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7:00 PM
some adventure game where you breed a monster/pet
Well there Monster Hunter
because i do not find any recently
but thats a bit different I suppose
Unfortunately, PS3 is not my console of choice, so I have no idea. Sorry!
not sure if its out yet however for PS3
7:01 PM
You can breed in those games too
@Loktar What is it with you and breeding?
I think anyway
haha @GnomeSlice
Monster Hunter is insane.. so many hours of gameplay.. like an MMO
Why do people always say "free and open-source"? To this day I have seen only one open-source project that was not free.
And even that one I got for free.
7:07 PM
@GraceNote The problem I see with a launch party or something like that is that we all don't get the game at the same time. We'll have lots of people asking questions anyway I hope.
Because the difference is between "free" and "free AND open-source"
Not every free thing is open source.
Not every open source thing is free
So just say "open-source" and have the "free" be implied.
Your interpretation would make sense if they listed it as "open-source and free"
@badp Like I said, I know of only one exception.
7:08 PM
@Fabian Aye, I'm not sure what we could or should do, but there's lots of rumblings that we should try to do something.
@ArdaXi Yeah, OpenSTV isn't the way I'd like to imagine paid open source being done
We could do a blogpost of "The faces of Skyrim" where everyone submits a screenshot of their character post creation, and then we make a collage out of it.
@GraceNote Skyrim is likely the biggest launch in the near future and also a kind of game that fits really well with our Q&A format
@badp It's the only way it can be done.
Exactly. Hands down, back when I did the first round scramblings back in May, Skyrim was at the top. It's highly anticipated
7:09 PM
@ArdaXi It's the only way it can be done if you look at it as a business, yes
@ArdaXi I'll add another exception, Pymol, it's open source but you have to pay for the newest binaries.
We're gonna get a hellova lotta traffic come November.
@badp How else would you do it?
Minecraft updates generate lots of traffic too, and that comes a week later.
and another question, why do not make games of Play Station series for PS3 like that Digimon it was on ps1 and ps2 too but not ps3 or Monster rancher
7:10 PM
@ArdaXi It's Python. Getting a working .exe out of it isn't easy. Getting it to work directly from the .py files isn't stupid easy either
or that is no clever reason
@badp I mean, how else would you like to imagine paid open-source being done.
He could very safely keep the source code open and just sell the installer
at the very least for the Windows version
@Csabi There is probably no clever reason. For whatever reason, it was decided that the game would not be profitable to produce, so it was not made.
@Csabi Porting is hard work, and if the series doesn't continue, new ones aren't made.
7:11 PM
@ArdaXi If you want the compiled version plus installer, pay.
@badp I can take the PyMOL source, get it to compile and spread the binaries.
I can pay for the installer and spread that too.
@ArdaXi I can do the same with OpenSTV
Nothing he can do about it.
and it'd be legal too
7:12 PM
@ArdaXi I can compile it on Linux, I never managed on Windows
So your point is invalid
So the whole premise of paid open-source is backwards.
@GraceNote but they are makig new but for PC MMORPG DIgimon online/Monster rancher online or for Nintendo DS
@badp No, the concept of paid open-source is invalid.
I do not understand why not for ps3
7:12 PM
@Csabi Neither of which are Sony
@ArdaXi It's not an insourmountably hurdle, but for a relatively niche application it can be enough
Nah, I can very well see it as a matter of convenience. If you want to hack on it, just do it. If you want to just use it, pay.
@GraceNote that is true
Even for Python you'd have to get Python working, change the PATH, acquire the dependencies, get those working... it's effort
when you have the .exe you also get the source to the installer script... but you still need the installer maker thing to use that... etc.
Effort I can take for you.
7:15 PM
@badp In the case of Pymol I have the impression that the Windows build process is intentionally not well documented to prevent people from compiling it. It's a bit shizophrenic.
then a new version comes out.
bye thanks for help good night
@Csabi nite
G'nite, @Csabi!
besides most companies that want to profit off software, profit off support, not the software itself
bbl pizza
7:19 PM
Hmm, RPG.SE's chat is all but deserted, and boardgames.SE doesn't seem to even have one. So ... anyone here besides me going to the gaming fair in Essen this week-end? :)
@MartinSojka I wish I was going!
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah. Pretty dead. :D
7:26 PM
Ah, Germany.
Agricola expansion, Dominion expansion, and especially Elder Sign are things I'm interested in hearing about
Germany is kinda an awesome place.
I still want to move to Sweeden if anywhere, though.
@RavenDreamer Sweeeeeeeeeden
Oh, Blizzcon's going on right now, isn't it?
one of my best friends is there atm
with instructions to get me Infested Kerrigan swag if she comes across any :3
7:36 PM
Mists of Pandaria is really the next expansion?
We go from... world-destroying dragons to....... evil pandas?
@FallenAngelEyes You play Dominion?
Question, WoW announced this annual pass thing. Did they not have an option to pay for 12 months subscription before this at all? Or is this just the announcement of a bonus for doing so?
@MartinSojka Hrm, I never hear about these things.
7:38 PM
@Powerlord On occasion, yes. :) I really like it a lot. I don't have a copy myself though, so I only play on boardgames days at my friend's house when we decide to play that one.
I can see getting really addicted to it, which is one of the reasons I haven't purchased a copy for myself. The MtG aspect of buying more and more and more to get into deckbuilding could get expensive quick, and I don't get a chance to play it often enough to justify that.
@FallenAngelEyes They only had up to 6 months before.
@RavenDreamer Seriously? O_o That's... wow. That really really surprises me.
That's exactly wow.
Though I guess that's part of why Blizzard has so much money. 12 month subs are usually cheaper than their monthly counterparts when you calculate it per month.
@RavenDreamer Hush you, you know what I mean :P
knuckles @FallenAngelEyes hair
I'm just messin wit ya
Seriously though.
Mists of Pandaria
That's quite the departure.
7:41 PM
@RavenDreamer If you ever did that to me IRL I would probably punch you in the ribs
@RavenDreamer Is it really pandas or were you just being facetious?
@FallenAngelEyes But with love, right?
<- has never played WarCraft
It's really pandas.
You can actually try WoW for free now, but you have a 20 level and 10 gold piece limit, iirc
@RavenDreamer I... this... what
7:44 PM
WoW is seriously introducing Pandarans, though?
And a new class
It's like I said.
@Powerlord Yeah I know, no desire to though. I played open beta the week before it was released and that was enough for me.
And a new continent
Q: RTS and FPS with Trackball

EddieI've recently bought a Logitech M570 and am an avid gamer. I used to have my Windows sensitivity 6/11 with my Logitech sensitivty setting on the highest and realized that I was having trouble when needing to do minimal motions (clicking on a small button or copying pasting a few words in a line);...

Q: Using game trainers on a laptop without numlock or numpad

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Pandarans were a joke in WarCraft 3.
7:45 PM
Just, pandas.
@Powerlord like the cow level in Diablo type of joke?
Wait - Protoss get Siege Tanks now?
@FallenAngelEyes iirc, WarCraft 3 had a single Pandaran in it in one of the maps, hidden where you had to chop through a large set of trees to reach it.
@Powerlord Gotcha
And now WoW is having an expansion named after them. Oh, and one other thing I noticed that makes me wonder if Blizzard is trolling: Which side are Pandarans on?
There are 0 races that are available to both the Horde and Alliance sides.
7:49 PM
Oh really? Huh
(looking at the site, Pandarans are supposed to be available to both factions)
Yeah, but that's not unexpected.
Honestly, the whole "racial faction" thing is sorta contrived.
Given that the ALliance winds up fighting 50% humans
Also, Blizzard's throwing out the talent system they just introduced in the last expansion in favor of another new one?
@Powerlord Yeah, that made me wonder also.
Ha! One of the heroes in Blizzard Dota is a siegetank.
Just... a siegetank.
Huh, Monk will be available to every race except Goblin and Worgen.
7:52 PM
That sounds needlessly contrived also.
I can't imagine ever cosplaying as something like this.
First WoW expansion that has no clear-cut enemy. Burning Crusade had Illidain, WotLK had the Lich King, Cataclysm had Deathwing...
That costume does not look comfortable.
@RavenDreamer what is she
Though I did see someone at Gamescom cosplaying as a Pylon
@Powerlord Yeah, that was my thing. "Blizzard Everyone's going to Pandaria!" "Me: why?"
I can't imagine how hot they were
@RavenDreamer and what is that?
@FallenAngelEyes A unit from starcraft called a baneling
That video would have explained it.
8:00 PM
Skyward Sword got a 10/10 from edge
@Powerlord ^
Be warned the greatest @Mana-fication will be made some time over the weekend.
@RonanForman Oh joy.
Q: Is it possible to kill NPC in Dark Souls?

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whomever asked about the WoW annual pass thing: If you read up, it's not actually a subscription. It's basically an agreement that you'll keep your WoW account going for a year after you sign up (oh, and it doesn't apply to new accounts)
So, essentially, if you already subscribe to WoW, as long as you intend to stay subscribed, there's no downside to it.
Oh, and months you've already paid for on your account count towards that year. But only from the time you sign up.
@Powerlord So it's basically "we lock you in for a year and you get in-game stuff."
8:26 PM
Damnit @Mana ;__; I got sucked in again
@MarcoCeppi Don't stop now.
I have to
I just realized it was on repeat again
But you're having such a good time!
Okay, so.
@MarcoCeppi: Don't Stop Me Now
@GnomeSlice: What Is Love
@MarcoCeppi ...Whose playlist is that...
It's my Last.FM recent tracks
8:31 PM
someRandomGuy: holy shit
someRandomGuy: i am on an idle server
someRandomGuy: i selected scout
someRandomGuy: i got a spy using a rocket launcher
bp: randomizer
bp: for a change, you might want to play some actual TF2! It's a fun minigame.
someRandomGuy: actual TF2?
someRandomGuy: what did you just say?
Is there some 1-year subscription fee that saves you any money?
Buy Diablo III for $156 and get complementary WoW access for 1 year!
@ArdaXi er, sorry, yeah
@NickT I think Blizzard only has 6-month subscriptions.
yeah, figured
$13 * 12 = $156
8:38 PM
so diablo III will be what, $50 or $60?
so it's like you can play WoW for ~$9/month
assuming you derive full satisfaction from it for the full year, which seems difficult if you are also going to enjoy Diablo III
Obviously, if you play WoW and never cancel, then yeah, sign up for this annual thing.
The catch is that your WoW account had to exist before October 19th.
I've probably played WoW for 20-25 months, but never more than 6-8 in a stretch
I originally quit at the end of BC, came back for Wrath, didn't like it as much, sort of came back for Cata (yay free trials!) and don't anticipate coming back for this.
BC was the sweet spot for me. Not sure if I can defend that opinion, but it's how I feel.
so I guess the real thing to look at is: Diablo III ($60) + (6) 1-month WoW subscriptions (6 * $15) = Diablo III ($0) + (2) 6-month WoW subscriptions (12 * $13)
it's actually 6.4 1-month subscriptions, but w/e
That's the other thing, Blizzard explicitly has stated that Paypal can't be used for these.
8:50 PM
@NickT Well, it's kind of weird. Game cards can be used for them, subscriptions can be used for them, paypal? Nope!
doesn't really matter for the consumer afaik
Despite there being a paypal pay option on the subscription page.
paypal vs. CC
Glad to see Blizzard is embracing probably their fastest-growing demographic by pandering to the Chinese with this expansion.
Pandaren continent:
look, it even has regions already there
9:53 PM
10:08 PM
tf2 is well difficult to play while inhebriated.
which I have no idea how to spell
do you pronounce it with an H or something?
So that's the second person in this room to have spoken while inebriated. Interesting. I must try that sometime.
well, i spelt it without the h first
@ArdaXi based on your profile pic that will be what, 7-8 years?
10:12 PM
then deiceded it looked wrong
@NickT No, because my country has saner ethanol legislature.
I think I've been in here 3 times now while drunk.
Is that like 10 decisions? Decacided.
I've made a couple drunk posts on SE sites
it makes everything better
10:15 PM
hrm, seems like they've all been deleted
not 10k on EE.SE
Were they all just bbbblllllaaaarrrrggggg!
I tend to offset my typing by one letter on the keyboard
And racial slurs?
no, they were mostly rants
rhetorical questions
Slured rants?
10:17 PM
like "wtf is up with blah blah, that's dumb, why is it like that"
wtf is with all these hibsters
I've never been inebriated to the point where it is noticeable in my speech/writing.
why does steam ask for my age all the time
I buy goddamn games from them with my credit card, I am of legal age
plus I'm logged in while doing so
@NickT Because your age changes all the time.
might be lying
10:19 PM
Q: A tag for finding information on obscure games?

Pubby8There are a a few obscure games that I know the title of, but I can't seem to find any information on them. Googling them leads to games with similar title, but after several pages I get nothing. Is there a tag for this? Something along the lines of identify-this-game but asking for information,...

shouldn't that satisfy any BS laws?
I lie anyways
@NickT It doesn't, no.
what, am I going to scroll down any more than I need to in order to pick my birthday?
on web forms where you can type your birthday I usually go for 1066
0800 double 0, 1066
I have "449 to 1066" stuck in head for some reason from english class way back when
1066 is the norman conquest I guess, no clue what 449 is, might be missunderremembering it
The Norman conquest of England began on 28 September 1066 with the invasion of England by William, Duke of Normandy. William became known as William the Conqueror after his victory at the Battle of Hastings on 14 October 1066, defeating King Harold II of England. Harold's army had been badly depleted in the English victory at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in Northern England on 25 September 1066 over the army of King Harald III of Norway. By early 1071, William had secured control of most of England, although rebellions and resistance continued until approximately 1088. The Norman co...
10:22 PM
anyway, I think I shall head off towards my laptop and have a productive evening of open source coding
what u coding
qa engine
also SASS conversion of bootstrap
if you're bored you could make the script that I've been meaning to for a while
10:24 PM
Coding while inebriated? You're gonna kill yourself in the morning.
got a pull request like 2 week ago i still have to deal with
yeah, fuck this team, seeyall in the morning
10:40 PM
teamfortress.com/post.php?id=6584 <-- Interesting site Valve linked to.
I'm still wondering why Valve threw the switch on the Halloween Holiday already
btw, this means that Mann Manor should have presents.
So, you can start collecting masks again for last year's halloween achievements.
what happened to citeseerx?
10:55 PM
@ThomasMcDonald ?
```````@badp new layout and stuff
goddammit Tyrian 2000
if I accidentally collide with a ship don't pull me inside while I continue taking damage
it's not fair to die like this
11:20 PM
Yo, back!!
Ooh, Tyrian 2000
Stats quiz went excellent, and we got lots of progress done at the game development club meeting.
Nicely nicely
@GraceNote That's free on GOG.com, in case you didn't know
@FallenAngelEyes It's free everywhere these days
11:23 PM
what better product to place in The Walking Dead
11:39 PM
@Mana congrats on Gold league
I somehow was placed in Silver League, even though I lost my placement match against a bronze player.
I just started using zerg... so I'm doing rather terrible.
Well, more terrible than I used to.
I wonder if I could try to play a game of League of Legends now.
Actually, I'm not in it quite yet, since the ladders are locked. I'm beating Gold people though, so hopefully I will be promoted when the next season comes along.
I'm on a train, so my connection is rather... shaky.
@Mana The ladders are locked?
@Wipqozn So, you can ladder but there's no chance of being promoted or demoted.
11:42 PM
@Mana How do they determine where to place you? Based on your games in the previous season + placement match?
Pretty much.
So I'm in Silver now until the next season, no matter how good or bad I do?
Although I still be matched against players from all leagues, based on what the game considers to be my skill level?
hm interesting
Up for a game?
11:44 PM
When did they start doing thiS?
with season 2?
Something like that.
Interesting. That is nice if you start to experiment with different builds. I was demoted from silver to bronze in season 1 since I started trying to go beyond using 4-warp gate, and, you know, play better.
Yes, I am up for a game @Mana
Cool. Username + Character code?
well the username, surprise surprise... is wipqozn
character code is... just a moment
launches game
Mine's Mana + 222
11:47 PM
well thatis easy
Q: Lara talks at hyperspeed?

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