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6:00 PM
I know there was talk at some point about it being based on votes, but that was quickly dismissed.
Screw Network rep
@Wipqozn Which is why we're voting to sort it by rep...
@Ullallulloo This relies on the voting actually corresponding in that fashion, which would also only be necessary if there were at least 10 entrants to the game
I only say it'd be great for network rep because I have like 26k SO rep.
@GraceNote True
6:00 PM
@Ullallulloo Oh okay, nowI see what you mean. Your original intent wasn't clear.
@Wipqozn It is on the Skyrim one.
Wow, @Mana's the only one signed up for Battlefield 3?
Yeah, I need to sign up
Also, someone needs to club Cyberskull with the "Apply for your first and second choices now, and it is possible that your third and fourth choices won't fill up; you'll be able to apply for them in a followup round." bat
@Powerlord LAck of steam probably part of the reason
6:03 PM
Since I see he's signed up for at least 3.
@Wipqozn True, true.
@Powerlord that's why I'm not buying it. I need Origin as well I think, which I refuse to download.
and yx, too.
@Wipqozn Or the inclusion of Origin in my case.
6:04 PM
@Ullallulloo So you do need to install Origin to play it?
@GnomeSlice my, my Gnomeslice. I prefer the first one, but this is good too.
I'm sharing the first one with a friend of mine, which I assure you is a high honour since he is the friend with which I often exchange music.
@Wipqozn Even for the retail.
So, how would we contact the users who have signed up for more than 2 games and tell them they're only supposed to sign up for 2 games max?
6:06 PM
@Ullallulloo Well, I thought that may be the case, thanks for confirmation. I won't be buying it.
@Powerlord Pinging them would be one idea
@Powerlord The mods can ping them in chat
@Wipqozn The original version of that second one has an awesome video.
ehhh, actually I don't know about that last one you posted @GnomeSlice. It's okay, but something about it just doesn't sit right... can't quite put my finger on it.
For Cyberskull, his rep is low enough to likely lose out on one or two of the games, but by my calculations, @yx is is the top 10 for all 3 games they signed up for.
6:10 PM
@wipqozn what do you listen to, mostly?
Whoops, he didn't sign up for Skyrim.
So what's Glitch about?
Q: No snow in minecraft version 1.8 - is this a bug?

CassandrexxThere doesn't seem to be any snow in my current minecraft worlds, although I haven't explored huge parts of them yet, so I guess it might still show up. Are snowy biomes just really rare, or is there a bug causing them to not be generated at all?

x_x man, I can't believe I've missed all of these.
Aw, my TF2 ad needs 3 more votes to get into the rotation.
Now Meta is distracting me from doing work. :/
6:15 PM
@Powerlord He did, he just deleted it after he got pushed out of the top 10.
@Ullallulloo In that case, he signed up for 4.
Because he still has entries for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Batman: Arkham City, and Saints Row: The Third.
(tip: Sort answers by Newest on a user page really helps)
@GnomeSlice Common Practice (incorrectly referred to as "classical"), music from OC ReMix (and various other video games remixes), and songs from musicals (mostly andrew lloyd webber)
@Wipqozn ...Yeah, this is nothing like any of that.
@Powerlord that damn meta
Would you prefer us to distract you instead @Powerlord?
That reminds me, I may set up a new OCR TF2 server this weekend. At a gasp paid host this time.
6:19 PM
@GnomeSlice mhm indeed. I liked the first one though, most of it anyways.
@Powerlord Eins mas
Because too many people are complaining about lag, and yet it doesn't appear to be a problem with processing power.
@GnomeSlice I really like how it starts. nice, quiet... ambient.
@Powerlord Really? I thought the current ones were normally empty?
6:20 PM
@Wipqozn The idea is to replace the current one.
@GraceNote You really should change your name, for my convenience.
(and likely the other will just go away)
Right now, both OCR TF2 servers are on the same box, but there appear to be network problems between it and certain unimportant ISPs, like, say, Comcast.
@Wipqozn I don't think putting R-9DH in front is really going to be for your convenience
6:22 PM
@GraceNote It could.
Wait a second... how does the auto complete work?
Alphabetical Gn comes before Gr
@Wipqozn I think it goes by who's talked most recently
@Wipqozn Your problem is that @GnomeSlice talks all the time
@GnomeSlice say something before GraceNote does, so I can test this theory @DaveMcClelland has
@DaveMcClelland He does like to talk
Yes, that seems to be it
it was @Gnomeslice first, until @GraceNote oh so RUDELY interrupted.
6:25 PM
Aww, your FOR SCIENCE beat out mine.
I was pretty sure it was by most recent talker, but I figured I'd FOR SCIENCE it in another room
@GraceNote That isn't a verb.
@GnomeSlice I don't recall any time that such linquistic rules have ever stopped me.
6:29 PM
As in Trance music?
@GraceNote Correct.
See the link for details.
You should get Suguri and Sora then ♪
@GraceNote I prefer my music without a game attached, usually.
Soundtrack disc comes with the localization, and Acceleration of Suguri has netplay.
@GraceNote I don't really have any means of buying it though.
Please don't flag it.
@GraceNote Yeah. I don't have a credit card or anything.
Looks pretty awesome though.
And very, very Japanese.
What's up?
Scroll up.
Click every video.
Don't flag anything.
No sound, bro.
Don't make me smack you for putting all of those on separate lines
6:38 PM
@Mana ಠ_ಠ
(6 new messages) "Wow! Everybody's greeting me!" checks ":("
Then why the bloody hell did you 'like' one of them I posted to your facebook?
@GraceNote Pft.
@GnomeSlice Because it's a London Elektricity remix. I'm liking it on the basis that hopefully the remixer didn't completely fuck it up.
@Mana Derp.
If I come back and it sucks, I'll unlike it because likes are precious these days.
@GnomeSlice You seem more angry than usual today!
6:40 PM
@Mana ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿
@Mana He was rather pleasant until you came along.
He was singing, and cheering...
dancing and everything!
@wipqozn was honoring me earlier.
Ooooh, Chrono Trigger's coming out on PSN :o
Perhaps I shall finally play it
@Mana I think we've depressed him.
6:46 PM
Really guys? Come on. He obviously wasn't serious about it.
Hey a mythical alot!
@FallenAngelEyes You haven't played it yet? >:O
Well, whatever. Stats quiz time, bbl
Not even the DS version?
good luck
6:47 PM
@Wipqozn: you so misspelled alot you have no idea.
@Powerlord I never had a SNES
I was unaware it was released on DS
@RegDwightѬſ道 stop misspelling alot u so dum
@Mana Also, no idea what you're referring to.
Apparently people are recommending the DS version, as that cuts the load times
@Mana I no rite
6:48 PM
@FallenAngelEyes This would be the fourth version of Chrono Trigger. It came out on the Playstation in 1999, the DS in 2007ish, and now PSN.
@FallenAngelEyes mhm, about 2 years ago I think
@Wipqozn Gnome just got suspended from the chat.
The PS1 version was plagued with slowdowns.
@Mana for what?!
@FallenAngelEyes You know what had no loading time? The original!
6:48 PM
I didn't have a PS1 either and didn't have a DS til 2008
Haha really? Me comes too late to ze party.
> Fuck you.
Thank you.
Anyways...going to go to that quiz.
@Mana It was probably by someone from another chat, doesn't realize how laid back we are with language.
6:49 PM
@Mana good luck
@Wipqozn Well usually the language isn't supposed to be directed at anyone
@FallenAngelEyes My bad, the DS version of Chrono Trigger came out in July 2008.
Yo. I'll go kick some Opak ass. Laterz honeyz.
and it's apparently on Wii's Virtual Console now, too (since mid 2011)
6:50 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Like Mana said, he was obviously joke.
Anyways, I need to decide. Ico or SoTC first? Only have time for one (Dark souls and what not)
need to play the other one later
I wonder how much the DS version is. I don't have a classic controller, so playing it on the Wii's VC may be annoying
@Wipqozn That doesn't make it all that much less offensive to some people. And some people won't take it as a joke, either.
@Wipqozn I still have to finish Demon's Souls
Which I'm planning on doing soonish because they're taking the servers down in 2012
@GraceNote Except @Mana would. @Mana is a mod as well, if he was offended he could delete Gnomes comment himself.
@Wipqozn They're both good. I'd recommend the order they came out in, if only so part of the ending in SotC is more "whoa"
6:53 PM
@FallenAngelEyes It sells for $20 new in the US. No clue how much it is in Europe.
@FallenAngelEyes I actually know how it ends already. I never though I'd be able to play it, so read up on it awhile ago.
Ooh, Chrono Trigger DS is part of Amazon's "Buy One, Get One Half Price event." for Amazon US
@Powerlord Really now? That's a good deal.
@Powerlord Unfortunately any deals from amazon are pretty much negated for me by the rape of shipping cost
CTDS was a pretty nice port
6:55 PM
Ooh, 999 is also part of that sale
@Wipqozn The correct answer is "Both, and to hell with that other game".
Although I already have 999, it might be something for those of you who don't to look into.
@Powerlord aw man, really?
@ArdaXi So, part 3 is out? Did they include Want You Gone?
6:56 PM
@Brant yeha, I might wind up playing them both and putting off Dark Souls till I finish
@Powerlord Yes and yes.
I can't find 999 over here
@Wipqozn Good choice.
Such an awesome ringtone lyric. "Well here we are again. It's always such a pleasure."
6:57 PM
The World Ends With You is on that list, I really enjoyed that game
If that link works. Amazon's links are WAY too long and hopefully they don't include personal info.
Glad to hear they're hinting at a sequel too
Ico and SotC are both masterpieces of non-verbal storytelling.
The whole time I spent playing SotC I was thinking, "Man, this game would be gorgeous if the PS2 wasn't holding it back by rendering everything at 8fps"
> Shipping & Handling: $27.97
> Order Total: $74.91
with import tax
...crepes, I bought $200 worth of games and spent less on shipping and handling than that.
6:59 PM
if I ordered Chrono Trigger and 999 :(
And that's importing from Japan!
Yeah, Amazon.com's shipping prices are ridiculous to ship stuff to me, and there's only a single shipping option.
@FallenAngelEyes Any particular reason you're not using .co.uk I missed?
@ArdaXi .com has a deal going on, buy 1 game get the 2nd half off
Ah, right.
7:02 PM
@FallenAngelEyes So, is the half off more or less than the shipping and handling?
@GraceNote Half off is -$10
Blah, 999 is £35.23 on amazon.co.uk :(
And the shipping price and all that if you bought from .co.uk?
Items: GBP 59.75
Postage & Packing: GBP 4.49
Order Total: GBP 64.24
Does Amazon remember your cart if you leave it for later? Not so sure I want to order stuff from work.
64.24 GBP = 74.7806 EUR
74.91 USD = 55.8123 EUR
7:06 PM
So, the deal would've been better to buy from the UK, but the exceptionally pricier cost of 999 makes the US price actually cheaper despite the exorbitant shipping price
So ordering from the UK is actually more expensive.
Yerp. :(
@Powerlord I'm not sure
@Powerlord Yes
Stupid exchange rates
For whatever reason, Amazon doesn't sell 999 directly on its UK site... it's actually an Amazon storefront. Which is likely why the price is so high.
okies, dinnertime, later all
7:07 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Well, sad as the results are, the important thing is that the research was done
Hmm, I already own all the games, but I'm still going to buy the Humble Bundle. For charity!
OK, weird, if you check other options on the UK site for 999, there are other sellers that sell it cheaper.
> £20.99 + £2.05delivery
Although that delivery gets bumped to £4.00 for countries outside the UK.
Q: Is it possible to reach the grey cloud?

HenryHeyIn the credits' stage where you have to jump from an orange cloud to a grey one. Is it possible to reach it?

7:33 PM
TRAUMA is a very interesting game.
@ArdaXi Surely you're a hero
8:00 PM
Okay, buy the Humble Bundle now, even if it's just for TRAUMA.
I just suck at the gestures.
Q: Is it possible to change the keyboard controls in Emacs Tetris?

WTPI would like to change the keyboard controls for Emacs Tetris. Is this possible?

I want the new humble bundle. =[
Don't you already have FS?
@ArdaXi Yes. But I don't have any of the other games in it.
And I love indie games.
@GnomeSlice You don't have any of the other game in it.
8:08 PM
@ArdaXi I was sure it had like 3 others.
You were wrong.
It definitely shows other games.
That's the Frozenbyte bundle.
The one you get when you beat the average. It's not really part of this one though.
Yeah. That's the one I was talking about.
That one's not new.
8:16 PM
Well, I want that one.
Well... pay $5 for the FS bundle then.
@ArdaXi I don't have a credit card, or I would.
@GnomeSlice I don't have a credit card either.
@Grace, Doomy and I are playing again if you want to join us. I've been trying out Cassiopeia
sigh C++ doesn't have a byte type, so I have to use unsigned char instead.
8:26 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Can't yet
Aw, okies
@Powerlord What's the difference?
@ArdaXi I wasn't asking you to buy it for me.
@GnomeSlice I'm saying, you can get it without a credit card.
@ArdaXi One is a properly named type, the other is a hack? :D
8:27 PM
@ArdaXi How?
@Powerlord How is it a hack?
@GnomeSlice There are many ways to top-up a PayPal account. Pre-paid cards in stores, pre-paid credit cards, debit cards.
@ArdaXi because a byte is a number while a char is supposed to represent a character.
@Powerlord A char is also just a number.
Literally, a char is a type that contains a number between 0 and 255
@ArdaXi Internally, yes.
But it's a matter of intent.
It's only when you use that char to represent a character, it becomes a letter.
8:29 PM
@ArdaXi I don't have one of those, either.
@GnomeSlice I don't have any bacon either. If I wanted bacon, I would go to a store and buy some.
@ArdaXi How do you buy a paypal without a credit card.
Via paypal?
@Powerlord If you care so much, you could always create a new type.
@GnomeSlice "Buy a PayPal"?
You would buy a pre-paid card.
You would use that card to top-up your PayPal account.
I don't have a paypal account.
To top up.
@GnomeSlice So create one. Sheesh.
8:31 PM
@ArdaXi ...It's free?
@ArdaXi Actually, the SourceMod devs already did create a typedef for it, but this interface file doesn't inherit from any of the SourceMod files.
@GnomeSlice ...Yes?
@ArdaXi Cool. Where can one get these prepaid cards?
I wouldn't know. Some kind of store that sells them.
@GnomeSlice Unless you want to get paid through PayPal, it's free.
8:43 PM
holy crap
Dark souls is going to be so awesome
Aside from Zelda, it's the game I'm most looking forward to
I was unaware of the changes made to the magic system and inventory until now
Dark Souls is the Demon Souls sequel?
It's for consoles, ya?
Yes to both of those questions.
IT seems to greatly improve upon the original, and is apparently considerably harder (and more sadistic) than the original.
9:04 PM
Went 11/2/6 with Cassiopeia
Not bad
@FallenAngelEyes LoL?
@Wipqozn yeah
I think it's the most direct kills I've gotten in a single game so far
@FallenAngelEyes what? OH! You misunderstand, I was laughing at you . (Not really, but get it? LoL, lol? lololololol)
@Wipqozn >>
9:05 PM
Man, I can't get over how funny I am.
Q: Minecraft 1.8 - Can't Play Multiplayer?

TheEpicUnknownThere is a mysterious bug in Minecraft 1.8, which disables the servers - Anyone got an explanation?

Q: What am I to do when something appears on one of the levels?

AubergineAfter playing some more the Binding of Isaac I've come across strange messages that are triggered by certain events. For instance, when I defeated one of the bosses, I suddenly got a pop-up message that read something along the lines of: "A radioactive spider has appeared in the dungeon" (there ...

@Wipqozn Maybe if that were true it would be funny.
@ArdaXi Oh please, I'm a comedian of the highest order.
woo, the keyboard drivers are finally installed!
for the fifth time!
but what am I expecting, Windows playing well with Microsoft hardware?
that'd be silly
@badp I lol'd
How did your exam go @badp? The one you were running late for.
9:17 PM
The beauty of written exams is I get to say 'who knows!'
You youngsters.
I've walked off exams I thought I did poor and got nice results, I've walked off exams I thought I did nicely and got meh marks
forecasting's a exercise in futility
Human's suck at predicting their own results.
see at voice: Windows Vista
Oi, back.
Stats quiz was awful. Like really awful. For pretty much everybody.
I have never seen so many depressed second-year university students leaving a building at the same time.
Actually, that makes it sound like they killed themselves by jumping off the roof or something. Haha, that's kind of darkly hilarious.
9:32 PM
@Mana If the professor marks on a curve then it won't be as bad as it seems.
One's test taking strategy should not be, "gee, I hope they curve!"
@Powerlord how many players is prop hunt for?
On your server anyways
@RavenDreamer Indeed, just trying to cheer the fellow up. My god Raven, way to shut the man down!
Oh good, this is awesome
Working on an assignment AntWars. Competitive game where you program an ant to collect more food than an opposing ant. Should be a really fun assignment, and to make it all the better all of technical stuff is done (connecting to the server, sending a move...) so all I need to worry about is the logic. Which is the fun part.
Needs Zip drive click-of-death
9:41 PM
@NickT I love that video.
Someone shared it yesterday... may have been me... not sure
Either way, it's awesome.
Oh wait no it wasn't me
okay now this is going to bother me
looks through chat history
It was Raven, 23 hours ago
I actually had that factoid a while ago but it wasn't the same person double-posting, so I decided to stay silent.
23 hours ago, by Raven Dreamer
Indeed @GraceNote
@GraceNote I'm just a dick, so I didn't stay silent.
@Wipqozn So that's how you're so handsome!
9:44 PM
@Mana MY secret is out!
I felt compelled to post that. I'm uncertain as to why.
heading back to res now, bbl
@Mana toodles
@Wipqozn ok fine, this one been posted yet?
@NickT No it has not.
You are forgiven.
9:59 PM
That's an incredibly sinister Rammus skin, @Grace
I'm a snake in the grass!
Chrome Rammus?
Q: What was the first game with 2d or 3d physics?

Caleb PendergastI don't mean just simple gravity on characters, but collisions, bounciness, etc.

@Powerlord By the way, the release of Songs to Test By Part Three means Valve can actually count past two.
10:15 PM
Abridged Dragon Ball Z makes so much more sense than the original series.
@ArdaXi Well, the artists who made the albums can.
Valve made the page.
It's still to be seen whether or not they know what 'three' means
Eh, so? They might thing the artist's being quirky and breaking expectations
and saying it's this weird "three" thing, instead of "two episode one"
Besides, I'm listening to the Nyan cat. Your point is invalid.
10:31 PM
@Wipqozn 24 players, same as normal server.
@Powerlord okay, awesome.
@RavenDreamer So, guess what I did as Chrome Rammus
quarry-related rave got shut down. :(
also github is intermittently down, just as I have found some free time to go through a couple of issues >:
10:36 PM
@Raven, make Cassiopeia be cheaper :(
holy crap this team is like almost all characters I wanna check out
10:49 PM
I have doubt accepting the fact that the Binding of Isaac was not made by the same people who made Super Meat Boy
the art (visuals, music, etc.) is quite similar in style.
and that's before I even start playing
@badp One of the devs was a Super Meat Boy developer.
I found my underwear
Hm, this game is quite harder than I'd thought

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