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10:01 PM
@SaintWacko Again? O_o
Ugh, today has been crazy
@twobugs That it has, and I still have 2 hours left. But luckily this is the quiet part of my night. All that 100% needs to be done is programming an ATA and I can do that in my sleep
Did anybody watch the video i posted drunk last night
And have any thoughts
10:16 PM
Well for me I was running all around the office all day moving stuff, then I had to stay late to solve some really dumb problem. Tried to go to the gym, but it was packed (parking lot literally full) so I just came home and started dinner while I do some bodyweight exercises
Racked up almost 10k steps just at work though
I agreed with more of it than I expected to
like almost all of it
I didn't watch the video because the title alone had me rolling my eyes
Not as down with some of the inflammatory rhetoric, but then again the point of the talk was to demonstrate the problems of "political correctness" so it was strangely appropriate
@twobugs It's a good talk
If I'm thinking of the right video, I opened it, saw that it was an hour long and had "college Republicans" in the description, and decided I had better things to do
@twobugs We are down a tech today (and we are small enough that one person being gone off the phones matters) and we had some tricky service calls so I was talking to techs a lot and then literally at the last moment today I got a device to program that needs to be ready for 8 am tomorrow. Never programmed this type of device before but I have a clear enough doc that I managed to get through it. :)
@murgatroid99 Yeah, that was my reaction as well
10:18 PM
It's worth watching
Full of fucking annoying interruptions from the audience though
some asshole making a big show of walking out with his fingers in his ears halfway through
some girl screaming at them continuously
It's not something I have interest in interacting with
@ChromeSlice Possibly, but I've never seen a "Political Correctness is bad!" thing that had more to it than "Black people can call me 'cracker', but I can't scream racial slurs at them - what gives?"
That's fine, i waited till you were gone before posting it anyway
@ChromeSlice Nah, I was still there.
@twobugs This has more to it than that
@AshleyNunn Well, i dont think you would enjoy it
but who knows
10:21 PM
Perhaps it does. But if it's made by the college republicans I'm probably going to pass
Its not
@ChromeSlice I know I wouldn't.
It does take place at a campus though
Also a lot of the audience seemed to want to make it into a talk about Islam which I wasn't as interested in
Also don't let the first guy's opening remark put you off it
He's a clown
In my race and racism class in college, I learned that I am responsible for all of the problems in the world.
I like their idea of "intellectual diversity"
10:27 PM
I got about a few minutes into it and stopped because the heckling got extremely annoying.
That's a good way to explain the thing i was trying to articulate about trudeau the other day
@Yuuki It gets a bit better, Crowder does some crowd control
I think that's part of why he's there
well so much for clenaing my apartment. Clearly Dark Souls 3 was more important.
@ChromeSlice knows what's up
Huh, I guess it was put on by the republicans. But it's not about that kind of politics @twobugs
@ChromeSlice And yet, negative opinions about political correctness often correspond with social conservatism, which is generally Republican-aligned (in the US)
Yes, but they don't talk about like, the election or any of that
idk much about those to be honest
10:39 PM
Oh the discord different names for different servers isn't active yet. Bleh.
I like how white priviledge tries to tell me that part of my priviledge is being able to see people of my race pretty much everywhere
We... should probably change the subject.
@twobugs It is.
Right-click the server icon.
@Yuuki Really? Hm, let me try that
There should be a context menu with the option "Change Nickname".
10:40 PM
@twobugs Why? I kind of wanted to hear if anybody had any opinions on it...
Hang on it's also a permission I think
I can make another room, one sec
Because this is going to go sour
That's a good attitude
@twobugs Try now
10:41 PM
I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt @ChromeSlice
I don't think you are bringing this up in bad faith
But I don't think this kind of discussion will end up well
Don't participate then
You are free to ignore my advice /shrug
I have been thinking about such things a lot lately
and you guys are my friends
and I was just wondering if my friends also had opinions on such things
(they are allowed to be different opinions)
I hear about "political correctness gone wild", but I've personally never experienced any such situation.
Discussing politics on the internet can turn otherwise reasonable people into raging assholes.
10:43 PM
I was going to google something but I can't remember whaat it was, because I was trying to figure out what @ChromeSlice was talking about
Absolutely, this is just a powerful and contentious issue that tends to bring up a lot of strong feelings and emotions
This is terrible
I hate wanting to Google something and then forgetting what you wnated to Google
what if it was super important?!
<20 minutes, folks.
@Wipqozn MAybe you should Google "what did I want to google"
@Yuuki I've been seeing stuff in my local paper recently about things happening on college/university campuses in the states
Now to be fair, my local paper is pretty desperate for news some of the time
Well, if anybody is interested in discussing:

 srs bsns

Room for political discussion, and other srs bsns that would o...
10:44 PM
@twobugs The problem with this kind of avoidance is that it just engenders ignorance on both sides. If nobody talks about it, the problem just festers. And if you can't talk about contentious issues with friends, who can you talk about them with?
When you're discussing politics on The Bridge, you're not doing it just with friends. You're doing it with any person who happens to wander by. And you're leaving a transcript of your conversation for anyone who happens to come by later. It's not analogous to just sitting around your living room with friends having a chat.
@Yuuki Absolutely, but at the same time you need to take more things into account. The internet allows for extreme degrees of hyperbole, and it tends to lead to very charged discussions.
@Sterno How about discord, then
@Sterno I was just about to try it myself >.>
10:47 PM
I just don't want to read anyone trying to kill each other. Because that would be drama, which would make @Sterno happy, and we can't have that.
@ChromeSlice Sure. I'm not actually saying don't attempt to have a conversation here. Just that, despite you seeing this as a friendly place, and generally it being so, and me also betting that most people in here willing to engage share similar political views, it can still get messy fast.
@Fluttershy Haha, yeah, I preordered it earlier, then canceled it
Hell, we couldn't even discuss Gamersgate in here
@Sterno That's true, but I would hope we're all adults.
or whatever people want to call it
10:48 PM
Yes well, Gamergate is a whole other thing
Incidentally, one of the speakers was mad involved with that for a while
@Sterno i think my political views tend to differ quite a bit compared to the rest of the bridge
@ChromeSlice If anything, it should have been less divisive and more civil than politics
He's an ...interesting guy
@Sterno Their sales are great!
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10:49 PM
@Sterno What's so contentious about a digital distribution platform for games?
(That has to be the most unfortunately named website)
@Dragonrage That can be a problem too. If you're in a room full of people you consider friends and have a minority view, it can be very hard to discuss without souring things or feeling ganged up on
@twobugs They sold the company after #Gamergate happened
It's not owned by the founders any more
@Yuuki They really need to just rename
@ChromeSlice Hah, smart move
10:49 PM
And pretty sad
Honestly using "gate" as a suffix is just a bad idea at this point. Sooner or later a thing will happen and people will call it thinggate
@Sterno Except that it was politics. And more personal to people here because it was also about sexism
@twobugs Gategate.
@murgatroid99 Gamergate is politics?
@Yuuki Also a thing
10:51 PM
@twobugs Gategategate?
Social Politics I guess
Do Trump and Bernie have different views on Gamergate?
(actually, they probably do)
Not that kind of politics
@Sterno Are US national elections the only things that relate to politics?
@Yuuki Soon, maybe
10:52 PM
The "Plebgate" (or "Plodgate", "Gategate") scandal in the United Kingdom concerns an altercation between Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell, the Government Chief Whip at the time (who later resigned because of the incident), and the police, which took place on 19 September 2012. It gained notoriety initially for the conduct claimed of Mitchell and again two months later when, subsequent to Mitchell's resignation, CCTV and other evidence was revealed which appeared to call into question some of the evidence against Mitchell. Leaked police logs, later apparently backed up by eyewitness evidence, suggested...
> Simple Definition of politics
: activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in a government
: the work or job of people (such as elected officials) who are part of a government
: the opinions that someone has about what should be done by governments : a person's political thoughts and opinions
I mean, if Gamergate had government involvement, I missed it
not saying it didn't
Anyway Gategate was the guy who made the open cities mod in Skyrim deciding that there should be closed Oblivion gates all over the province of Skyrim because it was his vision
I don't think it did
He forcibly included it in the Open Cities mod
Or what @AshleyNunn just posted :P
If you go waaaaaay down the definition list you do get to:
> the total complex of relations between people living in society
So sure, it's politics. But not really the kind we're talking about
10:53 PM
@Sterno Google includes this definition:
> the assumptions or principles relating to or inherent in a sphere, theory, or thing, especially when concerned with power and status in a society.
I think that makes every discussion politics
And by that definition, culture.
Also, a game @Mana worked on is on Steam
Anyway, I enjoy that I can count on every discussion on The Bridge devolving into pedantry!
We don't even need @badp for that!
Maybe this was a bad idea
10:55 PM
@ChromeSlice It looks pretty fun but my Steam doesn't work yet so I am sad I can't pick it up :(
just forget it
(I am still very frustrated that Steam doesn't work)
-30s ish.
This is the best / saddest thing ResetPlug for Wi-Fi routers tries turning it off and on again http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/5/2/11571572/resetplug-smart-plug-wifi?utm_campaign=theverge&utm_content=article&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
10:55 PM
@Yuuki +1 hour server queue
shuts down the entire internet
Stupid question, what is Overwatch? What kind of game?
@AshleyNunn yup
@AshleyNunn Team based first person shooter
@AshleyNunn TF2
10:56 PM
Lots of different characters with different abilities
@TimStone I want this for a bunch of my customer tho
It would cut down on phone calls
@twobugs Ah, okay. :) So nothing I'd want to try.
@badp And this is why you don't stock only weapons and armor.
@Yuuki I have other things in stock
but not much
10:57 PM
@AshleyNunn Probably not :P It's pretty neat, though!
and I have to open today due to outstanding orders
I guess I'll do another dungeon run and open in the evening
IIRC, you don't have to fill your shop.
@twobugs It does sound neat but I know games like that aren't generally my speed.
@Yuuki but but that tantalizing combo bonus
@Fluttershy @Yuuki @twobugs 2 minutes!
10:58 PM
I can't wait for servers to launch so I can fix the configs.
I'm gonna wait a bit, need to get my Hearthstone dailies done first :P
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@twobugs ew
I already have it open.
Overwatch launched in a not-full-screen window.
That's weird.
11:00 PM
@Yuuki That's because it's mostly people who were used to talking over other people not getting away with doing so anymore, and that's not much to write home about :P
@twobugs I'm probably going to end up playing more of that tonight, at least get through the tutorial stuff as long as my iPad cooperates.
@AshleyNunn TIL @AshleyNunn must have @StrixVaria on ignore.
> No Overwatch license found.
(it kept crashing, but then I literally turned my ipad upside down as per internet instructions and it worked and while there's likely no logical reason behind that, it worked so I was happy)
11:01 PM
I saw this a few days ago and inb4 ur face it's still a cute little jellyfish AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA
> No Overwatch License Found
@StrixVaria And you actually bought it, right?
@Yuuki Yeah.
I was hoping it would work for me so I could mock you all, but no
11:02 PM
@TimStone It's so vibrant it almost doesn't look real!
@StrixVaria rip
> You pre-purchased
Overwatchâ„¢: Origins Edition
Order Number ##########
say "ha" x 20
Your mistake was thinking that the license authentication server wouldn't buckle under the weight of a million logins!
11:03 PM
@TimStone Did you see the one about the new octopus? ITS SO CUTE
(yes that's valid perl, 'x' is the string repetition operator)
@AshleyNunn No :O
@badp Good times, good times
@AshleyNunn My dog has an octopus toy so my daughter learned how to say "ah-puss" and it's the cutest.
@StrixVaria That sounds incredibly adorable.
That's not fair nature
11:04 PM
@TimStone aren't you happy about learning so many Perl Facts, after the COBOL Facts
Pssh, I'm almost a bioinformaticist, I BREATH PERL
@TimStone have some breath mints
> not sure but i think this might be a common issue
@StrixVaria It's actually pretty hilarious.
11:06 PM
If only reddit had a way to say "me too!" without saying it
that would be silly
me too, thanks
you'd have to override the "nice meme" operator
what is this, C++?
You're right, I've asked for too much
> I now own 34 copies. Am I getting close?
11:06 PM
@Yuuki Right?
In all likelihood, it's something wrong with their license server. I don't imagine they used it for the stress test weekend (which is kinda dumb).
At least it's only the beta...
I guess the open beta is for testing their infrastructure rather than the actual game?
@Yuuki just like Diablo 3's open beta was
11:08 PM
entering gasme
@Wipqozn Ew.
@Yuuki Nah, it's just for that sweet, sweet preorder number count
@Wipqozn dude, don't enter the gas cloud
Is launching the game over and over going to help their servers come online faster?
TMI, @Wipqozn.
11:09 PM
@StrixVaria naturally
It's not like they don't know this exact thing happens every time
Here, have something to soothe the pain with
Oh shit, I hit cancel. Was I not supposed to hit cancel?
11:10 PM
I'm sure if you just wait a few days they'll have it running smoothly
@StrixVaria Darn, I was just setting up a stream to mock you with me on the menu doing nothing while I put my kids to bed for another 90 minutes
I'm in too!
@Sterno @SaintWacko Let me know when you guys are ready to play so I can send invites.
@MBraedley Oh, I don't think I have on you B.net.
I'm going to just start it up to configure things and stuff
11:11 PM
@Yuuki give me ~4-5 hours
@Unionhawk mmmmhm
I'm just logging in, but can't play yet.
@TimStone Is closed.
@ChromeSlice and then it'll be the proper launch of the open beta and it'll go down again
@ChromeSlice This is what my plan is!
Or at least a few hours
11:23 PM
Q: Getting to use Power Within more than once?

FabiánIs there a way to increase the amount of times that I can use Power Within before resting at bonfires?

I forgot just how long the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin is.....
@AshleyNunn yeah, there are some optimizations for it but it is pretty long
At least I know how to do most of it now
(and really when I don't, that's what the wiki is for)
11:44 PM
Q: Undo engram in ARK

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@Lazers2.0 probably off topic
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is about uploading a video, not a problem with a game. — Frank 28 secs ago
@Frank yea i just wasnt sure how to word it

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