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4:01 PM
@MattGiltaji TO be fair, GameBanshee has a really long history of supporting Obsidian pretty tightly.
Like, I'm pretty sure Obsidian games (and games by Obsidian devs at their prior workplaces like Troika, Black Isle, Interplay, and Bioware), are basically 85% or more of why GameBanshee is in business.
They should've demanded the text be submitted as poetry
Q: A Stack Overflow brick in the Computer History Museum wall

Jeff AtwoodI'm thinking stackoverflow.com llc / inc should buy a brick in the Computer History Museum Wall. It's for a noble cause -- the CHM is one of my favorite places on the planet, and the money is a non-profit donation in support of their effort to record the history of the computer. The brick I am ...

@PrivatePansy yeah hat would have been better
@LessPop_MoreFizz at least it rhymes
@MattGiltaji TBQH, I'm more annoyed by the kickstartr backer npcs all over the DEEPLY SUSPICIOUS OF OUTSIDERS farm village
Yeah, those 7 Fire and Death Godlike Adventurers with big weapons totally fit right in here, guys!
4:08 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz You can't talk to those, I assumed that they're not really there and you can just see them because you're a Watcher. It is a bit confusing at first because I didn't know that they weren't relevant to the actual story
@MadScientist That's an interesting way of rationalizing it.
(They're definitely there. You can kill them, and you lose reputation with the town and aggro bystanders for doing so.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz You're doing a mass-murderer playthrough? ;-)
@MadScientist I was just experimenting.
@MadScientist That said, if you start a mass murder play through at the caravan in the tutorial, the opening quest objectives change to reflect that in the most delightful way.
Ooh I like this game =p
@LessPop_MoreFizz and your bleak pally can handle that battle?
4:13 PM
cc @Wipqozn @Sterno @GnomeSlice
I hope the computer hard crashes again so I can uninstall this piece of shit
4:20 PM
@badp I think you should just get a new computer
or replace the user, perhaps
Q: Both Windows and Event Ghost are handling IR remote commands. How do I get Windows to stop?

MBraedleyLong story short, I installed the Windows 10 tech preview on my HTPC. After a recent update to build 10041, I noticed that Windows has started to handle at least some of the commands that are being sent by my remote (a Logitech Harmony One using commands from some generic Windows multimedia remo...

If anyone knows
Hah, Windows being too smart for its own good
Is that not usually how it goes?
@Fluttershy Fantastic!
4:29 PM
Gah Unity3d, you'd think that vectors in 2d space would be easier to work with than 3d, but no, they're horrible
@Sterno Maybe you could ask some questions on SciFi!
@Unionhawk Yup. Best day.
@PrivatePansy Yeah, as I said I can work around it for anything that is just keyboard, but mouse emulation is half borked.
@Wipqozn I don't know what to roll for my character. :(
@Fluttershy I vote cipher!
@Fluttershy Military veteran is a good choice if you're not sure what you want to do.
4:33 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Wrong game!
@Fluttershy Yes, I know you are playing the wrong game
Cipher no ciphing. Or something.
That was a dumb joke
What? You don't like your soul being ripped to pieces to fight your allies with?
And it apparently crashed Inbox
That's how bad that joke was
> `$autoload`
> (string) (optional) Should this option be automatically loaded by the function `wp_load_alloptions()` (puts options into object cache on each page load)? Valid values: `yes` or `no`.
4:36 PM
The string 'yes', or 'no'. In lowercase. Because, you know, PHP doesn't have Booleans
Goddamn it WordPress
@PrivatePansy that's so you don't have to cast it later!!
@Wipqozn I was thinking Violent Past, Lone Survivor, or Military Veteran.
But I'm not sure what style of weapon I want to use. :( Maybe I need a higher skill than strength.
Also, in the same function
> (string) (optional) Deprecated in WordPress Version 2.3.
> Default: Empty string
@Fluttershy That's why I suggest the veteran.
So this deprecated parameter is here because... there are other, non-deprecated parameters behind it
@Wipqozn Yeah... Didn't realize they had 14/13 str/skill. <_<
4:39 PM
@Fluttershy: Also, all the weapons you start with can also be bought fairly quickly.
@Wipqozn What are you using?
And removing it would break old code. So we're not going to remove it. Which totally defeats the purpose of deprecating it.
So don't worry too much about your weapon either, because you can swap to one of the other ones pretty soonish.
@Fluttershy Threaded Cane.
@Wipqozn That's what I was thinking of using... Hm...
It's "trick mode" basically turns it into ivy's weapon from Soul Calibur
4:40 PM
add_option( $option, $value, $deprecated, $autoload );
I prefer the non-trick mode for 1v1, and trick mode for groups.
An actual function signature. Only in WordPress...
@badp what kind of slept did they mean, if generations exists?
@Wipqozn Alright! Military Veteran with Threaded Cane and Pistol! Here we go!
@Fluttershy I started the same, except I went for... whatever that one with high skill was. Can't remember the name.
4:44 PM
@badp no no, you were just dreaming. You were asleep for a very long time after all
Should have set your alarm clock
@KevinvanderVelden I could do with some sleep
@PrivatePansy You'd be surprised
@murgatroid99 I understand the logic, but it seems really backwards, since this sort of not-really-deprecating means that future code will all have to accommodate old code, and doesn't that defeat the purpose of deprecation?
Not ahuge surprise, really, since Best Buy has owned Future Shop for a while. Surprised they didn't do it before.
@PrivatePansy It's the only way to do it so that old code still works.
And I'm assuming that last parameter is rarely used. My guess is that new code is expected to pass only two arguments
4:48 PM
@Wipqozn Professional?
If the two parameters are different enough, you could sort of detect which one is which. I think PHP's implode does that
@murgatroid99 That is true, mostly
You could also create a new function for it, though naming would be a problem
@Fluttershy Yeah, I think that's it.
Q: Town Census not Showing all Kittens

AriscottleI have 34 Geologist kittens but the town census only shows the newest 10 kittens not letting me promote any others. What's up with that?

Q: What is the result after a steam account termination?

mysterymooseI understand it is possible to have your Steam account terminated (via Steam Support) which I sent a request for a few days ago, along with proof of ownership of my account. By citing the clause within the subscribers agreement "termination by you" they will delete it for you. From what I know, ...

add_option( $option, $value, $autoload, $deprecated = null ) {
	if ( $deprecated != null ) {
		$t = $deprecated;
		$deprecated = $autoload;
		$autoload = $t;
Or that
@KevinvanderVelden that would probably be more confusing, especially for people with legacy code
4:51 PM
@murgatroid99 throw a big fat warning if it's called the deprecated way
/cc @PrivatePansy
@KevinvanderVelden I don't know. Changing argument order for the sake of deprecating an argument just doesn't seem like a good strategy
And then having it so that if you pass both arguments as they are named, it won't work properly
That seems terrible
The argument order isn't being changed, the deprecated is being removed. If you call it the deprecated way nothing changed
Unless PHP doesn't support default arguments?
@KevinvanderVelden But if you call with all 4 arguments, it won't accept the arguments as it says it will
@KevinvanderVelden It does
4:53 PM
That's not OK
@murgatroid99 then don't call it with 4 arguments, there is a reason it is deprecated
@KevinvanderVelden Can you imagine debugging code that uses it, though
@KevinvanderVelden I'm looking at the code, and it actually does this already
if ( !empty( $deprecated ) )
     _deprecated_argument( __FUNCTION__, '2.3' );
@murgatroid99 yeah, you'd curse at the people still using deprecated values and fix it =p
@Wipqozn Am I meant to kill that first werewolf with my bare hands?
4:54 PM
Also, $deprecated is deprecated - the code doesn't use it in any manner
@KevinvanderVelden No, you'd curse the API writer for writing a nonsensical API
@murgatroid99 it's wordpress, were already doing that
@KevinvanderVelden why make it worse? I don't understand
And the API is perfectly sensical: there are 3 arguments. If you are doing it wrong we're gonna pretend we didn't see anything
@KevinvanderVelden If you pass arguments (a,b,c), it accepts them as (a,b,c). If you pass (a,b,c,d), it accepts them as (a,b,d,c)
4:56 PM
@murgatroid99 Seems fine. The parameter is deprecated. Drop it from everywhere, including the docs
The code can handle the deprecation transparently while maintaining backward compatibility
@murgatroid99 accepts it as (a,b,d) actually if it's not used at all
@murgatroid99 PHP doesn't support named arguments yet
@Fluttershy Yeah, you are.
@PrivatePansy oh, I know
(but not really, you'll die to it then respawn in thee hubworld where you'llg et weapons) cc @Fluttershy
4:57 PM
The point is that if new code were to pass $autoload as a third argument and anything as a fourth argument for any reason, the code won't work as expected
@Wipqozn I was only one hit from killing it when I died. :P
@Fluttershy Well aren't we fancy
@Wipqozn Apparently it only drops 3 blood vials, so not worth the trouble.
@Fluttershy It drops those when you kill it with your weapon too
There's really no reason to worry about killing it with your fists, except for bragging rights.
On an entirely unrelated note, Fallout: Equestria inspired jazz: soundcloud.com/wasteland_wailers/…
5:01 PM
@PrivatePansy That reminds me, the new season starts soonish
@Wipqozn 7 days
5:16 PM
@Fluttershy fanfare
Can't decide if I should try to Bloodborne during the brief window both kids are napping
The answer is MH4U. You need to maximize the amount of not-playtime you have on Bloodborne so you can justify your purchase.
@Ktash ;p
I can't believe I threw my sword at the bad guy and lost it to save your worthless life if you were just going to die 10 minutes later!
@spugsley I always miss the good stuff :(
5:27 PM
@Ktash haha yuuup. It's already gone because of some creepers
@spugsley :( :( :( WHY CRUEL WORLD?!
You could send the photo over Dropbox, Skype, or something else?
(also, sorry for the creepers. The internet sucks sometimes)
@Yuuki nah, I think I'll let this one just be a personal thing :)
@Ktash yeah but I should have known better. It's art but it's still nekkid so ya know
Sigh, grinding for Atmas is the worst.
I think I'm going to go back to Monster Hunter.
5:30 PM
@spugsley Yeah. Just sad. You shouldn't have to know better. You should be able to post what you like, especially art, and express yourself how you want to without creepy people ruining it
@spugsley Ohmy. :o
@Fluttershy oh my indeed :o
Oh. My. God.
I could never work for the guy who interviewed. I will copy and paste you what happened. Hold on.
5:32 PM
At first, before he came in, I was so excited because his office was FULL of nerdy stuff. So when he came in and asked me how I was doing I said "I feel like this could be my office! Walking Dead, Starwars, etc etc. It's amazing!" And he was like "What do you know about any of this stuff?" in a really snotty voice. Dude. Really?
The entire interview was like that, even after I decided I wasn't going to bring it up anymore because obviously he had a problem with me liking nerdy things or something. So I tried to stick just to the job stuff but he kept bringing it up and interrupting me to ask about what game I was playing, what book I was reading, etc just so that he could essentially tear it down. Phrase of the day: "That game is for wimps." Wow.
... Did a nerd just call someone a wimp?
Another phrase: "I only play first person shooters so"
As someone who may or may not be considered a nerd, that's really hypocritical.
@spugsley I bet on a console as well
@spugsley What a peasant.
5:33 PM
and when he asked what counsel I play, I said PC. And he said "Well, that makes sense. Keyboard and mouse clicking, huh?"
16 secs ago, by Yuuki
@spugsley What a peasant.
he is probably the worst person I've met in my life
I knew people like him existed in theory but now I know for sure
@spugsley And this guy was interviewing someone? Sad that someone like that has any authority in a company.
Well, that dudebro sounds like the embodiment of what is wrong with the dudebro gamers out there
5:35 PM
@Ktash There's something right with the dudebro gamers? Please enlighten me.
I'm having the same problem with Pillars of Eternity that I do with every other RPG... I get an hour into it and want to restart with a different guy.
gonna send a nice letter to the CEO of the company (it's a small company so no problem) about interview practices and why I'm not taking the job. Professionally. And respectfully. Of course.
@Sterno try them all out for an hour and then never play the game again. That sounds all too familiar...
@spugsley ♪ Someone gonna get fired~
@Fluttershy yes. Do you know what his last question for me was? "Knowledge, Money, or Power?" And he was SO antagonistic.
5:36 PM
@Fluttershy Sadly, a lot of places are still boys clubs and "frat"-esque places where that sort of thing gets promoted up because stupidity
@Yuuki no name dropping but I'd be shocked if he couldn't figure it out
Or at least have a very stern talking-to~
@spugsley Uppity console players are the worst when they look down on PC gamers. They're supposed to know their place, and that we look down on them.
@Yuuki Well they like video games. That's probably the end of the list though
5:36 PM
@spugsley I would've said, "Your job." :P
And maybe get passed over for a promotion or not get a raise~
But really it was wrong with dudebro gamers as opposed to regular normal gamers
@spugsley Go find his twitter and see if he's got #gamergate posts all over it
And I'm only following up because I can't imagine another woman having to go in there and take that shit. He had a power thing. He refused to have any shared interests with me. Even when I commeneted on the stuff around his office at first, he was very like "Oh psh, I like that ironically" sort of way
@Sterno oh shit he probly does
@Sterno I'd bet yes.
He probably follows Adam Baldwin, too.
5:38 PM
I prefer to just think of him as Jayne.
@spugsley I never understood liking and paying money for something ironically
@Chippies he was just being an ass. Like sharing an interest with me made him less powerful or something
I don't really like this couple hundred dollar collection of action figures, I just like them ironically.
he was so bad. So bad.
@Fluttershy I don't know enough about Adam Baldwin's personality to know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
5:39 PM
@spugsley Yeah, I know, I just find it facepalm worthy when people say they like things they have paid actual money for ironically
like, clearly you're just saying that to be an ass
lol I agree. I'm proud of the shit I like. I will talk about it foreverrrrrr. Can't imagine being like "yup, I paid for that but only because I can"
I might not be proud of the things I like, but I wouldn't say I like them ironically, that just sounds so hipster-fake
@Yuuki He started the #gamergate tag, supposedly
That's what I'd heard, at least
@Ktash Yeah, but I'm guessing it kinda spun out of control to something he didn't expect.
I will say I'm super really proud though because he wasn't even the first person I interviewed with. He's over both content and design ("Operations Manager") and he's using a million design words that I don't understand and he gets to smirk when I say "I'm sorry, I'm not a coder, I don't know what that means. Can you elaborate?" And this happened SO much. BUT THEN A GLORIOUS MOMENT
5:41 PM
Maybe. I avoided that whole mess because it was out of control from whenever I first saw it as a thing
I mean, Alfred Nobel invented dynamite...
And never expected it to be used in warfare.
Not to say that's the same thing, just the theme of something you started becoming something you never imagined possible.
he said "So why do you want to be in the digital space?" So I get to look at him like he's looking at me and say, "I'm sorry I don't follow. I'm already in the digital space? I'm an accomplished freelancer. I have only 10 million pageviews to my name. Can you amend your question?"
he was SO flustered
it was amazing. And then we were done. Because we both hated each other and it was obvious.
@Yuuki To a degree maybe, but he's kind of a dick too so don't give him much credit. As a lesser Baldwin he has to assert himself somehow.
@TimStone lol lesser baldwin. I know what my new handle is
5:46 PM
@TimStone He actually isn't related to the same Baldwins as Alec and brood.
Which makes your statement more true, if anything. He's definitely a lesser Baldwin. :P
Yeah, I know. :P
@Fluttershy yasssssssssssssss
@Ktash Y'know, when I hear "Kelso", I think Scrubs and not That 70s Show.
I'm not sure if this makes me a horrible person.
Q: Answer has been edited after being flagged

NolonarSomeone answered one of my old questions in a way I found very offensive and not helpful at all, and I flagged it appropriately. Well , nope you can't switch your crew unless you finish your heist then you can:D Doesn't seem very offensive, does it now? That's because the poster edited his...

@Fluttershy Well, if I remember correctly, Alec and brood are not shining examples of humanity either... :/
5:52 PM
@Ktash They aren't. But they try to be less public with their stupidity.
And now to take a break from being mad at Bloodborne to watch some Walking Dead.
@Wipqozn @Sterno Screw that bonfire crowd. Seriously.
@Fluttershy If you knock them into the bonfire they die right away. Also, it's best to go up the ramp on the right, so you can come from behind and knock out one of the gunmen, then rrun back up. you can funnel them up the steps that way.
Should keep them close enough that your cane can hit a lot fo them
Plus, if you spend time doing what @Wipqozn said, half of them wander away so you can pick them off a few at a time.
Or skip them entirely, really
@Sterno Yeah, they don't all just hang out there forever.
6:00 PM
I think about half of my deaths in this game have been trying to get fancy with pistol parries
(or whatever they're called)
and getting a big nooooope as a result
Particularly on Father Whathisbutt
@Sterno I parried him a couple times in axe mode... but I usually ended up regreting it during that abttle
I never parried him in not axe mode
His attacks are slower in axe mode, so was easier to do
Wait, you can parry without the gun?
I did not know that
Oh, HE was in axe mode
In axe mode, just hide on the other side of tombstones from him. His gun can't hit you and if you're careful his attacks won't either
Yeah, was going to say, I'm pretty sure parries in bloodborne are basically you blocking and simultaneously shooting the dude
My son woke up and decided to go back to sleep before I got him out of his crib. 40 MORE MINUTES OF GAMING FOR ME
6:24 PM
@spugsley That is all kinds of amazing as a comeback. His face must've been priceless.
Also: holy shit it's 7:23pm already, when did that happen?
@Sterno I can't figure out the timing for this.
holy shit
Quake 4 aged really badly
@Arperum it was. It was so perfect. I am not the kind of person to wave accomplishments in someone's face but it felt really good in this circumstance
@Arperum approximately 8 minutes ago
@KevinvanderVelden Don't logic me. I should make food, but for that I kinda really need to do dishes.
6:35 PM
I just made food, food is delicious, you should make some
So instead I'm going to sew a patch on my vest.
And after that find some creative solution for getting pots for making food.
@Fluttershy I'm only any good at it with the big gray guys you might not have even seen yet
flops over and naps
Q: What can I do with bad guests?

Kevin van der VeldenMy stronghold has a guest, yay!. Oh wait it's a bad guest. I can, from the look of it, pay him off to leave, or send an escort (I can also ignore him). What are the benefits and downsides of doing any of those things? I know that having him around lowers my reputation and security and that that...

6:59 PM
My 40 minutes of gaming is up :(
Q: Is it possible to raise stats?

Magic_CarpetI found a lot of dialogue choices requiring high Perception and I started the game with just 10 plus 1 for being an elf. With a magical helm and tower rest bonus I can temporarily boost it to 13, but is it possible to raise it permanently?

dont suppose anyone has that magnets image from last night?
full of gravity?
21 hours ago, by Blem
user image
That one?
nah the other one
was a poster, claiming due to being removed from the earth they are full of gravity?
Around there, few messages above
(Click on the "21 hours ago" bit)
7:06 PM
found it, ty
Bridge! What are some good games like Proteus? A friend of mine has a son who can't actually play video games. He just likes wandering around looking at stuff. Preferably in first person. But it has to be for the PS3.
most everything oculus rift :P
@badp That's not a viable option. <_<
Q: Why does KSP keep crashing from access violations?

Ethan BierleinWhenever I'm playing KSP 0.90, the game seems to crash routinely about every 30-45 minutes, and whenever I look in the crash logs, it's always the same reason. Most, if not all such errors look something like this: Unity Player [version: Unity 4.5.5f1_7684ad0c5a44] mono.dll caused an Access Vio...

7:16 PM
Q: What unlocks new training from the masters?

Rapida Pretty simple question, what unlocks new training levels with the masters? Above you can see I've completed training from Piccolo and done some training from Krillin, however I've not figured out what causes new training to unlock with each master. How do I unlock further training with Krillin?

@badp overwhelming?
@Ktash uncomfortably.
Q: Why can't I fight Omega Mark XII?

Adam VI just traveled through Giruvegan to fight Omega Mark XII (he's one of the last optional bosses I have left to beat) and he's just sitting there. Why won't the fight begin?

Q: What is a good move pool for meganium?

FirearcanineFor my xy team I use a meganium can someone help me find a good move pool?

7:45 PM
Gah. I did not expect that sewing a tiny patch would take this long.
Q: Is there a way to respec my skills?

Mad ScientistAs it happened to me in pretty much every RPG I played, it turns out that my initial choices of skills weren't exactly ideal. The first character I meet has exactly the same skill at maximum level that I have. The second I meet also has this skill as his highest. This in turn means that I current...

BD Armory is the best thing to have ever happened to KSP
@fluttershy mind: path to thalamus (I think)
I know a good freeware one too but I'll have to try and remember the name
@flu oh also World of Diving is great for that
> Bridge! What are some good games like Proteus? A friend of mine has a son who can't actually play video games. He just likes wandering around looking at stuff. Preferably in first person. But it has to be for the PS3.
Not sure what happened with the formatting there.
Q: Cure for a forever potion

kailey cheeseI got hit by a potion in minecraft thats affects last even after I die. How do I get rid of the affects? I have tried milk but it doesn't work.

Q: Why would I want to take prisoners?

Mad ScientistThere is a tip on one of the loading screens explaining that I can take certain people I meet prisoner. There is also an upgrade for my Stronghold that is required to do that. What do I gain by restoring my dungeon and then imprisoning people? I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade that part, a...

Q: Why aren't any buildings coming up on my break-oout Industrial area despite having demand in Cities: Skylines

SathyaI'm trying to expand my city's industrial footprint. Acquired the second square besides the first "main square" & I'm trying to build an industrial district around there. My City has adequate demand for Industries, yet no buildings seem to come up in the second Industrial hub. Why is this so? ...

8:20 PM
Q: Character gone what do I do

JacobHi I got on terraria on my mobile device and I only had one character and my character that I've used was in the slot that I haven't used like a character I haven't used and when I tried clicking on the one that I have used there wasn't any picture anything there so I clicked on it and all my stu...

Q: N64 RF Modulator/RF Switch Incompatible with Newer TVs?

SunnyvaleSupervisorI just bought a used N64. When I turn the system on with a game in it, everything is fine except the TV screen flashes about twice per second and a clicking sound comes from the speakers (exactly like this). It did not come with the typically included RCA composite video/stereo audio cable (simi...

8:35 PM
Just like every RPG of that time, I get to the first large city and my journal explodes with quests
I think it'll be a while until I resume the main quest
Q: If I form Germany, do I lose Prussia's cores?

MaxAs Brandenburg, I formed Prussia as soon as I was able. Unfortunately, France has become defender of the Catholic faith, so it'll be a while before I can take on Poland to get my remaining cores, and I might be able to form Germany before getting the chance. Will I lose my uncontrolled Prussian c...

@Yuuki Politicians? Not usually.
8:56 PM
Q: Where can I find Derrin?

Mad ScientistI'm doing the quest "Brave Derrin" at the moment, but I'm having a hard time actually finding the boy. I've explored Ondra's Gift and spoken with some people, but the trail ends at the Salty Mast. I probably missed something obvious, but I just couldn't find the boy. Where is he?

I've not been excited for kitchenware this much since I got my stand mixer
Q: Pokemon (ORAS): Can I Trade PowerSave/ActionReplay Mythical/Event Pokemon With Passersby on the PSS?

TiffoSo I will soon have a PowerSave/ActionReplay device and I want to use wondercard codes that I know come with the device to get things like Genesect, Keldeo, Mew, etc. I would then like to give these Pokémon as gifts to random people I find on the PSS. I understand that I cannot trade these on th...

@AshleyNunn I'm having a bit of a hard time imagining what an exciting ladle looks like ;-)
9:06 PM
that is the ladle in question
That one is pretty cool I have to admit
9:18 PM
@MadScientist I am pretty excited
Q: i need help with /execute

Assley GamingI have been make a massive row of command blocks for a double jump mechanism and thought cane I use /execute i have used it before for execute @e[type=Snowball] ~ ~ ~ /summon Fireball ~ ~ ~ {ExplosionPower:5,direction:[]} but i cant get it to work for these two commands testfor @a[score_jump...

Q: Where cliffs? Sagani, The Long Hunt

EternalArchonSagani is looking for a guy named Persoq and all I know is that he is by "cliffs" over looking the water(ocean?) Any idea which zone that's in?

9:39 PM
Cornbread "cake".
Q: item on sold, how to get it back?

dgsfgdsdfghdfghfghdfgh dfgh dfgh dgfh dfgh dfghdgfh

Q: Does any one know what files cauldron needs?

Skymesfor some reason the host that im using shockbyte isn't being very helpful so i'm resorting to other people. Can any one tell me what files i need for cauldron, it says in the host console when u select what type of jar u want the server to run on it say's mod: cauldron 1.6.4 (requires files) whic...

> Canned food in buckets of cat litter.
9:54 PM
@Yuuki Not sure how it helps, but like...if the litter is clean, and the cans are shut, I don't see the "ick" factor. Cat litter on its own is not that icky.
I am pretty certain I wouldn't survive a post-apocalyptic world.
And I'm fairly okay with that. I mean, someone's gotta die or else it's not an apocalypse, right?
My problem is I can't start thinking about it or I get stuck thinking about -every- detail
Q: Is there more than one item that your clone drops after drinking the X potion

Gabriel SchmidtI was playing and wondered if it was worth it to fight my clone twice?

(this is also why I can't read a lot of post-apocalyptic stuff, or bunch of people in a bunker/spaceship/whatever for loooooooong times stuff because I just start thinknig about all teh details that everyone glosses over, like food supply)
@AshleyNunn just print steak
10:02 PM
@badp you'd still need supplies for that!
@AshleyNunn Print supplies.
@AshleyNunn dark matter!!
@badp I am not sure of the nutritional content...
@AshleyNunn you just need to light it up
@AshleyNunn Just have the printer print the materials it needs to print the other things.
10:03 PM
@Yuuki ....
Q: How do you level up your Spartan to level 50 quickly

ThomasI need to level up because I've been playing for a year and I'm still at level 6 and all my friends are at level 129 and they don't think I'm good enough

Clearly, this works.
The light is on.
good job guys
we figured perpetual motion
we can go home now
on our perpetually moving cars
to our perpetually moving houses
through our perpetually moving streets
But how will we get in our perpetually moving cars if they're in constant motion? #BreakingSecondLawOfThermodynamicsProblems
on a atomic scale the atoms break it all the time :O
but the overall system doesn't
so if we could just convince the universe that the energy we are using is being brought about by the lack of energy elsewhere.....
@Lazers A YEAR?!
10:22 PM
@MBraedley Seeing as Apple has a wall of Patents for their MagSafe connector, I expect this to be, if it catches on in the slightest, at a minimum, knocked off by them, and possibly for these poor guys to be sued into oblivion.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm hoping not. I don't know if I'll back them, but are doing something innovative, and something worthy of a patent themselves.
@Fluttershy what about like Flower or Joirney or Something
@Yuuki I mostly want to know who the person is in the gif
@Yuuki And then one of the glasses shatters
10:38 PM
Also I'm keeping the PS4
My parents already got me blood borne for my birthday next week and probably ps+ as well
Plus my dad found destiny for like $27 at a target so I got that
Ties uses looks pretty fun as else
Trails hail
Trials. Fusion.
Aaaaah autocorrect
Q: What bonus does the Frost Fang give, in Hand of Fate?

someonewithpcI've been playing Hand of Fate recently; I'm, currently, at the Queen of Lizards boss, and am presented with a choice: keep using Thunderstrike(with 35 electric based damage) or buy a Frost Fang (with 25 ice based damage). Since I'm gonna encounter quite a few lizard man and lava golems, I wond...

Wireless on the ps4 is fuct though
10:45 PM
@AshleyNunn yes this is amazing! I love this photog. His food projects are amazing
@Yuuki video source?
10:59 PM
I guess I should do my taxes...

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