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7:00 PM
@GraceNote there have been other anticipated games that didn't even make a nudge in the traffic...the promo worked because it capitalized on a game people were already excited about, but I don't believe we would have gotten as many questions without the promo
the point of the promo wasn't to drive traffic, it was to drive content
@DavidFullerton Oh, definitely, it had a significant impact
we failed to drive any traffic, but people asked tons of great questions, and the traffic followed from Google
and now the new users are following as well
Has the entire SE team been set the task of 'cleaning up' Gaming today?
@ThomasMcDonald As it were, that we still have a bunch of that has to be taken care of them is pretty bad.
@GraceNote Well, if tags weren't needlessly deleted, it probably wouldn't be an issue.
7:06 PM
Honestly, that script does help in a lot of places. It's just naturally all the times it hinders that will be what is seen
True indeed.
Yeah, whenever I think "tagging system", the first thing that normally comes to mind is "long tail of abandoned, one-use tags"
looks at his Pinboard page and despairs
@LessPopMoreFizz My money is on removal pending imminent site monetization
Community, y u have 5 reputation?
oh, I think I know. deleted people.
I love that that got 4 upvotes within 30 seconds of being posted before even showing up here.
7:11 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Actually, I believe it's so that it doesn't look like a random new user. 5 is not 1.
@RavenDreamer It has two 'accepted an answer' reputation events yeah probably
Don't crush my baseless suppositions! :(
@GraceNote If only we had a way of excluding certain game tags from the script.
@RavenDreamer "Make them Game tags"
@DavidFullerton I dunno, but you probably shouldn't be able to pass arbitrary tags to se.com/gaming-contest/stats
@RavenDreamer you should update you answer on the smithing perks question to include this table
7:21 PM
Q: Whither [Murder]?

LessPop_MoreFizzWhere did the murder tag go? It appears to have been, well, murdered, silently, in the night, with no record of the deletion in the edits of any of the existing questions. :(

I wonder if I should talk to Brett and mention that maybe I should change my Zelda thing from Amazon to reimbursement.
Because frankly, I want to have the game before the holiday long weekend, kthx
Q: Raven Mission - Why is Cyborg so much tougher than the other heros?

Jack B NimbleIn the Raven mission (where you unlock the evil side of Raven) you have to face three Teen Titan heroes before you reach Raven: Starfire, Cyborg, and Nightwing. When I got to Cyborg he knocked me out almost immediately. It took me 2 attempts to defeat Starfire, 1 attempt to defeat Nightwing, and...

Q: What merchant has the most gold?

Ian PugsleyWho can I sell to that has boatloads of cash? Ideally they'll be easily accessible by fast travel and will buy the most different types of items, but a rich type-specific merchant will work too.

Q: Why can I sometimes take half of a shops items while the oher half is considered stealing?

NoranI notice that sometimes in certain shops, houses, etc. that a large portion of the owner's items are available to just 'take', while other items remain marked as 'stealing'. I'm just a little confused at being able to walk into a shop and simply take half of the goods right in front of the owner...

Q: Is it possible to learn all skills in Glitch?

Tim CokerIs it possible to learn all skills in Glitch? I haven't seen anything definitive either way, but it looks like you can.

Q: Can I complete quest components without signing up for them?

Jack B NimbleI was flying around Metropolis and saw a bunch of people fighting some Brainiac Troops. Based on what was going on it looked like it was part of a quest (people were being stored in orbs). I stayed for a little bit a killed a bunch of troops. Many of the quests I've done so far include things li...

@ThomasMcDonald Next week is US Thanksgiving. Which means once I leave work next Wednesday, I won't be back until the following Monday.
I was sorta referring to Lazers' antisocial outburst
7:29 PM
Huh. Anyone else around that's been playing Skyrim hear any mumbling about this dagger bug?
7:47 PM
Note to self: do not kill chickens with Lydia as a follower. She will freak out and try to kill me.
Q: Resetting Perk points?

JimIs there a way to reset perk points, say if you accidentally set one or when you reach level 50 and you want to clear your points in smithing to put them in alchemy? Answers for all platforms would be appreciated.

8:01 PM
Posted by Alex Miller on November 16th, 2011

Jeff & Joel are joined today by Dave Winer, who’s upset that we don’t have a jingle to start the show! He “invented” (well, pioneered, really) the XML-RPC protocol. Dave tells us the story of how and why the protocol came to be.

Right now, Dave’s working on a “magnificent symphony of software” – it’s the communication system he wants to use. It involves a minimal blogging tool with only RSS output (plus a dongle that will push the RSS to twitter, etc), a “River of News” aggregator, and an overarching tool for creating content that can be picked apart and included on other platforms. …

@LessPop_MoreFizz From reading a bit it seems that killing chickens is a really bad idea, it unites the whole world against you and everyone tries to kill you for it.
@Fabian What, you don't get attack by a flock of invincible chickens?
I guess I'll have to wait another 5 days for that. :/
@GraceNote I forget, what's BrettWhite's Email address?
@Fabian I've killed chickens before...
I've even taken their souls.
@Powerlord I can just drag him in here, if you'd prefer
8:08 PM
Oh wait, he just emailed me.
Q: Can you invest in a shop multiple times to keep increasing the vendor gold?

JClaspillCan you invest in a shop multiple times to keep increasing the vendor gold? The speechcraft perk is rather vague about investing multiple times, but I assume it is a 1 time deal for that merchant. If anyone has tried it, let me know if you can just keep doing it to get more permanent vendor go...

Q: How can I stop this horse following me?

DMA57361At some point in the past I'd jumped on a horse that was tethered in a camp somewhere and rode it for a while before getting bored of it. I didn't steal the horse - the name was in white when I jumped on - and now whenever I fast travel to an external location the horse appears next to me. It do...

Q: Why are my enchanted items worth less and less?

FabianI've been trying my hand at smithing and producing loads of iron daggers. Those alone are unfortunately not really worth anything, so I decided to enchant them. With a damage stamina enchantment the daggers were suddenly worth more than 600 gold (though the greedy vendors don't give me that much,...

Q: What are those goblins doing out there?

andronikusMy fortress is currently under siege by some goblins and some trolls. The trolls obligingly rushed my trap maze, although they all got caged before they reached the goblin grinders D:. Anyway, I'm getting ready to have some fun with them, but the two goblin squads are just sitting outside doing...

@Fabian Have you decided on a primary piece of real-estate in Skyrim yet?
I'm wondering what other people are using as a home base.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm still using the house in Whiterun, haven't checked the others out yet
my house in Whiterun has no furniture...just a sad pile of junk and one chest with all my crap in it :\
8:24 PM
I'm thinking Riften is the best choice.
You have enchanting and Alchemy facilities, and it's still very close to a forge. Also, it has a door to the outside world that doesn't go through town, which is kind of nice.
@DavidFullerton I heard the house in whiterun was pretty terrible
Whiterun can't get an enchanting table, so it loses.
yeah, you can only buy an alchemy table
but it's right next to a full forge, so that's nice
Yeah, the Riften house is close enough to the forge, but there's no smelter, which is lame. :(
somebody should make the list of what all the houses have to offer
I nominate @LessPopMoreFizz
8:27 PM
Hey, @DavidFullerton - what determines the "top users" list on skyrimvsmw3 ?
#questions + #answers
maybe not the best choice, but we were in a rush...
+ bacon
@DavidFullerton That's an odd metric. But the order of the list makes sense.
@DavidFullerton The answer is: All of them but Whiterun have Enchanting + Alchemy.
3 hours ago, by Powerlord
@Mana lolz oh man bacon
8:28 PM
Oh, someone was asking earlier how to figure out the currently top ranked question / answer.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Just wait for the inevitable DLC.
the top questions on skyrimvsmw3 is correct, but top answer is not shown (and there's no easy way to find it)
As for the only advantage that really matters in real estate, I'd need to buy all of the other houses. I'm not that loaded just yet.
@RavenDreamer I'm kinda hoping they avoid the Oblivion style player housing bonanza.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think I bugged out the Markath house. I can't seem to buy it.
They have shown a reasonable amount of restraint with Fallout DLC for example.
starts the game over
8:30 PM
@RavenDreamer Have you finished the Civil War? If not and Markath is not in the hands of the side you've chosen (or if you don't mind and can still change sides) just do that until it flops.
That should fix any 'can't buy house' troubles for you.
It's an issue of me not being able to ask anyone about it.
I asked the Jarl, and he said, go ask my steward, except I can't talk to his steward.
So Skyrim has alchemy, hm?
@GraceNote This is blatant proof you're not an elder scrolls fan, hunh.
Well, it's still 90% likely to be meaningless to me
I'm only interested in a very specific form of alchemy
Yay, Brett said I could do the reimbursement route. \o/
8:35 PM
@GraceNote It's like potion making from various plants and body parts.
@GraceNote Do you enjoy nibbling on Giant's Toe and Large Antlers to unlock their secrets?
I'm only interested in the form of alchemy in which it is being done by cute girls wearing cute hats.
Duly noted.
What about 300 year old 10 year old vampire girls?
No hat, no sale.
@GraceNote Well that is possible, if you manage to get something that you would call cute out of the character generator, which would be no easy feat.
8:37 PM
Q: Why does it take so long for the support class to re-supply rockets/mines/etc?

Michael PryorIt seems like there is a lag between when rockets/mines/c4/etc gets reloaded compared to bullets by the support guy dropping ammo. Is that the case or am I imagining it?

Q: What are all the keyboard/mouse controls in Skyrim?

ToastI'm looking for a list of every keyboard control in Skyrim. Bonus points for the mouse too.

Q: Which purchasable houses have access to alchemy / enchanting / smithy?

David FullertonI bought the house in Whiterun, only to find out that it doesn't have the option to buy an Enchanting table (though it does have alchemy and access to a full smithy next door). If I'm going to buy another house, I want to make sure it has access to all the crafting stations. So which houses hav...

Q: Skyrim - How to return Esbern's voice?

DracontisI saw some solutions: Download plugin - but it's only in english and I don't want to mix two languages, because it will ruin the game atmosphere for me. Use OBMM and repack Data files. But I haven't got Oblivion (and enough space to install it) and no instructions to install it without the game...

I'm sorely disappointed
oh #$*@
@Fabian I highly doubt I would succeed
dodges Lazers
I'm sorely disappointed that there is no "random" in the character generator.
@GraceNote Just wait for the inevitable "better faces" mods.
Somehow I don't get the impression that the Skyrim questions and views are slowing down, there seems to be a lot of momentum behind it
Also, in awesome news: is dead
8:39 PM
@GraceNote Give the Elder Scrolls Nexus community 6 weeks. You'll be able to engage in alchemy as an oversized child in a cute hat in no time.
@GraceNote \o/
I wonder what the internet would be like if SOPA was passed. The entire read/write internet devoid of Americans.
@Fabian questions are slowing down, views are not yet
so ask more questions!
also seeing lots of new users
@LessPop_MoreFizz Would playing as a child make you invincible?
@DavidFullerton you changed your mind about Horse speeds? Or have you never yet accepted an answer on that question and I'm losing it.
8:40 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Give it up for the Horadrim!
@DavidFullerton also seeing a massive increase in flag weight
@RavenDreamer didn't accept...I meant to leave you a comment about that, I'll go do it
@LessPop_MoreFizz Doesn't have to be a child. Violet's actually not that young, for example
@Powerlord Hor-Hor-Horadrim!
8:43 PM
ah, this takes me back
@GraceNote It may not need to be for you, but for the degenerates over at TESN? It had better be. :(
The Elder Scrolls Nexus
(An acronym that is curiously one letter away from "The Stack Exchange Network")
It's the primary mod site.
8:45 PM
Well, the most important point is the hat, really.
@GraceNote You sound like a TF2 player.
It's an integral part of alchemy
That does not change such sentiment.
hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats
8:51 PM
@Raven leads the pack at 60 upvotes
followed swiftly by @Raven with 50 upvotes
@Raven comes in second at 50 upvotes.
following up the rear is cosmin with -2
A: How can I sync vertical/horizontal mouse sensitivities?

cosminFix here : http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/615805-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim/60954909

@ThomasMcDonald uh... that link leads nowhere. Are you sure you linked to the right answer?
8:57 PM
@badp icwhutudidthar
Q: Where can I find lots of petty creatures to charge my soul gems?

FabianI'm training my enchanting skills and the limiting factor currently is the availability of filled soul gems. Most vendors only have very few of them or none available, and they are also considerably more expensive than the empty ones. I'd now like to fill up my collection of petty soul gems with...

I'm still a bit broken up that I will never get a shiny coin for . There was no badge I was looking forward to more.
Required TF2 update coming in the next 45 minutes.
9:18 PM
@LessPopMoreFizz Doesn't matter, we are the new clinical, all-professional Gaming Stack Exchange, and you shall allow it. Please allow one of our self-appointed grief management activists to console you on the way out. Oh, and watch the step.
Q: Rename my PSN account?

Bart van HeukelomIs it possible to rename my PSN account, and if so, how? (The system says this question is too short, but I can't really add more to it, other than this nonsense :P)

Q: How can I open my horse's inventory?

westmarkAccording to the player manual you can bring up the companion command menu by long-pressing E while aiming your reticule at a companion. I would assume the same philosophy holds for horses, but I am unable to make it work. Is there any other way to bring up my horses inventory? Or am I simply m...

Q: How to skip new game intro?

Jader DiasI don't want to watch the ride of prisioner cart to execution, how to skip it? Can I replace the intro movie file by some empty video?

@ThomasMcDonald Use instead.
Stack Exchange Inc. is required to remind you that will be baked, and then there will be cake.
Help us help you help us all.
9:24 PM
Cake and grief counselling will be available after the tag destruction.
StackExchange Gaming. We do what we must, because we can. For the good of all of us, except the ones who are banned.
But there's no sense crying over every downvote.
@ArdaXi Are you comparing Jeff to GLadOS?
GLaDOS is much nicer.
Wait, whoa, when was the tag burned?
9:32 PM
@Wipqozn meta topic mumbles
also dear god Microsoft's resume builder makes some weird decisions. I can put down my Major at my University but it doesn't actually show up on my application?
@Mana Nobody cares about your major.
@ArdaXi If I'm applying for a Software Engineering position, isn't it important to show that I'm specializing in Computer Science?
@Mana Is it?
I don't know. This is my first time writing a resume/submitting an internship.
Why are you using a resume builder anyway?
9:35 PM
@ArdaXi false...major matters in development jobs
@ArdaXi see above
Probably because he's applying for a Software Engineering Position
I've never used a resume builder. I make my own.
I've never used a resume builder either
Nor I.
9:36 PM
See, we're all obviously better than @Mana.
@ArdaXi we already knew that though
Question which requires one more close vote requires one more close vote.
Q: Resetting Perk points?

JimIs there a way to reset perk points, say if you accidentally set one or when you reach level 50 and you want to clear your points in smithing to put them in alchemy? Answers for all platforms would be appreciated.

@ArdaXi I concur.
Well, I haven't... ever written a resume
@GraceNote You're special.
Sent 20 minutes after Valve's 45-minute headsup:
> Valve time strikes again?
9:38 PM
I wrote a semi-one-type-thing for school
But that was before I graduated, and before I got my awesome degrees
I mean, I'm probably not going to get the job anyways since it's geared towards "minorities", but eh, I don't want to be scared and just not try.
Who wants to be scared?
@Mana That's racist.
@Wipqozn ~~ liek dis if you laff ev4y tiem ~~
@Mana wtf?
9:41 PM
I wonder what today's TF2 update will add. Probably bugfixes, but I wouldn't be surprised to see more promo items.
Also, I hear it adds Abby to The Bridge.
@mana: Could you delete yx's comment? It was brought over from the duplicate, but it no longer applies. It is just bound to confuse users.
A gurl was walkin2 skewl wit her bf n they were crossin da rode. she sed "bbz will u luv me 4evr" he said "NO.."" da gurl cryed N ran across da rode b4 da green man came on the sine n she got hit by da carr.

boy was cryin and went to pic up her body.

she was ded.

he whispered 2 her corpse "I ment 2 sey i will luv u FIVE-ever..." (dat mean he luv her moar den 4evr)

xxx~*...LIKE DIS IF U CRY EVRY TIME...~*xxx
Q: I've misplaced a perk, can I get it back?

RapidaWhile leveling in Skyrim I put a perk in a tree, but now I feel like it is wasted, since I've found blowing things up with spells is much more fun than stabbing things with a giant sword. Is there anyway for me to recover the wasted perk? I'm on the PC so I was guessing console commands could h...

hey @ArdaXi - is your Steam email the same one you were emailing me from?
@Mana Whoever made that probably reads Twilight.
9:42 PM
I hear the TF2 update has been pushed now. No release notes yet, though.
@AbbyTMiller Let me check really quickly.
thanks @Mana
@Wipqozn no problem man, it was literally the least I could do
@Mana The least you could have done was nothing.
9:43 PM
@Wipqozn Oh, true. I feel a bit more optimistic about myself now.
@AbbyTMiller It isn't, but it should be, so I'll change it.
Team Fortress 2
- Added new promo items
- Fixed a bug preventing some server-side quickplay filtering from working, causing clients to ping too many servers
- Fixed a bug where an item with an empty craft_class (e.g. the Apoco-Fists) could be obtained via crafting
- Fixed an exploit that allowed untradable items to be traded with Steam trading
- Web API changes:
- Added flag_cannot_craft to GetPlayerItems web API output
- Added description_string and description_format for some hidden attributes in the GetSchema output
@AbbyTMiller It is now.
9:45 PM
@ArdaXi That was beautiful.
@ArdaXi Damn it man, now I'm crying. Why did you have to do that to me?
Q: lost lydia was wondering if this happened to anyone else an if so did you find her an where thanks

demonhunterrrecently i have just finished diplomatic immunity an for some reason have no clue where lydia has gone an i kinda need ta find her as she has quite a bit of my gear mostly the dragons Ive slay-en an i have no clue where she is has this happened to anyone else if so where did you find her thanks

@Mana The most obvious conclusion is that I don't want you to be happy.
About time they fixed PL_BarnBlitz BLU spawn #2.
9:47 PM
@ArdaXi Why would anyone want @Mana to be happy?
@Wipqozn Zat would be your mother.
is now a good time to admit that i've never played TF2 before?
@ArdaXi oh snap
it's funny because it's a tf2 reference and at the same time it's a dig at @Wipqozn
@AbbyTMiller no.
9:49 PM
@AbbyTMiller You're not the only one.
is there ever a good time to admit that?
no. not in here, at least.
@AbbyTMiller No.
@AbbyTMiller So, I hadn't for quite a while, and I was actually quite steadfast against the idea of playing it, for the sake of not getting hooked.
Also, @AbbyTMiller
> I work for our Stack Exchange overlords as a member of the CHAOS team. If you'd like to tell me what you had for lunch, you can email me at abby@stackexchange.com.
9:50 PM
@AbbyTMiller I haven't been lynched but I have other hat-based obsessions that keep me safe
I'm most tempted to e-mail you what I had for lunch now
@Wipqozn this is all true
It is a very fun game. It makes shooters like Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield feel like they're stuck in molasses or something because it's so fast and crazy and just generally always fun.
@Wipqozn you wouldn't be the first.
you would, in fact, be the second.
@AbbyTMiller The PC version is free now.
9:51 PM
i don't have a gaming pc unfortunately
@AbbyTMiller oh, in that case never mind. I'm a leader, not a follower.
@AbbyTMiller I had crappy generic university open day food but it was okay because I liked the university and they've already given me an offer. What was your lunch like?
i use macs at home and my work PC is not robust enough for any real gaming
mac plays tf2, albeit rather poorly
@ThomasMcDonald today we had thanksgiving for lunch! the turkey was okay, and the stuffing was pretty good. congratulations on your offer!
@ThomasMcDonald i own the orange box on xbox
9:52 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Since mid-2010 as I recall.
@ThomasMcDonald are they serious sam promos? :P
i imagine that the game is old enough that a recently purchased thinkpad might be able to handle it, am i correct?
@AbbyTMiller I still fail to grasp the concept of Thanksgiving, but from what I understand it's an excuse to eat too much and drink too much.
@AbbyTMiller Stuffing is the best part of thanksgiving dinner anyways
@AbbyTMiller Yeah, but Valve has barely touched TF2 on Xbox 360 or PS3. I think they have 5 and 3 updates respectively. The PC version has had over 200 updates, including... 13 major update, I believe.
9:54 PM
@AbbyTMiller if @badp's laptop can play tf2, I imagine anything can play it
@ThomasMcDonald Don't try it on a 2007ish Macbook. ;)
aright, i'm convinced.
I played TF2 on one long enough to get the Earbuds when TF2 for Macs first came out.
i'll give it a try on my work pc when there's a slow moment.
(not frequent.)
@Powerlord Yeah, it plays pretty slowly on my 2010 mbp, but it worked okay for idling ;)
9:55 PM
@AbbyTMiller it doesn't scale down as much as Quake Live does, but it certainly can run on pretty much any dedicated GPU
although I hardly had the same level of performance tweaks @badp has
yesterday, by badp
user image
@ThomasMcDonald I know my Win7 laptop can play it if I do what @badp did on his laptop.
that said, I got like 5fps from HL2:Ep2 on the laptop I had before this one :P
It's like my eyes are being raped by 1000 needles
9:55 PM
Intel integrated shit.
Not a day goes by that I'm not completely surprised by how awesome SE is.
@ThomasMcDonald you can very definitely get used to it
woo, last episode of Fresh Meat this series is on in five minutes
@Ronan you been watching it?
I'm rather curious why someone up voted this question
9:58 PM
@AbbyTMiller And since it seems a bit superfluous to send another email immediately afterwards, I just got that email.
Q: How do I find Lydia if I've lost her?

demonhunterrI just finished the quest Diplomatic Immunity, but for some reason, Lydia (my current follower) is nowhere to be found. I'd like to find her: she has all of my gear! If a follower like Lydai disappears, where can I find him or her?

@AbbyTMiller TF2 these days requires you to do a quick "training course" thing the first time you run it... well, there's a total of 4, but I'm not sure if the other 3 are required.
@Wipqozn whistles
@Powerlord that'll probably be good for me, i'm crap at PC shooter controls
all you need to know is W and M1, then you can play Pyro
9:58 PM
@Mana well, it's fine now. Mark fixed the massive issues it had. I didn't even know what the person was trying to ask.
i've been a console gamer since high school, and before that all i played was commander keen.
@Thom No it didn't look that good. Is it?
@Rona It's hilarious, if a little completely unrealistic.

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