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11:00 PM
you can test your connection to my server treetrunks.dyndns.org
He'd have to change the map though.
@RonanForman its not hard to change the map but I'd like to not have to call him if something goes wrong
unless he wants to play too
then we have to find another map
Yeah, it'd be better if we had someone who was playing hosting.
thats why i was planning on hosting
@OrigamiRobot What's the port?
11:05 PM
@Tristan 7777
@Tristan How's 9AM for you? (PST, right?)
I can host if you guys want, I can switch the world around tonight
up to you
@IanPugsley I'll leave the decision to @OrigamiRobot, but I think it would be easier for all involved if someone who was playing hosted it.
(Or you can play with us if you want!)
@John 9AM to do the adventure map? That's fine.
@Tristan k good.
What time's that my time?
11:12 PM
@John You do mean 9AM my time, so 12PM EST, right?
@John can't guarantee I'll be around tomorrow, so it's cool if @OrigamiRobot does it
@John uh oh
@Ullallulloo PST
@Tristan Nevermind, I messed up my math. >.<
@Ullallulloo Mathing is hard.
11:19 PM
@Tristan I'm good with most stuff, just I mess up basic subtraction a good bit.
Which makes it hard to convince someone that you are good at math.
@John this stupid router is stupid
Yeah...no connection anymore.
@RonanForman You had any more exams?
@Ronan That's 5Pm yours.
@Tristan Yeah, 12est
@John I'm getting the short straw here. lol
11:21 PM
@Ori We could use hamachi
@John what benefit is that?
@Tristan what the time or your class? :P
@Ori should get us around any routers that stand in our way.
@John What's my class? O.o
I've already made a network for GSE on Hamachi.
@Thomas Yeah I had the last two today.
@John Cool.
11:23 PM
@Tristan The one me, Robot, And Ronan didn't want.
Well, which one is Ronan?
@John its just that my router is set to assign me .4 and keeps assigning me .3
@Tristan Hm, idk.
i fixed it (hopefully) by telling to start at .4
@Ori Nothing yet...
11:24 PM
@John Cool.
@RonanForman You're not using replies so I don't know what you're saying is cool... I would've though the time, but you said cool twice....
@Tristan Spent your day's mist energy yet?
@John Most likely you in general.
@John Not yet, but I'm about to head to the bank. When I get back I will.
@Ullallulloo I approve of this.
@Tristan k
Yeah, it said it didn't post, so I clicked retry, and it I'd it twice.
11:27 PM
@RonanForman It I'd it twice?
@RonanForman Eh, that's ok. You can tell me I'm cool as much as you want. :)
@Ulla I know what I said. T-T
@OrigamiRobot Can't you associate the application with the machine? It should work regardless of the machines IP, right?
Three stars in a row.... O.O
11:30 PM
@RonanForman Well we're a punny bunch.
@John what application? terraria?
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, the Terraria server.
@John no it just runs on whatever IP my machine is on
which i could just give you and it will work fine
@OrigamiRobot Do you not have to forward a port from your router to the machine running the server?
but dyndns is easier to remember
@John I have that set up, but it does by IP
11:32 PM
@OrigamiRobot Does it forward the port to the machine or to the IP? (This would be a local IP, wouldn't it?)
@John yes the local IP. and I have the DHCP set to always assign me the same local IP
@OrigamiRobot Ah so your static IP is not working how it should.
@Mana Drums
@John Too much double bass
I don't have a second bass pedal.
@Mana :(
@John yea this router sucks at UI and apparently also everything
11:35 PM
@OrigamiRobot :(
I'm going to have a record for most starred messages that consist solely of ":("
@John No, but when I see them, I star them.
err, I mean... that wasn't me... it was @mana...
Wow. I have 2 starred messages right now that are just ":("
Holy crap, this is awesome.
In a row.
Starwars: Uncut - a fanmade recreation of Star Wars: A New Hope. The style completely changes every 15 seconds.
11:37 PM
Wow. 9 stars in 3 minutes. That's a record for me.
I need to stop watching TV.
Also, thank you @John. When I starred that, I was hoping you would realize it was me.
@RavenDreamer That video possesses a bountiful view-time.
@Wipqozn Lol you're welcome.
It'll take me like a day to download I bet.
11:39 PM
@Ullallulloo that's SHE said!
But it'll be worth it. :o
Hrm. I can't search for messages containing ":("
Were you expecting it to be shorter in the remake?
@RavenDreamer A little. I'm just used to shorter YouTube videos.
@RavenDreamer This is just ridiculous.
11:42 PM
@GnomeSlice Ridiculawesome.
Guess who's seeing Anamanaguchi tomorrow? Awwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeaaaah.
@Mana Gesundheit.
@GnomeSlice they
11:43 PM
I'm pretty sure it'll time out before I get it downloaded.
If only it was a torrent.
@RavenDreamer heeeeeeheeeeheeeee
Yeah, I know it's a they.
@Mana I have my collision code working (finally!) So now I can finally add interesting stuff to my game and push out a new build for you and John!
11:44 PM
@badp @LessPop has informed me that the correct word is: "Butan".
@RavenDreamer Cool! I finished my game.
As in the timeless:
"Where is butan?"
@RavenDreamer I couldn't get it working, remember? I think you mean @FallenAngelEyes.
I'm only reading the VS2010 review now
@Mana I'm working on 4 games atm. 3 are for class. :>
11:45 PM
And by finished I mean the competition deadline hit so I had to quickly pancakage it up and submit.
@Mana pancakage?
@GnomeSlice pancake/package. Makes perfect sense.
I got it, thanks.
@GnomeSlice I'm hungry
@GnomeSlice You're welcome.
11:47 PM
Also I like to occasionally spice up the English language by changing words aroundabound.
Today I made 60 points by not posting a thing. :)
I winner is you!
@RonanForman A*
@John We should give @Gnome rep if he'll stop posting. :x
@Mana Well, I think we were eating @John yesterday...
11:49 PM
@RavenDreamer ...
I know what I said T-T
@RavenDreamer wut
And he's still here, so...
@Mana Well, it was on the star list.
23 hours ago, by John
@badp Apparently @Wipqozn wants my tears, @ArdaXi my blood, and @RavenDreamer my arm.
11:50 PM
@John You don't get three.
@RavenDreamer cuz it was just his arm
Scroll up a bit from there.
@RonanForman :(
@GnomeSlice ಠ_ರೃ
@Ullallulloo No, @ArdaXi took my blood and @Wipqozn my tears.
I tried to think of a joke around the expression beating a dead horse except using John and eating instead, but failed
11:51 PM
Anyhoo - I'm going to go off and find some Non- @John to chow down on.
@John Star whore!
oh well, gonna practice drums
@John All your blood?
Who got the sweat?
@RonanForman What, I can't be sad anymore?
11:51 PM
@Mana Don't eat a gift John in the horse!
@RavenDreamer wut.
@Mana I'm insulted. Or flattered. I can't decide.
@Wipqozn You missed a few up there.
@John @Wipqozn missed.
@John I know
removing that one too
@Wipqozn :(
11:52 PM
I don't want to fill up the starred list with your :( all the time
@RonanForman Now that is something I can get behind.
@Wipqozn But I'm going for a record here, duh
@RonanForman Now that I'll star
@John Well, I don't want you to be happy, so you know.
@Wipqozn Then I don't want a record.
@John Okay, good.
Then I don't need to star them.
@Mana How good are you at drums?
11:53 PM
@Wipqozn I knew you would do that.
@RonanForman Pretty awful, why?
Better than me, I expect.
If I were to send you a track could you do a drum beat over it?
kill this please, kill it with fire:
A: In assassin's creed revelations, does buying books increase your earnings?

Arsalan MaqboolNo, but they unlock a specific achievement when you buy all of the books. Also an extra cut-scene is shown when you return to Head Q after buying all of them. Usability Expert, http://www.trademeters.com/ Point Of Sale Software TradeMeters

@RonanForman Maybe
11:55 PM
You've never asked me before @RonanForman. =[
@agent86 Fired upon.
@GnomeSlice Because you don't tell us you play the drums every day.
@agent86 pew pew pew pew
@agent86 I just improved the post.
@John it's because he doesn't
11:55 PM
@Wipqozn And it got deleted.
@Mana Thought so.
may as well close vote that while you're there
@John when I say improved, I mean I edited it to this:
it's one away!
11:56 PM
zeus dammit
@agent86 Saw it in review. Already voted.
The thing in chat! It's back!
@Gnome Well not this.
You'll see me as number 2 if it ever gets closed.
@GnomeSlice inspect it
11:56 PM
@Wipqozn I see the change if it makes you feel better
@Mana It does.
@Wipqozn You're not supposed to do that.
Q: Should Spam posts be edited?

FabianI noticed that the posts of the recent spam surge on AskUbuntu were all edited by community members into something like EDITED - REMOVED SPAM ANSWER or similar. While I understand why the users have done this and I too don't want to leave the spam content visible for longer than absolutely...

Scrolling it off the page appeared to make it disappear
@John If something is spam / offensive editing it to something not that is good, that way the offending / spamming content is basically gone
At least that's my view on it
@Wipqozn Read the Q I linked.
11:58 PM
But if they stay, they'll just post more spam.
46 secs ago, by John
@Wipqozn Read the Q I linked.
And if you're still not satisfied, read the Q linked in the answer to the Q I linked.
@John Yeah, I can see the point in that.
@Wipqozn Good.

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