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4:03 PM
@GraceNote - I joined Reddit! I can't figure out how to post stuff!
Don't ask me, I don't use Reddit
It was kind of funny, we were both active on the site for a while without knowing who each other were. Then, one day, there was a discussion on what good tf2 servers exist. I was surprised to see that @RavenDreamer had mentioned he liked our server. When I asked him who it was, I found that I already knew him
But I...
Ask @badp
pops in
4:04 PM
@GraceNote Didn't you invite me to got to the Reddit meetup with you?
@RavenDreamer download "Reddit Enhancement Suite"
Now I'm just confused.
@RavenDreamer ...no, no I did not
@RavenDreamer "Submit link"
Because I would not go to a Reddit meetup
4:05 PM
What did you invite me to, then? :/
I don't recall inviting you to anything recently
It was probably a swingers' party
I know I turned you down because at the time the date was too far in the future for me to have much of an idea of my availability.
This was prolly a month or two ago.
Doesn't ring a bell
are you thinking of comiccon?
4:06 PM
I wouldn't have sent an invite for ComicCon
God damn it. Now I have to troll chat's history to see if I can find this potentially imaginary exchange.
Okay, wow, that was pretty easy to find actually.
It was Pax East.
Sep 21 at 21:50, by Grace Note
Speaking of jumping you or glomping you or similar, you coming to PAX East this time?
@DaveMcClelland what game did you get, anyway?
Yeah, that's entirely not Reddit. At all.
@GraceNote No, you're totally correct.
It uses the same consonants and vowels, though!
@RavenDreamer Arkham city. I'm also going to be getting Ass Creed Revelations when it comes out
I got stuck in Ass Creed I.
Couldn't finish the game.
4:13 PM
As in, I stopped playing it.
And never finished it.
Oh, I thought you meant you got stuck as in couldn't solve a puzzle or beat something
There are puzzles in Assassin's Creed?
Exactly - that's why I was confused
Although AssCreed 2 and Broho had some sort of puzzle-ish things
Q: Image floating in questions and answers

atticaeIs it possible to float images here in Gaming.SE? It seems the html style-attribute is completely disabled, any other way to do it? What do I need it for? See my answer here as an example for the need for floating: What do the symbols next to the player names mean?

4:19 PM
Don't stop me now~~~ I'm having such a good time! I'm having a ball!!!
99% on a problem set worth 15% of my Computer Theory grade!! :DDDD
Red Moderator needs food badly.
@RavenDreamer Do a barrel roll?
Gauntlet > Peppy.
4:27 PM
@badp One box that link!
@RonanForman He needs the money
@badp One box the ads to?
@RonanForman Nah.
Holy dragonball z ads
@RavenDreamer OH GOD. 4 DAYS.
4. DAYS.
4:31 PM
@Mana Until...?
@Wipqozn Homestuck end of Act 5.
It will be the greatest thing. The conclusion of an epic act lasting more than a year of (mostly) continuous updates.
@Mana ah, I see
I should perform a DOS attack on the site just to be a dick
4:35 PM
The site's going to perform a DOS attack on itself given the size of the fanbase.
what is homestuck exactly
as in provide a link and what not
one minute
I am a god of openttd
Man, what a great day.
GLaDOS stops talking computer-y at the same point you remove the neurotoxintoxin core.
Q: How does minecraft world generation happen?

Matt BettinsonHow does minecraft create completely unique worlds and biomes, from a seed?

5:22 PM
@RonanForman You... only just realised this?
@ArdaXi I always assumed it was gradual over the last bit, but replaying it I noticed.
She also becomes more computerised when she deletes Caroline.
Taaaarget, why does your order details page say "Not shipped yet" for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One for me?
How the fsck can you list an expected delivery date of October 21st-24th if you haven't shipped it yet
Err, when we expect to ship + how long we expect it to take?
@ArdaXi No, the date they list is "expected delivery date" not expected shipping date.
5:33 PM
Hence the + how long we expect it to take.
expected delivery date is supposed to already be when we expect to ship + how long we expect it to take
Maybe they assume it'll take fewer than 2 days to ship and arrive
@GraceNote With me having selected 3-5 day shipping?
@Powerlord To wit, a majority of times that I use that order option, I get it in about a day without any extra charge.
But I don't use Target
Still, the game came out on Tuesday, there's no reason it shouldn't have been shipped out that same day.
5:37 PM
Oh, hi @GraceNote, haven't seen you in a while.
I've been around
Hell, I could go over to their store across town and pick it up.
And thanks to recent credit card fraud, I probably can't cancel the order for a refund, because the credit card number they charged no longer exists.
(I have a new credit card number now)
5:50 PM
Q: Is there an online community of game community/server leaders?

AgentSnazzI'm just wondering about what resources might exist for gaming community leaders. I'm on the admin team of a large Minecraft server that is slowly becoming a gaming community beyond Minecraft. I'd like to learn more about community management and leadership as it relates to the unique world of g...

^ Off topic?
It's Rec surely.
I traded a quickfix for a scrap
he told me "smelt them yourself" and gave me two vintage razorbacks
Trade for 2 scrap! Climb the ladder! Random mantra!
Do a barrel roll!
6:05 PM
I'm just going to sell 'em on TF2WH or something
if they were valuable they wouldn't be in my hands
They would be kept in their box put of direct sunlight and shown to friends occasionally and then returned to the safe.
@Mana No, not this song again
@MarcoCeppi Hey man, don't be dissing Queen. THEY'RE CLASSIC. CLASSIC I TELL YOU.
@Mana I was referring to my binge and 40 hour insomnia
Oh god. I had completely forgotten about that.
6:13 PM
haha, I haven't listened to Queen since
I had completely forgotten why you are the coolest guy on the Stack Exchange network
@Mana You're a pretty cool guy yourself.
Couldn't help myself, I don't know why - but I'm mysteriously drawn to this song!
@MarcoCeppi Does Banshee crash a lot for you?
@ArdaXi Hey thanks! You're pretty cool too.
6:17 PM
@MarcoCeppi You can't stop you now?
@Mana Not really, it get stuck after playing music non-stop for a few days. I still liked Rhythmbox a lot, but since Banshee is the default i just roll with it
@MarcoCeppi Huh.
This is my experience on 11.04 && 11.10, 10.10 and below was pretty bad
Lots of issues with Mono freezing up
Ever since I upgraded to 11.10 it just won't stop dying randomly.
I don't even have to be playing music. It just gets killed every hour or so.
Try running it in verbose mode from the command line
6:20 PM
why the hell would that--sigh, guess I will
It might be trying to fetch something, or check the library for files and is dying on a poopy file
oh wait
I see. Verbose mode just prints out all the stuff that happens?
What are the chances, I was just listening to this:
6:20 PM
Makes sense. I'll do that.
Though, that's a lot of text, sometimes you don't even need the --debug flag
hmm, okay. Well, it's not like I'm gonna have that window up all the time, I'll just check it when next it crashes.
Haha, oh man, the TF2 pets in Dungeon Defenders are great
@MarcoCeppi Oh dear god your activity. YOUR ACTIVITY. HNNNNNGH.
Everytime I compare the front page of AskUbuntu and Gaming I feel a gaping void in my heart.
6:26 PM
I blame @GraceNote
Speaking of blaming me, @Arda, what would creep me out about the Moirae?
@GraceNote - up for a game?
@GraceNote Either you don't remember or you don't think it's creepy that I found it. Probably the former.
@RavenDreamer Workday
Ah, well.
6:27 PM
@ArdaXi I don't remember what would make it creepy since I don't recall mentioning Moire Half in here.
I'll enjoy my student life while I still can.
Nothing to do with here.
Before this site's launch, even.
Then I vastly don't know what that'd have to do with me because the only prior typing of Moire Half than the previous message is in a private .NOT file on my old work machine.
There is a vast lack of knowledge here. Like mountains of nothing.
@RavenDreamer How many years/months left?!
Of course I could be completely wrong, but I doubt it.
6:31 PM
@Mana I have no @$*ing clue.
My estimated graduation time just went to @#$* in what was supposed to be my last semester.
@RavenDreamer Woah, when did a swear filter--oh.
I self-censor.
I'm profound, not profane.
I thought you just found a boulder with behind it some money and a gem.
Man, there's going to be a new album and everything on Tuesday. This is going to be amazing.
Although in the frame before there was no boulder.
6:34 PM
@Mana I think your fanboy is hanging out.
Profound Not Profane -- the new hit single by Palo Alto Fire Dept.
@RavenDreamer ack, you're right. Oi, that's embarassing...
@ArdaXi I'm terribly confused, could you extend some slack to at least hint what it may be I should be finding a link with?
@GraceNote Arda is a very vague person.
6:35 PM
@GraceNote Something called... Boonville or something?
Don't glitch now :|
The only ville I know is Farmville, which I do not partake in.
Then I am quite probably mistaken.
@badp I take it that's a nice gun?
@GraceNote No, it's just strange
6:36 PM
Ah, a strange gun, gotcha
Got it for the equivalent of less than a refined. Dunno if it's a fair price, but it certainly took less time than arguing with humans
@badp @Grace @RavenDreamer What do you think of organizing a large Skyrim launch event for the site?
@Mana What kind of event?
I'll pass judgement: not my genre
6:38 PM
@GraceNote what the robot said.
@GraceNote Damn good question! Like say, I don't know. Chat party? Chat talk-about-Skyrim-all-day-and-night party? Countdown timer to launch? Questions and answers everywhere?
to be fair a human wouldn't have accepted a gunslinger, a razorback, a vintage razorback, a loch-n-load, a YER, two scrap and a reclaimed metal
I guess that stuff happens anyways. But we could make like one of those new-fangled chat event things.
Come up with a concrete idea of sorts, then I can start hacking and coughing while subtly saying "Meta post" as if I was trying to be subtle, except the coughing is entirely unsubtle so it's really just saying make a Meta post if you have a solid idea.
@GraceNote h'okay, so here's the Earth, it's very round.
6:39 PM
I don't always star GraceNote's posts, but when I do, I prefer to star snark.
I don't think that's really sarcasm so much as withholding the original urge to just type "cough META POST cough"
Found Reputation For You?
"Mashed keyboard randomly, and forgot what I was intending to type"
6:42 PM
@GraceNote Fixed. Snark is superior to sarcasm anyway.
There we go
Yeah, that was snark
@RavenDreamer To be fair I was suffering from a severe snark deficiency so I'm rather grateful to Grace
also note to self: the answer is always meta
stats, peace
...and @Raven thinks I'm fat. That's not very nice.
@GraceNote wait what
While we're on the topic of Skyrim, should we have already heard from someone if we had chosen Skyrim for the Community Promotion Grant (before all the changes)?
6:46 PM
@GraceNote I don't think you're fat.
@Fabian It's a bit early, but I think Brett's sorting that stuff out now
I choose to imagine you as a santa-esque figure, since I don't know what you actually look like.
or whoever is in charge now
And part of the Santa-esque figure involves being fat!
Who doesn't like Santa?
6:47 PM
given that there are apparently meetings going on about us I guess we'll see what happens
@Fabian I can prod Brett
@GraceNote What? But we have photographic evidence of the countrary!
@GraceNote I also think you're short!
On the countrary, Grace could do with eating a little more.
And Irish!
6:50 PM
@RavenDreamer So poor and presumptous too?
Nope. Just snarky.
(I am aware. I chose not to acknowledge your reference)
@badp You really think I'm going to let Joel Spolsky take a picture of me?
@Grace Is there anything else new regarding Gaming from the NY meeting (besides what David already told us)?
6:53 PM
But why, you're right there
@GraceNote Not even if he gave you the puppy-dog eyes and preened?
@Fabian David talked to you?
@GraceNote It's pinned.
Uh, well, if David talked to you, did he already mention Skyrim?
No, he hasn't
6:54 PM
See the pinned message, that's the start
We've discussed tagging briefly
He mentioned that he really was looking forward to Skyrim, but I forget if he said anything other than that.
oh, he came back later tonight
That is all. Remember its Friday :P
6:54 PM
Um, well, I'll reiterate my starred post about "Help us come up with an excellent launch idea for Skyrim that we can do, so we can have a Meta post on it"
starting from here:
15 hours ago, by David Fullerton
hullo, pretty well, you?
15 hours ago, by David Fullerton
I want to throw some sort of launch party on the site...schedule a big event, get people in chat talking about it, asking questions, etc
@Loktar We'd all better flag that.
:( Ill delete it dont doo iiitt!
@Loktar Need -1 button for chat
@Loktar I'm not going to. However, I've been suspended for posting that video here before.
6:56 PM
:2228408 That video got someone banned from chat a while ago ;-)
hah really?
@Fabian That would have been me, yes.
But.. but.. its Friday
haha @Powerlord really lol
nice @badp
I'll stand for @Loktar, who got unjustly got bullied!
6:57 PM
@badp That's boring, if I flag you nothing will happen anyway
Let me throw in some relevant convo, Dungeon Defenders is really fun, but classes need balance.
hi can you help me
@Csabi Hello there. =]
I wanna askif exist
digimon world/monster rancher/pokemon style game for ps3
@Csabi We can try!

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