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12:08 AM
@badp: It's done downloading and I'm going to test it out now.
It works! ^^
Thanks again, @badp.
@MrMan You're welcome.
@LessPopMoreFizz 9k!
What a chill guy, that tzenes dude.
12:43 AM
Impressive pictures
funny, I was looking at some pages about that very thing just the other day
ruined/abandoned places have always fascinated me
@Ivo Basically eigenpaws are such that any picture of paws can be obtained by multiplying each eigenpaw with the right number, then summing up the result.
For example, a 3D space xyz has eigenvectors <[1,0,0],[0,1,0],[0,0,1]>, because any 3D coordinate (a,b,c) can be expressed as a × [1,0,0] + b × [0, 1, 0] + c × [0, 0, 1].
I guess the general plan there is building a 4D plane representation -- one per paw, then watching at the parameters that descrive your paw in... pawspace.
@sjohnston Then you'll love Artificial Owl
By looking at how much of each eigenpaw any paw image is, and by assigning at each eigenpaw a meaning, you might get to infer which paw each is.
...or so I get it.
@CRoss nice
12:59 AM
Q: What can I connect to a usb port

JimHi, does anyone know if I can connect a usb MIDI device (my drum machine) directly to a controller port and have it recognised within the likes of Guitar Hero? Thanks.

1:19 AM
1:35 AM
Q: Addictive (HUGE) strategy/simulation not requiring permanent attention

Hugo S FerreiraGreetings, Being born in the dawn of the eighties, I seem to have lost the ability of getting "hooked up" on a game. In older times, I've wandered hours throughout Lemmings, SimCity, Transport Tycoon, Creatures, Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. All of them were open-ended (or huge), intelle...

1:56 AM
Q: Are subtitles available in Dragon Age Origins?

Raven DreamerWhile I possess a wonderful pair of speakers, I find that with their period accent, some of the NPCs in Dragon Age are woefully misunderstood (by me). I know that there are some captions in this game already, as the last line of dialog will appear at the top of the screen if you wait long enough ...

Q: Addictive (HUGE) strategy/simulation not requiring permanent attention

Hugo S FerreiraGreetings, Being born in the dawn of the eighties, I seem to have lost the ability of getting "hooked up" on a game. In older times, I've wandered hours throughout Lemmings, SimCity, Transport Tycoon, Creatures, Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. All of them were open-ended (or huge), intelle...

One more vote to close
Argh, yeah, saw that one earlier. Really need to invest some more time into these other sites so I can at least get close reps. :P
Shame on my laziness..
So I have to say, the combination of Dark Chocolate and hot spicy ground chile peppers is 1) amazing, and 2) a terrible choice for a snack because I cannot eat more than 1/8th of a bar at a time
so, maybe an awesome choice in some ways. But not nourishing.
Hmm, that sounds pretty interesting. What prompted you to try that?
Also, that reminds me, I definitely have a chocolate orange downstairs...
@TimStone Local chocolate factory makes it and it gets rave reviews
made by these guys:
> Serrano Peppers Super spicy dried Serrano peppers paired with our single origin Dominican Republic dark chocolate. Hot and spicy, with chocolatey notes of tobacco, cherries and earth.
2:08 AM
Ah, very nice :D
it goes AMAZINGLY with a good beer
but like I said, I can't have more than like... 4 squares off of a bar at a time
just too much heat
Hmm, this is definitely going on my to-try list.
It can be tough to find outside of the NY Metro area though
if you want it in NY, best thing to do is go straight to the factory in Brooklyn.
Yeah, I go to visit friends in NYC every now and then, so I'll see what I can do about hopping over there the next time I'm in the area.
2:13 AM
Hahah, what a great title.
Also, their beards are epic.
Q: Which accessory is more effective at increasing the success of Half Inch?

KatieKI have got both the Utility Belt (+25 deftness) and the Honour among thieves (+3 defense). Which of these accessories would help my thief's Half Inch be more successful?

1 hour later…
3:18 AM
I've earned the Fallout New Vegas badge! hooray!
mah second tag badge!
3:33 AM
Q: StarCraft2: scouting with Terran - again from new side

BuddaYes, I know, it is a long-long story. I understand how scouting is important. But the problem is that usually good player will 100% prevent "late" scouting with SCV. You will suggest to use scan. BUT. Usually Terran has 2 CC+OC that are usually used for MULEing. Yup, you shouldn't be greedy and s...

1 hour later…
4:37 AM
Q: How much footage can Black Ops' theatre mode store?

Kevin YIs there a limit to how much data Theatre Mode can store (for example, X number of minutes or X matches), or is it just limited by the amount of memory left in your console (or computer's) hard drive?

5:08 AM
2 hours later…
7:03 AM
Guys, tzenes is almost there! I think he's going to hit 20k within the hour!
I'm hoping he'll go over 20k, not just hit it ;-)
well yeah
...but how do we operate this mothership's lazers?
We blame @badp, and then it moves forward
yeah, makes sense.
Don't know about the lazers, though
7:08 AM
I need to fire those lasers at @badp
He's going to overtake me.
I think I need another coffee, it's just too early.
( ゚Д゚)
Meh. Yeah, too early.
@Mana So you're also somewhere in Europe?
Naw, Canada.
It's 2:14 AM here.
7:15 AM
It's 8:15 here
Well, I played through a bit of Amnesia already, and I can tell you this.
It's pretty fucking scary.
I agree man.
I'm now testing the screenshot theory, that answers with screenshots get more upvotes just because of the pretty pictures
I know that already.
7:29 AM
You're probably right since I tend to upvote based on both 1) relevance to the site and 2) how much the question entertains me
See this one
A: In Team Fortress 2, what is "telefragging", and how is it done?

Arda XiA telefrag happens when a player stands on or near a teleporter while an enemy player uses the entrance. What happens then is that the player on the exit dies and the teleport goes through successfully. It stops spawn-camping very well. It is not possible to telefrag allies unless FF is on. Not...

6 more upvotes than the accepted answer.
Now only 4
Okay, in my answer the screenshot is useful, I didn't include a useless picture yet
And my answer contradicts tzenes' ;-)
7:34 AM
I already gave you rep @Arda
The reason it went from 6 to 4 was because I changed my downvote on that one accepted answer to an upvote
Yeah. You shouldn't've
So I needed proof, not that anybody thinks 20k > 5k and downvotes me ;-)
refreshes tzenes' profile
I rounded that up
Sorry for the confusion
I was kidding, no worries bro
Hurray, new massive Homestuck recap
5800 words, yaaaaay
7:57 AM
Q: What do the number mean on a grenade mod?

deft_codeIn Borderlands what do the numbers on Grenade-Mods mean?

8:51 AM
Apparently the Dwarf Fortress wiki page for "fun" redirects to "losing". Hmmmm...
9:46 AM
@YiJiang [status-bydesign]
There's no victory condition.
@Mana May I remind you about the tzenesWatcher™?
10:11 AM
So, let's look at the traffic figures.
SO 770k
SU 96k
SF 56k (+39,573)
Gaming 16k
AskUbuntu 11k (-5,075)
Programmers 7k (-9,462)
40k more visits and we'll be good to go!
also take that, AskUbuntu.
2 hours later…
12:01 PM
Q: Is retro Lode Runner available on any modern system?

YellowMegaManI'd like to play Lode Runner again. How can I do this on a modern system? I'll settle for any reasonable clone, but only if it does not scroll. I downloaded the NES version on Wii Virtual Console, and it scrolls! This is not the real Lode Runner. By modern system, I mean PC (including web-based...

12:17 PM
Q: Any way to see my open questions on all StackExchange sites?

oKtosiTeI've been asking questions on several StackExchange sites, and I'm finding it harder and harder to keep track of all of them. Is there any way/place to see a listing of all my (open) questions on all of the StackExchange (2.0) sites? If not, are there any plans to implement such a feature?

3 hours later…
3:10 PM
@badp No, I remembered about the Tzenes watcher thing, but I was just too lazy to go through the starred messages in order to dig it up.
@GnomeSlice agreed.
That was pretty deep, for me.
Finally, Apple allows you to purchase apps with iTunes money.
Hey @Gnomes!!!
How's it going buddy?? :)
....Hi @Mana...
3:23 PM
Also I played Castle Crashers
3:23 PM
and heard the soundtrack
it's sooooooo good
I can get you most of it if you want.
Q: Graphical Design Stack Exchange site

dukeofgamingCould you make a Graphical Design Stack Exchange site?. I know there is an UI site, but -being a software developer who wants to learn more about the elemental theory and practice behind the discipline/process/art- I would very much like to see such a site.

naw it's cool I already got it
They have it posted on newgrounds, but they didn't list all of the tracks.
I found some of the missing ones.
Did you get the full version of the title theme?
As opposed to the game version?
I don't think.
3:26 PM
I've got a total of 24 tracks from the game now. (23, because I have both versions of the title theme)
How many do you have?
I'm still missing a bunch.
22 + 7 bonus tracks
I'll Facebook you the track list
That would be intense.
By which I mean I will literally book it to your face
@Mana That sounds threatening. "I'll facebook you." Like, worse than physical violence.
Bubble Gloop Swamp Dance Mix?
3:27 PM
@badp duly noted
Yes please.
"Watch out man, or I'll facebook you a new face!"
@GnomeSlice It's the other way round. [text](link)
3:28 PM
I just tried both...
@Gnomes I was kidding when I posted that message about it being hard for you
but clearly I was more right than I realized
@Mana Shush.
You're missing one track that I have.
maaaaaaaaaaaan, really?
shoots self
3:30 PM
I know it's in the game somewhere, I just can't remember where precisely.
One of the menus I think
I remember hearing this
glares @badp
@badp Good call.
Also, get the full version of Four Brave Champions.
Is gud.
Does yours have the music from the bear-boss?
I think
3:33 PM
idk I didn't fight that one
oh wait
yes I did
I just played it at a friend's place
Ok, the audio portal turned up 0 results for "CastleCrashers!"
0 results?!?
That was the title of one of the songs you listed.
yeah I know
I'll send you it later
right now my internet's slow as your brain
also I'm so psyched
3:35 PM
I get to jam with some bros later. It's going to be hella sweet
Is that it?
Because I don't think that was in the game.
I'm going to sit down and be like "HAI GUYS PARADIDDLEDIDDLE" and they're going to be like "Get the hell out"
@Gnomes I don't think any of the bonus tracks are in the game
Yes they are.
Q: Troubleshoot Civilization V

DanVI cannot play the Civilization V demo on my PC (Windows 7, with DirectX 11); when launching, the game window is displayed briefly and then it dissapears. How can I troubleshoot? Is there a game log file?

3:36 PM
'Glorious Morning' is the music played when you completed a stage.
"Creature at the mill" isn't in the game either.
blah humbug
Wait, not "Glorious Morning"
That one is not in the game.
"Race Around the World"
Which you have listed.
3:39 PM
I don't want to go back to university :(
are you already back in College or something?
Not till the tenth.
oh cool, same
we should totally chill sometime
Aren't you in toronto?
It would be...totally chill.
No man, I'm in Ottawa until the 9th.
I've been back since like the 21st.
@badp I do not like the looks of things.
3:50 PM
Looks of things...?
Oh dear. I can't find my student card.
@Mana ArdaXi.reputation > badp.reputation == false
@ArdaXi Wait a second though.
I found out I'm logged out.
I tried logging in.
Now I see this. [†: You don't have it as your alternate, that's why. You changed to Yahoo to test that earlier issue.]
...and my Gaming account doesn't show up on my list of associated accounts.
Uh, okay. I thought doing that wouldn't have removed the previous association. [†: Maximum of 2 OpenIDs per account can be assigned. You already had an alternate when you switched to Yahoo, so it kicked off your Google. I'm surprised it killed your account associations, though, so I'd report that to Meta]
I guess I won't create the new account then.
Didn't know about that maximum.
heh, reassociating my Google OpenID reassociated my account with the other 24, which brought back OpenID associations from them. [†: I guess it's expected behavior, then.]
4:01 PM
Looks like there is a new Die2nite wiki in town. Are one of you responsible for that?
I'm not.
As I said, I'm not into making wikis :)
@ArdaXi you gain 10, I just got 5.
You can't delay this much longer.
I think it was @mana and someone else that was talking about it.
Well scratch that, it was started back in november. I wonder why I couldent find it before.
@FOak Is it comprehensive?
It needs a lot of work, but its a start.
4:07 PM
It seems that one has already been posted in my town.
As well as the translated French one.
@FOak Which town are you in?
The battered caves
it just started
still day 1
The town I'm in was on day 1 for close to 5 days.
Because we were the first 100+ soul town, and it took ages to fill.
A bunch of the other players used a loophole with coalitions to bring in players with less than 100 soul, but whatever.
thats cool, it will be a while until I have that strong a soul
@FOak or stumble in a nice city.
true, this place has potential
4:12 PM
If you make it to day 14, you'll already have 100 soul.
huh, we are already 173, and its day 1. Strange.
Raptor Safari, It has been too long. Take me back.
@FOak My town climbed an average of 50 spots daily.
My current town, I mean.
What town is that?
I'm in the Palisades of Winter.
4:26 PM
I didn't even think we were doing that well.
@badp > You were right about plumbing though.
@GnomeSlice =)
Day 16 map: Refreshingly Zombie-Free.
At least, around town.
@GnomeSlice You can do better.
We don't have that many water weapons.
Someone just assembled the chainsaw, so that may help.
I don't go outside anyway.
Because my playtime is so sporadic.
I'm a labourer. :)
@badp Are we ever gonna play again?
4:41 PM
@ArdaXi I'm getting back to a usable connectivity tomorrow night (= in 36 hours.)
Right now I can't even login to the site.
How has Raptor Safaria not been made into a console game yet?
Q: How do you perform extended assassinations in Halo: Reach?

JustinP8Is there some special combination of buttons to perform the new extended assassinations in Halo: Reach? Like where you knife someone? I can only seem to do they typical Halo behind the back assassination when pushing RB.

5:04 PM
Raptor Safari*
Language warning.
5:18 PM
Q: StarCraft2: pricing and subscription policy

BuddaOne of the russian language web-site that is celling SC2 has 2 buying options: 1. 12 month subscription - costs around $35 2. additional 4 month subscription - costs around $17-$18 http://www.ozon.ru/?context=search&group=pcgame&text=starcraft+2 I bought SC2 from battle.net and don't rem...

@LessPop_MoreFizz WolframAlpha is now UrbanDictionary too?
5:40 PM
haikus are easy
but sometimes they don't make sense
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's how it started, actually.
@GnomeSlice I linked that image in here like.. 3 days ago so yeah, coincidence.
Q: In Multiplayer how do you call in an Artillery or Air Strike?

Mark RogersI know that in previous battlefield games you could call in artillery strikes. Are artillery/air strikes still possible and how do you do it?

5:55 PM
@tzenes is at 19971
and he has answers posted within the last 30 minutes
Why is that such a big deal, anyway?
20k inc
@GnomeSlice it's a milestone
I know but really.....so?
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