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12:00 AM
I'm on user destroy withdrawal
also, nite :(
@Sterno I wish Steam had put scare quotes on "friend" there
I have an exam in two hour's time and I'm spending my time wisely chatting to random internet strangers instead of studying
This doesn't look like the kind of stuff that will work
@badp Well, you'll have to fight @AshleyNunn and her hug gun for that one.
@PrivatePansy Makes sense. Studying never helped me.
@PrivatePansy I have to be at work in 8 hours
12:04 AM
@badp Nonsense, it's aged to perfection.
@badp Pfft, sleep. Silly sleep.
@TimStone Aged straight into perfect obsolesence.
@TimStone It is taking its sweet time.
@badp considering majority of drivers use that installer, not sure what you're talking about
when I install drivers, that's the installer I trust
12:07 AM
DAE remember full screen install screens? Fuck I'm old.
@badp why is there a sewer pipe?
Apparently, I sound like an English teacher.
Most of the questions i have been answering haven't been that clear, or have been unanswered for years(and you kinda sound like my English teacher) — NightHawk 2 mins ago
@badp I'm glad you're so amused by the audio manager
12:10 AM
@Frank glad you're not looking at my answers :D
@Chippies Man don't you want to listen to your music as if you were in a quarry?
@MattGiltaji I could...... :P
@badp What made you think that? I only listen to my music as if I was in a quarry!
@Frank uh oh
I can tell you hate me lol — NightHawk 1 min ago
> lol
12:12 AM
Q: ticket request for level advancement

catWhy does it take sooo long for my friends to receive my requests for tickets to advance to the next level?! I've been sending them to 6 friends daily for 4 days and only one has received it.

Q: Where to find Unturned Workshop

Neffer_23I poked around the internet and can't seem to find how to get to the Unturned Workshop on steam. I bought Gold and have Beta installed already. I want to get the Canada Map back in for 3.0 but the PEI has a lock on it.

And with that, off to dance class!
12:32 AM
Has anyone been reading Captain Marvel? I'm wondering if I should bother with the 2012-13 16 issue series, or just jump into the current ongoing series.
@Wipqozn I killed him before I even saw Father whatshisbutt
1:08 AM
@badp "under water" is very likely not accurate. (sound underwater reaches both ears simultaneously, since it travels faster in water, so it sounds like it comes from directly overhead)
1:28 AM
@Unionhawk it simulates sound coming from under water while you're out on land
Q: How to fix the "Not enough goods to sell" problem

GaryI've created a dozen cities in Skylines so far, but in my latest city, I've encountered a new problem. A lot of my Commercial buildings report the problem "Not enough goods to sell". From my understanding, it seems like the Goods in these Commercial buildings are selling out too quickly, and no...

Q: Skyrim Followers

ZackOkay, this time, I want another follower besides Faendal who can teach me archery. I was wondering if it is possible to have Aela as a follower after the werewolf mission.

1:43 AM
Dude this shadow of mordor run is so much fun to watch
1:59 AM
Q: minecraft this wont work

Assley Gamingthis just wont work /scoreboard players set @a (objective name) 1 {SelectedItemSlot:0,Inventory:[{id:minec­raft:minecraft:ender_eye,Slot:0b}]} it comes up with [14:31:26] The dataTag does not match for mr_assley19 and it so annoying I've been working on a one block command and this is in my...

2:37 AM
> So if you decide you don't want to bother fucking around with plants in the tutorial you can start killing the people in the caravan and your objective will change to something that roughly says "killing these guys will help your mood a lot more than some tea."
/cc @Sterno @Fluttershy @MattGiltaji @fredley
2:53 AM
Q: Jarate on Ubercharge

DavWhodumsI was curious if Jarate covers enemies who are under Ubercharge. Has anyone done some experimentation with this and if so, does this also apply to the other 3 Mediguns' Uber?

3:07 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz is this patch notes? sounds awesome
@MattGiltaji no, a forum post describing a thing
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh :/
@MattGiltaji But it's accurate! This is a thing you can go do right now.
@LessPop_MoreFizz that's all i need! time to reroll
@MattGiltaji Bleak Walker Paladin, IMO
(Because that's a nasty nasty fight)
3:11 AM
actually i need to get a screengrab of being maimed to prevent one of my answers from being usurped
of course now alroth is tanking like a boss when i want him to get maimed
@LessPop_MoreFizz Have they done anything new with Honey Boo Boo? If not, yes.
Of all the shows to bring back... Coach???????
3:26 AM
need a name for my new wood elf cipher
i wish this game had a randomize button
@LessPop_MoreFizz To be honest it sounds like something NBC would do.
I still don't get it but there it is.
No name. Just a title. In all caps.
@LessPop_MoreFizz i went with jesacrusty
@LessPop_MoreFizz pillars ftw
til you can queue battle commands by holding down shift
If Shadow of Mordor doesn't make SGDQ I don't know
This is the most fun run I've watched. Lots of decision making and RNG that impacts the run, and only a couple slow moments.
@Unionhawk what's difference between AGDQ and SGDQ?
@MattGiltaji SGDQ happens in the summer
And is for... I forget what cause
Let me look (it's not PCF)
Doctors without Borders
4:29 AM
Q: Nintendo Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter on Nintendo Wii

LessMannso I'm realizing my black Nintendo Wii doesn't have the gamecube ports on the top part. I thought the top was a lid and it looked like the top was supposed to come off when the front part of the top came off as bit and when I looked inside I saw ports. Problem was the rest of the flap looked scre...

squishy alroth came through and i got my screenshots
A: Is being maimed a bad thing?

GodEmperorDuneMaimed is bad It reduces the character's accuracy and all defensive stats by 15. It leaves the character with a single health and endurance point. More importantly, if a maimed character loses that health point, they die. Since their defenses are crippled and enemies have a penchant for g...

Q: NFS Rivals Running Issue...!

Ashraf Mullai just installed NFS RIVALS on my pc... my system configuration is: processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 560 processor (2 CPUs), 3.3GHz RAM: 4GB Display: 1366 X 768 OS: Windows 8 Pro Graphic: ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics DirectX: 11 but still i get this error... what should i do...??

5:44 AM
@spugsley WAIT, WHAT'D I MISS?!?! :O
@Ktash it was hawt
@Ktash grats
6:08 AM
Q: How to run Counter Strike 1.6/Source in Ubuntu?

Pratik JoshiI tried to run it with wine, but it didn't work. The cursor shows loading for a few seconds but nothing happens.

1 hour later…
7:25 AM
Q: Screeps arena mode suggestion

SjoerdNow I only see how my screeps are doing real time. It can be some bad runs or good runs based on bad luck. I would like to know the general efficiency of my squad. Is it possible to see the result of the last (e.g.) 25 arena.

8:08 AM
This is interesting: Every new Who episode rated by fans on IMDB: imdb.com/title/tt0436992/eprate?ref_=tt_ql_tv_3
Valkyria Chronicles at 66% off. Yay or nay?
8:43 AM
Q: Rail traffic is backed up trying to leave my city. Is there anything I can do?

user3882696I've got a long line of trains trying to leave my city on one of the pre-made connections to the foggy lands. It's become a traffic problem within the city and I'm looking for a way to clear it up.

Q: What is secondary damage?

zespriThe character sheet shows two numbers under the damage heading: primary and secondary. However it seems that what the secondary damage is is not explained anywhere, or at least I could not find it. Logically is that the damage the you deal with your off-hand, but it is not clear how often is it d...

9:05 AM
Q: Is there a way to redistribute your stats?

KodamaIs there any way to redistribute your stats in Bloodborne? In Dark Souls 2 you could use souls vessels to do so. Is there anything similar in Bloodborne, or are your decisions final?

2 hours later…
10:40 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz niiice
Now I'm gonna have to play it more instead of doing productive stuff =[
11:21 AM
I don't know what I should do with my ps4
Give it to me
There's shit I want for it but a lot of the indie games and shit I can just get on PC
I mean, that's what I would do
And $800 to play blood borne is a bit steep
@kevin thank you for your constructive input
I dunno, I know that if I bought a PS4 I'd not play it enough for it to be worth it
11:23 AM
Yeah that's what I'm worried about
Really, the only time I play consoles is for party games
I really liked what they're doing for indies but I can just get most of them on pc
I already have a shitton of party games on PC too so I would just end up splitting up my library if I started getting them on ps4
Q: How do I install plugins on PocketMine without a computer?

TheIdiotGamerOn PocketMine.com, I went to the plugins zone and found plugins I want for my upcoming MCPE server (il post IP on profile when done). But, I don't have a computer to use, so I need to do this without a computer. I have not yet installed the PocketMine app, but I will install it soon if this is...

There's only like 3 exclusives I'm interested in right now for it too
Blood borne destiny and rocket league
JC3 is apparently coming to PC
Better go punch in. Later.
Go punch that clock
11:31 AM
Q: Raedric’s Hold sewer entrance

Tim AlexanderSo Kolsc has told me there is a sewer entrance to the hold but I cannot find it anywhere. I have found the vines and the guards outside the keep but cannot for the life of me find a sewer grate. Has anyone got any guidance as to how to get in to the dungeon under Raedric’s Hold?

11:51 AM
Huh, when did Steam start hosting mods?
Q: Sonic the Hedgehog PS3 - Silver's story: Iblis (Last Boss)

debbieThis boss is extremely difficult, I know how to catch the huge fire ball and such but when I counter attack with the huge fire ball and after he does the waves of flames, he destories the entire foothold when I looked on a video on YouTube, he lowers his head so you can use the powers on his head...

@PrivatePansy since steam workshop? So, a while after skyrim came out I think
No, without Steam workshop
Or since counterstrike came to the service
12:02 PM
Since uuh yesterday then I suppose =p
Q: Minecraft Chrased , why , can you help me on my pc ( i am dutch , so i realy want a dutch one )

Cellie HierMijn Minecraft wilt het niet doen en ik doe alles wat misschien het probleem kan zijn maar niks werkt. Kunt u me helpen? Bedankt en fijne dagen verder. Celine de Boer

@Lazers @KevinvanderVelden Uh, are you Dutch?
Because this guy seems to want one of those :P
I am
There is 0 information in the question, close away =p
Ahahah, I now have 2 famous questions: "Bell puzzle in the Temple of Eorthas" and "What is the solution to the first Reachwater Rock puzzle"
I think I see a pattern
12:20 PM
Q: What effects do Prestige and Security have on my keep?

Mad ScientistI just got control of my keep and started the first upgrades. Each upgrade has a Prestige and a Security value associated with it. From what I understood, upgrading my keep might draw attention and I'll have to keep security in mind. How exactly does this work, and what are the effects of Prest...

Good morning, Bridge.
12:36 PM
Q: Can't get Ulfic Stormcloak to agree with the peace truce in "SEASON UNENDING"

KIDD_ZOMBIEZEvery time I try to talk to Ulfric Stormcloak he always tells me to talk to Galmar because he needs me to run an errand. But... Every time I try and talk to Galmar he always tells me something about Ulfric joining the Empire. They always redirect me to each other! I also can't start the "JAGGED C...

Q: What Crystals should I use for Sniper/Gunslinger?

Shadow Z.I am working on leveling up a Sniper, and I want to know what stat my Color Crystals should increase. Out of the 4 Cartel ones (Endurance, Crit Rate, Power, and Expertise), I ruled out Expertise and Endurance. But, I don't know which to pick out of the last 2. Should I go with Power or Crit Rate ...

Q: Why can't I destroy blocks or hit people in multiplayer and in single player on diamond dimensions?

Ryan BuloI am on diamond dimensions and I can right click a door and a chest and open it, but I can destroy any blocks. I have tried everything. I even tried re-downloading technic launcher, but I still can't destroy blocks. I was on my friends world so I went to my world and it still didn't work. I made ...

1:10 PM
Q: Skyrim Smithing

ZackOkay, I'm all out of iron, and have no money and there are no iron ore veins around anywhere. But, I'm creating daggers to help increase my smithing, and all my other ingots, I can't use to smith yet

Q: No-mans Wharf locked door

NikkoThere is a locked door when trying to fint the "Royal Soldier's key" is there a key needed or something, ive beaten all enemies in the close area and none droppen anything special

Nearly a year of refundables, and I only get $15. Thanks Obama.
1:27 PM
@PrivatePansy Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod was hosted as a mod, as well as some others I can't recall right now
actually JC2 MP mod has a dlc ribbon on the thumbnail, but it's essentially the same thing...
@Wipqozn Father Whathisbutt is annoying. I got him down to a sliver of health twice and then died horribly
Q: Does a big gaming mouse such as the evga torq affect how you play?

LEBIGBOYI play mainly counter strike and I don't like the big mouse

1:46 PM
@Chippies Interesting. There's even a paid mod. I didn't know those existed
@PrivatePansy I think most of the paid ones have switched to standalone, but remain on the list. But there are some that are just mods and aren't free
Does not point out counterstrike =p
there's that Aperture Mod for portal (2?)
it's not free, because it was made by a small studio, I think
and it's quite high quality
and the soundtrack is quite good, the guy that made soundtrack actually met with the guy that made soundtrack for Portal 2
and not just met randomly, but like, they met up in a studio and exchanged tips and whatnot
I can't believe Valkyria Chronicles is 16GB big
@PrivatePansy It's worth every byte.
2:06 PM
@Sterno Yeah, he's tough. I find when he turns into beast form, the best thing to do was just chuck cocktails at him.
2:30 PM
Well, I dodged a bullet - Future Shop stores are apparently consolidating under Best Buy and FutureShop/Best Buy are cutting like 1000 jobs at least
That was the job you were interviewing for?
@AshleyNunn Whew.
Also, wat?
We have both a Future Shop and a Best Buy in the same area here in Winnipeg. I wonder what that's going to do to them?
One is probably going to close
@Frank Just announced today. One Future Shop so far in town was closed with little warning, the one in Waterloo will become a Best Buy, the third Future Shop in the area is unknown
@AshleyNunn ...huh.
2:32 PM
@Frank If they're close to each other, the Future Shop is probably closed/closing
@AshleyNunn I think you mean 1000s of jobs. 2 stores in Halifax metro area are closing, because there are Best Buys just a few hundred metres from each
I feel sorry for their employees. :(
@MBraedley I meant 1000 jobs in my area specifically, sorry
Most of the people working for Future Shop are going to be out of a job.
I think there's another NS store that's just closing out right due to small customer base.
2:33 PM
@Frank Yeah, it clears up the whole "we are hiring 1000s of people" that the best buy guy told me - they're hiring for all teh converted stores, I bet
I so don't want to deal with that mess
@Wipqozn before he changes, he's trivial. I just sit across some tombstones from him and cheese attack him through tem with my axe. I feel okay with this because he tries the same. But my axe is longer. Size matters!
@AshleyNunn Can't say I blame you.
$posts = get_posts(array('tax_query' => array(array(
	'taxonomy' => 'series',
	'field' => 'slug',
	'terms' => $set->slug
WordPress, ladies and gentleman
@Frank I mean I would have taken it, but I am just as glad not to have to
2:34 PM
Consolidations and mergers make for messy work environments.
@Frank A lot of stores will rebrand, and the employees will be fine, some will be offered a chance to move to a nearby Best Buy, but yeah, lots of them will be out of work.
Those )))) makes me think I'm writing in another language
@PrivatePansy I can't help reading it as the saddest winking face
@MBraedley Yeah, since they're not keeping all the stores, it's going to be problematic for a lot of people :(
And my local Future Shop is right across the street from a Target.
Damn, we're losing a lot of retail businesses in the area.
2:37 PM
It was always surprising to me that they would set up the stores so close to each other. In Fredericton, they literally built a Best Buy right next to an existing Futureshop.
Corporate "rivalry", I would suspect.
They sell the same sort of thing, but some people might prefer one over the other.
@Frank I thought all Targets across Canada got closed
@Chippies Are closing. Aren't quite there yet.
Bestbuy and futureshop are owned by th same company too
They always put them like in the same plaza
@GnomeSlice Hence the consolidation
2:39 PM
@Frank Weird, figured it would have went faster, considering how long ago it was announced they're closing
I don't know of I should keep my ps4 or not
@Chippies They just built this one.
@GnomeSlice Nah, it makes sense, its like how you'll get like two grocery stores close to each other who are technically owned by the same company
@Frank Same with the one near me
And they made the mall bigger and everything for it
2:40 PM
@Frank didn't Target come to Canada only like, couple of years ago anyway?
now it will just be a giant empty thing
@Chippies yep
It had been open for about a month or two before announcing the bankruptcy.
silly businesspeople
And the city actually widened and repaired the streets around it, too.
Which was needed, yeah, but damn, that's gotta be a kick in the teeth.
2:42 PM
@Frank I'm sure the building will be re-used by some other company
@Chippies Yeah, but rumor has it that the local Walmart will be moving in.
Which means there is then another, smaller building sitting vacant.
@Frank someone else will take that, I'm sure
everyone loves buildings
Q: When do I get some taxes from my Stronghold?

Mad ScientistI put quite a bit of money into restoring Caed Nua, and I was under the impression that I would be able to collect some taxes in return. But so far it doesn't seem like I earned any income from my Stronghold. I checked in the treasury chest, but it was empty. Do I have to build a specific upgrad...

I keep telling my gunpla supplier to buy the building. Winnipeg needs an entire store dedicated to the hobby. :P
2:43 PM
Ugh I can't decide what to do
I bet it doesn't
Are you kidding? @Frank alone will make it worthwile!
@KevinvanderVelden Doubt that; I don't have the cash flow to support a building of that size.
@Frank should open a store like that :P
I've never seen a hobby store the size of a Walmart
he'd have a great place to display his models
2:45 PM
@Frank Here I don't know what will move in, because there is a walmart 5 min down the street
so they'd not do well so close to each other
@AshleyNunn do you have a winners or homesense nearby? You should apply there it's a really nice environment
@AshleyNunn all the major stores in this town are within 5 minutes driving distance and they're doing fine :P
@GnomeSlice There's one at Conestoga Mall, no idea if they are hiring
2:46 PM
@Chippies Well, yes, but two walmarts that close together is likely a competition issue
but then again what do I nkow
I am happily not a business person :D
@AshleyNunn well, two of the same store would probably not be good, yeah :P
They are always hiring
@GnomeSlice near you, maybe. Not sure near me but I will check later today
2:48 PM
Should I take my ps4 back or keep it
@GnomeSlice how badly do you want to play the exclusives?
No I mean they are literally always accepting applications.
Yes but accepting an application is different from hiring someone =p
Pretty badly, but I mean it's going to be like $800 for me to get set up with ps+ and just bloodborne
@Sterno What weapon did you start with? Hunting Axe?
2:49 PM
@GnomeSlice why 800$?
Yeah it's like $400, $60 for the game?
the ps4 itself is like 400'ish, PSN+ for a year is like 50$ and Bloodborne is 60$ I assume
$450 for ps4 bundle + like $100 warranty plus tax plus $50 for ps+ plus $50 for the game
who buys warranty?
2:50 PM
Q: In Shangri La missions, what are the seekers locations, and what's the point of finding them?

AntoI noticed it was possible to interact with "seekers" in Shangri La levels. As far as I know (I haven't completed all Shangri La missions yet), seekers are dead people with which you can interact and learn more about Shangri La's lore. Is there more than lore to uncover ? Does it reward anyth...

The warranty is a crappy insurance policy
also, if you return it, you're not getting the warranty money back, I'm pretty sure
Don't buy it =p
If I'm paying that much for something I want it insured
how long is the warranty?
2:51 PM
And what does it cover?
3 years
Covers any failure or damage
I have never bought extra warranties for anything
Did they say that or did you read the fine print?
2:51 PM
I can just take it in and say I want a new one an they'll give me it
I just think it's silly to pay 25% of the item cost to fix it in case it breaks within 3 years
Thank you for your constructive advice on my problem
I have to go back to work
We are being very constructive on the problem of you buying crappy insurance policies :)
I never really saw enough value in extended warranties when I get something like 1-2 years warranty without paying. Most stuff breaks either early, or late enough that even three years won't help
@GnomeSlice as I said, you're unlikely to get your 100$ back if you return it
@MadScientist this. electronics break within the first month or two or they don't break within the warranty time
2:53 PM
@Chippies of course it is silly: They are selling it: i.e. they are expecting to make money from it
4 warranties and you could've bought a new device
I think there's like, a year of warranty on all electronics anyway
2 years in Europe, even less reason to buy warranty there
What is the minimum mandatory warranty period in the US anyway?
Yeah, they don't even sell those here in holland
@MadScientist "HAHAHAHAHAHA"
@MadScientist I'm not sure if there even is one
I mean, it is the US
2:55 PM
I forgot I'm living in a socialist utopia
> There's no minimum warranty, short of consumer protection law basically stating a merchant can't knowingly sell you a non-working item unless disclosed prior to purchase.
Yup: "HAHAHAHAHAHA" seems accurate
there's usually 30 day RMA period offered by most retailers
other than that it depends on manufacturer
@Chippies It's not really 2 years of warranty, after 6 months it is a much more limited version. If the manufacturer wants to screw you over after 6 months, they certainly can. But pretty often you get 2 years of real warrany anyway, which is more than the required minimum
@MadScientist usually the merchant takes care of the warranty, afaik. I have never had to deal with warranty after 6 month period, so I can't comment on that
was pretty sure it was 2 years of proper warranty, but maybe things have changed
in Latvia, if something you bought breaks, you go to whoever sold it to you and they deal with the manufacturer for the warranty
3:00 PM
Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bmv on a Saturday
It's just that the burden of proof switches around after six months. If you just have the mandatory minimum, after that point the customer has to proof that the error was part of the item from the beginning
Bureau of motor vehicles
License services
I thought that was department of bla?
The people who renew drivers licenses
3:02 PM
That's what I hear cursed at in all the shows at least
It's the dmv in some states, not ohio
The department of no fun
Because why be consistent?
I mean, it doesn't matter, the dmv in each state are totally unrelated to others
States issue drivers licenses etc not the feds
3:05 PM
Q: In Fallout 3 New Vegas should I turn on all DLC as a new player?

RobinI'm worried that having all 9 DLC modules turned on at the same time will mean that I get 9 NPCs charging me at the start asking about side missions. Should a player turn these on after finishing the main quest, or at the start?

dmv in california has gotten much better as well. a lot of thier stuff is computerized and much faster than it used to be when you make an appointment in advance
good morning @bridge
3:25 PM
@Wipqozn yeah, axe and pistol. Axe is as upgraded as it can go with blood shards
They're pre-screening new licenses and stuff that needs forms
What is it about New Vegas that always gets me to write very long answers to relatively simple questions?
@LessPop_MoreFizz the hunger for repz? :p
Delaware has kiosks now where you can renew licenses and get a change of address. It's the best.
@TimStone but you're the worst so it balances out.
3:31 PM
That's fair
Although I'm not @Wipqozn so I'm pretty sure you're wrong again.
I just make an appointment with the nearest city hall, flash my ID, give them a picture of me and come pick it up in a few days
@KevinvanderVelden you are also the worst
@Wipqozn this may have backfired. I can see you playing Bloodborne while I'm stuck using my PS4 to watch Dora
3:37 PM
That's amazing
@Wipqozn 1 @Sterno 0
If I wanted to farm rep, Fallout:New Vegas is not the hill to die on.
@Sterno Pillars beckons.
@KevinvanderVelden I just sit in my couch and do nothing, since my driving license doesn't expire.
@Arperum well that doesn't work for getting it =p
Q: How does Damage Reduction balance with Recovery in Armour?

DavidYellIt seems that Damage Reduction (DR) balances with Recovery. I've noticed that the larger the DR the more of a Recovery penalty there is. How does the balance between these two stats work? I assume that front-line characters will need the heavier armour, so what penalties do they suffer, with -50...

Q: Why Am I in 6th in my clan? how do I get higher?

PhilI have So many more things than another player called Sam L-H in clash of clans, but in war he is in 5 Place and I am in 6. My question is how are we placed in clash of clans wars, Why am I in 6 And Sam is in 5.

@Arperum see above message about you being the worst
I've got to get my standard issue over 21 not sideways license.
3:44 PM
@KevinvanderVelden For getting it originally: do exam, get paper that you didn't fuck up, and then what you posted.
No practical exam? o.o
Well that would explain the tires everywhere around the highway
@KevinvanderVelden We had that too, like 50 years ago or something crazy.
Well then
That explains so much
@KevinvanderVelden What? US drivers just picking up their license without actually doing an exam? Or some old people still having a license without doing an exam?
7 ahead of me
3:47 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz same general problem, except for the computer it is kinder egg videos on youtube instead of Dora
Oh man
Oh god oh man
@Sterno kinder egg porn star voice videos.
@Unionhawk You're all grown up now sheds tear
3:48 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I can only imagine how annoying the porn she was in must have been.
I can see the light
oh kickstart backers
@MattGiltaji At least the boobplate grave is on point.
Also, have you seen Don Paco's "belt"?
nope but i found this immersion breaker
surprised it's not goldenpalace, tbh

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