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8:00 PM
@ArdaXi Observation is a form of initiative in education.
@FallenAngelEyes That it is.
In other news, I have a headache again.
@FallenAngelEyes Agreed.
@GraceNote In direct education, you are intended to absorb more than you are to derive your own intellectual enrichment.
Is not education its own form of intellectual enrichment?
8:02 PM
@GraceNote With a greater emphasis on absorbing knowledge and facts, rather than concluding facts from the observations you make yourself.
Also, wargh, I hate finding an image that I'd love to use as a desktop wallpaper but which it isn't the right proportions but it already has a background so I can't just treat it.
@ArdaXi Well, you have to make observations on the knowledge you absorb, otherwise it's a bit blind, neh?
@GraceNote Aw, I hate that
I've got a Child of Eden wallpaper still
You can't just mindlessly soak what people tell you. It would be silly not to subject it to the same rigors you subject what information you personally witness or discover.
@GraceNote Yes, but there is a difference between being told and subsequently proving it, and actually finding out first-hand, making all the connections by yourself.
I just noticed how much traffic this question is getting; not that I am surprised.
Q: Is there a way to skip the opening logos in Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

ArtlessI'm really enjoying the newest Deus Ex, but I'm not enjoying sitting through the logos of the assorted developers and publishers each time the game loads. I remember modifying a file (maybe a .ini) in Borderlands to skip its opening logos so it wasn't so tedious, but I can't remember how this was...

8:04 PM
There is, aye, no doubt about that.
Personally, I prefer the latter.
@Wipqozn I hadn't seen that answer. Thank the lord. Even though I finished it two weeks ago
@DaveMcClelland So play it again.
@badp Do meta questions appear in the chat feed?
@DaveMcClelland got patched yesterday, so...
8:04 PM
@GnomeSlice I think so
@Wipqozn I wish I could upvote your avatar alot.
@ArdaXi But I've got such a long backlog! I do want to play a stealth runthrough, though
@DaveMcClelland You really do.
@GnomeSlice Yes
@GnomeSlice you're welcome to upvote every post I've made on the site instead.
8:05 PM
@GraceNote Oh, well that's good to know.
@DaveMcClelland Go for the Foxiest of Pacifist Hounds.
@ArdaXi That's mah plan
@ArdaXi I don't even think I could get pacifist if I really really wanted to. I killed so many guys on my first runthrough
@DaveMcClelland Easier than you think.
@ArdaXi This. Pacifist is really easy to get.
8:07 PM
I was planning on going for it
I really like shooting people with boolets, though
I missed one of the sidequests in Hengsha pt. 2
On my first playthrough
@RavenDreamer SAme here. The Talion one. If I ever get back to my second play through I am making a point to do it.
25 mins ago, by Raven Dreamer
@badp - oh, btw, for what it's worth, your spreadsheet calculations for the amount of money you'd need to overflow the energy counter is wrong. (In Spiral Knights). The Energy Bar just extends one digit farther.
I wasn't able to complete two sidequests because of bugs. I started another playthrough the other day, so hopefully I'll get them this time.
@RavenDreamer Nevermind it's world editable, if that's the case then it changed at some point
8:10 PM
Lets see... what should I rename my Unusual Le Party Phantom w/ Green Confetti that would be James Bond related? At first I was thinking Casino Royale, but that still doesn't seem right.
Noooooo, the conversation ended
@Mana QQ
@Mana What conversation?
The amusing conversations about ruffling hair and creepers exploding!
@Mana It ended because of YOU!
8:18 PM
Oh, that's mean. That's mean bro.
What can I say, I'm a mean dude.
That's almost as mean as when I set you up for an alot joke and you took it as me misspelling it by accident.
"Casino Royale" "The odds will betray you, and I will replace you."
Hmm, I like the description better than the name.
@Mana Like I said, I'm a mean guy.
No wait, I said mean dude! Oh god, my story is falling apart.
Hmm, that name and description sound like they should go on my YER.
No wait, change the name to "You Know My Name" which is the song from Casino Royale.
8:26 PM
@Arda, you heard about the whole Pukkelpop thing and the stage collapsing and the deaths right?
@FallenAngelEyes Vaguely.
Apparently the insurers are trying to claim that it was caused by illegal downloading o_O
@FallenAngelEyes ...what?
> "Confronted with multiple similar catastrophes, the experts of insurance companies see it as the unexpected consequence of the falling disc sales. The bands have a vital interest in giant concerts, they rent giant podiums overloaded with video equipment and spots. The rain and the wind do not destroy more often than before, but when they fall, the damage is much greater."
8:29 PM
They didn't actually say illegal downloading, they just said CD sales are down => Bands have to make up the lost sales by putting on bigger concerts => more crap on the stage => more squishy squishy
I wonder how long it till take them to realize them blaming this on illegal downloads will just piss people off, and cause even more people to download music.
Q: Tropico 4: Unlocking Tornado Valley

RapidaWhat is the easiest way to unlock the achievement Tornado Valley (Survive a tornado outbreak with no human causalities)? I always seem to have multiple buildings destroyed along with numerous citizen deaths.

@ArdaXi I need to print something for tomorrow, happen to know how I can do it?
at Schipol
Hmm... I'm not sure.
8:33 PM
like is there some place in there?
I can't imagine there isn't, but I wouldn't know personally.
I think I've got this whole game server thingy figured out. TF2 Players: Are there any special mods you'd like to see on the server?
@MarcoCeppi Maxclass or whatever its name is
@MarcoCeppi You're hosting a game server for TF2?
@badp Got that, any others?
8:34 PM
@badp I can print it out for you and then email it to you
@badp Classrestrict
Are they going to be Stack EXchange servers?
@Wipqozn Aye. Not on SE servers, but it's designed for the gaming.se site
@Mana I would print it and drop it off but I'm not sure if I'll have the time tomorrow.
@MarcoCeppi Awesome possum.
8:36 PM
@MarcoCeppi Powerlord's Plugin #4, except I'm not giving it to you. ;)
(oh wait, I've written 4 or more plugins now. I have no clue which one number 4 was, though)
@MarcoCeppi RTV (Rock the Vote)
It makes servers smell
I actually went ahead and registered stackgaming.com so I could use tf2.stackgaming.com and possibly host over games in the future. I wonder if they'll get mad at me.
@RavenDreamer Good call!
If you're using Rock the Vote with SourceMod, you also need Mapchooser.
I dunno if RTV is a good idea
I've seen plenty of servers that kill themselves with it
8:37 PM
I'd defer to powerlord. I've never done anything with running TF2 servers
and so 16/20 people vote for a map and only 5 follow through.
That has nothing to do with RTV.
RTV = "I don't want to play this map"
People just need to nominate maps people like.
@DaveMcClelland like Mach4.
or Turbine
@badp I can't find anything on their website that says they printing facilities :/
@badp And this is why MapChooser Extended marks non-standard maps with the (Custom) text.
Yeah, you like type "rtv" and then people nomnomnominate maps, then people vote, then if enough votes it changes
8:39 PM
@Powerlord tc_hydro?
Actually, people nominate maps before RTV, usually.
also nextmap voting is already inbuilt in the game
Alas, tc_hydro actually is a standard map, even if Valve doesn't allow it from the matchmaker.
What I'm familiar with is - (nominate) optional, RTV, once enough RTVs, map voting.
8:40 PM
@badp Yes, but the built-in one is... dumb, to put it mildly.
I know you've been working on voting for ages now so that comment doesn't sound off from you :P
@RavenDreamer Whoo mach4!
Maps end if less than 5 minutes is on the clock when the round ends, but the built-in nextmap vote starts 2 minutes before map timer runs out.
I know this because I had to do extensive testing when reverse engineering the messages and events it uses.
Not sure if listenserver or not
What is a listenserver?
If you installed the dedicated server, it's not a listen server.
listen server = server running from within the game client.
8:43 PM
ahh, gotchay
So, are we going to unlock the Game On room?
tosses TV out of room
@Mana Problem?
@Mana I think you may have some anger problems you need to address. When you get so angry, it scares me and interferes with your abilities to be a terrible mod
8:45 PM
@Wipqozn I think the TV hit his caps lock.
@Powerlord His Billy Mays Key.
Okay. phew
Now, as for the server, there are some decisions to make that you may or may not have considered. 1. Is the server alltalk or not? When sv_alltalk is set to 1, all players can speak to everyone else. When sv_alltalk is set to 0, you can only speak to your own team, and only when alive
@badp You can't print anything out in your university area?
Alltalk is the bomb.
8:47 PM
tomorrow most of the VU is closed
There's a second cvar that controls whether dead players can speak to living players when sv_alltalk is set to 0
@Mana Good.
I wish I could test the server magically. I can't wait to get home.
Bleah, I can't find out what the other cvar is without checking my server.cfg
@badp gratisprint.nl/locaties/regio/amsterdam This is a list of places in Amsterdam where you can print stuff for free apparently
So how many people do you have for regulars on the server now, anyway?
8:50 PM
If you need a translation, you poke me or @Arda
tf_teamtalk <-- This is the one that specifies whether dead players can talk to living players or not.
@FallenAngelEyes Nonono, you ruffle Arda's hair
(1 = yes, dead players can talk to living players, 2 = no they can't. Remember, only applies to sv_alltalk 0)
@Mana >:(
@Mana I don't know if badp is tall enough for that.
8:51 PM
@Arda can tell us! Is badp tall enough to ruffle your hair?
@Powerlord probably should be disabled?
tf_teamtalk 0 is the default.
Also, it only affects voice chat.
@Mana I guess so
ah, I have alltalk on - since I figured that would be best
@MarcoCeppi You figured best.
8:52 PM
scribbles slashfic notes
takes pen away from @Mana
Now, here's the other problem: dead players text chat can only be seen by other dead players unless you install a plugin.
I've learned to deal with that.
@Powerlord Screw people without mics!
Just wait 20 sec (max) before typing
8:53 PM
I don't know why Valve did it that way.
@FallenAngelEyes Thanks, but they're all closed on sats :)
@badp Oh. I didn't check the opening times. Fuck. Sorry. :(
I wish text chat would just follow the rules sv_alltalk does. Make everything easier. :P
I'd offer to print for you but I'm not really going to have time to go to Amsterdam tomorrow :/
Oh, and don't install one of those plugins that lets players switch between alltalk and team talk. Every one I've seen messes up the client-side Mute function.
8:54 PM
No worries
@Powerlord Because, by default, you could pass information to your teammates via death cams (spy behind you, eg.)
@RavenDreamer Right, and that's why tf_teamtalk defaults to 0.
However, sv_alltalk negates that for voice chat, because you can hear everyone.
I could understand it if they blocked it in teamsay, but why block it in regular say?
@Powerlord Oversight.
I believe someone mentioned the TF2 matchmaking system earlier.
I forget the exact syntax you need to do it, but as I recall, you have to do it from a client console (not server console) and I think the command is tf_server_create_identity.
That'll give you two cvars to add to your server.cfg
9:10 PM
Hm. Where would I go to learn how to write a video player in C#?
Not sure if these plugins are being loaded or not.
sm plugins list
Assuming you're running SourceMod
aye, SM and MM
Oh, that works better than typing meta status over and over again
sm exts list will show extensions instead.
I see now.
9:15 PM
Yes, the create identity one only works on the client... namely because it ties those servers to your Steam account.
and I may have the command wrong anyway, since client-only commands tend to start with cl_
cl_ for client, sv_ for server, tf_ for TF2 specific, mp_ for multiplayer specific.
My word, I have not played TF2 in ages. I should correct that.
And no, I have no idea why sv_ and mp_ both exist, considering that Valve uses a client-server architecture for its multiplayer games. :P
A) Biker gang member, B) Programmer, C) Hair Stylist
D) All the above
@MarcoCeppi: btw, what did you set mp_timelimit to on the server?
9:20 PM
The default, I think 30?
I thought the default was 0.
But I haven't checked.
35 is default
0 being no time limit in Source games
I guess 20 is pretty good?
Also, I need to remember it's mp for those, not sv
mp_timelimit, mp_maxrounds, etc...
@MarcoCeppi Depends on the map and the teams.
mp_timelimit of 20 on cp_dustbowl will mean that, unless one team really suck, the teams will never switch.
9:22 PM
eh, I think 20 mins is fine. Between mapvote extend and rtv it should work out
(because Dustbowl is 3 stages long)
maxround is 5
I've been thinking about dropping mp_timelimit on my servers altogether and using mp_maxrounds exclusively.
mp_maxrounds 2 on all non-arena, non-koth maps.
Do you have a real server you're running this thing off of or is it just a personal computer
whacks Valve for making arena be the only game mode with its own config file
9:24 PM
@NickT Real server.
Speaking of which, if you have arena maps in the rotation, you really should edit cfg/arena_config.cfg (or whatever it's name) and comment out the hostname
@Powerlord Arena is the only game mode where teams are constantly shuffled
I own a web hosting company - I have a few servers to spare
Who knows wtf Valve was thinking when they made arena change the hostname.
@NickT TF2 only has 8 game types, and in general, the length of the map is dependent on the game type.
where is this server located geographically?
9:25 PM
Washington DC Metro area, USA
hmm, might be interesting to play on
The worst early decision Valve made in TF2 was to have two game types that have the cp_ map prefix.
It makes the Map Configs plugins useless.
(Is it symmetric cp or push cp?)
There are 4 cp types: cp, cp, tc, and koth.
Speaking of TF2, expect an update later today, if only to fix a bug in the game engine currently affecting CS:S.
> We're going to ship an update today that will add a sv_noroundstats ConVar that you can use until we figure out what's wrong. It's designed to be async, but clearly that's not working.
Makes me wonder why TF2 doesn't appear to be affected by this bug.
Granted, TF2 has enough bugs on its own, like the strange client lag bug that was introduced a while back.
Oh my, is it that time already? plays Closing Time
9:35 PM
@RavenDreamer <3
Oh, Japan...
Q: What's going on with meta tags?

Dave DuPlantisI've noticed that there have been some edits recently involving meta tags: specifically, on questions like these ... Searching for a PS2 game set in the early 1900s Help identify an Asteroids clone for PC How to make a small spawnpoint? meta tags are being removed. I know there has been some ...

@RavenDreamer Haha yeah I've seen that, craziness
Yo, @GnomeSlice. What gives?
Q: What's going on with meta tags?

Dave DuPlantisI've noticed that there have been some edits recently involving meta tags: specifically, on questions like these ... Searching for a PS2 game set in the early 1900s Help identify an Asteroids clone for PC How to make a small spawnpoint? meta tags are being removed. I know there has been some ...

Yeah, I just posted a comment on that question
9:40 PM
realizes that he's been listening to Nyan Cat for 4 minutes and counting
closes Youtube before brain damage sets in
Oi, I'm going to finish this server setup from home. Talk to you all later
Au revoir.
10:05 PM
I hate TF2 so much when it hits 0 seconds
it goes full retard
41 mins ago, by FallenAngelEyes
@badp Feel ashamed.
@Mana I linked to the video.
It's got 25% more Nyan.
This product was tested on humans. They died.
Can someone explain the Nyancat meme?
and should I make my rant a question?
A: What's going on with meta tags?

Nick TI, for one, absolutely despise meta-tags. A collection of questions about spawning or weapons (or money or game-mechanics or efficiency) are borderline totally useless. One should be able to become something of an expert within the realm of a given tag, which is totally violated with these terr...

@badp So is this thing a server-side mod so it's forced on to the unsuspecting? Otherwise it'd be kinda lame
10:27 PM
could very well be
Haven't played UT3 outside of the demo so I don't know much about mods
but like TF2 mods can't really (afaik) change models or whatever. Maybe it's just that TF2 modders lack creativity.
Oh I've seen a few videos where the cheaters' lament gets changed to neon written 'FAG'
and for the heavy it becomes 'HUGE FAGGOT'
what's so bad about the cheater's lament?
no idea
@NickT Just idlers whining
10:39 PM
I guess it's for the round 1 cheaters who stopped cheating at round 2
No more, no less.
oh god
TF2 update just got pushed.
A required update for Team Fortress 2 is now available. Please download the update from the hldsupdatetool. The specific changes include:

- Fixed the Demoman not being able to charge while in the air
- Fixed items not drawing correctly on disguised Spies
I hope the latter is referring to Ali Baba's Wee Booties.
@MarcoCeppi Psst, that "TF2 updated" was directed at you, since people can't connect to your server until you update and restart.
Oh my god, it's still not done downloading?
This game is massive!
10:54 PM
@Mana: TF2? If you don't have HL2 or Portal installed, TF2 is like 12GB.
If you do, it's like 8GB.
Well, it's 10GB of download.
Wait, maybe it was L4D2 that was 12GB.
or so it claims.
@Mana So, what took you so long to finally DL it mana?
Didn't want to game with us? Do you hate us? WHY DO YOU HATE US MANA!?!?!?!

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