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12:06 AM
♫ I'm trav'lin' at the speed of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ♪
@NickT that's awesome.
I assume by "fun fact" they mean "watch us trololololol Idra"
Is SC2 an RTS?
@John Are you trolololololing me?
I think so
@Wipqozn So that's a yes? I love RTS games.
hey look, it's @GnomeSlice!
12:11 AM
looks at @GnomeSlice
@NickT That's why you don't give up.
@GnomeSlice Idra is a grumpy player.
@GnomeSlice Very true. I hate it when people give up on me.
Allies and enemies.
I've seen my friend play SC2.
Even in like tournament games.
People just quit and go 'gg'.
@GnomeSlice would that friend be mana?
12:12 AM
And then leave.
@Wipqozn No.
That's foolish.
if you know you're going to lose, people quit
Particularly in a tournament.
no point in going on
12:12 AM
@NickT as far as I can tell, nothing's been sent to me about the BF3 grant.
You could let the game finish.
there is no point
it would be wasting time
normally people will only stretch it on if it is the final match in a tourney
@Wipqozn Tournament players have better things to be doing?
@Wipqozn Except when you would win!
@GnomeSlice No, but they know that spending time on a match they know they will lose is a waste of energy.
12:14 AM
Also, I found out that the bannings I'm getting on KaG servers are only temporary, and are caused by having a high ping.
@Wipqozn But he didn't know he was going to lose!
> Your ping is too high for this server. Try a different one.
@GnomeSlice :( Poor @GnomeSlice. Try getting a better internet connection.
By the way.
You guys should really play that game.
I bought premium today, but mostly just because I wanted to donate. It's so early in development you don't get anything for it yet.
@GnomeSlice What's the name again? King Arthur's Gold?
@GnomeSlice Sell me on it.
12:16 AM
@John It's er... really fun.
Would anyone like to play Xonotic? If not, I'm going to go play KaG.
@GnomeSlice Don't ever go into sales.
@John I'm tired, I don't feel like explaining it.
Think Terraria with combat, and up to 128 players
@GnomeSlice Hmm, maybe I'll try KaG with you...
@GnomeSlice Never played terraria.
@John Me neither.
If I can just make myself get up and walk to a computer it would be ok for me to put it on...
It has a native Linux version! I like that!
12:19 AM
That's definitely an earlier version in that video.
@John where are you in the world?
North America?
Lately AdBlock has started blocking every single YouTube video. But I don't want to whitelist YouTube...
Oh, good, then the close servers will be similar for us.
Anyway, we don't have to play tonight, and it will take you a while to get the hang of it.
@GnomeSlice That sound ominous.....and intriguing....
@John Well, I mean it's simple enough.
But there are strategies people use that you'll need to figure out from playing games.
The tutorial is a png?!?
12:27 AM
@John Apparently. It wasn't very helpful.
Do the 'challenges' they're actually tutorials
And F1 will display a help overlay
@GnomeSlice As soon as I can get it to open...
Could not load game module Base/Juxta.so (errno 115)
@John Erm...?
Installing lib32-nvidia-utils...
"Unable to locate package"
I have no idea, I use Windows.
I extracted the files, ran it, restarted it because it had to update, and off I went.
@GnomeSlice I extracted, double clicked, and nothing happened.
12:31 AM
Check the forums?
Also, you'll need to make an account on the site.
Q: What's the fastest way to earn mana?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftTitle says it all - what's the quickest way to farm mana in dungeon defenders?

Q: PS3 GTA4 expansions, how to choose which to play?

Larry GilliamI downloaded and installed both the Lost and Gay Tony expansions. When I started GTA4 it asked me if I wanted to play Gay Tony, I said no, and Lost loaded. Now it doesn't ask me anymore, it just loads Lost. How can I play Gay Tony or the Original game now?

Q: Anyway to increase mouse sensitivity in DNF past 10?

MarkMy mouse moves really slow in Duke Nukem Forever. I've tried putting it up to 10, and acceleration down to 1, but it's still slow. I've tried editting the config file, but it just gets reset as soon as I load up the game. Is there any way to make it persist? No one else seems to be reporting thi...

Q: See the unit production for a town

Bruce ConnorNavigation a town's menu I can't find this information anywhere. Is there a way to see how many of each unit a given town is producing per week?

@GnomeSlice :( Seriously? NO WANT
@John What? How do you expect to log in to the game then.
It's online multiplayer.
@GnomeSlice I dunno....magic or something... I HAD HOPES
@John You can still try the single player stuff without one
But there isn't much there.
It's not a hard process.
Username, password and confirmation, email and confirmation
12:37 AM
@GnomeSlice Does it have an FAQ anywhere? The checksums match, but it still complains the file isn't the right size.
@John The what? You might try the forums.
@GnomeSlice Been browsing those. Haven't seen anything yet.
@John =[[[[[[[[[[[[[
What's a checksum
Oh wait, @John.
Go back to the download page.
Look at the bottom.
> If for some reason the files aren't working you can try downloading from our ModDB page.
There's a link.
@GnomeSlice Take 2.
@Mana ok?
12:41 AM
Wow, why is the linux version only 2.8 mb?
Oh, that's the server.
@NickT ? I couldn't tell if that's what you wanted to know.
regarding what?
@GnomeSlice Yeh, it's 12.1.
Hey! It's working!
I don't like it when programs change my mouse sensitivity though.
12:43 AM
@John Mine seems the same.
@GnomeSlice Maybe it's related to the screen res. I don't like it though. It's like I have to relearn my mouse. Fortunately, KaG doesn't change it too drastically.
@John For me, the windowed mode goes off the top and bottom of my screen, so I need to play fullscreen which stretches it a bit.
Also, it doesn't like alt+tabbing
@GnomeSlice Neither of those problems here. :D
@John What's your resolution?
Mine is 1366x768... pretty high already.
@GnomeSlice Screen res or game res?
12:47 AM
@John Screen. I don't think the game gives it to you.
@GnomeSlice Good then that's why I couldn't find it.
@GnomeSlice 1600x900
@John Wow Jesus.
@GnomeSlice I know, I'm awesome. :D
Why do these game makers assume everyone has that kind of resolution.
Mine's big for a laptop.
@GnomeSlice Well mine's a desktop. 1600x900 would be a fairly massive laptop.
12:49 AM
My desktop is 1024x768 :P
@GnomeSlice I remember those days. :P
@GnomeSlice I finished the first challenge. Is it going to exit to a menu or do I need to do it myself? Will I lose progress if I do it myself?
@John There is no progress.
You can run any of the three challenges.
You have to do it yourself.
It doesn't really have a single player mode yet
@GnomeSlice Those are sad words.
@GnomeSlice Those are sad words too.
I like "free" though.
12:53 AM
@John I paid for premium today, but you don't get anything yet other than access to premium servers.
Which have nobody in them.
Oh. When it said "quit" it really meant it!
Hah, yeah.
I did that too.
Eh well it won't reopen. I guess I'm done for now. Good night everyone.
@John That happened to me too. :S
1:11 AM
@GnomeSlice WHAT.
@Mana Oh, you are?
Yeah. But no worries. What's up?
I wanted to see what you were doing.
1:14 AM
How can you be studying.
At this hour.
Jesus, I'm such a failure at academia.
It's a programming midterm
all I have to do is understand how to write some code and I'm good to go
So I just open up a terminal window and dick around with C and shell scripting until I feel comfortable.
It's nice and easy and I don't even have to leave my computer to do it.
"Understand x" is the midterm?
@GnomeSlice Well, they make me write code on it, right? And usually the problems they want me to solve are very basic, so it's all about making sure that I can accurately write code.
Can you accurately write the code?
I believe so.
1:19 AM
Augh Netflix is down. :(
I went through all the past midterms and they weren't too bad so I think I'm good for this.
@Mana Good, want to play Xonotic or KaG?
@GnomeSlice Failing at academia is what COOL PEOPLE do.
Are there any active Xonotic servers atm?
@Mana No idea, I need to play it fullscreen as well.
If there are, they're probably not close enough to me.
1:24 AM
Ack, I remember what I got distracted from. These flags.
@GnomeSlice Well, I was doing the flags, and then a friend messaged me on Facebook for Java help, and then I started studying C. And then this.
@Mana this?
@GnomeSlice Yeah, this. Xonotic etc.
this ad shows up on mspaintadventures
user image
Oh boy.
1:27 AM
what the hell am I looking at
@Mana I don't even get it.
That's wonderful.
@GnomeSlice me neither but I find it amusing.
@GnomeSlice well the 10/25 is because EoA5 comes out in holy crap two days
@Mana EoA5?
End of Act 5
I forget where I was.
@Mana Nooooo not right now.
@Mana I escaped.
@GnomeSlice I opened up a server called SecretofMana's Xonotic Server
not sure if it'll show up for you
@Mana Just now? I'll take a look
Hold on, I'll have to open it all up and stuff.
@Mana I don't think I see it.
Why not, I wonder?
1:35 AM
It shows up at the very bottom with 9999 ping for me
not sure why that is
@Mana I did a search by name.
Don't even see it.
What's the first character, S?
Okay no worries. I don't really get how it works
Still want to play?
Fun fact: if TF2WH priced the HOUWAR correctly, @Powerlord would probably get to buy everything TF2WH had on offer and he'd still be short by a clan pride (second most expensive item currently on stock there). I guess credits only take you so far!
@GnomeSlice Yup! I'm just joining some random dm server
1:37 AM
@Mana dm? Server name?
Awesome Server. Deathmatch.
BTW, @GnomeSlice since I know you play a bunch of iOS stuff: have you checked out King of Dragon Pass?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have not, what's that like?
@Mana I broke it, gotta restart.
@GnomeSlice Civilization meets Choose Your Own Adventure meets Dwarf Fortress.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm only familiar with CYOA.
Anyway, playing games fullscreen, but I'll check that out.
@LessPop_MoreFizz $9.99?
@GnomeSlice Worth every @#$@#$ penny.
Just... wat.
the pool table.
... how in the...
Note to self: laugh heartily to the next guy claiming "PHOTOSHOPPED!"
From now on, all images ever are photoshopped.
Probably a bit late to reach this conclusion, but
2:02 AM
Q: Is there enough XP in Payday: The Heist to unlock every upgrade?

Steve V.I've been playing Payday: The Heist, which has three upgrade trees (assault, sharpshooter, support). Each time you gain a level, you proceed one step further up one of the trees. You can only ever be on one tree at any one time, though you can change which tree you're on instantly at any moment...

2:20 AM
A: What are the Endermen?

Chaseg1234567890The enderman are mobs that are 3 blocks tall, black, and glowing eyes. enderman have the ability to pick up blocks and spot you from farther away than any other mob. enderman will not attack unless you attack them first. when enderman attack they will try to teleport behind you and attack you. In...

even then, that question is kind of irksome
I thought 'general reference' questions were bad form; that was essentially a speculative general reference question
@NickT Correct. I think it should be closed.
is he talking about some 1.9 thing though? I have no clue what he's talking about
whitestone? "the end"? enderdragon?
@NickT Yeah, those are all new things for the Minecraft release
3:00 AM
@badp I don't have a HOUWAR
3:30 AM
Whoa, Amazon is no longer listing the Skyward Sword gold remote bundle as for sale from Amazon itself.
> 6 new from $159.99
3:54 AM
Q: Modern Warfare 3 kill streak details?

AlbortWith the impending release of Modern Warfare 3, has there been any word (or what are) the planned perks for kill streaks...?

1 hour later…
5:21 AM
@John That one wasn't even mine.
5:48 AM
Q: How do you use the Dungeon Defender's Portal Gun?

SoreanThe topic pretty much sums up my question. I have not yet figured out how the gun operates aside from the fact that it creates Portal portals. The weapon description indicates that it deals 250+ base damage, but how is that damage applied to the monsters?

1 hour later…
6:55 AM
Q: Surviving multiple enemies at a time

YellowMegaManWhile playing Dark Souls, I'm perfectly able to handle single (standard) enemies one at a time. But, when 2 or more are attacking me at once, I am frequently overcome by them and die. What are some tips for surviving attacks from multiple enemies at once?

8:04 AM
Q: Games for busy people

Erel SegalI love games, but I only have 15 free minutes per month. Where can I find games which I can play instantly, without installation, and fully enjoy my 15 minutes?

8:25 AM
Q: Preloading Battlefield 3 on Origin

Craig PilgrimI know games can be preloaded on steam (downloaded before the day of release so you can play it as soon as it unlocks) but does anyone know if EA's new client Origin will offer the same feature before the release of Battlefield 3 on Friday (UK)? or am I going to have to use the probably heavily o...

2 hours later…
10:01 AM
That guy. 15 minutes free per month... lol.
@theorise Also, finding gaming.SE, but not Newgrounds or Kongregate? I smell a troll.
> To help your students memorize formulas for the area and circumference of a circle, for example, you might invent this whole story about “Mr. C,” who drives around “Mrs. A” and tells her how nice his “two pies are” (C = 2πr) and how her “pies are square” (A = πr²) or some such nonsense.
@MartinSojka I -really- hope he is a troll
maa.org/devlin/LockhartsLament.pdf about how we fail forever at maths and at teaching maths
Should I feel bad that I kinda had to reread the sentence to make sense of "his two pies"?
That's ... so bad I can't even make a dirty joke without wanting to slap myself with a trout.
And I'm all out of trouts.
10:37 AM
@MarcoCeppi Can you host a mumble or ventrilo server on the stackgaming server?
11:08 AM
The featured link tooltip looks a big ugly. Should the grey text just be white? i.imgur.com/UAtod.gif
@theorise It should be. What browser is that?
@YiJiang Chrome dev on os x
Weird, it is white on my Firefox
Could it be the old text-shadow bug?
I just checked in the dev tools and it seems to be inheriting the rule from #tabs a{}
@theorise It's ignoring the !important part in the CSS for .bounty-indicator-tag?
11:17 AM
Yea I was just about to say that
on .bounty-indicator-tab{}
Must be a browser bug then
Looks like a Chrome bug then. I'd clear my caches anyway.
@MartinSojka Yep just cleared the cache and the same thing. It is using both the rules (not crossing off the #tabs a) which is super strange, here is what it shows me.
@theorise I realise now this could be also a spamming scheme. Create two accounts, ask a question like this on one, answer with links to the to-be-advertising site, praising it, on the second some hours later.
wow I am an idiot.. I cropped off the actual css
nevermind, you get the idea
@MartinSojka makes sense, I think I have seen a similar question previously too.
@RonanForman Certainly
11:27 AM
good afternoon all
My friend who went to BlizzCon got interviewed there by Jimmy Kimmel! the clip will be on tonight's show! :D
I have no idea how they work, but we need 2 rooms for saturday
King of Dragon Pass is a Sophisticated Game!
That's one rather old adventuring party.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I thought that was the Half Life symbol at first
@FallenAngelEyes It's called the "Triskelion"
11:39 AM
@MartinSojka The Half Life one is supposed to be a Lambda isn't it?
Yes, the Half-Life one is Lambda.
The one in the picture is a (crude) Triskelion.
Yeah it's a little uh... half-assed
@Martin those are the wise and revered elders of the clan. "Adventuring Party." Pffft.
12:02 PM
@RonanForman That's fine, I've set up Mumble servers before
How's it going LessPop? Is your clan dead yet?
> I always described it as "Oregon Trail, but you've made it to Oregon, and it's already inhabited by pissed off duckfolk, and all the bison you shot on the way have risen from the dead and want revenge".
Yes. That.
My clan lives! We are at war!
Also, we have befriended the Duck People to the west.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ex-Adventuring party who decided to get settled, then.
12:17 PM
(and made them pay enough tribute to feed 100 warriors per year.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz Good. They will betray you and murder you for food when they starve.
That or they will swear a blood feud and perform a Heroquest and have their unkillable murder deity come to wipe us out.
Sounds like this "befriending" involved much bloodshed and capturing of womenfolk, then. Just like in the old times.
I will need to sacrafice many hostages and cows if I wish to avoid such a fate.
@Martin the game actively punishes you for trying to behave in a rational and scientific manner.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Given the technology presented, capturing womenfolk is actually rather rational.
12:20 PM
If you have a plague in your herds, quarantining and trying to diagnose it makes the clan upset. Engaging in a sacrifice to the gods ends the plague.
You can capture womenfolk.
I do so regularly, when raising my enemies, the hated and treachorous Aerlanthi.
Wait, there is a Bitcoin.SE???
@MartinSojka What took you so long? :P
I think this image just about sums it up
12:28 PM
Bitcoins are crashing?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Lost 2/3 of its value in two months
Last I checked Area51 was some months ago, to see how Russian.SE is coming along, and I didn't even notice Bitcoin.SE being proposed there ... :D
@LessPop_MoreFizz That is simultaneously the most dumb and brilliant thing I have ever seen.
@LessPop_MoreFizz War ergo sum?
12:37 PM
@badp Bello ergo sum.
As if I didn't know "bello." I just wonder who else knows "bello" here.
"... para bellum" (from "sic vis pacem, para bellum") should at least be known. :)
I know enough dog Latin to know bellum/bello
Antebellum is actually a pretty important word used in American history for example.
(specifically, it's used for the pre-civil war period.)
Speaking of history, how long does it take for a SE site in private beta to enter open beta? History.SE in this case. :)
So the "charging" led of my laptop is irregularly blinking
and my monitor's having a hard time adjusting the screen luminosity accordingly
oh look, it's finally over.
This is fucking annoying.
Yet with how expensive battery chargers are, I need to squeeze all the life from each and every one of them.
12:48 PM
@MartinSojka Feh, 7 days
*Slaps self for not reading*
Well, usually 7 days. If the site isn't "ready" by then they'll extend it a bit I think
Ok, thanks (History is 12 days in private beta, I hope it'll get open soon - my one Gaming.SE question might have more luck there :)).

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