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12:23 AM
Q: Are the MVP achievements in Battlefield 3 stacked?

HarpalThere are 3 MVP achievements in Battlefield 3, They are: Most Valuable Player Finish as MVP in a ranked match 1st Loser Finish as 2nd MVP in a ranked match It's better than nothing! Finish as 3rd MVP in a ranked match If I unlocked the "Most valuable player" achievement, h...

12:45 AM
Q: Why there is 2 bar on weapon's stats?

Luc MWhen you chose weapons on your class, why there is 2 bars ( white and blue ) for each statistics ?

12:59 AM
Question for folks who have been involved in SE site closed betas -- Is it bad form to just ask some of the best questions from the Area 51 proposal? For some reason I was under the impression that these were automatically used to seed the initial content, but apparently not.
@sjohnston AFAIK perfectly allowable, but make sure they're good questions :)
Q: Am i a MW3 NOOB?

Craig DayAm I a NOOB if I get killed every now and then (maybe once every 2 missions) in the "Regular" MW3 campaign? I am definitely not as accurate in my targeting as some of the vids I have seen, but I make pretty good progress. Currently about 33% through after 3 hours of play.

Q: What determines which challenges show on the custom class and lobby screens?

Ian PugsleyOn the custom class and multiplayer lobby screens, if you hit X (on the Xbox 360), challenges are displayed. What determines which challenges are shown using this interface, and is it different between the two screens?

1:25 AM
Hello to the his!\
@RavenDreamer wat
@RavenDreamer stares
In retrospect, trying to pluralize "hi" was doomed to failure.
@RavenDreamer Yes. Yes it was.
@Mana No, it wasn't.
And yes, I am just disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing.
Also, Hitler.
1:35 AM
I see AlliedModders took their boards offline. I wonder if that's because Steam's forums got hacked and they were running the same VBulletin version
Also, bacon.
1:50 AM
I thought about buying a McRib once, then I remembered McDonalds is terrible.
Although I will admit I enjoy their french fry flavoured salt.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm tempted to ask all my gay friends if they have ever had a stroke.
That's cute, my votes are being recorded backwards in L4D2.
@Wipqozn They might take your use of stroke for a different meaning and answer yes.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not sure if stroke caused gay, or just really good coming out excuse.
1:56 AM
@RavenDreamer I'm assuming the latter, but it is funnier if we assume the former.
wtf, I attached a debugger, but it's telling me "no symbols loaded."
I know it's running a Debug build. >:/
@Powerlord I read that as "wtf, I attached a douchebag..."
So I think it's time to get more caffeine.
All I know is I need to step through the code to find out why the vote is arriving incorrectly.
Is it only in L4D that it's backwards?
if game == l4d2. result *= -1
@RavenDreamer It's backwards in TF2, but I expect it to be backwards there.
TF2 is 0-4 numbered, but since Yes is in the 0 slot, 0 = Yes and 1 = No.
2:00 AM
That's neat.
But L4D2 returns "Yes" and "No"
(and they are 1 and 0 respectively in its other code)
Yay for consistency.
Well, like I said, it's because TF2 supports multiple choice votes.
Oh, hey.
46k rep.
@RavenDreamer gratz
@RavenDreamer Can I borrow some rep?
2:08 AM
What for?
@RavenDreamer I'm greedy?
@RavenDreamer Can I kill you and then disguise as you to steal your identity?
FYI, Skyrim Preload is up, for the boiled water vapor inclined.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Which means...
@Brettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! I can has games now?
@RavenDreamer I went the Amazon route. :(
2:11 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz where at...? Steam? Because I don't see it
I made a dumb mistake.
@Wipqozn Yeah, Steam. It should be up according to announcements.
Note to self: stricmp(voteString, "Yes") and stricmp(voteString, "Yes") == 0 are opposites.
And I think I'll change that to strcmp since I can see it's exact case.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What time is it for you?
2:14 AM
9:15 PM
That may be the reason I don't see it, if you are ahead of me.
@LessPop_MoreFizz never mind, I'm an hour ahead
Clearly steam just hates me.
Eminently Superior Time.
@Wipqozn Possibly because you are from Soviet Canuckistan America's Hat.
@LessPop_MoreFizz <insert a joke about Canada being a hat and Team Fortress 2 here>
Q: How do I customize my kits between matches?

Michael PryorIt doesn't seem like it's possible to customize your kit, except for when you are playing or in the main menu (i.e. not between matches). Or am I missing something?

Q: what happens on XP points of second player in dual screen?

Luc MWhen you play on dual screen, the second player gets some XP points depending on his performance during the match. I think that the main player, the one who owns the account, get those points to get higher level. But what happens with XP of the second player ? Do his points are lost when the ma...

Q: Which aspects of alchemy will be included in Skyrim?

CoomieOne of the things I loved about Morrowind and Oblivion was the ability to Alchemy, the ability to make potions. Which of the following will be included in Skyrim? Collecting ingredients in the wild Buying ingredients from stores The alchemy instruments (mortar and pestle, retort, calcinator...

@Wipqozn IMO There should be a TF2 hat in the shape of Canada available only to canadian TF2 players.
2:19 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz That would be awesome.
Ugh. Bad lasers. Don't give me bad questions.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Call it "Capt. Canada"
Oh, Berlusconi is resigning?
2:42 AM
Q: Modern Warfare 3: Viewing stats online

RapidaIs there anyway to view Modern Warfare 2 stats (such as KD, level, etc) online (via a browser, not using the in game options)? I'm particularly interested in something for Xbox 360.

3:00 AM
these are amazing
start at the end and work forward to today
just brilliant
3:24 AM
whacks XFactorServers Fix my server's FTP server.
I really don't like not being able to upload new files.
Q: How do you purchase the bad characters in LEGO: Pirates of the Carribean?

Doozer BlakeIn LEGO: Pirates of the Carribean, how do you purchase any of the bad/evil characters, like Davy Jones, the hammerhead shark guy, etc.? If you wait around long enough in the port, the bad guys eventually show up and start fighting. Unlike good characters, which you can purchase directly (hittin...

Q: What are the main differences between Modern Warfare 3 and Modern Warfare 2/Black Ops?

MaardvarkBesides updated plot and new features, were any actual changes made to the game engine or the graphics, etc.? It seems to me as though they are basically all the same.

3:42 AM
@MrNovember Sunday?
4,000 rep!
> If any of you folks were considering buying Modern Warfare 3, don't. It's a horrible, embarrassing pile of trash. The game is so bad that it has retroactively eliminated all of the fun I had in the COD franchise since the first game. It's graphically dated, the animations are beyond horrible and the combat sound feels lifted straight out of a free to play browser FPS.
> It's a complete embarrassment for a series that despite its naysayers would consistently put out a quality product. It's a marked step down from Modern Warfare 2 and somehow looks worse than it's predecessor. It plays like a Chinese free-to-play knockoff of a Quake game running a second-rate mongoloid-coded Modern Warfare mod. Nothing about this game feels even remotely like a Triple A Call of Duty title.
> I am physically and emotionally stunned by how bad this game is and feel as though I cannot fully articulate it's badness without resorting to bloodshed.
Wow. Harsh.
Q: Character limit for editing a post?

Mr. NovemberRecently, I was looking at Dungeon Defender questions when I noticed a slight inaccuracy in one of the answers. The ETA of a patch. It was originally the 7th, but had been changed to the 9th. Unfortunately, a simple change from "7th" to "9th" wasn't allowable. I had to edit more! I ended up just ...

@LessPop_MoreFizz Wow. I am speechless
3:51 AM
@sjohnston Karen is bad at math.
I noticed that
Q: Is it possible to obtain a set of the Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys?

SilverM-AI have a few crates in my inventory that I would like to open. I wondered if it was possible to have a pack of keys? I am not talking about trading. I'm talking about one item that gives me X keys. With sets, usually, the price is cheaper. I also wondered if there was a better time to another to...

Also apparently not real adept at metaphors.
@sjohnston or spelling.
> My boyfriend who is thinking of going to law school, says that means jurisdiction is irreverent.
@LessPop_MoreFizz There are numerous terrible things occurring in that sentence
3:55 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz I don't think you've said anything yet today that hasn't physically pained me
I couldn't stand to read more than like 5 of those tumblr posts
@IanPugsley I am sorry you find the idea of a canada shaped TF2 hat to be physically painful.
2 hours ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
@Wipqozn IMO There should be a TF2 hat in the shape of Canada available only to canadian TF2 players.
okay I lied
that one was good
4:36 AM
Huh, weird, I can see that L4D2 has an All Talk vote option, but I can't find its translation string.
Q: Modern Warfare 2/3 Similarities

Glenn NelsonI've had a few debates with friends over the whole CoD franchise and all, and one of their biggest and most recurring points is that Modern Warfare 3 is the same as Modern Warfare 2 but with changed characters, weapons, and locales. The storyline being the same. What, if anything, in Modern Warf...

Q: "Double XP" vs "Double Weapon XP" in MW3

DesignerGuyWhat's the difference between "Double XP" vs "Double Weapon XP" in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3?

Q: Sanctum - can't shoot strawberry fish

AlainIn sanctum (for steam), there's three achievements related to shooting strawberry fish, but no matter how much I shoot them, or what game mode, I never get any progress towards any of the achievements. Is there a known bug or glitch related to these achievements, and is there any workaround?

Anyone know a good server to level strange weapons
4:52 AM
any trade server
5:04 AM
Q: How do you earn prestige points in MW3?

DesignerGuyHow do you earn prestige points/tokens in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? Is it only from leveling up to 50? Is there any other way?

Q: Can't remember name of early 90's Table top 4player racing game

alastairIt had kind of an off road feel, except you were looking straight down on the track. After each level you could upgrade your truck. 4 players, one for each side of the table. Sounds like Off Road, but is not. It was more fun and ate quarters like there was no tomorrow. I can't remember, but it p...

Q: Random Stone Brick Replacement with Worldedit in Minecraft

Kort PlecoHow does one randomly pattern mossy and cracked stone brick among regular smooth stone brick using worldedit? Is there a script for it or does the "vanilla" worldedit have the capabilities of doing that? I'm trying to create some stronghold-esque ruins and regular smooth stone doesn't have the r...

5:25 AM
Q: Where are the saves stored for Binding of Isaac?

eldeeFirstly- I know you can't save your game in BoI.. that's not what this question is about :) I'm referring to the local save data, like unlocks, collection, stats, etc. I move between three computers regularly (home pc, laptop, and work computer) and it's a pain in the ass not having all of the c...

6:13 AM
Green Hill Zone, go!
6:38 AM
Q: Is there a way to search for a particular type of resource?

sjohnstonI often need to track down a specific type of tree, rock, animal, etc. However, the zone map doesn't seem to give any indication of what resources are where. I have to either rely on my limited memory, or just wander in hopes of finding what I'm looking for. Is there any way in game, on the site...

Q: Is there somewhere I can see my favor with all the gods?

sjohnstonThe only way I know to find out my current favor is to ask a shrine, and this only tells me the favor I've accrued for one god. Is there any way to view all my favor ratings simultaneously?

6:59 AM
Q: Modern Warfare 3 Crashes on Launch: How can I get it running?

Jarrod MosenWhen I attempt to launch any part of Modern Warfare Three on my PC through Steam, it crashes immediately, and this happens (multiplayer as example): Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: iw5mp.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4eb37b9f Fault Module Name: Sta...

7:47 AM
Q: Do "Special Ops" mission level ups carry over to Multplayer mode weapons and perks?

Sean GallagherI started out playing Special Ops, and unlocked a few guns and gained rank. I wasn't really paying attention when I dove into Multiplayer... But does anyone know if what you achieve in Special Ops transfers to Multi-player leveling?

8:04 AM
Oh god. It hasn't even finished one!
Q: Can [untagged] have a tag wiki?

Ben BlankI try to keep an eye on untagged and keep its population low. A couple of days ago it occurred to me that a tag wiki inviting others to do the same might be a good idea and so submitted an edit for consideration. Shortly afterward, I was awarded the reputation for an accepted edit. However, th...

Q: How does Quick Scoping or "Feather" Scoping work in Modern Warfare 3?

Sean GallagherI know some may cry "foul" or "cheating" but I'm really fascinated by the people who seem to be amazing marksman in the Modern Warfare series via a quick scope kill. Can anyone detail out the mechanics of quick scoping for MW3? I'm on xbox 360.

Q: can't remember the title of a myst-like game from the 90s

AndrewThe only things I remember was the plot went something along the lines of "You're friends are jerks and make you break into this gated house" (passably a museum or art gallery) I remember there being a bar at the bottom of the screen, Health probably?

Apparently the computer had hibernated and thus stopped uploading. Why do you think I left you on overnight?! So you could turn off when I went to bed?!
8:30 AM
Dungeon Defenders survival mode takes too long.
@RonanForman You know, you can set it up so it doesn't do that. Also, so it doesn't apply updates and reboots by itself. That's the default setting I use; not even my laptops hibernate when I close the lid, they just turn off the monitor.
8:57 AM
Q: How do enemies and monsters level up?

DrakeI remember that Oblivion implemented a behavior that level up monsters and enemies at the same time as main character. How does it work in Skyrim? Is this behavior still partially or totally present?

9:21 AM
Q: Regarding a former ps1/2 game

TommyI can't remember which console it was on, but think it was the PS. It was a fighter game that i bought in USA cause it didnt come out in Europe. It was based on asian weapons and styles, and you fought with your character trough either story mode or vs as normal games. What was special about this...

9:34 AM
@Mvy Flag it, they'll check it.
Already done.
Seems gone now
Oh now
dreaming :P
Q: Who wants to exchange my WoW cataclism account with sTES V Skyrim?

GevorgWho wants to exchange my WoW cataclism account with sTES V Skyrim? Contact me: Theflare@live.ru (MSN,Mail)

Q: What does Facebook Login do in MW3 Multiplayer?

BoraI see there is a Facebook Login in the MW3 Multiplayer main menu and I wonder What it actually does. Will I have to install a Facebook App in my Profile? If it works as an announcer, can I set who sees my actions and to what extent? For example: I want only my close friends and not my co-worker...

Not gone, just downvoted enough to disappear from the front page.
Oh god. 3 hours of Dungeon Defenders to get a familiar.
It's 5am time for bed.
1 hour later…
11:11 AM
@MrNovember The alternative is that you start downloading the game on Sunday, then on average it'd be faster to drive to a shop and bring the physical copy home.
Q: Gaming grants - pre-orders and electronic reciepts

theoriseA successful grant applicant is required to send a copy of an electronic receipt. I have pre-ordered a game and I believe that (at least with Amazon), the money does not get taken out of my account until the item has been dispatched, so my original pre-order email isn't technically a receipt: ...

Q: Starcraft 2 license problem on the website

comI have problem with my license. The strange thing is that I have it only at website- when I log into my SC2 account in the game everything is working well. What's going on? Below screnn from the website:

Still no MW3 :(
Still no BF3 :(
11:30 AM
Is Gravatar down or something?
> Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.gravatar.com
It can on my end, but it's struggling.
This is why hotlinking Gravatar isn't such a good idea.
And now Imgur is having issues too.
Yea the imgur issue is ruining my morning
Zis lookz like brokenffest.
11:40 AM
Q: How to cross the room with symbols on the floor

jwaddellWhat is the logic behind the room with the symbols on the floor in the French Chateau? I realise I need to follow the directions in the journal, but it seems that even when I take exactly the same path I fail at different points.

12:04 PM
Q: When does Elite start for PC-Users

oeziDoes anybody know when Call of Duty Elite will start for PC-users? I read about they're having security-problems on this interview so theres only the PS3- and X-Box-version available aut the moment and that the PC-version will have limited functionality, but i couldn't find information about the...

Q: How tough are enemies on Hardened and Veteran difficulty on MW3 Singleplayer?

BoraI have been playing the campaign on normal difficulty, and even now, at times, I find myself reading war-related quotes. I can imagine that enemies react faster and are much more accurate with increasing difficulty level. What I really want to know is, the single-player experience is pretty lin...

12:32 PM
@Mvy Still no ArmA3 :(
I wanna play StackExchange 3
Q: What are the main differences between Modern Warfare 3 and Modern Warfare 2/Black Ops?

MaardvarkBesides updated plot and new features, were any actual changes made to the game engine or the graphics, etc.? It seems to me as though they are basically all the same.

Q: Modern Warfare 2/3 Similarities

Glenn NelsonI've had a few debates with friends over the whole CoD franchise and all, and one of their biggest and most recurring points is that Modern Warfare 3 is the same as Modern Warfare 2 but with changed characters, weapons, and locales. The storyline being the same. What, if anything, in Modern Warf...

One's asking for differences, one's asking for similarities
The authors of those two should just get together and have a right nice tea party to discuss their vantage points
The differences one was posted first
Should we close the similarities one as a dupe of the other, or...? While the questions are slightly different, they'll likely end up with the same content as an answer.
12:53 PM
I'd like some way of actually combining the two properly. Unsure how to execute that, though
You could make it like an English end-of-term assignment.
Which I'm coincidentally doing tomorrow.
You're fixing this tomorrow as your English end-of-term assignment? Excellent!
If you can talk my English teacher into allowing that for an IBO Paper 1, sure.
Huh. Looks like the Russians might get Skyrim without Steam. Lucky them, if it's true.
1:09 PM
Oh my god, @Grace, is Fizz a Yordle on a shark?! XD
Q: Does Elite susbcription give advantage?

Luc MWill the Elite subscription give an advantage on player who haven't susbscribed ? Does it give better weapons, perk, equipment ? I know you can participate on daily competition to win real and virtual prizes. You'll have some free downloadable content (maps I guess, avatars...) Will it give you...

also yay, my rep seems to be down to normal
@Lazers You guys closed this, and yet the description is enough for me to make a very good guess (Shivers).
1:27 PM
@Powerlord Vote to re-open?
@Powerlord Hm, that is probably it. I've played a couple hours of that at a friend's house, and that does seem to fit.
Usually if anyone is quick to close it's me, but I would've kept that one open.
@MartinSojka I already did.
But it's the only game I know of where your friends bully you into breaking into a museum.
@Powerlord So the system works as intended, and I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Anyway, I need to get going, I need to be at work in 30 minutes and it takes me about 15 to drive there and 10 to get from my parking spot to work (the fun part about working downtown).
Also, I appear to have gotten a SWTOR beta invite this morning. I wonder if it's fake or legit.
1:37 PM
@Powerlord legit probably
They sent out another wave
if it's for this weekend at least
They also are starting guild deployment
@FallenAngelEyes Everyone's saying it's Stitch
All I know is that I was listening to Messenger from the Deep Sea when I saw the announcement, so it was chuckly
@GraceNote Oh wow, I didn't even think of that
@FallenAngelEyes I wish "guild deployment" would have more of "air drop into combat zone, establish outpost and secure a landing zone, wait out for supplies and reinforcements" feel to it. Alas, it's Bioware.
@MartinSojka In this case it means they've started to invite guilds :P
I know. :)
<- Thought too much about the Mechwarrior announcement recently. ;)
2:01 PM
Q: What is this weapon on multiplayer on the Checkout map in GOW3?

theoriseI have only seen this twice in game and I have no idea what it is, or how to get it?

Q: Can you play a Japanese N64 Game on a European console?

pepijnBack in Europe I have a N64 console. As I am currently living in Japan, I find myself tempted to buy some old N64 games in Japanese. My question thus is: Can you play a Japanese N64 Game on a European console?

@MartinSojka Thanks for the tips, the files were rather big anyway, I think I'll shrink them anyway.
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, their site was offline for maintenance this morning, so I couldn't check.
2:25 PM
Q: Are Pro versions of perks automatically applied when unlocked in the middle of a match?

OrigamiRobotDuring a match, I saw the message "Assist Counts As Kill". I was using the standard Hardline perk which provides access to killstreaks one kill earlier. At the end of the match, the game informed me that I had unlocked the Hardline Pro perk which adds the bonus "every two assists count as one ...

Is MW3 still tanking on Metacritic's user reviews?
@ArdaXi all moderators have taken a look to that question but didn't undelete
just fyi
@badp I recall telling you I wouldn't flag it for that exact reason.
No, you said that if you'd flag it it'd get dismissed as noise.
posted on November 09, 2011 by DMA57361

The first Indie Royale bundle, “The Launch Bundle”, came and went about a week ago now. I grabbed a copy fairly early, mostly to pick up Sanctum and give that a whirl. Now, Sanctum is good enough, but it was two of the other titles from the bundle that have really grabbed my attention, and [...]

2:41 PM
I don't understand how my question is "open ended"
Q: What easter eggs are there on Gears of War 3 multiplayer maps?

theoriseAfter asking this question, I am wondering if there are any other easter eggs on Gears of War 3 multiplayer maps.

People will find moreWhat do you define as an easter egg?
* It'll be a long list
It's our version of Hidden Features Of
@RonanForman Aww, I thought you had haiku'd him.
People will find more, but it isn't like there will be an infinite list. I gave an example in the question of what I think an easter egg is
Oh, there isn't an infinite list of games either, yet we don't do game rec questions
Game recommendations aren't questions
2:44 PM
TBH lists aren't our things. I'm sure a Gears of War 3 wiki will handle that kind of list so much better than we could.
@theorise They're similar in many aspects.
@theorise So what would be the answer to this question?
I'll try again:
What answer would you put a checkmark on?
A list of easter eggs. I could ask 10 questions like this: Are there any easter eggs on [map x] on gow3?
Would that make a difference? Seems more spammy to me
2:45 PM
People will find more
What do you call a secret?
The list will be long
@badp Better?
@theorise So say I answer with 3, and @badp answers with another, different 3.
Which do you give the checkmark?
@RonanForman How about "What is, say, an easter egg?"
Otherwise <3
@ArdaXi whoever edits their question to include all of them first
Q: What is needed for a game's stats to be saved?

Xeon06Last night I played a few games with my friend. While in the last game, I suddenly remembered something I had to do and was about to leave but my friend told me that I would lose my progress if I did so. I stayed until the end, through the scoreboard screen and quit while the next map was loading...

Q: What easter eggs are there on Gears of War 3 multiplayer maps?

theoriseAfter asking this question, I am wondering if there are any other easter eggs on Gears of War 3 multiplayer maps.

Q: Looking for old squad based game on the amiga

Rafael CelerierI'm looking for the name of an old squad based game. Where you would control (American?) soldiers. I remember the viewpoint being from above. And you had to do some missions to get to the next. Now i don't know the era it was in (Probably either WW2 or Vietnam?) . Also if your soldiers are killed...

@theorise So you do agree no answer is definitive.
2:47 PM
I could find a huge number of 'list' questions on here right?
I'd hope not.
@theorise Not open ones.
They're mostly older questions from when we didn't have a proper policy on them yet.
@DMA57361 I wonder if you'd like any of the adventure games made by TellTale Games. They split them into several parts, which make for shorter, standalone games that are still related. Their first major series, Sam and Max Save the World (aka Sam and Max: Season 1) was split into 6 parts.
For example, when I was more naive, I'd posted this
A: What cars are available in NFS:W?

badpStarting cars (tier 1) Car Spd Acc Hnd k$ ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Mazda MazdaSpeed 3 200 175 150 20 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT ...

2:48 PM
For this question, the undefined nature of what constitutes something being an easter egg is a much larger issue than the "list" issue
I naively thought somebody would help me keep this list up to date
I don't even know how hopelessly outdated that list is
And then let's not get into the problem of dynamic lists like that one League of Legends list of champs by damage type.
Well it rises an interesting issue with the lists
"A virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message or an in-joke in a work such as a computer program, web page, video game, movie, book or crossword. "
Pretty definitive imho
@theorise What's intentional?
How do you know if it's intentional?
good morning everyone
2:51 PM
@ArdaXi intentional.. why are we arguing about language? It is pretty obvious the example I posted on the question is an intentional addition to the game
it isn't a bug or some anomaly
@theorise I wouldn't necessarily call that extinguisher an easter egg.
What makes it 'hidden'?
What would you call it then?
@theorise A weapon.
@theorise Did you just ask @ArdaXi why he argued about something?
2:52 PM
How does it differ from the other gameplay mechanics?
@Wipqozn This is from his early days, he doesn't know me yet.
@ArdaXi it isn't a weapon... it serves no purpose to the actual game play
Except it does?
@ArdaXi ah, the poor innocent soul.
@Wipqozn don't be patronising
@theorise You can't kill someone with it?
Anyway, I'm off to work.
2:53 PM
@theorise He's talking jokingly.
@theorise He's not. He's joking.
@ArdaXi Try not to strangle any customers.
I used to work in retail as well, so I know it can be a challenge.
@ArdaXi no, well it is an execution so they have to be 'near death', I guess it is a little complicated
@Wipqozn I'll try to work out what you mean and then not do it on the way over.
@ArdaXi ...god dammit lol
2:54 PM
Take this question that we decided to allow for... some reason
Q: Hidden areas in Portal 2 single player campaign?

Warren  PAre there any hidden areas in the Portal 2 single-player campaign? I have finished the game a few times, and have had a casual look around for any fun hidden areas, but I must have missed them.

There's still no one answer with all the items
If I recall correctly it was Arda who raised a big issue about that one question.
by which I mean
@Mana cough
it was Arda who wanted it reopened after you closed it badp and I was definitely not involved nope not ever
Oh right. Heh, everyone's so dramatic.
May 5 at 19:37, by Arda Xi
The answer does not change. It's rather trivial to create one right answer that stays correct forever. Nowhere in the body does it ask for one spot per answer.
@badp thanks for the example. I do understand the definitive thing. What I don't understand is that, while the list may never be complete, it is still fun and useful to know
2:56 PM
Nice to see how quickly your opinion changes based on the argument of the day, eh @ArdaXi? :P
That's just me opposing badp
People change, yo! Seasons change.
I know, I know.
I think all of this means we need to go to meta.
I operated under the assumption that the list of "hidden areas" in the Portal 2 single player was both finite and very understood.
2:58 PM
Uh... so why is "hidden areas" okay and "intentionally hidden features" (= easter egg) not okay?
@theorise "fun" unfortunately does not a good question make
"While the list may never be complete" But we want complete things here. We want definitive answers.
What makes it hidden? If I miss it in my gameplay does it make it hidden?
@badp if it isn't "obvious" I guess...
@badp I was under the impression that "hidden areas" were much like "secret techniques", which are defined by being in a specific set, not by the actual adjective.
err... that went way above my head, sorry
3:00 PM
Portal 2 makes it obvious, since most of the hidden areas have achievements. The one I can think of that doesn't has a special developer commentary node.
portal is a very linear game, any areas you don't need to go to are hidden. Gears isn't, you could miss an area that serves a purpose.
When the question first came out, I was under the impression the only hidden areas were those attached to the achievements.
In other words, they aren't identified as hidden because of the adjective, but because of being that set of areas.
There's more.
But what about the superset of areas?
Are they hidden too?
In this screenshot the window at the top is broken and it leads to an "hidden" area that doesn't unlock any achievement
and isn't useful to gameplay
3:02 PM
To look at it another way, the Shinespark and Wall Jump are two secret techniques in Super Metroid that are in hidden places that can be learned there. But there are more complex "hidden techniques" available to do absolutely ridiculous sequence breaking.
I'd consider that going into those latter ones as being too out-of-scope and undefined.
if they're explained why are them secret?
@Wipqozn it is this sort of elitist mob mentality that puts people off joining the discussion here. I know he was joking but in light of the conversation it was uncalled for and it would probably put people off from ever coming here again... the three stars on the comment doesn't help much either.
@badp By not being in the instruction booklet, for the most part.
I'm thinking for example about hero core, where at some late point in the game it tells me up down left right shoot makes a powerful health-draining scrattergun attack that you probably could've used way before the game told you.
Sure, it was secret, up until the game told me.
Same principle applies here
3:05 PM
Which would also apply to the various spells in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, since until you accidentally do them or buy them from someone in the castle, they appear as ???????????????????????? in your spell list.
@theorise If anything it was a punch at Arda, not at you.
@Powerlord Exactly
@Mana I am not taking it personally, just saying.
@theorise Yeah, but it wasn't a critique of you, it was a critique of Arda. :)
@theorise Okay. Well, thanks for the suggestion.
3:06 PM
Incidentally, if you haven't played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and like Metroidvania games, you should get SotN... it's on PSN and XBLA... and on the Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles disc for PSP.
What makes "hidden features" not work is that any obscure feature can be considered for posting, as long as one measly person wasn't aware of it. This is because it is based on the adjective. For a functional question to really work, it needs to operate on a meaning of hidden that isn't merely that adjective.
Surely you can't blame us for having inside jokes
@GraceNote Okay, that's clearer and agreeable. If Warren's question was "what areas must I visit to unlock the X achievement" I wouldn't have objected.
@badp Aye, and that is what I personally perceived the question as meaning. I did arrive late to that whole debacle, though.
There's a task - getting the achievement - and then you're asking how to accomplish it. Awesome.
But... "hidden areas"?
> I have finished the game a few times, and have had a casual look around for any fun hidden areas, but I must have missed them.
Sounds like we can retool it to be better
3:10 PM
So, are there any people here who haven't played Symphony of the Night? :D
I don't think we have anything against list questions per se, right? My last one was a list question. :D
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@Powerlord I've only played Maria Mode. That count?
@MartinSojka I personally dislike list questions.
@GraceNote You imported the Saturn version of the game, or did they put it in one of the other versions?
Saturn version.
3:12 PM
I'm not sure how much you miss by not playing as Alucard...
One of my clanmates pointed out last night that my Battlefield 3 also uses Gravatar
He was looking at my profile and asked me why my picture was Philosoraptor. I told him it was best not to ask
@Powerlord For one thing, you aren't affected by status ailments - makes certain battles way too easy that it's actually kinda disappointing. You also don't get the... um... the one fight in the normal castle that is where the Mummy is in the Reverse Castle.
@Powerlord If it's something you can find out, definitively and exactly, like "How many super mutant overlords are there in the Capital Wastelands?" for FO3? All it takes to answer it is to open the game editor, find the monster, right-click on it, pick "References" (or whatever it's called) and count the references ...
@GraceNote Orlox?
Oh wait, the room I linked to before is connected with the Rat Man Den achievement thing.
3:14 PM
@Powerlord That's it. I knew it was related to Orlok in some fashion.
If you want to get technical about Hidden things, over half the game in Symphony of the Night is hidden.
... and for the corresponding "Where are the super mutant overlords ..." list question, check those references and write them down as a list.
@theorise My apologies if I offended you. It was a joke at ardas, expense, not yours. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously.
Aye. This is what makes it so tricky to identify these things. The same goes for Lethal Crisis, too.
I won't say any more about that since I'm trying to convince people to play it.
3:15 PM
Isn't there a big difference between easter eggs and hidden things though?
Easter eggs are jokes really. Hidden things are game features.
@Wipqozn Sorry I meant to quote the message not @ message you. It wasn't a personal groan, just an overall feeling that was pretty summed up by the one message. :)
Not all Easter Eggs are jokes
I've got a theory, that it's a demon, a dancing demon... no something isn't right there.
The eldest recorded Easter Egg is attribution to the game programmer, after all.
Then there's the Chris Houlihan room, which was a contest-won appearance in a video game that was hidden for years.
@theorise How'd you classify the TF2 pyro tauntkill then?
@badp I have no experience with TF2. hides in shame I agree with you all that easter egg is a pretty abstract term.
3:21 PM
@GraceNote You mean from Adventure for the Atari 2600?
@Powerlord Correct
@theorise OMG WTF BAN!!!!!!!!!!!1
@badp You're not going to mention the Flamethrower taunt, which is ripped directly from Star Wars: A New Hope?
@Powerlord Well, that's not exactly a feature in the same way as a fire extinguisher kill, now, is it? Also I missed the reference since I haven't watched the Star Wars movies.
What is going to happen with this tag then? ;) gaming.stackexchange.com/tags/easter-egg
Well actually it seems you can ask specific questions with the tag
so ignore me
3:29 PM
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@GraceNote Do alternative endings/true bosses in games such as shoot 'em ups typically count as "hidden" as established above?
@badp I'm writing an answer
3:59 PM
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