the anti-science movement in the USA as strong as it looks from the outside? Because from the outside it always looks like half your country things Science is the devil or something, but that can't be true.
I've always just assumed it was a bunch of crazies that got into office that represent a small portion of crazies
and then two party system, so yolo
thanks FPTP
4:44 PM
I mean
The USA could really benefit from a less shit system. That way right leaning people could get a right party that isn't also a crazy ass party.
even in the year 2015
we had "teach the controversy"
Canada used to have that, from what I understand, but then I guess our crazy right party merged with the sane right party before I could vote. That's what I've heard on the internet anyways.
@badp Can we still blame 2016?
Don't think so, this predates 2015 even I think
Our conservatives aren't as bad as the repubs, but holy fuck did Harper ever want to destroy climate science during his time in office
@KevinvanderVelden yeah but 2016 may have impacted the past too
not even the fucking POPE is a creationist
Most are funded by the oil industry
@badp Accurate
@Unionhawk Yes
Creationism seems very popular in the US, while here in Germany even the most religious people generally think it's a crazy idea. And climate change is a much more subtle issue than creationism
4:46 PM
what is even going on, Merica
how can you hope to convince a creationist of anything
at all
@badp I mean, people do change their minds, no matter their beliefs
@badp I feel we should just take a page from the catholic's book. Inquisition
I mean, Catholics believe in evolution, but others don't necessarily
@Wipqozn but what sort of argument will it take
@badp um... Excuse me. I believe in creation but I also believe in science.
4:48 PM
@Unionhawk Yeah dind't the church already come out and say Evolution is real, but that it was guided by god?
@Unionhawk that first bit is false, plenty of catholics ignore what the pope says
I thought that it was a thing
@Unionhawk You'll have a hard time finding a protestant in Germany that is a creationists. It's not just catholics
You are painting a lot of people with a very wide and unfair brush.
(which boggles my mind)
4:49 PM
@Ash I think the intended brush width here is "young earth creationists"
@Ash so you think the universe was literally made in 144 hours some ten thousand years ago, and dismiss any scientific finding of things older than that
@Ash creationist is basically someone who does not believe in evolution. Not someone who believes god created things in some manner
"world is only 6000 years old and also evolution never happened because that's not what it says"
@Unionhawk then that should be clarified
afaik "creationism" == "the Genesis literally happened"
4:50 PM
Because I tend to hear that word used as "anyone who believes Divine creation was a thing"
@badp That is also the only used definition I've seen
@Ash the pope is not a creationist; he just believes the big bang requires a God to initiate it
Sorry. I just get irritable sometimes. My apologies. goes back to reading and pedicure and things of that ilk
4:51 PM
@Ash I am speaking in inflammatory tones, so I can hardly blame you
but believing in the literal Genesis requires you to dismiss so much of our scientific findings that I can't even
can we rebrand "red-pilling" as "vaccination against facts"
@Unionhawk and if you don't then I'm not an anti-vaxxer
4:55 PM
got my latest vaccination two weeks ago
That doesn't make that sentence/joke not incredibly dumb
did you renew your tetanus vaccination
it only lasts 10 years.
or 5 depending who you ask.
I'll get it if and when I get a wound that's dirty from stuff
4:56 PM
I think BSA requires me to do annually or 2 years or something
Because, you know, at 5 incidents per year in this country
I forget
@KevinvanderVelden yes the tetanus vaccine will also work in post
@KevinvanderVelden that is not how vaccines work
there are very few incidents BECAUSE of the vaccines
@badp It's not transmissible between humans
So in this case: Yes that is how vaccines work
I dunno it was like €8
4:58 PM
@badp I kinda always go "well, it says He did the thing but the how isn't laid out, and the Bible talks a lot about how time works differently for Him than we perceive it so it works out"
that's about 48,585£ or $5,585,958 in the US
@KevinvanderVelden Also "ur face is a vaccine"
@Ash I thought the bible was fairly specific... if self-contradictionary
Or however you spell that word
@Ash Yes
@KevinvanderVelden it's basically like "he made a thing and then another thing and some other stuff" when it comes to most stuff

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