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7:00 PM
@AshleyNunn No time for that, doing work.
@Sterno i would be so proud if my son was a centaur
@MBraedley Be glad
@AshleyNunn finally came through... i don't understand why none of these clothes seem to work with the body shape... have these designers never watched project runway?
@MattGiltaji I know, right?
@Wipqozn Nope, you are all objectively wrong.
7:01 PM
Like yes, I am obese but like I know how to dress myself to look like the cutie I am, and THIS IS NOT IT
iirc, most of these outfits need way more structure
@MattGiltaji They look like garishly patterned sacks
color blows but shape is getting better
Honestly, I'm more bothered by the freakish amounts of makeup those women are wearing
Q: Help me identify this game

letscI used to play this game on my p4 PC way back in 2000/2001. It had RC like cars on a dirt track, but while racing you could pick up weapons and fire them at cars around you to obstruct them and allowing you to take the lead. You had weapons like missiles which i remember very clearly. It had nea...

7:04 PM
If I can tell you have lipstick on, you're probably doing it wrong
i don't understand why anyone would want to wear a napkin
I'd look so hot in that.
@MattGiltaji Fashion confuses me.
@MattGiltaji I was like "that looks like a handkerchief"
this one looks like a granny's purse
7:06 PM
shoes, pants, and a shirt then you are ready to go.
@MattGiltaji I've seen couches with that pattern, I am sure of it
@Rapitor Ever since I started dancing, I've started paying a bit more attention to what I wear.
I'm going to go celebrate my superior fashion sense by going to Dairy Queen and getting an Oreo blizzard.
@Rapitor Ugh, sounds like I don't want to go
@Sterno This is excellent
7:07 PM
@OrigamiRobot i know, i know. but pants are a still a social requirement, unfortunately.
@AshleyNunn and matching drapes, tablecloths, wallpaper...
@MattGiltaji yes!
@Rapitor and shoes :(
Q: Is it possible to play Ori and the Blind Forest with only a keyboard?

DimsI downloaded this game and liked it at first, but later found that it apparently requires to tap keys silly to jump on walls, etc. It is really possible to play this game with only a keyboard? While climbing walls, I'm drumming on the space bar but Ori still climbs slowly or falls. Do I have to ...

7:12 PM
@murgatroid99 cc @Wipqozn
He says they're a waste of Earth's resources
@murgatroid99 shipping those must suck
@murgatroid99 you can already buy tungsten, in many other shapes. they are phenomenal for tweaking the weights of machinery (and performance cars)
@murgatroid99 I...what. Why. Why would you? what is it for?
@AshleyNunn Because it's cool
@OrigamiRobot It's a cube of...stuff
I am so confused
7:14 PM
@AshleyNunn A cube of surprisingly dense stuff
@AshleyNunn tungsten is rather confusing and fun to hold. it doesn't look heavy at all. but a tiny cube weighs a whole lot.
unfortunately it is a very rare resource, and mining practices have been.. well... an area of much conflict
> Tungsten is a conflict mineral - should this be a concern?
Nope! The tungsten used from the cube does NOT originate or come from the Congo.
@murgatroid99 Where are they going to source all that tungsten? It's not listed as a risk, which to me says they haven't thought about it.
@Chippies That's a non-answer
7:18 PM
@MBraedley it's sort of an answer
@Chippies Congo is the primary source of tungsten, if they aren't getting it from there. the stock will run out very fast
@Chippies The Congo isn't the only place to get conflict minerals.
@Rapitor considering it's 200$ for the kilo cube, I doubt they'll be selling that many of them
@Chippies yeah i was all excited until i realized the mini cube did not weigh 1 kg
7:19 PM
1 min ago, by MBraedley
@murgatroid99 Where are they going to source all that tungsten? It's not listed as a risk, which to me says they haven't thought about it.
Guess who has an interview for a job with Best Buy that will use my A+ skills?
@AshleyNunn woot for turning a side project into job skillz
@AshleyNunn I'm happy for the kid, but I'd rather if you had the inter- wait a moment YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF! Awesome! :P
7:20 PM
@AshleyNunn I didn't know you had an A+.
@Powerlord I'm working on it!
It's my super not-so-secret side project
I used to have an A+, but that was from like 2003 and expired.
Scary fact: They used to not expire.
Despite technology changing.
@Powerlord yeah, the tech is so advanced they don't even use packets or tcp-ip anymore
Q: Elite attribute and damage change with level

AlokI haven't played Diablo III much with lower level characters since the difficulty settings were introduced (Normal - Torment) and earlier 4 difficulty levels of Normal - Inferno were removed. Recently I was leveling lower level chars, and realized that even Master setting still gives only 2 suff...

@MattGiltaji While A+ does touch on networking, it's not Network+.
7:23 PM
@Powerlord my point was that the basic hardware is not going away even with technology changes
@MattGiltaji well, no, but some stuff does change
Like I know just from what I've gotten done so far
@MattGiltaji Well, knowing what an ISA slot is isn't going to help me on a modern PC as an example.
My A+ exam was the last time they still had dot matrix printers on the exam.
@MadMAxJr They still mention those in my book
(my book is for the most recent exam)
What happened to eSports? That sounds way more fun than Best Buy
7:25 PM
@Sterno That job was forever ago and sucked mightily so I left it
I'm so confused. It didn't seem that long ago and you seemed happy.
Maybe I'm thinking of a different one
I kept being told the A+ exam is pointless, but it was actually the one thing that set me apart from other applicants when I was working a high tier helpdesk four years ago.
@Sterno eSports x Bitcoin are not OTP
A+ Exam, Network+ exam, and Security+ exam will actually qualify a person for certain civilian federal government tech jobs here in the states.
7:27 PM
@Sterno It was about 5 months ago, and I liked it except for the stupid people who ran the company and make me work shit hours and forgot to pay me and the site was terrible and broken
@MadMAxJr Interesting :D
Yeah, not getting paid is a pretty big negative
@Unionhawk Truth
@AshleyNunn forgot to pay you? yeah that means its time to gtfo
@Sterno Also working from 7pm to 1am most nights makes you a sadthing
I would have loved that schedule before kids
7:28 PM
@MattGiltaji Which is what I did. Then I got my job as a CSR in insurance, now that is ending, so now this new opportunity :D
@Sterno It did not work for me at all
So long as I was, you know, getting paid for it.
@Blem before reading the text, I thought he crushed the baby seal with his hand and it was blood dripping
That part is pretty key.
@Chippies i thought the same thing
I want to work a little longer as a contractor and be converted to a real human bein-- er, real employee.
7:29 PM
although "The seal is now maple syrup" doesn't sound much better either...
Q: Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 Very Unstable!

MasterChiefM101I wanted to create a mods pack to play on my server with. Firstly I created a 1.6.4 modpack as I know it works perfectly and sure enough it did, but then when I went to create the server the forge server file wouldn't run, I have a feeling that they discontinued the old servers so I went to 1.7.2...

So that Tungsten cube thing
Kickstarter ends April 9th
He says he expects shipping to begin "mid-April"
I smell bullshit.
He didn't say which april
@Lazers Holy crap someone hit that thing with a format-until-readable nuclear weapon.
@Chippies was also my first thought
7:32 PM
the kickstarter is probably so they could afford buying the stuff and selling/shipping it back
@Sterno Also, "begin" is the keyword.
And he does mention time as a challenge in the Risks section
how does this guy not have any stretch goals yet when he is 30,000 times over his original goal?
Stretch goals ruin projects
@MattGiltaji 30, not 30,000
Because there are no requirements for stretch goals?
7:35 PM
@MattGiltaji what kind of stretch goals could you do? coloring the blocks?
I want the 2" one!
> Here are the top suggestions so far:

Other comparison metals (Magnesium is most likely - we are trying to find the lightest alloy)
Presentation case (getting a stitched leather prototype soon - will post pics)
Stand (getting a prototype that is made out of ultra-strong glass...looks amazing in pictures)
certificates (this will likely just be included with most orders, working out the details)
I decided on ice cream cone instead of blizzard, and was disappointed
oh i screwed up the dates, thought it was ending next week
tungsten cube?
7:37 PM
$3500 gets you 4"
ugh, /facepalm
I guess I need a set of Tungsten gaming dice. D4 through D20
Don't forget the D100!
Either as a second D10 or a tungsten sphere
@KevinvanderVelden It would never stop rolling
@OrigamiRobot As if a D20 would
7:38 PM
@OrigamiRobot d100 is actually 2 d10s with different marks
For a brief time at my old shop, we had a d6 that had a liquid suspended ball inside with numbers 1 to 100. Each side had a crosshair. You tossed it, waited for the ball inside to stop moving.
Man, I really want to know the reasoning behind iPod file naming/sorting because this is a mess
@AshleyNunn because Apple
@Sterno well, yes
7:39 PM
@AshleyNunn the internals, like when you open as a harddrive?
Not always
You're not supposed to be looking at that. You're supposed to be a stupid user who can't do anything but click a single mouse button on the thing in front of you
@AshleyNunn Proprietary device, that for a time had a proprietary format, wanted a proprietary naming format to be DIFFERENT from all your conventional media.
@KevinvanderVelden i don't trust the randomness of that
@MattGiltaji what? Why?
7:40 PM
@MattGiltaji The golfball d100s are reasonably accurate until you start to use it enough to cause wear lines along the seam between the two halves.
@MadMAxJr Okay, yes, I know that but I wanna know who decided how things should be grouped and named and why they did it this way
@MattGiltaji Yeah, like there are folders that are F00 to Fwhatever and then each music file has a 4 letter name
@AshleyNunn Product loyalty, building our brand, MONEY.
@MattGiltaji That's a way
@MadMAxJr ...
That is not even remotely answering my question.
@murgatroid99 because today i have made it my goal to be proven wrong multiple times on the bridge
@AshleyNunn there is some mapping or hash or something somewhere. they have specific utilities that can go in and figure it out
7:42 PM
@AshleyNunn I think they don't want you copying the music off, because DRM
True, my sarcasm is getting in the way because on my last gen ipod classic, I can't find the one freaking song I want without scroll-wheeling through 40 gig worth of artist titles to find the one that wasn't ID4 tagged propperly.
They're not supposed to be doing that anymore
@murgatroid99 Yeah, they don't, but I can!
@AshleyNunn do you use iTunes?
@SaintWacko right now, yes, but likely won't when new mp3 thingie arrives whenever it arrives
because I suspect there is an easier way
7:43 PM
There's a handful of artists on iTunes that still have the DRM. Simon Viklund on his Metal Gear Rearmed soundtrack. Booo.
er... Crap. Bionic Commando Rearmed
Man I'm tired today.
@AshleyNunn I think iTunes allows you to get the files with real names
@SaintWacko yeah, I am dumping them all in there to get the names and stuff sorted
@AshleyNunn The answer is really, probably, that Apple doesn't expect any of its iPod users to ever see that file name anyway, so they just generate a file name to avoid conflicts if you have two copies of "MyAwesomeSong.MP3". Plus probably some stupid efficiency reason for the short file names
so when I get the new thing I can toss things in how I like
Use mp3tag
7:44 PM
@Sterno That makes a great deal of sense
@Sterno This is a real answer. Pretend I'm upvoting you.
Q: What is the point of the Anti-Gadoid gun in Dying Light?

Philip PittleI found the Anti-Gadoid gun (http://dyinglight.wikia.com/wiki/Anti-Gadoid_Gun) but can't figure out what to do with it: I have seen on the web (link above): The Anti-Gadoid Gun is a troll by the developers Is that right? It doesn't do anything? You can use it on a side quest or somethi...

It's also totally made up and not based on actual research
Mp3tag is awesome
You can do away with iTunes for adding tags
@Sterno But it makes my brain happy enough that I no longer feel the need to research it
7:45 PM
@GnomeSlice How many SkyDrifts?
It's not a game
And it's awesome not amazing
Soooo, less than 1?
It's a really really nice tool
7:46 PM
Are you on your funky phone?
@AshleyNunn iexplorer is what i use at home, there is a nagware trial version
First thing I do with any music I download is open it up in mp3tag and fix it up
@origro yes
@MattGiltaji awesome
@AshleyNunn try phonebrowse, afaik it's 100% free
And pretty legit
I'm afraid to try and set my iPod back up in iTunes again
But I need to if I want to be able to put anything I've bought in the last 6 months on it
Every time I hear about people actually using ipods I am glad I don't have one
7:52 PM
I love my iPod touch but its a dinky nightmare trying to use itunes
@GnomeSlice i thought you got everything off bandcamp, hence the flood of emails about new releases
Yeah I do
I grabbed one of the 160gb pods the day they discontinued them. It holds /everything/ I've got.
@KevinvanderVelden they are pretty useless if you have a smartphone.
But I need to use iTunes to actually put my music on my ipod
7:53 PM
@Rapitor I don't use my smartphone to listen to music
right, but you can.
I wonder if Rockbox is still a thing. That used to be the go-to for flashing an iPod to something not locked down by Apple mechanics.
I mean currently I do because I stream from bandcamp app now
My iPod is full anyway
Like really full
@MadMAxJr I have a 160 gb ipod classic, but the buttons are going, so soon it will not be useful
7:54 PM
@GnomeSlice You can delete stuff =p
It is not against the law
@AshleyNunn :(
Need expandable storage in iPod pls
Apparently they stopped manufacturing the tiny form factor 160GB drives and that's why Apple ended the line.
Yeah @kev but I want all my stuff
Doesnt help that I have like 20gb of apps on the damn thing
@GnomeSlice they should just build an mp3 player with 2 or 3 3.5 inch SATA hard drive bays
7:55 PM
What I used to do was exclude my top X most played songs every month or so from the iPod syncing.
@KevinvanderVelden wasn't that the zune ducks
Or you know, an sd card slot
@Yuuki oh well, I can use it for something
@GnomeSlice That's what I've got
Creative had a good one... the early generation Nomads looked like they were just a hardware clip that went on top of a conventional USB stick and gave you playback controls and a headphone jack.
7:55 PM
It just isn't an ipod
Yeah well I want it in my apple device
I have too much invested in my iPod to switch without a really compelling offer
I game on it all the time too
Prior to iPods I was using a portable CD player that could play back MP3 files..... if you renamed ALL the filenames to be DOS 8.3 compliant.
Apple is fuct
Brb disemboweling bus
And somewhere in storage is my absolutely caveman primitive Rio 500 with it's 32MB of space with a GASP 64mb compactflash expansion card.
I don't even have a music player.
Unless you count the radio.
7:57 PM
Okay, I know he meant disembarking, but that's an amazing autocorrection
I technically have one
I do have a USB stick I stick in to my car radio when needed
Going to pretend he put down his phone, drew his sword, and prepared for battle with the bus.
Okay everyone, here's the story: I could only work for 6 hours today because there isn't anything else that I can work on from home. You're all going to back me up on this, right?
@MBraedley I think the bigger issue is that you're asking strangers to corroborate your statement.
8:00 PM
@MBraedley Stopped working at 6 hours. Reason: ROBOT ATTACK
@Frank Asking the bridge to corroborate your statement is never a bad idea.
@Frank Good thing it's the truth
Or was that never a good idea? I can never tell
Bridge is also great for resume references.
Also we can validate parking.
(Assuming you have a vehicle parked at The Bridge)
8:03 PM
Pillars of Eternity next week
I win
I'm getting the hang of this not getting lost thing
Not getting lost is pretty practical
Q: I've added loads of addons, but half of them aren't there?? gmod

tobyI've checked everything and they're nowhere to be found. Anyone have this happen@?? how to fix ???

8:10 PM
cc @AshleyNunn
@Sterno No.
@Sterno Yes :D
@Sterno I love this.
Sorry @AshleyNunn, you've been outvoted
I don't know in what exactly
But you've been outvoted
8:14 PM
@Sterno 15 seconds, and that's all my brain can handle.
So, nope.
It's okay, I'll put it on a second time for you
@Frank You'd be able to stick around if you filled up your hearts instead of running away like a sissy coward
@Sterno Let me rephrase: Watching that actively destroyed brain cells.
It literally made me stupider watching it.
Well, yeah.
Don't watch: Just listen
8:17 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Stay awhile and listen.
ToME is on sale on Steam.
$2 for it is super cheap!
i was not aware gauntlet got a remaster
@Powerlord [Amulet of Cain] - This relic allows you to read chat text in the voice of Deckard Cain! This is useful when pursuing The Heart, The Flail, and The Brain.
8:21 PM
@MadMAxJr 10/10 worked for me
Q: Playing Heroes of the Storm with Steam Overlay

NoneOfYourBusinessWhen you launch Heroes of the Storm directly, it would just take you to Battle.Net. The same is the case with Diablo 3. Adding the parameter -launch to D3 circumvents Battle.Net though and you can log in and use the Steam Overlay by adding D3 with this command line parameter as a Non Steam Game. ...

that's the music I used in the old GSE community video splash screen
8:40 PM
cc: @spugsley
(this is old and I'm sure @spugsley has already seen it)
When did the Sweet Tarts Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies become smaller?
This is an outrage
They used to be my go-to easter candy
@OrigamiRobot What? That's rude.
Dude, now I want candy
Also, they're out? Excellent, they're better than normal Sweet Tarts
This is the wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo‌​ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo‌​oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...rst
8:45 PM
@AshleyNunn These are different now. More like normal sweet tarts
@OrigamiRobot saddest sad face
They're less dense.
8:46 PM
Dude, starburst jelly beans
Or jelly beans in general
I need like a 5 pound bag of such things
@Unionhawk those are a thing? O.o
@Unionhawk I love good quality jelly beans
@Unionhawk Those are good, but lack nostalgia power.
The best
@OrigamiRobot I'm not old, so I don't think nostalgia is a thing I can claim as a thing
@OrigamiRobot Packaging things smaller instead of increasing the price is a common thing in food today.
Because at best I can be nostalgic for things that were a thing 5-10 years ago
8:48 PM
@Unionhawk Do you even know what Thundercats is?
@Unionhawk These are/were awesome.
@OrigamiRobot I know what it is
@MadMAxJr *are
If they don't exist anymore then I quit at easter candy
I was candy hitler by picking out and keeping all the red ones in a separate bin.
Dude, all starburst jelly beans are equally delicious
How dare you
@MadMAxJr I think we'd be best friends.
Red was my least favorite of the flavors.
8:50 PM
I hate you guys
You guys are THE worst
I need a car, but it's probably good that I don't have because I'd just go to Kroger to only buy jelly beans right now if I did
.. Is that not what cars are for?
I was never crazy about jelly beans, but the starburst ones are good
> - Fix timeout issue with some wing invites not arriving
cc @Yuuki maybe fix? Dunno
@Unionhawk I need these in my face
Candy is gross.
8:56 PM
Somebody remove this man's italics for that
@Sterno Says the can of combustible fuel!
@Sterno You monster
My daughter agrees, so clearly I'm right.
Oh man, you had to bring the hopes and joy of children into this. Too serious for me, pulling ejector switch.
8:57 PM
@Sterno What is -wrong- with you? ;)
Ugh, some of these are super crumbly now
@Sterno I think your kid is broken. You should get a new one.
@Sterno candy IS gross
Particularly the ones that just taste like sugar. Like peeps
Why did you ruin my favorite candy?
8:58 PM
@Sterno Yeah, not gonna argue with you about Peeps.
@Chippies Not only can you plug USB-C in in multiple orientations, in most cases you can also plug in either end.
I'll say it peeps are downright disgusting
@murgatroid99 what do you mean by "either end"?
@Chippies of the cable
@OrigamiRobot how is that different from other usb cables?
8:59 PM
@Chippies In many cases, USB-C cables will have the same connector at both ends
@Yuuki @OrigamiRobot @Unionhawk forums.frontier.co.uk/…
I have to go home, so given that the last few people agreed with me, I'm just going to assume I won the argument about candy being disgusting.

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