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8:01 PM
Q: Custom empires / kingdoms and de jure

WjoustsWith the Charlemagne expansion you can form your own kingdoms and eventually empires if you have enough territory, titles and prestige to do it. So I founded my own kingdom and later my own empire, but I, of course, have no de jure territory for either (some wiki's suggest that whatever you hold ...

@Frank I hope the kid confessing to swatting does more than scare him straight. I hope it gets him put in jail for several years.
Argh, why is the Town of Salem background music stuck in my head
@Fluttershy You'd hope. But he's a juvenile, so that probably won't happen.
@Frank How old? And juvenile detention is still a thing.
Isn't it? :o
@Fluttershy 'tis, but I think he was...13?
Swatting sucks, yeah, but let's bring down the hammer on those that should know better. If the kid had been 18 or older, then, yeah, jail time, for sure, for wasting police resources.
8:09 PM
@Fluttershy Civilized countries generally don't imprison children
@MadScientist Tell that to the court looking to imprison a 14 year old girl for life. Granted, attempted murder is considerably worse than swatting.
@Fluttershy This.
@Frank A 13 year old should absolutely know better.
@Fluttershy Agreed. It was an intentional act.
@Fluttershy The US is a bit of an outlier among supposedly civilized countries in that regard
8:11 PM
@Fluttershy And now he does. If he does it again, I fully support jailing him.
@Frank He did it three times.
@Fluttershy Yep. And I doubt he'll ever do it again.
@Sterno Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of me killing yet another boss while you're busy watching Dora the Explorer and Kinged Surprise Let's Plays.
@Frank So, basically, you don't think he should be punished for doing it the third time because he didn't get caught after the first two times?
I think @Frank's point is that putting the kind in jail could completely ruin his life, and since he's only 13, that might be a little harsh.
8:13 PM
@murgatroid99 No, I don't think he should be jailed because I don't think he understood how wrong it was.
@Frank I disagree wholeheartedly
The kid should definitely be punished, but jailtime might be too severe.
Now he does, and if the cops can't scare the shit out of him, then jail is where he should go.
@Wipqozn I think juvenile detention might not be a bad thing.
Because once, okay, maybe. Three times? No freaking way.
8:14 PM
Kid knew what they were doing.
@Frank How will he learn the consequences of his actions if they don't actually have consequences?
@murgatroid99 That's a good point. Ideally, his parents would have noticed this behaviour, and spanked it out of him after the first time.
if you're old enough to do the crime you're old enough to do the time. As unpopular opinion as it is.
@Frank That's not nearly the same sort of deterrent as jail.
8:15 PM
Q: Stone heads in Lhe a Rhemen

Mad ScientistDuring the quest "The bronze beneath the lake" you're searching the Lhe a Rhemen ruins. There are some stone heads there that you can interact with, and they ask you a question that suggests that I might be able to earn a bonus of some kind. Answering their question makes a symbol on the walls gl...

Q: How do I reset the map of my minecraft server?

Benadoo BThe map on my minecraft server has gotten really griefed and I would like to know how to reset it.

@AshleyNunn No, it's not. I agree.
I wouldn't have a problem with jailtime so long as it was short, and over the summer...
And, really, I think swatting is a massively immature prank.
Nah man, I don't think it matters if he was a kid or not, I think he should be punished as allowed under the law, and if that means getting pulled out of school, well.
I just don't think jail is really the answer, not for a first offense. He probably just thought it was a hilarious prank.
8:16 PM
(Although they do have school programs in juvie, at least here)
Classifying swatting as a prank is...
@Frank Then jail will teach him it really fucking isn't.
@Frank It's more than a prank, though. When you send armed people to what they think is a hostile environment in someone else's house, it's dangerous
@Frank Swatting isn't just some prank.
This isn't like TPing someone's yard, this is fucking up people's lives and putting them in danger.
8:17 PM
@Fluttershy I know that, you know that, but the kid's just 13.
@Frank Just 13 my ass.
And now for something completely different
@Frank Since you keep bringing it up, I should point out that ignorance of the law is no excuse
I absolutely don't buy that as an excuse
8:17 PM
13 is almost high school, that's well old enough to know what you are doing.
@Frank Thirteen is old enough to know better.
I thought I was usually the one that advocated for zero tolerance.
Ignorance is not an excuse for stupidity especially when it actively endangers others.
Do you really think the girl who stabbed another girl 19 times didn't know better because she was so young?
@murgatroid99 The reason he is bringing up age is because of A) Not fully understanding how bad what they are doing really is and B) Jailtime could completely ruin his life. Jails, especially in the USA, are known for making people worse not better.
8:18 PM
@Fluttershy Okay, that's something entirely different, and is conflating two different actions.
Jailtime != rehabilitation.
@Wipqozn I honestly have no sympathy in this case.
@Frank But age is age, so... If one didn't know better, how did the other?
Clearly it is time for the 'No Child Left Unarmed' act [SARCASTIC HUMOR]
I know jail is not a magical fix-y button, but....
8:19 PM
@Yuuki Except it should be.
Who has to pay 500$+ for a medical exam for immigration because they took 2 years to get through to my application, so my old medical that I sent them has expired? THIS GUY!
immigration blows
@Chippies oh, damn :(
IF your criminal justice system only focuses on punishment, rather than rehabilitation, Then it's completely failed as a justice system.
@Wipqozn I'm not even saying the punishment has to be jail time. But you can't just do nothing because they "didn't know better"
@Wipqozn Which is a whole separate issue.
8:20 PM
For the record, I'm not advocating jail for this kid. Juvenile detention, sure. Boarding school, sure. Slap on the wrist? No.
@AshleyNunn It seems like the government will milk you for as much money as they can before they'll let you stay in country permanently
@Wipqozn Punishment is a deterrent for crime. That's effective, even if the punishment itself doesn't rehabilitate the criminals
@Chippies Boo hiss. :(
@murgatroid99 I don't think they should do nothing, I just think jail will make things worse.
How do you explain jail time to a minor? You know that thing you like online, a lot? That social thing? Imagine being banned from it. And everything else. And getting a new social circle. Full of people who have done bad things. Some of them who have no intention of stopping bad things. You'll be near them. 24/7. For a while.
Jail! It's not just being banned from the server! (80s cool guy pose goes here)
8:20 PM
@Fluttershy It's not like you just flip a switch one day, and are then held to the consequences of your actions.
@MadMAxJr It's unlikely they would get actual jail over, say, juvenile detention
Depends. 13 is old enough in some states here where the law can push to be tried as an adult.
Yeah, they don't really put kids in actual jails unless they kill someone or something
@Frank but that's what you are saying. You're saying he didn't know better at 13, so when do they?
The article I read was pretty thin on details, other than he did this three times.
8:22 PM
Still, I have encountered this newer generation of internet teens. I don't understand how 'I was just trolling' is something they think excuses the behavior of things like swatting.
@Frank He obviously knew it wasn't just a game. And if he didn't, well, ignorance doesn't make it better.
He should still be held accountable.
@AshleyNunn I agree that swatting is serious business. And ideally, yeah, he should be held accountable. He won't, but he should.
If I did it and went "I didn't know it would be so bad", no one would let me off.
I'm just not sure if he understood how wrong it was; it's an order of magnitude worse than prank calling 911.
8:24 PM
I am literally incapable of feeling sympathy for people who engage in swatting etc.
@Frank So what? Whether he knew or not, he put people in real, actual danger.
@Frank Do you think he understood the immediate consequences of his actions (that police would be sent to someone else's house with an incorrect understanding of the situation)?
@Unionhawk This.
I don't have an answer. I wish I did. All I know is if I ever I caught my kid doing that, he wouldn't sit down comfortably for a week.
@Frank wrong is wrong, whether you are aware of it or not.
8:24 PM
@murgatroid99 Probably. Thought it would be hilarious.
The main thing you achieve by putting a minor into jail is getting them into contact with a lot more criminals than they ever knew before. Of course sometimes this might be necessary, but it is also a pretty good way of screwing it up forever
@MadScientist Yes. This is exactly my concern.
All I know is I don't want to even try to raise kids in an environment like this.
Did anyone even say that this kid should go to jail?
I don't think this is a point that needs arguing
send the kid off to swat training facillity
8:25 PM
@murgatroid99 I think we'll all talking about juvenile detention
I have to leave work, so I'll excuse myself from this conversation. That said, I don't think he should go to jail, but the punishment should be much more severe than a slap on the wrist.
19 mins ago, by Fluttershy
@Frank I hope the kid confessing to swatting does more than scare him straight. I hope it gets him put in jail for several years.
Juv detention is just Jail: Kids Edition.
@Fluttershy I agree
That's how it started, anyways.
@Frank I was annoyed. So I rescind the jail thing. But I really hope it is something harsh.
8:26 PM
I guess my main thing is that we should be focus on rehabilitation, not punishment. Punishment should be a part of that, but only because it helps with the rehabilitation.
@Fluttershy And I don't blame you; I think it's a perfectly valid opinion.
OK, we all seem to be on the same page now. This kid should get a real punishment, but not jail time
It's a shame 'life without internet' isn't a legal verdict.
Just read some of the convo, by 'swatting' you mean the whole calling in SWAT teams with fake reports? By a 13 yr old? :/
@murgatroid99 I think he should be sent to Super Jail
8:27 PM
I'm not even sure how I got cast into the role of defending the action.
@MadMAxJr that would ruin life more than jailtime
@Rapitor in america? Probably not
@Wipqozn I'm not sure I'd send my worst enemies there.
I think it's an insanely stupid thing to do, and should be punished accordingly. But since he's only 13, he won't be.
8:27 PM
Having been home invaded by criminals, I would not want to be home invaded by police
18 mins ago, by Frank
Swatting sucks, yeah, but let's bring down the hammer on those that should know better. If the kid had been 18 or older, then, yeah, jail time, for sure, for wasting police resources.
@Frank I think your "Frank Sense" let's you know the most unpopular opinion, so you can be a lone warrior.
Maybe reduce the sentence to Life with dial-up internet.
Er, not jailing. Just crappy internet. Forever.
@murgatroid99 Okay, yeah. Most of that was just a comparison at which age they would get jailtime for such a prank.
@MadMAxJr Fortunately, that would be impossible to implement
8:29 PM
This is true.
@MadMAxJr Tihs makes zero sense as a punishment tactic. ]
@AshleyNunn I dunno, crappy internet is more frustrating than no internt
@Frank Up to a judge. Definitely 18, maybe younger, depending on the judge.
If the internet is down I'll grab a book, if it's broken I'm just pissed off
@MadMAxJr but as a punishment for crime? Really?
8:29 PM
@KevinvanderVelden This is so true
They thrive off the thrill of gaming streams. If they're going to ruin it for everyone and hurt people, control their access.
While not possible to implement, it was a thought.
@Unionhawk And for this kid, they're saying he's going to get off with probation, probably.
@MadMAxJr It's not going to teach them anything
Other than how to creatively get around internet blocks
I think cutting off someones internet for swatting is more than a little silly... also I'm pretty sure that suggestion was just a joke.
8:30 PM
His attitude for initiating them was the fact that he felt wronged. Which is a fantastically shitty reason to endanger someone else's life.
@Wipqozn You were talking about how prison should be rehabilitation, but it really servers three purposes: deterring people from committing crimes, rehabilitating criminals, and keeping criminals from committing more crimes. The fact that we fail at one of those does not make the system worthless
@Wipqozn Kinged Surprise sounds dirty
Somewhat a joke. If they're going to hurt people through a medium they thrive off of, perhaps they should be deprived of the medium?
But there's no way to actually /do/ that.
@Frank and regardless of age, needs to be punished, because you endangered people's lives. I don't care what you thought of it, or whatever, you deserve to be punished for the action regardless of reasoning.
@MadMAxJr besides probation with terms of not using said service?
8:32 PM
And since this is a minor, no matter what result, some party is going to be upset with it.
It's not uncommon, people have been banned from facebook and the like before
@AshleyNunn And he will be. But since he's a minor, he's going to get off with a lighter sentence, probably.
@KevinvanderVelden ... Like a restraining order from Twitch/Ustream/viewing service?
(And gotten in to trouble for breaking that probation even)
.. Legally banned from facebook?
8:32 PM
Unless he displays the incredibly stupid at the judge. In which case, I will laugh the whole time he goes to jail.
@MadMAxJr yes and no. You get a punishment but it's put on probation
@Frank Well, yes, because that is how the system does things. But I think that there should be heavier punishment in a lot of cases for minors than there are.
@murgatroid99 IT's not worthless, but I wouldn't call it effective.
@AshleyNunn I would agree with that.
There's no magic bullet answer here. Judge Dredd isn't going to walk in and declare "Seven years iso-cubes."
8:33 PM
And swatting would be one of those, due to the danger it entails for the victim.
@Wipqozn It's effective at some things. It's just not effective at everything it could be effective at
I wonder what this kid's parents thinks of all this.
Eye for an eye? Hmm no....
Are they defending their child, he who can do no wrong? Or are they going to drive home the fact that what he did was wrong?
8:35 PM
Montreal but eh
They should just swat the kid.
Short version: I have no idea how this can be fairly handled. I hope the legal system finds a fair solution.
@Wipqozn At a date and time unknown to you, you will be swatted?
@Wipqozn But then you endanger the rest of his family.
Q: Pillars of eternity old nua level 13 question about a door

CherubelIm at level 13 on old nua maze and there is a door that i cant pass. It requires a password that a ghose is supposed to give me but the ghost doesnt want to speak to me. Im wondering how you guys did this! I dont want th start using console cheats like some ppl are suggesting on the variuos for...

Q: Level 9 PI vim adventures pi puzzle

KristofferHow do i solve it? I have been stuck for a while there now. Hints are more preffered than answers btw. Thank you in advance.

@Frank just wait till the family leaves him alone for a bit
8:38 PM
@Frank Well, yes, that was the point. Shows him what it's really like. Also I was joking.
I'm not really sure what the punishment should be, because I'm not an expert on rehabilitative justice for minors.
Maybe the pastel colored ponies have addressed this topic, surely they have a happy solution with a musical number, right?
@Wipqozn I sincerely hope it includes his parents grounding him for a year.
And taking away all his technology.
And make him pay the bill for the swattings.
@MadMAxJr they don't have juvenile delinquency.
Actually, they don't really have much crime at all
@Frank I think being grounded isn't effective either.
Can kids do community service?
@Wipqozn I dunno, being grounded in a 220v setup seems reasonably effective
8:41 PM
@Wipqozn yes
@Wipqozn It's more importantly not legally binding
The parents can not give a fuck for all the court cares
@Wipqozn It depends. I'm not saying that should be his punishment, but I hope his parents drive home just how wrong this was.
And that what the courts do should be irrelevant to what his parents do.
I feel asleep
Well, I'm going to go back to Bloodborne (cc @Sterno)
@Wipqozn You mean blood boner, right?
8:47 PM
Sometiems it's amazing what you can learn about a device by looking at how it breaks
For example, I learned my router has several independent modules and that the ethernet ports aren't affected by faults on the software side
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, this is how I learned about my WD TV live devices.
Turns out, they don't handle uPnP packets at all well. Rather than error handling and ignoring them, the device flips out and dies.
I'm afraid that I've ruled out that possibility for my problem though =[
~1% packet loss is not okay to an ip address on the same network
And without logs, I had no idea what the culprit was. It took turning off computers in the network, and eliminating them one by one to narrow it down. And then smack it so that it would stop.
Heck, it's not okay to the internet
8:57 PM
On April first will the site become Ye Olde Arcadium - A compendium of entertainment art inquiries and responses?
climbs off her soapbox
@AshleyNunn that's a pretty horrible organisation
@AshleyNunn puts stars on the soapbox
@MadMAxJr No, it will become host to "International Don't Trust The Internet Day"
Because it is on the internet, and everywhere on the internet is host to that
@KevinvanderVelden They are awful and I hate them and ASAN is WAY BETTER and should get all of your support if you are wanting to support people with autism. :D
I'm really curious what this years Google prank is.
@MadMAxJr usually there are at least a few in different products
8:59 PM
I liked the one for having the option to have cargo containers of youtube content sent to your home based on content, and that shipping would be delayed while you construct your warehouse.
ThinkGeek will have a handful of pranks, but one likely to become real.
@MadMAxJr I always like Google's pranks, because they're either clearly jokes (like impractical products with no purchase page), or actually functional
Gmail Paper
April Fools Day frustrates me because I am not always good at knowing what is real and while I get that is the point, it is a very frustrating thing because reasons.
I always enjoy Friday the 13th on Engadget, because they photoshop Jason Vorhees masks into most content. Sometimes discretely.
9:03 PM
@AshleyNunn that is why I have dubbed it "International Don't Trust The Internet Day", just don't trust anything on the internet and you'll be safe
And we got that twice this year!
@jc4p @StackExchange I mean, you could just threaten to ban the ios tag on SO. ...Actually, I think I've got an idea for April Fool's
There's going to be a lot of game annoucnements I will have to ignore on the first.
my poor little legs hurt
9:04 PM
If I see the words, "Nintendo announces new F-Zero" my forehead will burst a vessel and I will bleed out shortly after.
I hate running. But I really like how I feel after running
but my feet really hurt
and these shoes are Nike :(
My everything hurts. I took a nap and woke up feeling like crap for some reason.
@KevinvanderVelden The problem is, I don't have the skills to sort all the info out :(
@MadMAxJr ooooh. If there's a new F-Zero I am going to buy a Wii U just for that
@TimStone boo, that is ungood napping
9:04 PM
Sleep literally made me weak.
@AshleyNunn don't sort, just say everything is false :D
@TimStone I had to see a sleep doc for that. Got diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.
Hrm, yeah, I should probably go in to get it checked out.
The test usually consists of an overnight stay in a lab. :|
@TimStone Yeah, maybe.
9:05 PM
Although considering I dragged my butt on getting my brain checked out, I am not the best person to ask ;)
@TimStone The answer is almost always "yes, you should get it checked out", even if few of us actually follow that advice (promptly)
I mean, I've gone in for it before, but nothing useful, so :P
Just like my persistent cough >:/
Q: DS4 Stuck in Discovery (Bluetooth) Mode

clappskiAfter successfully pairing my DS4 with my Mac through USB, I attempted to do it via Bluetooth. The connection works, although doesn't output data in a way I can use it easily (through Max/MSP). I've been trying for the last hour to repair it with my PS4, but I can't get it out of the Bluetooth mo...

@TimStone T_T
It's not even on the screen anymore!
9:08 PM
Ooh! Can we ban the minecraft tag for april fools?
@KevinvanderVelden I second
@murgatroid99 Thirded.
Only if we "forget" to unban it on April 2nd.
@Frank I was waiting for that
Automatic account deletion if post is detected as logdump only.
9:09 PM
@KevinvanderVelden That's the only way I would support that.
At a conservative estimate, we close 75% of minecraft crash questions.
And the asker never comes back.
Maybe we should all go support the Minecraft proposal, then redirect the questions there
"Please redirect your question to Minecraft.SE" And it redirects them to an empty minecraft sim, where they need to build minecraft.SE.
... There's a proposal?
@MadMAxJr all in redstone
@TimStone It is on mine.
Get a smaller screen!
9:11 PM
@MadMAxJr there was one in the past, but it was probably closed as a dupe of this site
On April Fools will they finally reveal Lifehacks.SE was a long running gag?
@MadMAxJr I want to believe
@MadMAxJr we can all dream
@MadMAxJr That would cause a ton of anger.
Hmm. Tons of anger. Thinking, thinking. How to generate magnitudes of order more rage.....
"Microsoft 4chan"
9:13 PM
@MadMAxJr what?
April Fools rage items.
No, I mean, what would that even be?
I'm not sure I want to know.
It would have mountain dew and dorito ads though.
Master Chief themed threads. On /every/ board. Every board. Especially the skin-crawly ones.
@MadMAxJr "do you even troll, bro?"
I mean that people make 4chan clones all the time. 4chan is well known because of the self-perpetuating reputation of its community, not because of the software
9:15 PM
From Software to enter casual mobile games market?
Valve purchased by EA?
As an acquihire
Boston Dynamics reports: "Big dog got loose. We have no idea where he is."
Valve is a bit of a reach...
@murgatroid99 that's nightmare fuel
EA buys Ubisoft
@MadMAxJr two wrongs make a double wrong
9:17 PM
@MattGiltaji John Madden's Assassins Creed 2016
@MadMAxJr actually i wouldn't mind assassinating the announcer
Okay that might make american football interesting, scratch that.
@MadMAxJr How does this only have 1 star?
I don't know if you can beat Half Life 3: Microtransactions sold only on Origin
every ea/ubi mashup i can think of would actually be a cool game. but origin + uplay would wreck it
9:20 PM
@murgatroid99 D:
@Powerlord Yeah, exactly (cc @GnomeSlice)
@MattGiltaji combine all the bad things from uplay and Origin into Oriplay
Origiplay sounds even better actually
"EA to allow Origin games on Steam again, but requires Origin launcher installed and updated, steam will launch the Origin platform for you and open the game. Multiple overlays."
@MadMAxJr uplay already does this
GFWL games on Steam were the worst incarnation of that.
9:21 PM
@Chippies orgyramboplay
Ubisoft removes uPlay requirement from all their games. APRIL FOOLS!
@MattGiltaji I think @OrigamiRobot would sue
Q: What are the keyboard shortcuts in SineRider?

l0b0SineRider* does not seem to come with any instructions for keyboard use, except to type functions. Is there any way to do any of the following using the keyboard? Exit the game "Run" a function Pause Reset * Not "sine-rider" as the tag indicates

@Chippies lawsuit would get held up due to funky phone issues
@Powerlord Ubisoft adds uPlay requirements to everyone else's games. For fairness
9:23 PM
"Valve discloses the truth: There is no HL 3, Steamworks is powered by the thought energy people produce when pondering what HL3 will be."
And I'm sure The Onion will produce real articles for one day.
I hope valve announces Half Life 3 on April 1st, and gives it a release date a month from them. no one will believe it. It will be great.
@MadMAxJr so, business as usual, then
Then don't talk about it at all until release day, when they just add it to the steam store
Valve reveals HL3 has been on sale for years. Nobody has bought it.
9:25 PM
@Wipqozn Except that after a month passes, it still wouldn't be out.
@Wipqozn It wouldn't matter. They've gotten to the point where they could add it to the store without telling anyone, and it would get a ton of press and purchases immediately
@murgatroid99 I know. That's why it would be perfect.
I don't think anything they could release could match up to what is expected.
@Wipqozn Best part: that page doesn't use the <blink> tag
People would just assume it was an april 1st joke... then suddenly, on the day they said it would be.. it releases.
9:27 PM
Hmm.. Valve to introduce Bitcoin purchasing. That would be a good one.
@MadMAxJr That would be too believable to be a good joke
@Wipqozn eww you tricked me into using canadian google
@Wipqozn Or actually release on april 1st
Why are we trying to guess about April Fools jokes?
@murgatroid99 Valve to introduce Dogecoin purchasing?
That over bitcoin directly would be rage.
9:29 PM
For April Fools I should delete my account.
@MadMAxJr still too believable
@Wipqozn at least bounty your rep first
@MadMAxJr I want the ability to pay with time I've already spent on other games
For April Fools I should go into the Lifehacks Chat and tell them I think the site is fantastic.
@Wipqozn i thought you did that already
9:32 PM
@MadMAxJr ask not when Half Life 3 is ready for you, but when you are ready for @KevinvanderVelden
For April Fools @badp should put the room on a 24-hour time out.
It's time. To go home.
@Wipqozn Again?
@Wipqozn Why wait til April Fool's?
@badp So it'll be special!
9:33 PM
You know what'd be more special?
@badp inb4 mod abuse
In fact even more special than that is AUGUST 20TH FOOLS.
And we've already had that.
And we relish the memories to date.
Okay, back to bloodborne cc @Sterno
@badp and will keep bringing it up till it ceases to be funny
@KevinvanderVelden when has that ever stopped us?
9:35 PM
Hmm true
We will keep bringing it up.
@Wipqozn i don't think it will ever be possible for me to not read that as blood boner
Wow, I am giving SanDisk all the internet points
Q: How to clear the lighthouse?

DavidYellWhen you reach Ondra's Gift area in Defiance Bay, you'll meet a woman who mistakenly purchased an old lighthouse to convert it into an Inn. As you can probably guess there is a problem, which you can solve. One of these encounters has wiped my whole team three times, so I was wondering if anyone...

Q: Is there any other way to link a device?

chomusir Google play stores cannot b installed in my phone hence I cannot link a device through google+ , is der any other way to link a device??

Sent in an RMA request today because my mp3 player refuses to be anything other than a paperweight
an hour later, I get a reply saying "we don't have it in black, but we will send you a red one if that's okay"
9:39 PM
Not bad
"TF2 to discontinue all hats, cosmetics. Valve comment: Our testing period for these items has ended. Thank you."
@KevinvanderVelden It's much better than the crap I put up with in other things (like Kobo and the ereader stuff)
"Also, we updated the localization files."
"Firaxis buys EA"
"Sid Meier found roaming EA HQ, going desk to desk shouting "WHERE IS IT?". Sid was later found carrying the IP files for Alpha Centauri out of the building."
Q: Why does my Minecraft 1.8.3 Keep on crashing?

MushyKingRBMy Minecraft keeps on crashing why? Crash report:[14:40:06] [Client thread/INFO]: Setting user: MushyGuyAlex1234 [14:40:06] [Client thread/INFO]: (Session ID is token:711b14ebf907488f894e4fc276dea86a:1a33027623ce4fdea4af5544fe520bd2) [14:40:14] [Client thread/INFO]: LWJGL Version: 2.9.4 # A fa...

9:53 PM
Well. One swatting attempt went further. Not only did a game store get swatted, but the perpetrator tried to go further, and trick the people at the store to further the gambit.
This guy needs to be caught. And jailed. Forever.
Ah yes, the one where they called as the fire inspector.
@MadMAxJr Yep.
Even after they discovered this was a fake call, everyone in the shop HAD to be handcuffed, escorted out of the building, and information collected.
@MadMAxJr I can't really blame the swat team.
I just hope this idiot made a mistake, and they throw the book at him.

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