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3:02 AM
/cc @OrigamiRobot ^^ South Carolina's Worst Drivers, Compiled.
Q: Minecraft, Forge Game Crash 1.7.10

user105452---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Why is it breaking :( Time: 14/03/15 12:52 PM Description: Initializing game java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraftforge/fml/common/IWorldGenerator at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method) at java.lang.Class.forName(Unknown Source) at cpw...

Q: How can I make a Die Spawn point for my minigames?

Mineplay25I have The Walls Minigame on my server and I can't figure out how to make a Spawn Point for the Game when you die. For Example: I die and I get Teleported to a Big Sphere above the Minigame. What can I do to make this possible in my game?

@LessPop_MoreFizz amazing
@Unionhawk I get the impression that in about 10% of these clips the 'worst driver' is the owner of the dash cam
so great
@LessPop_MoreFizz YUP
That's always the best
@LessPop_MoreFizz That music timing.
3:10 AM
breaks traffic law with officer behind, watches officer visibly say "god dammit" and turn on his lights
12:54 hahaha (how am I that far ahead?)
(am I a wizard?)
... Did that police officer just flip him off?
17:20 is a thing of beauty
I am holding @OrigamiRobot personally responsible until I am given proof otherwise.
(though I could buy that he is the owner of said dashcam. Voice matches enough I think not really)
3:30 AM
It's @James :O
Long time no see!
I once accidentally ran a red light going slightly more than 10 over, with a police officer waiting to turn at the light I ran
He turned in behind me, followed me for a bit
Then turned on his lights, and promptly turned them off and turned off the road
I got so lucky
Like "Hey buddy. I know what you did."
"But I also don't feel like pulling you over"
It was one of those things where I thought I was going to make the light, but it was farther than I thought
And the speed limit was lower than it was on the entire rest of the road. I didn't actually find out til a week or two later that I had been speeding as much as I was
@John O.o
It is not me
So the creator of Video Games Live decided it would be a good idea to bundle up the uncompressed raw audio file with the mp3 files into one zip and let everyone download that
So to get ~100MB of music I have to download a 1.5GB package
3:43 AM
Some people just want to complain about free stuff
And off I go to relax
I am actually way too tired
you are calm @Uni
@AshleyNunn Huh. It can't find you.
Mine is 563,118,843
Tomorrow is going to be annoying as hell
Okay, we can do this, we are qualified to do this.
Just pretend for the sake of the adults in the room that you're as good as a real first aid trainer and only disclaim when you get to CPR because that actually isn't a certification
The scouts are there to learn, so as far as they should be concerned, I'm the most qualified counselor ever
Going to bed before midnight. This is weird.
3:57 AM
we've been watching and the only episode we didn't like was that super offensive Native American one. Otherwise, a total hit
@Unionhawk dooooon't
@spugsley Yeah, that was a ... weird one
I HAVE TO BE UP BY LIKE... 7:30. Which means 7 because let's be honest I'll wake up at 7 and walk out at 7:20
@Ktash yeah. Poor writing. The rest is so good in comparison
It was pretty well done. I'm not a big fan of Tina Fey. I like her stuff sometimes but not others.
Got some great moments in it though
@Yuuki you're in Texas right? Don't eat any Blue Bell ice cream for awhile: wsoctv.com/news/news/…
:( I can't even finish a speed test right now!!
@Ktash yup, her writing is hit or miss but I find the hits pretty fantastic
Yeah, when it's on, it's really good. But the rest is middling for me.
And I love the songified theme song. It is great
4:04 AM
@Ktash yeah, one of the best theme songs ever created
It really is
Q: How can I see my choices in previous chapters?

PowerlordDreamfall Chapters is split into 5 books. However, in the 5 months between Books 1 and 2, I forgot which choices carried consequences from Book 1. Is there any way to review these choices?

4:18 AM
Q: Updated Java and my Minecraft doesn't run

ConfusedI recently updated my Java to the latest 2015 version, and ever since that my Minecraft has stopped working on the laptop. The Windows Prompt Command page appears and it just stays there, but the game doesn't open. Please help me on this question?

Wow. I let my ISP know I was getting slow speeds, and I didn't get the canned "it must be on your end, please restart your router".
This is so new and wonderful. I love not Comcast
To the tech support guy at my ISP who likely just saw that packet come through: I swear I'm not that weird
I can’t wait until the new Minecraft launcher is released, which bundles its own JRE, because it will eliminate an entire class of tech support questions
@Ktash if your tech support guy at your ISP checks your packets, I think you have bigger problems :P
4:23 AM
@Chippies Should get honorary Darwin Award for placing fireworks and portable stove together on the same table, while having said fireworks pointed at his own body
@Chippies Well, they are investigating it right now to try and fix a problem. So there is a greater than normal chance they are looking at packets coming through to try and find problems in the connectivity
Ordinarily, though, yes, I would agree
@PrivatePansy I'm leaning towards him actually shooting them at his crotch on purpose and then when the cops arrived, making up the story
Let’s try to get Ktash arrested! isis nuclear biological kittens terrorism syria obama cia nsa guantanamo 9/11 conspiracy weapons
@Brant tomorrow this chat is probably going to be american-less
@Brant I don't have government issued internet :P
Though, hello random FBI scraper bot. How are you? THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE.
4:26 AM
@brant weed drugs meth ecstasy cocaine marijuana heroin
I live in Washington. I can walk up the street and buy weed candy from the store
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh no, not those weed drugs
@Brant oh no! Not kitten terrorism!
@spugsley WEED DRUGS.
@GnomeSlice What do you think of the HM2 ost?
4:31 AM
oops wrong image
I meant uh
You kids and your weed being illegal
Silly states and your obeying federal laws
@Ktash is recreational legal now for you guys?
Yep. You can just go stop by the weed store on your way home
All kinds of GOOD THINGS.. that will leave you in PAIN AND AGONY.
Well, you gotta listen to that Bill Cosby fella. He seems like he's down with the hip stuff kids are doing these days
4:40 AM
you see
jazz music
is like jello pudding
you see?
What kind of jello pudding?
... also, now I kind of want to play some pokemans
cc: @StrixVaria @Wipqozn @OrigamiRobot @IforgetWhoElsePlaysSkylines
4:56 AM
Pokémon! Pokémon? Pokémon? Pokémon? Pokémon? Pokémon?
Jazz i like jello pudding!
@LessPop_MoreFizz yeah, my current internet speeds can't handle that
@Ktash Actually YTMND is like the new coke. It'll be around forever! Ha Ha Ha.
I'm all the way up to 95%
I don't think it will ever get further though
5:47 AM
6:18 AM
Q: Character wipes

user105460In cube world I have had to make my character 5 times now because the character won't save. The moment I exit the character is gone. I suspect that it may be permission problems but if so I don't know how to fix it, while I am playing it is informing the files that store character data are edited...

6:38 AM
Mobile Network Operator Hardware and Software

Proposed Q&A site for anything related to the hardware and software employed by network operator including data network protocols, network operator management software, SIM card programming and conventions.

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for people in the film industry to discuss methods of scripting, filming, producing, directing, shooting, funding, and casting their films along with other technical filming questions relating to lighting, sound, and camera techniques.

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for cultural historians, foodies, psycho-geographers, and anyone interested in the cultural, historical and culinary aspects of pizza and its regional variants both within Italy and in the global Italian diaspora

Currently in definition.

7:07 AM
> VTC as off-topic because deep-dish pizza is not real pizza. – uPlay 24 mins ago
7:18 AM
@Yuuki so true
1 hour later…
8:46 AM
@Chippies It's time for another game of "How flat is Winnipeg?!"! So flat that the game cannot model the meeting of the Red and Assiniboine rivers without flooding the entire west and south ends of the city.
Q: How is LP calculated?

Kim MinseoWhen I play ranked games, I get a random amount of LP per win, usually ranging from 5-20. However, I would like to know how is it calculated, and how do we "ensure" that we get a higher amount of LP than usual? Also, I would like to know at average how many LP do we tend to lose, and what factor...

Q: How to "dominate" enemy heroes

whitehat wannabeOn one of the pub games i had where Aiushtha (Enchantress) was on my team, we had this one mid-game clash where enemy Pudge's hp turned green and became invulnerable, clearly suggesting he got dominated (like that helm-of-dominator type of domination), no, my mind tricked me not, that's for sure....

Although it does manage to spare the south-east end... The Floodway works!
Might need to doctor the heightmap to increase the contrast or something.
1 hour later…
10:03 AM
Q: Clash Of Clans- War base timing

Alday777So what I am wondering is, during the 24 hour preparation, I know if you change your war base, it changes on the war map, I understand that. The question is, when is the very last minute you could SWITCH war bases to a different one and it still count and use the new one in war? For example, on m...

10:57 AM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment I don't understand.
Pizza.SE failed. Just keep using Cooking.SE
I don't know how people keep trying to make unnecessarily narrow proposals work.
@GnomeSlice You can only remove up to 4 cards with it, and it'll always cost you one more card + 2 mana to do so. aka you're always going to be losing more than the target player.
Still a strong card, and would go really well in a zombie deck.
1 hour later…
12:17 PM
Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no breakfast
No donuts and no coffee makes @Uni a tired boy
12:37 PM
@Unionhawk THat reminds me
cc @StrixVaria @MBraedley @Chippies @Unionhawk
12:51 PM
cc @Unionhawk
Q: How to enable Cheat mode in NEI?(For Mac)

SnakeSinI've searched for anything to help with changing the NEI mod from recipe mode into cheat mode, but none worked sadly, I use a Mac and most tutorials and related are for Windows and other stuff that aren't for Mac, so is there any way possible to change this?

1:23 PM
Grand City
Debating starting over soon, because there are a couple fundamental problems with my layout.
Is that Skylines?
Kewl, just bought that game
seems a lot of people are enjoying it
@StrixVaria You've got highways and everything on the go.
I need to do more highways.
Highways are fun but cumbersome
I'm delaying starting a new area at the top of that picture because connecting it to the highway is going to be the worst
1:28 PM
I wonder if you can create forestry resource by just planting trees
yup, looks like it
Public services get so expensive.
I need to build more police and fire stations, but they're so much money
I also was late on getting a new cemetary up
I have dead people ion a few buildings right nowq
actually barely anyone is in that
looks like I just need OH SNAP I KNOW WHY
I had my medical bduget at 50%
Forgot it impacts cemetaries and hospitals
Lol Scrub
what. I thought I had those as one way streets...
apparantly not
Git gud etc.
1:35 PM
I feel as if I've let @GnomeSlice down
I hope @GnomeSlice still thinks I'm cool
@0-framelinks for starters HM2 doesn't have a totally original soundtrack
I already own all the carpenter brut tracks
@0-framelinks is the new @Retrosaur, right?
Not sure about the others haven't given it a close look yet. Seems like it has some great artists though
I still haven't played hotline Miami despite owning it forever
I dunno why
Omfg I'm so happy I finally bought this thing from sequentia legenda this is fucking gorgeous
@Wipqozn you would probably like this
Third track is exactly 15 minutes long too, perfect for my break
And now it's over. Back to work
Yeah, lack fo highways is starting to hurt
NO good wy to really good them in now without destroying parts of my city
Might just restart, and make sure to develop with highways in mind
I do like that even ywhen your city fails it's fun, because you learn more for the next city.
quick! I've ran out of sandpaper
what can i use insted D:
to the lifehacks!
1:54 PM
Oh no I just missed ultimate Pi day D:
@RedRiderX to bad theres not 31 days in april
I'm getting new glasses. I think I'm going to level up in Hipster
@Blem -1 no hat
@Blem -1 no ear wear
@badp most hipsters don't have hats as far as i can tell from google img search
but he could use some facial hair
2:07 PM
Ewww, Steam, stop trying to recommend me Spore
Speaking of which, Child of Light is on sale. Now that's a game I can recommend
1 hour later…
3:10 PM
@PrivatePansy really now?
@Blem yah they do, baggy beanie hats, and some kinda earring which is really stupid looking
time to finally re-put up this curtain rail D:
Q: Minecraft won't download

CameronQuestionsI recently Deleted my minecraft folder to clean it up, and when I went to the launcher I clicked play and Expected it to re-download the files, It would look like it was downloading them but when the bar got to the end it just stopped and wouldn't finish, and the log would keep saying expected "A...

3:28 PM
@Blem Pipe's not meerschaum enough.
Needs to be more like that.
I can't decide if I want to start a new city or not. Decisions are the worst.
@James Oh
@John :) even
@Fluttershy Not whowhat enough?
3:40 PM
@badp 11/10 would watch again
@Unionhawk You say this until one of your students screws up a tourniquet and ends up getting somebodies leg amputated
@LessPop_MoreFizz teaching first aid merit badge, but thank you for reminding me I forgot to cover severe bleeding in 2 classes. Oh well I'll do it next month when they come back
The BSA has as far as I've been taught, not even taught tourniquets, and instead advise direct pressure, but that has apparently changed?
3:51 PM
@Unionhawk I dunno, I quit when Cub Scouts transitioned to Boy Scouts for me, which was like... 20 years ago
I don't know. The risks of tourniquet use are explicitly a part of that requirement
I know for a fact when I learned first aid in scouting, tourniquets were explicitly not a thing.
@Unionhawk I seem to recall learning about them in cub scouts, but then again, our instructor was a psychotic NYC ambulance driver, so that may not have been teaching by the book.
But like I said, it's been decades
Meanwhile, I am watching the South Carolina Drivers movie again
@TrentHawkins hah, yeah, I got heightmaps for part of Newfoundland and in the game it was just a bumpy flat surface. Too boring to look at, not gonna bother playing that
4:00 PM
@Wipqozn do you get massive traffic jams on that bridge road?
@Unionhawk afaik from my first aid stuff and PSW stuff, they advise against them in favour of direct pressure
that was a couple years ago, though, so maybe they re-changed their minds?
@AshleyNunn yes, that's typically how it is, I recall being taught from the BSA explicitly don't use one. Period.
4:03 PM
@Unionhawk yeah, I remember getting a lecture along the lines of "do not do the thing, I don't care who tells you to do the thing, don't do it"
@TheAce not very pedantic about your roads being perpendicular to connecting roads, are you? :P
@Chippies I guess i need to be considering that city tanked :P
@TheAce well, it's early enough to fix it, but it's also early enough to start over without much remorse :P
@Chippies Yeah i'm gonna start over
@Chippies also i should add you on steam
The only case you want to even think about is arterial bleeding. Direct pressure is foolproof.
4:10 PM
Q: What are monster tears for?

RapitorOccasionally when a monster drops a shiny present and you pick it up, it is a "tear". But I can't find it in my inventory nor item box. It also doesn't seem to be in any combination that I am aware of. Are tears just "junk" items that the game immediately throws away but lets you feel special by...

@AshleyNunn Meerschaum! It's a style of pipe. And they all look pretty fancy.
Meerschaum (/ˈmɪərʃɔːm/ MEER-shawm or /ˈmɪərʃəm/ MEER-shəm, German for foam of the sea), also known as sepiolite, is a soft white mineral, often used to make smoking pipes. It is sometimes found floating on the Black Sea and rather suggestive of sea-foam, hence the German origin of the name as well as the French name for the same substance, écume de mer. == Overview == Meerschaum is opaque and off-white, grey or cream color, breaking with a conchoidal or fine earthy fracture, and occasionally fibrous in texture. Due to the fact it can be readily scratched with the finger nail, its hardness is...
Well, I guess it's a type of wood used to make the pipe, but still, they're called meerschaum pipes.
@AshleyNunn The detail on them is really impressive.
@Fluttershy yeah, they're quite neat, now that I know the word for it XD
@Chippies I'm having traffic problems all over
I need more highways
I might just make a new cityh though, and design it with highways in mind from the get go.
4:17 PM
Q: Villagers Farming Crops on Minecraft Xbox One Edition

Jimbo How can I get villagers to farm crops on Minecraft Xbox One Edition? According to the Minecraft Console Edition History the latest version of Minecraft is CU10 as of March 2015. PC tutorials show that you need to trade with the villagers to give them the crops they need to plant and then th...

@Wipqozn traffic problems are very stressful :(
Traffic problems are what made me start over twice
@Chippies Yeah, and they're hard to fix without bulldozing part of your town
or spending lots of money on pubic transit
@Wipqozn usually whenever I fix one intersection, another one or two shows up right after
I haven't really played around with public transit yet, do the buses help lower traffic?
> pubic transit. What kind of game are you playing?
4:33 PM
Q: Minecraft server is overloaded by one specific player

Roman PrykhodchenkoI run a 1.8.3 vanila Minecraft server. The problem with it is that it's being overloaded by one specific user (let's call him U) who runs a 1.8.3 vanila Minecraft client w/o any tweaks on Windows. This is how the server feels before U logs in: and that's just after it: The server continues...

@Arperum I guess Cities Skyline.
@Wipqozn I don't even understand how public transit works
4:54 PM
I always had fun playing Sim City 3k
I bet I'd like Skyline
5:10 PM
Q: freezing at helgen - nooooo! D:

Charlotte LeyWhy does my character freeze at helgenit freezes in the first quest unbound and i i don't know why it is wired basically because when your about to get executed and your looking at hadvar it freezes at the end it has never experienced before it happens every time please someone tell me what's goi...

Q: What build orders work for the Training Day Achievment?

xenoterracideWhat are the various build order's I can give that will allow me to complete this achievement? Train 10 Marines during the first 320 seconds of a single Melee game

Q: Can an NTSC console work on a PAL TV

Nick BailucI am in Canada and will be going to Ukraine this summer. I want to bring my Genesis and my Dreamcast, but will they work on the TV's there? My genesis has a composite cable, a SCART cable and I gave a SCART to HDMI converter. My Dreamcast has a VGA box which also supports SCART. Will they run on ...

5:48 PM
Q: call of DUTY advance warfare

saadiqOK so I bought call of duty advance warfare and it came with 2 disk at first I thought it maybe the game is long so 2 disk like metal gear solid so anyway I tried playing story mode wouldn't let me tryed to install the 2nd disk its saying I don't have space I deleted almost everything on my xbox ...

Q: cracked cod advance warfare fatal error steam must be running fix help

mylo binI bought a pirated cod advance warfare cracked by steam. But when I started the game it shows fatal error steam must be running. Can there is anyway to bypass this error plz help....

Q: What currency is used in all of the Pokemon games?

Jonco98Ok, so I love to play Pokemon. Yesterday on the way home from school, I asked myself, What currency is used in pokemon? I imagine it would br Pokedollars. Is it or is it something else?

6:09 PM
6:34 PM
Ugh, I do not understand Homeworld
I can build a blob of ships and ctrl-drag them around the enemy fleet but I really have no idea what’s going on, whether I’m winning or losing, whether I’m sending foot soldiers up against tanks, etc
Q: Please explain the disadvantages of cannibalism

Paul MarshallIn several places in Sunless Sea, there are locked storylets that require the quality Unaccountably Peckish. I'm pretty sure you pick that up from turning cannibal. (As the tagline goes, LOSE YOUR MIND. EAT YOUR CREW.) And right now, I'm staring at an option involving the Sigil-Ridden Navigator t...

@OrigamiRobot You are officially unlucky (SO many large ships)
6:59 PM
Reminder: We'll be starting the first showing of Big Hero 6 in about 3 hours
@Lazers great bait
I had planned to watch, but I forgot we don't have the kids this weekend :(
@Ktash 2 hours? My clock is telling me 3 hours. Because apparently people change DST at different dates around the world because of stupidity.
Ah, that's right. Time change
Stupid time change
7:03 PM
Well dang. I was gonna play Elite, but every time I feel like playing it, it has an update to download, and the updates always take forever because reasons. :(
Well, I have more time than I thought then
@Fluttershy Keep trying, you can be part of our wing!
Stuck on Warm bodies in the room, just to watch something, if anyone wants to join for that
@TimStone Would I make a ton of money doing that? Because my ship sucks and I am broke. <_<
About to turn in 660k, so...maybe
7:05 PM
It's downloading at 0.45mb/s. :\
Estimated time, 3 hours.
Better than the other day when I got 0.02 / 3 days, but that sucks :(
^ was due to Verizon having FiOS-wide issues though
I dunno why their downloader sucks so bad. Steam downloads at 1.8mb/s. :\
Probably has to download from the UK or something dumb like that
In other news, since complaining, a miracle has happened, and I went from 0% downloaded to 75% downloaded in a matter of seconds. o_o
Downloads from CloudFront, but @Fluttershy is still probably not close to one of those datacenters
7:08 PM
And now it's done.
@TimStone Actually was 700k :o
I can almost buy an asp outright \o/
@TimStone I sent you a friend request.
I can't type, apparently.
Got it
So far!
7:14 PM
What game is this?
Q: Knight-Enchanter's Readings

D BadHow can I find the Knights enchanter readings? Ive been to Val Royeaux. No merchants sell them. My trainer is awaiting me to finish her first command... retrieve the writings on knight-enchanter methods.

Elite: Dangerous
@Lazers I believe this is about dragon age: inquisition. But if someone who actually has played the game knows better, they should retag
> Windows, xbox
Whelp, guess it's not for me then
7:29 PM
We're doing Elite now?
As in @Unionhawk and @TimStone are playing right now?
I guess I'm getting on then.
I need to get better weapons, I'm still using plinky pulse beams on my Viper.
Woo! 113k in bounties, and 12k in illegal goods. Not bad for 20 minutes work. :P
Dang, another patch?
Now the real question... Do I buy a Hauler and become an honest trader?
7:43 PM
Q: I want to testfor if there is specific player in a specific team

NotANoob123Its for my adventure map basically an anti-cheat mechanic that makes sure anyone that isn't me can't join the team "Admin"

@TimStone @Yuuki @Unionhawk Are you all bounty hunters?
Bounty hunter/explorer
@Fluttershy I dunno what I'm doing right now.
I'm in a Viper but I haven't really made a lot of money hunting.
Hmm... I don't know where to go to make the most money.
@Fluttershy Most money is trading.
But it's also most boredom.
7:44 PM
@Fluttershy meerschaum... seafoam
Trading is probably still most, at least most consistent, but hunting is actually not bad now
Although if we're in a Wing, we could churn out some bounties quickly.
@Yuuki The sad thing is, if I buy a hauler, I have no idea how to profit from trading. Also, the hauler has a base load tonnage that's the same as my Viper.
@Unionhawk Hunting is probably most lucrative for smaller ships in this case, too
@Fluttershy Sure base tonnage might be the same, but the Viper has a s--- jump range.
7:46 PM
@Yuuki True.
Viper is pretty much only good at fighting, but it is damn good at it
@Yuuki What's your name in-game? I don't have you on my friends list.
@Fluttershy OrigamiYuuki.
Oh, we are friends.
Did @OrigamiRobot delete our private group?
Or his, rather.
7:48 PM
Don't think so?
Hm... None of you are anywhere near me. :(
Private Group is greyed out for me and it says I'm not in one when I go to the tab.
@Unionhawk @TimStone @Fluttershy So what're we doing?
@Yuuki I'm just bounty hunting and smuggling. Can't play for very much longer.
@Yuuki Looking for someone to kill and then more bounty hunting in AE Fornacis
Whats your name and address? ;) — Serverfrog 2 hours ago
should this comment be deleted?
People usually seem to be pretty serious about privacy on SE sites, so a question like that, even jokingly, probably should be deleted?
7:53 PM
Why would anyone "buy" a cracked pirated version?
If you're going to buy something, why not buy the real thing?
@John 3rd world countries
a cracked pirated version is a fraction of the cost
@Chippies Might not be the worst idea ever.
although with the availability of internet, you may as well just download it yourself
@Arperum what would be a good flag reason for it?
or maybe I'll just let someone else deal with it, since I brought it to everyone's attention here, I've done my part :P
@Chippies that is where I got stuck. Is there any other flag than offensive for comments?
@Wipqozn of the last 5 lifehacks questions I just viewed, Mooseman protected 4 of them
7:58 PM
@Arperum well, you can do custom reason
obsolete maybe?
If you have powers, I guess you have to find something to use them on!
@Sterno Isn't protection also detriment against having new users join?
@Chippies Not constructive would also be good, I think.
@5pike I think I'll go with that one

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