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12:00 AM
@GnomeSlice accepts as in, you can input it, or you can input and actually click pay and it accepts it?
you can input it
I dunno what happens if you try to pay with it
@GnomeSlice #alwaysblame@wipqozn
@GnomeSlice I don't think that's such a rare thing
There. Now to see what they come back with.
@Chippies ur weird
12:02 AM
@GnomeSlice that's mean :(
what are some entry level software developer job titles?
being an adult is hard
@Chippies if you find some hit a brother up
@TheAce pfft, you'll take all the jobs and there'll be none left for me
@Chippies Programmer analyst
Software developer
Jr. software developer.
@Chippies around here theres jack shit
@Frank seriously? I thought analyst was a pretty high up in the hierarchy
12:07 AM
@Chippies I'm chucking out stuff I search for. My college program was called Computer Analyst/Programmer
And as for moving into my area, I'm afraid I've lost what pull I had to get you a job.
@Frank I figured so :(
Due to the fun selling of our department to an outside firm.
@Chippies jr code monkey
@Chippies software engineer, graduate
or (college)
they sometimes use that instead of entry-level
I'll probably be working at walmart or something like that for the rest of my life, if they even hire me
12:13 AM
I doubt that
@Chippies It sucks, I know.
I bet I will
I think about what I want to go back to school for every day and never come up with anything
but then again thats how i feel right now
It took me forever to find a job in my field.
so I am just like herp derp
12:13 AM
I'm not motivated enough to do anything ever
@Frank well, that makes me feel both better and worse
I have a degree and I am just like "well guess it is back to applying to anything ever including food service and retail"
@Chippies Thing is, you just need one. It's the first one that's willing to give you a chance at real world experience. After that, finding a coding job here is no issue at all.
I have pretty low confidence in my skills and I don't know what a potential employer would even expect from me and that just makes me think I'm not good for anything
I applied to...a half dozen places or so last year? Was looking for a month, max.
12:15 AM
@Chippies if don't have confidence, then fake it
@Chippies One thing I've learned to look for is less about book learning, and more the willingness to give it a shot, even if they don't know how.
For me, that's more valuable than that piece of paper that says you passed some courses.
Another issue is that there are pretty much no coding jobs in Newfoundland, so I'd have to move somewhere else
and I'd need a permanent job to justify moving >.<
@Chippies yeah, that old chicken and egg
To be sure, the quality of your education will make a difference in how fast you pick it up, but a person that knows the basics and is willing to learn, and isn't afraid to poke around is something that's valuable in IT, I find.
Q: Parks in industrial areas?

Esteban VIn this new game are parks needed in industrial areas? do they make any benefit? Another question I have is about garbage and incinerators, when I place them in industrial areas, I see sad faces, but industrial areas are already pollute , why? should I make them very far away?

12:19 AM
@Frank totally agree. you can train to fix a skill gap, but can't train to fix an attitude
@MattGiltaji The ones I can't stand are those that will only do what they learned in school, and only in certain ways.
@Frank Idk how much value my education has, considering the potential employers probably haven't even heard of Latvia, even less so of the college I went to
Ask them to do anything outside of their learning, and they freeze? Nope, not gonna cut it with me.
@Chippies You willing to learn?
If you're an #indiedev then RT this free tool that helps you find journalists interested in your type of game -- http://www.hey.press
@Frank I can do a lot, provided I have access to internet and/or guidance by someone who knows more
12:21 AM
@Chippies do some side projects, bring code samples
@Chippies Bingo. That, right there, is what I'm looking for.
I don't expect you to know everything. I expect you to ask if you don't know how, or figure out how to learn it.
I had one guy who spent half a day trying to swap a hard drive, because he wouldn't ask for help.
not to be creepy, but @Frank sounds like my dream boss
@MattGiltaji most of the projects I've done were done because someone wanted something done, so I did it. I am not very good at coming up with my own projects...
@Chippies you can trawl github and look for open source projects that have bugs that need fixing in a language you know
@MattGiltaji I will point out that I have a low tolerance for foolishness.
12:23 AM
@MattGiltaji hint: every open source project has bugs that need fixing
That guy I told you about? He didn't last long in my department.
And now, off to dance class.
@MattGiltaji that sounds like a decent idea, I never really thought about fixing bugs in open source projects
@murgatroid99 well, yeah
btw, does github come with some tutorial or something? I remember trying to figure out how to use it long time ago, but it was really complicated and I didn't really have much use for it anyway, so I abandoned it...
12:26 AM
@murgatroid99 awesome, thanks
@OrigamiRobot Ha, they actually have pirate factions become unfriendly with you when you hunt (Gold Dragons are unfriendly with me)
@Frank my friend ID thingie for hte cakery - 962,276,882
1:06 AM
Q: Why are certain cultures better at particular eSports?

Tyler DurdenIt seems that eSport games have cultural centers. For example, most of the best Starcraft players are Korean, however, at CounterStrike the best are Swedes/Poles/Danes/Ukrainians. Why do you certain cultures excel at particular eSports?

Q: Can the players see the enemy in CounterStrike?

Tyler DurdenI was watching a Counter Strike match today and noticed that the enemy figures were outlined in the view. Can the player see this, or is it just for the benefit of spectators? If the player can see it, what is the logic of allowing the players to see each other through walls?

1:23 AM
Wait, did I miss movie night?
You missed the event happening tomorrow 10 pm UTC-0
Oh, it's not tomorrow yet. Whew.
Today just felt 48 hours long
I've been there
I am currently there.
Not enjoying it.
The worst is if I decide to take an afternoon nap and I wake up at 9 pm like "OH CRAP I'VE MISSED CLASS... Wait that's PM"
1:25 AM
I just never sleep.
I have been there.
"Oh crap! I ran into the door!"
And the worst part about this troublesome reinstall of the world is that I can't even play my games for like 4 more hours because my download speed is like 2mbps
@Sterno I, for one, am shocked.
1:30 AM
Q: How realistic is Counter-Strike?

Tyler DurdenI know that Counter-Strike is tweaked to make it more fun at the expense of realism, but how realistic is it (or can it be)? I have heard that SOCOM is more realistic than CS, so I would be equally interested in that answer for that FPS.

No you're not don't lie
@Unionhawk It's true.
@Wipqozn More lies!
Waaaaaait a second. Why is @Wipqozn currently an owner of this room?
wishes he were owner so he could remove @Wipqozn
1:32 AM
Because that jerk @Sterno removed my removal ability
@StackExchange "so he could remove @Wipqozn"
Wish was not granted.
@John Yeah, but my wish was granted
@Wipqozn All granted wishes must be previously specified. Didn't you read the eula?
1:33 AM
@Wipqozn you should work on moving up on the removed wipqozn list
@Unionhawk Yeah, he's so terrible at removing himself
He's pretty good at it, just not the best
You'll be owner tomorrow morning anyway, let's be honest
Q: In Guitar Hero 5, what visual, audio, and score feedback does the game give for hit or missed notes?

Ghopper21My buddy and I were reminiscing about Guitar Hero 5 and couldn't quite remember how the details of the gameplay worked, and don't have it any more to see. So my question is: what visual (e.g. the flame), audio, and on-screen score feedback do you immediately get when you hit a note accurately? ...

Alright Bridge, it's the time of day when I should be playing something but I have zero things installed. How do I amuse myself?
@Lazers God, remember when guitar hero was cool
1:38 AM
@Unionhawk Yeah, I think it was around the same time your mom was cool.
All the time?
@Unionhawk Probably
Well, I should really go to bed.
@Wipqozn First tell me what to play when I have nothing installed
@John Cities:Skylines
@Unionhawk That I shouldn't keep your mother waiting?
1:40 AM
> $29.99
@John Limbo
New meta: get super offended at urmoms and make a scene to force @Wipqozn to make better jokes
@Unionhawk urmoms a better joke
> $9.99
1:42 AM
@John Machinarium
You own it, but it's unplayed.
@Wipqozn Wait how do you know that?
I guess Steam would tell you, wouldn't it.
@John Steam
@Wipqozn is a wizard
@Unionhawk That too
1:43 AM
It's not so much I don't know what to play
I have stuff downloading
it's just what do I do for 4 hours
while it downloads
@John Stop everything downloading, and download that.
@GnomeSlice Too weird looking for me
The game is, like a MB large
1:44 AM
@Wipqozn But it's Dota. One does not simply stop downloading Dota.
@Wipqozn Oh well that would help
> Hard Drive: 380MB Free space
That should download in seconds
and you could probably beat the game in 4hours
> 2 mbps
@John Puzzle Forge 2!
Though that requires a mobile
@Wipqozn the Terrible Mayor, how's Cities?
1:47 AM
@Wipqozn I hate you and everyone else that links me that image every time I make any mention of my ISP (who happens to be rated lowest in the US by the FCC in "companies that give advertised speeds"
@Fluttershy Too many spaces
Needs to be @WipqoznTheTerribleMayor
@John I don't think that will ping him. Will it? :o
Don't think so?
@Fluttershy Good. Didn't get to play much today.
Won't get to play a lot tomorrow either.
MAy not eveng et to play much sunday if I lose power.
It's terrible. My friends want to hang out.
Also, I'm a terrible human being.
@Fluttershy No, but you could make use of edit magic
1:51 AM
So, I've got two problems with this
Only 2?
@Sterno 1) Music's too loud. 2) Kids are on your lawn?
1) No one actually claims guns kill people. They claim idiots with guns kill people
Given the moron who posted it to Facebook, it being intentional would be giving him a lot of credit.
@Sterno Also, people who receive DUIs can lose their right to drive.
1:53 AM
@Wipqozn To be fair, people who shoot other people can lose their right to have guns. Or not be in prison
I am a gun owner. I just hate stupid memes that make gun owners look stupid
Also, people need to take an exam to get a license to operate a car.
@Sterno I know, which is why the drunk driving comparison is stupid.
And special licenses to operate special cars (big trucks, motorcycles, etc.).
I know carry licenses are a thing, but do you need an exam to get one?
@Yuuki Only to operate them on public roads.
The point I'm making is that using drunk drivers and cars as an example of why there shouldn't be any form of gun control is dumb.
1:55 AM
I need a license to carry my gun in public. Which I never do, because I'm not insane.
But I do have the license.
Is there an exam you have to pass to get the license though?
@Sterno It really is the insane people who ruin it for everyone.
@Wipqozn Yeah. I'm honestly not even sure what point that meme is trying to make.
@Yuuki Mostly you just get fingerprinted and pay money
@Sterno ...
@Yuuki Depends on the state
1:56 AM
I did have to talk to the chief of police. Mainly I think so he could see if I was crazy.
@Sterno Okay, that's better.
I'm pretty sure he would have had no legal basis to deny me the license based on that conversation though.
@Yuuki "He seemed sketchy to me" is not sound legal grounds to deny someone a permit.
I'm really glad we have a more strict gun law...
1:57 AM
@Sterno Pretty much this
@Sterno I know and it makes sense given individual rights and bias and whatever.
I just... don't like how easy it seems to get a carry license.
You guys are missing the point here.
I don't know if miss spell was intentional
It's the worst.
I'm going to go with no
@Sterno The image is pretty old, though.
That, or they thought it was acceptable to wrap a word like that
1:59 AM
@Sterno Yeah, it's a strange word to miss spell.
Wait, no, even that is a no
@Unionhawk I guess it was just hastily created to reply to an argument.
@Sterno (you should totally remove @Wipqozn for that)
@5pike I guess it was created by someone with about half a brain
and then it spread and nobody bothered to make a new one.
That's my guess
2:00 AM
@Unionhawk IT would be funnier for him to add you as an owner,a nd then have me remove you before you can remove me.
1/2 brain per brain
@Wipqozn (you should do this except remove him first just for intentionally saying miss spell)
Bridge, should I buy the first Rugrats movie when I buy the series?
I was going to wait for @Sterno to do something, but I'm tired and he's taking too long to do anything.
old people are so slow
Night all
> Last month, another bride in Uttar Pradesh married a guest at her wedding after her groom-to-be had a seizure and collapsed.
2:07 AM
Hump The Bundle is now supporting NCSF as a charity.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Honestly, being unable to answer 15 + 6 does not make you illiterate.
Well, that seems appropriate.
Bad at maths != cannot read.
@Yuuki He is also illiterate, based on my reading of it.
The point is that the man is completely uneducated/an imbicile
@LessPop_MoreFizz Considering this is India, I'm going to lean towards the former.
Which isn't to say India doesn't have imbeciles, it's just that I don't think they have universal education yet.
2:08 AM
@Yuuki Well, yes.
Point is, it strikes me as completely reasonable to demand that your husband can do addition involving two numbers, the sum of which is still below 25.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes, I agree.
Especially if it's an arranged marriage and you haven't even met the guy before the wedding.
@Sterno Guns don't kill people! If I hear you say that one more time I will shoot you with a gun and you will, coincidentally, die!
Guns don't kill people, bullets kill people! Outlaw bullets!
2 hours ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
Hey @Fluttershy, there is further evidence that Saint Louis is a city of Culinary Degenerates.
HyperRogue is really weird
and pretty bad
2:15 AM
@Yuuki Outlaw Country! WOOO
Actually, that'd be an interesting way to sidestep the "guns are protected by the 2nd Amendment" argument.
I have literally no idea what I'm doing
Although I'm sure people have tried it.
@Yuuki They have. Been tried and shot down :P
With bullets, ironically enough
2:16 AM
But no one helped me with my very serious problem. Rugrats movie, or no?
@Yuuki "bear arms" includes the ability to use them.
@OrigamiRobot Does it?
10 secs ago, by Unionhawk
2:17 AM
bear arms
   phrase of bear
   1. carry firearms.
   2. wear or display a coat of arms.
@Yuuki Arm Bears.
I somehow died
even though the game literally wouldn't let me move to a place where I would die
probably won't play that again
@OrigamiRobot I looked at this out of context and thought you were talking about having the arms of a bear
@OrigamiRobot yeah this
In other funny flavor text:
2:21 AM
My favorite
The internet oracle demands that card with the avatar of @kalina
It already exists
2:24 AM
That flavor text
inb4 I am corrected on the term I DON'T CARE
user image
Best ability
That. Is amazing.
@OrigamiRobot Now I want a cupcake. :(
I wonder what my tap ability would be?
Maybe something to do with food pics?
2:26 AM
poor Furt
the krark clan stuff has good flavour text too
I have to teach first aid
I am not equipped for this.
@Unionhawk yikers
@OrigamiRobot Hah
I am qualified to teach, what I plan to teach, but...
I think I left too much first session
100%'d Styx!
okay i need to go to bed
2:34 AM
@OrigamiRobot hey have you ever seen this card
pretty terrifying
I saw a guy who had that at summer camp long ago
I'm guessing it's probably banned at tournaments
It's not
@OrigamiRobot are there banned cards?
2:37 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz inb4 someone sues
And wins because of that case I've been hearing all about this week.
By the way, what are your feelings on that?
@Yuuki Given that Kendrick Lamar is a major label artist who knows what he's doing, I'm sure he's cleared everything.
@GnomeSlice Yes
(Thicke and Pharell didn't sample Marvin Gaye, they "plagiarized." Different.)
that's another dirty one
anyway, bedtime
@Yuuki They got Bittersweet Symphonied.
2:39 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I've heard that song, but I don't think I get the reference.
Couldn't have happened to two more deserving schmucks, but the implications are a little worrisome, given the sort of pastiche they were building. It's not the world ending doom and gloom end of hip hop nightmare scenario that lots of people are predicting though.
@Yuuki So, Bittersweet Symphony is a song by the Verve.
@Wipqozn My peak has yet to exceed 350kbps
But do you know who gets paid every time a copy sells or gets played?
It's Not The Verve.
Instead it's Mick Jagger.
Because they used a string sample from an orchestral recording of a rolling stones song.
Hello, John
2:42 AM
More specifically, the Verve used a cleared! sample, but the Stones alleged they used more notes than were originally cleared, and demanded 100% of all royalties from the song in perpetuity, because they are assholes.
Well, now I'm really tempted to [REDACTED] that song out of spite.
Gah, my internet is struggling this evening
@Yuuki I would encourage it.
I would also encourage buying the rest of the Verve's catalog, which is excellent.
Urban Hymns is just a masterpiece of a record.

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