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9:00 PM
You're all idiots
all of you
especially you
Even me?
@Unionhawk that's discrimination!
@Unionhawk just said that @AshleyNunn isn't one of us. How hurtful to exclude her.
9:01 PM
@Chippies you're discrimination
I'm a mod, so I guess I'm not one of you :p
@Unionhawk it's hard to argue that statement
But then he'd also be saying @fredley isn't an idiot, and we all know that's not the case.
I think we can all agree that @Unionhawk is, as always, wrong
Nope, I think all of you except @AshleyNunn being idiots is an accurate description of Bridge
9:03 PM
Q: Disabling Nametags Vanilla

AzorithI've seen a vanilla map where they hid name tags for PVP. How did they accomplish this? I want completely hidden name tags, or if it's possible to remove them for other teams?

@Unionhawk you mean all of us, right? Or are you excluding yourself on the basis that you are wrong?
@Unionhawk That statement is meaningless. We can no longer trust your definition of "all".
@Unionhawk You are one of us too. Idiot.
Frankly, I think "idiot" is overused. Go with "halfwit" or "dunce".
9:06 PM
Maybe that should be "Fbueckertly"
I might nominate myself in arqade elections 2016. I don't think I'll get much votes, but trump provided me self belief. "Try, even if no one is going to vote for you." - Trump 2015/2016
9:09 PM
Be careful. People who run for mod have a habit of quitting the site.
So I just did my first Vault.
@Yuuki gz
Spamming Greed's Strongbox is so visceral yet entertaining.
@arda would be a terrible mod
@Yuuki you'll soon hate the sound of it.
9:11 PM
@Sterno @AshleyNunn drains them of their lifeforce to fuel her thousand-year reign of the Stacks.
I've been waiting for ages for an appropriate time to make that joke
The sense of relief is enormous
@fredley You are a terrible mod, but you are a mod.
I didn't say that I wouldn't be a terrible mod, I said that I'd go for being a mod.
What are the sword, shield, and + icons on my character sheet in diablo 3
@ardaozkal I think that refrance went several miles over your head
@ardaozkal Context: there was a previous user named @arda.
9:12 PM
@fredley arda xi
@fredley well fucking done
god dammit
Yeah I know that meme. Worst thing about me, is that I get the memes, but I don't know how to reply to them properly
A: The Memes of Arqade and its Chat

badpMeme: Arda is going to make a terrible mod Originator: Mana Cultural Height: Terrible Background The chat conversation that brought us this fundamental truth, and Arda's acceptance thereof. Related murder

you magnificent bastard
Okay, where should I put this legendary gem I just got?
9:12 PM
@Unionhawk We have come full circle
@Yuuki I have some suggestions.
Everything is now a repeat of a previous meme
We have reached Bridge endgame
@Sterno I'm not sure it would fit.
@Yuuki you probably shouldn't put boon of the hoarder in anything if you aren't going for a farming build.
@Yuuki Only options are a ring or an amulet. Except if they changed that.
9:14 PM
I would still like to know where to put legendary gems if I get them.
@Arperum still those
I know the horadric whatever-its-called cube can change legendaries now. Can it turn a low level legendary into a high level one (thus making legendaries you find while leveling up useful later)?
IIRC gem of ease is the only exception, that one goes into a weapon.
@Arperum yeah,
@Sterno the cube destroys the item and receives the legendary effect. The item level does not matter, you receive the maximum bonus of the effect regardless
9:16 PM
@Chippies I think he's talking about reforging legendaries.
you can have 1 weapon, 1 armor and 1 jewelry effect active in the cube at any given time
Oh. I thought there were recipes that let you reroll stats on legendaries or something
@Sterno If they have a legendary power you can extract it, and you can pick one armor power, one ring/amulet power and one weapon power to be active aside of your normal items.
@Sterno oh that
it just rerolls the stats
not even sure if you can reroll pre-70 items
@ardaozkal I'm not even sure if we'd have 2016 elections.
9:19 PM
@Wipqozn Same, current mods are good (except fredley)
@ardaozkal It really just coems down to if the current mods (or admins) think they need more mods.
The caches keep giving me plans for legendary bows and quivers.
I feel like Blizzard is telling me that I should've rolled a Demon Hunter.
Why do people say "rolled"?
9:22 PM
@GnomeSlice Arqade:
@GnomeSlice because RNG "rolls the dice" when you the stats are determined
oh, characters, nvm
Q: Can I skip parts of the campaign?

MemoryPenguinSo a while back I started replaying the Age of Empires 3 campaign (nostalgia, y'know). Unfortunately I ended up losing my progress. I was at the beginning of Act II in the original campaign - is there a way to get back there without playing through the entire campaign again?

DnD influence, maybe?
@Chippies In the times of old anyway.
@Chippies Probably.
some oldschool RPGs still require you to roll the dice for starting stats
9:23 PM
@ardaozkal If I wanted downvotes, maybe
Yay, got my first extracted power.
@Sterno @badp is the longest running mod
Although I could spin it to be about D3 and get all the rep
all others have not been able to withstand the burden of modship as long as @badp
@Yuuki you'll be getting all kinds of plans until you have all of them
9:24 PM
All others were driven insane by modship, whereas @badp embraced the insanity.
@GnomeSlice it's not exclusive to D3 though, so the D3 tag would get removed most likely
Cindercoat's power works really well with the Black Hole + Disintegrate build, I think.
@Yuuki unless you have the belt that reduces disintegrate channeling costs
@Yuuki Don't use black hole, that has bugs
9:24 PM
which you should have if you are running a disintegrate build
@Yuuki Yeah, it has good synergy with Firebirds if you can grab an offset
@ardaozkal like?
The enemies apparently get stuck on 1hp when you use Black hole
@Chippies Thing is, Black Hole is a fire spell so it gets resource reduction as well.
Firebirds is a little bugged ATM but it's still a fun build
9:25 PM
@Chippies Probably not, D3 is popular
@Yuuki disintegrate being free and black hole having 10+ second cooldown and being your only spender, I don't see that making a difference
Well "rolled" is a little different for D3
the cindercoat legendary effect is the one that reduces fire spell costs, not the fire damage boost
In old school RPGs you actually rolled dice for stat values
In Diablo 3 item stats are "rolled"
They meant char, not item
9:27 PM
@GnomeSlice I bet if you asked it well it would get more upvotes than downvotes
I never write or speak very well any more
Well you don't "roll" characters in Diablo 3, if you want to be really pedantic
I find it odder that monsters are often called "mobs"
And I am all about pedantry
afaic a mob is a big group of angry stuff
9:29 PM
Not in MMO (and now most RPG) terms
also this glove piece has more armor, but makes the shield number go way down
A mob, mobile or monster is a computer-controlled non-player character (NPC) in a computer game such as an MMORPG or MUD. Depending on context, every and any such characters in a game may be considered to be a "mob", or usage of the term may be limited to hostile NPCs and/or NPCs vulnerable to attack. Common usage refers to either a single character or a multitude of characters in a group as a mob. In most modern graphical games, "mob" may be used to specifically refer to generic monstrous NPCs that the player is expected to hunt and kill, excluding NPCs that engage in dialog or sell items or who...
@GnomeSlice They calculate a toughness value which is a combination of several factors
Like resistance, life, armor, etc
It's a decent baseline but the damage value specifically is not 100% accurate
idk what they even are
the sword shield and +
9:30 PM
Toughness is the shield
@ardaozkal If we have elections, worst that can happen is you try and it doesn't work out. (Yearly elections are not guaranteed, though)
It's supposed to be how much damage you can take. Generally, you want more
+ means that item will increase the calculated value
@AshleyNunn Now, next year or later, I'll try and it'll not work out.
But I'll try
Every time I see "Sacred Scutum" (a shield) I doubletake and see "Sacred Scrotum" ugh
Sword is damage, same deal but caveats apply
9:31 PM
@ardaozkal Don't assume you'll fail, or you will fail.
believe in yourself.
@GnomeSlice are you playing diablo 3?
@GnomeSlice I would assume sword is damage, shield is toughness and + is recovery
but I don't know much about console version
My life: I plan something, I do something as best as I can, I fail, or not.
@Sterno Yes. I got a bonus at work and bought it for Ps4.
@ardaozkal that sounds like the description of literally anything
9:33 PM
@GnomeSlice you did what?
@GnomeSlice A bonus for high sales, or for just being handsome?
@GnomeSlice I have it for console. Pretty fun on console, actually.
@GnomeSlice This might be useful:
A: How do armor, resistances and missile/melee damage reduction interact?

SternoIn general, ItsColby nailed the basics of how it works. Damage reduction is multiplied rather than added. So 70% Armor and 30% Physical Resist doesn't mean you're a god who blocks all damage... you're actually blocking 79% of the damage. But read on for a closer look. Armor is good against all...

The console copies of Diablo 3 are full of hackers.
A bonus for vacation pay for 2015 or something
you're full of hackers
9:34 PM
I got like $800
@GnomeSlice o.o
@Unionhawk I'm burning
@Chippies it is my life.
@GnomeSlice well, I guess you work full time and have been there for a year?
had a paycheck in it too though so probably more like $400
@ardaozkal I did a thing and a thing either happened or didn't.
9:35 PM
part time but got full hours most of 2015
As you can see there, I don't have a "hope" part. I don't hope or believe.
and started in feb
@GnomeSlice oh
I got 2 paychecks last week
That just triggers sadness/anger if it fails.
one for work and one for vacation pay
it's like 4% of the money you made through the year
9:36 PM
maybe it was then I havent even looked
which should equal to two weeks if you worked full time for a full year
then yeah probs $800
and 800$ sounds like two weeks at min'ish wage
@GnomeSlice Oh right, yeah
4% on every paycheque, right?
I got 0 paychecks in liiiike ∞ years.
9:36 PM
I think all part timers get that in Canada
summat like such
It's pretty sweet
I can't wait to see what my tax time bonus is this year since I pay almost no tax
Isn't that a negative bonus, then?
@Sterno that's what I was thinking
9:38 PM
@Sterno I mean, it's my money that I'm getting back after it was deducted and whatnot
call it a refund
I don't even know how taxes work
if you will
@Chippies You have money and then you have less money.
9:39 PM
Or you get paid less money and then you get that less back later
@Sterno but once a year you get some of the money back somehow?
Idk anything about that bit
@Sterno /r/bestof
@Chippies Sometimes. But only if you overpaid in the first place, which is generally considered to be an inefficient use of your money.
@Sterno well, my work deducts taxes from my paychecks automatically
@Chippies How most employers do it is they deduct a certain portion and send that to the government, and if that amount is more than you owe the government, you get it back
9:40 PM
I like how breaking shit gives you a speed bonus.
In my case, since I owe the government only social security tax...
I recall someone saying you have to be making more than 7.5k CAD/year to have to pay taxes
Pretty much the same here
that low?
If you're a broke seasonal employee making less than like $10,000, you owe nothing
9:40 PM
and since I've only been working since October, I haven't made that much
@Chippies I don't know about Canada but in the US you can claim deductions so that your employer withholds less
so, do I get all the taxes back?
best news: news with rage
@Chippies only the extra
which might be all
9:42 PM
@ardaozkal I have made less money than it's needed to pay taxes
or mostly all
Apparently tax fraud (in the sense of claiming other people's tax returns) is the new big thing in the US
so, I should get it all back
@Chippies oh, so get it all back
do I have to apply for that or is that automatic?
9:42 PM
Criminals file for your return before you do, get paid, and then you spend ages trying to get the government to pay you
@Chippies apply
Picked up gravediggers log and didn't understand a single word of it except "holes".
I'm not even american or at the legal working age (well, I can work parttime), but I know US tax stuff. I feel like a US fanboy more than a MS fanboy.
@Chippies is a canadian.
@Chippies Over here you have to fill in a tax form with how much you earned every year, and based on what is on that form they give you back.
9:43 PM
@Sterno Hooray
@Unionhawk oooooh
Why did my guy keep leaping over dudes during that fight
my wife has never done taxes, her mother does it for her, so I may have to consult her sometime soon...
@Chippies Yeah, when you file, if your deductions work out.
@Chippies You should likely, yes. You have to file for taxes (your work should give you a T4 form at some point in the next while).
Then you fill out some forms (it can be done online, and if like you only have one job and not a lot of other stuff, it's relatively simple)
9:45 PM
the leather set for crusader is very clearly made of metal
@AshleyNunn alright, thanks for the info :)
@GnomeSlice Are you a barbarian with the "leap" skill?
@Sterno crusader
@Chippies I file my own every year, so if you have questions, poke me and I can answer them
he kept like jumping over guys randomly
9:46 PM
@Sterno I know this guy!
@AshleyNunn I've been told the tax thing isn't until april
but thanks, I'll keep that in mind :)
@Chippies Deadline isn't til April something, but you can file anytime once you get the paperwork stuff
Someone linked a link to another post on that website, and I added my name to the list by viewing his full list of skimmers.
I know how I can protect my money now though.
Not like there is any left from buying all those bad rats though.
It's a good site.
9:51 PM
> In addition, the package bundles several photos and videos of attractive Russian women, some of whom are holding up blank signs onto which the scammer can later Photoshop whatever message he wants.
@ardaozkal I don't get why you would waste all the preciosu little money you had on buying horrible games to annoy people.
@Arperum I didn't have much money on debit though..
some parts of bridge is more idiot than others
Q: (PS3) how do you share game data between users

user136464I have little big planet and plants vs zombies garden warfare. I've completed LBT so now I'm on garden warfare and it says I can't play. Long story short, I need to change the age I assigned with (for PSN) to play online, and the only way to do that is to make a new playstation 3 user ( USER). S...

@ardaozkal Yes? Are you trying to say you actually got yourself in debt (however small) by buying trollgifts of bad rats?
if so: that's the dumbest idea I've heard for quite some time.
9:54 PM
Nah, I had 5$ or smth, and I bought like 10 bad rats
You can't put a price on the joy that Bad Rats gives to others.
You can
It's called how the steam store works
I mean, not the people receiving Bad Rats. The people who hear about them receiving it.
It costs like $0.50
9:56 PM
or $0.99 if you're an idiot and buy it full price
@fredley rip ram?
@fredley I would like to start Windows Normandy, yes, thank you
@badp *wandows
@fredley your computer is using racist terms
> Start "Wandows Ngr" madly
HamStare @Chippies
9:59 PM
How do I see howmany health potions I have left
@GnomeSlice should be infinite
PaperStare @Chippies
. . .
Oh what?
unless they never updated the console version for that
It is?
9:59 PM
A: What explains the garbled message "Start Wandows Ngrmadly" in text mode?

Journeyman GeekYour graphics card is very likely to die soon. Its an old system and you need to replace either the graphics card or the system. I've had a similar thing happen in the past, without further information, its just guesswork though. It happened in both the bios And the windows XP installer T...

Bro its the same game
in 2.3 they changed so potions are infinite

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