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12:06 AM
@Lazers I don't know what to add for a game title tag here. The full title of the game is Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness (not Death) but doesn't fit and neither does
12:41 AM
Well, my groups video project for school hit youtube...for Metal Gear Solid fans, its our little parody of it..
12:52 AM
@SimonSheehan watching it now
Awesome @Wipqozn
@SimonSheehan I am awesome, thank you
Haha. that too!
Isn't that first guard the same fellow who played colonel cambell?
Yep :P
We were a group of 5. I filmed it all, one kid refused to do any acting.
So our options were limited :p
We weren't able to get costumes very well... Didn't have time to because we just suddenly went "OKAY, one guys working so LETS FILM!"
But hey, if snake is going to infiltrate a school, he better blend in
12:56 AM
The Annual Moonshine Festival starts tomorrow! :D
@SimonSheehan well, if you flew on down to good ol' Nova Scotia I would have been happy to help
For a price.
@SimonSheehan I love how your message is now a response to a message made after your message
Thanks :D
@Wipqozn We originally were told no violence...then when we finished filming we were told we COULD have done some violence
Were you not allowed to show violence ?
Replying to a message made afterwards is even better though :P
god dammit @Mana, now I'm going to be forced to loop that queen song too
1:02 AM
@ArdaXi Mind if I quote that? :P
Q: Ratchet & Clank All 4 One: How do I know I've hit a save point?

fbreretoI recently loaded up my single player game to discover I had to re-do a large section of a level; apparently I didn't progress completely through a section though I thought I had. I thought once I found the scannerbot (where you are given a summary of bolts/enemies/pets/etc.) that was a "save poi...

@Wipqozn Never heard that one before. Only "We Will Rock You" and "Another One Bites The Dust".
@John Quote what?
@John IT's a classic.
Google had the song, along with their own animation, as one of their doodles
@Wipqozn The most starred post of @ArdaXi currently, obivously...
@Wipqozn Welp, heard it now! Time to add it to my playlists...
1:29 AM
Q: How do I reset my Playstation Network password?

Chirag PatelAfter the downtime with Playstation's Network, I seem to be having trouble logging in. The error message is "The sign-in ID (e-email address) or password is incorrect." What is the best way to reset the password? I don't see the option in the menus and can't find it anywhere on the web.

1:45 AM
@Mana how went the ladder plaY?
@Mana Tournament tonight?
Good, good. Lost a few games.
GSL Finals. They start at 12:00 AM EST hahahaha
I'd prefer to sleep.
I love sleep.
Yeah, sleep is nice, I agree.
Also, I thought the GSL was over the weekend?
1:47 AM
I'm probably gonna watch some anime instead
well if you don't watch the final match
we can always watch the replay tomorrow
IT will be like it's happening at that time
@Wipqozn You need to pay to get access to the VODs
There is some tournament this weekend though
I bought my season ticket
1:48 AM
There is the Blizzcon tourney but you definitely don't want to watch it
Why is this?
They're showing the wrong matches.
ah I see
There are tons of big names duking it out and they're showing obscure ZvZs
oh wow
that's just silly
Also, watching this day9 video. On drone timing. Soooo helpful.
I never thought about larva in the way he is stating it
2:16 AM
Oh snap @Mana
I just noticed the Winni the pooh poster in day9's video
2:28 AM
@Wipqozn hahaha
he is quite the hilarious guy.
Q: What are the most lucrative planetary materials to produce?

Mark RogersThere are a wide range of planetary materials to produce, each material is produced on two of many different planet types. Each planetary material can further be refined and combined with other materials into yet more advanced materials. The problem is that sometimes the raw materials sell for ...

3:19 AM
@Mana what time do the finals start?
@Mana nevermind
40 minutes
yeah, won't be up for that
40minutes for me = 1am
When I was a wee little one, much like yourself, I used to have many late nightr
but in my old age @Mana...
just can't do it anymore
these bones are not as young as they used to be
True brae.
it's late
but I feel like getting in one more game of SC2 before I head off
3:33 AM
@Wipqozn Haaaaaaa, you got snuuuuubbed from our Starcraft date
3:55 AM
@Mana :(
just had a good gam
I lost, but feel really good about the game
I had 6 bases going
I ended up losing since he had void rays + colissus and I wasn't prepared for the void rays at all
he had his base fairly well protected
I should have used a changling
I forgot about those thigns
oh woiw
something else I did really wrong
I attacked his base
but my infestors were way int he back
so they couldn't get off any fungal growths
which caused a lot of problems
I hit 200 way before him
but I waited too long before I moved out
he attacked me with DT and I didn't position of my overseers correctly so he picked off a few units too
delaying me more
damn, if I attacked right as I hit 200, which I should have, I probably would have won the game
in fact I would have won the game
Since he didn't start his void rays yet
well no
My bad army placement still would have resulted in a loss I believe
Actually I did a lot of things wrong, which isn't a surprise
but I also did a lot of things right
One thing I realized is I need more vespine
I think I had 10k minerals, but I had very little vespine so it bottlenecked my ability to rebuild
I also got sloppy with my queen larva-gen as well
I'll need to re-watch this tomorrow
I think this will be a good game to learn from
Anyways, I'm off. Enjoy gsl @Mana
4:53 AM
So, TF2's Halloween update will be next week.
However, in order to participate in the new Halloween gift system, as server has to be registered. Needless to say, all mine are registered.
> We're going to be launching some new Halloween content in the near future and wanted to give you all a quick heads-up. There will be random gift drops, but this year we are requiring that participants register their servers. If you choose not to register, you can still run the Halloween maps, but no gifts will drop on your server.
> By registering, your server will also be included in matchmaking, which will potentially drive traffic to you. Note that cheating or otherwise abusing the gift drop system will result in losing your registration, access to gift drops and other potential value-adds in the future.
> You still have plenty of time, as this change won't be going live until next week. Registration is quick and simple, and is outlined here<https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2825-AFGJ-3513#how>.
(The last part may be useful for Marco)
So, since TF2 has a holiday only thing, should we possibly reschedule our Game Ons and schedule TF2 for one of the ones a week or two from today (the only two weeks of the event)
1 hour later…
6:02 AM
Q: Civilization 5 Elizabeth-specific achievement domain?

AlbortThe achievement specifically tied to Elizabeth (that's the English) is as follows: Ruler of the Seas As Elizabeth, sink and destroy 357 enemy naval units, across any number of playthroughs. So my question is: do embarked land units count as naval units towards this total?

7:01 AM
That was an amazing final match.
Bed time now.
1 hour later…
8:26 AM
Hey my newspaper has a gaming section. TF2 has made $2 million for the man co store, Sony has been hacked and a US senator denies getting his tax ideas from Sims 4. Cool.
Old, older, oldest.
Sorry, TF2 players have earned more than $2 million.
And Sony has been hacked again.
@RonanForman I know, week or two ago.
It's a weekly bit, so it probably happened on saturday.
Also, unsurprisingly halo and kinect are being mixed as if no-on noticed they're both the same as something their target audienc already owns.
Buy this game! Is not the same as those past 5 games with the same title, honest.
1 hour later…
9:49 AM
so are the rayman titles any good?
Q: Minecraft Java Native Code Crashing

Declan McbrideEvery time I log in to Minecraft, after recently downloading it onto my desktop, I notice that a couple of seconds in, if not straight away, the program freezes and closes. The following message appears: A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VI...

10:01 AM
gah. fail. I apologize
10:14 AM
fucking psn updates
everytime I play gt5, I want to buy an expensive racing wheel
which I will perhaps use once
gt5 game music is the best
10:33 AM
smooth jazz
I see your average cars and I raise you my Lotus Elise
although the handling on it is dire
can't be worse than the Supra
I think I must have had the wrong tires on
10:44 AM
because the back was going everywhere
yay question
Q: How to turn fake players off in PES 2012 Master League mode?

Lord_BlizzardI've already managed to "unlock" well hidden option to actually have real players in Master League mode, but the fake (made up by Konami) players are still there and are even suggested when you for example go to the transfers. How to turn them off and leave only the real players, the authentic on...

Q: How do I customise my suspension settings?

Thomas McDonaldI have just purchased a 'Fully Customisable Kit' so I can tune my suspension based off a guide I found, but I cannot find an option anywhere that will let me change the suspension settings after equipping the item in the Tuning Shop. There must obviously be one somewhere, so where is it?

11:15 AM
I just managed to turn my windscreen wipers on
11:38 AM
Tried running through Bit Trip Core's Discovery on Audiosurf
from cutscene to high score name entry as executed by SoulSilverIV here
in ninja pro. Got 401,128 and no ninja :(
was fun tho
want to see how it works in Beat Hazard.
@badp Oh cool
11:53 AM
@FallenAngelEyes do you have Beat Hazard Ultra?
Wanna try this in coop?
Sure :)
I haven't tried co-op yet
uh... do we need to have the same song to play it?
@badp I was just about to ask that... hrm. I don't have that song...
11:55 AM
We can fix that
yeah, it appears we do
ah, do you get an error if you try to play?
It's just not on the list
12:11 PM
I've now seeded Ubuntu 11.4 134 times over.
12:26 PM
uh, we're at 11.10 now
yeah I know
not updated it on my seedbox yet
1:33 PM
Heavy mask get.
also trying to get used to the scout hat set
@badp Mask?
So do I answer my earlier question now I've found the answer, or do I wait for someone else to come along and answer it
@ThomasMcDonald Go ahead.
Q: Information on Taco Bell games from 2000

Pubby8I'm trying to find information on games that Taco Bell gave away in 2000 on floppy disks. I think there was around 4-5 of them, but I only know the name of 2. I do remember that one of them took place in space. A few screenshots and short description of the game is all I'm looking for. Here's ...

@Lazers tag.
Even I didn't see that coming.
1:54 PM
Hello ladies and gentlemen
alright man
I wont be playing game on tonight because I have no intention of signing up for League of Legends
also tomorrow night I have a tf2 match
@Mana Very?
and got the haunted scrap
I probably need two though
or three. or four.
2:23 PM
You guys should check this out.
Fun game, that one.
@badp Oh, you played it?
It was excellent. Totally caught me by surprise.
I need to find the soundtrack. The only song I'd heard before was Paper Dolls by 4mat.
And I didn't write down any of the tracks.
I didn't understand a lot of the computer stuff, but I still enjoyed it.
Also, wow, King Arthur's Gold is a lot of fun.
2:38 PM
@GnomeSlice Is it a terraria mod?
@Wipqozn No. It's a standalone game.
@GnomeSlice made by the same people?
@Wipqozn No, it's made my the creator of Soldat.
It's really not much like terraria other than in looks.
It's faster paced, simpler, much more hectic, and free.
@GnomeSlice I'm asking since the graphics bear more than a striking resemblance to terraria
@GnomeSlice how many players?
@Wipqozn I saw some servers in the list with a 128 player limit.
It does share similarities with Terraria, for example the builder character class can mine stone and wood and build various constructions out of them.
But unlike in Terraria, it's team based multiplayer, and structures can be collapsed by destroying the foundations.
@Wipqozn I've been holding off adding this to the Game on! thread because I just suggested Xonotic recently.
2:46 PM
Q: What software do i need to use a Playstation DualShock 2 pad on OS X?

Jakobso i've got a DualShock 2 pad and a USB adapter, and i want to use it with a Mac. What software do i need to install for it to work?

@GnomeSlice you're welcome to suggest as many games as you like, but make sure it can host more than 2 players
We are just 18 questions away from having 10,000 of them.
@Wipqozn It can host many more than that.
prods @badp to make sure he has his question ready
@Wipqozn check it out, and let me know what you think. It's loads of fun.
2:56 PM
so I have the pumpkin hat, the mask hat, the heavy hat and the haunted metal scrap
right now I just need to find eight more gifts... blech
@ThomasMcDonald everyone, quick, spam questions!
Like that @Wipqozn?
See, @MarcoCeppi has the right idea!
@GnomeSlice: Link to that FPS game please?
@Wipqozn Which, Xonotic?
@GnomeSlice thank you
You are a gentlemen and scholar
3:07 PM
Q: What are the possible Mann Manor gifts spawn places?

badpSo I've been playing on a couple 24/7 Mann Manor servers (I know!) to get some of the ghostchievements and scarechievements I missed from previous years. I got the pumpkin hat, the paper mask, the haunted scrap and one of the nine class paper hats (the Heavy one). I found the relevant gift in th...

I have a decision to make
Watch Ancients Behaving Badly, or Batman Begins?
wait, where did I see that mann manor location thingy
3:24 PM
10000 QUESTIONS?!?
me mini needs some tuning
@GnomeSlice: I just finished playing Xonotic, and I can safely say it is indeed the perfect game for Game ON!
Also, @Mana, I won my first game as zerg today
@Wipqozn YE BOY
game I played last night was really good as well, very close. I made a few key mistakes which cost me the game, but was satisfied with my economy.
3:34 PM
@Lazers I don't know if I got all of them or not.
Of course, you have a better chance of finding them all if you're playing on a 24/7 Manor Event server.
I lost two games this morning due to early pressure. One of which was more due to an accident on my part. Fellow did an attack with zerglings and spine crawlers... I responded by putting my own down... and being silly I attacked my own spine crawler thinking it was the enemies :/
otherwise I probably would have held off the pressure
A: What are the possible Mann Manor gifts spawn places?

PowerlordThere are quite a few possible locations. The ones I know of include: The shack between BLU spawn and point A (left side from BLU), lower level. The shack between BLU spawn and point A (right side from BLU), upper level. The little dead-end near point A. Right in front of point A. On top of th...

Blah, I can't @ answers
I'm not concerned with losing to early pressure though, mostly because it will be difficult for me to hold off since I'm going for a strong economy and what not
so will take some time before I hold it off consistently '
practice, practice, practice
3:37 PM
@Powerlord There was a SPUF thread where they decided it was randomised
or they gave up listing them
@ThomasMcDonald I don't think it is, because I've seen it appear in the same spot multiple times (not in a row)
But I know the list I have isn't the complete list either.
@Powerlord That's what I've just stopped doing
If I didn't already have Gored, I would have gotten it yesterday. Enforcer shot killed him, then I stabbed him with my YER.
I only got one present - on the first try
I traded an engie mask for a scrap, so that's 2/9
since I disguise as engie 99% of the time, an engie hat is the perfect hat for my spy!
3:39 PM
I really wish the presents would follow the Horsemann rules, spawning near the current in-play point.
@badp You know these masks have a Holiday Restriction: Halloween... except for the Saxton Hale mask?
@Powerlord Yes, I know
For this week I can use it though.
@Mana: Feel like a game ?
@badp Two weeks... likely three this year.
3:40 PM
Much better than the blank bag hat and the pumpking head anyway
@Wipqozn I'm in Linux for the day, sorry man
Since Valve isn't pushing out the new Halloween stuff until next week.
@Mana but... LoL game on today!
@Mana Well how racist
@Wipqozn I sure as hell don't play LoL, so somebody better do
3:41 PM
@badp The "blank" bag hat isn't blank; it looks different for each class.
@badp Do you play LoL?
I don't
Has images of each version of the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask.
@Mana you should play this.
3:42 PM
Oh, and we have new Halloween droppables (likely including masks of some sort) coming up with Valve's update next week.
@Powerlord when does the Halloween event end?
@Wipqozn It normally runs for two weeks.
@GnomeSlice Playing Xonotic atm
But, last year it started October 27th
I wonder if it's worth it dumping two or four refined's in the halloween crafting recipes
3:44 PM
@Mana I mean later.
@badp 4 refined plus the haunted scrap is the only way to get the Spine Chilling Skull or Voodoo Juju
neither of which hats I care particularly for
Well, these days. They were a limited time offer in the store, too.
also, if crafted, they're untradable too right?
@badp No, they're tradeable.
3:45 PM
oh. Really?
I mean, the haunted scrap's not tradable
In fact, thanks to the recent change to store trades, all versions of them are now tradable.
@Powerlord I split up next weeks. Saturday: TF2, Sunday: Minecraft.
@badp ya rly
@Wipqozn cough
okay, I definitely can't play Minecraft then
3:47 PM
@MarcoCeppi Hey, you need to register our TF2 server with Valve for next week's halloween event.
I can throw the map up on our server though
@ThomasMcDonald What if Minecraft happened on the Saturday instead?
I still lol at the Pyro's version of the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask being a duck instead of a monster like the others.
@badp Dislike?
Oh right, you can't attend Sundays, can you @badp?
yes, but it wasn't for a dislike
I'd rather have a sat TF2 personally
it's just I'd told you last week to keep me up to date with Game On schedule changes :P
3:49 PM
I just made it
just this second
At any rate I don't have four refineds to craft that hat. It'll have to wait.
@Wipqozn Wait, Minecraft's going to be Sunday?
@Wipqozn So what's going to happen?
@FallenAngelEyes would saturday work better?
I can't make Sunday on time, I'd have the same problem as this Sat
3:50 PM
@FallenAngelEyes You mean today?
@ThomasMcDonald @FallenAngelEyes: Could you both attend minecraft if it was on the Saturday instead of the Sunday?
Won't be back til like an hour, hour and a half into Game On
@Powerlord Yeah
@Wipqozn Yes
If it's Sunday, I'll have to bow out again
Okay, in that case...
@Wipqozn Are you sure you want to schedule a Game On on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? :P
3:52 PM
@Powerlord @badp: Minecraft will be on the 29th (sat), and Team Fortress 2 the 30th (sunday)
@Powerlord I think I take that off
I did now :P
@badp: We'll be doing either Race for Wool 1 or 2 (or both)
@ThomasMcDonald: Which one are you installing on the server?
which one people want the most I guess
I'm indifferent
@Wipqozn Thanks; updated
Okay gotta head out now, see you guys later for LoL :) Hopefully it'll still be going by the time I get back
@Wipqozn Awesome, thanks. I'm afraid @Ronan'll have a conniption fit if I have to bow out again
Later guys!
3:57 PM
I'll have bacon if you bow out again! :(
fuck gt5 Ai
right aggressive
I certainly hope Blizzard is joking there.
If I reading this right, that's the entire proposed talent tree for Paladins in WoW.
Yup, that's all.
You still choose one of three specs at level 10 and get a few bonus abilities/passives, but after that...
pushed me into the barrier on banked corners 3 times
4:05 PM
Quick question, what do you guys see here?
also made me go round the finish line sideways
Sounds like trainers are going away, and you learn abilities instantly, which is a plus.
I appreciate how the live team has been trimming some of the confusing unnecessary crap from the game over the last little while, but it's getting a bit excessive
@GnomeSlice Well, to me it looks like 3 numbers and an error message. Specifically 404 Page Not Found
@Powerlord ...Shit.
@Powerlord It should look like this...
4:08 PM
humm, should be able to get an extra 40mph out of this elise
@Powerlord Try this one: lts.cr/NPe
@GnomeSlice That one seems to work.
@Powerlord That must be the 'public' link. Thanks.
@Brant One slight problem here: Blizzard is dumping dual talent specialization. That makes sense, sure, until you realize that you're now locked into whichever specialization you chose (unlike now, where you can have two talent trees)
hummm, got to 169mph on Daytona, so perhaps an extra 25mph to find
4:17 PM
Dumping dual spec just seems silly.
Man, there's a really annoying guy on this server
his nick is 'John Xi'
looks at @ArdaXi
Not related.
Building on top of the second point of Nightfall is the most enraging thing ever
4:29 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Again?!
@ArdaXi err?
3 hours for a 1gb patch is not even funny.
There we go
4:39 PM
by being lazy and not answering my question straight after I found the answer, @fredley's earned some rep
Q: How do I toggle the windscreen wipers on and off?

Thomas McDonaldSo I was steadily racing along in my Lotus Elise, approaching a corner, when I was slightly distracted. Needless to say, this distraction ended with me going sideways across the gravel, and in a blind panic to halt my car before I was three miles off the track, I ended up button mashing to find ...

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